Persona Crossing

…I have no excuse other than being really excited about Pocket Camp. i am weak I hope you like it regardless!


  • Akira’s definitely going to be a fluffy black cat.
  • His outfit consists of his signature black glasses and his casual winter attire. stylish without trying
  • He’s the one that helps everyone get their life together while simultaneously renovating the town.
  • His house is a mix of retro, industrial, and shabby chic; it’s very welcoming and warm.
  • Everyone visits his house so often that they may as well live there.
  • If you snoop around a bit you’ll find his man-cave with so many plushies of Jack Frost and cool little trinkets from his friends (there’s a pool table too).
  • He runs around T&T Mart just so Timmy / Tommy will chase after him. he even giggles while doing it
  • As soon as the monocle was available in Label’s shop, he bought it.
  • He and his friends go to sing karaoke at the club every Saturday night.
  • K.K. almost retired because Akira showed him up once.
  • If he sees Blathers sleeping, Akira will put a blanket around him because it gets cold in the museum. 


  • Ryuji would be a dog, no doubt.
  • More specifically, a golden Shiba with floppy ears. so cute
  • Band-aids are his accessories and cool t-shirts / tank tops are his wardrobe.
  • His catch-phrase is probably ‘bro’, ‘dude’ or ‘man’.
  • “if you were a god you’d be broseiden”
  • His house is the gym.
  • Actually, his house is pretty average-looking since he spends most of his time outside; therefore, he doesn’t worry about decorating.
  • He isn’t opposed to plastering a few posters on his walls, though.
  • He also has a weakness for vintage novelties, so expect his house to have a jukebox, record player, popcorn-maker, and even a pinball machine. there’s a disco ball too
  • A fishing rod is his item of choice and he accidentally tramples flowers on his jogs.
  • He always gets stuck in the pitfalls, and it’s always Akechi that finds him. akechi is obnoxiously smug about it too


  • Ann is going to be a blonde panther. although i considered a bunny with droopy ears
  • She’s the villager that gives Akira all the stylish clothes. bless her
  • The entire shopping plaza is her house because she spends most of her time there.
  • Her real house has a slightly bohemian style, and upbeat music is constantly playing from her speakers.
  • Gracie has definitely hired her for numerous high-fashion modelling jobs.
  • Ann added a patisserie to the public works project list and she’ll drop hints until Akira finally decides to have it built.
  • Occasionally, she’ll join Ryuji on his nightly jogs; when they get tired they’ll just sit along the beach’s cliff-side and chat while the night breeze cools them down.
  • Due to her popularity, a lot of people visit town to see her, and Akira eventually builds a hotel because of it; meanwhile, Makoto will try to regulate the number of visitors so Ann doesn’t feel overwhelmed. they are good friends


  • he has to be redd
  • Really though, Yusuke is definitely a fox.
  • His house has an art-deco style interior, of course.
  • He’s the villager that’s ALWAYS losing their stuff.
  • Additionally, he’s the villager that’s genuinely happy to receive a fish as a gift. a treasure
  • It rains every time he shows up to the fireworks festival, so Akira has Futaba create water-proof fireworks so Yusuke can enjoy them too. 
  • Yusuke visits Celeste constantly because he loves using the telescope to stargaze and she always gives him interesting, random space trivia.
  • He calls Crazy Redd out for fraud every time he visits, and Redd hates him because he can tell which artifact is genuine at a glance.
  • Needless to say, Yusuke is the top contributor for the museum’s art exhibit.
  • When he walked out of Shampoodle with a fluffy pink afro everyone was so confused until he explained that he lost a bet.
  • He actually ended up really liking the hairstyle and he kept it until the color faded.


  • Makoto would probably be a doe.
  • She’s the one keeping the town running while Akira socializes and sells his soul for Bells. she’s literally isabelle
  • Her house is very contemporary and sleek.
  • Her entire house is spotless, especially the room where she keeps her collection of motorcycles. they are her babies
  • Speaking of which, Ryuji begs her to teach him how to ride a motorcycle until she gives in.
  • Then everyone wants to learn how to ride, so she ends up teaching all of them.
  • Makoto is the police commissioner of the region, and she will join Yusuke in reprimanding Crazy Redd. why does he keep visiting smh
  • If she ever catches Booker recklessly giving away lost-and-found items, he will not see the light of day ever again.


  • Futaba is totally going to be a frog.
  • She is always finding new and innovative ways to irritate Mr. Resetti; Akira has to pretend to chastise her about it, but he’ll high five her as soon as Mr. Resetti leaves. she’s doing god’s work
  • She typically wears her signature black glasses along with graphic tees; sometimes she’ll wear a cute bow on her head. 
  • The inside of her house looks like it got ransacked by a tornado, so Akira sends a housekeeper there once a week.
  • She uses gyroids to decorate.
  • Futaba works as the town’s researcher, although she’ll occasionally accept cybersecurity jobs from the Resetti Surveillance Center.
  • She never goes outside during winter (unless there’s a bonfire).
  • Sometimes Ryuji will visit her to play video games and eat ramen all day.
  • Yusuke will knock on the door as soon as he gets a whiff of the ramen, and he looks so hopeful that Futaba can’t bring herself to kick him out. she won’t hesitate to murder him at video games tho


  • she is reese
  • Haru has to be a sheep, and she always wears dresses (except when she’s gardening).
  • Her house has a modern French style interior, and she definitely has a gramophone that plays K.K. Etude.
  • She’s the adorable villager that CAN NOT leave the town no matter what.
  • She waters and plants the flowers with Leif to make the town more lively.
  • Although, someone has been trampling them a lot lately… don’t let her catch you ryuji
  • Haru invites everyone to her cafe on weekends for coffee and sweets.
  • She donates the most to public works projects so that Akira doesn’t end up paying for all of it. the guardian angel of the town
  • She squeaks with joy every time someone gives her a perfect fruit.
  • Brewster actually works for her as a barista, and the two get along pretty well.
  • She and Ann love to visit Katrina because her fortunes for them are extremely accurate.

