Well I hope it was enjoyable, Arashi mumbled.

Stop, Bennett warned, stress in his weakened tone.

Arashi glared at him now, his eyes filled with pain. He wasn’t entirely surprised to hear Benny had been intimate with his longtime mate but it hurt more than he could’ve ever imagined to hear. Never in his life had he experienced a jealousy like this. Was it better than it is with me?

Arashi… Bennett groaned.

So yes, he muttered in defeat.

No, alright? Bennett snapped. Was it enjoyable? Yes, it was sex. I came. Was it better than having sex with you? No, nothing about being with him is better than being with you.

Arashi’s sad eyes fell to the floor, unsure of what to say or feel. You know that I love him, Bennett continued cautiously. But it isn’t the same as it is with you. I love you so fucking much that it hurts, Arashi. He paused again but the other man made no move to react or respond. His heart felt heavy & suddenly he wasn’t sure if he could continue to stand there without falling completely apart. You also asked me if I was done & the answer is no. The end for us, whatever the hell that means, is up to you, Arashi. It’s always been up to you

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I really love your blog of the ereri arts and love 👌 I die whenever I've seen that you've drawn something new and Tumblr notifies me of it. YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING, MY CHILD

I could never thank you enough for appreciating my works!! Sobs you’re so precious. Let me keep you forever



Daniel Henney as Roy Mustang

Yvonne Strahovski as Riza Hawkeye

It’s come to my attention that not only is there a caption thief, but an imposter as well! So keep on the look-out!! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

I was actually opening cookie dough with this knife, but thought the picture fit well with the whole “get ‘em” thing~

There go my bad-ass credentials (•̀⌄•́)

Oh, and thank you friends! You are all amazing people ♥ ♥

If you only want to see my face….

Spirk is a truly tragic ship disguised as a happy fluffy one.

Not only does it take years for them to realize their feelings, this only comes after separation, hardship and shame.

Immediately after this revelation Spock dies, only to be reborn without his memories.

Even with the years of old married spirk, the fact remains that Spock spends decades alone only to be thrown into a new universe with a younger version of his t’hy’la that is not his.

It may pretend to be happy, but the pain is overwhelming.

The first of my new set of prints aptly named League of Flora! The prints will contain your favorite female champs surrounded by flowers that fit their personalities based on the language of flowers.

For Sona, I chose Jasmine and Aster. Aster means daintiness and Jasmine while most often meaning grace and elegance, also can mean giver of joy, which I think is quite fitting of her.

You can pre-order her on an 8.5x11 print over on my Storenvy! All pre-orders will get a hand-drawn Sona chibi! Pre-ordering ends on April 1st (no its not an April Fool’s joke) so order while you can! Also I’m still working on setting up my Business Paypal so if you can only use Paypal please be patient, I’ll have it available as a payment option ASAP!! Every order helps me get out of my poor living situation ;v; so even if you can’t buy a print, reblogging and spreading the word will help! Thank you!



Imagine hugging Markiplier after his ‘Needs to be said’ vlog.


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Hey everyone, i just reached my first thousand followers and this is completely insane. Thanks so much for all and each of you, this feels amazing and unbelievable. To celebrate, I decided to do my first follow forever. So here are some really fantastic blogs that make my dash beautiful. I’m so sorry if I forget anyone, there’s just too many nice people around here. Bold and italic are mutuals. 


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 fancy date :D

I adore roleplayers who come to me and understand that though I have a mountain of drafts are patient enough for me to end some of those interactions so they can RP with me. Absolutely adore them as much as players that honestly don’t mind if I take months to reply. Just, let me snuggle you and keep you forever.

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*licks the bowl clean, chasing it across the floor*

There was only so much he could not to keep himself from actually voicing an “Awww…” and this time Bard just couldn’t help himself. “You’re making it very difficult for me not to want to report everything that you do to Thranduil.” He said, half scolding the kitten as he reached out to pick it up again. Settling it on his lap, he began to play with it once more, encouraging it to pounce on his fingers.