letchworth insane asylum


Letchworth Village- Thiells, NY. Established in 1911, Letchworth was once a revolutionary institution for mentally and physically handicapped. Many of the patients were children, often abandoned by their families. At it’s prime, Letchworth once consisted of over 130 buildings. Due to reports of patient neglect and abuse, Letchworth closed down in 1996. Lately I have been fascinated with exploring the ruins of this forgotten institution, and also preserving a memory of what this building has become. Not only is nature overcoming the structures of man, but man is also destroying their own creation. Every time I come to Letchworth, I have the most uneasy feeling that can only be described by those who venture to the basement in search of the morgue. The last photo in the set I believe to be actual blood stained on the floor. I had seen a photo online of a bloody chair above this stain a while back and was utterly creeped out to find it. Please keep the credit on my photo set and check out my Flickr <3


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Yesterday, I went to the Letchworth psychiatric center in New York to do some pinhole work for my Thesis class. The facility was built in 1911 and shut down in 1996 for malpractice and lack of funding. While I did work with the pinhole camera, I also brought my digital camera just to document the place. I didn’t expect my images to turn out half as good as they did. I am so happy with how these came out.

The temp was about 22 outside and it started snowing in the middle of the trip. In some images, you can see the ice on the floors of the rooms. Most of the windows were broken, and as a result, it would snow through the windows and later freeze over.

Most of the rooms were empty, but there are still several sinks, toilets, and cabinets intact throughout the facility. We did find an rusted x-ray machine in one room. This place was really cool, but so creepy. Even during the day.