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having my own room is especially good bc of my. consistent delusions abt my thoughts leaking out and ppls thoughts going thru my head, especially when i have to sleep in the same room as them. like last summer i had to sleep in the same room as a roomate fr two weeks and i had troubles sleepong the whole time bc i couldnt stop trying to guard my thoughts or whatever my stupid delusional ass was trying to do. idk why im oversharing this like lol hey let me explain the details of some fucking delusion i have to strangers on the internet haha fun times

“dont fuck with me “

I see you’re compensating for a lack of ribcage and creativity with an overabundance of edge.

-Mod Ken

Sidenote:: Since to a lot of people this is really good art, let me explain what I see wrong with it.

Working in animation as a concept artist, when you design something, you want it to look like what it is. This is supposed to be a pomeranian/shiba inu mix.

This is what one in real life looks like:

The dog is fairly bulky, witha heavy-set body, proportionally small legs, a short neck and pointy ears on a foxlike face.The designed critter is very thin with long legs, bulbous paws, a wolf-like face, a big, fluffy tail and very rounded ears. It’s basically a wolf branded as something slightly more creative.

Then my anatomy gripes. It has no ribcage. At all. It’s just a sausage of poorly drawn sparkledog with legs. Speaking of the legs, all of the joints are completely off. The elbow and knee should line up with the chest, and the hell should be higher up. The paws are also just way, way too big. The hair hides it (probably unintentionally), but the head is bulbous and disproportionate. The neck just makes me cringe.

And there are just things in general that bother me. The hair, the earrings, the fact that a dog is bisexual and likes “brutal sex” (i’m not against bisexuality or anything, it’s just that pack animals with a single breeding pair in a pack would have no survival-related benefit from homosexuality/breeding of any members other than the alphas. i’ll talk about this more in-depth at some other point)… where do I start?

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soon it will be too late for Donna to have babies :/

Hello Anonymous,

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No. No. No. Maybe this is me being a shipper that really wants them to have kids, but no! I really don’t think it’s too late yet and let me explain you why.

First of all their ages aren’t really mentioned on the show itself. Yes we heard Monica say to Rachel she was 22 in 2.08 (the 5 year flashback part) and we’ve had some conversations.. but never an actual number. I know people often say that the script of the pilot (the 6th draft from 2009) states what their ages are (or what they were intended to be).. but let me just show you this part:

Two highly paid teams of LAWYERS SCREAM across the sleekest conference table ever made. A young lawyer, LOUIS LITT, (33, slick, arrogant) quietly exits.
Louis is in the doorway of, “Katherine Pearson, Managing Partner.” Louis knocks. Katherine (50’s, distinguished) doesn’t look up.
LOUIS : We have a problem. The deal’s falling apart.
KATHERINE: Go get Harvey.
Five well-heeled men play poker in the most expensive condo in Manhattan. CLOSE ON HARVEY SPECTER, 42, with Clooney looks. He’s fit, confident, takes pride in being well dressed. He watches as the river card is turned… A GREY HAIRED MAN smiles at Harvey as he pushes in his chips.
Harvey approaches his career-long secretary, DONNA. She’s in her 30’s, good-looking, and would take a bullet for Harvey.

So I can’t possibly be the only one who laughs at this, cause NO WAY.. NO WAY..  Harvey Specter is almost ten years older than Louis Litt. Now I know that this is just a version of the script form 2009 and changes have been made since that. Especially after the casting. Just look at the name change from Katherine to Jessica Pearson and that will obviously also include the ages, but I just want to point out that these  ‘age mentions’ some people keep referring to just can’t be all correct with how the show is now.

And the show has given us even though very vaguely.. yet better references.

 In season 2 episode 7 we learn that Harvey is the youngest senior partner in the history of the firm:

J: “You don’t get to be one of the top law firms in New York by losing.”

L: “What about Mr. Specter? How is his track record?”

J: “Exceptional. He almost always wins.”

L: “Almost Always. Is that why he is the younger Senior Partner in firm history.”

J: “It’s a factor.”

In season 2 episode 2 after Harvey tells Mike he can’t tell Rachel that he’s a fraud, Harvey comes to check on Mike in the file room and they have the following conversation.

H: “You have plenty of time to find the right girl, Mike.”

M: “Well, thank you. I guess I should get my book and take some notes on Harvey Specter’s dating tips. I’m sure you told yourself  that at 25 and 30 and 35 and I’m sure you’ll be telling yourself that when you’re 50.”

This conversation to me indicating that Mike thinks Harvey is 35 or just over that in season 2. Now I also like to point out that a season doesn’t equal an actual year like it does for us. Aaron Korsh has said before that it takes place in a  ‘timeless universe’ and that can be because there are some small mistakes in the timeline ??. Like in season 3 Louis says to Mike “Bran bars are forbidden to first-years.” Was he? Maybe, they did go through a lot of name changes for it just to be one year, but it’s possible.

