Come Back Down Part 12

Come Back Down, Part 12

Warnings: There’s some creative smut here. Some cussing.

Summary: Just a little view of Jensen being happy before the shit hits the fan… That’ll be next chapter.

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a/n-Bless my sweet niecey for letting me borrow her lap top for a few moments to post my smut. : )

I thought things might get a little awkward since Y/N’d had her hand on my dick last night. But, that was not the case. I woke up with the sunshine against my closed eyelids and the scent of her shampoo in my nose. “You smell so good, sweetheart.” The sentiment slipped from my lips without my permission and I felt her laughter rumble in her chest beneath my hand. I tucked my face into her hair, just feeling the inextinguishable, burning warmth that was spreading through my entire body. I knew the feeling, but was it too soon to be feeling this way?

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College Confession #47

My friend was letting me borrow his saxophone neck (the top part of a saxaphone) and was walking around the music department to give it to me. But he kept it in his coat pocket and held it in a way that maybe looked like he had a gun. 

So long story short, campus police showed up, interrogated him, confiscated the neck, and I was late for my concert.

- Rowan University

it’s britney, bitch || a crackmix for the protag in persona5

☆ Tracks ☆

01. Gucci Gucci // Kreayshawn 02. Let Me Borrow That Top // Kelly 03. Money // Mystery Skulls 04. Glamorous // Fergie 0.5 FXXK BOYZ GET MONEY //  FEMM 06. Jizz in my pants // The Lonely Island 07. Looking Like This // Lyre Le Temps 08. Wannabe // FEMM 09. The Mine Song // Lazy Town 10. Work Bitch // Britney Spears 11. Here Comes the Hotstepper // Yuksek Remix 12. Fuck U Betta // Neon Hitch 13. Fergalicious // Fergie
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My favorite moment in Internet history is in those old “Kelly” YouTube videos like “Let Me Borrow That Top” when Kelly’s alcoholic grandma opens up a bottle of whiskey and randomly mutters “I’ve always said that the best folk music comes from the Dutch” and then the rude Christian mother whispers under her breath “oh, you just won’t die” and tbh I think about both of those quotes more than I should and say them way too frequently with no context


Here’s some pictures I took today :)
I got this really cool star light projector thing and I thought I would play with it a bit today :)
Also Brittany let me borrow one of her tank tops and it made me feel pretty attractive:) overall I’ve had a great day! My mom actually got me gifts and they were so sweet :) and Brittany’s mom got me this really cool Star Wars book :) I’m so beyond happy :) best Christmas I’ve had by far :)


It’s been seven years and this is still comedic gold.