        BONUS ROUND - Akechi:

        • he’s the fish that actually turns out to be a piece of trash
        • Akechi is going to be a raven, although a mouse would suit him just as well. so akira can toy with him
        • His house has a secret room that’s casino-themed, but the rest of it is pretty traditional.
        • Akechi will occasionally peek in Ryuji’s house and marvel at it because he also loves vintage novelties.
        • He’s the villager that's secretly excited to see Akira when he finally shows up after months / years of being MIA.
        • Akechi takes forever to drink a cup of coffee and it drives Brewster insane.
        • In addition to Ann, visitors come to town because of Akechi.
        • Being a detective, he frequently works with Makoto, and the two have intellectual discussions over a cup of coffee after a hard day of work. they’re actually pretty close
        • Even though he doesn’t like bugs, he’ll still help Futaba catch them for her research.
        • He’s the villager that’s always down to hang out, and he always collects the most badges from Phineas; he is secretly very proud of his collection.
        My Babygirl-Part Six

        My Babygirl Masterlist

        Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

        Dean lightly hit Sam on the arm when he saw your mom walking over to them; you were holding her hand and toddling behind her. You were currently going through a phase where you always wanted to walk and if anyone tried to carry you, you’d throw a fit.

        Unless Dean was the one carrying you; you were always happy in your dad’s arms.

        You looked up and let go of your mother’s hand when you saw your father standing there. You bolted over to him where he happily picked you up and placed a kiss on your cheek, “Hey babygirl, you have a fun trip with Mommy?”

        You nodded your head before wrapping your arms around Dean’s neck in an embrace, “Missed you Daddy.”

        Dean rubbed your back, “I missed you too babygirl. Why don’t you go say hi to Uncle Sammy while I talk to Mommy.” Dean said as he handed you over to Sam who happily accepted you.

        “We gotta talk.” Your mom said as she sent Sam a forced smile. Dean nodded his head, he was worried that your mom might try this, to take you away, but he wasn’t going to let it happen.

        He wasn’t going to lose you.

        “Look, I know what you’re gonna say.” Dean started as your mom and him stepped away from you, “And I get it. I was just as pissed- even more pissed then you were when those demons showed up. They’re gone though and I promise nothing will ever come back.”

        “Dean, you promised that before and look what happened.” Your mom responded sadly. “I know you’re a great father and I know that you love Y/N with all your heart. She loves you just as much, it’s just-”

        “It’s just what Y/M/N? You can’t take my daughter away from me. I won’t let you.” Dean said strongly.

        “You can’t do anything about it Dean.” Your mom responded coldly, “Dean Winchester is dead according to the law.”

        Dean stared at your mom with wide eyes, “You aren’t-you aren’t serious are you?”

        “I’m sorry Dean but, it’s what’s best for Y/N.” Y/M/N replied.

        “What’s best for Y/N is to be around her dad.”

        “What’s best for Y/N is to grow up not worrying if a monster is going to jump out of her closet and take her because of who her father is.” Your mom said with venom in her voice.

        Dean shook his head, “I’m not leaving town. I won’t. I’m not leaving her.”


        “No. I’m not leaving. Please just-just sleep on it, give me a week. Let me show you how safe it’s going to be here now. Nothing can get her here.” Dean begged.

        Letting out a sigh your mom took a moment to think before nodding her head. “Fine.”

        “Fine? Okay? Okay. I promise Y/M/N everything is going to be fine. Tomorrow after work I’ll swing by and show you everything we’ve done to protect the house.” Dean said with a smile.

        “Sounds good Dean. Y/N and I have to go. Being out of town for a week, lots to catch up on.” Your mom said in an almost nervous tone.

        “Right, um tomorrow after I show you everything I’ll take her, let you catch up on things. Sound good?” Dean asked, happy about spending time with his little girl.

        Your mom nodded her head before walking back to where Sam was happily tossing you in the air as you squealed with delight. “Say bye to Uncle Sammy Y/N.” Your mom told you.

        Looking at your uncle you wrapped your arms around him, squeezing his neck before placing a sloppy kiss on his cheek, “Bye bye Unca Sammy.” You reached out for your father who took you and gave you a squeeze.

        “Bye babygirl, I’ll see you and Mama tomorrow okay.” Dean stated. You nodded your head before puckering your lips for your dad to give you a kiss. He did before he placed you on the ground and ruffled your hair. “Love you sweetheart.” He called to you as you walked away with your mom. Turning back around you waved to your dad yelling back,

        “I love you Daddy!”

        That was the last time Dean heard those words from you.

        Part Seven

        She was sick of losing people, having them ripped from her grasp. She was sick of being protected. She was sick of all of the fighting. She hated fighting. But she could no longer stand by. She would fight at Fen’harel’s side and when - not if, when - they survived this…she would finally ask to have her vallaslin removed.

        “His precious vhenan, so at peace when she sleeps. She deserves more peace. But not truly his vhenan, not yet, hasn’t had an opportunity to try for so many long years.”

        Have I mentioned before how amazing @hansaera​ is? Look at this gorgeous piece of artwork. I finally have my two lovers in the same artwork and I could not be happier!! The vallaslin floating off of Aravae’s face, her fierce expression, their hands swathed in magic, Solas, in @hansaera​‘s style of him as Fen’harel, stealing a glance at the woman he loves, but thought he could never have…

        When I got it, it literally stole my breath away and now I can’t stop staring at it. I love it to pieces. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Saera!

