Hey guys, i’ve been meaning to do this for a while and figured now was perfect. I’ve reached a milestone on both Buffy and Tyler, and am already almost at my first milestone on my new Dean. I decided to do a joint thing because, well making multiple graphics sounded exhausting. Also I tend to follow the same people on all my blogs because I can never get enough of you guys on my dash. So this is a FOLLOW FOREVER for @buffyisms, @temperproblem, & my new Dean @endsbloody.

You guys have been so amazing. You have made playing Buffy and Tyler for all these years amazing. I’m gonna try not to make this intro too long, coz no one likes super long posts on their dash. But I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome, and for being so welcoming to my new Dean Winchester. Seriously, logging on to thee blogs just makes me smile so much. The threads, the ooc interaction, the friendships, the everything. You are all talented amazing babies.

The Babes

@seesgood Lia, my best friend, the soulmate to my Tyler, the reunion that made my soul just like, glow. Three years ago we started an epic thread to end all epic threads. Then we found each other again. Now 43540938x threads later here we are. You are such an amazing human being who is just always there for me. You are a light in my life. Also you are such an INCREDIBLE writer, like you always awe me with your replies. You deserve all the love in the world.

@onlylovedherself KT girl, you’re Kat is amazing. But not only that, you are an amazingly strong person. You are my shoulder that I can lean on. You never judge me but you never sugar coat anything. Also our Buffy and Katherine threads were epic! Just please alwas remember you are strong.

@deathlywails omg i’m so glad we found each other and became friends. Our Tyler/Lydia threads give me life. ALL THE SASS. Lydia being judgy and Tyler well, being drunk. It’s seriously some of the best threads i’ve had, the way they just click together. And I love our Lydia/Buffy friendship. AND YOU ARE JUST AMAZING OKAY. You are so talented in writing and with graphics. I’m always in awe. And you are always there to let me vent. I’ma keep you forever okay?

@weatheredsovl / @vclvtile DEENA DEENA DEENA. Our Duffy is a ship to last the ages. But you are way more than that. You are one of my best friends. You are there for me to vent or give me advice or just talk about fandom stuff. You are the OC queen, like srsly Dani is like, jaw droppingly amazing. I love you forever k.

The Mystic Falls Squad

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Oda Nobunaga + Akechi Mitsuhide
Date Masamune + Katakura Kojuro
Toyotomi Hideyoshi + Maeda Toshiie
Tokugawa Ieyasu + Ishida Mitsunari
Uesugi Kenshin + Takeda Shingen
Sanada Nobuyuki + Naoe Kanetsugu
Toramatsu + Kakizaki Kageie

Sanada Yukimura
You’re someone whose existence I can’t do without. When we met I didn’t even try to think that we’ll become like this, but… now I can’t imagine a future without you.
……I simply adore you that much. Thank you for being by my side this far. From now on too, I swear to protect you so you can always be smiling by my side.

Kirigakure Saizo
Hmm, so it has lasted for two years. You too, little lady, isn’t it enough? Haven’t you came to being sick of sticking to me already by now?
……I’m joking. I get it, you know, if it’s only about what you’re thinking. Well, it shows in your face though.
……Besides, even if you try to be apart from me, it’s an impossible thing to do, isn’t it? You should just behave yourself and let me keep my hold on you forever, okay?

anonymous asked:

*licks the bowl clean, chasing it across the floor*

There was only so much he could not to keep himself from actually voicing an “Awww…” and this time Bard just couldn’t help himself. “You’re making it very difficult for me not to want to report everything that you do to Thranduil.” He said, half scolding the kitten as he reached out to pick it up again. Settling it on his lap, he began to play with it once more, encouraging it to pounce on his fingers.

*cracks knuckles* All right, let’s talk about the one episode badass wondrous warrior that is Akela Amador and why she is so incredibly important.

(Fair Warning: This may devolve into nonsensical crying but I really love Akela a lot.)

Her intro scene. I’m sorry but it’s incredibly badass, and I swooned as I rightfully should’ve, and so should you. Akela Amador is a goddamn certified badass.

Next, we learn that SHIELD has a certain type of soldiers they have a lot off - the lone, doesn’t play well with others, antihero. And SHIELD tries to socialise them into being team players. This? Is a type reserved solely for white men in fiction. And by alone being a part of this group, Akela Amador subverts this. And we’re still starting to get to know Akela Amador. Gosh I’m in love already.

Okay but hey the team is still after her, so she’s the bad gu– wait what’s this? Coulson first wants to find out her reasons before taking action against her? You mean the White Male Protagonist is actually giving a Woman, A Non White Woman a chance to explain her actions?

Okay we’ll probably find out she’s a traitor and be done with that and move onto White Male Protagonist angst over not seeing this coming. I mean she’s already done something unforgivable and Melinda has gone after her– wait no what do you mean we’re giving her a backstory aND NOT VILLAINISING HER? WHAT DO MEAN WE’RE NOT KILLING HER? What do you mean we’re talking about giving her second chances?

She was experimented upon against her will and is being controlled and is trying to survive, and is still willing to take responsibility for her actions instead of using it as an excuse - OH MY GOSH MY BABY COME HERE TO ME.YOU DON’T NEED NO REDEMPTION ARC. LET ME KEEP YOU SAFE FOREVER.



Akela Amador actually got a story, got redeemed, and didn’t get killed but a peaceful ending, do you know how rare that is?

But more than that, she’s dealt with losing her team, being taken in by a Nazi organisation off shoot, being experimented upon against her will, used as a super soldier for that organisation. She’s probably dealing with years of PTSD and trauma, and so much more. And she finally gets what she wants at the end. A simple wish to just rest.

Akela Amador is a paragon of intersectional representation too. She’s black, a woman, a solider, someone who definitely has ptsd and other trauma issues due to what she went through, and as of the end of the episode she even counts as disabled. And we give her a peaceful ending instead of turning her into canon fodder.

Akela Amador is incredibly important and deserves all the happiness and healing and fluffy warm comfy things ever.