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I loooooove the way you use color!!! Could I have maybe a tutorial or a step by step? :3 If you don't want to that's okay x)

Okay, let me explain this in a really stupid way but, the “Dx” seccion are colors that I can’t work with cause they’are so bright my eyes hurts, also I don’t really like saturated colors,

but this part here is really great for make my neutral and muted colors pop up!

Some of the neutral colors I use. I also work with complementary colors a lot, depends on the energy I want the drawing to have!

Here’s how I usually use them; detail some things or backgrounds with plain colors, sometimes it’s really hard cause I want it to have an harmony and composition but they really make the colors pop up and bring attention!

Or at least it’s vibrating.

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Can I pls use ur Miraculous Ladybug Marinette holding a black cat pic

HI! I know you didn’t ask for this but let me explain something.

I get this kind of message a lot. A lot. And you know what, it’s good? people are asking permission to use your art, exactly how it should be! But when people send me message like this, in anonymous, not introducing themself in any way, and not explaining how and why they want to use the art, how can i say yes? Is it for a profile pic? to repost it on another website? to use it in a video? i don’t know!! Plus it’s not very convincing and kinda rude to ask it like this and will always sound fishy.

Sorry this message is not directly towarding you, it’s for a generality. If you didn’t guess my answer to your question is “please can you explain yourself”

Living a Cliche (Taehyung)

Member: Taehyung

Prompt(s): (Drabble Challenge) “angsty school love story”

  • 25) Just let me explain…there was this guy and…


  • 90) Sorry I have feelings too…

Requested by: anon

Summary: Taehyung is having the best day of his senior year. He receives great news and takes a leap of faith to try and have the good things continue. The best day soon becomes the worst. 

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Turning the dial, he smiles as he hits the final number and pushes up on the latch.


Taehyung has been friends with you, best friends, since junior high. It truly was amazing how close the two of you had become in such a short amount of time. You are Taehyung’s closest friend and, if he is being honest with himself, his first crush. By the time you graduated from junior high, the two of you were inseparable and classmates joked that you could read each other’s mind. They were partially right. Taehyung can read you like a book most days and you can tell what he needs with just a text or look at him.

The two of you traded locker combinations as soon as you had received them yourself with the reasoning of helping each other out in case the other was gone. Taehyung’s locker is right across the hallway from yours so it would be easy for the two of you to grab whatever supplies needed from either locker. This came in very handy when you had to be out of school for several days due to wisdom teeth surgery.

Taehyung also loves leaving small things in your locker: snacks, notes, stickers, photos–whatever reminds him of you and what will make you smile.

Today, it is a small wildflower that he saw on his walk into the building. After taking a photograph of the flower, he had gently plucked it from the ground and he now sets it on top of your calculus book. This particular flower reminds him of the summer before high school when the two of you had taken a walk along the outskirts of town to ease some anxiety of what was to come. You had sat down along the edge of the road in a patch of grass that was almost hidden by this exact type of flower.

It looks as though he missed seeing you at your locker this morning since the books for your first class are missing and your jacket is already hanging on the hook. It doesn’t surprise him though. You probably had to meet up with someone or have some club meeting this morning. He knows you’ll see the flower before lunch though. Perfect timing too because he’ll see you at lunch.

He smiles to himself as he gently closes your locker, revealing the prom poster that has been plastered to the outside. Adjusting the straps of his backpack, he makes his way to his photography class. He arrives right as the bell rings.

Nobody greets him as he enters the room. Most of his classmates have already claimed a workspace and have their eyes trained to their computer screens, perfecting the images that they captured with their cameras. He can’t help but glance at the screens as he passes; he is fascinated with how different people find different things beautiful. As he passes his teacher’s workstation, he hears his name.


“An envelope was mailed to the school for you. It looks important.” The instructor smiles hopefully at Taehyung. “I thought you’d like to open it as soon as possible.”

Taking the envelope, Taehyung looks at the return address. He feels his stomach drop.

This is it. His entire post-high school education relies on this letter.

He had submitted an application to the most prestigious university for photography. He had to include a portfolio too. That had been the most stressful time for him this year–trying to determine which photographs to include and how to arrange them. The finished product contained many photographs of you, little to Taehyung’s surprise. You were his muse and he loved taking photographs of you interacting with the world.

The university had already accepted him into the school, but as of this moment, Taehyung had no way to pay to attend. His family wasn’t poor, but they definitely did not have the money to send him to the university on their own. He worked part-time and had been saving whatever he can, but he still came up extremely short. His grades were decent but would not be scholarship worthy.

This envelope could be the answer.

Bowing slightly to his teacher, Taehyung makes his way to the back of the room and stops just outside of the darkroom door. He sets down his backpack on the floor by the door and turns the envelope over in his hands. Taking a deep breath, he breaks the seal and pulls out the letter. He closes his eyes as he unfolds the thick parchment paper. With one more steadying breath, he opens his eyes and quickly scans down the page.

