okay i’m stupid and tired and almost forgot about the barisi fandom meetup!!

anyway, here i am.

so hello followers, let me introduce myself, my name is logan, i’m canadian, i obviously love barisi and kpop. i’m not entirely sure what to talk about here so i’ll just rant for a bit; about barisi, svu, my blog, etc etc.

so, my parents have always liked svu, i remember hating it because it would take up space on the pvr and it would air at the same time as castle so my family wound fight over which show to watch. eventually, i walked in on s16 ep17, parole violations, and that’s when EVERYTHING started. i started to watch a few episodes more frequently. then i talked about them at school, specifically to my now girlfriend-then best friend. i distinctly remember me trying to describe amanda to her while we were walking home from school. anyway, i started watching svu to impress her… that lasted for a while… until the season ended and i had no way to watch it.

then, months later, i was on ao3. now, when i search for fics, i press the search button, then click ‘edit search’. but, after you press ‘search’ it brings up every single fic on the site. every. single. one. and what was the first one to pop up? a barisi fic. out of the two-some odd-million fics on ao3, the one that popped up was a barisi one. now me, knowing who they were, shrugged, and said 'hmm i’ll read it’.

and boiiiii i was ruined. that happened in the morning before school, so for the entire day in class, i was SCREAMING about barisi. i wasn’t even pronouncing carisi’s name right, i was a mess. anyway, i got home that night and binge read almost every barisi fic on ao3 at the time. i was obsessed.

then, march break this last year, i found out svu was on netflix, and oh boy this is when it got bad. i binge watched the four seasons that were on netflix at the time and i was DEAD. i remember the thumbnail between episodes was one where the squad was all hunched around the table. barba and carisi next to each other, and i thought, yeah, i ship them.

now, i continued to read barisi on and off, i continued to watch svu, but when it really got bad was when i got tumblr. i actually got tumblr many, many months before i started posting. but on one fateful night when i was bored out of my mind with an essay, i decided to reblog some barisi gifs. and that’s when everything accelerated.

i literally just followed all my recommend blogs, reblogged a crap ton of barisi stuff and made a sonny gif. that sonny gif is what i really think blew up my acc. not totally, but it’s what earned me my first followers. from there on, i had a few url switches, but eventually, i ended up here. 440 followers and over 1000 posts later, here i am, trash and all.

sometimes it still blows me away, that there actually is a barisi fandom. every couple days i do his thing where i think 'wait is this actually real? like we’re talking about the same people, right?’

i’m lame idk.

so yeah, i’m a BIG supporter of the barba-is-demiromantic headcanon. i also just generally love barisi fluff.

and if i could leave you with one thought, it would be, read the sweet barisi series (on ao3). it’s what REALLY got me hooked on barisi and it still rips my heart out to this day :’)

/i feel like i’m the only boy in this fandom oops/

Glitter Bodie~ you three are either reaaaaally in sync or just the same person /stareee at chuuuu XDDDDD

rant under this line.


I heard people are having problems putting credits on a another person’s art when reuploading. so i did it for you :D you’re welcome.

apparently DC fanarts are being reuploaded on tumblr and facebook pages without credits (oops strike one) and being cropped and used for RPing (oops strike two) i aint gonna wait for strike three which is someone claiming to have drawn that so….. 

the next time i see it i’m uploading my next works like this ..

External image

yes. that size and those watermarks. betcha no one would reupload that.

Oh oh oh and if you tell them to credits artists on fb they get mad at you. how fun :D good gravy i hope those are kids because if they aren’t and they act like that?? gods… we’re a small fandom with even less fanartists …whatchuthink?

Ok, I feel the need to rant for sth a bit.. 

I have been seeing people getting upset for how “everything is about double b” and how they send only them in variety shows and don’t let others promote as well. Ok, so here’s the deal guys:

To go on Running Man you have to be popular enough. Like it or not, that’s true. Double B are gonna be there on their x-man special. Now, let’s be real, do you really think the producers of the show would let all ikon members to appear? no. A full group rarely appears on RM. It has to be either their ep or a special occasion. I know bc it’s my favorite show. When they have guests, they pick few members from few  groups and film the episode. that’s about it. double b are popular among the members because of smtm3. so they got to be picked. And went. 

