John Green: From Loathe To Love

John Green: From Loathe To Love

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When I first heard about John Green, it was in 2012 when The Fault In Our Stars was released, and I immediately hated him. Let me explain before you stone me.

I was always on the lookout for young adult books that weren’t vampires, because vampires were getting boring, fast. So here comes this decent author with a book about kids with cancer, and I thought ‘hey, if it’s a good story and it raises…

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Day in the Life: A Dragon Has Joined Your Party

We bought a dragon.

Let me explain. Halloween is THE holiday in my house. We decorate as much if note more than we do for Christmas. We’re not one of those people that have the ultimate house or anything but we try.

Anyway, my Mum and I had been crushing on this seven foot tall inflatable light up dragon. You might know the kind. It’s a yard decoration. it sold out last year before we could buy it so this year I managed to find out and ordered it.

A few days later I get a text saying my package has been delivered and I go upstairs to get the mail and bring the box in. Except the box is nearly two feet long. I don’t even stand five feet tall. So I’m wrestling the box inside while carrying the mail and trying not to knock over the potted plants on the steps and open the door.

Now my brother the Necromancer’s bedroom is right next to the front door so he hears me struggling and cursing and does nothing. But he pauses his TV show. I get door open, managed to die in the process, and balance the box precariously on the couch so I can talk to him. “We bought a dragon.”


“Because it’s a fucking dragon.” I said incredulously. it’s a dragon. It needs no explanation. 

“Ah.” He says and goes back to his TV show.

“It’s taller than you.” I smirk and hoist the box up again.

“That just means I can punch it in the gut.”

“I wouldn’t. I plan on cursing it.”

“Why?” He pauses his show again.

“So the little shits [middle school kids] don’t try to steal our dragon.” Not that I’m really worried about this. My brother is utterly unafraid to sit outside with a sword across his lap and a coffee cup in hand to stare menacingly at kids walking home from school. The fact that a known witch lives there helps too. We don’t have problems with thieves even when the neighborhood does. Can’t imagine why.

“You’re a mean lady.”

“I have a dragon and I’m a witch. I’m pretty much setting myself up to be a fairy tale villain.”

He chuckles and waves his hand. “Carry on then.”

Santa Inocencia: A dead body that blinks?

This is a very recent event, and we’ll get to that in a moment, but first let me explain who Santa Inocencia is.

The story goes that there was a little girl named Inocencia (which means Innocence) who wanted to become a Christian. Her father told her it was nonsense and beat her when she brought it up. However, a nearby house was used to teach children catechism, so she would sit outside and listen and repeat the prayers. A nun saw her doing this and invited her inside to learn. Eventually it came time for communion, and she accepted Jesus as her lord and savior. She decided to tell her father about this, since it was a happy occasion for her. He was preparing dinner when she approached him, and as soon as she told him, he took the knife he was using and stabbed her straight in the chest. He fled, and neighbors retrieved her body.

It was preserved in wax and put to rest in Guadalajara Cathedral. She is now known as Santa Inocencia (St. Innocence).

We talked about these wax-covered bodies before. Basically, the body is covered in a mask-like coating of wax which gives them a more lively appearance. 

Here is what Santa Inocencia usually looks like:

Now, onto the recent events concerning her. A video surfaced of her apparently blinking. 

Here is the video:

Obviously, the video is very shakey and not good quality, it would be easy to fake the “blinking”. 

Here is a still from the moment she opens her eyes:

Fake or not, it is extremely eerie. If it IS fake, they did fantastic work with the lighting. the eyes also strike me as fairly realistic, they’re dark and most likely hollow, much like other corpses who have been preserved.

There is another preserved little girl who “blinks”, however, the main difference is that this little girl is not coated in wax.

