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Very colourful, bright eyeshadow palette.
100% cruelty free, vegan-friendly and non-harmful.
Contains 16 colours and while some are settled, most of them are very bright and gorgeous colours.
If you’re a person who loves to express himself bold and loud - these are the perfect eyeshadows for you.
And while they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they can be your very own glass of vodka!
Let the party begins!

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MBTI And Your 7 Deadly Sins

Ok so I thought this would be a little… fun thing to do, so here’s the deal, state your type and then list in order where the 7 Deadly Sins fall for you, with a little note on the side explaining why (because just listing your sins is boring). Then at the end Tag from 5 to 10 different people or tag yourself, and let the party begin.


1. Gluttony: I just really love food, I love the taste of food, I love eating food, and I often follow my cravings… which is probably why I am in the shape that I am in, because as soon as I crave something I just… I need to devour it immediately. Should I hold back? Yeah probably… and I try, but sometimes temptation gets the best of me… especially pastry sweets… oh man.

2. Wrath: So I don’t… “Speak” my feelings I show them, or react to them, and since Wrath is pretty much an emotional thing when you think about it, it would make sense that it would make this high in the list. Now most of the time my anger is either bottled up, or I go somewhere to pout/sulk until some one snaps me out of… there are times when I can lash out… mostly verbally because I tell you… that… that Fi… it can be vicious. Now mind you most of the people around me have stated that at those times it’s more of a righteous anger… but still Wrath none the less.

3. Sloth: Is… is this really a surprise? I mean I know I’m not as productive as I’d like to be, I know I’m not as organized as I’d like to be… and I tend to procrastinate… a lot… like a lot a lot… Even the things I feel are important I tend to procrastinate on… so yeah kinda wish this was lower on the list… but it’s not.

4. Envy: I have a little issue envying others… not necessarily what they have, that doesn’t really matter, what matters is often how they’re able to focus on either one thing… go after one dream, be in shape, have a better wit… so what I’m saying is I envy the personality of others before I go rambling on… and sometimes I envy what they’ve obtained due to how their personality is able to get them to those areas where they are able to… have what they do.  I try not to… buuut it’s there.

5. Pride: Everyone has this somewhere on their list… and for me it’s lower, not going to lie, when I know something or am able to do something others aren’t… I can get a little arrogant and it can show… Of course there is that issue of taking pride in your work… while also not falling into being prideful… which is always tricky, but yeah… to the people who don’t think INFPs can’t be arrogant, amongst several other things… well let’s just say they can be as prideful as anyone else.

6. Greed: So most of the time I try to be selfless, but there are times when I can be incredibly selfish… like when it comes to my time itself… or when I buy things I want and ignore whether or not somebody else may want something as well, which I do try and take into consideration and I do tend to feel bad about it afterwards… but generally I do things based on self first before I focus on others.

7. Lust: I only… slightly know what this feels like… slightly… I mean normally Lust is referred to when it comes to sex or other pleasureful activities that may send the body through euphoria… but I only know what this is like in the realm of imagination, I haven’t really had a chance to experience it all that much myself… or maybe I have and I’m just not aware of it.

With this I tag: @isfjwallflower, @fictionalcharactermbti, @entj-girl, @mr-entj, @ill-be-istj-if-no-one-else-is@angryinfp, @belle-victoire, @eilamona, @enfjmusings, and @infj-mbti

Fic Recs #15

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I hope you all enjoy this installment of the fic party! I can’t promise another one until after the holidays, unless I get a lot of notes asking for one! I know the holidays can be weird for some people, so if you need to escape into fanfiction, just let me know and I’ll try to get one out. Or, just send me an ask and I’ll try and find a fic I think you’d like!

Without further ado, let the fic party begin.

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Couch to 5k by @hari-redtoes - Felicity just got dumped, so Curtis – in an attempt to get her off the couch – forces her to come to the gym with him and find her sport. Instead, she finds a really hot gym instructor.

Bake for a Date with Oliver Queen by @oyhumbug - Felicity’s meddling mother signs her up for an antiquated, sexist baking competition under the name Megan to win a date with Oliver Queen. Felicity decides to just bomb the competition. Unfortunately, Oliver knows she’s the one girl not in it for the money or prestige, so he vows to put her through to the end so he can go on a date with a normal person. If Felicity doesn’t give him food poisoning first.

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I Can’t Make You Say You Love Me by @wetsuiton - ANGST ALERT. Felicity Smoak is stuck. She’s trying to live with severe anxiety and emetophobia, but her methods aren’t working anymore. Her best friend, Oliver, is worried. It’s angsty and sad, but I’m loving this look into living with these issues featuring my favorite OTP.

An Unexpected Encounter by @hope-for-olicity - A city librarian goes home for Christmas and makes an unexpected encounter with a super hot, seemingly unattainable news anchor Oliver Queen.

decorating the bunker by @mogirl97 - Felicity overhears Oliver talking about how he has nowhere to hang his stocking in the bunker now that he’s not living in the loft. Felicity takes the matter into her own hands and recruits the team to decorate.

