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Have you ever considered doing character fusion art? Sorta like that steven universe thing, except with bnha characters.

Never really thought about doing them before and I dunno why since I love that kinda art??? So here, have the ot3 these were seriously fun

SFF sapphic recs

Someone asked me for SFF recs and I have to say I’m probably not the best for this because I still don’t read a lot of these genres.

But here are a few that I know of:


The Second Mango by Shira Glassman (NA)

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson (YA)

We Awaken by Calista Lynne (YA)

Cinder Ella by S.T. Lynn (YA)

Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember (YA)

The Terracotta Bride by Zen Cho (Adult)

The Noble of Sperath by Siera Maley (YA)

Ash by Malinda Lo (YA)

The Traitor’s Tunnel by C.M. Spivey (YA)

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova (YA)

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst (YA)

Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones (Adult)


Flowers of Luna by Jennifer Linsky (NA)

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee (YA)

Daybreak Rising by Kiran Oliver (NA)

Adaptation by Malinda Lo (YA)

27 Hours by Tristina Wright (YA)

Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: an Indigenous LGBT SciFi Anthology

i see a lot of posts going around about how the process of making art is essentially just tears and experiencing The Struggle™ and while those are ALL TRUE i would also like to point out the GOOD THINGS about making art!!!!!! 

  • when u finally find that ONE PERFECT SHADE OF COLOR
  • experimenting with different art styles 
  • those tiny mindless doodles u make on the corner of the page
  • flipping ur canvas and seeing that ur drawing isnt TOO asymmetrical 
  • [picks brush u dont often use] why the HECK dont i use this more often??? 
  • putting ur music on shuffle and a song that fits the scene of what ure drawing comes on 
  • turning off ur lineart layer and having a good laugh over how ur color layer looks like a melting ice cream
  • drawing something u’ve never tried and realizing that u LIKE IT 
  • when ur friend does the compliment thing. thank u friend 
  • drawing a curvy line and GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY
  • overlay. thats it 
  • blushies!!!
  • spacing out in the middle of sketching/lining/coloring and 5 mins later going like o HEY COOL i can draw
  • that tiny pop when u stretch ur back after hours of arting 
  • seeing the final result and thinking goddamn!!!!!!
  • I Did That!!!!
  • wow!!!!!!
  • i really love art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kaiba finally gets a yami…of sorts.

From the Skynet AU!

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Positivity Piece #2

Ta-da! Here it is! It is anything but perfect, but I am extremely pleased with the way this one turned out. This particular quote isn’t one I took from a specific video- I just recall Mark saying this multiple times over the years and thought it was a good thing to remind you all of. (It’s true, by the way- you absolutely are important.)

Bonus: I drew the March 2017 Charity shirt (with @haleyscomett-art‘s permission) because I am Darkiplier trash appreciate cool character development.

You can learn more about my positivity piece project, as well as see the other parts, here.  

I love you all, and as always, my ask box is open if you need me. Have a lovely day, my friends.


If you have an issue with me, I’m incredibly happy to speak with you privately and address it clearly. You’re also more than welcome to document any conversation we have. I’m all about transparency, so please don’t be afraid to talk with me. 

While I didn’t intend to stir up the fandom, I deemed it necessary to speak out on this specific issue. Despite an individual’s immense talent and presence in a fandom, their shitty actions shouldn’t be supported or condoned, especially if they’re trying to speak on the topic on morality and justice. 

That said, I’m not trying to destroy anybody’s career or passion(s). I just want everybody to have a clear picture of who they support. When all is said and done, it’s up to individuals to make that choice. Don’t let me influence you, just the evidence I’ve supplied to you. 

I’ve kept a lot hidden from the fandom for years upon years, but it finally ruptured when I saw what had been posted. My emotions are a very flamboyant from time-to-time, but that’s b/c of my love for everybody that’s supported me. I just couldn’t stand to lie to myself anymore. It hurt, a lot. 

Perhaps, I’m weak for that. It depends on who you speak to, but I just have a lot of love to share, and I never want to abandon people. I know that hurt. It’s seemingly endless when you’re in the thick of it, and there’s no reason to simply quite. Not when so many memories have been shared. 

That said, I will continue to stand for what I firmly believe in. I will continue to support those who have felt just like I have, and face whatever consequences that will potentially come my way b/c of it. 

If you don’t want to witness this, I understand. It’s okay! I still love you dearly! 

I’m so appreciative of the support, kindness and love I’ve received over the years on Tumblr, and will always cherish it in my heart. That’s what friends are for, truly and dearly. It’s my followers that made me who I am, provided me with a solid platform to speak on, and helped to validate me and my debates. I owe you all everything! 

Also, I want to GIVE A HUGE shoutout to @snowsflurries and @eternallovezeki! You lovelies are the kindest individuals I’ve ever met. Without you, I’m positive that I wouldn’t have made it out of my own metaphorical deep dark forest, and for that, I’m eternally indebted to you. The love and support I received from you both helped me to keep my chin up and eyes forward. I love you both more than mere words can describe. 

As for my followers, thank you. Thank you for your kind words, the 2 A.M. Skype conversations, the inboxes, the laughs, the smiles, and even the tears. Simply put, I could have never asked for a kinder support network! As shipmates, let’s continue to strive forward and connect with one another!