Her name is Rosalia Lombardo, and she is what many call “the most beautiful mummy in the world.” Her body has been fantastically preserved and looks fairly alive without the aid of wax or any other superficial additives. Here’s what Rosalia looks like when she blinks:

There is an explanation for Rosalia’s “blinking”. Although it appears that her eyes become more open throughout the day, it’s actually just the lighting hitting her face differently. Her eyelids are not fully closed, so her eyes are partially visible. Obviously, that is easily apparent in person, but photographs only give us a tiny view of what’s actually there. Eerie, but debunked. 

So is this the reasoning behind Santa Inocencia? Definitely not. If you look at the first picture on this post, and any pictures you look up of her (sans the video screenshots), you can tell the wax is sealed shut. There’s not a physically possible way that this body could open its eyes. It’s no optical illusion.

So is the video real? There’s no real way for me to tell, so take it as you will. Paranormal or not, it’s still a pretty creepy thing to watch.

anonymous asked:

i understand you want closure for komahina but zetsubou-hen is a prequel............

No, I know. Just…let me explain story structure for a second.

Despair is connected to Hope. They’re part of the same narrative, even if Hope is going to take place after sdr2, which is far after despair. But think about it. If you’re writing this story, and in Hope, you’re finally going to give closure on Komaeda and Hinata…wouldn’t you have a scene in despair, to remind the audience of their connection?

It wouldn’t need to be much - just a glance, or something. You could argue the Komakura scene could be something like that…maybe. I’m still not sure what the purpose of that scene was, and it’s muddled because it’s Izuru, not Hinata.

IDK, just, story wise within this particular narrative, since they didn’t have a scene like that - and there were lots of opportunities for them too, if they wanted to, easily - it makes it seem like, then, Komaeda and Hinata won’t get any closure, because in this story itself, it would be coming out of left field.


So I have to say this in case one of my followers ever experience this or ever experience someone else going through this. IT IS SCARY AS SHIT so let me explain: 

I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS CALLED…… but I’m kind of stressed today (and by kind of I mean very stressed and anxious) because my mom has this thing where if she gets too stressed she can spiral into this mental thing in her brain that makes her repeat herself over and over, specifically asking “What day is it?”. ( I never had any triggers but now I hear those words and get very anxious oops). 

She did this once before a few years ago and it is a very traumatic thing for the person going through it, though it’s actually something that’s normally harmless and just scary for everyone involved. (note: it can be related to a stroke but generally 80% if not more of people who go through this- which isn’t that common by the way- are generally completely healthy). 

The person will sort of do what a computer does when it glitches and can’t access a file. The person’s short term memory gets rather out of whack. The person gets confused, forgets things sometimes remembers things from the day previous (like a show they watched) and sometimes forgetting entire months that have passed and the entire time they are aware that something is wrong but they don’t know how to handle it because they are incapable of it at the time so they kind of freak out, hence asking “what day is it” over and over and over and over……. Sometimes they will ask it every five seconds and be incapable of retaining any short term memory and sometimes they’’ll remember in longer bursts before repeating themselves.

And MOST of the time it’s caused by either physical injury (more typical of men) or emotional upheaval (more typical of women) but is always believed to be caused by STRESS in general.

So here is how my morning went- I went to bed at 6am because I had to clean the kitchen and make it nice or I’d be in trouble because haha I forgot to do it HA. I go to bed and I’m woken up at ten am (four ish hours of sleep) to find my mother is once again going through this and I KNOW she’s going to be ok and she’s already coming out of it which is good. Normally this thing lasts anywhere from 16 to 24 hours but she came out of it pretty well in a few hours because she went through it before and actually recognized it was happening. She freaked out and cried a lot and thought this happened often (which it didn’t, this is the second time and we think maybe her dreaming about having it is what triggered it because it was such a scary emotional traumatic thing for her the first time) so she came out of it faster. 

HOWEVER if you ever experience this, even if the person is aware of what happened and is calm about it and feels like they are not in that state any more (because the one afflicted generally knows when they are out of it and back to remembering), they might continue to ask a few things because their short term memory isn’t fully reset yet. The not remembering everything 100% can last a couple weeks but not in a BAD way- basically she did not remember what it was like during her time at the hospital when it first happened and she did not remember my sister’s birthday until two weeks later when she remembered it with great clarity and was surprised to know that she had forgotten. 