All this is to say that I don’t believe the ages mentioned in that first pilot that people keep referring to is correct with what we get to see now, and with the time passing slower in the show than for us.. it isn’t too late yet. (I also like to point out that in 5.12 Donna said to Rachel that “last year my life was in Harvey’s hands.” And yes for us it was almost a year, but I honestly don’t believe that for them it’s been a year since that happened.. I think she was referring to ‘last year’ as in before the change of a new year. ?? Yes? Yes. )

Either way.. the time line and the references are a bit of a mess. I know Gretchen and Harvey had the following conversation:

H: “What? It’s not my birthday.”

G: “Oh, come on. You can tell me. What is it? 48? 49? The big 6-0?”

H: “I’m not the one pushing 60.”

But I really feel like she was just joking or trying to get an answer out of him. To me Harvey does not look like someone who’s 48 or 49.. not just because of how Gabriel looks, but also because that also doesn’t match with my image of ‘being the youngest person to make senior partner.’ Now I must say I know nothing about law firms and stuff and when you make partner (common age), but those ages feel off to me for the other references we know.

We also know Louis and Harvey started in the bull pen together as Louis told Mike.. so that 9 year age cap from the script?? Seems off. Harvey and Scottie graduated the same year from Harvard and Harvey might be a year or two older than Scottie.. but I really can’t picture Scottie being mid-forty either.

So maybe I’m ‘seeing what I want to see’ but if I had to pinpoint or guess about their age I’d say that that 35 year comment Mike makes is what I would go with. With Harvey being mid thirty during the first seasons, and believing that since the pilot around 3-4 years have passed for them.. I’d say Harvey is pushing 40 now.

I’d also say, and maybe this is because I know Sarah and Gabriel are less than a year apart in age, that Donna and Harvey are this too. Or at least there isn’t a big age gap between them, so I’d say Donna is 38/39 ..something like that. I honestly don’t believe she’s in her forties. .also because usually actors play characters that are younger than they are themselves.

Either way.. even if she was /they were 40+ (which I really can’t see. Sorry.).. it’s not too late. Women are having kids at all ages these days, so I don’t think age will be the biggest factor in this. Yes they’re wasting time and it’s taking long, but it’s not too late.

Sarah Rafferty said in one of her latest interviews that her advice for Donna would be “to freeze her eggs” she mentioned this after she talked about Donna being involved with Mitchell. Not only does that answer say to me that Sarah,  who’s always extremely on point with her vision on how Donna feels or what she thinks, thinks Donna would want children. It also told me that she believes Donna does not want that with Mitchell.. (we now know they broke up), but for me that news was huge. Because I always believed that as perfect as Mitchell might be, he’s not the one for her and she isn’t fully in that relationship. So a ‘freeze your eggs’ comment to me says that Donna does want kids, not Mitchell’s, but she could want them. It also says that Sarah knows that it’s taking long, the Darvey development. It could be seen as.. ‘you know Harvey isn’t there yet’ so.. but it also say that Donna still HAS eggs. She can still have kids, and I really think that the comment isn’t just about the age thing.. but also about the waiting for Harvey to man up.

Now we know that Donna broke up with Mitchell and that it was HER decision. Which is really important to me, but when Louis asked why she’s upset she says “It’s the same thing it was with you and Sheila. Just because you were the one to break it off with her doesn’t mean that your heart wasn’t still broken.”  Now I don’t think that this line is directly related to the reason why Sheila and Louis broke up. The fact that Sheila didn’t want to have children, but more about the fact that even though it was your decision doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

I’m not saying the kids thing couldn’t have been a factor, but like everything with Donna’s life we know too little to really draw this conclusion. The fact that she referred to Mitchell as the “man I’ve been seeing” twice, instead of ‘boyfriend,’ means to me that maybe Donna wasn’t ready to label their relationship. And that maybe she indeed wasn’t fully in it, like I pointed out in ‘Why I still have hope for Darvey in season 6’.. It’s also the fact that she says “the last few months”  that tells me that not that much time passed since she left Harvey (The dinner between Harvey and Donna taking place maybe 8-10 weeks after she left him and she told Harvey she’d been seeing a guy for the last six weeks).. so would Donna and Mitchell have even discussed the topic of kids?? IDK.. I think it’s more likely that Mitchell might have told her he loved her and she couldn’t say it back or all she saw at that moment was Harvey saying those words to her..


Briefly back to the age thing, which we don’t really know, but I think we all saw Louis as older or around the same age as Harvey is.. But I really saw Sheila as an older character than Donna. And yet Louis and Sheila had that conversation, Louis was convinced that they could have that. That he could still become a dad, that Sheila could have his children.. and I know that age doesn’t really matter these days, but if Sheila and Louis could.. Donna and Harvey still can!

So whether or not we should see that Louis and Sheila mention from Donna as a reference to wanting kids or not, I also think that the show wouldn’t repeat that story line. Letting that be the reason for people to break up.. and if we look at Donna and Harvey I just can’t see them after (12+ years for them) and 6 seasons for us even bringing up that she or he wouldn’t want that.. (not that there’s anything wrong with not wanting children, but I really feel like these two characters would want that). They probably won’t bring up the topic all together on the show, but I’m sure that when they’re together we will not get a line from either of them that states that they wouldn’t want that.

