We are all made of stars

February - Quotes about stars / moon / the night sky

Requested by @picture-book-wolf

I started doing a version of this with gold lettering and it was looking so beautiful but the ink was just not wanting to work with this paper, so if anyone can recommend a good gold ink that’s not too thick but has a nice shine then please let me know. 

Watercolour background, Indian ink brush lettering.


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silly au idea

Ok ok so hear me out

Werewolf au

(Or rather werecat!au)

Featuring werecat!adrien who’s cursed to roam Paris as a dangerous beast every full moon and has to deal with 1) not to let his dad know (which is hard, bc the morning afters have him suuuper tired) and 2) seeing news in the papers about this or that person who’d been attacked by something and knowing it’s HIS fault

Enter Marinette

It’s actually kind of a mistunderstanding? Blame Marinette’s crazy luck. Anyway, somehow, the very same night that weird puma that walks on its hinds legs shows up just as her hands are coated in catnip

There is no attacks that night

And the thing is, now the cat is intriged by that human who smelt good. So he hangs around her. First look at her from afar. Then gets closer, and closer… Until they somehow ‘tame’ each other? I mean the big cat doesn’t want to attack the human and visit her every full moons while Marinette goes from ‘pretty freaked out’ to 'oh hey you’re back again big kitty whaddya wanna do tonight play with yarn?’

Meanwhile, Adrien is kinda confused by the lack of attacks. I mean, he’s still cursed (silver still burns him for a start) so what happened?

Enter Alya

Alya keeps a blog on paranormal n stuff (including, you guessed, the 'mysterious attacks of the Big Blonde Cat’) so Adrien starts getting himself updated through her

So yea that’s the setting

Shenanigans ensue

Bonus: one day, Alya n Marinette have a sleepover (yey!!) and talk about boys until three am till there’s a light knock on Marinette’s window.

It’s a cat

A really big, really weird blonde cat


And tons of new pics for Alya’s blog

(Bonus x2: this probably end with Marinette and the cat falling asleep together one night and Marinette and A Very Naked Adrien wakinh up the next morning)

so i mnow that im telling all social media platforms about what alex did for me but i gotta let everyone here know too .. ! we were passing out our valentines day cards and it got me flowers and chocolate AND a big stuffed lamb AND!!! a huge card with 50 paper hearts in it that all had things that it loves about me and .. !!! wtf !! wtf how did i deserve this!!!! i love alex so muchh ??

I want to memorize the curves of your shoulders and the angles your collar bones make. I want to be able to see your smile lines when my eyes are closed and it’s pitch dark at night.
Tell me how you like your coffee. I will never forget how to get it right.
Let me into the dusty corners of your mind and I will find all the beauty that you’ve held locked inside.
Tell me what you hate most about yourself and I will prove to you that you are the product of perfection.
If you give me a few moments and a chance to get to know you, you will undoubtedly become the metaphor that I compare to beauty that cannot be captured, beauty that cannot be expressed with simplicity.
I will not stop writing about how you give light to the dimmest moments.
I will not tire letting my mind spill the beauty I see within you onto ink stained paper pages.
—  k.j.h. “My metaphor.” (33/365)
the signs as feelings in lyrics

Aries: Last Dinosaurs - Andy

Meet me on the surface of Jupiter
We don’t need a reason we’ll just make it up
Bring a pen and paper and some time to think
document our voyage till you’re out of ink

Taurus: Milk and Bone - Coconut Water

Let’s get started truth or dare
A million flowers in my hair
I’m cool with that
I’ve got the beach to worry about

Gemini: Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave/Sober (Daniela Andrade cover)

Everything, that I wanted
Only gotta drive for the moment
If you tell me “turn around,” then I’m on it
For the moment, but you know me
You know how I get when I’m lonely
And I think about you and the moments

Cancer: Death Cab For Cutie - Everything’s A Ceiling

And the constellations move and the brightest point is full,
But every telescope you see, was pointed only at you.

And I’ve got nowhere to go except further below,
So I keep digging.
And it gets darker everyday,
But I see no other way than just committing.

