Phil Lester is probably the best human to ever exist and is such a light and happy person and he takes it everywhere he goes. So many people often know him for his best friend who he actually inspired to be a part of the Youtube community. But his achievements and strong qualities go so much farther than this. He started on his little youtube channel in 2006 and from there, he has a monthly radio show on BBC 1, has hosted the Brit Awards, is living with his best friend, invented so many things and inspired so many people. Phil Lester is so highly underrated. He is creative, kind, smart, funny, considerate and everything that a lot of people forgot was still possible. He is such a positive influence in so many peoples lives and has saved so many people. So, yes, Phil, you have changed the world in ways you wouldn’t believe. And I can’t think of anyone else who deserves the name of Amazing more than Amazing Phil himself.

Fury Road and misogyny in the fandom

Misogyny is obviously a thing in our world. That’s why I take people in the fandom seriously when they point out misogyny. I want to know how they experience it, how it works and how it affects them. And what we can do to prevent it.

Because, honestly? I do not see much misogyny in the fandom.

Yeah let me explain ok. I have such a great time here. After I watched the movie I literally spent weeks doing nothing besides reading meta and headcanon. Fury Road absorbed me, ok? I contribute meta and fanart myself and sometimes participate in discussions. Aside from maybe one incident there was never a time I had the impression people were disregarding each other? Or even being misogynistic?

Do I overlook these incidents? Or do I interpret them differently?

Is the popularity of the War Boys really misogynistic considering the relative unpopularity to the Wives/Sisters? Or are we all just war boys like bonehandledknife pointedly says? I’m not sure if the War Boys are preferred by the fandom because of misogynistic reasons or because it is so much easier to grasp their concept. I think the reasons for the War Boys’ popularity are much more complex than to simply blame it on misogyny.

What I have seen many times, however, is people calling out other fans for liking War Boys. As if it was a sin to like male characters when there are -finally!- developed female characters. So yeah maybe I have seen people disregard other fans, albeit because of some kind of gatekeeping rather than misogyny.

Your thoughts and opinions please.


today i decided to draw princess elise from sonic 06 but as a cat.

i saw someone suggest in some weird AU that elise and blaze could be sisters because both princesses and connected to fire and all that jazz.

right let me explain the watermark. i have gotten so SICK and tired of my art being used and posted without my permission. against my wishes my drawings are used for some gross RP blog and ive had enough, so for now all my future drawings will be heavily watermarked.

if this drawing is posted anywhere OTHER than tumblr then it is STOLEN please report it and let me know where you have seen it.


i didnt really want to do this but i wasnt left with much of a choice.

A Tourist’s Tale: 10 Days in ‘Skyrim’ + Its Health Benefits

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an amazing open world platform with a ridiculous number of missions that your character can partake in. More than that, it is a beautiful world with many interesting things to see no matter where you go. With that in mind, I have played over 240 hours (hence the title) and I wanted to talk about a number of things I found very interesting and wonderful as I wandered through that digital world. No matter how much I love the game, there are things that make the gameplay utterly secondary to the world itself. What I have found is that due to a number of interesting factors, playing open world platforms such as Skyrim can give you feelings akin to traveling to a new place, hence why I have spent so much time there.

To clarify this, let me explain a few things. There has been a great deal of research into how the thought of, say, an apple makes the mind react the same way as if there were a real apple present. It is fascinating work, but can also speak to why some video games become so immersive. The visuals can tie the viewer into memories and associations linked to what they are seeing on the screen. There has also been research on vacations and the effects that traveling has on mental health. Research has shown that travel can have a positive effect on everyone with many benefits. 

Now we get to where the connection is: I hold that wandering around in open world platforms, like Skyrim, can offer the same mental health benefits as travel.

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chill//liam dunbar.

prompt: Heyy I was wondering if I could get a Liam imagine where he gets jealous of me helping Brett ?? Thank you !!

imagine for: gilinskysgoddess

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word count: 542 words

“You carry the 5.” You sigh trying to explain the math problem to Brett.

“I don’t get any of this, I never will. I just just expect the fact I’m going to be kicked out of Devenford Prep.” He groans and puts his head on the table.

“Brett, stop that. I have faith in you! Just let me explain this to you one more time and if you still don’t get it we’ll move on and go back to it later. Brett nods and turns his attention back to you listening to you once again. You were almost done explaining the problem when your phone rang. It was Liam, you had to take it.

“I have to take this.” You smile at Brett getting up and walking into the other room.

“Hey, what’s up?” You ask your boyfriend into the phone.

“Nothing much, do you wanna come over. I miss you.” He asks you happily.

“I can’t, I’m tutoring Brett.” You sigh into the phone, you really wanted to be with Liam.

You knew Liam hated Brett and he wasn’t happy that you were with Brett.

“Okay well I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liam sighs into the phone.

You went back to tutoring Brett until almost midnight. He finally went home and you flopped on your bed and went to sleep.

The next day you woke up and got dressed, you put on your light washed skinny jeans and laced sweater with your white converses. You waited on your front porch for Stiles to pick you up. He finally got there and you got into the blue jeep.

“Hey dork.” You smile at Stiles.

“Hey Y/N.” Stiles grins back at you ruffling your hair. You two had a sister/brother relationship.

You got to school and hopped out of the car and walked over to Liam wrapping your arms around him.

