I want Jackson to be confused as hell this season, okay? I don’t even care about action just give me 45 minutes Jackson ranting at everyone and asking questions.

#McCall how the hell did you became an alpha? #Stilinski’s jeep is still working? #who is this hot girl?… What do you mean Stiles’ ex? # Wait you are dating ex of your bff? That’s bro code validation right there #who is this Liam kid and why is he here? #Why is everyone so happy to see Derek, it’s not like he letf-WAIT, Hale you left those idiots alone?! To protect the city?! And why aren’t you alpha anymore?! #what do you mean Stiles was possessed? #Okay so Liam is like little Scott and the other one is like little Stiles because he is useless gay human being surrounded by supernatural? #‘Stiles is not gay’ ha, that’s the best joke I heard in ages #wait, what do you mean it’s true? And he is dating… Lydia? Who came up with that?! #btw, anyone seen Issac? Wanted to ask him if he came out already #Why isn’t Derek Alpha anymore? #And why evil guy who controlled me is not dying?! Da fak Gerard, just die already, nobody wants you here! #so, Scott, your mama and Allison’s dad are dating? Well that would be awkward if you guys were still together… why are you staring at me like that? # Wait… What? #DEAD? ERICA, AIDEN AND BOYD TOO? HOW MAMY FUCKING PEOPLE DIED HERE?! #AND WHY NOONE TELLS ME STUFF?! YOU KNOW THAT PHONES ARE A THING RIGHT? #FUCK OFF GREENBERG, NOT NOW! #YOU COULD CALL AND ASK FOR HELP AND NOONE WOULD DIE! #AND WHO IS THIS ANOTHER FUCKING KID!? HOW MANY OF THEM YOU ADOPTED?!


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Kennedy Space Center’s progress this week!  Not seen here is that the LETF (Launch Equipment Test Facility) has been proving the umbilical arms can handle the speed and stresses they will be exposed to.  A hydraulic lift simulates the upward movement of the SLS as it lifts up and away from the umbilicals.  Other testing includes ensuring they retract properly if any parts fail and do not cause any damage to the rocket.

have a work in progress- YES I KNOW I KEEP STARTING THINGS BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW BUN? you know i needed to draw him right away or else I’d be left with regret. I will finish this and he will join nightmare in my teeth obsession army 

Here are some ideas for a demigod au with the kanto children

-Red is the son of Ares because of reasons

-He is orphan and his cap is the only thing he has from his mother

- He lives in the streets before Prof. Oak finds him and takes him to camp half-blood

- For a son of Ares he is super chill but when it comes to battle he shows his true power

- He has received the blessing of Ares

- He is the counselor of Ares cabin

- He thinks Ares is a jerk (everyone does)

- Blues is the daughter of Aphrodite

- She is really strong and powerful because the training she received as a kid (kind of like the mask of ice thing)

- She can shapeshift but only her head and face and she has charmspeak

- She used to use her charmspeak on Red 

- She tried it on Green too but it didn’t work

- Her earrings where a gift from Aphrodite 

- She is the counselor of cabin 10

- Everybody is conflicted about her being a child of Aphrodite because she has all the characteristics but she is so strong and nobody thinks an aphrodite kid can be strong

- Yellow is a chid of Apollo

- She is an excelent doctor

- She uses a lance despite her ability with the bow, she thinks it suits her better

- She is very good at arts

- She was also an orphan, her uncle (not blood related)  raised her

- She is really close to nature and has mastered potion making because of this

- She posses photokinesis, though itt really wears her off and rarely uses it

- Green and Daisy are children of Athena

- Daisy is the counselor of the cabin

- They were raised by prof Oak but when he realized they were in danger he sent them to camp half-blood

- Nobody knows what happened with their father, the only thing he letf were the necklaces they wear

- Prof. Oak married a Goddess so his son was a demigod who also married a demigoddes making Daisy and Green have god blood from both sides.

- Green is an expert with the bow

- Daisy is Athena’s favorite

- All the scars they have are based on the manga. Red has his hands ice burned. Blue has a big scar on the chest. Yellow has her right arm burned. Daisy has a lot of scars on her arms but she doen’t like them so she covers them. Green has a scar on the neck.

Those are the only ideas I have rn for the kanto kids, I will make the other dex holders later, if anyone has ideas I’d love to hear about them

yoonmooni  asked:

jikook fic where jungkook falls of stage and is seriously injured at concert and jimins heart nearly drops cause he could've caught jk but just jimin all worried and protective and just fluff you know?

ohhhhh this is gonna make me cry I swear 😭

Can you imagine the worry in the boy’s eyes when their precious maknae falls off the stage, the fans screaming their lungs out to warn the boy but it’s all too late: he already stepped over the edge, and Jimin is letf there arms streched in front of himself, attempting to stop Jungkook, eyes wide.

The security guys are all over him, checking his head, his arms, his legs. They attempt to get him back on his feet, but a heart-breaking scream comes from the brown haired boy, and he’s on the floor, again.