Leo: Banks - Goddess

Finally surfaced above the downs
Feeling her boldest, she came around
Cause she’s a goddess, finally saw this
And now you’re back, trying to claim her
Cause she’s gone and now without her
You’re all alone, cause she’s a goddess
You should’ve saw this

Virgo: Bright Eyes - A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever And A Necklace

I touch the clasp of your locket, with its picture held,
Some secret you wouldn’t tell but let it choke your neck.
So we imagine a darkness where all shapes divide,
Solids changing into light, with a burst of heat so bright.
Well fine, don’t you do what I want you to.
Yeah, don’t degrade yourself the way that I do

Libra: Zella Day - 1965

I never had nobody touch me like I’m glass
You had me spinnin’ in the midnight summer grass
I never had nobody touch me like I’m glass
With a moonburnt kiss

Scorpio: Halsey - Young God

He says “Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges
I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon
There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs
And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight”

Sagittarius: Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

(Not sun, gold, soft and rain)
You burn through my mind, again and again, again, again
And again and again

There’s a lot of words to call out
Just waiting for the perfect hideout
Down when the walls start shaking
I’m ready for you to find out

Capricorn: CHVRCHES - Down Side Of Me

Keep you away from the down side of me
You can keep me a drip of the light that you see
I believe that you’re all that you said you would be
If I keep you away from the down side of me

Aquarius: Futures - Karma Satellite

We sleep all night and couldn’t speak,

We split the world in two.

There’s fires burning in the streets,

But now I see the truth.

When you close your eyes will you dream tonight?

And become a satellite

Pisces: Noah And The Whale - Second Lover

Oh, and when will our heartbeats fall into line,
And the click-clack of our boot heels beat out the same time?
Oh, and when will your hand find itself in mine?

And though I don’t know your real name
Your real age, or your shoe size
I will leave this bedroom chair
And this keyboard behind

And I will love you in reality and dreams

Funstory of the morning:

So I have Bellamy Blake as my desktop wallpaper at work. I had this costumer this morning and she was constantly staring at my computer screen while we were talking. Then all of a sudden she looked at me with teary eyes and said “BUT BELLAMY BLAKE IS IN LOVE WITH CLARKE GRIFFIN!”  Our faces fell and we both had a meltdown about Bellarke and cried how beautiful it is and about Bellamy being so pretty and perfect. I think we talked about 20 mins. And then we finished her papers. Before she left she turned around and said “Always believe in Bellarke, ok?. Its gonna happen I promise, don’t let other things that are coming get you down!” ok maybe she knows more than me?! lol This totally made my morning and it warmed my heart to see that others love Bellarke and Bellamy as much as I do. I thought I’d share this with you maybe it makes you smile too ;)

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“after that giraffe pic now all I can think of is zookeeper!Luke lol” ok this a luke au i fucks with heavily

he’s not actually a zookeeper (as of now he couldnt be arsed to get a degree in biology) but more like an assistant maybe? idk i know fuck all about zookeeping but ok bear with me

cus it’s literally the most unconventional thing; his mom actually got the job for him by asking some distant uncle who works there if her son can work with him (cus doing covers at the pub is cool and all but he’s still broke and liz refuses to have his mopey ass lying on the couch all day) and at first luke is just like “wtf ew” cus animal poop and “wtf ugh” cus assloads of paper work but then his uncle lets him go and meet some of the animals and………this job is not so bad after alll……..

3 months later and (besides the animal poop) luke actually LOVES it. It’s like a stress relief, an escape from reality when his insecurities start to build up and become too much to handle. The distant uncle tells Liz about how her son has kinda become as mini sensation as “the really cute zookeeper assistant guy” and seems to have a talent with kids; preschoolers on a field trip will see him cleaning and sprint over to excitedly ask if he’s “part giraffe”

“HAHA no i’m not part giraffe”

“But you’re like, a BILLION feet tall”

“I’m actually a million and three quarters……..”

and idk how to articulate the rest of this but the image of luke humming to himself while setting up a display with a small monkey on his shoulder!!!!! her name is bailey and luke talks to her all casual like “you know, me and you, we really see eye to eye. A lot of people don’t understand us but i feel like, it doesn’t matter cus we understand each othe-”

“luke who tf are you talking to?”

