You guys have no idea, at risk of sounding cliche, how much this community & the people in it saved me this year. Some of you have been watching our little trash show since day one with me & have stuck around through many insomnia-induced (and admittedly ridiculous) ooc rants. Some of you have just found me recently. All of you breathe life into the way I portray Cheryl and are so much fun to write with. THANK YOU for making my life better!!


@pollycooper you are the first person I ever followed, paul. I love you and I’m so proud of you. — Dr Phil
@knittedcrown your writing blows me away & you’re such a great person? I just adore you, jess. thank you.
@steeledwill what can I say to the loml? our ship & your gifs give me life. tumblr would be so dark without you.
@hciressv forever my ronnie!!! I feel like you’ve been around forever! you breathe life into me & cheryl daily.
@joneshead writing with you is just? so fulfilling? I’m in constant awe? Fave AF™ pls let me keep you forever.  
@vanityriotrita you are forever the reggie to my cheryl! our ship, our memes, your PS skills, bless you my dear.
@foodfanatic do you remember that time we met & I was like hey we’re friends forever now? it was true fam.


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People I don’t know well or write with, but I totally want to!! (Can you believe this tiny list?) These highkey crushes!
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   Catch me having the shortest bias list in the history of the world. If you’re on here you’re q u a l i t y A F ! ! If you’re not following these blogs then idk what you’re doing! If I forgot anyone it’s because my memory is trash & not ‘cause I don’t love you!! Honestly, babes, thanks for putting up with me! xx


Oda Nobunaga + Akechi Mitsuhide
Date Masamune + Katakura Kojuro
Toyotomi Hideyoshi + Maeda Toshiie
Tokugawa Ieyasu + Ishida Mitsunari
Uesugi Kenshin + Takeda Shingen
Sanada Nobuyuki + Naoe Kanetsugu
Toramatsu + Kakizaki Kageie

Sanada Yukimura
You’re someone whose existence I can’t do without. When we met I didn’t even try to think that we’ll become like this, but… now I can’t imagine a future without you.
……I simply adore you that much. Thank you for being by my side this far. From now on too, I swear to protect you so you can always be smiling by my side.

Kirigakure Saizo
Hmm, so it has lasted for two years. You too, little lady, isn’t it enough? Haven’t you came to being sick of sticking to me already by now?
……I’m joking. I get it, you know, if it’s only about what you’re thinking. Well, it shows in your face though.
……Besides, even if you try to be apart from me, it’s an impossible thing to do, isn’t it? You should just behave yourself and let me keep my hold on you forever, okay?

Ask Meme: 25 Suggestive Starters

01. “You don’t need to be scared.”
02. “You’ve been holding it in for too long.”
03. “How long do you think I’ve been waiting?”
04. “What is this? I feel restless.”
05. “Shut up for a while.”
06. “Your reactions are too good.”
07. “Anyway. Just calm down.”
08. “Not here. People outside can see.”
09. “You’re about ready right now, huh?”
10. “Indulge me for a bit.”
11.“This is bad, I don’t think I can stop.”
12. “Are you trying to seduce me with that face?”
13. “Are you jealous?”
14. “I think I’m at my limit.”
15. “What do you plan to do this with?" 
16. "You look like you really want this.”
17. “Take care of it in the bathroom.”
18. “If you’re too loud, they’ll hear you.”
19. “You’re really feeling this.”
20. “Does it feel that good to have me touch you?”
21. “It’s because I like you.”
22. “Let me keep you forever.”
23. “I’ll make you feel good as many times as you like.”
24. “Is it really unbelievable?”
25. “Can I touch you?”

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*licks the bowl clean, chasing it across the floor*

There was only so much he could not to keep himself from actually voicing an “Awww…” and this time Bard just couldn’t help himself. “You’re making it very difficult for me not to want to report everything that you do to Thranduil.” He said, half scolding the kitten as he reached out to pick it up again. Settling it on his lap, he began to play with it once more, encouraging it to pounce on his fingers.