        And now, for titles we thought of naming this piece:

        • Solas and his “We’re in this together aayyy” expression.
        • Solas thinking, “Ohhh, the woman I love is right beside me, she’s right there, she looks so beautiful, but don’t let her catch you looking, but I can look for just a second, man she’s such a pretty vhenan- SOLAS STOP IT SHE ISN’T YOUR VHENAN…yet.”
        • Also Solas thinking, “Omg look at that face she looks like my next mistake.”
        • Aravae is like, “I’ma kick Falon’din’s ASS” and Solas is like, “Yeahhh you go fabulous giiirl”
        • “We’re gonna fuck shit up.” “You said it, sista.”
        • “I’m gonna electrocute Falon’din to dust.” “Do that gurl just don’t zap me (get your hand away from me pls)”
        • Yet Solas’ face says, “Girl you can shock me ANYTIME.”
        The Gods Children

        Head cannon



        Son. Spitting image of Dad with your temperament. Picture Scorpio, only nice with good manners. Sexy? You better fucking believe it. He was a beautiful baby, a handsome boy and the very definition of perfection as a man. There wasn’t a woman who could resist him if he wanted her. Surprisingly gets along great with Dad. Actually helped Scorpio to relax a bit and have better manners. Well, at least toward you. Your son loves you more than anything in the world and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you. Including sometimes brawling with dear old Dad. Your son is very strong. His ability? Unrivaled strength. He can crush metal in his hand as if it were paper. Great for keeping you safe, bad for ladies hearts. He gets along with all the kids but has a crush on one in particular…


        Twins. Daughters. Absolutely gorgeous. They look like Daddy. Big time. Personalities though are polar opposites. One is sweet, shy and well mannered. The other is a sassy outgoing know it all but at the end of the day they both are Daddy’s little angels. Dui is a loving Daddy. Doting yet a good teacher. No matter how angry either of your girls get all it takes is a smile and hug from Daddy to make it all better. That holds true their entire lives. From little girls to grown women. One has the ability to control one’s mind the other to control one’s body. They are considered dangerous by many and are the only kids that end up being personally educated by the King himself. They eventually work for him making you and dear ol dad so very, very proud.


        Son. Looks more like you but has Daddy’s personality. This kid is the very definition of trouble. You thought Ichthys was bad? This kid makes Daddy’s pranks look like child’s play. Daddy couldn’t be prouder. Had to be home schooled. Need I give a reason? Despite being a trouble maker your son also has a gentlemanly side effectively driving the ladies crazy in all the right ways. He actually has self control where Dad does not making him far more dangerous as it’s much easier for him to get away with stuff. You swear that kid spent more time in time out than actually playing as a kid. Loves to cook, also loves to eat. His appetite is insatiable, thank heavens he can materialize his own food and ingredients otherwise you’d be broke. His special ability? Manipulating the elements. You have often wondered why as it seems more like a punishment than a gift. How many times did that kid accidentally start a fire? You lost count by age 3.  


        Daughter. She’s gorgeous. Long silver hair and silver eyes make her look otherworldly. She’s extremely intelligent and gentle as a lamb. She’s your best friend and you two share everything together. Her one true love will always be her Daddy. There is no one in the universe she will ever cherish more. Krioff is a wonderful Father. She is the only one he ever fully opens up to and can always be himself no matter what around. He takes her horseback riding every weekend and has always done so since she was a little girl. Even as an adult there is nothing that ever comes before Daddy Daughter time. He’d never tell you even if he wanted to all the things he does to ensure her happiness and future. You have no idea but he actually used to sit down and play princess tea party every day after work. Her special ability? Control over the weather, both on Earth and in the Heaven’s. She’s the first god in history to possess such an ability making her a very unique soul. 


        Son. He is so beautiful he is often mistaken as a girl when very young. He looks a lot like Daddy but there is certainly some of you in there too. He is the center of attention everywhere he goes and he often spends time indoors trying to avoid the crowds that follow him every time he leaves the house. Partheno is an extremely great Father. You actually find it hard to believe at first but he is always there to pick his son up when he falls and steer him in the right direction. They are truly best friends. No one would ever guess it but Partheno probably loves his son more than anyone loves their children. Why? Love is sacred to him and though he loves you his son is a product of the very element that saved him and gave him a new life. Your son is truly loving and kind but also very protective of his Mama. People better not get on his bad side though, he won’t hesitate to put anyone in check. Otherwise he is a perfect gentlemen at least on the exterior. What goes on behind closed doors is another matter and that area you leave solely up to Partheno to handle. After all, what you don’t know won’t hurt you right? RIGHT? His special ability? To create something beautiful out of darkness. Anything that is ugly and desolate he can turn into something that will steal your breath away. Though you never spent a dime your home has nothing but the finest things life could ever have to offer.


        Daughter. She puts Aphrodite to shame. She definitely looks like her daddy and boy does she act like him too. You often think she’s too smart for her own good. She has way more patience than Daddy and she loves so deeply it often leaves her broken-hearted. She is a sensitive soul. As a child she truly believed all her stuffed animals really were real and had feelings. A boy from school learned the hard way when he punched one to see her reaction. Zyglavis actually laughed and highfived her when the angry parents took their child and went home. She is the very definition of Daddy’s little girl. She has Zyglavis wrapped around her finger and it always makes you smile. There is NOTHING he won’t do for her no matter the cost to him. If there truly was such a thing as soul mates you knew without a doubt those two defined it. Two peas in a pod at every stage of life. Biggest No-No? Don’t ever let her catch you saying something bad about her Daddy. Sweet baby Jesus she can make Zyglavis look like a push-over when she’s pissed. Only woman in history to actually have the audacity to slap Leon in the face. She didn’t even hesitate. Zyglavis was SO proud. Her special ability? Opposite of Daddy. She manipulates light. When the two of them team up they can actually be utterly terrifying. All the boys refer to her as Beauty and the Beast. Her biggest crush? Ichthys’ son. Pissed would be an epic understatement for Zyglavis.

        Momma Bear Part 1

        Originally posted by imagine-ortiz

        Some crazy shit has been happening in the schools in my town, so this came to mind. 

