“Obviously he’s not. You are not american citizen!”

OK let me explain a fucking damn thing: Trump represents everything goes wrong here in Italy. Here in this whole damned planet.

So yeah, he’s not my FUCKING president.

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Do you have a gemsona?

yes! Here comes that girl!

Her name is kinda strange so let me explain. Its true that when you heat up an Amethyst the stone gets an orange color, and a lot of people sell it as Citrine, but its actually just a heated up Amethyst. Since the SU Amethyst people say she “cooked” too much, I imagine that it was possible if she stayed on the ground a little more she became actually a “Fake” Citrine

  • Newt Scamander: Magical creatures? No I haven't seen any- *trips and ten bowtruckles fall out of sleeve* oh those aren't mine I'm just holding them for a friend- *frantically tries to pick them up, niffler falls out of back pocket* right, if you'll just let me explain- *turns around and three murtlaps, a herd of erumpets, one litter of curps and the entirety of New York's dog pound fall out of his coat* LISTEN-
About Omegaverse


·Alphas are the dominant or “masculine” ones in omegaverse

·They are generally large and at least slightly intimidating in appearance

·They possess what is commonly referred to as an “Alpha Voice” which is basically a very commanding tone that Omegas, and sometimes Betas, feel compelled to obey

·Alphas also have a “Croon” which is like a deep rumbling sound (basically a purr) that helps to calm or comfort their Omega or their pups

·"Ruts" are a biological thing that Alphas go through and during a rut they will be easily agitated and extremely horny because their body wants them to knot and breed

·A “Knot” is kind of like a bulb type thing in an Alpha’s penis that swells when they are aroused and keeps them locked inside their Omega during sex to increase chances of getting the Omega pregnant, this is called “Knotting”

·All Alphas are able to impregnate people, but only a female Alpha can get pregnant because male Alphas don’t have a womb

·Female Alphas are often described as having both a penis and a vagina or having a clitoris that extends into one when they are aroused so they can impregnate people


·Omegas are the submissive or “feminine” ones of the dynamics

·They are generally small, maybe delicate, and feminine in appearance

·Omegas can use their pheromones to effect others, whether it be by calming their child or arousing their Alpha

·"Heats" are a biological thing that Omegas go through and during a heat an Omega will self lubricate (usually referred to as “Slick”) in order to prepare to take an Alphas knot

·Omegas are most fertile during heats and they crave an Alpha’s knot because their body is demanding for them to breed

·When an Omega is in heat is usually the best time for an Alpha to “Bond” with them

·"Bonding" is achieved by biting into a scent gland hard enough to draw blood and eventually scar, it ties two people together mentally, physically, and emotionally. Like, a really extreme marriage

·During heats, pregnancies or any other stressful times, an Omega will “Nest”

·"Nesting" is a process in which an Omega craves warmth and comfort so they will choose a small space, like a closet, and gather blankets, pillows, clothing, anything soft really and especially anything with their Alpha’s scent on it and build a nest to cuddle up in

·"Scenting" is the process of someone spreading their own unique scent onto things or people in an act of comfort or possession

·People in omegaverse usually have four “Scent Glands” two on the neck and one on each wrist. When the glands are stimulated their scent becomes more potent and sticks to whatever or whoever is closest

·Both male and female Omegas can get pregnant and while it is possible for a male Omega to get a female Omega pregnant, a female Omega can’t impregnate anyone

·"Mpreg" male pregnancy, the only males that can pregnant in omegaverse though are Omegas


·Betas are basically like normal humans, in omegaverse they are below Alphas but still above Omegas

·Betas can have any kind of appearance, there isn’t really a set expectation for them

·They don’t go through ruts or heats but they can still bond

·They tend to mate with other Betas

·Betas usually have a better sense of smell than the other dynamics

·Like normal humans, male Betas cannot get pregnant and female Betas cannot impregnate anyone

Klein is the seven dwarfs

1. His name

2. His eyes change into 4 different colors (so far)

Brown = Doc

Red = Grumpy 

Blue = Sneezy 

Yellow = Happy 

3. He cares about Weiss. LOOK AT THAT SMILE 

4. and Weiss is base off of Snow White 

  • My mom : Stop being so obsessed with Fantastic Beasts!
  • Me : I don't understand what you just said- *artbook, Behind the Scenes, Newt's suitcase and screenplay suddenly fall from my arms* oh those aren't mine I'm just holding them for a friend- *try to hide the posters on the wall behind my body* right, if you'll just let me explain- *Funko pop, wands, Newt's notebook and the entirety of Fantastic Beasts goodies fall from my pockets* LISTEN-
Don't Let Donald Trump Start A Nuclear War

“TRUMP: Let me explain. Let me explain.

