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I think you and Rihanna have the same aura. Yea I'm aware shes a superstar & you're just a blogger, so let me explain. You're both care free island women. You both party wild & have the same set of friends for years. You both have a sweet & caring side. You both honor your culture & elders. You both can curse out any mudddaaaass when needed. From one islander to another, I'm glad there's so many of us out here doing big things. You may be small compared to her, but you inspire me just as much x

Looooool this is sweet. I’m no way near Rihanna, but everything you listed.. That spice in character, is embedded in every single West Indian women. We are dope people 🙌🏾

Thank you for your message 🌻

Thoughts on Wolfgang’s Name

It’s been implied before that Wolfgang Bogdanow’s first name is not to be taken seriously since “all Germans are called Wolfgang” in fiction. (x) As Max Riemelt points out, ‘Wolfgang’ is very old/old-fashioned. That makes it a typical and easily recognizable German name and, consequently, a default (and, let’s face it, rather simplistic) choice for the naming of German characters in literature, cinema and TV.

Although I agree about ‘Wolfgang’ not being a particularly original name, I think it was an appropriate—even perfect—choice for the Sense8 character. Let me explain why. :)

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“Fifth Harmony was MTV’s 2014 Artist To Watch. Last month, MTV seemingly snubbed Fifth Harmony by not giving them a single nomination for the 2015 VMAs. This came as a shock as the girl group is currently riding the wave of their smash hit Worth It. MTV appeared to realize their error this month, as they announced the fan-voted “Song of the Summer” category and nominated Worth It. However, they also nominated 5 Seconds of Summer’s new song She’s Kinda Hot.

Let me explain why this is a problem. The VMA eligibility period ended on July 01, 2015. However, She’s Kinda Hot was released on July 17, 2015. Perhaps more relevant, as this is the VIDEO Music Awards, its music video was not released until August 03, 2015, over a month after the eligibility period ended. So why/how was it nominated? In a word, sexism. 5SOS was nominated because they are a popular boyband. There is no other reason. The song has had little chart success. Its music video barely has 10 million views. The song was released after the eligibility period. However, MTV tossed all of this aside because they have millions of fans that MTV knew would participate in this voting and bring awareness to the show. How did MTV know this? Because, as previously mentioned, they’re a popular boyband. The reality is, Fifth Harmony could NEVER release a song after the eligibility period, have no chart success with the song, and still get a nomination. Why? Because they’re a girl group. Because girl groups don’t guarantee the same level of fan participation as their male counterparts. This is yet another contribution to the systemic sexism that occurs on a daily basis.

But hey, let’s look beyond the injustice of 5SOS even being nominated. Fifth Harmony has beaten 5SOS before. They could still win, right? WRONG. You see, MTV imposed a voting limit of 12 votes per account per day. Why is this a problem? Because it’s a well-known fact that the 5SOS fandom is at least 4 times larger than Fifth Harmony’s fandom. Fifth Harmony has been successful in the past when no voting limit was imposed and the sheer dedication and determination of their fans could drive them to victory. However, MTV has now built a voting system that inhibits that, and all but guarantees 5SOS will win the award.

And why is this all a big deal? Because Fifth Harmony legitimately deserves to win this award. Let’s throw up a side-by-side comparison of the two songs in question. The She’s Kinda Hot music video has 10 million views while the Worth It music video has 200 million views. She’s Kinda Hot has 19 million streams on Spotify while Worth It has 166 million streams on Spotify. Worth It reached the top 5 of US pop radio while She’s Kinda Hot failed to reach the top 10. Worth It remains in the top 10 of the Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart while She’s Kinda Hot is not even in the top 50. She’s Kinda Hot has fallen out of the top 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 after only 5 weeks while Worth It is still in the top 20 after 27 weeks. Worth It spent the entire summer on Billboard’s “Songs of the Summer” chart while She’s Kinda Hot failed to make the chart at all. Worth It has outperformed She’s Kinda Hot in every metric you can compare. Worth It dominated the charts for the entire summer while She’s Kinda Hot wasn’t even released until the end of the summer and its chart success has paled in comparison.

In summary, an ineligible song was nominated and is about to win a VMA while an eligible and highly deserving song is about to lose. I would hope that MTV, a historically progressive and boundary-pushing company would be bothered by this and I implore them to stop it from happening.” - @normanithequeen (twitter)

look, i’m gay as hell and i live in an all-girl dorm. should that worry you? no, no it shouldn’t, because you should know something: i’m not an asshole.

let me explain. when i go into the restroom, there are always girls showering or walking around in bras and pajama pants. do you know what i do? i mind my own goddamn business. i get in, do what i have to do, then get out. i don’t ogle the girl down the hall as she washes her hands. i don’t make suggestive comments to half-dressed girls. i just do what i went in there for and get out. it’s not hard.

and by the way, “sex drive” has nothing to do with it. that’s not an excuse. (also, my own is…significant, let’s say, yet somehow i manage to go through the day without drawing attention to myself or making others uncomfortable. amazing.)

all it takes is respect and self-discipline, really. it shouldn’t be a laborious process to NOT make someone uncomfortable.

