Ohh come over play house with me
Take control and be my daddy
And i’ll do whatever you say
Be a good girl for you any wish i’ll obey
Take me ridin in your rocket love
Send me soarin to the stars above
Wrap me in your arms real tight
And love til finish
Dont forget my kiss goodnight

Rock-a-bye i’ll be your baby, Lullaby
Make me go crazy
Rock-a-bye, so good and so deep
Lullaby, put me straight to sleep


disney princess meme ♔[1/5] princesses
Kidagakash (Kida)

All I can remember is the sky going dark and people shouting and running. And a bright light — like a star — floating over the city. My father said it called my mother to it. I never saw her again.

Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut
Achievement Hunter
Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut

Ryan kicking Jeremy in Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 259 - Dark Monopoly Finale, extended audio + select gifs