Want to see a weird hand? So, there are 4 current pictures of my brother’s right hand. Enjoy.

So, he’s been told (by those who rather know the subject) that he might have slight arachnodactyly (which doesn’t mean he has it for sure). This is rather a mild case (if there really is), looks ‘almost’ normal and not that much different from hands of 'normal’ people - yet different, he has tried to compare it and his fingers really are longer and thinner than others, even slim females (ever tried the ring? One of our friends is thin and she wears her wedding ring on her ring finger, obviously, and it fits perfectly. When my brother tried to fit her ring, just to compare, it’s been way too big even for his forefinger). Try to search over the web and you can find pictures of this condition, which show hands that look even more weird than his hands, with much longer fingers, let’s say.

I should put once a more detailed picture, since these ones don’t show it, but his hands are quite big (or rather long) in comparison to the rest of his body and he isn’t that much tall. He doesn’t have any serious genetic disease either, so if this is true, it must have happened 'just because’, I know it’s possible.

(yay for my brother putting his hands on our friend’s leg, lol. :D)

Did I mention my brother plays the piano? There’s definitely no problem for him to embrace the whole octave with one hand. :D yay the flexible joints.

*EDIT: I’ve found some time to edit description. Just to make things clear and in order.