Same thing applies for Happy Together too. I’ve rarely seen a group go there as a whole. Usually it’s just few members and most of the times it has to be the ones that are already popular. Not sure if you know but both RM and HT have Yoo Jae Suk as “a main mc”. I bet that after the rm ep, he suggested for them to go on happy together too. And so it happened.

Now, about Mari & I, this is a new show about pets. It’s not a normal variety that a new group will go to be promoted. Hanbin and Jinhwan are there as actual fixed members, not guests. We couldn’t send all the members there like seriously lol. I think this is a way to promote the group via two members in a new variety show. It’s good we will have them there. They will get to interact with the Korean Industry and people more. The group will get at least a little bit of more attention. It’s good. 

Now if you noticed as a group they only got to get promoted after debut on Tablo’s Dreaming radio. They don’t have their own show yet (ikon tv). They also didn’t have the chance yet to go a normal variety that new groups usually go. Like Weekly Idol or ASC. But I doubt they will ever go to asc because I’ve never seen YG artists go there before.

The thing is guys, Hanbin Jinhwan and Bobby are not going to these varieties as individuals. They are going as iKON. To promote iKON. This is good for their group. They have debuted 3 months now and they haven’t had enough promotions in music shows bc of their schedule and fanmeets. They need to be promoted somehow. All groups in industry does that. They promote a group via few members. Don’t you remember how Jackson was everywhere at first? How Hani and Seolhyun are usually the ones that go to varieties? So I don’t get why so much drama and whine. Why so bitter? But wait, I know why.

Because you just want a reason to hate iKON. You don’t actually care. You just want to hate them in general and that’s pathetic. Get a life.

End combative fic reviews 2k16

Posting this on tumblr is preaching to the choir, but I’m half hurt and half annoyed so y’all get to read it anyway. Sorry, friends–and thanks for being wonderful.

Have you ever heard, “Before you speak, THINK: Is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind?” Let’s apply that to fic reviews.

True. Not much to say here. I don’t often run into reviews that contain erroneous information. Although if you’re going to rant about how the author got a bit of canon wrong, maybe make sure you’re actually right.

Helpful. If you’re making a suggestion, is it actually one the author can use? I can tell you right now that rare is the occurrence of an author rewriting a chapter based on feedback. I’ve done it once in 14 years of writing fic. Which means usually, those comments are not helpful.

Inspiring. Does your review make the author want to keep writing, or does it make them want to completely ditch an archive altogether because they are sick of getting snarky feedback? Just a thought.

Necessary. And this is the exception to the rule about not commenting on the contents of a certain chapter. Sometimes–rare, once in a blue moon moments– an author will seriously veer off-base in how they are portraying the character. If you truly believe that they have made a grievous error, then yes, it might be necessary to point it out. But this is RARE. Again, I think that I have seen one occurrence of an author changing the course of a story because of feedback like this. And the reviewer only had the impact they did because they managed to be…

Kind. If you want to offer criticism, be constructive. Do not rail at an author. Do not yell at them for not updating in what you consider to be a timely manner. (Keep in mind, you don’t know what else is going on in their life that has kept them from that fic.) Do not use their story as an opportunity to rant about all similar stories. (”Just once I’d like to see a story like this where…” Then write it yourself. That’s what I do.)

Really, I love 98% of my reviewers. Maybe 99%. But sometimes that other 1-2% threatens to ruin it for everyone.

ETA: I’ve written a second post now on what to do when you read a Problematic ™ fanfic.

I-I finally watched the MV and I listened to the album. I was busy and couldn’t do it sooner- anyway. 

…I don’t even know how to start. I could write hours and hours about my love for BTS, how talented they are and how this whole album was gold. Because yes they fucking slayed it. 

But right now I only have one word in mind: 


They really left me awestruck and speechless… Let’s not even start about Jimin or I’m gonna have a heart attack… 

So, yeah…BTS had a god fucking comeback and yet again proved they own my ass. 


So let me rant a bit about this shit book I’m reading.

I honestly don’t know WHY I am reading this shit. It’s typical “special snowflake” syndrome, and so stereotypical it hurts. They stereotype girls, act like feminism is being ‘ungirly’, and cast gay people in a category of being fashion obsessed divas.

Worst of all? The way the main character uses the improper pronouns for a transwoman. At first I thought it was because this person (who goes by the name Lady GaGantuan) was a male that just liked to cross dress, which is a thing. BUT LITERALLY EVERYONE BESIDES HER CALLS THEM A GIRL. INCLUDING LADY GAGANTUAN.

