On May 22nd, 1990 Eric B. & Rakim released their third studio album entitled Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em. This record was awarded a 5-mic rating by The Source magazine and would go on to help further cement their legendary status in the game. Happy 25th anniversary to this classic! Play this one loud today.

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Eric B. & Rakim - In The Ghetto
Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em
MCA Records © 1990


Eric B. & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em
Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
MCA Records (1990)

Paul C

The man who taught Large Professor. Murdered in 89 before he could see his influence spread.

Paul C is to hip-hop as Leif Ericson is to discovering America. Large Professor schooled all of New York’s legendary producers in the use of samplers. The man who taught Large Pro was a Jamaica, Queens phenom named Paul C who wouldn’t live to see the breadth of his influence. He produced Organized Konfusion’s demo and shaped the sound of Ultramagnetic’s Critical Beatdown.

His distaste for contracts means he isn’t always credited where he should be, but you can thank him for the drums and “huh!” on “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” and the splice of James Brown and the Honeydrippers on Superlover Cee & Cassanova Rud’s “Do The James.” Paul was murdered right before rap’s most storied decade began and thus doesn’t have the same cult of fandom as a J Dilla, but his legacy lives on in the music of the golden age that was yet to come. To the organisms! –Evan Nabavian

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