College Confession #47

My friend was letting me borrow his saxophone neck (the top part of a saxaphone) and was walking around the music department to give it to me. But he kept it in his coat pocket and held it in a way that maybe looked like he had a gun. 

So long story short, campus police showed up, interrogated him, confiscated the neck, and I was late for my concert.

- Rowan University


It’s been seven years and this is still comedic gold.

Girls can be so nice to each other

You need a pen? Bodyspray after PE? A drink? Don’t have enough money for dinner? You lost your hairslide or hair tie? Your cold & your friend has a spare jacket? You forgot part of your PE kit & someone has spare? You need to borrow some class notes? There is often a girl willing to help.

When I had a sleepover at my friends house she let me borrow her top the day after

Girls can be so nice if they try it warms my heart idk

We first met LA illustrator and model Langley Fox in 2012. You might recognize her from when we introduced Silk. She was one of our first models, and we were one of her first modeling gigs. Her effortlessness and natural style struck us immediately as the qualities we hoped to engender in our clothes. For our first collaboration, we called on her to design a pair of essential cotton-slub tanks.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

I remember visiting NY for the first time, where my sister Dree lived. She let me borrow her tank top. I loved it so much - I completely stole it from her. There was something about that tank top that I needed always.

What was the design/creative process like for you?

In designing these tanks with Everlane, I thought a lot about that memory and that type of cool, easy tank where the design is simple but memorable. I wanted a high neck, low arm holes, and a pocket - very easy, just like my sister’s tank.

The other style is very simple but has unique little details. It has a back seam, which is I think is elegant since it lengthens your back. It also has a round bottom, which draws from the contours of a baseball field.

How does Everlane fit within your wardrobe?

I think Everlane is such a great company, they create really well-made basics that you can take from one outfit to another.I can match their pieces with something crazier, or I can pair them with classic denim jeans - it’s just easy and comfortable.

One time when my boyfriend was sneaking over (I would sometimes sleep in the garage so we could have sex) he let me borrow the white tank top he was wearing under his shirt. I wore it under my shirts for a few days and my mom saw part of it one time and asked where I got it. I just said j had had it a while and I dont think she believed me because she and I had to share a bedroom and she basically knew what clothes I did and didn’t have