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Imagine Steve and Thor trying to recreate the shockwave they created from when they first met and fought each other.

Natasha shot to her feet as the tower rumbled. She sprinted out into the hallway shortly before the alarm began ringing. A layout of the building flashed on the wall, the training room on the fiftieth floor flashing red, and four other dots - red for Tony, purple for Clint, green for Bruce, and white for herself - that were already racing toward it. The absence of the blue and yellow dots concerned her. Nat took off toward the training room, thousands of scenarios running through her head.

Had they been infiltrated? Who had the gall to set off an explosion inside Avengers Tower? She arrived at the door to the training room at the same time as the rest of the team, minus Steve and Thor. Tony had his Iron Man gauntlets on, and Clint had brought his bow and quiver. Bruce looked scared, but determined. Without a word, they all faced the doors as they slid apart, ready for anything.

Anything except the sight of the training room torn to pieces, Steve and Thor lying sprawled on the floor in the middle of the room, looking like they had just finished a drunkman’s walk. They sat up and groaned as the rest of the team started to relax.

“What the hell happened here?” Tony barked, more than a little annoyed at the damage.”

Thor looked up at Tony with confused eyes, before he finally said. “My friend and I were strategizing, and invented a new technique that could possibly be useful when outnumbered in battle. We had to make sure it worked and came here to test it. It was…”

“It… was… awesome.” Steve finished, eyes bright. “We need to do that again.”

Nat had a pretty good guess about what happened just by looking at the room - things were misplaced and crumpled, but there were no scorch marks. She looked over to Tony, expecting to see the billionaire about to erupt, but he was calm. He actually looked impressed as they explained what they had done. Clint and Bruce were listening with interest as well, the panic from earlier completely forgotten.

“You know, you guys might be onto something.” He said, thoughts swimming in his eyes. “What if we combined the three of us to…”

“Yeah, and then Clint could use that one arrow to…”

Nat sighed as they all moved closer together to try to figure out how to make the biggest boom. Even Bruce was getting in on it. Nat shook her head and turned to walk away, knowing that if they tried anything they would probably get themselves killed. She left the training room before she could be held responsible for anything, returning to her room and the top secret, highly volatile weapons kept there. She shook her head once more.