So I am an anxious ball of tiredness (because I couldn’t nap like this) BUT I NEEDED TO WRITE IT OUT.

You all need to know IF THIS EVER HAPPENS:

IT’S OK TO FREAK OUT BUT DO NOT MAKE THE OTHER PERSON FREAK OUT. The one going through it gets WORSE the more they stress. The more CALM you can keep them the faster they get out of it. YES you can call the hospital and they might recommend you take them in just in case and that can be difficult to do because experience shows that it makes the person even more scared which makes it last longer. but try your hardest to make sure they know that they’re ok and reassure them they;re not crazy and that this kind of thing isn’t permanent. 

We let our mom sit on the chair and cry it out and reassured her over and over and over and over that yes she is ok, yes she has only had this twice, yes she is doing far better than the last time, yes she is going to be ok. AND LET ME TELL YOU IT IS TERRIFYING AND YOU HAVE TO STAY CALM WHICH CAN BE REALLY REALLY REALLY SCARY. 

So yeah. Typing all this out helped my anxiety on the matter and I am REALLY hoping that if any of you, any of my followers ever come across this, PLEASE know its OK to be scared, it’s OK and if you ever find yourself experiencing this loop YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK. It will be scary… cry it out, and don’t fight it too much ok? If you think about it too hard it makes it more scary and I know the first urge is to freak and you will but know you’re going to be ok. My mom’s been through this twice and yes it’s hella scary but she’s ok and there’s nothing wrong with her mentally. She’s perfectly fine. 

Also this kind of thing is generally NOT linked to dementia so if you have it happen it doesn’t mean you’re going demented or will forget everything or whatever. In fact your long term memory during the event is actually still 100% fine. 

So yeah… just… please read this and know this is a thing and know it;s scary but everything is going to be ok and now I feel like I need to sleep for ten years to work off my nerves.

anonymous asked:

So Adilet's clovers and Quire's shark teeth are magic? How so? Do the other souls have magic like that or something?

(( Yep! I have some headcanons for how magic works in humans and have applied such to the souls as I developed both how the magic works and the souls themself!

(golly,, it got long so,, under a cut, bless you if you actually read this;;)

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NPD - Divorce/Separation as Narcissistic Injury

I’ve had several asks about why the narcissist in their life “just won’t go away”. There are several reasons why those with NPD refuse to relinquish contact. Let me explain.

First and foremost a malignant narcissists considers any separation and/or divorce to be “failure”. You are living, breathing, walking, talking and accountable proof that they have failed to obtain full control over someone. To say that a malignant narcissist would rather eliminate you from the face of the earth in any way possible rather than to let you live as proof against their will and control is to put things lightly.

Second, as a former victim you live in absolute contrary to their carefully constructed “false self”. You are proof that they are not omnipotent, omnicient, all-knowing, all-powerful, irresistable, indomitable, and worthy of all peoples’ subservience, worship and obedience. Your act of autonomy proves that their “false self” is truly false and that they are nothing more than pompous charlatans selling a false and faulty product - themselves.

Due to the above facts, and your decision to extricate them from your life, your very existence is a source of constant narcissistic injury. They will respond by either trying to regain control over you in some/any way possible or they will attempt to eliminate you. This is how they address any narcissistic injury, either take control of the source or remove it.

So, though a malignant narcissist may withdraw for a time, they will inevitably return. They may return and offer “friendship” in an effort to assuage the injury you have caused them by saying “they still value me, we are friends”. They may try smear campaigns, gaslighting, and other forms of ambient abuse to take control of you. Failing all these, they will try to remove you from the picture.

This is why going no-contact is so imperative. They cannot harm you if they cannot even get close to you, in contact with you, gain verifiable information about you. Good luck.

