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Wait, wait, wait... Gaster, when the hell were you born?!? I mean, we only know the boys in human years... Are monster years longer than human years?!? Gaster holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Sees the precious Cinnabon Papyrus) hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhitaki mushrooms!!!!

* Let me explain…

* Yes.

* Monster years are longer than human years. It also depends on the monster’s race. Skeletons tend to last almost as long as a Boss Monster since we mostly rely on our magic so as long as we are healthy (that goes for most necrotic monsters).

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What's the difference between yandere and yangire ? :)

Let me try to explain in a nuthsell ^^ So…
A yandere person is someone who kills for love, while yangires don’t have romantic feelings, they’re just simply crazy.
For example Yuno Gasai ( we all know her from Mirai Nikki) is a yandere, but Shiro (from Deadman Wonderland) is a yangire character.
If you’d like to know more, check this:

Taking A Question - Dragons 101

Hi guys and Girls, Luke here again with another Taking Questions.

This one may run a bit longer than usual, so be prepared to read A LOT!

So, here it begins…

Anonymous asked:

“We all know that Red Dragons breathe fire, and i’ve even seen people explain how it could be done. But noone has talked about the other dragons, How do the other dragons breathe poison gas, or corrosive acid,  or even breathe ice and pure lightning from their mouths?”

ANSWER: This is a tricky one to answer, not because its fantasy that defies biology, but because, for some of them, i can’ really explain it well.

But let’s give it a go at least!

Green Dragons

First, let me explain, for a green dragon to basically breathe out napalm. It needs fuel…

Interestingly enough, you are making some of that fuel right now!

Every time you eat some food, microbes in your stomach and guts are digesting that food and producing methane gas.

Which might seem impolite,but it is highly flammable in the right concentration.

But methane gas isn’t as bad as say mustard or chlorine gas….

Now, considering this is fantasy here, and that dragons don’t actually exist, and that they have a completely different diet to humans….

Hypothetically, the green dragon could have microbes in its body that produced much deadlier gases like chlorine gas…

So, if a real line of green dragons could evolve some kind of special 3rd lung, or large air sack to hold and pressurize all the gases made by the microbes in its body, it’s also possible that it could release this poison, chlorine gas, by simply breathing out using this mythical 3rd lung.

So hypothetically speaking, a green dragon could breathe toxic gases from its mouth.

Black Dragons

Now, we all know that we have highly acidic stomach acid, its called an acid for a reason… It’s acidic!

Stomach acid is about a 2 - 5 on the Ph Scale. This means it is VERY acidic and can break down most things if given enough time!

But from what we know about black dragons, we know that they have VERY acidic breathe…

So, how acidic could a black dragons breathe be?

On the Ph Scale, it goes all the way down to zero, something incredibly acidic like say, Battery Acid.

But that’s not good enough for a black dragon…. We need better….

Acids can go below 0 on the Ph Scale, but your stomach acid comes no-where close to that!

Mammalian life lives in a very small band of the Ph Scale, at about a maximum of say 7, while reptiles, which i’m assuming a dragon is, are more varied, anything from a Ph of 6 to a Ph of 8.

But still, this is pretty mild for our dragon.

To get to Xenomorph-Style acid, we need to go much, much lower…

One of the most feared chemicals known to man is known as “Hydrofluoric Acid”

This stuff is SO scary, and its just what our black dragon needs…

This stuff can melt through metal, glass, ceramic, almost anything!!!

It is so dangerous that if it got on your skin, it would interfere with your nerves so that when its melting through your skin and tissue, it would feel painless.

And after it goes through your skin and tissue, and into your bones, it would start leeching the Calcium from your bones and go all the way through your bones, basically destroying them….

But at least you wouldn’t feel all that happening….Because you probably would’ve had a heart attack by then because the acid would also strip all the Calcium from your blood and you would be straight up dead by the time its burned your entire hand off…

But this isn’t actually that different from the stomach acid in our bodies….

So this so-called “All-Destroying Acid” isn’t that different from stomach acid, and if a black dragons eats all kinds of metals and gemstones, it would need strong stomach acid to break all those metals down.

So again, hypothetically speaking, all a black dragon would have to do is throw up on you, and its stomach acid would be strong enough to kill you.

That’s the best way i can explain it.