I tried ignoring it but seriously, it bugged me so much I had to go back and change it (even though they weren’t a main character, they were mentioned a lot, mainly as a joke).

Fuck this book and its existence.

anonymous asked:

I just found out I can't go to the concert in Chicago because my father disapproves of exo so much he won't let me go even though I'd be paying for my own ticket, but my mom doesn't care and I'm just upset because I was really excited to see el dorado and the star live but now I'm just very frowny. could you possibly do a cute spam of sehun?? thank you so much sorry for bothering you with my ranting

I know how you feel. I can’t go to the concert here in Chicago either. But for different reasons. We can be sad together when it’s happening. :P 

Hopefully this makes you feel a bit better though. xo



Let me give you a bit of back story here. Obama has NOTHING to do with the horrible situation in Ukraine right now. If anything, he’s trying to help as much as USA can. Gather some information, before you past a video dismissing the president of USA. 
All this situation began, when UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT yanukovych refused to sing a contract ( The Free Trade Agreement) with EU, because Yanukovych (Ukrainian president) is very close to Putin (he basically does everything he commands him to do) and Putin, naturally, did not want this to become true, so Ukraine made no deals with EU. Ukrainians got very angry, because they do not want to feel, like they are in USSR anymore, so they began  protesting.
This is where things got worse. Violence got involved, and Yanukovych was to blame. A lot of Ukrainians were killed, and it basically wasn’ t about the contract anymore - just normal human ethics. This went on and military got involved. One by one even more and more russian soldiers filled Ukraine. OPEN YOUR EYES - OCCUPATION IS HAPPENING. RUSSIA IS ATTACKING UKRAINE, WHERE DOES OBAMA COME INTO THIS?
And somehow it got to the point, where russian people are “suppressed” in Ukraine. Russian media is FILLED with propaganda, how Ukrainians are the bad ones and are offering every russian person living in Ukraine a new, russian passport and a place to live in russia.
I come from a country, that was once a part of the USSR. We are being warned about the fact, that provocation from russian “tourists” may be taking place. I am scared. I am scared that Putin’s actions will not stop in Ukraine. Ukraine needs all the help they can get, their government has fallen and they are under attack. WE ARE ON A THRESHOLD OF WAR, OPEN YOUR EYES. READ THE EUROPEAN NEWS. For Gods sake. I could write so much more, but let me end with this. I am only 17, I follow the new regularly, I come from a country that has been under Russian occupation. twice. I know bout my country’s history and there is NO WAY i’ m letting it happen again. PUTIN HAS TO BE STOPPED, BEFORE IT’S TO LATE. UKRAINE AND EU NEEDS ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET. WE NEED HELP. We don’t want to live our lives constantly in fear. If you read all the way through this, thank you. I hope you will go out and search for more information. Please. You need to know the truth. 

ok ok ok you guys let me rant a bit here.

so maybe about two years ago was when i first started watching youtubers. now i dont mean the vloggers, no, this was when i was one of those super obsessed annoying minecraft fanboys. i started watching this guy who just played minecraft, his channel is called skydoesminecraft (cough cough almost 11 million subs (first minecraft channel to ever pass 10 mil)(idk you’ve probably run into other fanboys somewhere lol)). but anyway, he was the first youtuber i ever watched. then i started watching captainsparklez about a year ago? year and a half? im not sure, but anyway he was the second youtuber i ever started watching regularly. so this is when i got really obsessed with youtube. i mostly just watched random gaming videos as first, and as luck would have it, i stumbled upon smosh. so here is the story of how i got into watching vloggers: so im watching a smosh video, it was one of those googling random stuff videos, and they were googling celebrities like “is (insert celeb name here)…“ and one of the ones they googled was “is tyler oakley…“ and i was like ok who is this tyler oakley guy, so i look him up and next thing i know im literally obsessed with him. then i started watching some of his collabs and looking up the people he’d collabed with and getting obsessed with them (cough cough troye sivan, connor franta, hannah hart, grace helbig). so that’s pretty much how i became obsessed with these various youtubers. and i admit i still watch skydoesminecraft and captainsparklez regularly, and it isnt bc im still that annoying minecraft fanboy, its bc their commentary is funny. and its the same with the other vloggers i watch, they’re funny. i love youtubers because, if i have a bad day at school, or im just feeling extra depressed, they’re always there to cheer me up. i hate when people make fun of someone for loving youtubers bc it like they dont see that this is what makes said someone happy. like, it doesnt matter what makes someone genuinely happy. youtubers make me happy. k thats all bai

did anyone even read this


As most of you may know, I’m a writer for Florida Geek Scene. I figure I should post my articles here more, so here’s my review of Archie #001 for any of you that are considering picking it up. Archie means a lot to me, so this review is a bit special…

