leto and ghanima

Dune Twins = Maximoff Twins

Guess who watched “Children of Dune” for the first time last night! What did I find? Basically Leto and Ghanima = Pietro and Wanda.

(Caution: Leto and Ghanima are more uncomfortably close in a few scenes during the last episode of the mini-series.)

But seriously guys just LOOK. 

If the shots weren’t almost the exact same, the characters themselves share strangely similar things like Pietro and Leto both have super speed, Wanda and Ghanima both have mental abilites. Also Leto and Ghanima’s parents died so they were “orphans” when growing up like Pietro and Wanda.  

I can’t decide which writer copied the other one because these sets of twins are almost the exact same characters.

The Dune Chronicles- okayophelia’s Archetype Series

Leto II and Ghanima- Codependant Aristocratic Siblings

They were born with the weight of their father’s burdens. Their memories stretching back into histories none remembered but themselves. They were their only comfort, speaking to each other in ancient tongues about their parents and the future. But one of them would have to make a sacrifice separating them forever for the sake of humanity.