it’s a fucking tragedy honestly that the most failed class at my university is math 111 and that is absolutely an issue stemming from capitalism, let me explain:

the first math class you get actual credit for at the university is math 111, or college algebra, any math class before this class you must pay to take but you do not receive credit for it.

so people will jump over the lower level math classes in favor of math 111 because they don’t want to pay for a class they aren’t getting credit for

but the thing about that is: they’re in no way prepared for math 111 and subsequently fail the course they took because they didn’t want to pay for something they wouldn’t get credit for…

and in the end… pay for something they didn’t get credit for. 

Why Tweek and Craig are Both Important as Representation

Craig is loved as an example of good representation for gay people. He’s the complete opposite of gay stereotypes. But because of this, Tweek is often dismissed even though his representation is just as important. Let me explain why both of these characters come together as great representation.

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About Marco and his wand

Ok so I have seen most people saying some things like the thing about his wand that it was due to his soul bonding with Star’s one when…. its not the case.

First of all yeah, I know this happened and I know most people points that as the answer but that is not the only reason Marco’s wand is the way it is. Let me explain further.

Lets get some myths out of the bag. I saw people pointing out that the wing on the show’s logo belongs to Marco’s wand and…. no, that is not the case, it belongs to Ludo’s cepter and the skull even is there too on Ludo’s shoulder pack or whatever is called (sorry I am latinamerican so I tend to write bad on english xD) 

That was stablished since the begining. And By what I saw on the footage of the episode Marco’s wand had a redesign so they could have had tons of other ideas for it. So the chances that those are related are really low. And why the wing? cause it is always related to darkness like Eclipsa’s wand. Now that that is out of the way I am more sure that it is related to Eclipsa. Lets go back and remember that on season 2 Marco got possessed by reading her chapter, the same happened with Ludo.

The reason I point this out is cause Marco has already tasted dark magic that comes from Eclipsa, like I said on my past status I don’t think she is entirely bad but she does have questionables spells. Now this part is important cause I am abording the cheek marks. Marco’s cheek marks are crecent moons…. I wonder where else I saw those?

Yep, I saw those on Eclipsa. Also I am pointing out that her wand has dark wings too, not in the same shape but similar. Keeping that on mind lets go to Analyse the old design for Marco’s wand.

Lets see… if you notice the original wand has more of Marco’s personality on it… like dragon wings and it almost look like it had scales and its almost like a trident if it wasnt for the circular part, also we have something that was replaced on the final wand: the ying yang. We all know what that symbol means and this is pretty important on the next part that I am about to say.

Star didn’t got affected by Eclipsa’s chapter, it was mainly cause she is like Eclipsa, rebellious and following her own rules (even when that takes her to the dissaster) but Margo got turned into a demon like…. and lets add the episode where the monster arm menaced with come back. What does those 2 episodes have to do may you ask? easy: Marco was easily consumed by darkness in both. On the first he realized on time he was wrong and second one he was freed because of an spell Star casted according to the ending of the episode…. so what does that means? it means Marco is very very noble (despise how awfully he is being portrayed on this season) but he can sucumb easily to darkness. And lets not forget he and Eclipsa already met and I want to point something that have been bothering me since the new intro was released.

On the intro Marco is the only one of the two that stays staring at Eclipsa since he falls to that dimension. It could mean that something bigger is about to happen related to Marco and Eclipsa. Of course that is a suposition yet since they just met and they havent interacted more that the “hand sword dance” thing (which I found hylarious xD) and all that stuff.

Lets remember that one of the things that made Star use dark magic was her conflicted emotions of watching Marco and Jackie together. But now Marco is the one that is hurt. Not only his best friend is being a jerk to him (sorry but its the true and don’t come to tell me it isn’t cause the way Star treats both Tom and Marco is very awful, but most people only care about the shipping to see it) and people of Mewni as well have been awful with Marco even when he also helped on the war (like freeing River even if he chained himself again) and he went so far for his best friend to punch Toffee on the chest stabbing him using JUST HIS ARM. And his girlfriend just gave him an out. He is not happy and doesn’t feel satisfied with what he is living and I can understand him going into adventures with Hekapoo (not saying it was right but I cant blame him)

I am not saying the Blood Moon can’t be a possibility but I don’t want the show to be just centered in the ships cause that is ruining it and seeing reactors and fans base their opinion on just if Marco dates Kelly, Star dates Tom or Marco dates Jackei…. that is not the main of the series. Kay? cool.

