The Hunger Games Gif Challenge

Use every 4th gif.

1) Me on the Morning of the Reaping:

2) Waiting for the names to be called:

3)My reaction when my name is called:

4) What I think about the other tribute from my district:

5) Saying Goodbye to Your Friends and Family:

6) First Thing I Do on the Train:

7)Reaction to the other tributes:

8)What I Think of the Capital:

9) What I Think of my Stylist:

10)How I feel at the tribute parade:

11) Me During Training:

12) My reaction to my training score:

13)Me During the Interview:

14)How I Spend the Night Before the Games:

15)Waiting in the Launch Room:

16) Me During the Bloodbath:

17) My reaction when someone asks me to be allies:

18) What I do for most of the games:

19) First time I kill someone:

20) When the other tribute from my district dies:

21) How I feel when I win:

22) How I greet my stylist and mentor:

23) Me while I watch the replay of it all:

24) First thing I do when I get home:


Damn. I have no idea why all of you are following me, but I do know one thing… THANK YOU! I shall attempt to keep doing whatever it is I have been doing and maintain your happiness. NOW LET ME LOVE YOU!!

And also, 

30 Day Percy Jackson Challenge. Day Two: Least Favorite Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book.

Just like it was crazy hard to pick a favorite, its twice as hard to pick a least favorite. I guess I would say the Sea of Monsters because nothing really happened in that book. I did love seeing the background(ish) on Clarisse, and Tyson and Gover… Eh. Who am I kidding. I love them all.