Archie #1 Review by Raisa (from Florida Geek Scene)

“Let me tell you a little something about Archie comics. I grew up with Archie. I read Archie’s before I could even read. I’ve got a short box full of those things. They were always huge in Bangladesh, my home country. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Cheryl, Josie, Sabrina, and all their friends were the reason I got into comic books in the first place. These characters were a huge part of my childhood and often took the place of real friends.

Over the course of decades, Archie and his friends have been written and re-written literally hundreds of times in thousands of stories. The only times we got more serious, more adult looks at the stories were in the  “New Look” series and, more recently, in Afterlife with Archie.

Afterlife was, I think, the last big push Archie Comic Publications needed to make the switch to a newer, more modern style. Afterlife was new, different, and hot. Of course, it had zombies and that may have been what attracted initial readers, but zombies are not what kept this title going. Afterlife attracted readers that had never read a single Archie comic in their lives. In fact, the only reason I picked it up was because a friend of mine that had never read any other Archie comics in his life recommended it to me. Personally, I have a very intense phobia of zombies, (I have never read or watched The Walking Dead) and that’s what kept me away. But after hearing such good things from people who, again, had never read any other Archie comics before, I decided to pick it up. Trust me when I say it was definitely not the zombies that kept me interested. It was the new style, the new art, the new twists on all the characters. Afterlife was not for children. It was dark and thrilling, but most importantly, it was different.

When the “New Look” stories were being published, a lot of fans were afraid of the change, mostly due to nostalgia. I’ve always been a pretty strong advocate against the poison of nostalgia. Nostalgia is great until it hinders progress, and that’s what it was doing to Archie. Gamers can be nostalgic for old Nintendo games all they want, but they’re not going to stop developers from making new games at 1080p and 60 fps. Archie was stuck in the twentieth century while the rest of the comic book scene was thriving in the twenty-first. Archie needed to move on. They even killed the kid off last year! I think this change is a big step for the company, and with an all-star team behind it, it’ll attract readers of both superhero comics (through Waid) and indie comics (through Staples).

That said, when I heard about the Archie reboot, I was scared and worried, but excited at the same time because Mark Waid and Fiona Staples are a freaking dream team. I’ve been hearing a lot of “Archie is only going to get attention now because of Fiona Staples,” but let me just tell you that this is not true. Don’t count Waid out. His storytelling skills are absolutely phenomenal and he is very capable of handling Archie. I was scared, but I trusted Archie in the hands of Waid and Fiona. Let me just say that after reading the first issue, I did not regret it.

Waid and Staples have given the whole Archie crowd a complete makeover. Archie’s got a brand new wardrobe and a hot new haircut. His ginger hair and freckles look cute now instead of goofy. Don’t worry, Archie is still a clumsy musician, and not just comic book eye candy. Betty looks completely different now. She still sports her signature blonde hair, but it changes instead of being stuck in a ponytail for all of eternity. You can actually tell all the women in the comic apart without having to look at their hair. Reggie’s got a new bad-boy look and Jughead is hot now despite having the same Jughead features. It’s the magic of Fiona Staples’ art.

You might be wondering why their looks are important, but they are. These characters are close to my age. As a teen, the new look given to these characters will attract more teen readers. However, you’re right. There are more important things to talk about, like the characters’ personalities. They are still the same characters. Archie is still clumsy, Jughead still loves food, Betty still loves cars, and Reggie is still a sleezeball. But now, they’re more human. They have real teen problems and complicated thoughts. As for the dialogue, Waid has always had away of making his dialogue crisp and clear-cut, while still giving it a lot of personality. The new Archie is modern, complex, and mature. Best of all, anyone can read it.

