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Why do you think Cassandra Clare is a horrible person not attacking or anything just genuinely want to know I have no strong feelings about her either way

Cassandra Clare has done a lot to lose my respect over the years. I loved her books when I first read them, but I was very young and was ignorant to all of the flaws the books had. There are so many things that she has done to make many people upset, but I’ll only name a few and you can do further research if you wish.

-she doesn’t see any problems with incest
-she has been rude to some of her fans
-she plagiarizes and will not concede to it
-she slut-shames her own characters

One last thing, and this is what made me really lost all respect that I once had for her is that she exploits malec as much as she can for personal profit. Let me explain exactly how.
On May 26, 2016, Cassandra Clare announced on instagram that she was writing a Magnus Bane trilogy. In her post, she said that the trilogy would include more magnus, more adventures, and more malec.
Then, in a recent interview, she called her upcoming trilogy a “Malec” trilogy.
So why did it suddenly change from a Magnus-centric trilogy to a Malec-centric trilogy? It has everything to do with the fact that Malec’s relationship on Shadowhunters the TV show has wildly gained popularity and a large fan base. She figured that she could sell more books if the whole trilogy was about malec. She’s abusing the power that she was given after creating an interracial m/m couple in her books, because nowadays, a lot of lgbt teens want to read books with non-straight main characters/couples.
In conclusion, Cassandra Clare is taking advantage of the popularity of show!malec and her lgbt+ fans by changing her trilogy from a Magnus-centric one to a Malec-centric one (she is also writing a malec sex scene, can’t wait to see how a straight white woman writes an intimate scene between an asian bisexual man and a gay man). We don’t see her writing a trilogy about Clace, do we? Or Sizzy? Nope. Because they are couples that have smaller fanbases, and she wouldn’t sell enough books so satisfy her needs.

Cassandra Clare is petty because she does not really get to have any part in the making of the Shadowhunters tv show. She sold the rights to her books, and expected to have a lot of control with how the show went. The show has clearly strayed far from the books plot-wise and character-wise (i love the show a lot more than her books because of this) and she does not like that they are changing (toxic) things that she wrote. She recently called Shadowhunters “confusing” and “like fanfiction” of her books.

While she is being a salty rat, Shadowhunters is becoming one of the most popular shows on television and the cast of Shadowhunters are happy to be playing such amazing characters.

I apologize that this got so long.

Hey there!

A bit “shy” to share this but I want to thank you for the support and interest you showed in my last drawings

So some of you may be familiar already with my character Crystal (also nicnamed Skye, up to you)… Let’s say it’s how she is in the TMNT-verse!

First of all, let me quickly explain that, being a fan of TMNT since 1989, I pretty much saw every series and movies… (my knowledge has limits on the comc side since in France womics weren’t a big thing, especially in the 90’s. I do read the IDW comics tho). Anyway what I want to say is “my” TMNT-universe is a patchwork of everything somehow. I pick up elements from every verse to form my own, but we can say the biggest influence is the 2007 movie. So calm down, 2012 Apritello fans  In my universe, April is much older than the Hamato brothers, with Casey (and if you remember, they have a daughter, Shadow - yes I know she’s officially not their blood daughter but in my verse, she is)

Crys meets the Hamato clan shortly after the 2007 movie events, when they are (and she is) 19. Being at a point in her life where she’s pretty lost, she goes to New York to try to figure things out. Long story short, she finds herself in the middle of a fight between Purple Dragons and the Hamato brothers. At first they think she’s one of the member of th Dragons, but quickly understand she’s not. They befriend, and she stays at the Lair for a while.
She has some basics (but messy) fighting skills, and Splinter decides it’s time for Leo to have his first student, and asks him to train Crys. (being dorks, while she calls him “Leo-sensei”, he calls her “my padawan”. He’s a tough teacher, tho, but a good one.) Leo’s training will help Crystal regaining control over her mind and life, channeling her temper, and developping her ki. He trains her with double swords at first, but in the end the hanbo is really her fit. (sketch with Leo is 3 years old already, as is the one with Donnie, sorry.)