Okay guys but listen… Detective Wizards! Let me explain; wizards don’t necessarily think logically like muggles do. That is mostly because in many instances magic is not simple! How can you figure out if someone is under a curse or just stressed? Wizards are forced to be shaarp on many skills. There is logic, but it requires a different way of detective wizard then Sherlock. How about a young Dumbledore? Slughorn’s way of hiding from Dumbledore gave me this idea.

Even though I stan GFriend, I feel like Umji is a useless member. Before you call me a fake fan and all of that, let me explain. Umji is a pretty talented girl. If she was in any other girl group, she would be seen as amazing. But because she’s in GFriend, she seems dull compared to the other girls. The other members are so extraordinary that they make her seem lesser than them. She’s is just a tad (it’s almost unnoticeable) slower than them in choreography, she is a good vocalist, but it can be argued that her voice is “annoying”, and people generally think she’s ugly. She’s not ugly, she’s pretty but the other girls make her look ugly because they’re above average. So Umji really is a pretty great idol, it’s just that the other girls kind of overshadow her, so she seems to be “not as good”. Honestly, although I generally like her in Gfriend, I would like to see her in a group with different girls, she would definitely be the gem then and would get to shine.

Quick note about Monetizing!

If I have given you permission to use my artwork, please read this.

I have given out permission to many people to use my artwork in youtube videos or to reshare on other social media sites. First off, I am totally okay with my artwork being shared, so long as you ask me first. I obviously won’t tolerate outright thieves or not being credited, but in general I’m pretty cool with people sharing my artwork. 

Something has come to my attention though and there are some people who think it is okay to try to make profit off of my artwork. Now, let me explain.

My art and comics take hours and sometimes even days to complete. These are things I worked very hard on not to mention that it has taken over 4 years of dedication to get where I am at today skill-wise with my artwork. Writing a comic alone takes a huge amount of effort, and drafting 30 (you heard me, THIRTY) panels for one comic alone has taken a lot out of me. For those who have been following my comic know that I’ve been working on this project for months.

I don’t get paid. I don’t make any money aside from the small donations I receive on occasion (which I greatly appreciate btw). I am not trying to be conceited or anything, but I take precious time out of my day to make these because it makes other people happy and therefor makes me happy. I enjoy making these, but even so, it’s exhausting and sometimes demanding and it’s not easy in the slightest. 

I’m human too, and deal with every day human problems like everyone else. I don’t make a lot of money. I live in a small house with 3 roommates because I can’t afford anything else. I eat a lot of frozen food because it’s cheap.  So, to hear that other people are making money off of my artwork that I spent many hours and days on is heartbreaking. 

Do you have any idea what that’s like? I don’t care about the money. I do this regardless, and maybe one day I’ll be enough of an accomplished artist to make money off of my artwork. I do this because I find other reasons to make it worth it, but to find out that others are using my art, which I worked hard for, to make money for themselves is devastating when I give them rights to use it for free. 

It’s not about the money. It’s about feeling used and betrayed and left in the dirt.

Sorry about the long rant. I’m not angry and those who have monetized my artwork I greatly appreciate that being undone and I hope that you will take my feelings into consideration. Thank you.

glassesgirl0401  asked:

60, eruren or ereri - your choice :3

60. “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

(link to prompts)

how do we feel about eruriren instead ?

Eren tried his damn best to stay out of this one. He even tried escaping the house and going to spend a few days with Mikasa (perhaps claiming Armin, the English Lop rabbit, was dying and needed to see a vet was an obvious lie. Y’know, since rabbits don’t know how to play dead.) 

But instead, he’s been dragged into Erwin’s meddling. Again. 

