“You sentient beings who seek deliverance, why do you not let go? When sad, let go of the cause of sadness… When covetous or lustful, let go of the object of desire. From moment to moment be free of self. Where no self is, there can be no sorrow, no desire… The winds of circumstance blow across emptiness. Whom can they harm?”

tiny sentences for the signs ♡

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Aries - You can do anything.

Taurus - It’s okay to not be okay.

Gemini - You’re beautiful, inside and out.

Cancer - You deserve to be happy.

Leo - Just let go for a moment.

Virgo - You’re alive, you’re okay.

Libra - Stop blaming yourself.

Scorpio - Live in the moment.

Sagittarius - You do you.

Capricorn - You are enough.

Aquarius - Not everyone is out to get you.

Pisces - The past is the past.

It starts again in the morning. Don’t hope for a message. It’s not there.

Take the next step, turn the page, move on with your life.

Forget about him. That was yesterday, the day before, last week, two months ago.

Get up. Pull your hair back because he liked it when it was down.

This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t.

Mascara. Eyeliner. Lipstick. Put everything on.

He liked you with as little makeup as possible.

This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t.

Dress up. He liked you in your sweats because that’s when you were most at ease.

Earrings. Necklace. Paint your nails.

He preferred you plain and simple.

This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t.

Everything you do reminds you of him.

At the end of the day the eyeliner is gone because you still cry over him.

You lay in your sweats because that’s what he liked.

You check your phone over and over again, is it him?

It’s not.

You crave him but you’re not even a taste on his palette.

Go to sleep. It is the only way to stop thinking.

Wake up and try again, turn the page.

Keep on turning the page, do not turn back. Move on.