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So how do you feel personally about Kara-is-kind-because-it's-cool-and-he's-a-narcissist vs actually super kind from da bottom of his heart cinnamon roll as a lot of people think of him? I'm so torn lol...

Rapi, this isn’t new information. I’m actually rather surprised that people are reacting badly to this and saying “he’s a faker!” I’m going to assume that these people think it’s because “Karamatsu can do no wrong.” 

Let me explain why this information correlates already to what we know about Karamatsu.

Reflecting on Karamatsu’s personality for a bit: He puts on airs on the surface, but he will cry easily. He cares about the image that he gives to other people, but is self-absorbed enough that he thinks people (girls especially) ought to be throwing themselves at his feet. He waits to be picked up instead of doing the picking up himself, because he thinks he’s that worth it. He doesn’t know humility, but in a pack, he understands that he isn’t the alpha male. He sees himself as a “savior” from other people’s loneliness and a “warrior.” Since it’s known that he’s part of the drama club, it’s possible that he views his actions and behavior as “part of his role.” All in all, he has an actor’s background. 

What has been shown to us, but only subtly, however: He isn’t a good person! There are a lot of moments when he acted out of charity from a sly motive; the first example to come to mind is the thirsty flower fairy that he gave booze to, so he could have a girl hanging off his arm. He gave lollipops to Jyushimatsu as a bribe for his silence. He got mad at Totty for lying and acted like a little shit in public along with the rest of them. He will gang up on his brothers to get their money. 

This info tells us that he chooses to be kind for himself, not because he’s thinking about other people, but at the end of the day, he chooses to be kind.  Inside he’s thinking, “Doing this makes me such a cool guy,” but he still chooses to do it. And he does it. That counts. 

How many times have you done a kindness to someone else, not because you were thinking about them, but because it would help to make you feel like a better person? This is exactly what that is. The underlying motive shouldn’t be the determining factor on whether that makes his kindness genuine or not.  One life lesson that everyone’s gotta learn is that it doesn’t matter what you “intended” to do. No one gives a shit about what you “intended” to do, ever. It’s what you actually do that counts. And he actually does do kind things. 

Also, this doesn’t mean that he’s altogether an unkind person. He followed Chibita because he was worried about him. He went along when Ichimatsu dressed in his clothes to help protect him from embarrassment, even though he still yelled at Ichimatsu later. He made Jyushimatsu lie but apologized to him frantically when Jyushimatsu didn’t want to lie to any of his brothers and self-imploded. Etc, etc. 

In closing! Karamatsu is not a saint. He gets angry, he gets annoyed, he gets violent, he gets heartless. He’s a normal human being, albeit probably slightly more trashy than the normal human being because he is of Matsuno blood. People who think of him as a cinnamon roll, I think, are putting him on top of a pedestal or perhaps self-projecting too much. He is a normal guy, who is sometimes shallow and self-absorbed. This confirmation of his attitude adds more layers to his mind and character. As viewers of any well-done show, character layers are a good thing. We love layers. It’s good to be a Karamatsu Girl/Boy. 

Stalking VS. Making friends: COSPLAY EDITION

I really need to address this, it’s something I’ve been dealing with the last few years.

So, this especially is for cons, but is also kind of general. I know we all get excited when we see someone we look up to, and someone we love, but please. DO. NOT. STALK. THEM.

“But I just want to be their friend!” You might say, or “What’s the line between being persistent and stalking?!” Well, let me explain to you.

This is surreal that I have to make this post from the point of view of things I have experienced. I don’t consider myself someone who people get excited to see, but that’s been changing in the last few years, as people have started to catch wind of my art and cosplay. So I guess now I can stand on both sides of the problem.


If you want to make friends with someone, especially someone’s who’s “well known.” Please don’t open with screaming at them/glomping them/TOUCHING THEM IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PERMISSION (THIS INCLUDES HUGS)/ or following them.

If you are constantly touching and hanging off someone without their permission, that is a no-no. I know you’re excited, I know they’re great, but they are a person just like you. They don’t like being touched without being asked, and they don’t like being treated like they are some public marvel for everyone to grab.

If you see people touching them without warning and them reacting positive to it, it probably means they know those people, and that you shouldn’t follow suit.


Following their social media pages shouldn’t be a problem, but if you start digging and seeking out their personal pages, you’re being creepy and crossing boundaries set for a reason. I’ve had to deal with this at cons. People ask me for my Facebook, and I tell them no, and they STILL attempt to seek me out MULTIPLE TIMES. I have a public Facebook page, I have tumblr, they followed me on both, but they STILL wanted my personal page. Please do not do this, especially if you’re trying to get to know them. Treat people like people because that’s what they are!