We are pleased to inform you that you are the recipient of the Department of Photography’s Art for Everyone Scholarship for the full amount of your books, board, and tuition. Your photography portfolio impressed the department’s heads with its creativity, attention to detail, and skilled production.

Nobody sees the boxy grin that spreads across Taehyung’s face besides his instructor as he continues to read the letter. He comes back to read the first paragraph again several times. He carefully folds the letter and places it back in the envelope.

Stepping into the darkroom, he celebrates as soon as he closes the door. His cheers are heard from the classroom, causing some of his classmates to look to the door in confusion and his instructor to chuckle to himself.

Heart still beating quickly, Taehyung catches his breath. Everything is bathed in a crimson tint. Looking around, he sees a photograph that he had been working on creating and developing for the past several class periods hanging on the string that weaves back and forth across the red room. Walking closer, he looks at the photograph that has now fully developed. It is perfect.

“Today is the day.” He smiles as he unpins the photograph.

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So what is the point?

This has been going through my head tonight and I can see others expressing similar thoughts. Supergirl, the show, feels like it has been in a holding pattern since 3x07. The episodes introduce things, but there is no emotional pay off or follow through. It is making things seem pretty willy nilly. It is like they just can’t follow through or give any real information. Let me explain why I feel so dissatisfied:

3x07 Mon el returns. He is acting super sketchy. We find out time his past and he has new friends. He makes some cryptic remarks about Kara and others getting hurt. Ok so it seems like this is the start of what the show runners called a central mystery…except it just fizzles out. Turns out he just wanted to make sure his new friends stay asleep and hide a wife. No real answers. No real emotion except Kara being sad.

3x08 Oh look. Kara is sad. I am shocked. Obvs no real movement on the SG story because crossover and of course that story is completely disconnected from Kara’s season long journey if finding out what it means to be human…oh wait but it has actually scenes where Kara is confronted with a version of herself that really did lose her humanity and mocked our Kara for her human heart. Oh but that was never referenced again. No comment in a later episode. No connection. No realization. Not even a hmmmm moment from Kara.

3x09 more sad Kara. Imra talks about Mon el and how he held onto Kara for so long, but she trails off and no information on how or when Mon el and Imra got together. No background on either character, really. Even the Legion story seems half assed. Also they want to repair the ship, decide it is just broken, and it drops as a subject. Then Kara gets her ass handed to her…surely that will be explored later…nope. It will get disregarded in 3x10.

3x10 Look, they decided to wake the 12th level intellect…surely that would have come in handy when trying to fix the ship. In fact why can’t they just wake the whole team? Is there a limit? Is there a down side? Who knows? Definitely not us. So now we get this quick resolution to Kara’s identity issue as she wakes herself by embracing Kara Danvers…in an incredibly rushed and underwhelming moment. But before that we get to finally see this fantastic and hyped Legion of Superheroes…the earth’ s, no the universe’s protectors. They suit up in dramatic fashion. We get superhero struts and superfhero landings. And then we get…a chick that can throw heavy things with her mind, a genius beyond imagining that has to run away to get weapons back online, and a guy who can’t punch his way out of an ice ball. What a let down.

3x11. First let me say that I love Mon el. Next let me say how annoyed I was that they start the episode with him erroneously taking credit for saving Livewire and then had him mansplaining the ship issues to Imra. They end the episode showing how he has grown. If you want to keep his growth last season and build off it, how about you don’t have him say stupid shit just so your female characters can haved an eye-roll-haha-silly-man moment. Anyways. So here is our big girl power episode. They come up with a reason no man can go and a reason why they need villains…although why Psi, never really was explained. They include Imra, in case something heavy has to be moved I guess…which actually worked since that is basically all she did. But this is a good time for the two female parts of what may or may not be intended as a love triangle (possibly the least eventful one ever) tyo bond or cone to understanding or something…but nope. Butkus again. They barely interact. At this point one us starting to wonder–if this marriage is real, what was the driving force behind it? How has it served the story? Kara is sad, but they did not need a marriage for that. They have not shown any reason why Mon el and Imra would get married, no all consuming love, no passion, just some run of the mill companionship. That seems weird that he would settle like that after holding into Kara and their love for a long time, but what evs. No emotions from them fits the no emotions from most characters these days. Anyways, back to girl power. So no advancement in the Kara/Imra dynamic. Psi is basically a placeholder…still not sure why her. We do get some talk between Livewire and Kara before she dies…but why does she die? It does not throw Kara into a tailspin. She is sad, but what else is new? So right now I am wondering…what DC movie is that character going to show up in. Her death is so reminiscent of Deadshot’s in Arrow, it makes me suspicious. Bring her back, have her save lives and die trying. She is an occasional character. It is not like having her just go away was not an option. Also, sok why did the show runners go out of the way to make this team all female? Why bother? Idk. I guess just to shut up people complaining about men being on the show? It sure wasn’t to advance the relationships or characters. The only one who grew, died for some reason.

