Why are people here condescending as hell?

“Are you all really surprised that-”  Yes. We’re all surprised! We never saw this coming! Only you saw the light!
“This is simple, people.”  Yes, and all of us here can’t possibly comprehend it.
“You probably don’t know this (even if you are a huge Mass Effect fan), let me explain the most basic concepts in Mass Effect.”    REALLY. REALLY?!
“I know you’re talking about Point A and care about it, but still, let me teach you about point B, it looks like you really need to be educated on it.”     You for real?! You know that stuff is even more shocking when Point A is highly sensitive and someone was brave enough to talk about it???? 

When the experts in this fandom do this, I usually say nothing because they mostly react to wrong informations being spread.
The problem right now is that this condescending attitude is EVERYWHERE and I don’t understand why. Correct people, or answer their questions but stop talking to people as if they’re beneath you and only you, Fan Supreme, knows the Truth. And please please GIVE PEOPLE SOME CREDITS.

At some point, I’m like “fuck this, I don’t need to be condescended to today” and I don’t even start discussions or ask questions. It’s too fucking exhausting having to say “I know” or “Yes, I’m aware” all the time, or you know, spend three hours saying, all over again, “that’s not what I’m talking about though” because that person has decided I need to be ducated on something I am not even talking about in my post. I mean, sure there is a context, but at some point you gotta stop assuming people know nothing about it. 

I want to learn from people, I want to have discussions, I want people to tell me things I don’t know. I just don’t need that attitude that comes with it. I am going to learn faster if you don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot. Please. And if you see me have that condescending attitude with people, tell me to cut it out ASAP.

First of all, please don’t bash me because of my opinion. I am not claiming my views to be facts. This is just the way I see things from my point of view. Also, I apologize for my English. 😢

We cannot blame the fansites for feeling down, hurt, mad, angry, etc. towards Pledis. We all know how it feels when we give a gift to someone we love and then we’ll just see another person using or wearing it. And we also know that the company screws over and over. But I am not taking sides. Let me explain my opinion about this matter.

About Pledis:
We all know just how terrible they are in handling their artists. Remember when China line couldn’t attend the Manila and Auckland fanmeet, but we never heard any proper explanation from them. Also, After School hasn’t had a comeback for so long, and we AS fans are so confused.
But we should also not forget the good things that Pledis have done. Like when Wonwoo rested for like a month or two because of acute gastritis. And also when they gave Seventeen a two-week rest. We all know they are really terrible at times, but after all they are managing Seventeen. Without them, there is no Seventeen. They might be terrible, but I don’t think they are idiots who don’t know what they are doing.
We don’t even have a reliable source from the company. About the staff allegedly destroying the wreaths…I am not saying that the fans who were there are lying; but in my opinion, we weren’t there. We weren’t there to be actual witnesses of what really happened. We don’t even know why it happened. We’re just behind the computer screen or smartphone reading and reacting about the issue. I don’t want to judge and curse Pledis, because (once again) they manage Seventeen. And I don’t think a group of people managing a lot of artists would be a group of stupid people. All companies have their pros and cons. And I am saying this because I live by the quote, “Thou shall not judge, because thou has f*cked up before too.”

About the fansites:
I understand how they feel. We know the feeling of giving someone we love a gift and then we’ll just see another person using/wearing it. But we can still look at the bright side. It’s already Christmas season, and Christmas is the season of giving. If it happened to me, I’d just think that the staff also deserves some gifts because like what Hoshi said, Hyelim and the staff suffer more than Seventeen. If I see some of the staffs wearing or using the gifts I gave, I know I will be hurt too. But we can also think that those gifts the staff are wearing/using can also be a way of being grateful to them; because without the staff, what will happen to Seventeen? Also, we don’t even know what if Seventeen themselves gave those gifts to the staff. Sharing is caring, and it is always better to give than to receive.
I also felt bad for the fansites’ immediate actions. It’s like their love for Seventeen is weak. Remember: Don’t decide when you’re angry. I am not saying that what they did is wrong. I am also not saying that what they did was right. Because people have different reactions to a similar thing. We have different approaches towards life. And if closing their fansite is what alleviates their pain, then they have the right to do so. But I still hoped they weren’t quick to decide, because their actions are affecting Seventeen too. Did we ever wonder what will Seventeen feel if they’ll know about this matter?

