Levi (letmetouchurbuttpls) appreciation post because you are one of the kindest, most wonderful, most beautiful people I have ever had the good fortunate to come across. Someday I am going to wrap you up in the biggest fucking hug anyone could ever conceive of because you deserve to feel safe and happy all the time, and I wish I could do that for you tonight. Someday, mi príncipe. Someday. 

I check my boy Levi’s blog every few days, and I just can’t stand the amount of disrespect and hate that he receives from nasty, ignorant, misogynistic, transphobic cocks that just don’t know when to fucking shut their damn mouths!! WHY THE HELL DOES HIS LIFE MATTER TO YOU THAT YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR TRASH MOUTH AND SCUMMY FINGERS AND MAKE HIM FEEL LESS OF A HUMAN BEING EVERY GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING DAY?!?!?!!!!!!! I AM SO PISSED IT ISN’T EVEN FUNNY! For one fucking thing, GET YOUR ASS OFF ANON SO I CAN SLAP IT TIL ITS DEAD. Second, you have NO RIGHT to make someone feel less about themselves just because you live a shitty life that you think internet bullying is the right thing to do. I AM SO SICK OF THIS SHIT. LET HIM LIVE HIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE WITH HIS BEAUTIFUL WIFE AND GET THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE BECAUSE YOUR POLITICAL BELIEFS ARE SHIT. Levi is one of the most beautiful beings I’ve ever met and the torture that you all give him is just so disheartening, its unbelievable. I’M SO FUCKING DONE. TAKE YOUR PRIVILEGED ASS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!