*flustered stuttering* *nervous laughter* “haha no one haha, just me and bails hanging out haha lol”

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! I just wanted to ask if you knew Paul Bernardo's prison address. I was also wondering if you could help me by telling me how to go about sending it. I'm wanting to write a paper on him and I would really appreciate it!

Paul Bernardo
Millhaven Institution
Highway 33
PO Box 280
Bath, Ontario
K0H 1G0

You just send it like you would any other letter, unless you want help with how to send a letter in general? If so, let me know! Oh, and thank you!!

Let Her Go

A/N: I haven’t written fiction in about a year, thanks to analytical research papers and critical reflections demanded by graduate school professors. But, I drew up this little number yesterday and thought that it would be in good hands if I sent it your way. I hope you and everyone else who reads it enjoys it. Please let me know 😊 If you are unable to post it, that’s okay 😊 I just wanted you to know that you’ve inspired me to get into my creative writing again, so consider this my gift to you! It’s a bit of angst, but if you or anyone else would like a continuation, I could certainly try. Hope everything is going well for you! Much love! 💕 –Colette

(And for the Morgan lovers of the group, here is a wonderful story by the wonderful @beingcolette.  So hop on over and give her some love if you enjoy the story, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!)

(Part 2)

‘Baby girl?’

Aaliyah stares at the white words, floating within the blue bubble of the iMessage that demanded her attention. The number is just that, a number, with no other contact information because she’d deleted that particular information years before. Approximately two years ago. Not that she was counting or anything, but it was a pretty bad ending to a good beginning. That’s not necessarily something someone forgets easily.

Her heart clenches, causing those damn butterflies to flutter through her stomach that she hasn’t experienced since their downfall, but she simply sighs and ignores the text message. All the while wandering what could’ve possibly prompted her ex-boyfriend to contact her after nearly three years of no communication.

“Davenport?” A strong voice registers through her ears as she tucks the cellphone back into her purse, switching the device to silent mode. Aaliyah snaps her gaze towards the voice and smiles prominently, nodding her head in confirmation as she stands and approaches the man.

She extends a hand and gives a firm handshake while introducing herself properly.

“Yes, sir, I’m Aaliyah Davenport. You must be SSA Aaron Hotchner.”

Aaron nods, relishing in her exuberant behavior and kind smile after the month of cases he and his team have endured.

“Yes, I am. But, please, call me Hotch.” Aaliyah blushes and nods, following the federal agent into the bullpen, where a few members of his team currently reside, awaiting his return.

“Everyone, this is Dr. Aaliyah Davenport. She is now an official behavior analyst with the FBI, I hope you all welcome her warmly.”

“Well, of course, Hotch! Jesus, we’re not animals, and look at this wonderful sweetheart!” A woman, dressed head to toe in expertly coordinated yellow, green, and orange, quickly envelopes Aaliyah in a tight hug and Aaliyah giggles lightly, taking note of her abundantly friendly personality.

She’s going to be my favorite.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’m Penelope Garcia, the tech guru. I stay here at headquarters in my lair behind an amazing display of federal-equipped technology to help my love bugs catch criminals. And I brief them on their cases.” She goes on to introduce the rest of the gang: an older gentleman who goes by Rossi, whom also takes Aaliyah’s hand gently within his own and presses a light kiss to it—effectively earning a blush; a blonde with beautiful blue eyes known as Jayje; a tall, somewhat lanky lad with shoulder length sandy brown hair and inquisitive hazel eyes named Reid; and a black-haired woman with dark brown eyes known as Prentiss.

“Well, it truly an honor to meet everyone. I hope to get to know you all outside of the hustle and bustle of the federal government,” Aaliyah smiles, earning nods and word of praise.

“Oh! Is someone missing? I was told that there were seven agents on the BAU team.”

“Oh, Derek, he's—”

“Late, I know. I’m sorry, guys! I didn’t hear my alarm clock this morning.”

Hotch frowns lightly, but brushes off the tardiness with a shrug. Aaliyah, on the other hand, is promptly frozen to her spot, thanks to instantly recognizing the voice of the late agent. But, being around a multitude of profilers brings her guard forward and she immediately relaxes before turning around to face the man she already knows both on and off the field.

The man who ultimately broke her heart.