        Placing the laundry basket on top of the dryer you quickly headed back into the kitchen to answer the ringing phone.
        You immediately noticed the number, it was the school. Oh dear lord.
        Wondering which one of your children had gotten into trouble this time you calmly answered the phone and put on your best nice person voice.
        “Hello?” You spoke placing the phone to your ear.
        “Hi, is this Mrs. Lowman?” The lady on the phone asked
        “This is she”
        “Hi, this is Mrs.Atkins from Charming Elementary, we have Connor here in the office. If it’s possible I’d like for both you and his father to come down and talk” she explained,
        “Uhm….yes. May I ask what happened?” You wanted to know more before you had to call Happy.
        “I think it’s best the situation is explained in person,” she said, you knew right then that it was something serious.
        “Let me call his father and we will be right there,” You told her as you hurried and locked the back door, grabbed your purse and keys off the half wall.
        “Okay. Great. Thanks so much” She said, you didn’t even respond before you hung up the phone and dialed Happy’s number.

        “Hey, we got a problem,” He said answering the phone call
        “Yeah, I know. I’m headed to his school now” You told him making a right turn to the school
        “Wait, his school? I was talking about Harlow, the school called said she got into a fight,” he told you, you could hear the clubhouse door slam shut in the background.
        “Oh good lord. Connor’s Principle called me that he was in the office, wouldn’t say what though”
        “Shit. I’ll meet you at Connor’s school then we will head to Harlow’s” He told you,
        “K. I love you,” you said putting your car in park at the school.
        “Yeah” You heard him say as the sound of his bike filled your ear through the phone.

        “Mr & Mrs. Lowman, I’m glad the both of you could make it,” The principal said guiding the two of you into the room where your youngest Connor sat, and across from him his Teacher.
        Taking a seat in the chairs provided in the room, you let the principal begin explaining what the issue was.
        “Connor didn’t want to do as told and then kicked and hit his teacher today during class. And as I’m sure you know we have a no violence policy, therefore he is suspended for 3 days” She explained, looking in the direction of your 7-year-old son.
        “Explain?” Happy said to him, with tears filling his eyes. He pulled his hand out from behind his back and showed it to us.
        Across the wrist a bruise showing the handprint of what was big enough to be an adults hand.
        “Baby, who did this?” You questioned him using your best calm voice you had.
        He pointed his finger at his teacher. Both yours and Happy’s eyes darted towards the teacher, waiting for her to come up with an explanation as the Principal sat there wide eyed.
        “Sweetie you better start explaining before I’m explaining to the police why you’ve gone missing,” You told her as your voice raised indicating the anger that was coming to the surface.
        It was clear to Happy that trying to speak was useless with how pissed you were, so he just sat there with a smirk on his face as you chewed a new one into the teacher.
        “He didn’t want to sit for the lesson, I told him to go to the office then he refused. So I made him”
        She said like her excuse was actually a valid one to put her hands on not just any child, but YOUR child.
        “So you grab him by the arm and leave a bruise. He’s 7 fucking years old, do you NOT see how much smaller he is than you?” You asked her
        “He wouldn’t do what he was told” She defended herself, crossing her arms over her chest.
        “So then place your hand on his shoulder and guide him out of the room, don’t grab his arm and yank him” You just rolled your eyes at her ignorance, this was definitely going to be a rough day.
        “There’s cameras in the classrooms right?” You questioned the principal who was taken back by the aggression you were showing. It was clear that she expected it from Happy knowing his reputation around town, but never from you from the interactions you’ve had with her.
        “Yes, I’ll go look,” She said standing from her desk, as she exited the room the school superintendent walked in and took a seat.

        After nearly ten minutes the principal came back and asked to speak to the superintendent, you sat there giving the teacher a stare down. It was usually Happy that gave people the stare down but this time it was you. He knew you were about one word out of her mouth from lunging at her.

        The principal and superintendent finally came back into the room and took a seat,
        “Miss. Lang, you are suspended without pay until further investigation has been done” The superintendent told her
        Giving the teacher one of your famous ‘I’m the Queen of SAMCRO, I get what I want” smiles as you and Happy stood to leave.
        She continued to sit in the chair with tears streaming down her face knowing that she had fucked up, before walking out the door you turned to her.
        “Don’t let me catch you on the streets,” you told her looking her dead in the eyes, letting her know damn well you were serious.

        Pushing open the doors to the school, Happy, your son and yourself walked out of the school side by side.
        “You gonna pull a Gemma on her?” Happy asked you with a smirk on his face
        “You’re goddamn right” You laughed remembering the incident with Cherry way back then. You missed Gemma like crazy, she helped shape you into the old lady you were today.

        Dangerous Love

        TITLE: Dangerous Love
        CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 24
        AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl
        ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki comes to the tower, you fall in love with him even though you know you shouldn’t. Knowing that you are absolutely terrible at hiding your crush, you avoid him to not get into trouble. Everyone at the tower keeps away from him, but none avoid him as much as you do, and he gets curious. That’s how he finds out your little secret and he will no longer let you ignore him just like that.
        RATING: M
        Notes- SMUT! ;D As well as Loki feels…. :( 

        Feeling Loki’s warm breath against her neck as he kissed her, Ragni shut her eyes, taking in his scent. He always smelled like cinnamon. Ragni could find Loki with her eyes closed if she had to. No one smelled as good as he did; no one. Even the most expensive cologne couldn’t compare to Loki’s sweet scent. “Look at me.” he whispered, and she obeyed. Loki’s eyes were mesmerizing, drawing her deeply into his gaze as he kissed her gently, before burying himself inside her all the way to the hilt.

        Ragni let out a gasp as Loki began to find a slow pace. She could already feel him, clutching onto the bed sheets as he moved. She moaned when Loki kissed her, hungrily and desperately, as if they hadn’t been making love almost the entire time since he had returned. “Mine.” he breathed against her lips, letting her catch her breath. “You are mine.” Loki’s thrusts quickened and he kissed her again. “Forever.”

        Keep reading

        anonymous asked:

        Hi ;w; I'm a bit shy but I really, really love your stories! You're so talented! I have a prompt, if you'd like to write it >< What if Sonic tells a chao his feelings for Amy? And then Amy overhears? I could do with lots of Sonamy fluff >< Thank you for reading!

        AWWW I LOVE IT :3 it’s AU, but I’ll do my best!!!

