I don’t talk about it a lot, but Abarat is one of my favorite book series, and sometimes I fantasize about what would happen if it got adapted into an animated series (because of course there’s no way a live-action budget could EVER encompass it). And every now and again, I like to think about my dream voice cast for all the characters (consisting of some actors who are generally just voice roles and some who are generally not). This is my latest favorite fancasting, which I am putting here to share just for funsies.

Auli’i Cravalho as Candy Quackenbush

Scott McNeil as Malingo

Tom Hiddleston as Christopher Carrion

John DiMaggio as John Mischief

Derek Stephen Prince as Rojo Pixler

Gray Haddock as Otto Houlihan

Dan Castallaneta as Kaspar Wolfswinkel

Barbara Dunkelman as Princess Boa

Viola Davis as Geneva Peachtree

Mandy Moore as Joephi

Jason Marsden as Letheo

Ben Kingsley as Zephario Carrion

Helena Bonham Carter as Izarith

Robbie Daymond as Gazza

Maggie Smith as Mater Motley

David Hyde Pierce as Samuel Klepp

Susan Silo as Laguna Munn

Sam Lavagnino as the Commexo Kid

Willa Holland as Mrs. Schwartz

Frank Welker as Mendelson Shape

Andrea Libman as Maratien

Grey DeLisle as Deborah Hackbarth

David Tennant as Finnegan Hob

Chris Hemsworth as Two-Toed Tom

Elle Fanning as Tria

Neil Patrick Harris as Eddie

Alyson Hannigan as Thunder Betty

James Patrick Stuart as Bill Quackenbush

Ginnifer Goodwin as Melissa Quackenbush

Pat Carroll as Diamanda Murkitt

Mark Hamill as Henry Murkitt

Cree Summer as Mespa

Jim Cummings as Dr. Voorzangler

Jeff Bennett as Leeman Vol

John DeLancie as Filth the Munkee

Martin Jarvis as Jimothi Tarrie

Matty Cardarople as Covenantis

Tim Curry as Jollo B’gog

Jennifer Cody as Norma

Totally not stuffed with actors I love just as fanservice

  • Miiko: ¿Entonces cómo sabes sobre lo del agua de Letheo?
  • Gardienne: ¿Yo? ¿Qué cómo lo sé? No es como si me hubiese llegado una nota a mi cuarto diciendo que investigase sobre ello, haciendo que en seguida sospechase de que volvísteis a mentirme y me reuniese a escondidas con el enmascarado... Solo me gusta investigar lo que voy a beber... jeje...
  • Miiko: Realmente eres espantosa disimulando.

Okay but imagine Candy explaining things from the Hereafter to her Abaratian buddies.

Candy: So yeah, the time changes constantly on the whole planet.
Malingo: … what?

Candy: *introduces Carrion to Fallout 4*
Carrion: … so this man who stabs Finn is John Hancock?
Candy: Yep.
Carrion: And a lot of the fans want to..?
Candy: Yep.
Carrion: *super confused*
Finnigan: *walks in* Oh Lordy Lou what even–

Candy: *makes Carrion play Undertale Pacifist and True Pacifist routes*
Candy: Carrion pls
Carrion: *sobs*

Don: Here come Dat Boi!
Candy: Don, please no…
Letheo: *confused beast boy noises*

Mischief: So there are over 6,000 languages here?
Candy: Yeah, but quite a few have less than 1,000 speakers.
All the Johns: *confused expressions*
Malingo: How do you people even communicate??

Finnigan: What is the internet and why do people hate me??
Gazza: I second that.
Carrion: Why do these people like me and why can’t I meet them oh my gods–
Jimothi: … so would people assume I’m a furry?

Candy: So that whole [Absolute Midnight Spoiler] thing reminds me of a chon chon.
Malingo: What’s a chon chon?
Candy: A myth from the Hereafter, can’t remember where from.

Halp I love this series