Following people around con can create a problem. Sometimes cons can be really crowded and people want to get away with their friends or by themselves. They don’t want to be followed. Ask if you can hang out with them, if they say no, DON’T PUSH IT. Saying hi when you see them is different than following someone around the con the entire time.

This also has happened to me, and it’s literally the creepiest thing. It can ruin any connection you had with the person. I had a cosplayer follow me constantly, and whenever I took a picture with my friends and I, they were in the background. They followed me into a dance and tried to dance behind me. It was freaking SURREAL.

Give people their space, give them their time out alone. We all get worn out and need space.

If you’re finding out where cosplayers live, shop at, who their closets friends are, finding where THEY live too, just. STOP. PLEASE. THATS TERRIFYING.



“You look really amazing!”
“I love your wig/hair/face/makeup/ect.!”
“Your figure/Physic really compliments the cosplay!”
“You’re really pretty/handsome!”

Creepy Comments:

“Your _______ turns me on”
“Wow, nice ass!”
“Woah, I love your Ass/Tits/ect”
“You’re so hot.”
“Would you do _____ to me?”

It isn’t that hard to tell the difference, kids.


Talk to them! Be friendly, smile, and ask them how they’re doing. Approach them in a calm manner, you know? Like how you’d do with someone who’s not in cosplay. Talk to them about what they’re cosplaying, ask to take a selfie with them, just be nice! If there’s no connection, don’t freak out. Sometimes people just don’t click! They’ll still appreciate you even if you’re not instantly best friends. Having friends is about liking the other persons company and having people you can trust and rely on. You don’t use other people just because they’re famous. Be genuine.

That’s just a little bit of what’s been on my mind. If I missed anything, feel free to add on!

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Metro PD and Kissed by the baddest bidder crossover pls? Where the MPD guys are on a vig case! (I want Himuro and Nomura in too if you dont mind :D)

I hope this make sense.

Everyone was busy with their paperwork when Nomura walks into the Second Unit office.

“You look so lovely today, ______. Should we go for dinner tonight?” Nomura smirks.

“Get out of here.” Hiroshi yelled.

“Ouch! At least let me finish explaining the case first.” Nomura said with his usual smiles.

Apparently a politician was hit by a car outside Tres Spade. First unit closed the case by simply stating is an accident but Dubai is not happy with the conclusion. So now is handed over to Second Unit.

“I will go and see what information the crime lab and Himuro have. Hanai, lead the team to Tres Spades for investigation.” Hiroshi instructed.

“Yes Sir.” Everyone shouted.

At the crime lab, Kimura handed the report to Hiroshi. Nothing usual was found except an invitation card to I.V.C at Tres Spade.

“The party was on the same day when the accident took place. You might want to check as well.” Kimura added when Hiroshi was reading the report. Hiroshi nodded and text the new information to Hanai, before making his way to Himuro’s office.

Himuro reports nothing unusual but mentioned that the victim did have a lot of alcohol before he was dead. Hiroshi also wonders why he had no guard around him that time.

“Why are you asking me? That is for you to investigate.” Himuro rebuked.

Hiroshi took all reports to his office and study in details. Meanwhile the rest had arrived Tres Spade and Hanai split the interview among each of them.

“Mr Ichinomiya, I understand that there is an I.V.C at your hotel that night. Is the victim one of your invitee?” Hanai asked.

“Yes, he is. However, I can’t remember when he left. I have so many guests that day. How many times must the police come over to my hotel? I have a business to run,” Eisuke replied coldly.

“Sorry, we are just doing our job.” Hanai apologized.

“So Mr Oh, what you doing at that time?” Tennoji asked.

“I am in charge of the security of the I.V.C. and anything happen outside the hotel I don’t know.” Soryu replied calmly.

“For real? I guess it make sense since your face do look scary.” Tennoji replied but Soryu stare at him. “Sorry for my rudeness.” Tennoji continues.

“I heard you tried to save the victim.” Asano asked Luke.

“Yes, I am a doctor but sad to say I can’t manage to save him.” Luke replied sadly.

Just then Mamoru walks in and Asano immediately recognize him.

“Inspector Kishi, why are you here? Asano asked.

“Oh, the owner of a hotel is my friend.” Mamoru replied casually.

“So do both of you stay in the hotel?” Eiki asked the question to Ota and Baba.

“Yes I did, I have an art gallery here. It makes my work easier.” Ota flashed his usual smiles. “By the way, will you be my model? You have a nice curve. You will pose a good naked drawing.” Ota asked you.

“No thanks.” You flushed but tried to compose yourself while taking notes.

“You consider her a woman? I guess technically yes.” Kyobashi teases.

“Kyobashi…” You yelled but end up calming yourself down.

“So do you stay in the hotel too?” You asked Baba.

“Yes, I am his assistant manager.” Baba replied. “Are you free tonight?” He asked you.

“Sorry, we have worked to do.” Kyobashi replied on your behalf.