Honestly, I just love it. By the time I’m done writing this review, I’ll have read Archie #1 seven times. Waid has given the characters so much heart. He’s made them brand-new. These characters are going to bring in new readers and are going to renew the love of old ones. I have high, high hopes for the series. Any worries I had about the reboot are down the drain. If I could give this book an eleven out of ten, I would. I’m telling you right now: if you haven’t picked up Archie #1, go to the store or get on Comixology or whatever you normally do, and freaking read it.” (Read more.)

So there you have it! Thanks for reading my review of Archie #001. To read more by me, click on the links above.


About Taehyung and autism..

Now, I don’t mean to start anything with this, let me make that clear. It’s just, recently I’ve seen some comments about how Taehyung might have autism and the reaction people had to those comments. I want to talk a little bit about it, because some of the comments and the reactions people disappointed me and made me sad. My little brother has autism, so this is a subject that lies close to my heart. 

Since I don’t want to bother anyone, I’ll put the rest of what I want to say under the link

Keep reading

I’m going to rant a tiny bit here, so right now you can choose to go on this little adventure with me or jump ship.

Girls, let’s talk about your handwriting. Cut the shit. Work on your handwriting. As a sugar baby, you want to be an icon of perfection that always has that twinkle in her eye for her SD. And hey, you’ve got it all - the clothes, the attitude, the personality. It’s all on point. But I want you to think about the details. You make sure your nails are done, you make sure your skin is soft, and you make sure that you always use the right giggle at the right time, but do you make sure that your handwriting is on point? Probably not.

Now, to be fair, it’s likely that you aren’t handwriting notes for your SD or anyone around you often if at all. But let me tell you - when you leave a note for your SD like “Grabbing coffee - be back soon! XOXO” in the morning, or things like that, if you’re handwriting is shit it will make you look bad.

Hear me out on this! If you have beautiful, perfect cursive with loops and flourishes in all the right places, then your SD (hell, even boyfriend if you want) will see that and have something about you to obsess over. He can look at that handwriting and think about it when you aren’t there, just like he thinks about your hair and voice and the such, now handwriting is on that list! The more he has to think about, the more he’s likely to, and the more he wants you, so the more money you can get out of him!

So, what should your handwriting look like? Personally, I believe that every SB should be able to write in perfect cursive - legible, clean, looped, flourished, and tilted. It looks beautiful, and helps add to the image of perfection you want to create. But, if you’re selling the girl next door look, with innocence and youth and all, maybe that cutesy, bubbly print with heart dotted i’s is more appropriate. Are you writing a love note, or a be-right-back note? Love notes call for cursive, but in a rush that cute (I guess more high school-ish) handwriting could be perfect.

Anyways, what matters is that your handwriting looks good and that in a pinch you can pull out the beautiful cursive if needed. I never see posts about handwriting, and selling an image (like we do daily) depends on the details.

TL;DR: Fix your handwriting, and if you need to, pick up typography. Telling a POT that you love typography gives you a unique hobby or interest that’s easy to sell as genuine.

Rant over. It got longer than I originally intended, but I felt it was important.

Little bit of a rant here...

I’m just going to put up the warning, before you read this post. This is a sensitive topic, and I know it will be controversial for some on here, but do bear with me, and correct me, if I make a mistake.

I have a big problem with people who claim to be triggered, but go looking for trouble.

For example, let’s use the Voltron ship ‘Sheith’. I know people who are genuinely triggered by the ship, and that is absolutely fine. I tag my stuff, and they block the tag. They ask that I don’t talk about it to them, and I am happy to oblige.

Then, there are people who say they’re ‘triggered’, but go looking for fights on tumblr, but then pull out the “I’m triggered!!!1!!” card, when they’ve been bested.

If you look for your trigger, repeatedly and without a knock on effect of psychologically harming yourself, then that’s not a trigger. Being triggered feels like your body is crushing itself; it is very akin to panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Yes, the strength of attack varies, but it still has that same breathlessness to it. It’s still horrifying.

Being triggered is NOT disliking something. I dislike bananas, but I don’t claim to be triggered. What I am triggered by is unexpected sounds, or being shouted at. When you’re triggered by something, you don’t go looking for it, then use being triggered as an excuse to end a fight you lost.

People like this on tumblr have a bad habit of devaluing language. They throw terms around that they don’t understand, and then society becomes desensitised to it; meaning that we will stop taking real examples seriously. It’s like a boy-cried-wolf effect.