This show needs to figure out what it is doing with Kara and Mon el and their romantic relationship and start moving it in that direction more explicitly. These touching, shared moments warm my shipper heart but confuse my brain. Is he married or not? Is there more than meets the eye? Is he even.being 100% honest about their mission? Why then say Kara will get hurt if he did not get to his ship? Why would they completely disassociate the Legion mission from Kara? How long will we have to wait to feerl like this season makes sense?

T A K E   M E   T O   T H E   C L I F F S   -   P A R T II 
(coming Thursday!)

It took her a moment to realise what he’d just said and then- “WHAT?!” She jumped up from the bed, but the sudden movement made her head dizzy again. “You are fucking crazy! CRAZY! I thought I was crazy, but no, you MISTER, ARE FUCKING INSANE!”

“Okay, I officially suck at this,” Harry hastily stood up as well and then, trying to act placating, he begged, “Please let me finish explaining, I know this might sound insane-”

“Oh, it does indeed!” Myrna shrieked and took another step back, away from him.

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(1)I'm the 'using j/k to cover up t/k' anon again. Let me explain myself. When I heard this "theory" the first thing that came up to my mind was 'what the hell, that's the most stupid shit they can come up with'. But then I couldn't stop wondering why a considerably big amount of people would think that, it must have a logic. So I remembered my Philosophy teacher when in a class he explained that 'logic' doesn't equal 'truth'. Like the Flat Earth Society... if you look to their explanation...

(2)explanation, it actually makes some sense… but after a closer, detailed and backed up look, you would realise that, yeah it’s logic, but only if you overlook or ignore a large amount of information. So I tried to understand where t/k shipper logic was and came to the conclusion that they’re not thinking their covering up a gay couple with another one, but they are covering up a gay couple with a bromance.


it still has logical falicies, it’s not logical to think that. the reason so many people (it’s honestly not that many, it’s a few loud ones) believe it isn’t because they TRULY believe it and think it could happen. it’s bc they’re making excuses as to why jikook are having moments. it’s literally a false cause (bc jm and jk are hanging out, they’re covering t/k), it’s also an either or fallicy (either t/k r real and jikooks covering or t/k is real and bh hates tk), it’s also a rationalization (i don’t like jikook, so i think they’re covering t/k), it could be considered slippery slope as well (t/k are rwal, jikook are forced to cover up, bh hates t/k), also a definite hasty generalization (jikook HAVE to be covering t/k, no other explanation), and could be way more fallacies as well. it’s legit, just not logical. it’s bitter fans. not everything highly believed has to be logical. it is not logical to sit there and go “jikook are covering t/k bc they can be fan service”, it’s delusion. logic doesn’t equal fact, but logic also has to have some sort of intelligent thought.

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I have a question that's been nagging at my brain for a bit since you mentioned butter was ace, he's also a little .... Quirky .... How would he feel about his s/o masturbating to get the sexual gratification they needed? Is he disgusted by it? This is assuming the s/o does it respectfully in their room away from him and doesn't make a big deal. You also mentioned he would probably stim with an s/o's big boobs, would he be upset of they got off from that?

Okay this ask is so wrong on so many levels. This is so not okay and let me explain why. 

1. Butterberry is ace. Which indicates that I don’t want to talk about anything sexual with him. I know asexuality is on a spectrum and there are different comfort levels, but generally, to my knowledge, asexuals don’t want anything to do with sex? I imagine it would make them uncomfortable, depending on the situation. (Again, I’m not asexual myself so I could be wrong and be making a stereotype, feel free to let me know and calmly explain it to me). 

2. If he was a real person, why would you want to put Butter in a very uncomfortable situation of answering that? You don’t go up to your partner, asexual or not, and ask “Hey I hope you’re cool with me masturbating” because that’s your personal activity and your partner shouldn’t even care if you do it. To ask this question is to try to manipulate him like “My partner doesn’t please me so I have to do it myself.” It’s guilt tripping and it’s completely unfair. 

3. Whether Butterberry is autistic or not, I left it up to the reader’s interpretation because I am not knowledgeable enough to write an autistic character, but if someone wants to view him as that way, then that’s absolutely fine. Butterberry stims with breasts because it feels nice and stimming is not to be sexaulized, not matter the context. So to answer your question, yes, Butter would definitely be uncomfortable with that because he did not consent to making his partner orgasm. How would you feel you started rubbing someone’s arms because it feels nice and they suddenly orgasm? It’s freaking wrong and it’s disgusting because you did not ask to be a part of that.  

This is not even about Butterberry anymore, the stimming part of this ask completely sexualize neurodivergents and their habits. I’m not an expert, but that is fetishizing something that they have no control over, and do to make themselves feel better.

This ask really put me off, and I was going to delete it but I just had to say something. I will not be answering any sexual asks involving Butterberry at all. 


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