Somebody hits us within ISIS — you wouldn`t fight back with a nuke?

MATTHEWS: OK. The trouble is, when you said that, the whole world heard it. David Cameron in Britain heard it. The Japanese, where we bombed them in 45, heard it. They`re hearing a guy running for president of the United States talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to hear that about an American president.

TRUMP: Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?”

This is not the only terrifying thing Donald Trump has said about nuclear weapons. Twice, when asked about using nuclear weapons, he said that it is important to be “unpredictable”. He literally said “let it be an arms race” when asked about a reckless tweet. He said he would not take nuking Europe off the table because “Europe is a big place”. For all his opinions on arms races, when questioned in a debate, he appeared to have no idea what the “nuclear triad” is.

Donald Trump will soon have access to the nuclear codes. He will have the unfettered ability to launch, within minutes, nuclear weapons far more powerful than the ones used in World War II. He could kill millions of people with one missile. This is an extremely erratic, thin skinned guy who likes insulting people on twitter because they said his fingers are short. Barack Obama himself has said that Trump can’t handle it.

There is something we can do about this. If President Obama takes nuclear weapons off high alert it will make it harder for Donald Trump to start a nuclear war.

Sign this petition, reblog this post, and

Call the white house comment line at 1-202-456-1111.


My name is (fill in the blank). I am calling to urge President Obama to take our nuclear weapons off of high alert. This was a dangerous policy to begin with, and Donald Trump cannot be trusted to have good judgement in a crisis. Millions of lives could be on the line. We cannot afford to risk a nuclear war.

To the YOI fandom: Love on Ice controversy.

This is from the perspective of an tech/art student and someone who has to study film and do research.

Note: I dont normally get involved with this type of thing, even ship wars. But this is something I wanted to address because its popping up on FB, Instagram and Tumblr.

So… it has recently come to my attention that many people in the Yuri on Ice fandom are complaining and even attempting to boycott/petition to stop it/EVEN GOING SO FAR AS TO TELL KUBO TO SUE HALLMARK due to the announcement of a new direct to TV movie called Love On Ice.

My only answer to you is STOP.

Youre embarrassing yourselves.

Let me explain.

Yuri On Ice was in production for 4 years doing impressive amounts of research to truly appreciate ice skating in all its beauty. Their effort paid off with the beautiful series. With an anime that balanced both its romantic side and sports ice skating, gaining the praise of professional ice skaters like Johnny Weir.



If youre still confused/angry or think it was stealing or need more than just a salty college student yelling, continue to read.

Movies take a long time to make. Brave took 3 years just to get her curly hair perfectly natural. Frozen was originally thought off back during WW2 but kept getting transfered and shelved because they couldnt make it work at the time. Studio Ghibli takes its time making movies and spending hard work and time to make its animated films. Even Steven Universe takes a year to make its episodes which are usually 11 minutes long. As does family guy and the simpsons. While the media entertainment seems like it can pop out whatever it wants, there are still layers of work that go into its production and the effort that team puts into it will show when the finished product is released (just look at straight to DVD sequels from Disney movies, theyre generally pretty bad. And this is from the power house known as Disney.)

I would believe it was stealing/plagiarism/violation of copyright if there was a bigger difference in time between the release of the movie and the anime but the actors and skaters still have to ice skate (if they even do that for more than 10 minutes). Movies take time (depending on budget, writing the script, storyboarding, designing, staff, actors, choreographers, editting, etc) and its going to be released soon (in january 2017). By the time YOI came out, this was more than likely in post production. After the script was finalized, after all the acting and shit was done and really all that needed to be finished was editting and special effects. So when would they have the time to find out about YOI and insidiously plot a revenge plan to take ice skating back from the homosexuals (as some believe). Its simple. They couldnt.

The people saying its copying the plot. No, its not. The coach student romantic relationship plot is nothing new. Like seriously. Its not revolutionary. YOI is special because executed the relationship in a natural fluid way while also providing a healthy LGBT relationship, something rarely portrayed in media, much less anime. Having someone get out of something they once loved only to find a renewed interest due to someone else’s interactions in their life isnt anything new either. Ice skating is also part of various others media enterment. So no, they arent stealing.