Please, if you really want to help others? Stay out of tags, block tags, or support people in another ship. Or volunteer at a local group. Hell, just make your blog a safe place for others. I’d like to think this blog is neutral ground for shippers; I don’t judge.

You, also, don’t help by owning a hate blog. That just screws with you. If you surround yourself with negativity, it will hit you like a tonne of bricks. Trust me, I’ve been there. Cut it out, whilst you can.

Sorry for the rant, but I hope people understand.

Bits of reality in episode 41

Hera’s anxiety is realer than you think

Anxiety is often found in gifted people because of two reasons:
1. Higher self reflection
2. Perfectionism

The higher self reflection leads to seeing everything you do through a magnifying glass. You did something good, here’s what you did wrong and what you could’ve done better. You did something wrong, let’s repeat that 5000 times.
And then you add perfectionism, you strife perfection, otherwise you feel anxious. Anything under 100% is bad.

Now look at Hera she probably reflects everything she does in her head and then all the crew keeps going on about it too, she can’t get away from it. And in her job perfection is a must, otherwise the station breaks.

Basically; Hera probably would have had anxiety even without the shitty code making it worse. Even without help she’d have destroyed herself, her programmer gave her the extra push so she had anxiety from the start.

book sacrifice tag

my favourite book pal @books-are-portals tagged me, thanks :)

This tag was inspired by the lovely Xtinemay of polandbananasbooks and here’s what you have to do: rant about the books you don’t like, agree to disagree but be kind and don’t send hate! It’s just a bit of fun and it’s interesting to hear everyone’s different opinions so let’s get started!

You’re in the bookstore and suddenly the zombie apocalypse has come upon us! The military suddenly announces that the only way to kill the zombies is to hit them with an over-hyped book. What book do you get?
Puhdistus by Sofi Oksanen. It wasn’t a bad book, per se, but man it did not live up to the hype in the slightest

You’re in a hair salon and you just got this amazing haircut, $50 worth and, and suddenly when you come out, rain just comes down on you. What book in a series will you drown so your hair survives?
Breaking Dawn of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Even without the disturbing romanticisation of abusive relationships (that I didn’t realise was there when I was into these books at 15 and 16), Breaking Dawn is a giant mess just as a narrative. The instructions said that rants are allowed, so here goes: By making Bella get pregnant and have a child, Meyer basically made becoming a vampire a win-win for Bella – she didn’t have to sacrifice anything and got her perfect fairytale ending. Not to mention that although Meyer, at the time a woman in her thirties, was thinking about children and having them, she failed to acknowledge that most of her fanbase were teens and pre-teens, most of whom she alienated from Bella and the story with the whole pregnancy plotline. Overall, the last book seemed to be some kind of self-fulfillment fantasy of Meyer’s that didn’t involve any kind of sacrifice or loss or heartache because everything worked out perfectly for everyone and no one died or even ended up without a (heterosexual) pairing. 

You’re in English class and the teacher just drones on and on about this classic. They say it “revolutionised literature” and you’re just sitting in the back like NOPE. I HATED THIS BOOK. JUST NOPE. What classic is the teacher talking about?
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I just… for a book that’s always used as a prime example of 19th century literary realism, the ending of Oliver Twist is a giant romantic ball of Hollywood romcom happy endings. See above of my similar issues with Breaking Dawn. It’s not that I hate happy endings, it’s just that [spoiler alert] “and then they were all actually long-lost family members and they lived happily ever after in the beautiful English countryside” is such a cop-out ending to a story that supposedly discusses real life suffering and poverty.

You’re hanging out in the library or bookstore, and suddenly the PA goes, “Global warming has just exploded!!” It’s freaking cold people! You must stay Inside! You must do whatever you can to stay alive. What book or series are you going to run to burn first?
Going to stick with the same answer as books-are-portals for this one – the 50 Shades series will be in the fire before they’ve finished that sentence. 

You’re about to go on stage for a performance and you’ve been chewing this gum for hours now. You can’t go on stage with gum! So there’s no trash cans, and all you have with you are your favorite series. What book in your favorite series will you rip the last page off to stick your gum in?
Ok so I checked and the last page of my copy of Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett is empty so I suppose I could use that but honestly I’d rather stick the gum under a chair or swallow it or something. 

i’m gonna tag @miminwitch, @lilywaterblue and @rabbitheartrosie if you guys wanna :)