hello hello, i am vicky (21, she/her) and your resident mythology trash and forever procastinator, i am a constant mess and simply addicted to hurtful things, jungkook and mark tuan in a hoodie. just come @ me at any hour honestly i love plotting and nothing is absurd (even if it is, i’m sure i’ll like it and yell at u), and while i am still building a pretty about me page here are some bullet points abt misuk a.k.a. helen of troy sparta 💖

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Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,000 exactly

Warnings: fluff, Sam dancing, first kiss

Song Link

“Bei mir bist du schoen, please let me explain…

Bei mir bist du schoen means you’re grand.”

The low, sultry voice echoes through the library of the bunker, and you look up from your book, watching Sam fiddle with an old phonograph. He’s been going through a pile of records that he’d dug out of the basement that morning, dusting them off with a damp washcloth. This is the first one he’d tested on the music player, and you recognize the song, but not the singer. The music is slightly dull, and the voice is clearer than it should be.

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anonymous asked:

I just finished the 18th episode and first of all -_________- It feels like So did so much that seems so forced and out of character, it's almost psychopathic, how he's so happy and content with Soo and then suddenly wants to kill everyone, exile Jung (who he may not have been huge fan of but seriously), keep Jung from seeing their mother on her death bed, brutally kill Chae Ryung, and then get defensive about all of it when Soo says anything, even if he is king now, it's just weird tbh

Ok, anon, I understand you but let me explain you some things.

First of all, I want to clear things with Chae Ryung’s death. So didn’t kill her, he punished her for treason and this way of punishment was common in Goryeo era. Wha he should have done? Give her a poison? Nope, it  was an acceptable way of execution only for members of a royal family (if I’m not mistaken). Or maybe he should have talked to her like: “Oh, Chae Ryung. you killed my brother and almost framed love of my life, I forgive you but don’t do anything like that in the future, deal?”. He did what kings have to do, it was his duty. Chae Ryung’s death was horrible but I think she knew what she was doing so it was her choice.

He doesn’t want to kill everyone. He’s dealing with traitors and people who are questioning his legitimacy. If he lets sentiments take over him he will end up like his brother Mu and all people he loves will suffer too and I’m not even talking about Goryeo people.

I had no problems with Jung’s exile because he and his clan are demanding an autonomy which will obviously lead to a country’s collapse. So is protecting his kingdom and he knows that he won’t be able to persuade Jung in dropping this idea due to Wang Jung’s stupid prejudice and unreasonable hate.  

After watching So’s and Queen Yoo scene with subs I felt really conflicted because I thought that So solved his mother issues. But after some thinking, I realised that this mental scar will never mend just like scar on his face. He wanted time with his mother and revenge. Was he right when he didn’t let Jung say goodbye to his mother? No, but I still understand this traumatized soul. And as @varsklavi said in her message: Jung will steal last moments with Soo just like So stole his last moments with mom. Karma works.

I don’t think that he’s defensive. he acts as a scared and desperate person and I believe that his psychological condition is really poor, he’s torn apart because everything that he was reaching so hard, his happiness is slipping through his fingers and everything is getting only worse.

more opinion on So in ep 17-18 x x

Since I had to say this I’m making a post

You can 100% do your “Halloween is all of October” schpiel if you want, but if someone says “It’s not Halloween yet.” don’t make jokes, and don’t correct them.

Let me explain why.

There are three really big traditions coming up that have huge significance: Dia de los Muertos in early November, the Feast of Samhain on November 1st, and Vetrnaetr on October 31st.  These are all around Halloween but the big ones I wanna talk about are Feast of Samhain and Vetrnaetr, because these holidays are what Halloween is based on and it’s important to understand the traditions that are still observed that inspired everyone’s favorite spooky holiday.

Feast of Samhain and Vetrnaetr are new year’s tradtions in Wicca and Asatru respectively.  Though a lot of Wiccans and Asatru celebrate Halloween in the modern way (dressing up and partying) it is NOT just some joyful little new year’s party.  Vetrnaetr, of all the Asatru feast days, is the most somber feast day.  It is still a feast day so it is still a celebration, but it is still the most somber of that ilk.

Samhain and Vetrnaetr are celebrations of the departed, family members, clan members, and coven members who have passed on, these are feasts and festivals in their honor.

So telling someone it’s a holiday they see as a somber religious tradition for their departed family and friends for an entire month when it isn’t is insanely rude and insulting.  I know there are pagan people who celebrate Halloween as a month-long celebration (I don’t know of anyone who is Asatru who does but I know there are Wiccans who do) but you need to respect that not everyone celebrates Halloween, let alone the way you do.

Dia de los Muertos shares a lot of similarities with Samhain and Vetrnaetr and if you’ll listen to people telling you to treat Dia de los Muertos with respect, you should have the human decency to treat Samhain and Vetrnaetr the same way.

cormierdelphine  asked:

who is detective danvers and who is maggie sawyer... i feel like they are important to you and i want to support ur happiness... sign me up fam

OK DREW LET ME EXPLAIN U A THING (wow that’s a phrase i haven’t uttered in years and please make sure I never do it again)

Maggie Sawyer is a new character on SUPERGIRL that they just introduced- she’s a lesbian, she’s Latina, she’s a badass detective, basically she’s perfect.

Alex Danvers is one of the preexisting main characters on Supergirl and they worked together in this last episode and they have tons of chemistry

DCTV producers have teased a preexisting main character will be coming out as gay this season/realizing their sexuality and at this point we all figure it’s gonna be Alex because of the last episode and her lingering glances at Maggie

and Detective Danvers is one of their many ship names

but yeah as a gay latina woman myself I was very excited for the introduction of Maggie Sawyer and it did not disappoint

anonymous asked:

I don't understand motivations of people in general so rping and the group is scary because you all can do that with completely different head spaces.

