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I've mixed feelings. Firstly, I'm HAPPY that they're engaged. They're my OTP! And I LOVED how Emma had tears in her eyes even before he asked! It was so CUTE. Secondly, my trust in A&E died. I never thought they would do this. I thought they would wait until the secret is out. This just create more unnecessary drama. I know CS is getting married so I'm not worried about that but this made me think. How they'll handle the wedding? So far everything has gone badly. The wedding must be good then.

I am so happy to have someone tell me that their trust in A&E died because let me tell you something


Writers are not writing just to make you happy, they are writing to evoke a whole spectrum of emotions from you. If they are only making you happy then they are not very good writers.

As far as unnecessary drama … that is a phrase that I have come to loathe. This is a TV show about fictional characters. Every single bit of drama is unnecessary. If this secret pushes Emma or Hook or David into an action that they wouldn’t normally take then it is essential to the story they are telling.

I believe the wedding will be wonderful and a celebration of their love. I’m not going to spend my time worrying about that!


…and there’s the @armsthriift specific versions :]

up10tion in 3 words
  • jinhoo : stop this child
  • kuhn : where is kogyeol
  • kogyeol : i'm not gay
  • wei : gyujiN, [plS] love me
  • bitto : im food dabbing
  • wooshin : let me di e
  • sunyoul : brighter than u
  • gyujin : [wEi] let mE live
  • hwanhee : screams 'til forever
  • xiao : i lov u

i really fucked up a final in my class 

i dont think im going to do better in the fall even though im only taking 2 classes. im supposed to be taking more but i cant focus on class and getting t o campus is physically difficult for me)