i’ve seen a lot of people worry that the text is foreshadowing something but i don’t think it is. when i read it it felt more like a text to let us know that even has people that care about him, but that he’s not magically cured because of it

How can Jin eat so much?

Here’s why

- Practices dancing/singing/performances for hours a day.

- Constantly on the go to school and to events go go go.

- Ultra bouncy, IATC alone he probably burned like a million calories. 

- So plush needs extra body energy to stay so silky.

- Shoulders extra wide causes extra wind drag needs extra calories when dancing / walking / moving.

- Probably playing a dance video game right now.

- Wrestling around with Jimin and/or Kookie all the time, because neither one of those boys can leave him alone for two seconds.

- Taking care of Rap Line as they work on end of year projects, especially Hope who is rapping and dancing.  

- It’s gonna be winter time soon and it’s getting cold and he has to burn hotter to keep both himself and Yoongi warm at night.  

- Not to mention keeping the dorm clean all the time, sure he makes the others help but you know he does the most.  

- He knows that he’ll be beautiful no matter what he weighs, because he has confidence in himself.  That takes energy too.

Imagine Woozi being really proud of you when he sees that you’re more positive and healthy.