And that’s not just me being a shipper and incorporating a pregnant Donna in nearly every piece of fanfiction I write, it’s also in a way what the show is hinting to me. From funny comments in the earlier seasons where Donna asks Mike if she’s got to show him how to wipe his ass, to asking if she’s the mommy in this scenario. It also does for Harvey, especially for Harvey. I honestly believe that deep down buried under that workaholic façade is a family man.

We can see it in the way he talks about his own father. We can see it in the look on his face when he’s at Joy’s house and all her grandchildren are running around. That small smile, that’s not an ‘eeew kids’ kind of face. The way he looks at that kid with the baseball glove and his father walking by in the train. It’s the way even Mike pictures Harvey being a dad in 2.10. The way he called his brother. 

and it’s the way that during a therapy session with dr. Agard she says “I just find it interesting that you talk about family as if it were sacred, yet you’ve never married. You’ve never had a family of your own.”

To me this conversation isn’t just there because they needed to address the issues he has with his mother, because one thing I’ve learned with Suits is that conversation are being brought back up or they foreshadow things. So I think this might too.. especially in combination with the “you have issues in your life that will keep you from having real relationships.”

So no I don’t believe it will be too late, I really think that both Donna and Harvey would want that and it’s not too late yet. Yes they’re wasting precious time, but I think that they will have that, because I also believe that once they’re together, they’re in it. They’ll know that that is it and that after the entire history they have there isn’t really a point in waiting long..

But again age aside, it’s a TV show. .if Korsh wants them to have kids he will write that.

So for me it’s not too late and a Darvey baby will happen. A girl would be named Amanda and a boy would be named Gordon, after Harvey’s dad. But whatever gender they get, the kid is going to be amazing. Rule the world. Harvey will call both Harvard and Yale while Donna’s still pregnant to enrol the kid, because it would become both a lawyer and an actor. Harvey will also make sure the kid will call Jessica ‘grandma’ ..something she will hate, but  okay you get the picture..


-        M

A Break

WAIT. Before anybody jumps to any conclusions: I AM NOT QUITTING TUMBLR, NOR AM I GOING TO STOP WRITING. Now that’s out of the way, let me explain further.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t really been sticking to my writing schedule lately. I’ve also become generally a little inactive.

It all started after I went back to school. I now have less time to write because of my homework, I’ve been generally under a lot of stress, and I just feel like I’m crumbling under all of the pressure.

And when I’m in these types of situations and I just don’t have the ‘flow’, I can’t write well. I only want to produce quality content for you guys and right now, I can’t do that. No matter how hard I try, I just feel like I can’t write anything good.

That being said, I will still be posting an imagine in 1-2 days. But I might not be able to post imagines as frequently after that. Don’t worry, I’ll still be reblogging things - I just won’t be writing as frequently. I’ll keep my requests open for a little bit more, and my ask box is always open if you want to say something, 

Sorry about that long rant, but I hope you guys understand. Thank you for your endless support. I love you.

- M.

Escape In Motion/DitchTheDicks

Vent Mode:

I’m currently living with my grandparents and over the last month I’ve come to know.. They’re fucking impossible to please. That sounds unappreciative of me and a bit bratty but let me explain…

The conditions for me to live here was to be in school and have a job. Done and done. Before I reach that point though they were, and still currently are, being jerks towards me. I applied at Walmart and a couple other places and I told them. My grandma even sat with me literally watching me apply for places. Sat at Walmart for an hour applying and my grandma took me to interviews. With all that….they said I was LYING. They said that they wouldn’t believe a thing until I had “proof” meaning like an email or something. I’m like wtf? Okay so I showed them the emails except Walmart doesn’t send one when you do at their store because it goes straight into their systems so a confirmation email isn’t sent out. Which I tried to explain but they kept yelling at me and saying I’m full of bullshit. I’m over here crying and then they get more mad because I’m crying. For three days they were talking shit about me and yelling at me calling me a liar…..I even took fucking photos and videos showing me applying to places and they still didn’t believe me! Like wtf do you want me to do?!……..

Two weeks later I get a call from Walmart saying I got the job and they congratulated me like they didn’t just treat me like shit because they thought I was lying…

The scariest part was when they were yelling at me, I swear to God if my grandma hadn’t been standing there my grandpa would have come in my room and hit me. She held him back knowing he wouldn’t hurt her to get her out of the way because she’s ill.

No they’re giving me shit about school. They don’t believe I’m doing school now… Like what in the hell do you think I’m doing? They thinking I’m lying about everything. I hear them almost every single morning talking shit about me.

Questioning everything I do everyday. Tells me my witchcraft is evil…

So because of that bullshit I’m fucking leaving. Secret mission in motion.


Omg. Kevin Hart. Legend.


Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain ‘Guy Code’ Clip.

“Mannnnn…you was with that b*tch with the FAT ass…” LMAO