All I Can by @kitchenhoe - I think I’ve recced this before, but let’s all take a big slice of who cares pie and read this fic! Felicity is Raisa’s niece and works in the Queen Mansion, trying to get her degree as fast as she can to outrun her Russian-flavored past. Unfortunately, when Oliver Queen comes home, she realizes he’s got a bit more of the Motherland in him than should be possible for someone stuck on a “deserted island” for five years. Classic Cinderella story! …Right?

I don’t need a hero (I need a partner) by @flareonfury - Felicity’s got a hard knock life, but she’s not going to let that keep her down. She’s working as hard as she can to support herself and Roy, her brother, but it’s just one thing after another. Then, Roy steals Thea Queen’s purse and their lives take a turn.

The Year of Good Things by @realityisoverrated-fic - I know I’ve recced this before, but now my dearest friend has a blog so I can tag her in it! This is the last in The Ties That Bind trilogy, and my personal favorite. Felicity and Oliver are happy, and Oliver has promised her a year of good after the tumultuous time they had before they got together. Unfortunately, the criminals of Starling City have other ideas.

The Girl with the Red Mask by @1strangeness-charm1 - Basically it’s a Step Up, Save the Last Dance-esque AU that I never knew I wanted. Felicity’s the weird ballroom dancing girl at her school, but Oliver thinks she’s pretty cute.

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Let’s try our very best to fake it by @mogirl97 - I’ve recced this before, but y’all WE GOT BONUS SCENES OF CHRISTMAS FLUFF and everyone needs to read them! Go forth and feel the fluff.

Sportsmanlike Conduct: Deleted/Bonus Scenes by @mogirl97 - You thought I was done with Christmas fluff? Think again! Now we rejoin everyone’s favorite hockey power couple as they navigate fluffy Christmas/holiday adventures.

Air Made of Bricks by @machawicket - Summer of Sexual Tension 2.0 (aka hiatus 4.5) featuring Felicity getting punched in the face.

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Tethered by @bobs - Fandom got you down? Did the midseason finale cut out your heart and stomp on it? Never fear, fluffy oneshots are here! Here be all the happiness, heart eyes, and unicorn hugs you could ever want.

can you keep me close? (can you love me most?) by @colorilluminates - Felicity got Oliver a Smoak Tech hoodie, but it turned out way more purple than she thought. AKA: a really adorable 5+1 things you never knew you needed.

Shameless self promotion time!!!

Somewhere With You by ME! - That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite part of the fic recs when I plug a WIP of mine! I just started a new story, and it’s this one. Yes, based on the beautiful and sad country song by Kenny Chesney. I’m a southern girl. It’s a hybrid high school, beach town, coffee shop, and other thing AU I can’t tell you without spoiling the story. Felicity is on the run, and ends up finding a safe harbor with John Diggle, Lyla, and baby Andrea. Then, her carefully laid plans to keep running from her problems are further thwarted when she meets Oliver Queen. Instead of the feckless playboy she’s been warned about, Oliver is kind and genuine. And that’s really not good for her plans.

MBTI and the Seven Deadly Sins

Ok so I thought this would be a little… fun thing to do, so here’s the deal, state your type and then list in order where the 7 Deadly Sins fall for you, with a little note on the side explaining why (because just listing your sins is boring). Then at the end Tag from 5 to 10 different people or tag yourself, and let the party begin.


  1. Pride. My sense of self can come before all else. I can let my pride get in the way. I can see little in what others say and completely take over in my feelings of being right. 
  2. Sloth. I often settle for what takes the least responsibility. Whenever I am asked to do something more my instinct is always to say no. My first thought is not to do anything. After time I mull it over and change it, I can then be more proactive. But my instinct is to not do.
  3. Greed. I love things! I want everything and growing up I hated to share. Although my ideals lay in Marxism, I love all the materials capitalism lets me consume. 
  4. Wrath. Be happy you don’t actually see my reactions to some comments and messages I get. My wrath at others and ideas is what gives me my spark, but my instant reactions can be harsh and cruel. 
  5. Gluttony. I over indulged in books, television, and movies. I become obsessive. Be glad you didn’t see me back in the day when I discovered Doctor Who. I don’t know how to pace myself with things I love. 
  6. Envy. This isn’t a think for me now, but growing up I felt everyone was calmer, more social, and smarter than me. I had major competitive issues in all parts of my life.
  7. Lust. Back in my school days I always liked men who were taken and may have ruined multiple relationship because of this sin. This is not a thing for me anymore, but at a younger age I was quite the vixen.

@xtestament tagged me originally. I tag: @card-queen, @heroesandvillainsofmbti, @isfjwallflower, @lovenfj, @worldofanentp


Seymour: Is everybody here? Let’s begin a birthday party then!

The first born baby grew up first. This inquisitive girl was named Growlithe :D

Yeah, Pokemon Go has FINALLY launched in S. Korea in late January and I’ve been addicted to it. (I know it’s so behind the time, but hey it is new here!) Anyway, so all the babies (in this generation at least) will be named after the pokemons. 


Xillia Favorites  |  [3/3] Protagonists

↳ Alvin