        (x) Isn’t that cute? lol, I always wanted to do a ‘Sonic Chao Garden’ Oneshot one of these days~ =w= And don’t feel shy! I love you lots and lots! :D thanks for the ask!


        Sonic sat in the Chao Garden, relaxing in a tree as it swayed slightly in the pleasant wind of the hero garden.


        “Haa!” A chao swung a fist and hit another down, as they started a karate battle that made Sonic twitch his eyes as he slept, blinking them open from his little, lovely nap and look down at the two.

        “Woah!” he sat up and looked down, seeing the fight going on and jumping down, spin dashing between the two as they went flying, showing little spirals on their heads of discomfort.

        “Hey, what gives?” Sonic got up, putting his hands to his hip and leaning down at the two chao, “I thought this place was suppose to be heavenly?”

        The chao that got up was his own, looking pretty upset, as the other chao was Amy’s, looking about to cry before throwing a tantrum and running off.

        “H-huh?” Sonic hadn’t noticed the two chao but grew concerned when he realized that the one who threw a punch was…

        “Rosy..?” Amy named her chao after her name, as Sonic had named his-

        “Speed!” he turned, anger filling his eyes as he walked over to him, and bent down on one knee beside him. “What are you doing? Why did Rosy hit you away like that?”

        He rubbed his little bulbish head and spat out at Sonic, folding his pudgy arms the best he could and then looking away.

        “Wha? Grr…” Sonic pulled back a frown, showing his teeth before picking the chao up.

        “You’re in timeout, buddy!”

        The chao squirmed, being held by it’s head wasn’t at all pleasant, and being tossed lightly to the ground made him stumble back, falling on his face as he jumped up and flailed his arms around aggressively.

        Sonic sat down now, lifting a leg up and sighing, before looking back to discipline his chao. “Now, what on earth did you do to deserve that?”

        Speed turned to his caretaker, and then looked away, seeming troubled before pacing back and forth, talking in his baby-chao talk as Sonic sweatdropped, unable to comprehend.

        “H-hey, now… How about we try some charades?” he smiled, lifting an eyebrow up in hopes that may help.

        Speed looked up, a bit annoyed but he listened and started acting out the scene.

        Apparently… Speed had seen Rosy swimming with another chao, and wanted her attention. He tried to call at first, but she didn’t hear him, so next he just gave up and walked away….

        Only to come back and throw a pebble at her, having it hit her head and her whine as she came out of the little lake.

        To him, it was a lake, anyway.

        Speed smiled mischievously down to her after she flopped on land, and wanted her to chase after him.

        Being upset by his actions, she at first swiped her head away, ignoring him and walking off.

        Upset he was being ignored, he tried to appease her with fruit, but she threw it back at him.

        Then a flower, trying to be charming as a heart formed on his little floating ball above his head, but she plucked a petal off and smushed it against his head, rubbing it in his face that she was still upset.

        That was the last straw for speed, having grown extremely anger, he yelled at her, making her feelings get hurt as her little ball showed a breaking heart, and then she hit him away, before Sonic spin-dashed into the two when she came to deal more hits on him, and he went to defend himself.

        “..Huh, so that’s what happened.” Sonic put a hand up to grip his chin, thinking… “What made you want her attention so badly, little buddy?”

        Speed looked down, before seeming ashamed as he covered his face and pointed to another chao.

        The other chao was drawing with Rosy, the two humming with closed eyes and bouncing their heads to the tune, looking like great friends.

        He lowered his little hand and turned away from them, seeming maybe… jealous?

        “Ah, the new guy.” Sonic folded his arms, smiling with a look of slight pity for his chao as he turned to address him again. “You’ve seen Amy come in here and dote to much on me. That doesn’t mean Rosy has to have the same personality, Speed.”

        Speed looked up, pouting.

        “Haha! Let me tell you somethin’ about Amy…”

        He glared.

        “Erk… o-okay, something about ME then.. When it comes to Amy…” He scratched behind his head, “Well… she’s her own kind of… thing. You have to let her do what she wants or she’ll never want to hang out with you, Little buddy… Look.” he bent down more to lay on his stomach, holding his hands out to his chao.

        “Girls, especially like Amy, don’t like it when you force their attention. I’ll admit…sometimes…” he rolled his eyes away, “Okay, granted, very rare times…” Sonic looked back to his chao, “I want Amy’s attention too.”

        A figure suddenly moved away from the entrance, gripping her chest where her heart was beating fast….

        “Sometimes… even I- U…uhm..” he looked down, not sure how to vocalize this, but his Chao was staring intently at him, before walking up and placing his hands on his own, showing him that he wanted to know.

        Sonic sweat dropped, but sighed, feeling obligated now to finish his sentence. “To get what I want, I have to sometimes do what Amy wants.” he admitted, and then smiled. “Sometimes it’s really boring, but when I put the effort in, she notices and she gives back, putting the effort into what I like so that we’re both happy.”

        The chao tilted his head.

        “Look, you don’t like to swim right? I never did care to level you up in that.” he snickered to himself, before pointing back to Rosy. “But you like to draw, right? You’re not perfect at it, but you can. So why not join them?”

        The chao made a face.

        “Come on, if you don’t give a little of yourself to Rosy, she’ll never give you any of herself. And you want to spend time racing away from her right? Good exercise?”

        The Chao nodded.

        He moved his face closer to Speeds, “… You like seeing her run after you? It’s fun, right?”

        The Chao grinned, nodding even more.

        “Then you have to make sure she’s smiling just as much. Every now and then, you have to let her catch up to you. Otherwise, she’ll only be disappointed in herself and heartbroken. You don’t want her hitting you all the time for stupid mistakes, right?”

        He shook his head, tapping his feet down back and forth to show he was worried about her never liking him again, making his hands go up to his forehead in fear.

        “Then, give her a smile and let her smile back!” Sonic winked, as the Chao nodded and raced over to her.

        Seeing him, she looked up curiously, before frowning.

        he frowned too, narrowing his eyes and staring harder back at her.