Adoption is trauma

Let me explain: if a child is separated from their bio-mom right after after birth or something along these lines and spends an extended time in an orphanage, they DO NOT get the NEEDED caregiver-child bond. They miss out, which makes them much more prone to developing different types of potential problems (depression, aggression, insecurity, fear of authority figures, etc)

Before you say “WELL I DIDN’T DEVELOP THAT, SO THIS IS FALSE!!!!” stop. Seriously, stop. Your individualism bullshit attitude is the reason scientists and the like wanna bash their fucking face in. One or two exceptions doesn’t suddenly disprove this theory that has been developed in the psychological community.

sorry for all the ooc, but listen, i actually have a huge post talking about – okay, idk why i always think about deep shit when i’m sleep-deprived, but here i am, thoughts buzzing in my head about this. anyway, the reason i’m posting this is because, well, let me explain. i guess acwnr has been wildly accepted into canon through general fandom consensus, but uh… i’m not really a part of the general fandom, since i tend to disagree with it on pretty much 99% of all content that comes out of it. in other words, i’m in it by technicality due to my attachment to levi’s character, but i don’t consider myself as being a part the fandom. hell, anons tried to drag me in my inbox bc of my unpopular opinion (which i said it was one??? anyway), the majority of the fandom has a hard time learning to understand that sometimes, people will disagree. so, i’m an outlier. i don’t like touching the fandom because of nasty experiences i’ve had with it since i first started writing levi.

ALL OF THIS BEING SAID, i’m going to put this in my rules soon, but i wanted to let you guys know that i don’t view acwnr as being canon, period. i have a verse for it, but i treat it like an au. this will change if isayama includes mentions of farlan and isabel in future updates, but i’m not holding my breath.

anonymous asked:

hey ashley! this is a stupid question and im sorry about it but how do i stop forgetting? let me explain, basically someone can tell me ANYTHING and then a couple minutes later i forget it. it makes ppl mad and makes me sad af that i make ppl mad and i hoped maybe you had some tips on how to remember stuff. (also thank you for running this blog, you helped me through a lot and honestly you're the kindest person on tumblr (heck you're probably one of the kindest people in the universe <33))

Gosh, sweetie, that is so kind of you, thank you so much. <3

It sounds to me like you might have ADHD, hon, as that’s often characterized by not being able to maintain focus or not being able to retain information. In other words, either you can’t pay close enough attention to really process what you’re told, or you just can’t hold onto what you’ve been told and you forget. You’re not doing doing it on purpose, and it’s not your fault! It’s a disorder that a lot of people have - I haven’t been officially diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I have it to some degree as well. I’m really forgetful, and I have a hard time paying attention, but I’m not trying to be rude, I just can’t help it.

I have some stuff in my ADHD tag that might help, so you should read that (if you can focus, lol). You should know that if you’re a girl, ADHD tends to be underdiagosed in girls, because sexism. If nobody ever gets you an official diagnosis but you can really relate to the descriptions of ADHD, you’re still totally valid. But that said, you might want to think about talking to a doctor about medication if this makes you have a hard time in school, because that might help.

When it comes to remembering stuff, my best advice is just write everything down. Whether that’s on paper or in your phone, write down everything you need to remember, and if you’re supposed to remember something at a certain date or time, set an alarm or a reminder in your phone’s calendar. It can be better and easier to work with your disorder instead of trying to fight against it, so try writing things down. Good luck, sweetie.

so far my OkCupid messages consist of:

-do you want a sugar daddy

-are you interested in something casual with a 40-year-old

-your face is perfectly symmetrical can I draw you

-let’s just run away and get married

-yes that movie you said was your favorite is ok but this one is better

-let me explain why whatever opinion you expressed in your profile is wrong

-I am obsessed with gluten-free chips

-can you teach me what art is

so I think I’m doing pretty well.


#friendly reminder that this is actually Loki speaking