I’m not sure what you mean by motivations of people but let’s take the other part…

Ah.  So this is “role playing is scary” not my particular group is scary.  So let me explain how I view rping.  I’ve done it for twenty years.  I wasn’t known for it in this fandom mostly because it was something that I did with my ex wife and it was very special to that relationship and I haven’t had the heart to do it since I broke up with her.  But I view it as a bit like improve fan fiction.  I don’t have to write the entire plot out ahead of time and there is an exciting quality of not knowing what will happen or where it will go.  We can get into the head space just like any fan fic writer tries to get into the head space of the character they are writing.  

So for example one of the threads I’m currently writing in with @red-leather-yellow-bug is set right after Neverland.  And I think about … what was Regina thinking?  She was scared for Henry and she was exhausted.  And self aware enough to be calling herself a villain but hopeful in that maybe Henry was going to love her again.

anonymous asked:

Hey Gaspard, have you ever feel jealous of Xavier's relationship with other people?

{October 27th, 9:55pm / Loc. 75008

     Ah, a variation of a previous inquiry! Indeed. Please let me explain.

     Jealousy - what a strange and juvenile word that can be! But how brutal. I am, I regret to confess, not wholly unfamiliar with the feeling and most certainly not when it comes to Xavier. There was once a time - a lengthy period of time, I must clarify - long before the new France was established, when I did regard my partner through a lens tinted with that very emotion.
     I am rather ashamed to think of it now. I am still apologetic to this day. It was truly not worth the while to suspect Xavier or those around him.

     Nowdays, however, this is not so much the case. Events that occurred in my life post-youth have convinced me that jealousy is a privilege, only afforded to those who have far less to worry about. There was no time to lose Xavier to it, or through miscellaneous paranoia induced by the emotions, when the old France was being torn apart by resistance to our forces. Keeping faith with our beloved President during this time awakened me to this realization, and that also happens to be one of the many reasons why I am glad for his presence. He stabilizes us all, and brought forth an age of enlightenment for many - perhaps I take that phrase to mean something quieter, or essentially private, when it comes to myself, but it is true. I am by no means apathetic or emotionless - if you, good Monsieur/Madame, would pardon my assertiveness in saying so - but I know far better now than to give into unnecessary passions when I regard Xavier as he is.

     He works with many others, aside from myself. I am similar.
     He is very protective of me and completely willing to say so, sometimes to an unwise extent; I am just as protective of him, though I am somewhat more shy. Neither of us would put up with abuse towards our, or our partner’s person, and we would react quite badly given that we were absolutely certain that someone was trying to steal either of us away. But there is no reason, I should think, to react in that way while we are working or simply enjoying time together with our friends. That would be counterproductive.

     So, in short: I would say that I used to feel jealous, but not so much in recent times, now that I know better. Such an emotion is unwarranted until there is a reason to feel that way, and as far as I know, such a cause does not exist in our lives at present.
     I hope this was an informative answer. It always brings me much joy to speak of myself and Xavier.

     Glory to Sebastian, all hail.
     And to you, Monsieur/Madame, his greatest glory.

                                                                                     - G. A.}

{October 27th, 10:12pm / Loc. 75008

     While you are still present, please allow me this brief addendum.
     My partner’s answer is complete as it is, and I have little more to add, save for the nevertheless important assertion that it is a trustworthy response - the evidence for that being that I, the subject of the question, was rendered absolutely delighted by it.

     He is truly a gift, my Gaspard.
     Et tu - yes, you, my friend, reading this close by - I mean that wholeheartedly.

     Glory to Sebastian, all hail.
     And with that, Gaspard, I am altogether his and yours,

                                                                                           - Xavier.}

{October 27th, 10:18pm / Loc. 75008

     You are two feet away from me.
     Literally. The distance between us, while we remain in this bed, is indeed the actual width of two actual feet. (That is to say, yours.)

     I have inferred from past experience that you genuinely adore this format of communication, but if you would pardon this brief instance of common speech: what the hell, Xavier.

     With all the love in the world,

                                                   - G. A.}

{October 27th, 10:20pm / Loc. 75008

     The best kind of hell would be my response.

     With all the love in the world, times at least two,

                                                                                 - Xavier.}

Women are still unequal but in a different way.

When you tell a spoiled child who has had everything their whole entire life no for once they lose their shit right? They have a tantrum a complete breakdown. I’m no parent by any means but how my parents taught me is if you do good in something then they would give me it as a reward.
You may now be thinking Op what does this have to do with women? Well let me explain
Women in this country we have it made here.Women compared to men in America we’re on a pedestal. https://mensresistance.wordpress.com/female-privilege-checklist/ That is a checklist for all the shit I have over men in everyday life.Easily every day.
When women (and in some cases rarely happened) get the short end of the stick or get screwed over they freak out.They lose control they have a breakdown.Women will call feminist and the social justice crew and cry wolf.As a women i’m not a victim.I’m a strong fucking female. I’m not a princess that’s little and can’t protect her self.If I hit a man hit me back.If anyone puts their hands on you regardless of male or female hit them back.Women don’t need to be on a pedestal anymore fuck that.I certainally don’t.Treat me like how you would anyone else for fucks sake.If I commit the same crime as a man give me the same sentence.If men have to get drafted draft women to(They have already if i’m not mistaken).Treat me like how you would anyone else.Ladies don’t think you deserve this or that because you’re a female unless you do the same for men.Long story short for my fucking long ass rant: Don’t treat women like princesses anymore.Treat us like people treat us like equals. Apologies in advanced if this makes no sense.


#friendly reminder that this is actually Loki speaking


Omg. Kevin Hart. Legend.