        Finally, he smiled and sat down, pulling out a blue crayon and drawing Rosy, him, and the… ugh, new guy… all holding hands together.

        This made Rosy beam with a huge grin, before hugging Speed, and having a heart above her head, to then match his own, before the new guy also joined in, but Speed just glared at him, having the twisty tornado above his head again. He almost growled at him before Rosy looked up with a question mark, making him nervously chuckle as he patted the new guy’s head, trying to be friendly to him for her sake.

        Sonic got up back to sitting and sighed, leaning back before looking up at the clouds. “Wish I had someone tell me that when I was young…” he then closed his eyes and stuck a pinkie in his ear, scratching around before a pair of hands slowly moved around his waist.

        He blinked, opening his eyes and looking up at Amy, looking down.

        “Aww~ That was a very good father and son speech, Sonic~”

        “Whahaa-aaa!!” Sonic flailed a bit in the close proximity she was in, crawling a second away before getting up and turning around to her.

        “Amy!? H-how long have you been there…” he looked nervous, frowning and sweat dropping as he grew even more uncomfortable.

        She giggled and walked forward towards him, having him walk back, and almost falling in the fountain before she leaned down.

        “So.. is that why you ‘tolerate’ all my date ideas?” she giggled, “Hmmm..?” she leaned even more.

        He had one hand balancing him on the fountain, and the other hovering near him to also try and gain some form of stability.

        His legs were now off the ground though, but he didn’t push or kick her away.

        “Admit it, Sonic~” she leaned her face right next to his cheek, making him look over at her but dare not move his head, twitching and flinching as he tried to use his abs to stay aloft.

        “You enjoy making me happy, just as much… as I enjoy making you smile!” she tackled him, causing him to cry out as they crashed into the fountain.

        His head came up, his arms flailing to get out, but Amy kept pushing him back down and smothering him with light kisses and dotes that the camera couldn’t see due to the angle.

        I’m not smiling! I’m not SMILING!

        “Sure you are!”


        “Hahaha! Oh, Sonic~”

        But we all saw the splashes and Sonic trying to break free, asking Amy to let him go or get away as she kept saying his name with love and laughing.

        Imagine you’re the Suriel

         The first time Feyre catches you, it’s totally not what you meant to have happen. She really got you, and you hate her for it, for her audacity. This tiny, mortal woman is mere spark in the night of eternity, frail and fleeting, and yet she had the nerve to catch you. She’ll probably try to kill you, or take the coward’s way out and leave you in the snare to die on your own.

        And then the naga show up, and you know you’re going to die. 

        No one in the world would risk themselves to free you. But you beg anyway. You beg this frail, fleeting speck of life to save you, because you don’t want to die. 

        And then, miracle of miracles, she does free you.

        You flee because you owe her nothing. She trapped you. She can deal with the aftermath, along with her High Lord, who would kill you on sight with all that rage in his veins.

        But you think about her, and you wonder.

        The second time Feyre sets a trap, you spot it a mile away, and you let her catch you anyway. There are things she needs to know, and Dreamer that you are, you want to reward her for seeing past your monstrous face that first time. You let yourself be caught, and then she frees you, and you know she is like you, a Dreamer.

        The last time, you go to Feyre willingly. You know Ianthe and her goons are tracking you, trying to find Feyre. You know they will kill you as soon as you’ve fulfilled your purpose, because they’re not like Feyre. There is nothing in their hearts but hate. But you have things to tell her, important things she needs to know. Things that will save her.

        You are willing to die if it means saving this other Dreamer. 

        You are shot, and you try to make her run, to save herself, but she refuses. She leads your attackers away, like she had done with the naga that first time, and after she has dealt with them, she returns to you once more. 

        The only one in the world who would care, is there as you lay dying, and she waits with you. Even as the war rages, she waits, so you won’t die alone. 

        And as your soul drifts away at last, she weeps for you, and some wisp of you lingers beneath the trees to watch as she wraps your body in a High Lord’s fine cloak. 

        She thanks you one more time.

        And then everything is white.

        everybody talks

        It began with a conversation.

        Technically it began with a small alien invasion, destruction of private property, and a very surprising kiss, but really it began with a conversation.

        Robin and Starfire.  Starfire and Robin.

        Often it was hard to remember that there was a beginning.  It felt as if their names had always been a single unit, as if they’d always existed together. Hardly anybody could remember a time before Robin-and-Starfire.

        All it took was one conversation about kindness, which consequently set the tone for their relationship, and suddenly there they were: Robin-and-Starfire.

        It was unspoken, of course.  At least between them.  It was, however, spoken of many times by any who saw them.

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        Truth or Dare HC: Peter, Warren, Kurt, and Scott (ft. Jean)

        Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

        Warnings: Bow-and-arrow, one swear word

        Peter, Warren, Kurt, and Scott playing truth or dare would include:

        • they all know Scott likes Jean but they just want to mess with him
        • Peter smirking and asking, “So, Scott, truth or dare”
        • Scott choosing truth because he’s afraid of what Peter would dare him to do
        • Peter would expect this
        • “Is it true you like Jean”
        • Scott blushing like crazy and squirming around in his place
        • “Uh- uh- I uh- I pick dare instead”
        • Peter expecting this also
        • “Okay, but you have to promise to do the dare since you changed from truth to dare”
        • “Fine, fine what stupid thing do you want me to do? Steal an apple from the cafeteria? Give Kurt a lap dance?” scott would say sarcastically
        • Kurt would be all “Vats zis ‘lap dance’ you are referring to?”
        • Warren falling onto his back laughing at his innocent mind
        • “Don’t ever change, my adorable little blue friend” he’d say while giggling and ruffling Kurt’s hair
        • “Guys be quiet I’m trying to tell Scott his dare!”
        • they’d all turn their attention back to Peter
        • “You have to steal Jean’s bow-and-arrow without her finding out”
        • Scott standing up out of fright and yelling back, “That’s impossible! She knows everything! She’s probably even listening to our conversation right now!”
        • “Don’t be chicken, laser beams” Warren would tease
        • “Ugh, fine, let’s go”
        • the group went around the mansion and the grounds only to find her practicing archery

