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my friend and i just wanted to drop by and say we're elated to hear that someone else ships parakarry and bow aaa! idk if you still do, but hey, the idea someone did is rlly rad!


even before i knew what shipping was„, little kid me wanted characters to kiss and idk what i was thinking??? a ghost and a flying turtle?? but i was like “these two would look cute” so thus, fanmail ship has been in my blood since then quq

170507 - The Handsome Sheep

Today’s bias ia Lay!

And he, once again, is going to try to convince you he’s not cute, he’s handsome.

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Lay: “Is this what a cute man looks like?”

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Lay: “Let me serenade you~”

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Lay: “Is this how a cute man dances?”

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Chanyeol and Baekhyun: “Hey hyung, what about this one?”

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Lay: “No!  No, that wasn’t what I wanted at all!”

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Chanyeol and Baekhyun: “BAHAHAHEHEHE!”

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Lay: “I’m not speaking to you two anymore!”

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Lay: “Now, where were we…?”

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Lay: “Oh yeah, right about here.”

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Did he convince you?

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prompt: even singing despacito by luis fonsi to isak please?<3 god i live for even being extra af

well dear anon … my teachers always told me before you work on an assignment make sure to really read what the task is …. i was never good at that :’) as it happens i wrote you a little bit where they DANCE to it and not sing (but honestly i tried for 20 mins with the lyrics and i couldnt pull it off to sing it its a lot of words super fast) i hope you like it anyway annnnnd im so sorry hahah i will read it more carefully in the future <3 if you didnt like it just send me another prompt

Even was doing the dishes and Isak stood beside him to towel down when the first tunes of the over played song came on the radio.

Ay Fonsi 
DY Oh Oh no, oh no Oh yeah Diridiri, dirididi Daddy Go

Yup, definetly heard that one time too many, Even leaned over to switch the radio off but Isak slapped his hand away.

“Even,” Isak warned, but his voice sounded teasing as he shook his head and threw Even an offended glance.

“Don’t you dare. It’s my summer jam.” Even snorted at that. “Your what? ‘Summer jam’? Baby, who says jam anymore?” Isak made a tsk sound.

“Fuck you, Even. I’m cool and so is this song.” Even grins at his feisty boy and leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek.

“You’re a nerd and this song is overrated, but I love you anyway.” Isak gasped in mock-offence and shoved Even lightly away at his chest.

“This song makes you wanna dance!” Isak all but exclaimed and threw the dishtowel at Even, who caught it and chuckled at Isak’s dramatically widened eyes. Isak took a step closer to Even and tugged at his frist until he gave in and turned to face Isak. He let himself be dragged toward Isak, who now put his hands on Even’s waist and swayed them exaggeratedly.

When the part of Despacito came (the only word Isak actually knew how to sing apart from puerto rico) he moved in closer to Even’s and bobbed his head from side to side before he gently rubbed their noses together.

“Makes you wanna learn spanish, hm?” Even teased, face crinkly with his grin. Isak mirrored his grin but shook his head again with his brows furrowed.

“Oh my god, will you let me serenade you for christ sake, Even? You are the most annoy-“ But this was the part they knew again so Isak stopped and loudly sang Despacito. Even surprised him because he joined in and after that moved them even closer together and started to move his hips and took Isak along with him as the pace of the music picked up.

Flirtatiously raising his brows Isak leaned back a bit, so he could look Even in the eyes without going cross eyed.

“Oh, into it after all?” he asked and Even laughed, full and happy. The deep sound made Isak feel warm and tingly all over. Even shook his head and leaned in for a quick peck to Isak’s lips.

“Nei. But im pretty into you.”

Isak pulled the corners of his lips down in an impressed gesture.


Even nodded, pleased with himself and after that leaned in for another peck (and another one and another one aaand … you get the idea).