“Hello, Agent Morgan.”

Derek blinks, taking in Aaliyah’s appearance for the first time in two years. Her black curls are still wildly tamed and those pouty lips are still pillow soft. Her emerald eyes haven’t lost their sparkle nor the fire that burns behind them and her scent…Jesus, that sweet coconut and vanilla scent still manages to stir his deepest desires. But, seeing her in front of him at arm’s length tugs at his heartstrings. The sound of her voice nearly brings him to his knees and he wanders if she received his text message. Unlike before, her read receipts were not enabled.

“Aaliyah…what? Um, it’s good to see you.”

Everyone ruffles at their exchange, listening intently as their semi-awkward conversation continues.

“It's…good to see you, too. I hope you’ve been well.”

Derek nods, noting her slight uncomfortableness as he rubs the back of his neck. “Um, yeah, I’ve been alright. How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“Good. Did you get—”

“Yes, I did.”

Derek nods again, allowing the conversation to unnaturally tail off, to which Aaliyah simply offers a kind smile—he always loved that smile—and shifts her purse on her shoulder.

“Well,” Aaliyah addresses the group as a whole, “I enjoyed meeting all of you, but I believe there is a rather spacious office and workspace awaiting my arrival. So, I’m going to head upstairs and get settled in, but I hope to see you all around sometime.” The team nods and smiles, except Derek, who simply frowns lightly and watches as Aaliyah departs from the bullpen.

Once the petite woman is out of range, Derek sighs heavily, earning the attention of the team.

“Derek, are you okay?” Jayje questions softly, noting the struggle and conflict in his eyes. Derek looks at his colleague and offers a sad smile.

“Remember when you asked me if I ever had anyone who got away? Anyone who helped guide the decisions in my personal life?” Jayje nods.

“Well,” Derek shrugs to his team as he gazes towards the direction in which Aaliyah departed, “Aaliyah Jade Davenport…is the reason why I can’t settle down with anyone.”

“Why is that?” Spencer inquires, taking a sip of his coffee.

Derek blinks, fighting off the tightening in his chest that results in Spencer’s question. He knows the genius doesn’t mean any harm, but still, his question burned him.

“She’s the one who got away.”

Rossi frowns, “Care to elaborate?”

Derek chuckles humorlessly, blinking back unexpected tears.

“I let her go.”

Day 59 of the 1D Hiatus

So, stuff actually happened today!

- First, the obvious… we got a birth certificate courtesy of InTouch. I went all CSI on it but took down those posts because the so-called ‘Freddies’ got hold of them and started adding their obnoxious comments which pissed me off! The only conclusion I came to really was that the actual photo of the paper BC wasn’t altered, other than to add InTouch’s watermark. That doesn’t mean the BC is real. I’m pretty sure someone with decent photoshop skills could have made it and printed it off. I also saw websites where you could buy fakes for about $70. Anyway, we were expecting it and we got it. What’s next? God knows

Let’s face it though, InTouch’s credibility is hardly renowned. They supposedly got an exclusive on the baby’s sex which turned out to be wrong, so don’t think many other outlets are picking up their story.

- I just saw this silly article from another trash site - Hollywood Life - entitled ‘Louis Tomlinson Dating Briana Jungwirth After Son’s Birth? Danielle Campbell Done?‘ Their conclusion is that Louis needs to tell Briana where they stand as he’s still with Danielle. Honestly, what a load of rubbish. Clearly a no news day (they are also one of the only a few sites to pic up the BC story, surprise, surprise).

- Louis’ weird looking pancake has made the news more than anything else today:

Seriously, Yahoo News and M Mag both wrote articles on it and apparently the pancakes have their own Twitter! It wouldn’t surprise me if people were more interested in the pancakes than the baby! The pancakes have over 1000 followers now and all the IG comments are getting posted, lol! I’m from the UK and can confirm that this is what our pancakes look like. The first one usually comes out like this, we quite often literally chuck it from the pan to the bin as it’s so consistently crap.