        Originally posted by xmendaily

        • “I can’t steal them when she’s using them” -scott
        • Scott would be all happy that he now didn’t have to fulfill the dare
        • Peter rolling his eyes and saying, “That’s no fun! Ugh, well I guess it’s your turn then”
        • they’d all sit back down in a circle on the grass to continue their game
        • Scott sporting a smug grin as he asks, “Peter, truth or dare”
        • “You all know I only choose dare” -peter
        • “Exactly.” -scott
        • the group being confused by seeing Scott’s devilish side for the first time
        • “You have to run by Jean, poke her cheek, and not let her catch you” -scott
        • Peter paling at the thought
        • Warren smirking, standing, and pulling Peter up with him 
        • “Better get started, buddy” -warren
        • “Guy, zis does not seem like the safest of actions” -kurt
        • “Maybe, but Peter has never backed down from a dare before in his life. Is this going to be his breaking point?” -scott
        • “Please, this is nothing” peter retorted nervously as he stretched his arms then pulled his goggles down to cover his eyes
        • he’d gulp as he looked back at the group like it would be the last time, saluted, and then zoomed off

        Originally posted by theheartsgoblet

        • “I can’t believe he did it” -scott
        • “Oh, shit! Jean’s pissed! Everyone run!!!” -warren
        • running back into the mansion giggling like children
        • going straight to Peter’s room
        • “Peter let us in! Quick!” -warren
        • “How do I know Jean isn’t with you!” -peter
        • “Because she would’ve killed us, now open the door before she finds us!” -warren
        • stumbling into his room
        • “Vat are Ve going to do? Ve can’t stay in here forever” -kurt
        • “He’s right, you know. And when you do come out, I’ll be waiting. Have fun in there boys.” Jean interrupted their thoughts making them look at each other petrified

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        Firelight - A Suriel Story

        Hey, hey, everyone! So, this is my first shot at a fic and I want to thank@her-misplaced-wings, @sarahviehmann, @madeoficeandfire for reading it ahead of time and assuring me it didn’t sound dumb! This story was based off of a headcanon that I thought was incredibly interesting! XD I hope you all enjoy!

        This is now part of my ACOMAF writing challenge! (found here) 

        Summary - The last of the Suriel gather to share tales of their journeys.  

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        osricgersten  asked:

        The Elgang travels to their S/O's village and met the so's guardian. Who offered them to stay in their house for the night. During dinner they decide to tell embrassing stories of their S/O. How would they react?

        Elsword listens to all of these stories with curious intrigue. Who’d have known his S/O got into such trouble as a child? His S/O might need some cheer up cuddles later on, but of course those are always nice, right?

        Aisha smiles brightly and squeezes her S/O’s hand from under the table. She’s been there. Her grandfather did this to all her friends when she was young. She’ll sit with them until they can find a way to awkwardly opt out and abscond upstairs.

        Rena jumps on this immediately and updates the guardian with more embarrassing tales, from nearly-fatal incidents to daily screwups. Her S/O might be upset-until she starts telling stupid stories about herself, too.

        Raven chuckles lightly, and tells some stories from when he was young and free to do stupid things. His S/O and their guardian are both in peals of laughter at his excellent storytelling.

        Eve doesn’t really understand the humour, but does her best for her S/O nonetheless. She tries to add to the stories, but ends up talking about some coding error and spoils the mood. Her S/O might have to explain to her the concept of embarrassing stories.

        Chung’s eyes go wide. He’s curious like Elsword is, but the way he makes eye contact with his S/O clearly says “I’m so sorry about this”. The two of them are very awkward during the experience, but the air is still jovial and cozy.

        Ara hears a story, takes a breath, and says “I do that sometimes too”. Her S/O is very grateful for her support as she tells her own embarrassing stories. The stories begin with herself, but then they go onto Aren. She’ll probably need some consoling later.

        Elesis also jumps on this. Embarrassing stories? Sign her up! She tells the guardian about everyone’s incidents-from her S/O, to herself, to her brother, to even the Red Knights and her father. She has too much blackmail information. Don’t let her catch you being stupid.

        Add says something snarky during dinner about one of his S/O’s adventures, and then somehow it turns into a sass war. The guardian watches in amusement as Add and his S/O bicker back and forth with some interesting stories.

        Lu is a demon queen(or at least a former demon queen). She acts as any demon queen would: join in the festivities. She pulls out all the stops, and brings forth tales of demons being stupid from millennia ago. It makes her S/O smile, so even her own foolishness is worth telling.

        Ciel gives his S/O a supportive smile through the whole ordeal. Later, while they’re lying in each other’s arms in bed, he’ll remind them that their childhood adventurousness shaped them into a wonderful person.

        Rose isn’t even given a chance to speak. Zero does all the speaking for her. He tells the juiciest, most ridiculous tales of him walking in on Rose and her S/O snogging in caves and behind trees. Both Rose and her S/O are bright red. Zero is given the cold shoulder for a week.

        Ain doesn’t really see the point of recalling childhood foolishness. His S/O is a little hurt by this-sure, they did some stupid things as a kid, but is the whole “mistakes of the past” really necessary? It’ll take a while for his S/O to forgive him.

        The Birthday Girl

        Originally posted by theultimatewalker

        Pairing: Daryl x Reader, Winchesters x sister!Reader, Chey (OC)
        Word count: 1,182

        Part 14 of  2 Hours West

        In the month before her birthday, you and Chey saw Daryl twice. Not wanting to push things too much. She seemed to like him, getting excited when you told her that you’d be seeing Daryl. When she heard that he would be coming over for cake, she told Sam and Dean happily. You hadn’t mentioned it to either of them.

        “So, I hear we’re having an extra person tonight?” Dean asked, walking into the dining room as you spread out the tablecloth you’d bought just for her birthday.  

        Sighing, you nodded. “Yes, I invited Daryl to celebrate her birthday. I planned to tell her who he is.”