She has quite a temper, is impatient and can’t deal very well with injustice, being super-empathic. She just went through some hard times in her life and has some difficulties to define herself. She tends to bottle up a LOT her emotions in general, but quickly Donatello manage to reach her and the two develop a bond.

She goes along pretty well with Mikey (cats lovers unite!), while Raph is a bit more difficult, being more wary, afraid she could be a threat to his family or at least, his clever brother.

Aaaaand that’s pretty much it because I don’t really have a specific story/saga/anything in mind, I just like to imagine some adventures and all, all the time ahah ^^
If you have any question, tell me

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Wait I'm confused how the fuck did show turn into a bill sipher thing

((Alright my good friend, let me explain! Show is the son of Bill Cipher. He inherited his Cipher powers, which in return fucks with his mind horribly because it’s highly unstable. 

Whenever Show becomes severely stressed or angered, his basically loses his marbles.

Fic: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Here is my piece for the “Summer Vacation” prompt for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon organized by @thebookjumper​. Read it on Ao3 or below. Hope you enjoy! 

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

“Felicity, can I read my homework project to you?”

She looked up from her computer to see William standing there with a stack of papers in his hands and a hopeful look in his eyes. The more and more time she spent with this kid, the more he reminded her of Oliver.

“School doesn’t even start until next week – how can you have homework already?”

“My teacher sent an e-mail out saying we all had to do a report on what we did over our summer vacation. My mom made me promise I would work on it here if she let me come,” William explained.

Ever since they returned from their harrowing adventure on Lian Yu a few months ago, Oliver and Samantha had worked together on the whole co-parenting thing. And really Felicity too, if she wanted to be technical about it, since she and Oliver were together. William had been spending every other weekend with them, and they even went on a short roadtrip together for a week this summer.

“OK, lay it on me,” Felicity said.

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Back in November was my 16th birthday and my mom wanted me to celebrate it so I was like fine. So we organized a few friends to come over and my sister and her best friend (They were both around the age of 20) so we were decorating cupcakes and a friend of mine said (She's 16 herself) "Man I'm getting old!" So I immediately looked at my sister and her friend and they looked at my friend like 'Mhmm, YOU'RE getting old' let me tell, I never have fun at birthday parties, but this one was amazing.

Okay, let me explain why it took so long to reply to this.

It makes me so happy!

Life goes so fast, days moving faster than the blink of an eye and seconds like milliseconds it feels like, at least to me!

But this?

This ask, right here makes me so happy, so proud and excited and just…. [happy sigh] I really really like reading it..

That sounds really amazing hun, i’m glad you had fun and I wish you Happy Birthdays for as long as you have them 💜


new video |  a full explanation of anything and everything that is my new book 💌🙇🏼💌


doods done between finals: zelda edition


“I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to have in this room tonight, thank you so much for being here, all of you.” At his first ever solo show last night, Harry Styles spoke to the audience as if they were the organisers of his surprise birthday party rather than a crowd of strangers. But the intimacy felt appropriate: the former One Direction member is more familiar with Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Gardens than a tiny, sweaty room on the corner of Highbury and Islington roundabout.

On his Twitter feed, Styles announced at 8am on Saturday morning that a surprise gig would be taking place that evening at The Garage in London, ahead of his larger tour later this year to promote his debut solo album (the self-titled Harry Styles). Tickets were only available, for £10, if bought from the box office in person, and even then you could only buy one. All proceeds were to go to The Little Princess Trust, the charity that the singer donated his hair to last year, which provides wigs to children experiencing hair loss. Dedicated fans jumped out of bed seconds later to buy tickets, some still in their pyjamas.

The atmosphere inside was giddy as a result, ticket-holders delirious with luck. Styles, dressed in a frankly outrageous pink satin Gucci suit with embroidered dragons snaking up his thighs, seemed genuinely excited to be there too, telling the crowd he was “overwhelmed” by their support. “This is my first show in a long time. My first show ever. So it’s a night I won’t forget,” he said, adding “You might not be able to tell from my monotone voice, but I am having a great time.”