- Louis also posted this with the caption ‘Happy 2nd birthday Ernie and Doris, wish I could be there to celebrate it with you all .. Nice face Dan’

I’m not 100% convinced that L & H aren’t there, but I have no evidence. Janelle from Ladscheckup supposedly saw Louis and Danielle last night shopping in LA. She posted the story but no pics yet (she has them apparently). It seems rather convenient that she places them there so Louis can’t be here. I mean, Danielle has been there since the 6th, so any pics she has could have been taken a few days ago. Plus, she also ‘ran into him’ at Subway last week and took these pics:

Which seems…. unlikely?


- Harry also posted on IG today to say Happy Birthday to his photog friend Matt Irwin

I don’t think anything else happened, although I’ve just seen that #whywebelieveinlarry is trending here in the UK (along with #WeMissYouLiam)

There’s some classic Larry ‘proofs’ in there such as this from 2014:

Right, I have had enough excitement for one day, so I hope any further babygate developments hold off for 12 hours until I’m up again. See you all tomorrow x

I refuse to believe this never happed
  • Jacob:Right, Evie Frye, I've been watching you and Greenie bumble around each other long enough now that it's ceased to be amusing and has progressed to just being sad.
  • Evie:[blushing furiously] I have absolutely no idea WHAT you're talking about, and furthermore -
  • Jacob:[[handing her a sheaf of papers]] So I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of chat-up lines you can use to get all this out in the open.
  • Evie:Jacob Frye, I will trounce you from one end of this train to the other if you don't - wait, what's this? [[takes the papers and begins reading]]
  • Evie:"Mr. Green, let me show you how well I can handle a cane sword"?
  • Evie:" Henry, do you know what my favorite color is, Green"?
  • Evie:"Mr. Green, you're much like my studies, I want to lay you on a table and spend the evening on you"?!!
  • Evie:
  • Evie:
  • Jacob:Not bad, right? Should be enough to get you two from awkwardly fumbling your words to awkwardly fumbling in bed -
  • [[No one questions why Jacob spends the rest of the day tied to the back of the train with a wad of paper shoved in his mouth]]

I hate asking for help. And I hate going back on my promises.

It would seem that a job hunt is becoming more and more difficult, and I desperately need money. It’s only wise to put pen to paper again and write stories again, despite giving it up.

I know that if I buckle down and focus I can have a novel done within a few weeks, I wrote about 15 stories in the span of four years at high school.

What I’m looking for is someone who can just read through a finished story and let me know if it’s good or needs some changes. I have absolutely no money, so just in your off time or whenever no rush.

I need someway to make money after applying for jobs, and I’ve been good at writing.

Please signal boost, thank you so much.

Yasu, Love | Closed Starter | Yasu

Elliot currently sat in his room silently, staring at the papers he received not too long ago. One of his deepest secrets  was scrawled out on the page….and so was someone else’s. Whose? He didn’t know. He wasn’t particularly worried about his secret but the other person’s had him a bit wary. 

‘This person would kill over this for sure…Let’s hope they don’t find me…’ He thought to himself. His thoughts immediately turned to his roommate in the other room. Were they okay with all of this? Were they even in their room so he could talk to them? He didn’t want to be closed off in his room by himself…

Standing up, Elliot walked over to the shared door they had and knocked on it firmly. Maybe they were in there…? 

“Yasu…Are you there..?”

i have a transgender male coworker who uses the women’s locker rooms because HR won’t let him use the men’s locker room until he gets his papers changed to say so (which is shitty but it doesn’t really bother him that much i guess)? but like most of our coworkers who have been there a long time know that he’s trans (he started testosterone like a year ago, he’s been there for five) and he’s out but because he’s passing no one ever asks him about it so he usually doesn’t talk about it and today he said hi to me in the locker room and i just said hi back and one of our other female coworkers was in there and when she saw him say hi to me she screamed because there was a man in there and all he said was “shut the fuck up you talk too much i don’t have time for this” and i was like “amy… nick is trans please don’t scream, they won’t let him in the men’s locker room” and she ran up to him and like apologized profusely anyway he was like “thanks bao for telling her because i don’t have time for this shit from anyone!!!!!” and now he calls me his security guard l o l

my interview went well??? i think??? there were two of them for some reason and they only talked to me for about ten minutes and were literally reading these inane interview questions word-for-word off a sheet of paper and then jotting down notes while i was talking. they asked 4 questions, including “describe a situation where you worked in a group in the workplace” and “describe a situation where you were great with customer service” and then i asked a few questions that they kinda stumbled through a little and then it was over and it was kind of a very surreal experience lmfao

