“Jerome Valeska, 18 years old, Matricide.”
Sharing some images of my Jerome cosplay <3 Super happy with the response it has gotten :D 
Photo by Robert Holcombe Photography


♦️🃏Forgive us for our wrongs, we have just begun…♦️🃏

Guys I am so proud of this shoot. Please feel free to reblog and share anywhere, just be sure to give proper credit. Follow us on Instagram for more Harley and Joker: @emmaxmoody/@jantzenhawkins/@drewlundquist

Thank you to @harleenfrancesqvinzel @murderous-manipulative-angel @redandblack22 @jokeresques @jokers-dream-car and many other blogs for being amazing sources of inspiration!


I did a livestream recently to show people the makeup/hair/eyebrow process again. It wasn’t a very good tutorial but some funny things did happen. By the end of it, J kicked in and hijacked me so I had to take photos and wander around outside. x) the fact people still give a shit is delightful but unexpected 

[ I ] ’m going to finally post my Suicide Squad Joker makeup here.
I really loved this look ! I seriously want to make this an actual cosplay.

Song: Heathens - Twenty One Pilots