lethargic coup d'etat

Imizu Asuhi Icons (Mikagura School Suite)

Requested by anonymous! I felt that I would have done it, regardless, considering I couldn’t find any Imizu icons anywhere. 

Hopefully, it’s easy to see improvement from this dump, compared to the other two I’ve done! The amount of editing I do to the actual icons are minimal, but the amount of screenshots I took was phenomenal. (Especially in Lethargic Coup d'etat!) 

But I still have more than one icon of the same exact picture. Oops.

Sources are from After School Stride, Lethargic Coup d'etat, Ecstatic Vivace, Trashy Innocence, as well as novel art and official art by AKINA! 

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Icon Count: 60

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Mikagura Seisa Icons (Mikagura School Suite)

Haven’t posted some icons in a while, and I figured, hey, why not do the girl who’s gonna be a faceclaim in one of my rp blogs? 

I’m happier with my icon making skills, although they’re still basic. No fancy borders or anythin’. 

Sources for these icons are official art, pv’s, and novels by AKINA! (I can’t bring myself to make icons of fanart, for whatever reason…)

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Icon Count: 36


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Minatogawa Sadamatsu Icons (Mikagura School Suite)

The lack of Minato icons/images/art saddens me. I’m sure there will be more in the future, but I can’t wait that long!

I’m improving, if only slightly. I think I’m satisfied with this dump, in particular. 

Sources for these icons are from all the PV’s, official art, and novel art! 

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Icon Count: 30


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