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anonymous asked:

is mike really a hufflepuff though? cause he only was accepting when it suited him, yeah he was kind to eleven but was rude to max on multiple occasions and straight up told her that she wasn't a part of the group despite everyone else seeming fine with it (mike and dustin were please and will appeared unbothered) saying he is grounded isn't exactly true either as it seemed as if he was lashing out over the course of the year eleven was gone

ok i’m really fucking tired of explaining this. since you clearly don’t want to understand what’s happening to these characters, and since you want to keep doing Alla this, let me explain to you why all of what you just said is shit: 

1. YES mike really is a hufflepuff. to me. and to others. does he have to be to you? no. but since you want to keep bothering me about it, i’ll tell you why he is 
2. please put yourself in this THIRTEEN/FOURTEEN YEAR OLD KID’S SHOES. a girl, who you built an instant, deep connection with disappeared right in front of your eyes and you have no idea where she is or if she’s even alive. again, THIRTEEN/FOURTEEN. i know you guys want these kids to be perfectly mature and reasonable and act like adults but the fact of the matter is that they’re NOT. they’re barely teens. they don’t know how to handle these things like adults because –ding ding ding– they’re not. adults. as much as the other party members loved el, you can’t argue mike loved her the most. of course he’s more distraught. of course he’s irritable and volatile he’s fucking depressed and his friend might have just DIED in front of him and no one fucking cares enough to talk to him about it or maybe i dunno, get the fucking kid some help???? SPECIFICALLY his parents (i’m sorry karen idk what they did to you this season but idk her) who knew he was involved in something crazy (they didn’t know the specifics but they knew he was traumatized and upset) and they did? what? absolutely nothing. not a damn thing for this kid who experienced something no fucking kid that age should ever have to. of course he’s going to act out! he has no idea how to handle what he’s feeling! he doesn’t know the first thing about coping methods or shit like that, he doesn’t have the fucking internet like we do, he’s just by himself stewing in what is probably a lot of guilt and anger and horrible sadness and heartbreak about what happened to a girl he loved very, very much. 

i love max. she’s wonderful and great and i don’t like the way mike treated her bc she didn’t deserve it, but again, he’s not all up there at the moment is he? when you’re fucked up, when you’re so deep you feel like your head is underwater and it might explode at any minute, everything feels like an attack. no one comes at you with good intentions. what do they want? why are they here? i don’t have time for this right now. taking that as mike’s mindset into consideration, how the fuck are you surprised that he wasn’t thrilled to have a new girl in the group? he called eleven every. fucking. day. for almost a yeAR DUDE. the rest of them had time to process. they seem fine. he keeps the wound fresh, it still hurts horribly, it feels like it happened just yesterday. of fucking course he’s not okay with this. why should he be? no one seems to miss el the way he does. he feels betrayed on her behalf and on his, even though he’s not registering that last part just yet. lucas and dustin had a crush. of course THEY were fine with it. will had way more fucking things going on, he didn’t know el personally, why would he have a problem? he wasn’t there when everything happened. he didn’t witness mike and eleven’s relationship, and if he had, i’m sure he would have been a LOT more sensitive about it than lucas and dustin were. which i’m not saying is their fault, because again, they’re kids. they don’t know better. it’s exciting, she’s a girl, she’s cool, she’s cute, of course they want to bring her along. their connection with el was nowhere near as intense as mike’s was. 

what do we know about mike from season one? before eleven’s disappearance? he is kind, he’s thoughtful, he’s patient. he gives eleven a safe place and went headfirst into danger for her because he believed she deserved better than her life has been so far. loyalty. friendship. he never does it for himself. what does he get out of helping her? making himself a target? making his family and friends a target? sleepless nights and upside-downs and his best friend STILL missing, still not found. he dedicates his efforts to both. he does it for them. he doesn’t get JACK shit out of doing any of this but he does it because he loves his friends and he wants nothing more than for them to be safe, and loved, and comfortable. 

