Can’t Drown My Demons

Summary: You’re an Angel who was in a relationship with Dean before he became a Demon. Now he’s human again, you have some truths you need to come clean about.

[idea came from #11 on this prompts list by @deanwinchesterxreader ]

Characters: Dean x Angel!Reader, Demon!Dean x Angel Reader [past], Cas

Warnings: canon divergence, pregnant!reader,demon!dean, angel!reader, smut, oral [female recieving], unprotected sex, angst,language, un-beta’d

a/n: italics are flashbacks/memories. I felt like i needed a cold shower and a tub of ben and jerry’s after writing this. It’s a roller coaster of i dont even know what. 

Anyhoo, feedback is cool!

“You have to tell him, Y/N,” Cas looked back at you, sympathy in his blue eyes.

You ran a hand through your hair and slumped down on the seat, letting out a pained sigh. “How is this even possible?” You muttered, your eyes falling on your fast growing baby bump.

“I do not know,” Cas answered, taking the seat opposite you. “But Dean has a right to know that-”

Cas completely froze as Dean walked into the motel room, a concerned look across his face.

“I have the right to know what?”

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Private Time

*feeling J getting excited again I couldn’t helo but want to capitalize on our moment of piece*

* i wrap the fingers of my left hand in your neon green hair and let my right travel down to stroke the hardness that was pressing against my already soaked parts*

You like that Daddy? *i grown* You want to play with your Kitten?

*i start to methodically sway my hips as my right hand snakes back to dig its nails into your tender side. Deepening the movements*

[ @mistahjrp ]

the signs as relaxing sensations
  • aries:reading your favourite book
  • taurus:painting with a smooth brush
  • gemini:letting your hair down
  • cancer:lying down on a warm bed
  • leo:breathing in fresh air in the morning
  • virgo:taking your socks off after a long day
  • libra:listening to the sound of rain outside
  • scorpio:turning to the cold side of the pillow
  • sagittarius:going on a walk in a forest, alone
  • capricorn:having a cold drink on a hot day
  • aquarius:drawing with a thick, smooth pen
  • pisces:taking a warm shower on a cold day

i beg of you:

stop trying to impress all the time. let down your hair and let down your walls. cry in front of him/her. be honest with where your heart is at. go without makeup. let them see you when you aren’t taking your identity in the things you do. let them see you when you’re a pile of rough edges on the floor. admit to the cake + leftover pizza you had for breakfast. let them see you when the patience and love has run out, and you’ve nothing but open palms left. 

you are a mess. i am a mess. we are both trying. why not try together?