Jimin’s mind is a mess: he can’t understand how this could happen, he was almost there, his fingers grazed Jungkook’s t-shirt just before he saw him disappear off of the stage.

“If only I moved faster.”

He rushed backstage just after the ending speech of their concert, his heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears. He slammed the dressing room door open, expecting to see Jungkook laying there, but he was welcomed by an empty sofa.

“He’s at the hospital” the manager says, “his leg’s broken”.

Jimin swears he can feel his chest shatter in a million pieces.


That night Jimin stays awake, sitting in the large armchair near the bed, and cries his heart out. His Jungkookie his there, tucked in tight. His expression seems so paceful, as if nothing happened at all, he probably didn’t realize anything.

Jimin remebers everything and he can’t help the tears that slowly fall from his eyes, tracing his flushed cheeks and his neck. 

“If only I moved faster”

Maybe he’s too loud, or maybe Jungkook can feel his presence, because he opens his eyes, galaxies still intact in them.

“Hyung… why are you crying…? Are you ok?”

Jimin can’t believe his ears: he broke his leg and he’s still worrying about him. He should be the strong one, the hyung, he should make Jungkook feel better, cheering him up, but he finds himself leaning his head on the younger’s chest, his face pressed on the light blue blanket, sobbing and wetting the fabric.

“I’m so sorry Jungkookie… I should have run faster.. I should have-”

He felt a warm hand threading in his hair and slowly caressing him.

“Hyung, it’s not your fault, you tried to stop me but I didn’t realize I was so close to the edge of the stage. These things happens, I guess. But I’m fine now, see? My leg will be better in a short time and Manager hyung said I can sing sitting on a chair for the next concerts. See? I’m fine, it doesn’t even hurt, I swear.”

Jimin  turned his head towards Jungkook, his face wet from all the tears, some still threatening to spill.

“I should be the one cheering you up, I’m really a shitty hyung.”

The pout on the younger’s face is so cute that Jimin can feel the butterflies in his stomach. What the hell, he feels them all over his body.

“Stop. It’s not your fault.” Jungkook’s hand stops on the other’s cheek and he tries to dry it a little bit. “You are here and this makes you the best hyung ever. I’m lucky to have you… and the others… When I’m with you, hyung, I’m happy, even with a broken leg.”

There it is, Jimin’s heart exploded, and he just can’t help it when his head turns a little, nuzzling Jungkook’s hand and kissing the palm of it. The latter gasps at the action, his mind becoming a little fuzzy because of all the sweetness of the simple act.

Before he knows it, he’s sitting up, holding both his hyung’s cheeks, the tingling on his leg long forgotten.

“Can I..” he didn’t complete the question, because Jimin is already nodding softly, with his eyes gazing Jungkook’s lips. 

They lean closer slowly, so slowly they are going crazy, but the wait is so good, almost as good as what happen next. Their lips touch, and everything that happened in their life that concurred to bring them at this exact moment was worth it.

That night Jimin lulled Jungkook to sleep, kissing the crown of his head and whispering so many I’m gonna take care of yous that this promise is burned in the maknaes mind and he bet he’s gonna dream of his little hyung telling him that over and over.

Just when Jimin thinks the younger is asleep, he can hear him whisper so softly that he could have missed it if he wasn’t so close to him.

“I will take care of you too, hyung”

Oook, please if I made some mistakes please tell me because English is not my main language (yes, I know I say this everytime LOL I’m sorry).

I really hope you like this, I tried my best ^^


Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 246

<Question from Nori san from Osaka>

Hello Sorachi sensei, Do you think that parfaits need cornflakes in it? I am one that doesn’t like it. don’t you have the same feeling of emptinees when you reach them and they crunch? I think that parfaits should be more creamy: WHat do you thinnk about that sensei?


In order to look more stylish, the cream needs the cornflakes. That’s cause the cornflakes crunchiness will make look the cream more like the good guy. In short if the cream was the only one you could get soon be tired of it, like it happens with boring men and their sweet talk. Parfaits are like staged dramas, and here we have the main protagonists the cream and icecream that looks better than the bad guy the corn, and both are of importance. It is just like a shitty drama on tv, where the order of appearence is really important too. So if the corn appear first in the parfaits, it will seems that the bad guy is gonna win and leave some kind of after taste, so it is better for it to appear after the main protagonists in the middle of the play. So it will be no a big deal if it will be an enemy and it will betray the protagonists. They could even join efforts with new characters as chocolate and fruit and crush it, or get mixed all together and create a chaotic setting. Meanwhile our corn guy would be turn into a blob, and that will be the best moment for it to cry out, and the corn looking so bad will point to the icecream and say something like “revenge the sayans” and die. The icecream being the last letf, will turn into a super sayan and destroy Freeza. The end. Saying that I really don’t think Vegeta was necessary to dragon ball, that cause I really love Piccolo and he stole Bulma from Yamcha

that fcking interview with dan w**** left me just wow how amazing louis is as a person, how fcking considerate and strong he is, how he can see the good in EVERYONE even those who have not been nice to him… and it’s mostly all because his mum, his mum who died but letf him with so many lessons learned. And it hurts cause Louis deserves so much better, and he still wishes his mum would still be there with him but he doesnt want the sympathy… he just keeps going and working for what he wants. and im just so emotional

I’m not dumb, you won’t find my scars, you won’t find my little cuts or my depression marks. And it’s not because you didn’t try or because I’m great at hiding it.