They continue to ask more questions but It seem like nothing was able to obtain from the interview and everyone decide to go back to Second Unit.

“The Second Unit is not as dumb as the First Unit.” Mamoru said.

“I already found out that the car belong to another mobster group. It seems like your rival hire them to do the job.” Soryu said.

“No one mess with me. Keep the police out of this.” Eisuke added and the rest simply nodded their head in agreement.

Later in the evening at MPD

“It seem like Soryu Oh is the head of Ice Dragons.” Hanai said after investigation.

“No wonder he looks scary.” Tennoji added.

“That Baba is also a famous thief.” Eiki added as well.

“What an interesting combination. So what is going on in the hotel?” Kyobashi wondered.

“And why is inspector Kishi mixing together with them?” Asano asked.

“Keep a closed watch on them. Something tells me that this case is not so simple.” Hiroshi ordered and everyone nodded in agreement with him.

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Hi there. I never understood what's so handsome and sexy about Tom Hiddleston, but your blog is slowly turning me into one of his 'fangirls' -chuckles-

Oh dear….come on in. You like tea? Here’s some cake. Have a seat and let me explain.

Around four years ago I found myself in the middle of a google search to find out “Who is the actor that plays Loki?” Unfortunately, that required me finding Mr. Thomas William Hiddleston.  I never asked to have a blog, never asked to know details of his filming, education, background, etc. Never asked to become an expert in a website named Tumblr. However, there it was.  Thank you internet…

See the thing is, he didn’t jump out at me.  It was this that piqued my interests:

That smile, the hair, the emotions….yep.  It was over when i hit the search bar.  Then a few months later…this happened:

And that one scene basically nailed it for me.  I apologize, I never wanted to bring anyone else into this hole with me.  I am happy to be surrounded by others though, who have the same horrible fate as me.  Because once THIS  appeared, THINGS BECAME SO. MUCH. WORSE.

Soon you’ll know all the videos…all the songs of the day…all the funny laughs and quirks and soon you’ll be calling dibs on the damn vein that runs on the upper portion of his left thigh. And you’ll realize that nothing will compare to the death blow that will arise from the appearance and 6 week tenure of this one:

Originally posted by lokihiddleston

Originally posted by spindle-berry

Originally posted by spindle-berry

And then….his friends start to look strangely appealing too (I wont dare post gifs…it’s too much bloodshed already). In short Nonny, you’ve acquired a seat to hell.  We have fresh biscuits and tea, shock blankets are in the corner over there next to the box of tissues and magnums of wine.  

Welcome to the family….

It’s RWBY3 eve and I’m angsting over the finale’s potential romantic implications. It’s all feeling very… Korrasami-like. But also not. This could be good or bad. Let me explain.

The Blake/Yang dynamic is all very reminiscent of how Korrasami was handled. The formula seems to be the same.

  • Both characters have shown overt interest in men, but neither are currently in a relationship with a man (Yang in Vol.1 and Blake with Sun and Adam vs. the Asami/Mako/Korra love triangle). 
  • We’re then given hints that their developing friendship may have romantic undertones (Yang looking out for Blake’s well being in Vol.2 vs. Asami and Korra teaming up throughout all of Book 3). 
  • Lastly, we get one really big romantic hint (Adam implying Blake loves Yang vs. direct parallel close up of Asami holding Korra’s hand).

So now what? The final part of the equation would be the culmination. Bryke then went with it. They did the thing. They made Korrasami canon. There was no baiting. But what will Miles and Kerry do?

They’re totally aware that they have a fanbase full of queer shippers. “Seakmonkeys” was their doing, no? And we have an entire sequence of Ruby calling out in-team ship names. Fanservice right? An acknowledgment! Well, that acknowledgement is dangerous territory. They know their audience eats that shit up. That could very easily turn into queerbait.

So again, what will they do? If they do the thing, I’m prepared for the inevitable onslaught of straight viewers everywhere crying “NO BUILD UP!” I won’t waste my time trying to tell people that the hints were there. That if they consumed media through the eyes of a queer individual (read: without assuming everyone is straight), they probably would’ve picked up on those hints too. Because for all of those nay-sayers, the sound of inspiration and gratitude will be much louder. We’ll have the BZZ BZZ motherfuckers!

But if they don’t go through with it? Things could vary. I’d hope that they continue to develop Blake and Yang’s bond. Let them be close. If they’re going to be good friends, that’s great! But beware of the bait! If the hints keep coming, Miles and Kerry really should make good on them at some point.

Considering they did listen to fans when we asked for a more racially diverse cast, I’ll keep the faith. Hell, I may even be looking at the wrong characters for this (although BumbleBY just seems like an obvious choice, particularly because of cast and crew commentary).