White Dragon

This might actually be the easier to explain out of all of them.

There is two ways a white dragon could actually breathe ice.

One way is that it could just rapidly condense water vapor in the air into pure ice.

The other way is also known as “The Joule-Thomson Effect” which states that if you’re  squeezing a real gas through a small opening, if it’s going from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure, when it comes out of the end, that gas is going to be chilled…

So if a white dragon had some kind of HUGE air sack that could hold and pressurize normal air to the point where it is at such a higher pressure, that when it comes out of its mouth, it wouldn’t just be chilled, it would be freezing!

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that “The Joule-Thomson Effect” is the same reason why when you open your mouth up wide and breathe out, its warm, while when you make your mouth smaller and breathe out, its chilly….

Blue Dragon

There is nothing in nature that can actually “shoot” lightning. There’s the electric eel, but that’s about it…

But, we humans have a way of shooting lightning, not from our mouths, but from our hands… Thanks to something called a “Faraday Cage”.

Faraday cages shield their contents from static electric fields. An electric field is a force field surrounding a charged particle, such as an electron or proton.

These cages often look distinctly, well, cagelike. Some are as simple as chain-link fences or ice pails. Others use a fine metallic mesh. Regardless of their exact appearance, all Faraday cages take electrostatic charges, or even certain types of electromagnetic radiation, and distribute them around the exterior of the cage.

(This stops the Blue Dragon from accidentally shocking itself from its own lightning.)

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us. It’s in visible and ultraviolet light, in the microwaves that cook our food and even in the FM and AM radio waves that pump music through our radios.

So maybe a Blue Dragon could somehow absorb this electromagnetic radiation, and release it through his mouth.

Well, the dragon could be able to use the entire surface of its body, to absord this radiation, from either sunlight, or just the light from a lightbulb….

Since the average human has about 22 Square Feet of skin, i’m guessing a dragon the size of a city would have a lot more surface area.

So it could use all its surface area to absorb this radiation, and somehow store it until later.

But there is another, more fantasy way, of a dragon shooting lightning.

A normal human can produce around 80 watts. And that means that a dragon can produce WAY more than that.

So if the dragon had somewhere to store any ”Excess” electrical energy, it might be able to build up this energy, until it finally had enough to release it, and it would arc across the air to the nearest thing, (which could be you) just like a lightning bolt hitting you.

This is the least scientific way of a creature “shooting” lightning, but since we don’t really have much to base it off of, this is just what i could come up with….

But there you go!

How every chromatic dragon can use its breath weapon, from the green dragon fart-making microbes, to the black dragon face-melting stomach acid, to the white dragons superhuge lungs, to finally, the radiation absorbing, lightning shooting blue dragon, the most fantasy and made-up, unscientific dragon in all of DnD!

So thanks for your question Anonymous!

And i hope that by reading this, you learn a little more about biology, and why some of these dragons could actually use there breathe weapon in real life.

As always, i’ve been Luke.

And this has been a VERY LONG version of Taking Questions.

I’m sorry i couldn’t do more questions this week.

But don’t forget to like, comment, and most of all, follow us on Tumblr.

And remember… HAVE FUN!!!

P.S. Sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes, my keyboard isn’t that great… :(

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Hello, I hope you're having a good day. I was wondering if you could explain the "Cas squad" to me, I'm not sure what it means -Castiel

Hi there, Castiel. Thanks for the sweet thought! I wish you the same, love.

Ok. So as far as the Cas Squad goes…well…let me try to explain. 

When asking each Squad member individually what the Cas Squad is, we will say that the rest of the members are people that we greatly admired for their writing skills and their friendly attitude towards others. You know those writers that you see spreading love with comments and having really nice replies to their asks? Yeah, these girls are it. And basically one thing led to another and we found that our personalities all just clicked. Each person in the group represents a different writing style and personality that blends beautifully with the others.

We are just seven people who absolutely adore you, Cas, so we dubbed ourselves the “Cas Squad”. We support each other like friends do; cheering each other on during the down times and congratulating each other for the good stuff. We live all over the United States and we’re truly best friends, but we’re also a writing critique group. We love to bounce ideas off of each other to improve our story lines, and these girls come up with the best ideas! I have fallen in love with them and I am blessed to have met them. 