and even in season two, with will. someone he’s known since childhood, someone he loves and cares about very deeply. where are his symptoms of trauma? does he ever make will feel like his problems are more important than will’s? does he ever so much as bring it up except for that ONE time? and only to tell will that there was somebody else out there that could help relate to him in a way mike couldn’t? he sleeps on will’s floor, next to his hospital bed, never leaves his side. holds his unconscious body up outside of a lab PACKED with demodogs and knowing he could fucking die at any moment but it doesn’t matter because this is his best friend and he would die before he left him. 

so, anon. that’s where i stand with that. if you’re still not convinced for whatever reasons you have, fine. i really, really do not care. it’s just my personal headcanon. but if you would just keep the rest of your onions to yourself, that’d be swell. 

Upcoming Winter Event: Secret Santa/Winter Wishes!

Tim here!

There are going to be some formal posts in the coming days announcing the official rules and formats for our Winter Event: Winter Wishes, professionally rendered by the amazing Arrow, who tolerated by bumbling help.

I just wanted to announce a few quick bits informally so y’all can be thinking on what wish you’d like to submit.

If ya’ll are like me, you don’t have a perfect request lined up and ready, so let me explain what’s gonna happen very loosely.

Winter Wishes is gonna be a “Submit a prompt you’d like filled” LJ kinkmeme style and “Pick a prompt you’ll be filling in return from the Big Wish List” type thing.

The Official Post with the rules and formats and deadlines will be coming out later this week.

What Tim would like you to think about until then is:

                  * ANON HATE IS FUCKING DUMB. if you have or currently are sending anon hate, you’re the fucking worst. let me explain how long i’ve personally dealt with shitty people sending hate via the anon feature : on every blog i’ve had for over a year, i’ve received anon hate. for example, i woke up to 10 messages just today containing hateful words or suicide baiting or other such shit. it’s fucking disgusting. i don’t follow jade, i don’t know them personally but enough is enough. there should never be anon hate in the first fucking place ! grow the fuck up, get out of your 5th grade mentality and learn to treat people with the proper respect as they deserve and remember that these blogs have muns, people behind these computer screens with lives and families and dreams of their own and trying to get them to do horrible things such as delete their blog or commit suicide is absolutely the nastiest fucking thing and it shows just how low and fucked up people can be. shut your fucking mouths, quit hiding behind masks like pitiful ass bitches and be an adult. you gotta issue with someone ? either talk to them or unfollow, dumbass. alright, cool, bye.


Okay. I’ve been thinking about this for like two weeks since seeing “Ragnarok”, and I’ve come to a sad, interesting, hopeful conclusion, that has to do with Loki’s MBTI type. First off, let me also explain this is just my opinion of his typing, and I know that personality types are not end-all/be-all and so much more goes into a personality and characterization than four letters, but hey, humor me, and first let me break it down:(spoilers ahead)


In “Dark World” when Thor is flying the plane and in “Ragnarok” when they’re getting to the ships he literally won’t shut up. Okay, so maybe since Thor is Loki’s family he’d be more familiar; How about standing in front of eighty-odd people and giving a lavish speech, making a dramatic entrance and declaring “Your savior is here!” before asking “Did you miss me?” (because having Cumberbatch reside on Bleaker Street just wasn’t enough), and immediately schmoozing the Grandmaster upon arrival on a strange planet and partying it up with strangers? You don’t have to agree, but for me this case is a definite “E” (I apologize for my behavior).


Much as Loki would like to be robotic and factual, he’s not. His thought processes are complex and future-focused; the present is only the means to an end. Almost everything he does is to make something happen or to get a reaction. His senses serve to present basic information to him, then his mind interprets it through abstract and complex means. This is part of what makes him a great prankster and people-reader.


Again, Loki wishes he could cast aside sentiment; but he can’t. While he is incredibly intelligent, this is not his driving force; his feelings are. From the very beginning his actions have been born from feelings, insecurity/anger when laughed at spurring the snake trick in a “Thor” deleted scene, envy of Thor the entire coronation chaos, insecurity/outrage over his true origins and Odin’s hiding him a total meltdown, it continues through literally everything he does. (Not to mention the man is a drama queen and everyone knows it and loves it.)


