hey babes! writing is one of my biggest passions. i love poetry, essays, stories, lab reports, journalism, and any other writing style you can think of probably so i thought i’d just put together some resources to help myself and most importantly, you guys out.


lab reports

creative writing



more sites

hope this is helpful!!

- annie :-)


Get to know me meme → Top 5 Female Characters

↳ [2/5] Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

“You see how fake it all is. It’s not even hard enough to be made out of plastic. It’s a paper town. I mean look at it Q: look at all those cul-de-sacs, those streets that turn in on themselves, all the houses, burning the future to stay warm. All the paper kids drinking beer some bum bought for them at the paper convenience store. Everyone demented with mania of owning things. All the things paper-thin and paper-frail. And all the people too.” 


a whole bunch of u wanted to see how i keep my papers organized during the school year and i thought it would be easiest in video form :] im also thinking about doing a back to school supplies giveaway ~ would anyone be interested in that? if u are then pls let me know in the comments of the video linked below!

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Being a child of athena would include

- “friendly” debates about books

-so much coffee 

- everybody’s eyes are different shades of grey

-”Turn the light off!” “No! I’m working on a plan for capture the flag.” “well in that case let me see”

-messy cabins. no organization whatsoever. markers on the floor, papers scattered on the desks. shame


-springing random riddles on each other

-”what  gets wetter the more it dries?”  “I don’t  know freak get out!” “A  towel dumbass” “I’m in the shower please go away”

-correcting eachothers grammar

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While on lunch, I noticed the copy machine was like this. I was livid. Someone jammed the damn machine and just walked away from it, leaving the fixing to someone else. I mumbled something about laziness and personal responsibility and took to twitter to rage against the copy machine. Then I took several minutes out of my lunch time to look for the jam and pull the offending paper out. When I did, I looked at it to see if it had any clues as to who would have been using the copier so I could passive aggressively let them know I was angry.

I held the paper in my hand. Read it.

And I knew. I knew who the culprit was.

It was….


I attempted to make 100 copies of something and walked away while it was doing its thing and got distracted and forgot about it.

There’s a lesson here somewhere.

anonymous asked:

I came out to my family that I'm asexual and they say that I'm either psychologically disabled or I just didn't experience or found the right person yet. How do I explain to them about asexuality and how can they listen to what I say (since they don't really care and they never listen to me)

There is some stuff in psychology papers that talks about how asexuality is not an illness and if someone identifies as ace then they shouldn’t be diagnosed with anything, try showing them that. Unfortunately, some people do not accept asexuality no matter how much you try and it’s important to know that it’s not your responsibility to let them know.


exo-nerates asked:

Ahh why is it so difficult to choose just one? I love all the AUs you listed too much aha. But, Xiumin + K? Thank you!! :)

AUs will be the death of me. ;;;

K + Xiumin = prisoner!xiu

“Xiumin, we have no choice but to put you in solitary confinement.”

He scoffed. “He’s been stealing my share of the commission! What was I supposed to do?”

“You know we need to be contacted for those types of issues.”

“It’s not like you’d do anything about it anyway,” he muttered.

“The warden’s already assigned you to a room. Let’s go,” you initiated, setting several papers back into his file. You caught the shift in his eye and knew he was up to no good again, as he always was.

“You know Officer, I’d like to think that there’s something between us. We have chemistry, don’t you think?” he spoke as you stepped through the halls.

“The only chemistry that was going on was in that lab of yours that we busted,” you responded with a chuckle. As you were walking, he suddenly stopped and peeked into one of the rooms.

“Kai?” he questioned through the slots. The boy in the chamber lifted his head and made a move to communicate with Xiumin, but you promptly pulled him away. “Great, you’re locking up all of my best customers!”

You guided him to his new cell and he sighed exaggeratedly as you closed the door.

“I’ll come back tomorrow during breakfast time.”

“I’ll be here,” he replied with sarcastic enthusiasm. “Probably. Out of curiosity, what are these walls made out of?”

You rolled your eyes amusedly and stepped away from his cell. “See you tomorrow Xiumin.”

DRABBLE GAME IS NOW CLOSED. Please don’t send in any more. :)

anonymous asked:

I had a dream where I lived with dan and Phil and they were showing me tabinof and they let me sign a piece of paper and I started crying because I was right there with d&p and I was like 'you guys are my favorite youtubers' and Phil was really happy about that and then I woke up and I'm so frustrated and upset because I know I'll never meet them and fuck the one thing I want in life is to meet them and it's never going to happen dammit

omg bless ://

dinosaur-trash asked:

Almost everyone was holding up their papers and the people holding up TMHFN held it up so if we didn't get the picture, we at least got the name out. I swear Louis was looking at it during the song. Yaaaaayyyyyyyy. Pictures hopefully surfacing soon

We need your help, everyone! If you find pictures or videos of this, please message us about them or tag #rainbow direction while posting them. Reblogging and tagging will sadl not show up in the tags/search, so we’d be grateful if you could make sure to let us know!

Again, thank you so much for doing a wonderful job of visibility for all LGBTQ+ people at the Indy show!

the signs during tests

Aries: *to the kid next to them* “give me the answer to #6 and I’ll think about not completely ruining your reputation”

Taurus: “honestly Mr. Hernandez I don’t understand how it’s B, the French Revolution obviously started in 1776.”