At this point. Its the execution that matters more that its basic premise.

If you think its bad, then dont fucking give it the time of day. Stop giving it your attention. This also means let it flop on its own. Dont go writing nasty reviews because youre butt hurt. Like i said above IT IS A FUCKING HALLMARK MOVIE. Let it fade into obscurity. I bet you couldnt even name 3 hallmark movies from memory without help.

Make your memes. Say something funny. But dont give your anger because then youre just giving it attention that youre arguing it doesnt deserve. Stop that pathetic petition. Not saying you cannot be mad, just that its not worth your anger.

Support Yuri on Ice, the studio responsible for the masterful series, its creators, animators, designers and their inspirations, and buy official merch. It being dubbed by funimation (regardless of you liking the dub or not) means it will be easier for the western fans to get their hands on some form of official merchandise.
Make YOI art. Cosplay. And be glad we have a meaningful series rather than another queerbaiting show, anime no less.

Cancer & Aquarius
  • Cancer, walking around the park with Aquarius late into the evening: So, you know how we have been hanging out a lot lately?
  • Aquarius, avoiding her gaze: I guess. Is that bothering you?
  • Cancer, stares @ him curiously: What are we? You keep on treating me like a friend one day, the next, like I'm your girlfriend.
  • Aquarius, smiles quietly as leans down to whisper in her ear: Your a human being.
  • Cancer, furrows her eyebrows as she storms off: Your so annoying!
  • Aquarius, sighs to himself as he jogs after her: Let me explain-
  • Cancer, yells @ him: No! Your a meam person, and your confusing me!
  • Aquarius, stares @ her blankly: Seems like we're dating... The way we are arguing
  • Cancer, frustrated: I like you, okay!?
  • Aquarius, smiles: .....

And for another year with a lot of excitement i am proud to announce the third annual GruviaFluff-Fest!Before i announce the prompts and everything i want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing artists who agreed to collaborate with me and make the fest come to life💙❄💙 The lovely banner was made by @luciasatalina , The beautiful mobile header was made by @rchella, While the amazing desktop one was drawn by @arya-aiedail , And last but not least the adorable icon belongs to @giushia , All of you did s beautifully!Thank you! Let me explain a bit about this event which will celebrate the cuteness of this adorable ship.We have the Gruvia week which combines both smut and fluffyness,angst and so on then the lovefest which is mainly well precious smut of our otp.So this event will be all about the fluffy side of the relationship.So expect your heart to melt by the warmth of feels (*^▽^*) .Last years fluff-fest was so much fun and i cant wait to see all your contributions

Since this is a fluff fest ill kindly ask people a few things ^^

  • No nsfw though light touches that might lead to that will be accepted but really please dont since this is a fluff fest afer all
  • Any kind of participation is welcomed-fanfiction,fanart ,edits and so on but they should be yours not stolen because taking the work of an artist  or writer is wrong and disrespectful

The event will start from December 8 and finish on the 14 though there will be two bonus days December 15 and 16 and here is our list of prompts i hope everyone who plans on participating likes them

December 8-14 ❈ 1.Confession 2.Home 3.Bonds 4.Shared Clothes 5.Pajamas 6.Laughter 7.Anniversary Bonus days December 15-16❈ 1.G x J 2.Plushies

If anyone has any questions he can drop an ask here or contact me aka unisonraidd^^All of the contributions will be reblogged here so I ask people to tag their work with gruviafluff so I can find them^^IM SO HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO HOST THIS EVENT FOR A THIRD YEAR!!(I hope host is the right word ).Im really so thrilled to see all your lovely contributions and i hope most of all you have fun (♡˙︶˙♡)And im so sorry the seventh prompt isnt included in the banner but please keep it in mind!

With all due respect, everything you have stated as reasons why you hate her are all opinionated and misinformed, and let me explain why. 

Firstly, having met celebrities does not mean you actually know them, so for you to state that all of the celebrities you have met are fake is pretty naive; yes, a lot of celebrities are fake, but frankly a lot of celebrities have to put on a mask in the public eye, so for you to meet them really doesn’t say much about their character. Now, even if some celebrities are fake, that doesn’t speak anything for their friends, so for you to generalize one celebrity to another is a very misinformed perspective to view the world with. 