In the meantime, I know I’ll thoroughly enjoy a 28 MINUTE FINALE, regardless of the romantic elements. Like damn. You go CRWBY!

And then I’ll go get my representation by finally binging The 100.

@ the gravity falls fandom: pls chill about Stan not wanting to save Ford, because honestly, he probably does want to save him. 

Let me explain. 

Stan is cynical. He’s a pessimist. He’s frankly a cranky old man who’s literally the embodiment of the “get odd my lawn” stereotype. However, underneath all that is a heart of gold. He’s not a bad guy - he just pretends to be one. You have to get under all the gruffness, though, if you really want to see that. Even then, he’ll put up walls and fall back into his harsh ways. It’s just within his character. 

Remember back to A Tale of Two Stans when he and Ford were physically fighting. He punched and pushed and kicked and basically just went wild. He was fucking pissed at Ford. However, just as he pushed Ford into the portal, and he started floating, Stan relented. He stopped. He became concerned. He knew it had gone too far, and was ready to save Ford, even if he had been beating the shit out of him the moment before. Because Stan does care, he just doesn’t always show it, especially when he’s been hurt or made angry. But when he does show he cares, it’s when it matters.

Stan is still hurt by Ford. He’s still angry at him. He’s putting up a front of not caring because that’s just how he is. However, he’s also ready to forgive Ford, because that’s just how he is too - he’s a forgiving person with a weakness for family and people he loves. He just doesn’t want to admit that to himself. He doesn’t want to forgive Ford, he wants to stay made at him, and the only way to do that is to deny that he cares about him. 

When the finale does finally come around, I’m sure we’ll see Stan have a change of heart. He does care about his brother, and I’m sure if he were ever in a situation where Ford was in immediate danger, there would be no stopping Stan in his attempts to save him. 

So, anyways, please chill.

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help me please (for your fic post)

Darcy looked back over her shoulder at whoever had just entered the kitchen. She’d felt more than heard their presence but she’d become accustomed to such circumstances occurring in the tower since a large portion of the occupants were spies or assassins (or sometimes both). She was still stretched up on her tiptoes trying desperately to reach the top shelf where some genius (Steve) had decided to put the chocolate chips.

“I know you’re newish here so let me explain you a thing: He who helps Darcy get the chocolate chips gets first dibs on cookies, so what’d’ya say? Help a lady out?”

Without saying a word, James Barnes moved to crowd behind Darcy, reached up and retrieved her goods, turned his back and left. He didn’t come when she had JARVIS alert him the cookies were done, so she left a plate of them marked for him in the kitchen.

Send me a sentence and I’ll write the next five(ish)

Just because you’re good at art, does not mean you’re a good artist.

Let me explain. Yes, being an artist mean you have a basic understanding of art it any form. Music, drawing, paining, writing, etc. Although, if you put down someone else’s art because you feel as if your’s is better. That’s wrong. An aspiring artist, can be in love with their art and have confidence in their art. They’ll think it’s good. We were all there at some point. When you purposefully shove your own art in someone’s face to prove their art isn’t “good,” makes you a terrible artist

Anyone and everyone is an artist. Some are better than others, of course.

If you tell someone their art is terrible compared to yours, it will (may) make them feel demotivated, and slow down on their journey as an artist.

That was me at one point, I was 12 and it was about 3 years since I decided to become an artist. I got yelled at that I would never be as good as this person. That person. Good in general. That made me fall into a slump for a few months. It makes the process harder.

I thought this would die down by high school with the other artists I would meet in art classes. It hasn’t. Upperclassmen rub their art in the freshman’s faces. Degrading the freshman’s art.

These freshman are aspiring artist, these upperclassmen are becoming professionals by going to an art school. Wanting to become an art teacher, desginer, etc.

Well, I say, if you, as an artist, degrades someone else’s art because you don’t claim it to be “good’ art. All you do, is make theirs look better and your’s worse.

Everyone is an artist in their own way. 

Part 2

Of my freight train brain.

Holy shit I want to move states so bad. Like the urge is so strong. The problem with that is Ryan does not. He is slowly, and I mean as slow as a sloth, warming up to the idea.

Let me explain something to you… The AVERAGE cost of a house where I live is 500,000. The minimum you can get a house is about 300,000; obviously there are exceptions to this but then you’re in a bidding war with other young families and I’m not about that life. I’ve been dying to move to Charleston and have found beautiful houses for 180,000-house here that would go for over 700,000. My job transfers there and Ryan is a tattoo artist so he can go anywhere. But that also means starting over with clientele.

I don’t want to live in a state where the cost of living is literally unreachable. The sad thing is that we make damn good money but it doesn’t go very far here. We’re literally swimming in circles.


Omg. Kevin Hart. Legend.


Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain ‘Guy Code’ Clip.

“Mannnnn…you was with that b*tch with the FAT ass…” LMAO