Loki often makes mistakes when he judges something or someone too quickly(that Thor “thinks little of him”, that Natasha isn’t wired to figure out his plans, that he is “above” Midgardians), and once he concludes these things doesn’t seem to question them until they’re proven wrong. While he has his insecurities, Loki is a naturally decisive person, a fine trait in a leader as long as they are not misled.

If you don’t believe the individual traits, then examine them together:


While this type represents people who are great and charismatic leaders, it also presents one of the best personality combinations for manipulation. ENFJs have the Introverted Feeling to understand people, the Judgement to determine the best way to trick them, and the Extroversion to grant motivation to the manipulation. One infamous accepted ENFJ villain is Hans of the Southern Aisles. As Hans was written to be the mirror in “Frozen”, ENFJs cam commonly become “social chameleons”.

Now the point all of this has led to: no person or personality type is a natural villain. But in particular, ENFJs seem like an odd type for a villain to be; they’re idealists, they’re charismatic, they’re even termed “The Givers” and “The Protagonists” by psychologists. So what kind of things usually lead to idealists “going rogue”? Misled intentions. Is that Loki’s case? NO. Well. It would seem. “The Avengers” is one of the most telling films of the case I’m about to make. Listen. I’m young. I watched this one before I watched “Thor”, then I went back and corrected my mistake. But watching “Avengers” for the first time after getting to know the “Thor” Loki more, something struck me as weird. Motivation. But there’s a fancier, more specific word that puzzled me more: conviction. When Loki first dramatically enters he introduces himself as “Loki, of Asgard”, and goes on a full-blown rant about “glad tidings” and “glorious purpose”(after blowing some stuff up with the sceptre). So cool, but like, what? And he goes on to give another schpill about how he’s doing this world a favor in Germany. But nothing we saw in “Thor” nor anything we see elsewhere seems to indicate that he actually cares about midgard kind. So I ask again, what gives? He’s justifying himself. And you know what, he’s been doing it since film one. “I could have done it Father! For you! For all of us!” But no, Loki isn’t simply justifying himself to others; he’s trying to justify himself to himself. And when does all this glory talk and misled morality come to the surface? When he’s holding the sceptre, and never quite as much when he’s not, did you notice? Theories have riddled the net about how Loki could have been victim to the sceptre’ s control, and to a degree, I concur. The Avengers argue feverishly when in the same room as it, Bruce scarcely realizing he’s holding the thing, and one of its integral functions is mind control. I don’t think it controlled Loki “per se”. I think it did what it did what it did to the Avengers and brought forth unsavory emotions they’d put at least a little effort into concealing until that moment when they confronted them head on(Steve’s aggravation at Tony, Tony’s irritation toward Steve. Both things that were present before but unearthed more by the sceptre’s power). Now this is an interesting case, for the sceptre’s power seems to appeal to true emotions and thoughts in different people. This rant brought to you to conclude, a thought process present in Loki is justification. This is addressed when Coulson says that Loki “lacks conviction”, a comment that gives Loki pause and lowers his guard enough for Coulson to blast him through a wall. Because it’s true, and it bothers him. Deep down, Loki wants to be a hero. He wants to be in the right, and his moral compass is so integral he has to justify every move he makes. But just as he would rather be sensing/thinking, he doesn’t want to accept this part of himself that seems weak and, you know, burdensome. He’s fighting it and feeding it at once. But what this leads to are his final moments in “Ragnarok”. “You will always be the God of Mischief Loki. But you could be more.” (That quote was rough sorry you get it though.) Sure enough the next time Thor and Loki see each other, Thor trusts Loki with the task of ensuing Ragnarok. And he does it. And boards the ship afterwards and lets Thor know that he has done so. And it’s a fair argument that these things came from self-preservation, but when you consider the interactions between Thor and Loki throughout the film, it seems that all of this is leading to something special: a redemption for Loki. And maybe I’m too idealistic, but I think when the time comes he will seize the opportunity.