It’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup post! I did some pinks/purples tonight with winged liner, some rhinestones and lashes of course. BUT LOOK AT MY NECKLACE!! It’s a wing, one of two, and a charm that says bff. It came in the mail yesterday from my best friend Brooklynn. It’s really hard to have left all my friends behind, but things like this make it a little easier. She’s the only one that ever gets me jewelry lol I love it! One day I’ll have a nice camera to take makeup pics with, and document all the lovely peices of our friendship too. <3

unicornbloodandvampiretears-dea  asked:

My favorite song for destiel is In my eyes by the afters and Stay by black stone cherry They would make great fan videos If I knew how to make them I'd make thousands lol

Aw, thank you for your suggestions. I didn’t know these songs before, but they are just perfect Destiel songs and now I have something new for my Destiel playlist. :)

I’m going to start making the videos in the next days and I’ll tag you and send you a message when I upload them.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTIE! Twenty fucking four today! What are best friends for if not spamming your facebook and tumblr with inappropriate birthday videos? yaaaay HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETMYLIGHTSHINETHROUGH BROOKLYNNNNNN <#