X Reader Prompts

Give me the number(s) and who you want it with, I’ll try to live up to your request if I know who it is. Book characters, youtubers, etc. Request away!
1. “Son of a-” “You finish that sentence and your dead.”
2. “I really wish I could unsee that.”
3. “Wow. You lasted a week. (Name) owes me fifty bucks.”
4. “Let me serenade you instead.”
5. “Who would’ve guessed we’d be sharing a room.”
6. “I feel like you have an unhealthy obsession.”
7. “Nah he’s fine, it’s the other one you really got to watch out for.”
8. “Out of all the idiots in the world, I fell in love with you.” “Takes one to know one.”
9. “Your jaw is so swollen you look like you have a wad of food in your cheek. What did you do?” “That’s for you concern, really heartfelt.”
10. “I have a suggestion.” “I’m not taking my clothes off so forget it.”
11. “He/she said differently,” “Yeah, well, they don’t agree on much.”
12. “I think all that sexual tension has gone to their heads,”
13. “You’re the genius, why don’t you tell me?”
14. “The things I know how to do might surprise you,”
15. “Why do you find this” -he/she strikes a ridiculous pose that makes him/her laugh- “distracting?” (if you get this reference I will love you)
16. “I’m not saying in what way, maybe you don’t know yourself, but anyone paying attention can tell how much you care about him.” (Another reference!)
17. “What am I going to do with you?”
18. “That is an excellent question,” (Reference)
19. “Come on. We’re going home.”
20. They started giggling like a little girl. “You like her/him! You liiiiikkkeee her/him!”
21. “Have I ever told you your accent makes me swoon?” “Really?” “No.” He/she smiles. “ that’s why I’ve never told you.”
22. “Where have you been all my life?”
23. “That’s not my problem.” “No? Well, friend, it’s about to be.”
24. “I think we were set up.” “Wow. What gave you that crazy idea?”
25. “This is no time for sarcastic comments.” “There is always time for sarcastic comments.”
26. “Tick toc.” “You are not a clock so I’d appreciate you to shut your mouth and let me do my job.” “Yikes, someone’s in a mood.”
27. “I am starting to feel a lot of regret.”
28. “Aw, don’t be sad my love,”
29. “Would you please put that away? I really never want to see it again.”
30. “Sometimes you get on my nerves. It’s usually when you find me banging my head against something.”
31. “Jealousy is an ugly color on you.”
32. “I’m alive? How am I still alive?”
33. “I find your pain hilarious, ironically.”
34. “How many times do I have to ask you out?” “Only a hundred,” “Challenge accepted.”
35. “I’m barely functioning, but I’m alive.”
36. “Kiss me.” “That has been used in every song ever!”
37. “You’re crazy! I love it!”
38. “I could kiss you a thousand times and still never get tired of your lips.
39. “Are you kidding? I would never miss a chance at seeing you make a fool of yourself.”
40. “You’re so whipped.”
41. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”
42. “Oh, yeah? Why don’t you come over here and make me?”
43. “Are you blushing?” “No, you are, shut up…stop staring at me.”
44. “That’s gay,” “God, I hope so,”
45. “Are you mad at me?” “Not at the moment, but if you keep asking I’m not sure my answer will stay the same.”
46. “Never have I ever is about to get a lot more interesting.”
47. “Admit it, you’d miss me and my one-liners,”
48. “What did they do?” “Dude. They did the do.”
49. “What are you doing up? You should be asleep,” “I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all.”
50. “I just want to say, with all my love, from the bottom of my heart….what the hell were you thinking?”

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bro. bro. my friend. mon amie. let me serenade you with my french.

im french and i dont know shit

you could say anything and id be like yeah sweet

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Seriously I will take recs from any of the relationships that u mentioned!!! They are all my fav!!! ☺️💕☺️ thanks!!!

I’ve already done some deamus and courferre recs, so here’s enjoltaire and wolfstar

ENJOLTAIRE (and some courferre):

  • A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: (25k) Grantaire and Courfeyrac make a bet about who can get the other one together with their crush first (enjoltaire & courferre)
  • Friday I’m In Love: (33k) fake dating (WIP, but it ends happy right now)
  • Inked Amis Series: Grantaire gets a tattoo and starts a trend. 2 fics, 1 enjoltaire and 1 courferre (about 19k between the 2 fics)
  • Let Me Serenade You: (10k) 10 times Grantaire sung for Enjolras, and 1 time Enjolras sung for Grantaire
  • Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices: (7k) coffeeshop au
  • Only Human: (3k) sickfic
  • Plan M: (6k) the amis plot ways to get Enjolras and Grantaire together, but their attempts haven’t been so successful (or have they?). Background courferre.
  • Years Since It’s Been Clear: Enjolras insists that Grantaire move in with him when he finds out that Grantaire’s apartment is terrible


  • Aesthetic: Trash Boys: (73k) nonmagic au, kik/texting fic (WIP)
  • In The Middle: (3k) James tries to get Remus and Sirius together (marauders era)
  • Pack Issues: (87k) lie low at Lupin’s (and Harry’s there too)
  • Work With This: (8k) Remus and Sirius go on their first date during the first wizarding war
  • Text Talk: (113k) nonmagic au, texting fic where Sirius is at a boarding school and Remus is in the hospital (WIP)

Hey 👋 Superstars🌟! Let me serenade you this morning! For those who missed Anime Idol this year!🌌🎤🎵🎼🎶 #singer #Metrocon2017 #actor #cosplay #cosplayer #animeidol #idol #InnocentSorrow #DGrayman #timcanpy #jrock

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For love, bloody and twisted, a royal game, a little unwanted, that rips you apart, then heals you.

Bloodstream — Stateless // Stubborn Love – The Lumineers // South — Sleeping at Last // Disarm — The Civil Wars // Bloodsport — Raleigh Ritchie // No Light, No Light — Florence + The Machine // i hate you, i love you — gnash, featuring Olivia O’Brien // Talk Me Down — Troye Sivan // Lean — The National // Vulnerable — Secondhand Serenade // Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) — Glee Cast // Neptune — Sleeping at Last // i believe — Christina Perri

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if we were dating we would snuggle together and watch cute movies with popcorn and dance together in our pj's while makin breakfast. i would take you on dates to coffee shops and sometimes just bring you to parks to watch the birds and bake cheese cake for you. (i tried my best jskdjf)

djfhsksjdf this is so cute holy hell,, blease? i’m a mess. dancing together in our pjs?? perfect, only if you let me badly serenade you. going to cafes and parks is the softest thing i’m aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

send me “if we were dating” messages on anon & make me fall in love with you!!

Jodie lee. 24. Sydney.

Let me serenade you with any song you’d like to hear. As long as that song is the first three bars of sweet home Alabama on repeat with adjusted lyrics such as “hold on let me start again”, “wait I’ve got this”, and “i swear I could play this before”.



“Sirius, go away! I’m trying to study, unlike some people around here,”

“Okay, Moony. Before I go, one favor?”



“what no-”