Gemini: flips their paper loudly to let everyone know they’re ahead of them

Cancer: cries when they don’t know the answer

Leo: manages to steal the answer key from the teacher

Virgo: uses process of elimination for EVERY question

Libra: *goes up to teacher* “so… uh, how about I give you this $20 bill and you can just give me an A”

Scorpio: already knows that they’re going to get the best grade in the class

Sagittarius: gets bored easily and starts doodling

Capricorn: “shit… we had a test today?”

Pisces: crams 5 minutes before the test and still manages to get a good grade

anonymous asked:

Hey Riley, I was wondering if you know anyway to let out negative emotions because sometimes it just feels too hard to hold it in and I know it's not healthy to hold everything in so I am seeking your advice. Thanks! :)

HELL YEAH i am the queen of constructive ways to let out negative emotions let me tell you

  • THROW EGGS AT THINGS.  IM SO SERIOUS get a carton of cheap eggs, find a wall, and THROW THEM.  it’s satisfying as hell.
  • tearing paper feels good, especially books or documents, so find some shit you don’t care about and tear it up.
  • ANGER CLEAN YOUR ROOM you’ll feel so much better afterwards.
  • take a shower in your clothes and sit down on the floor and cry/complain until you feel like you’ve released all that tension.  getting into the shower with clothes on is an experience in itself tbh.
  • find a song that pumps you up and do an agressive dance solo in the mirror, imagining all of your enemies sitting in the audience going “damn that’s a good dancer”
  • punching a pillow is nice, or better yet, find a gym and learn some boxing!  punching is serously so nice you don’t even know.

that’s my tips, and if i wasn’t focusing on the exact negative emotions you were thinking of, let me know and i can give you more tips <3 

good luck!

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Name: Kylie

Nickname: Ky

Birthday: June 6

Star sign: Gemini

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Height: 5'9′’ ish

Favorite Color: purple

Time and date: 11:05pm, 7/28/15

Average amount of sleep: there is no regularity to my sleep schedule 

Lucky number: 8 or 35

Last thing I googled: the track list from Miranda Lambert’s self titled album

First word that comes to mind: makai

Happy place: Hawaii

How many blankets I sleep with: If it’s summer, one

Favorite fictional character: I don’t even know if I could pick just one

Celebrity Crush: Miranda Lambert

Favorite book: Jane Eyre

Favorite band/artist: Miranda Lambert, Marianas Trench, Taylor Swift, All Time Low

Last movie I saw: Trainwreck

Dream Holiday: I just want to go back to Hawaii again 

Dream job: hahahahahahaha

What im wearing right now: dark blue sundress

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As what I’ve mentioned awhile ago in this post, here’s a book review for Jenny Han’s “P.S. I Still Love You” which I just finished reading last night. I finished the first book last year when I was at my service and I was really surprised when I was already finished with it. It’s kinda funny how you’re really hooked with a book and you’re just surprised that you haven’t noticed that you’re already on the last page specially that I was reading it an e-book format. How I wish I could read the two books of Jenny Han’s in a paper format but I haven’t seen anyone at school who owns one except one student whom I know and event talked to on Twitter about it that I wanted to borrow her book but didn’t notice me. So rude, haha! 

So yeah, let’s go on with this. 

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johncenas-planeswalkin-express asked:

what is it exactly about Lovisa that you love so much? (I don't mean for this to sound sarcastic, I'm genuinely curious =))

I am 5'2" and essentially made of paper mache and Raditz’s. So the idea of a fierce female warrior who could tear a man in half is fascinating to me.

Her last name is Coldeyes. Let that sink in for a moment. I don’t know much about Balduvian naming traditions, but what I’ve gathered is that Balduvians are given a name a birth (Lovisa in this case), and then a true name after facing a dangerous rite of passage, often hunting down a very large and angry animal. Lovisa was given her name likely because she struck fear into the hearts of anyone and everyone who displeased her. This woman was the chieftain of the united Balduvian Tribes and then turned them into one of the scariest armies on Dominaria, just by commanding them in battle, inspiring them to be stronger, fiercer, better.

She kept her people alive and fairly prosperous during the ice age, despite fighting a war against Kjeldor that effectively cut her and her people off from supplies that they needed.

Before her death, she took on several phyrexian machines by herself, before Heidar had to resort to killing her with an enchanted spear (see: Soul Spike) to prevent her from rallying the Balduvians and destroying his cult.

She had one child that we know is confirmed, and his name is Lothar Lovisason, because that is the most badass thing he could possibly achieve, being her son. This woman was someone that even a powerful planeswalker like Jaya Ballard turned to for help.

To be honest, I wish that I could be even a fraction of the badass that Lovisa was, but even more than that, she was a fantastic and incredibly underrated character.

We really love bird-focused publications in the Bird Division. This stack of new ornithological journals, bird-watching magazines, and updated reference books came in just within the last three or four weeks. Our Bird Library carries hundreds of different publications, everything from the Auk on. The articles, research papers, and stories contained in these volumes help our researchers to learn as much as they can about any bird species, population, or other group in the world. It also allows us access to many older things that aren’t readily available online (gasp!).

If you’re interested in writing or want to learn more about birds, consider looking around your local library for some journals and magazines. Let me know what you find!