Teammate: James pointed his guns away and stopped a good distance from the people on the ground.

Mission Mod: One of the guards yelled “You call that no harm?” he pointed towards the gojulas.

Luc: “It’s not shooting.”


Mission Mod:“I said don’t move!” Shouted the leader of the security detail.

Luc: “What happened to raising our hands?”

oh, then there was the time someone forced him to give them the keys to something and …

“After all your hard work to catch Desmond, you’re just gonna let her set him free?” She asked in a panic as soon as the gag was removed. Luc smirked. “I hope he doesn’t get free. If those keys open the door to that store room, then something weird happened. Those were my spare car keys." 

thesugarbandit asked:

1, 6, 10, 18, 22

I’m gonna do Roya because she is bae. Thank you @thesugarbandit!!!

1. Their voice: Roya is a loud mouth with a very monotone voice. When she’s angry, the pitch raises and her voice cracks with it so it’s pretty funny when she gets mad. Just don’t let her catch you laughing.

6. How they deal with grief: She gets really reckless when losing someone close to her. Like going out and looking for trouble reckless. She’s not a huge fan of explosions but will shoot up a raider camp for no reason in a heartbeat.

10. Their fashion sense: Worn sleeveless shirts and baggy pants. She uses a sniper riffle and stealth boys for the most part, armor really isn’t her thing. Hats are like her favorite things ever. I like to think she spends a lot of time staring at Preston’s hat.

18. How they sleep: Curled up into a tight fetal position for the most part. With her head resting on whatever she bunches up for a makeshift pillow.

22. What they’re like on two hours of sleep: Very quick tempered and more vulgar than usual. She’s a light sleeper, so waking up to a distant gunshot or something falling over in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep happens quite often. But she likes being well rested, she’s much more playful then.

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You've been here 4 years and I just find this blog NOW? What have I been missing my entire life

It’s better late then never. Let me catch you up on what is going on! Her name is Hatsune Miku and she think she is the best. Is she the best? Yes, why are you question it? Thank you for following~

She Saw Your Face || Self-Para

You’re in idiot, you know that Osric?

Why in the world would you let her catch you off-guard like that?

“I thought it was fine. She was unconscious, I assumed she’d stay that way.”

The unconscious wake up, you dolt! Otherwise they’re dead!

Or comatose.

“Yes, I understand that! I guess… I just hoped she wouldn’t. Thought she’d be more cooperative.”

But you know how stubborn she can be. She’ll stop fighting when she’s dead.

You should’ve done what you always do! What the Dark Lord would’ve expected of you! Tortured her, just like you do to all his other prisoners, to all those who don’t fight for him!

You should’ve questioned her. Or tried to recruit long ago, when you first met her.

“I know that! I know all of that! …But… she’s my cousin. The only family I have. Even if she doesn’t know it.”

You have your father.

“That man is no family t’ me. Besides, he’s almost dead, and I don’t know how much longer I can go wit’ him alive, quite honestly.”


Well… she saw your face. She knows of your involvement now.

What’re you goin’ to do about it?

(Finland and Hana have had their breakfast, and after checking his emails for the morning, Finland sighs as they watch television) We’ve lost an hour to sleeping-in today, Hana, so we might have to skip doing something to make up for it… Don’t worry though, we can still go for a walk. We might have to take an umbrella with us though; I think it’s either going to rain or snow after all. In fact, why don’t we go out now? I mean, so we can catch up on ourselves in the day. Let’s get going now; you’ll need  your coat on depending on the weather anyway. (Hana nods, sitting up and waiting as Finland takes his plate off to the kitchen, coming back with the collar, leash and her coat, clipping them on her) There you go! Now, let’s go so we can catch up on our day.


 Where are you? She queries softly, sensing that someone
NEEDED attention. But who? She wanders down the street,
ignoring the mortals that passed by. Who needed her? Who
was it that needed her magic? 

                It felt odd to her. Not mortal.. But of something else. 
She wandered into the building with a cautious gaze, eyes melting
from pristine blue to amber.  Hello ? Her nose wrinkled, catching
the faint scent of blood.  Let me help you if you are hurt.. 

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Kazuha, darling, how would you like to become a shinki for the most beautiful God to exist *flips ear*

Random Asks from this Asshole | Status: Get out of my life you furry 

     Waiting a moment the boy opened his mouth as if to protest before blinking, “I suppose I already am? Have you seen Lady Bishamon? She is beautiful isn’t she? It is really sweet that you came here to compliment her.” A sweet smile on his face as he leaned against the large doorway, pale red hues in awe before closing his eyes and continuing to gush about the Goddess he served, “I think Kazuma could explain her beauty better, but I can say she is very graceful isn’t she? You should really see her with her hair up, she always looks so lovely like that and it keeps all her hair out of the way. I should offer to put it up for her every once in awhile. Lady Bishamon doesn’t really need makeup, but a little bit would probably only bring out her features more.” 

     It was obvious there was no attraction here as he continued on about fashion and various other ideas he had for her appearance. After he was done he sighed, “The most beautiful part of her though is her attitude and personality. Lady Bishamon is so maternal and sweet, she’s got a huge heart that I really admire. I know Kazuma says it will hurt her one of these days, but I think it is part of what makes her…well her. We are all truly blessed shinki I believe to have such a strong maternal goddess looking after us. We should all get together and do something nice for her, I bet she would like that.

     “Oh dear, did you come here for something Lord Kyubi? I suppose I got a bit carried away talking about Lady Bishamon, I didn’t even ask what brings you here did I?” 

     “Did you come here just to talk beauty tips with me? Oh no wait you probably came over to ask Lady Bishamon how she gets her long hair so silky since you have a lot of fur huh?”, the boy reached out to the large god and pet the fur softly with a slight laugh followed by a genuine smile. “I don’t think you need any help, though, you’re already really soft.”

                                       “Like well…a bunny rabbit?” 

anonymous asked:

Her blonde hair seems to always be just right, though she is regularly fixing it but never lets you catch her. Her eyes are careful and light, always waiting to come upon something worth looking at. She talks with such certainty, yet, if you really listened, you might hear that she isn't the most certain of people. I adore that.

I adore you what the heck
This is really kind and sweet do you know me irl