To sum it up, I hope Pledis would give us a proper explanation, and I also wished that the fansites didn’t get carried away by their emotions. I also hope that we, Carats, would be not quick to judge and curse Pledis. Again, this is just my opinion, and you have all the right and freedom to disagree with me. Hopefully this matter will be alright soon. 😢😢😢

  • someone: *likes me*
  • me: *likes them back*
  • me: :)
  • me: :)
  • me: :)
  • me: ok before u like me let me explain all the reasons why u shouldnt and warn u about how annoying i am in FACT im annoying u right now in FACT i cant just let a good thing be so here's a 10-mile long list of all the shit ill probably do to fuck everything up and/or ruin ur life, ur probably scared right now hahaha me too ok yea i have NO idea how to sail this ship so i'm gonna sit shotgun and u can take the reins
  • 2 hours later after rambling for 15 hours: haha just kidding i think im imploding internally im just gonna sit here
  • me, 2 minutes later: haha
  • brain: (:
  • me: WELL BRAIN, CONGRATULATIONS! we've effectively fucked this up

Ok ok ok. I know people think we are exaggerating when we bost about how awesome Thomas is, but this just proves it. Let me explain. We’ve all seen the “do it for the vine” videos go way to far, like the ones where people will follow you around and shout “they’re stealing” while recording you, getting into strangers cars, and basically putting themselves & anyone involved in danger. Thomas does literally the least harmful pranks ever. This video shows he’s awesome because anyone else would have drove away, awkwardly said sorry, or something awful to them regarding being jewish. Thomas GOT OUT OF HIS CAR to address this & I’m 90% sure he apologized his but off

auhigh update

ok so i was talking about auhigh with faa and im thinking of kinda restarting it

now before yall lose your shit let me explain

auhigh was originally going to be ask driven but i never ended up getting asks for it to be done that way so i ended up having to make up a story for it which i am not good at AT ALL

not to mention with all of the characters i quickly got overwhelmed i really wanted to give everyone some air time but it really is impossible i have 76 characters for the original and i just really cant… just thinking of working on it really just kills my motivation and i guess im worried i would let you guys down

i really love the idea of au high and i would love to continue it but i want to make it smaller the uniforms would be the same and anyone would be allowed to draw their characters in the uniform and or at the school like before

so for the restart i was thinking of just adding mine and close friends characters that i know well so far its 19 characters which is soooo much better than 76

i MIGHT add some of the original characters i wanted before in the background or something but im not sure yet

again this is just an idea and im not sure if i will do this but i already have a couple ideas for short comics instead of an entire story line

i would love to know what you guys think about this please let me know!

This is an open letter to @theamazingcat.

Since you have me blocked, I cannot tag you in this, but I am certain this post will come to your attention anyway, much as your post came to my attention.

This very sentence above is probably likely to already spark anger, so please let me explain to others who might read this how it came to pass that we have each other blocked. The situation was that theamazingcat had repeatedly stolen ideas from fiction from me and claimed them as her own. When I made a post saying I wished this would stop, after having already pointed it out, in quite general terms so as to not cause too much embarrassment, I was accused of being a bully, a liar, stupid and also a terrible friend. I was then asked to unfollow her, and when I said I had never followed her but would stay away from her blog in the future if she so wished and wished her all the best for the future, she blocked me. I did the same. This was around a year ago.

Theamazingcat, I will spare you the embarrassment of linking to the screenshots I have of our last conversation that caused this, but if you falsely accuse me of lying, I will make a post linking to said screenshots.