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i saw u said abt alot less ppl read ur work thanbefore n itsnot bc ur contents bad its bc its super weird and targets the most specific audience like noah fence but stuff like ppl identifying as a leaf is just sooooo cringey

hmm yeah okay cool anyway have u considered:

-eunsook, a lesbian
eunsook, an enby
eunsook, a beekin
eunsook, a les…bee…an….
eunsook, an enbee lesbeean
bee’s a bee

-jonghyun giving a different set of pronouns to everyone he meets ever and one day someone’s like “why do u do that” and jong’s like “idk i just think it’s fun that everyone knows me differently :)”

-gwiboon purchasing a giant spinner roulette wheel thing from a yard sale for $7.25 and somehow jamming it into the trunk of their car and taking it home and setting it up in the living room and writing different pronouns on it and when they wake up in the morning they have their coffee and spin the wheel and when it stops hum’s like “well i guess i’m a hummingbird today” and goes to make an outfit to match

-smol agender teen minho liking everyone calling flames passion fire so much flame starts using flameself pronouns but then when flame starts getting older and looking back on flames life it’s that usual “what the fuck @ teenage me please stop everything” cringe aesthetic so instead of flameself pronouns minho changes to using sparkself ones instead and feels better bc sparks aren’t as big and obvious as a whole fire but still rly bright and cute and a reminder of spark’s passion :)

-taem buying different cute little earrings to match their pronouns for the day and sometimes they forget and someone’s like “hey what are your pronouns again” and taem’s like “uh fuck one sec” and fiddles with their ear and takes out their earring and looks at it and then puts it back in and says “cakeself”

-taem being leafself and jong being pupself and kibum being riverself and minho being doeself and jinki being bunself
minho being like “aw :) it’s like we’re all one big forest together”
taem pouting bc leaf wants to be a big spooky scary forest and not some pg disney bullshit so they all come up with secondary pronouns
so taem being treeself and jong being wolfself and kibum bing swampself and minho being stagself and jinki being bunself
kibum: jinki yours are the same you gotta pick something similar but scary
jinki: tell me how to make buns scary then
kibum: uh
jong: no it’s okay bun can still be a bun :) bun can be the lil bunnies that find and comfort lost lil kids at night uwu
taem: yeah i’m cool with that
minho: it fits tbh
jinki: :)

-mer and seaself


-fae and faeself





-blob and pupself and (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) leafself

-fae fae and faeself

“Learned to play in college. I was that annoying asshole who played in the student union, trying to seem cool and impress girls. Didn’t play after that, until one day I found a ukulele while at a refugee camp with HUSTL. Everyone loved it, and I remembered how powerful music can be.”

“Guitars are much smaller than you lead me to believe”-Jaal, probably

He can probably only play like 3 songs. But I imagine him playing this.

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Now Albus, what would you do if Scorpius fancied Lily? (Yes, Scorpius I know you fancy Rose but I just want to know what Albus would do)

Not sure what I expected her to say when I invited her to help answer the ask – she certainly seemed very eager to join in when I proposed the idea. I’m…flattered, I suppose? She’s probably just putting it on. Trying to tease me. Or MAYBE she’s a part of Rose’s elaborate scheme to see if I easily stray…oh, that girl is a GENIUS!

Albus keeps insisting this is some sort of ‘parallel’ but I don’t see it. I don’t trust him when it comes to analogies (his ‘relationship’ with that blue haired anime girl is NOT equivalent to his parents’ school romance, no matter how many comparisons he draws). 

The Oath of Feanor

Nai kotumo ar nilmo, kalima Vala 

thauza ar poika, Moringothonna, 
Elda ar Maiya ar Apanóna, 
Endóressë Atan sin únóna, 
ilar thanyë, ilar melmë, ilar malkazon sammë, 
osta ilar harwë, lau Ambar tana, 
só-thauruvá Fëanárollo, ar Fëanáró nossello, 
iman askalyá ar charyá, ar mi kambë mapá, 
herá hirala ar haiya hatá 
Silmarillë. Sí vandalmë ilyai: 
unqualé son antávalme mennai Aurë-mettá, 
qualmé ten’ Ambar-mettá! Quettalman lasta, 
Eru Ilúvatar! Oiyámórenna 
mé-quetamartya íre queluvá tyardalma. 
Ainorontessë tirtassë lasta 
ar lma-vandá enyalaz, Varda Manwë!

(Here’s something for the Week 4 square on the Tolkien read-along Standard Bingo Card)

So those miraculous spoilers suck, but these arcs look incredible!


Is that…?


That is an akuma. And that akuma is a fuCKING GORILLA WTF I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS

(jk of course I did)

(If there are any more spoiler tags I can add please let me know)

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weird one but - are there any drag queens aus? (as in either dan / phil / both do drag, maybe even a rpdr crossover?)

Drag Me - Phil Lester is a drag queen. What happens when the school bully Dan Howell shows up to the show one night?

Dude Looks Like A Lady - Dan is a drag queen.

Kiss Me on the Mouth (And Set Me Free) (ao3) - Dan finally manages to get an invitation to The Underground, an extremely exclusive club. While there, he is mesmerized by Luna, a captivating drag queen that looks a lot like the gorgeous stranger he met earlier that night

Just Another Drag Queen - The Fantastic Foursome find themselves in a complicated whirlwind of love, deception and men dressed as women

Walk Like A Man (ao3) - Phil is a drag queen named Phillippa Treasure. Dan is just very confused.

If anyone knows anymore let us know so we can add more to the tag!

- Tori

Across the Universe

Title: Across the Universe
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Rating: G
Characters: Portal Stanford Pines, an OC, and various surprises.
Description: Three vignettes of Stanford Pines’ adventures while in the portal.
Word Count: 8202
Notes: This is @eregyrn-falls‘s commission for @fluffstravaganza (finishing off the last of my commissions) AS WELL AS a secret Santa gift. Yep, I got you for @gravityfallssecretsanta​ too, so I figured, why don’t I just supersize your commission by a good 6000 words for the holidays? Happy holidays, and I’m sorry this is so late, but I hope it’s worth it. c: 

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