yeah, he can be a bit sad sometimes, but it’s all just so good! i’m having a great day so far - all of my brothers are home and we’re all at my parents house, so life is good and wonderful and every other positive adjective, ha! we haven’t gotten any snow yet, no, but i did wake up to see frost all over the yard and my car. i’m not done loving up on fall yet, but i’m getting kiiind of excited for winter, so i wouldn’t be too upset if it snowed…! also, i just saw the photo of your new hair and OH MY GOD it looks so good! your eyes freakin’ pop! yayyy for dark hair and blue eyes! :] :]

Who else got this amazing note from the universe today!? It always knows just what to say 😍

One of my biggest paradigms is that I can take my foot off the gas & coast for a little bit and let stuff unfold but then my paradigm kicks in and I get busy and fearful and urgent about making my goals happen (which let’s face it, just seems to push those goals in the opposite direction).

Action is key to achieving results and once action is taken, we need to leave way for pure magic sometimes.

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