Day 54
Day 54

To all my friends you’re all gonna die

and I’ll be stuck never wondering why

I ain’t sad. I’m more so upset

it was such a selfish manner in which all of you left

I talked to god, he saved you some grace

not to count up all the time that you wasted

you cheated death and that’s ok

but according to his watch you were already late

to question god is to question my faith

but heaven seems like such a questionable place (it is)

but while I’m here I know I’m alive

and it hurts me to know that you’re all gonna die

to all my friends you’ve already died

and I am stuck wondering why

see I ain’t mad, and I ain’t upset

because I’m the closest thing to sainthood you never will get

I talked to god, he saved you a place

a spot too far for you to spit in his face because

I never asked for you to believe

I just asked for you to say ‘goodbye’, before you leave

I hate say, ‘I told you so’

‘I told you so’

our memories at discount rates

still we can’t afford it

I believe in something so I hope you’re going somewhere

to all my friends who’d rather get high

I’ll be at ground level watching you die

fuck drugs and fuck straight edge

those are both the things that got the best of my friends

and to all the girls that make it a trend

to fuck all of my friends

we’ll all die of the same disease

whether you got it in bed or you got it on your knees

can’t wait to say, ‘I told you so’

I told you so

the boulder on my back has been washed away

the worst part is, I don’t miss the weight

the tide is high and they’re washing face

within the sea of time pissed away

the boulder on my back has been washed away

the worst part is I don’t miss the weight

when the tide is high I’ll watch them sink

into the sea of misery

to all my friends this is the end

I’ll leave you six feet under with those shit eating grins

to all my friends this is the end

and this is way more important than that bullshit with ben

to all my friends who’d rather be dead

I refuse to let you leave without this song in your head

all our memories, all at discount rates

None of this belongs to me; the audio and lyrics belong to the artist.

You guys! I got my tattoo today!
Okay, so the story behind it is that for the past few years I’ve wanted a tattoo like this. I finally decided what I shortly after the band letlive. released their album “The Blackest Beautiful” which had a track called “27 Club”, at the very end of the song Jason says this line, and I fell in love with it.
So, I saw them in concert a few months ago for the third time, and it was super crazy because Jason remembered me from the past time i’d seen them! I also gave him a painting I’d did of him and he hung it in the tour bus! (WOAH COOL!) Anyways, i’m getting sidetracked, sorry.
I asked him if he’d write down some lyrics for me because I wanted to get them tattooed in his handwriting. He gladly agreed and these were the ones I chose to have him write out!

This tattoo means absolutely everything to me and I am so unbelievably thankful for him and everything he’s done that’s impacted my life!

Thank you, misterjasonaalon
I ll.ove you!

And I can’t wait to show you this in person!