they said they’d let me know tomorrow if i’ve got it so lmao

(ok ok i know i should be working on my paper but you know what gets me?? benny’s lines in ‘when the sun goes down’ - tbh the whole song gets me but particularly the lines:

we’ll be working hard but/if we should drift apart/let me take this moment just to say…

and YOU THINK he’s going to say something sentimental like ‘i’ll always love you’ or something like that - that it’s going to be about him. BUT NO. instead he says:

you’re going to change the world someday

AND I JUST. this relationship is so precious bc?? it’s not selfish like at all ever. (there is that bit when benny is angry with nina for quote unquote getting him fired, but it was a genuinely upsetting situation and yes he was being irrational but he got over himself p quickly) and that is so rare in the stories we as a society keep telling ourselves aND I JUST i so appreciate that benny and nina’s tagline could basically be ‘you’re going to change the world.’ this moment directly mirrors the part in ‘when you’re home’ when nina sings the bit about having lost her way and benny says:

that may be how you perceive it/but nina please believe that when you find your way again/you’re going to change the world and then/we’re all going to brag and say/we knew her when…

he respects her feelings and her confusion but still encourages her!! they both think that the other is this amazing awesome person and it’s not bc they’re in love with them!! they honestly respect each other!! and!! i just love it a lot. fictional relationships built on mutual respect are my jam. and when they’re in musicals? 👌 ok i’m done.)

anonymous asked:

see the thing i dont get is that in an interview abel says to drake that he is going to go his own way musically and he says that drake respects his decision and it all good between them but they're still taking lil sneaky dabs on each other like in low life "im on my own time fuck a nigga co-sign" and everybody thinking drake made abels career but abel lowkey made take care so like can we all be friends this beef shit got me messed up fr

Maybe there is just more to the story that they’re letting us know. I know that Drake put Abel on to perform live.. But I don’t think Abel owes Drake anything. You know? In Low Life Abel could just mean, he’ll rather be on his own doing his own things and not have to worry about someone else signing his paper and claiming his work. You get what I’m saying? It could be a similar situation that happened during the KOTF time when there was a rumor that Abel and PND were beefing bc Abel said, “this my sound, nigga, fuck your sound.” But in December I seen that they were chilling together. But no one knows except for them two.


Timelapse finishing Mayim’s hair yesterday 💁🏻 All of you asked me to do more videos so I will try to record more and do some posts about it… Maybe after that I can make a video and open a youtube account too 🙈🙈 it was your idea! Not mine!! 😂😂 let me think about it… 😙

I don’t know if you would be bored of watching me doing hair 🙆🏻🙆🏻

I move the paper a lot, it happens all the time 🙏🙏 Sorry!

Happy Sunday 😊😘💕

#timelapse #timelapsedrawing #draw #drawing #hair #mayim #bialik #mayimbialik #fanart #portrait #art #tbbt #thebigbangtheory #thebigbangtheorycbs #thebigbangtheorycast #bigbangtheory #bigbang #amy #amyfarrahfowler #pencil #graphite


Pyrrha was making her way back to the dorm room she shared with her team–she had stayed behind to speak to Doctor Oobleck about the paper he had assigned in class, so Jaune, Nora, and Ren had headed back without her–when she spied a single figure standing by the fountain near the front of Beacon.

She paused, recognizing the other’s uniform as the one belonging to Haven, and, thinking for a moment that the other girl was perhaps lost–Beacon was a large school, after all, and her teammates could wait a little longer if she was assisting someone else–walked over, absently reaching back and pulling out her notebook, making sure the pencil was still stuffed into the binding.

The red-haired girl waved her hand to catch the stranger’s attention, writing out, Hello, I’m sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you needed any assistance? and flipping the notebook around so the words were visible.

She knew where all the foreign students in Vale for the festival were being housed, so she felt she could be a reasonably good guide. And it would be good to talk with someone else who hailed from Mistral, as all the friends she had made currently had all lived in Vale as far as she knew, if they weren’t from Vale originally.