“Hey babe.” Liam laughs pecking your lips.

“Hi.” You smile back at him.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight and have some fun?” Liam whispers in your ear.

“Sorry, I have to tutor Brett again.” You pout, once again you wanted to ‘have fun’ with Liam but you told Brett you would help him and you couldn’t cancel, that wouldn’t be fair to him.

“Why are you always with him?” Liam groans leaning his head on your shoulder. You kiss the side of his head.

“I’m tutoring him, I made a commitment and I can’t break it.” You sigh. 

“But you know I hate him but you still tutor him, it’s kinda annoying. You should chose me over over him.” Liam states in a firm tone.

“Don’t be like that, I know you hate Brett but you need to chill.” You roll your eyes.

Liam didn’t reply, he just looked down at his feet.

“Look I’m tutoring him in the library, after your lacrosse practice you can come and take me home or we can do other things…” You whisper into his ear.  

Liam looks up with wide eyes and nods his head “I like the second option, I’m sorry for being jealous. I just want you all to myself sometimes.” He smiles at you pecking your lips.

“I’ll see you later?” You question.

“Of course.” 

So I hope this is what you wanted! 

sorry it’s so short, this is it for tonight. i have been writing all today and i’m falling asleep at my computer. I have two more to write 

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I'm still executive of Murkoff, you're pretty delusional, aren't you? Let me explain my position in a way your feeble mind would understand. Murkoff is like a big family. Jer is the father of this little family. He deals with the financial issues, business deals, and that kind of stuff. I'm the mother to the doctors, psychologists, scientists, orderlies, and other science-related positions. You are the unruly brat that the mother of the family needs to give special attention to.

“This reference is the creepiest I have ever heard. You just… r-really have an amazing imagination, I’m really shocked here right now. Even though I’m a little bit freaked out, I’m still going to tell you to fuck off. Because that’s my only defense here, seriously.”

Legit Five Nights At Freddy’s Personal Theory

So me and my sis were talking theories and we figured that the marionette is the child from the bite of 87’. The clues all point to it, let me explain. From the mini games in five nights at Freddy’s 4 on the 2nd night when you are told to run away if you turn back the little boy catches a glimpse of the purple guy shoving someone in a suit.

 Now lets assume the purple guy or the killer saw this kid, well naturally since he’s a killer he’d want no witnesses and the kid was obviously a witness. Now lets wind back to FNAF 2. In one of the mini games there is a child standing outside crying.

This is the first child to die, why because he was that same boy. He was avoiding his own party because he didn’t like Freddy Fazbears to begin with plus the kids from FNAF 4 always described him as crying. The killer then proceeded to kill the other kids as shown in the other mini games. Now the reason I believe the crying child is the marionette is simple. On night one and thought the nights of FNAF 4 the crying child continues to call the plushes of the Fazbear crew his friends. 

In one of the mini games in FNAF 2 the marionette is seen placing the souls of the five children in each individual suit in order to keep their souls alive. 

Now think back, at the party in FNAF 4 there are 4 other children at the party each representing a different Fazbear member. They were obviously some of the four kids present at the party on the last day. 

Familiar I think yes. Since the crying child was the first to die it only makes since that his soul was not able to take any of the main crew, he was never in the building. This also explains why the marionette is soothed by the music box, he was a small crying child, music boxes soothe small children. This also explains why the other animatronics are so violent towards the player. They were bullys so they are just doing what bullies do. The only thing I cant figure out is where the security guards fit into all this.

Also this is just my theory and there are tons more out there uvu

Biggest Twist of the Summer?

Me liking Clay. 

Well, kind of. Let me explain.

When I first saw Clay, I was like “Hello there, somebody done smacked you with the pretty stick.” I was all set to gush over him like an 11 year old (turns out my preteen obsession was reserved for Johnny Mac). Then, Clay had to go and overreact about Day which put a really bad taste in my mouth. His showmance with Shelli didn’t do him any favors either.

Needless to say, I was over the moon that both Shelli and Clay were put up. But then a chance conversation in the bathroom between Meg and Clay snapped my head around. I don’t doubt that Clay likes Shelli, but I can definitely tell that there’s some interest between him and Meg. 

Clay’s no longer boring. He can stay this week. I want to see where he and Meg go. They might fizzle, but it would sure be fun to see them continue to have a spark!

I woke up having this weird thought in my head
So, some people here knows I’m speaking french (I am a french canadian), and I was thinking about that
How do trans people (whatever in the spectrum, I’m not aware of every things) deal with the non-binary pronoun in French??
Let me explain: In french, you have two pronoun type. “Il” (“He”, it’s for guys/male and is the pronoun by default for many things (for that you need grammar rules to.understand that)) and “Elle” (“She”, for girls/female only). We do not have something for the “It”. And if we turn it to plurial, what would be “they” in english, would be “ils” (guys and default) and “elles” (girls).
I don’t really think you can create/mix up pronouns (just as “Xhe” (?))… THOUGH I MAY be wrong, but I never heard such a thing, since “il” and “elle” sound similar.
So here is my morning questionning

im not comfortable with people who blocked me on twitter bc of misunderstandings and didnt let me explain reblogging my drawings or any other posts for that matter

i sort of want to confront the person but i cant because of anxiety and anything else so i hope they somehow see this sighs

i want to talk and sort things out and if thats not possible i dont want people who cut me off to reblog my things