Taylor Swift doesn’t only speak out against misogyny when “her feelings are hurt”, she speaks up when she feels that it is her place to. Taylor doesn’t spend her time on twitter talking about every single moment of misogyny and inequality, and frankly just because she doesn’t tweet about something does not mean she isn’t doing anything about it; actions speak louder than tweets. Taylor donates to numerous charities supporting a variety of extremely important movements, including but not limited to charities that help feed people around the world, charities that support cancer research, charities that support abused and homeless children, etc.; actions do 100x more than what any tweet would accomplish. Taylor isn’t a feminist “because it’s trendy”, she’s a feminist because she believes in equality. She is the first one to admit that she wasn’t sure of what feminism stood for several years ago, and she stated clearly that as soon as she learned what feminism was she immediately realized that it was an important movement, and has since done all she can to educate more people about it. None of her female friendships are self-serving, and again you have offered absolutely no evidence as to why you would even claim that. Critiquing Taylor’s female friendships, of which you know absolutely nothing about other than what mainstream media hypothesizes, perpetuates the stigma that powerful women cannot be friends with other powerful women, and that stereotype truly is sickening. 

Taylor Swift is not perfect, she is human. For you to say that what Kanye did to Taylor isn’t quite as bad simply because she isn’t perfect is highly problematic. I’m really not sure why people get so twisted up about the idea that Taylor Swift isn’t a perfect human being, because there is no single perfect person, especially when looking at celebrities who have to shape their entire life in order to survive in the ever-permanent spotlight. No, she is not perfect, and the expectation that powerful women must be absolutely perfect again perpetuates a toxic culture where women must be perfect in every aspect and yet men do not have to even come close. And just for the record, if you honestly believe Kim’s side of the story then you really are just misinformed and frankly pretty naive, especially since it has been confirmed that those videos were edited and clipped in order to play to a certain storyline. 

I am sorry that you were bullied, but your experiences do not mean that you are able to judge the experiences of others. I agree with you that Hollywood is an extraordinarily superficial place full of toxic cultures and ideologies; however, I’m not quite sure why you think Taylor Swift is Hollywood, considering the fact that everything about her and her career would state the opposite of that. In the general sense of the word, Taylor Swift isn’t Hollywood, she’s a Nashville musician. In the more hypothetical sense of the word, Taylor Swift doesn’t stand for anything that Hollywood does. Taylor Swift built up her career since she was 12 years old, and has worked her ass off throughout the past 15+ years of her life in order to get to where she is now. She uses her platform to the best of her ability to serve as a voice for those who do not have one. Now, I am not going to pretend that she is the biggest social advocate, but honestly she shouldn’t be expected to serve as a political and social activist when in fact she is simply an entertainer. Her career is not to speak up on every social movement out there, and that expectation is absurd. She speaks up when she feels that it is her place to speak up, and let’s be honest here, if she were to speak up on movements that she is not personally affected by, everyone would crucify her as speaking over those who personally understand those movements. 

How in any way has she hurt men and women with her career, because honestly I cannot think of any aspect of her or her career that have damaged anyone, other than people who despise powerful women. If you view Taylor Swift as a bully, then you clearly only see her and her career through the lenses of superficial media and people who will say anything to tear a powerful woman down. Nobody is asking you to blindly support Taylor Swift on the grounds that she is a woman; we are simply asking you to look at her without a biased perspective and judge her based on who she actually is and not what you and every other social media outlet would like people to view her as. I agree that challenging her views, as you should do with any person, is healthy; blind support of someone is absurd. And once again, nobody is asking you to pity her, we are asking you not to pretend she is this huge monster who wants to destroy everyone’s lives; we’re asking you not to blame her for every single thing that goes wrong, simply because it’s the trendy thing to do, because on tumblr bitching at Taylor Swift for any number of reasons that are not true is cool and will get you notes. 

I am not asking you to like her music, and honestly I am not even asking you to like her. All I am asking you to do is not perpetuate false criticisms of her and her career, and not crucify her without, frankly any, evidence as to why you hate her, other than what you will find from a false article on tumblr because hating Taylor Swift is trendy. Nobody has ever claimed that she is perfect; she isn’t. But since when does somebody need to be perfect in order to not be villainized? Since when does someone need to play every role in order to be respected? Oh right, I forgot: powerful women are held to the standard of perfection, and when they fail that standard because they are human, they are seen as the enemy.

The first scene of episode 1 actually takes place around 12th episode.