His years of experience in one of the music industry’s most polished pop bands are clear to see: for what was essentially a warm-up show, this was a sleek performance. Delivering his new album in its entirety, Styles was most impressive when letting loose on rockier, more upbeat tracks Only Angel and Kiwi (the latter saw women at the front form a mosh pit), or exuding Seventies sex appeal on Woman and Carolina.

Unlike at the rehearsal he held last week, he did not stage dive. “Let me tell you,” he explained of the much-reported calamitous attempt (which saw him knock a fan to the floor). “It doesn’t feel one third as cool as you think it does.”

As well as his solo material, Styles performed two other songs: an experimental riff on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” and a much-loved One Direction track he has a writing credit on, “Stockholm Syndrome”. “You may or may not know the words,” Styles deadpanned, as the crowd screamed at the opening notes.

One of the loudest cheers of the entire event went not to the main man, but his drummer Sarah Jones, who has delighted Styles’s mostly female fanbase with her performances over the past few weeks. “Alright, that’s enough,” the star joked after introducing her. “That’s why she’s at the back.”

It’s a joy to watch Styles interact with a smaller crowd. He has a knowing, teasing relationship with fans, at one point asking the audience, “How you doing down there? You look very warm. There’s a smell…” But, this ribbing aside, his desire that everyone present have the best possible time was obvious, as he paused the show to check on a fan struggling with the heat, and sung Happy Birthday to another the front. It’s this combination of charm, ease, flamboyance, and an actually very good singing voice that sets Styles apart from his former bandmates and many of his peers. Could this be the rock star British pop music needs? - The Telegraph


“acid in the face”

“with hijab?”


“did you see how hard he hit?”

“why do you wear that shit?”

Sana: hey, jamilla

*scrolls up*

Jamilla: I’m just trying to protect you

Sana; Thanks, but no thanks


Sana: SORRY! There has been a misunderstanding! I thought you had posted crap about me!! Let me explain! I’m calling you now!

Eva: what is this?

Sana: I quit the bus

Chris: what?!

Sana: I’m not going to be russ

Eva: now that we have gotten a bus and people and everything is working out, and then you quit?

Chris: whats happening?

Sana: it just isn’t that important for me to be Russ

Noora: it was pretty important to you a little while ago?

Sana: maybe i have decided that it goes against my values to stand and watch girls lose all their self respect for that royal hat?

Sana: how is it going with…?

Isak: fine! It’s going fine

Sana: sorry again for that my brother…

Isak: its fine, don’t think about it

Teacher: okay, we’re going through alot this lesson. Its mid terms next week and some of you are far behind so its important.. 

Isak: that applies to me, thats for sure. can’t you help me a little, Sana? I am so fucked, I am so far behind

Sana: sorry, you just have to realize the hard truth

Isak: that i get…. a 4?

Sana: that you’re alone

Isak now has Even’s JACKET

Those who haven’t seen my The Jacket™ meta read it 



Let me explain first and build this up dramatically 

so in every clip this season we have had Even wear his denim jacket and then finally mondays clip we had him wearing a different jacket

making me think that maybe balloon squad confronting Even and Isak at the karaoke bar led to Even finally revealing that piece of himself he was scared to (maybe not all) but enough to let Isak in. He let Isak in and took off his armour (the jacket)

and now? 

oh my god


Even hasn’t just taken it off but he has trusted it in the hands of the boy he loves. This is warming my heart so much because I believe this is a sign that Even isn’t just being more open to Isak about everything that has happened and all he feels, but he is trusting him. He is giving Isak his armour because now he won’t have to wear it again. 

around Isak he can be without it, he doesn’t need to worry anymore. 

he is okay. 

he doesn’t need his armour anymore now that he has learnt how to be vulnerable with Isak. 

he trusts him with The Jacket™

i’m not crying you are. 



talking from experience, when all you wanna do is finish your damn project the person trying to pull you away from it (for whatever reason) may seem like a monster or a villain but in this case lance was only looking after shiro.