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OH I CAN SEND MORE THAN ONE. OKAY. How about Frangelina?



“You complete and utter blockhead,” Angelina ground out from between her teeth as the Gryffindor Quidditch team left the pitch.

Fred and George glanced over their shoulders, exchanging a knowing look. “I believe she’s referring to you, mate,” George grinned.

Angelina huffed. “Of course I’m referring to him. George isn’t the one who jeopardized the entire game by attempting to ask some girl out,” she yelled, fuming.

Fred raised an eyebrow and snickered. “My dear, Captain, did it escape you that the girl in question was you?” he asked with a wicked grin.

Angelina pursed her lips, arms now crossed. “…you still jeopardized the game.”

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How 'bout, ahh... George/Draco.

This is going to take some thinking on my part…I’ve never written this before…ahhh…challenges…this may turn out utterly crackish.


Draco Malfoy had never once set foot inside of a joke shop, so it was quite a shock to him when he entered Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes only to be confronted by an array of incredibly immature products. He raised an eyebrow in distaste at the Puking Pastilles, scoffing at the line of WonderWitch products, specifically the Love Potion area, in which many young witches were crowded.

He adjusted his jacket, removing the fur cap from his head and stowing it under one of his arms as he wove throughout the crowded shop, glancing around for a shock of red hair. It didn’t take long, considering the two shop owners were buzzing around, pestering people into buying their goods. Good-naturedly, of course, and with many a good joke, but still pestering.

In one sweeping glance of the store, George caught sight of Draco, who was standing in a lost sort of way a few feet from the door. A grin split his face as he hopped down the stairs, arriving in front of Draco. “Ah, Mr. Malfoy, what an honor it is to have you grace our wee little shop,” he said in a sarcastic manner, a wink quickly following.

Draco, who had intended to come in guns blazing, now took his cap in his hands again, wringing it as if it were soaked from rain. “Right,” he replied curtly, having trouble meeting George’s eyes. “I’ve just…I’ve come to speak to you regarding…well…”

“Our snog fest?” George asked in a volume much too high for Draco’s liking, despite the amount of noise surrounding them.

Draco’s face burned red as George’s grin grew to a dangerously large size. “If you must be so blunt–”

“Snog. Fest.”

Flushing, Draco let out a slight growl. “Yes. I am referring to that,” he replied, head ducked slightly as his eyes darted around, hoping no one who mattered could see him.

With a crook of his finger, George nodded. “Follow me, Mr. Malfoy,” he said.

Draco huffed. “Must you call me that?”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Malfoy,” George answered before turning around and blazing a path to the back of the store, towards the service exit that opened onto the alleyway just behind the shop.

Snow was falling lightly and a dusting of it coated the cobblestone. “Now…” George fairly growled, turning around to face Draco, pressing him up against the brick walling.

Draco pursed his lips. “No! No! I came to…to…to inform you that that was…a complete mistake and I was inebriated…”

George quirked and eyebrow and smirked. “We were at school, midday.”

Draco took a deep breath, trying to come up with some other excuse, but George’s close proximity was making that a challenge. “I, yes, well…lack of sleep and whatnot,” he vaguely explained.

George rolled his eyes. “Mhm,” he murmured, pressing their lips together, surprised not at all when Draco responded with just as much, if not more, enthusiasm.

Just going to cast my dream life...

My Dad: Sean Patrick Flanery

My Dad’s Friend That Insists On Calling Me Either Trouble, Crash, or Kiddo: Norman Reedus

My Older Brother or Uncle: Jensen Ackles

The Older Guy I Date to Be Rebellious: Dominic Monaghan

The “Bad Boy” That I Go For That My Older Brother/Uncle Has a Problem With: Jack O'Connell

The Guy I Finally Settle Down With: Oliver Phelps

My Best Friend(s): Emma Watson and Caleb Landry Jones (who, in a plot twist, end up together in the end…I like my Emma with gingers, okay?)

Weird Friend Who Hits on My Dad: Mallory (cherokeeroses)

The Cousin I Play Pokemon Related Games With: Jaycee (le-thar-gic)

That Awesome Character That Doesn’t Really Have a Name But Everyone Loves Them: ohbliviate

The Foreign Exchange Student That Hangs Out With the Group: Charlie (georgina-weasley)

My Mom: For dramatic effect I don’t have one.

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You, my friend, are quick!


Bellatrix glanced Fred Weasley up and down, her index finger slowly running up and down his chest. “You’re a boy,” she spat, smirking in slight disapproval.

Fred raised an eyebrow, his eyes grazing over her body before speaking. “I can prove to you I’m a man,” he grinned, placing his hands on her hips and pinning her against the wall, smirking down at her semi-shocked face. “If you’ll only let me…”