So my friend byhikarii called me with this amazing theory.
What I am talking about is that the first scene in YOI, which shows us Viktor’s skating and Yuri’s watching him is really their training before pair-skating performance on Gala in episode 12.

Sounds ridiculous? Let me explain it to you.

At first we see how younger Viktor skates on ice. He’s dancing alone, practicing while being convinced that nobody can see him. Except there is a small child – Yuri. And then there are those words.

“He never fails to surprise me”

Yuri speaks in the context of the past tense. This is an important moment because it shows that the Yuri’s fascination of Viktor began as Yuri was a kid. Then, Victor does not look at him as it is only a vision of Yuri. A Metaphor, a symbol of finding the authority, beginning of a delight of suprising Nikiforov.
And here suddenly three seconds later. Now Victor is an adult. He also dances but now he is not alone. From the first moment he is looking at Yuri with this sight:

He watches him, he smiles at him, he cheers him on and the most important he skates for him. We can see such beautiful expressions on Victor’s face. It’s a sensitive, direct gaze calling out “Look at me, please. Observe. Learn.”

Another thing - Yuri is older and the same goes for Vitya. It isn’t the past anymore, it’s no longer a metaphor or memory. The performance which Victor gives to Yuri take place in the present. 

What about Yuri?

At first, we see how delighted he is. As if he received something new, just for him, something that never happened before.
And then after this.
In a span of a second he turns determidend and confident looking like he’s taking a challenge. But why? If it’s only a show that Victor gives for him for any reason (maybe on a whim or as a gift), that another expression would have less meaning, if we previously assumed that this is at the present time. Is he proud? Or maybe satisfied to see Victor skating just for him, after his last GP performance?

In our theory it’s something more complex. I mean we all know that Kubo-sensei a greatest gift from fate, but what if this scene, was really a new version of “Stay close to me”, and Victor was actually showing Yuri new steps, was teaching him how to look, how to skate for a duet? What about that, think about it! Oh, come on, they even wear their training clothes as usual!

Now after all that time spent together I think this event (I mean the last GP Victor’s performance) has taken on a new meaning for them. They want to experience something together on ice, more than only couching. And this is it. This duet. To the song that actually  brought them together. I remember the banquet but I think you know what I mean. After seeing a Yuri’s filmend version of Victor performance, he decided to change his life. 

In the first episode it’s not only the memory of Yuri’s dream, a retrospection, a methaphor. It is a present from Victor, he shows him the steps needed to create a duo to “Stay close to me”. At the gala. And if this is true, it would make their pair-skating performance real. Cause we are not 100% sure that was just a gift from Kubo-sensei. But if I and byhikarii are right and it’s possible then I am about to officially call Kubo-sensei a genius.

About Larcade and his magic

After chapter 508 and all the confusion because of Larcade’s power, PM2 wrote this on his blog on Amino

If you think it’s related to virginity or sex, you are so wrong. Let me explain:

  • Eileen was surprised that Wendy (and Erza) didn’t get affected. Think, really think, why would Eileen be surprised Wendy didn’t get affected if she knew Larcade’s magic wouldn’t work on virgins? Wendy is a child. It’s pretty obvious she still hasn’t lost her virginity.
  •  Mavis asks why only adults are getting affected. Let me explain: adults have lived longer and so have a higher chance of having committed sin. This is Larcade’s magic’s true targets. The ones who have sinned. Mavis then gets affected. She has sinned. She has controled people like pawns and has killed and I really, really believe Mavis is a virgin.
  • Larcade explains that those affected have tasted the forbidden fruit of pleasure. Understandably, your first thought is sex, right? But it’s wrong. The forbidden fruit of pleasure is sin, not sex, atleast in this context.
  • Zeref is a virgin. His curse doesn’t allow him to have sex, but he’s a hardcore sinner.
  • I don’t think Angel has had sex. She has been with the Oracion Seis all her life and none of them have an intimate relationship with her.
  • Gildarts gets affected but it’s not because he had sex. He’s a hardcore womanizer and he has beaten children (Natsu).
  • Cana doesn’t get affected, but think, has she ever committed any sin? I don’t think drinking is a sin, only in the eyes of our real world society. Also, being a “slut” isn’t really a sin. I mean, it’s her body, let her make the most of it.

He’s kinda pissed that most people got the wrong idea and it’s hurting FT’s reputation. I understand him, Fairy Tail is a good manga and I don’t think Mashima meant that thing about Larcade’s magic, I think it was just not well explained.