right so let me explain

my mum is an english teacher in france and for one of their final exams they have to listen to a recording of something like an interview or whatever and like, write what its about - ANYWAYS

my mums job is to edit these recordings and put a countdown to it so the students know when its pencils down, and at the end of it she likes to put little jingles as a sort of celebration, like yay well done its over

anyways with me as her kid obviously jacksepticeye hasnt escaped her notice so this year she used all the way because she genuinely just sings this song and loves it even without context

so thank you @therealjacksepticeye for inspiring my mum, and fun fact students came up to her after to ask what the song was because they were so motivated by it so i guess thank u for makings teenagers feel better after their exam!!

A Little Loco

So yall know Loco, right?

NO! *clears throat, fixes hair* No, not that Loco. This Loco…

Yeah that Loco! Look At Him!! Ain’t he the cutest??

Winner of season one of SMTM, then got signed to AOMG with my Papi Park and Simon Daddy!

But as much as a fan I am of him, I wasn’t always…. Now now before yall get the pitchforks and twitter fingers let me explain. I was always fond of Loco but I didn’t Stan. It wasn’t until I saw him, along with Gray, Jay, and Simon on the 2016 AOMG US Tour. When I went up for the hi-touch and was going down the line telling everyone “Thanks for coming” and “I Love You” I finally got to Loco because he was last, I just smiled and said “Hi”. Why did I decide to switch it up I cannot tell you, but when looked into my eyes with his cute chubby chipmunk cheeks, dimples as deep as the Grand Canyon, blinding white perfect teeth, and overall the cutest eye simile he said “HIIIIIIIIIII” back. Right then and there I had a revelation. When I tell you I had been Enlightened. WHY THE EFF HAVEN’T I NOTICED HOW CUTE HE WAS!?!?!?!?!


The cutest, most talented baby bear ever!

I love my goofy chipmunk cheek baby (even though he’s older than me I don’t care he’s still my baby)

But then recently…. My sweetness has gone missing and this took his place…

Where did my baby go???


hi im quarters please let me explain all of this shit

anyways after I watched the character customization trailer I caved and recreated my Sonic oc from when I was eleven (again). Her name is Holly and she’s a yellow footed rock wallaby living with a family of kangaroos and has a pet chao named Spat who was previously used for illegal chao fighting before he escaped. The two often go urban exploring to scavenge for rare stuff. Holly’s also inhumanly good at rhythm games and likes pastel stuff and jpop.

AND ANOTHER THING I also drew holly and spat in the style of @drawloverlala‘s skyline AU because it’s really cute okay aight im done here night y’all 👋👋👋👋

I've been doing a lot of research into Star Wars lore recently and I just thought of something

• what if general grievous occasionally has just fits of pain?

Now let me explain. Coughing that much h u r t s. It fucks up your lungs pretty bad and can case a lot of pain in the long run until you stop coughing (speaking from experience) not to mention that since his chest cavity was basically crushed and his lungs were already messed up from that; this guy has a painful time breathing probably 24/7.

Now when you add the fact that when they turned him into a cyborg they added shit to his brain that made his hate and pain 100% worse. And the fact that his body is constantly rejecting his cyborg parts. This guy must just have the worst time ever on certain days. As someone with a reeeaaallllyyy high pain tolerance, sometimes, you just want to collapse man.

Let me explain this.  There are, fundamentally, only two causes of the progress of the nineteenth century – the same two causes which you will find at the root of any happy, benevolent, progressive era in human history.  One cause is psychological, the other existential – or: one pertains to man’s consciousness, the other to the physical conditions of his existence.  The first is reason, the second is freedom.  And when I say “freedom,” I do not mean poetic sloppiness, such as “freedom from want” or “freedom from fear” or “freedom from the necessity of earning a living.”  I mean “freedom from compulsion – freedom from rule by physical force.”  Which means: political freedom.
—  Ayn Rand

okay, okay. I know this is not Yuri!!! On Ice but I’m a nerd who likes golf so let me explain. so a famous golfer, Jordan Speith, holed a bunker shot for birdie in a sudden death playoff with Daniel Berger (who he tied the tournament with so they had to keep playing to know who’d get the ultimate title) to win the Traveler’s Championship after four days of keeping the lead and as a competitor golfer this was the coolest thing I have ever seen and I wanted to share it with everyone who doesn’t really know much about golf :))

Hey, I know this is what you guys have been saying all along, but I feel like this little paragraph from a thing I was reading perfectly sums up WHY it’s wrong for pedophiles to express their desires online, and why they’re not “non-offending” if they do.

Let me tell you guys something!!! This MAP community is so easy to fucking find and it’s dangerous as fuck. What they’re doing is wrong and let me explain in a way they could possibly understand.

They’re fucking bait. Anyone from the dark web that runs a porn site INVOLVING MINORS or anyone that can look like minors (cause that’s a gross thing) can look them up and start sending them emails or whatever way to contact them to make them go to their said porn site. Next thing you know, they’re watching REAL CP and even though they were already NOT non offending, welcome to where it could get you locked up for several years. I know they don’t care about minors. They’re selfish pricks but if they could have any left decency for themselves then get the fuck off tumblr so these people cannot find you as easily as everyone else. No one is gonna trust your will power to not offend. I bet you even have doubts yourself since you need to express so badly you wanted to be with that kid you saw in the fucking grocery store today. Minors can find you, the police can find you, pedophiles will find you. They just want to profit off their sick business and you will give them that by staying on here.

Normalizing this paraphilia is disgusting and that’s exactly what the community is doing. If they could watch cp without any repercussions then they would. If they could fuck a child, they would. The only thing preventing them is the consequences from the law. So they go for the next best thing and try to trick people and especially minors to trust them so they seem don’t seem so bad. They came up with an acronym in which they could hide behind because of so much stigma around the word pedophile (like it doesn’t have that stigma for a good fucking reason). They only care about themselves and not the damage it would cause. THAT LAST PARAGRAPH IS ON THE FUCKING MONEY.


new video |  a full explanation of anything and everything that is my new book 💌🙇🏼💌


doods done between finals: zelda edition