My Baes

People I rp with all the time and are (In no order what so ever)

thealphablack~ niiklausx~ darkwardcullen~ charmingrebel~ survxving obsessiiive~ kingofthe100 ~ thepsychicpixie ~ thewolflahote~ sherunsfaster~ shifterxcullen~ isolated-nomad~ iimmanisfreyatheeldest~ sweetassswanvvolfhearted~ childlikexagony

The Sweeties

People I just started rping with and already love

demonofthemoon~ demetrielsevenxlivesxcursed~ hopefullytragic~ innoxiia~ theyoungsoldier~ thenorthernsheriff~ lochnesshybrid~ carlislecullent~ lupacchiottox~ famxlle~ myexisascreamer~ clearleah~ bradyfvller~ cityxofxblood~ sweetlittlesunflower~ edwxrdiisms~ sponsaelamia

The Cuties

People I stalk from afar. 

homebxy~ wolfskiinedpixxieboy~ bombshell-babyvamp~ emmettmccarts~ idxnthaveachoicebaby~ themillslifevisiiionaire~ vxdens~ venomcus~ mistressemmaswan~ mixturiisms~ xracle~ thecompassionatecullen~ aulaximpronta~ diniwed~ thewolfandthebanshee~ thetaserkatedenali~ caged-littlebird~ destructiveempathy~ sociopathicbeautyandhighheels~ thekingsofchaos~ wolfundertheskin~ wolfishkaiden~ alpha-sam-uley~ oncethestag~ theblackfamilysheep~ bloodyknucklxs~ volturiisms~ doctoriism~ kindiism~ feral-by-nature~ whitlxcked~ empxtheticsoldier~ beariisms~ theapocalypsewarriors~ lethaliic~ domina-volkihar~ trueloveseverything~ pctey~ kimmycvnnweller~ ephriamblxck~ coatsoffur~ qwxlas~ johnswolfwithin~ princessandreaofnaos~ princeofhellfire~ ulxlate~ surreptitiousxroyalty~ ultimaxtimor~ ovxrlord~ louellenthenosestealer~ lahotes~ regretandsass~ noraclaytonblog~ sadxque~ rachblxck~ overratedxsanity~ crumblingdisposition~ sherunsfaster~ carneaderunt~ prxtectiive~ ofbitchcraft~ bellaxesca~ littlewxtch~ makahwxlfgirl~ badbehaviorincluded~ wasnearlycalledbaelfire

If I missed anyone I am sorry and I love you all! Thank you for sticking with me.

whether it be melodies that give you inspiration for your muse, or songs that get you into the writing mood, pick 10 songs you find give you the urge, the drive, or the creativity to write for your muse, then tag your favorite peeps to get an insight on their musical inspirational feels.

tagged by: @lilylacey

1. Susie Suh - Here With Me
2. Jason Walker - Echo
3. Tyler Ward - Red
4. The Rasmus - Last Waltz
5. Digital Daggers - Close Your Eyes
6. Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
7. Fall Out Boy - Centuries
8. Fall Out Boy & Imagine Dragons mashup - Radioactive in the Dark
9. 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane 
10. Halsey - Castle

BONUS: North - Glory of Love

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