No, it’s because I won’t harm myself the way you want me to, I won’t give you the satisfaction to find out I’m broken that easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m broken, and I’m still breaking while you read this. And you bet I still harm myself.

But I harm myself the worst way there is, I drink until I puke it all, and I smoke until there is no one brain cell letf, and I get into fights that I know I’ll lose.
I do everything which destroys me.

But do you know why this is the worst way?
It’s because they will never associate it with depression. They will think I’m that cool girl who doesn’t give a fuck.

They will never guess I’m slowly disappearing.

—  And believe me. I’m almost completely gone.

anonymous asked:

What other subtle hints are there that point to Mazume? PLS HALP I feel hopeless rooting for the cursed second lead. :'(

Ok anon, this is going to be a long post, be aware. From where should I begin?

  • Mamura and Suzume see together Suzume’s first real shooting star (not delusions), plus she learns Mamura’s name, Daiki, which means “the brightest” (chapter 22). 
  • Daichi ships them.
  • He ate the rice ball that was originally made for Shishio.
  • “I even showed Mamura my weak side” (actually he’s always making her leave her guards down). (chapter 38)
  • The moment she thought, her position in Mamura’s heart has changed and that she was just like the other girls for him.
  • “I think I’ll be the happiest person if you end up with Mamura-kun instead of other girls” Yuyuka ships them, YUYUKA who had feelings for Mamura. (chapter 41)
  • “All I wanted is a person who really understands me, accepts me for who I am, hits me when I’m wrong and sees me all the way” Yuyuka’s quote aka mangaka’s thoughts, which all along the manga actually mirrors Mamura’s actions and feelings for Suzume (apart from Togyuu’s towards Yuyuka). (chapter 42)
  • “It’s hard to believe that she was so sad yesterday” Suzume’s mother intuition and approval (another shipper there xD). (chapter 51)
  • “I’m sure Suzume will understand when she finds the right guy for her”. (chapter 54)
  • Kame ships them.
  • "Come to think of it, Mamura has always been there when I need him the most” she alone acknowledging Mamura. (chapter 54)
  • Mamura’s father ships them. (chapter 54)
  • The second love begins” and how she could not stop thinking of him after this.

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anonymous asked:

is it normal that bpd makes me feel like i'm not real? i'm just living and doing nothing just living my worthless life i don't want to live and i don't have the strength to go on. i feel so shitty, i don't realize that things are real.

Unfortunately that’s pretty normal for people with BPD. :( It’s typical for us to disassociate a lot and perceive the world, ourselves, and how others view us as unreal, spaced out, far away, etc. It can make us feel panicked, “dead” inside, bored, triggered, among hosts of other emotions. The best thing to do in these cases is find a way to ground yourself, if at all possible. It can be tough to do, especially if you are lost in the disassociation. But I’ll give a few tips of how you can try to refocus your attention on the present.

  • carry something with a strong smell around (cinnamon stick, incense, etc) and smell it when you disassociate
  • draw on yourself with a felt marker, or on an imperfect surface (ie a crumpled paper, a bumpy wall, a tree trunk)
  • hold something cold (ice cube) or run your hands under cold water
  • describe your movements out loud (for example with walking: “left foot, right foot, letf foot,” etc)
  • feel your pulse (wrist, neck, etc)–warning that sometimes this can be tricky to find, so it’s not always the best method 
  • literally dig your heels into the ground in dirt, grass, sand, carpet and physically ground yourself to the earth
  • focus entirely on one sound, like someone’s voice or soothing music
  • rub your hands together, clap, clench your fists
  • hold/squeeze a comfort object, preferably a soft one (if you have a dog/cat/furry critter, run your hand through its fur)
  • change the scenery if possible–read a book or take a walk somewhere you’ve never been (although again I’d be careful with this one) 
  • come up with a grounding face like “I am here right now, I am real”
  • here is one kind of reality check
  • here is a guide about dealing with sensory overload 
  • and of course any other thing you’ve found has helped you ground yourself that can be personalised to you. Please feel free to add on if anyone has more techniques!

Random sample, with 3648 replies.

So, I wanted to show my flatmate that 1D fandom is a lot older than an average age of 14 yo because he didn’t believe it, so here the replies (I apologize for older and younger categories that felt letf out, i didn’t mean to upset anoyone, I just selected the most probable age range):

As you can see most of people who replied are in a range from 17 to 20 yo (datas aren’t enought to calculate an average age I guess, if someone wants to try it I’ll be happy to help spread the survey)

Then it also showed that people that are 19 or more are actually the majority:

And 14 and younger fans are only 3%:

Of course the sample is significant for the social-media active part of the fandom, but I think it’s saying a lot (: 
Thanks to everyone that took part in this!