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What are your favorite things about Castiel? For me, I really relate to him (we're so alike it's kinda scary) a lot, I love his whole character arc/character development, he's both badass and socially awkward, etc.

Hi, dear! Wow… your question just made me realize something: I might still be a Dean!girl at heart.

Let me explain something to you. When I started watching the show, long before Cas/Misha was part of it and the Destiel fever started, I was a complete Dean!girl. Dean Winchester is the character I’ve always been able to relate to because he always wanted to be a perfect little soldier to please his father who hardly ever said nice things to him. Dean cares about others sometimes more than others care about him, hates himself a lot and blames himself for almost everything, feels that everybody is going to leave him sooner or later, uses humor as his self-defense mechanism, projects his deepest fears or insecurities onto other people, pretends to be an insensitive kind of person but is actually a very loving and caring type of guy. There’s just so much I could say about Dean and EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING I see in his character is what has defined my life for almost 30 years.

Even though I’ve written about Cas before, this is the first time I realize I can’t relate to him. I love Castiel 50% because I can’t imagine Supernatural without my beloved Misha Collins and 50% because of what Cas means to Dean. When Cas showed up, I became a Cas!girl and I’ve been that for such a long time that I had almost forgotten I was devoted to Dean before. Now that I think about it, it’s probably because I love Dean so much that I can’t imagine the show without Cas.

Castiel understood Dean from the start. “You don’t think you deserve to be saved.” I was a goner after that line! Castiel is everything Dean needs. Dean has always needed someone who can see the worst about him but who still finds him worthy… someone who can still see how bright and full of love Dean’s soul is. After everything Dean’s been through, he deserves something good in his life and being loved by an angel is a nice touch. I think I relate to Dean so much because awful things have happened to him, and he’s not the best person, but he’s not evil and he tries to do his best (just like me), how can so many bad things continue to happen to him? I just want someone to love him, accept him, protect him, and do everything for him… maybe because I’d like to have someone like that in my life… I don’t know. I like the idea of someone loving Dean unconditionally maybe because I wish there were someone able to love me unconditionally. At least if Dean got his happy ending I wouldn’t believe that life is totally fucked up. Maybe.

So… to answer your question (sorry I’ve written this much and given no coherent response), my favorite thing about Castiel is what he offers Dean: unconditional love (whether romantic or platonic). He’s awkward and a total bamf, but what I love about him is how much he cares about others, especially about Dean (“too much heart was always Castiel’s problem”). In fact, the way I see his character development (which I totally love) is always related to Dean as I kinda explained in this meta

I didn’t answer your question in the slightest, did I? I’m so sorry. *hands you some chocolate cookies*

I am so nervous about the Trespasser DLC, I really am. I don’t want any of my babies to die. I also want to know WHERE THE FUCK HAWKE HAS BEEN! If the Wardens forcibly Conscripted them then IT. IS. ON. My Warden will need to come out of the woodwork and be all, “LET ME EXPLAIN YOU A THING, ASSHATS!” meanwhile their LI is in the BG looking menacing like, ‘Don’t make me have to kill a bitch or five hundred. I’ll do it.’ 

Or Bioware will be Bioware and conveniently ignore/forget that plot point. *shrug* 

I literally watched the Wildest Dreams MV in a bathroom stall

Let me explain…

I was at a very fancy banquet that my family had been invited to and it happened to be at the same time as the pre-show.

Therefore, I excused myself to the restroom, pulled out my phone and earphones and watched the video.

This is also the story of how I died.

So let me explain, I haven’t posted many selfies because I was insecure with how I looked because of my weight but I decided I wanted to dress up and look cute. I have to say I felt pretty happy with how this picture turned out!

Why it might be time to kill the post-mortem

At the end of the “Hannibal” series finale, I tweeted that it was a perfect end to that show. I don’t think it was a perfect finale, and I thought overall Season 3 was the weakest of all the seasons to date. But I thought the last ten minutes or so were gorgeously rendered and thematically stunning: The love/hate relationship between Will and Hannibal was consummated on all levels, and then Will took Hannibal into the yawning chasm of a world slowly consuming the living through merciless entropy. Even the coda, which to me suggested that Hannibal’s madness lived on even though he didn’t, felt like a nod towards some sort of continuity even though Hannibal and Will were no longer around anymore. Bryan Fuller, showrunner and mastermind of “Hannibal,” had done the impossible.

Then, five minutes later, he totally undid it.

Let me explain.


Omg. Kevin Hart. Legend.


Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain ‘Guy Code’ Clip.

“Mannnnn…you was with that b*tch with the FAT ass…” LMAO