Left 4 Dead LOL

sapixntia asked:

“I’m going to protect you.”

       The moment his statement letf his mouth,  she couldn’t help to soften her
       her   expression;  blue eyes stared up at him,  hoping he’d see the written
       ‘thank you’ on her visage. ❝I know you will. You will keep me safe, and for
       that          I          wil            l          forever           be            in          debt.❞

Young man grows up to be congratulated
Young women slangs her vagina to favorites
Baby girl inspired by the fashion statements
Baby boy encouraged by the flaws of His haters.
He d have his shoes match the vest it’s no wonder he made it. And
Shed dress to impress in the relm of relations.

He was quoted ubdetached in a race for glory..
While her lips spoke poems of a never ending love story..
She was painting pictures
to a none..beliver.
He loved beliving in love
only to be the deciver.
They lust one another there vises was the same cobination
A sim pin passion of lost hidden conversations
Hed mob her atnt you know he did that twice
She hacked his t mobile accounts and label herself his wife.
And letf a nice lil long text on his wall one night.
So everyone could see how much control she had on his life..
He hit her back
how darw you
Your only here to be next.
She said that shit coming out your mouth deserve it some crest.
So enjoy this fall out in THE name of love and repect.
You text finna ball out walkn out with ma check.
He knows like she knows he’s the one whos sorry first
Shed just go in his walet and buy her a new purse.
THE fall out before last was the worst and the first..
This first vers is the gift
The second gone be the curse.. Revolutionary evolutionary