Okay so I showed my friend Anna this article about Loki getting even more on-screen time in TDW and we were laughing about the “Between his new hairdo and the slap he receives” and then she said it sounds like some kind of pudding - ’Vanilla pudding - now with real vanilla beans… and more LokiAND THEN SHE SENT ME THIS–

I AM DEAD. /laughs forever

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i was tagged by gamzeeroxy :D


1. How old are you?

I’m 17~

2. Why did you join tumblr?

Because .. Homestuck .. and  Mrs. Gamzeeroxy said I had to.

3. What is your favorite thing that’s in your room right now? Describe it!

(Just noticed i didn’t answer that one)
I’d saaay … oh fuck everything I like is in my sisters room cuz I don’t want to lose it in the black hole which apparently is my room.

4. Do you have a crush on someone you have never met personally?

Well … doesn’t everyone? :D

5. What makes people sympathetic to you?

When they talk to me like they really WANNA talk to me uwu

6. What’s your favourite book and why?

“Faith of the Fallen” by Terry Goodkind! This book is just sooo amazing! I don’t even know how to describe it! The Saga is just so wonderful and this book is my absolute favorite of all 11 books! ♥

7. How was your day?

Okay actually … school wasn’t annoying today and I had driving lessons so it was pretty good.

8. How would you summarize the year 2012?

Memes. Gangnam Style. (

mychemicalovaries  asked:

Answer this with 10 random facts about yourself and then send it to your favorite 10 followers ❤

Took me quite some time to answer this ^^’
Okay I’ll try!

1. My favorit colour is dark green? :D like a forest

2. I love dresses … they’re cute (like ball gowns and stuff)

3. I am too scared to play Dead Space 3 D: (I got it when EA gave away free games to all the ppl who bought the new SimCity)

4. I love black lipstick. I wish I could wear it every day .. but I feel like this would look stupid. u_u

5. Multivitamin juice is awesome.

6. I once read a manga - it was really awesome - but I don’t know where? And what it was called? And I miss it …

7. Kinder eggs are also awesome :D

8. Chicken nuggets + a milkshake as dip = perfect

9. My favorite game - of all time - will always be Midtown Madness 2.

10. The dwemer ruins in skyrim sometimes really scare me. (I don’t know why! They’re not scary at all!)