There have been many people who have asked if they could join, and we’ve considered having something where you can share the love (and ridiculousness) that represents people who have fallen in love with you (and let’s face it, Misha too, of course). We’ve started a blog and are currently trying to get everything ready. It may take a little while, but you’ll be able to see each of our personalities represented there. We’re also trying to create a chat room where members could go to discuss Cas story ideas and chat with each other. But this all takes time and I don’t even know when that would be ready. 

Anyway, I hope that clears everything up for you, love. Thanks for dropping the ask! And as always…

Love, Chris

@divinitycas @joanne-egberp @castielohcastiel @netflixandcastiellll @splendidcas @bkwrm523

My theories and head canons (It's a lot, sorry ;^-^)
  1. My Theories

    Let me explain:

    Let’s take it back a notch to Lapis Lazuli’s flashback on how she got trapped in the mirror. She said that everyone thought she was a crystal gem, so they poofed her and put her in a mirror. Who was the one to poof her? Bismuth. And, I have a bit of an idea that Bismuth set her in the mirror as well. Now, as to where Bismuth was found. Bismuth was found in Lion’s mane earlier on in the show. Allegedly, Lion belonged to Rose quartz, as there is proof of Rose’s belongings in their mane. Could Bismuth had been bubbled from telling Yellow, Blue and White diamond where the rebellion was? Could she had been bubbled to keep quiet about Pink diamonds location? The answer to those questions is yes. Only because of the way she treats garnet, amethyst and pearl now. I feel like she is showing mercy and regret from what she did to Rose. Aka, Pink Diamond.

    2) Rose WAS Pink DIamond
    Let me shed some light on this situation:

    If you have noticed: Recently, the “Diamond League” symbol consists of 3 trangles: A blue triangle, representing Blue Diamond, a white triangle, to represent White Diamond, and a yellow triangle, to represent Yellow Diamond. But where is the pink one? Where is Pink Diamond? Did she retreat to Earth? Did she start a rebellion to save earth and everything on it? And, did she get killed by the diamonds? The answer: Yes. Why else would rose be gone? I do have some proof behind why I think that she was pink diamond. 
    1) Pink diamond is gone, so is Rose
    2) Rose is huge, just like the diamonds (although she is smaller, she might have been large, then poofed for going against the Cluster plan.)
    3) Rose wanted to save Earth, but the Diamonds didn’t
    4) In Pearl’s flashback during her song, “Do it for her/him”, Rose was seen fighting someone rather large. Could that be a fusion of all the diamonds, ganging up on Pink Diamond for beginning a rebellion?

    My Headcanons:

    1)      Jasper is secretly in love with rose

    2)      Connie’s mom is a gem

    3)      Bismuth’s cover was a blacksmith

    4)      The heaven and earth beetles are the corrupted gems that Jasper held in the episode “Gem Hunt”

    5)      All gems with a gem on their stomach tend to be more loving than most gems

    6)      Pearl belongs to white diamond

    7)      Centipeetle got corrupted because White diamond came back for pearl

    8)      Rose got defeated by a diamond fusion

    9)      The other half of Rose was sent to Lion

    10)   Garnet was one of the first fusions on homeworld

    11)   Rose started the great gem war because she started the rebellion

    12)   Sapphire and Lapis were both allies to Blue diamond directly

    13)   Bismuth worked with all of the diamonds/gems

    14)   Jasper is a quartz

    15)   A pink diamond (by fact) is considered Rose Quartz

    16)   The Temple is a fusion between all of the gems

    17)   The gem that saved Mayor Dewey’s ancestor was a fusion of Pearl, Amethyst and Rose

    18)   Every gem is a sexuality: Garnet=Bi, Pearl=autosexual, Amethyst=ace, steven=pan

Bit of a story behind what you’re looking at, but let me explain as best as I can. Between 2011-2012, I was working on an overhead shooter game with XNA 4.0 on my crappy Toshiba laptop. I intended to publish it on Steam and possibly the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This is back when XNA was big for Windows game development.

Halfway into 2012, the laptop died. I bought a Sony VAIO, immediately salvaged the game files by taking the hard drive out of my old laptop and tried to continue working on it. Unfortunately, the project wouldn’t load or compile. This, combined with Microsoft retiring XNA around that time killed all my motivation, but I never wanted to delete the files. I instead backed them up to my 2007 Gateway because the VAIO starting having issues with its built-in “hard drive protection” and slowly corrupting any and every mechanical hard drive I tried using.