        Dean didn’t look happy. “Why rush it?”

        You glared at him. “Aren’t you and Sam the ones that were hell bent on finding him?”

        “Yes, technically…” You raised your eyebrows. “Okay, okay. Look I am just concerned, okay.? I am not trying to rain on your parade. I just don’t want to see my two girls hurt.”

        “We won’t. Even if he decided he couldn’t do this, we would still be okay.” You looked at dean a soft smile on your face.

        “How do you know that?” Dean asked.

        You put your hand on his shoulder. “Because I have the best brothers in the whole world. They do everything they can to keep their sister and their niece safe and happy.” He looked up at you. “We don’t need anything else.”

        Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist, making you scream as you flew up into the air. You were thrown over Sam’s shoulder. “Aw, did I interrupt a chick flick moment?” Sam smirked.

        “No. You know I don’t do chick flicks man.” Dean quickly said. Clearing his throat roughly as he put his manly exterior back up.

        “Unca Dean’s a chick. Unca Dean’s a chick.” Chey chanted from the doorway. Sam put you down as the two of you started laughing.

        “Oh, I’m a chick, am I?” Dean rushed forward, chasing Chey around the room. The two of them whizzed around the room, you let the lay for a moment before gently calling for them to stop.

        “Come on you two, you know it’s not okay to play in here.” Dean quickly scooped Chey into his arms, tickling her as she giggled.

        “I’m not a chick, am I Chey?” Dean asked, letting her catch her breath.

        “Yes you are, Unca Dean.” Chey said innocently, panting as she spoke.”

        “Why’s that then?” Dean stuck out his bottom lip, faking being hurt.

        “Cause you said a chick is a girl, right Unca Dean?” Chey waited for his answer patiently, whilst you and Sam listened intently, eager to hear what she had to say.

        “Yep, kiddo.” Dean nodded, smiling slightly.

        “Well me and Mommy are chicks, you say we are awesome.” Chey looked over to you, then back to Dean. “You are awesome, so you’s a chick.”

        Dean’s face lit up. “I really like that. You, missy are way too smart for your age. You’re gonna be smarter than Uncle Sammy soon.”

        “I know.” Chey told him simply, making the three of you laugh.

        Moving towards them, you took Chey. “Well, Dean, I’d like to steal my daughter for a few.” You chuckled lightly. “Come on, help me set up the plates and stuff.”


        Dean shook his head, smiling before moving to sit on the couch. Sam joined him, neither of them really paying attention to the television.

        “So, Chey…” You started, handing her some napkins to put on the table. “What do you think of Daryl?”

        “I like him!” She grinned, climbing up on a chair and reaching to put the napkins in the middle of the table. “Why?” Chey asked once she was back on the floor.

        Smiling, you crouched in front of her and held her small hands. “Baby, Daryl’s your daddy.” You said softly, watching her face for a reaction.

        REALLY?” She squealed causing you to wince.

        “Really.” You chuckled.

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        Is it wrong that I want Pidge/ Katie to grow her hair back and all that? Like to see her kick ass in a ponytail in her paladin armor just to be like “Yeah, I’m the girl and I can beat anyone on the this team up with my hand tied behind my back”. 

        Bonus: As she gets older and becomes more and more of a young woman, Lance is just like awe struck and Keith is just like “Dude stop staring at Pidge. And wipe the drool.” and lance is just like “Holy shit man” and Hunk just says “Lance, she could break you in half with her pinky. Don’t let her catch you.”

        Lance keeps trying to hit on her and Pidge does the whole Helga Pataki thing and punches him in the nose.

        And also, girl time with Allura?? Cause you know she’d be all up in that long hair if Pidge grew it back. Putting it in like Altean braids and everything and making her look beautiful and cool at the same time.

        I just love the fact that they made Pidge a girl, okay? And a tough as nails, no nonsense brainy girl at that.

        Thank you, DreamWorks. Thank you very much.

        to anyone who will ever love her as i do

        1. i thought i hated roaches, but she hates them more. you’re going to have to be the one who kills them
        2. some nights will be really bad, she will cry and cry and cry. kiss her, kiss her on her lips, kiss her like its the last time. kiss her enough to make her start moaning. wipe her tears, kiss her forehead, and hold her until she can breathe again. dont you dare give up on her, so many people have before
        3. dont ever not allow her to wear her red lipstick, she loves it probably more than she loves you. let her wear it even if it means you have to wash it off everytime you kisss
        4. tell her she’s beautiful and tell her hourly, tell her how beautiful she is always, never miss out on an oppurtunity to tell her
        5. she hates mornings, she wont get out of bed until absolutely necessary and you should set out her clothes if you have to go somewhere. put them next to her on the bed
        7. she loves cuddling, be the big spoon.
        8. let her catch you looking at her, she’ll get this beautiful smile that will light your world and maybe she’ll start seeing how stunning she is
        9. buy her undies, not “panties” (she hates that word), i promise she will wear them and show them off like you couldnt believe
        10. shes a sucker for moaning
        11. touch her, not only inappropriately, but hold her face, especially when kissing, shes a sucker for that too
        12. do not let her go, once shes gone you’re going to miss the little things that you start to notice. shes been hurt too many times and she deserves someone who wont leave ever. if you leave her, do not ever come back. do not torture her.
        13. kiss her scars, tell her how proud you are that shes still clean, and if she relapses, tell her that its okay and that you’re still proud shes made it this far
        14. if her smile alone doesnt give you butterflies, you arent in love with her

        shes so amazing please dont take her for granted, she’ll take care of you when you need it. cherish her, please

        —  My love
        overly involved teacher!stiles

        @stetervault tagged me. Thank you by the way. I was literally lying in bed all day avoiding homework, and this totally jumpstarted me into being productive.

        Rules: Take five minutes to write a drabble. No re-reading, no editing, just write.

        I did not follow the 5 minute part of the rules, oops. I got pretty carried away…

        Oh! also, tagging @pibroch if you wanna do this :)

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