La Morsure (6.5%) from Le Trou Du Diable. It’s an ok-ish AIPA but more ‘meh’ then ‘yeh’. Possibly due to transportation from Canada? Who knows. Thanks for leaving this behind @cowabungahowes..tt/1EZkRIP

Le Trou du Diable // 25th Anniversary // "Special Sour Blend"

Brewed by Quebec craft beer producer Le Trou du Diable in commemoration of Bar Volo’s 25th anniversary; this ‘Special Sour Blend’ is a mix of 40% Bretteuse, Dulcis Succubus and Buteuse Brassin Special, 40% sour rye aged in Banyuls barrels and 20% young saison. The resulting beer is an outstanding example of a modern wild ale.  

Appearance:  Pours an attractive, very clear, reddish-golden with a thin white cap that is typical of sour beers.  The high pH results in poor head retention.  Considering the beer is bottle conditioned, the clarity is quite amazing.  Leaves a little bit of lace as you drink.

Aroma: Tart on the nose.  Citrusy notes of lemon peel, coriander and caraway.  Pilsner-style grainy malt notes as well as a hint of rye spiciness. There’s also a fino sherry like character here; likely a combination of the wine barrel aging and slight oxidization.

Taste: A nice fruity sweetness (think cherry or apricot) that is immediately cut away with moderately sharp acidity.  Certainly not Lambic sour, but definitely tart.  It finishes with a touch of woody hop and yeast bitterness, as well as lingering barnyard-type brettanomyces funk.

Palate: Light to moderate body; doesn’t sit heavy.  Champagne like texture that’s typical of Belgian inspired sours. Moderate plus carbonation.  Slightly sticky.

Overall: Quite a complex brew with a long and lingering finish.  Glad I bought half a case, will be enjoying these for years to come.