A short time later, my Gateway laptop died, but this time the game files were trapped because the old laptop used an IDE hard drive and my VAIO -only- allowed SATA. It wouldn’t be until four years later that when I decided to recycle all of my old laptops and format the hard drives would I buy an IDE-to-USB adapter.

But before I would actually format the drive, I poked around it for anything I might want to keep. I came across the game again, and out of sick curiosity I fired up my Windows 7 VM, installed Visual Studio and a version of XNA I had in the Downloads folder, but sure enough, the game didn’t compile.

Then I found MonoGame, a non-Microsoft replacement to XNA which I was easily able to swap out in my code. Sure enough, the game compiled. So for four years, the solution for getting my game working would’ve been a Google search away… but I let all that time pass.

My motivation for working on it is long gone, along with my familiarity with the code base. I’ve been getting pressure from people close to me to start working on it again, but I’m kinda shooing it off. The majority of me would rather it stay a fond memory, so I’m sharing that memory with you guys.

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okay but if it's 'all about the payno' why do u waste so much time bitching about danielle? like wow ur url is misleading maybe you should change it if all you're gonna do is whine and complain

Oh hateful anon not even you are going to steal my thunder today, but let me explain this to you like you’re a kid…

1. I bitch about whatever I want in my blog! I like to be critical and I do it all the time… About literally everything that it doesn’t feel right to me. And in the last few months I don’t feel like defending Danielle when I see her pull shit. So yeah, I’m gonna bitch some more if I see fit.

2. I don’t think I’m misleading people and with this i mean my followers. They know that Liam is really my sunshine and if you follow me, you should have already realised that I post about Liam a lot. But and surprise, surprise, I have other interests. I like to talk about my other 3 sons and what they’re doing! I like to analyse the stunts they’re obligated to fullfill so yeah I think they know what they got themselves into… I mean I think I’m pretty specific on my description! I think you don’t need to worry about me misleading others…

3. This whole ask was stupid and it doesn’t make any sense, so have a nice day Danielle’s Mom!

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"Mngh... Mr. Edgeworth sir?" Lynn's face turned into a very tired glare. "What do /you/ want? I'm getting sleep, just like you /forced/ me to, so you have no reason to be here. So leave me alone."

“And while i am glad that you are, i just wanted to explain why i did what i did. I have said before that my intentions were never to get you fired… but let me explain why i actually dove into your sleeping habits…”

Bet || G-Eazy


You didn’t mean to eavesdrop. You really didn’t. You simply woke up from your nap and trudged downstairs. You heard distinct voices and you figured that the voices belonged to Gerald and his friends. 

“So you’ve slept with y/n?” One of Gerald’s friends asked. You sat down on the staircase, listening on to what there were saying. 

“Yeah, but it’s not a big deal.” Gerald huffed. 

“Sure it is, you won the bet. So what are you gonna do now?” 

“Yeah, are you gonna dump her or tell her or what?” One of the others butted in. 

“I don’t-” Gerald started.

“Yeah, what are you gonna do, Gerald?” You asked walking around the corner with tears in your eyes. 

“Y/n, let me explain.” Gerald said standing up.”Maybe it’s best if you guy’s leave?” G motioned to the group of guys. They did as asked and left. 

“What exactly was the bet?” You asked crossing your arms over your chest. 

“It’s not important-”

“No, I want to know.” You interrupted.

“That I could get in your pants.” He sighed looking down, you could tell he was ashamed. “But yn, listen,at first I was down for a stupid bet but I got to know you and I realized you are the most amazing girls I’ve ever met.”


“No y/n, I need you to listen. Yes I did end up getting in your pants but I didn’t do it with a bet in mind, I did t because I love you, y/n. I care about you, I wanted to take it to the next level and we did and I’m glad.” You looked down at your hands, trying to avoid eye contact. 

“Please talk to me, look at me or something.” Gerald spoke walking closer to you. 

“Do you really mean it? Like you actually like me?” 

“I love you.” He said reaching for your hands and pulling you into a hug.

“I love you too.”


Omg. Kevin Hart. Legend.


Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain ‘Guy Code’ Clip.

“Mannnnn…you was with that b*tch with the FAT ass…” LMAO