Now regarding your post about how people who don`t ship Elizabeth of York and Henry VII are aggressive, the best I can say about this is that having different opinions does not constitute an attack or aggressiveness. None of those of us who discussed Elizabeth of York`s finances - which were provably dire explicitly due to her husband - have in any way been rude when we reblogged posts, the OPs of said posts never complained but invited debatte in the text of said posts, and none of us ever implied that our opinion was “the last word”. It is therefore simply dishonest to say we did so, and frankly smacks of trying to invalide other opinions without having to actually debatte them.

In your case, it is also immensely hypocritical to claim so, as you have repeatedly made posts, like the one I am responding to now, in which you claim that Elizabeth´s finances are irrelevant and keep getting used against Henry/Elizabeth. Not only has none of us used it against Henry/Elizabeth as a couple - go on, I invite you to check my blog, you will find nothing - saying this implies that people who hold this opinion should not be taken seriously because you have deemed those facts irrelevant. This is far more suppressing other people`s opinions and taking yours as the last word and actual fact than anything any of us has ever said or done.

Speaking of people thinking other people`s opinion is an attack, none of us regarded a gifset using two contemporary quotes about Elizabeth of York - I am refering to one made by @lucreziaborgia - as so much of an attack we made vague posts about it literally calling it an attack as well as saying that it made it impossible for you to like Henry and Elizabeth as a ship in peace. If the mere existence of something contradicting your opinion - something which was in no way tagged with your name or in any other way forced you to look at it - is seen by you as a personal attack on you and your beliefs, then maybe you should not be accusing others of being sensitive with their opinions. It sounds a bit like projection.

Before I am now accused of “stalking” your blog; yes, I did occasionally look at your blog when I heard or was tipped off or even thought myself it might contain another attack on me or one of my friends. Your blog is public. It is stupid that blocking does not mean that person is banned from seeing your blog, but it is also widespread knowledge. You keep blogging on tumblr knowing perfectly well this can happen, and quite frankly, if you vagueblog about one of us, it must be with the intention that we see it. In any case, if that is the accusation you level against me, then I can return it in good conscience. I have you blocked, as does @lizzie0278. If you know about the anons that “report” you to us, then you can only know it by going on our blogs. Again, that means you are guilty of what you accuse others of, although in this case at least you are completely right and I am guilty as charged.

Finally, I must address the elephant in the room: Your general behaviour. You claim that the Henry/Elizabeth crew is the victim, when some of the shippers and Henry fans have been pestering people who don`t agree with them with anons and often also downright screamed them down in posts. Be that as it may, though - and again, if you dare accusing me of lying here, I and others can and will show plenty of links - it is your behaviour that is the most appalling. You are the one who calls everyone who does not agree with you a bully. You are the one who, for example, went to one of my friends on here, @elizabeth-karenina, to whine that I am “mean” and tell her not to talk with me again because I am “mean”, neglecting to tell her that I am “mean” for not letting you steal my ideas, or even giving her any details at all, expecting her to simply listen to your word and leaving me slowly ostracised. You are the one who openly accused @englishrose1980 of sending death threats having absolutely no evidence for this accusation, which was frankly slanderous and you are lucky she did not pursue any legal steps. You are the one who mocks others for having different opinons. You are the one who takes other people`s historical assumptions based on their research and passes them off as your own - and for that, I did not need to stalk your blog; when you still spoke to me, all you posted about Francis Lovell was copied from me and my research, and when you stopped speaking to me you stopped speaking about him despite your previous assertion to find him interesting and to be one of his greatest fans. This was frankly pretty telling.

I am not the only one who is thoroughly sick of all this drama and this behaviour, and it is beneath someone who is over twenty. I would respectfully ask you to cease and desist, but I doubt this is going to have any effect on anything. So let me just say: In that post, you have revealed yourself to be a massive hypocrite and projected your behaviours on others who are not guilty of such behaviour. You cast yourself in the role of the victim after attacking others.

And while I know that you will call this whole post rude and terrible, despite you never seeming to think it rude to call those who have a different opinion than you delusional and idiots, let me just add here the only actually rude part, and advise you to pay more attention to your grammar when you write. I am not a native speaker, and I have a better command of the difference between adjectives and adverbs, homophones such as “there” “their” and “they`re”, as well as the actual meaning of words such as “deem”. That`s embarrassing.

Of course, I am certain this will spark angry reactions, and that is your good right, of course. Just remember when you are angry that it is my good right to call you out as well.

Have a nice day, and a merry Christmas if you celebrate, a happy December if you don`t, and allow others such as me to have it too.

anonymous asked:

Hallo:) This is kinda random but anyway.. I recently started studying dutch and I noticed that my teacher (native dutch) tends to put random "-je" suffixes everywhere: biertje, paardje, feestje etc.. Is it a common thing? Cause it's honestly adorable


It is a pretty common thing to do, most people do it without thinking about it. I do it to!

To put “-je” behind something means noun becomes smaller, but it is not necassarily the case, it also just makes the noun more lovely. Let me (try to) explain.

Paard - Paardje = Horse - Small  horse

Fiets - Fietsje = Bike - Small Bike

Thanks for asking this question, and as we say in The Netherlands,

Tot ziens!

There are few identity politics tics I hate more than “$outgroup don’t reblog.” Let me try and explain why.

First of all, I think it’s extremely hurtful to edge cases* and/or the most vulnerable allies. While you may have hatereaders, only people who respect and understand you will even CARE that you told them not to reblog something. So you’re being very unkind to the people who are the kindest to you. And the more they care, the more (clinically) scrupulous they are also likely to be, if they have those sorts of issues**–which basically makes this a laser-targeted “fuck you, people who care a lot.” It also completely ignores the concept of adjacency, of not completely fitting in a box, of self-closetedness, etc.

But secondly, I don’t think it even achieves its purpose. Like, ostensibly people who say this shit want as many $ingroup eyeballs as possible, but no $outgroup ones (because no one in $outgroup could ever get it or properly contextualize it, or none of their followers could, or they’re unworthy of reading it/having it on their blog/discussing it, or some shit like that). But somebody from $ingroup could have a lot of $outgroup followers! Or what’s to stop $ingroup person from reblogging it without the tag? Then their disgusting $outgroup followers WILL REBLOG it! Basically you’d need it to have a second tag: “$ingroup don’t reblog unless you also tag ‘$ingroup don’t reblog.’” Conversely, somebody from $outgroup could have tons of $ingroup followers and now they can’t share the post unless they, like, send a fucking link to them all “yeah I guess I’m not allowed to put this on your dash.”

This all seems to stem from a weird sense of a) wanting to have control over your post and b) thinking that if you treat your ingroup like a monolith, that will happen. And maybe that’s feasible in a total echo chamber, where members of _______ tumblr only follow other members of _________ tumblr. But you can never have true control.

Or else they don’t care who READS it, they just only want the post to appear on the blogs of people in the ingroup? But that also presumes some sort of monolithic context, perspective, or presentation. The blogs of other ingroup members are not mirrors or clones of your own blog. Once it leaves your blog, it is out of your hands, no matter whose blog it ends up on; it is not necessarily going to be any more decontextualized or dangerous on an outgroup member’s blog, and it’s not necessarily going to be more safe on an ingroup member’s. You don’t know what commentary you’re going to get! You could get something hostile or -ist or misinformed or otherwise damaging (basically whatever you’re afraid will happen if someone from the outgroup reblogs your post) from another ingroup member and something very positive from an outgroup member, and if you say that you would prefer the former because you value the ingroup so much more that even negative interactions with them are better than positive interactions with the outgroup, then I think you have moved into peak “I can tolerate anything except the outgroup” territory.



#friendly reminder that this is actually Loki speaking


Omg. Kevin Hart. Legend.