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Thoughts on Change

In the wake of last night’s episode, I keep seeing a bunch of posts discussing how profoundly Molly affected and changed both Beau and Nott, and though each of these posts do mention his affect on Caleb as well, it’s usually only mentioned offhandedly. For example:

“Yeah, Beau and Nott have gained a whole new perspective on life and the party in general, and it’s all thanks to Molly! And Caleb too, sort of, but to a lesser extent. SO ANYWAY–”

And I think that people are mistaking Caleb’s stoicism for a lack of deep and profound change in his character - which isn’t surprising to me, given that Beau and Nott are our only sources of comparison, and they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves a lot more than Caleb does.

Sure, he didn’t stand up and deliver a speech about how good Molly was, and how he not only left every place better than he found it, but how he clearly left every PERSON better than he found them, too.

Sure, he didn’t effectively praise Molly for being the heart and soul of the team, the one that was the catalyst that bound them all together in Trostenwald.

But you know what Caleb did do?

He stayed.

He stayed, and not just with reluctance - with drive. Drive to finish what they had started, in recognition of Molly’s sacrifice.

Before this episode, I was convinced that Molly’s death was going to spook Caleb so badly that his anxiety (as expressed during his solo watch the night before) was going to get the best of him, and that he was going to bolt. I was sure that he was going to cut and run, after witnessing this: the first sign of actual, real, mortal danger.

But he didn’t. He stayed. 

And I think he did it because - whether or not he can or will admit it - Molly changed him profoundly, too. Between the past few episodes and today’s, Caleb went from still being anxious and super flighty, still ready to cut and run at a moment’s notice if the going got too tough- letting people take the lead so that he wouldn’t have to- refusing to acknowledge the rest of the group as being worth his time or effort, in any meaningful capacity–

To insisting - INSISTING - that they MUST go on, that they MUST continue to try to free their missing companions- to insisting on going deeper (if not more cautiously) into danger, not for his own sake, but for the sake of his friends- to taking charge and letting his colors shine, even though it terrified him to do so- to acknowledging - through careful words and even more careful silences, during his conversation with Nott - that he DOES consider the rest of the party to be extremely important to him.

Molly left Caleb better than he found him, too. He taught him that there’s time for anxiety and indecision later - but not when the lives of his family are at stake.

euphemia and sirius though 

  • When she first heard that James was becoming friends with a Black, she was a lil worried 
  • I mean dont get her wrong her and Fleamont made sure to drill into his head that pureblood anything is nonsense and he had eavesdropped on more than enough of her political ramblings to know what is what 
  • But still. it’s a Black. She and Walburga went all the way back to Hogwarts together, and it wasnt pretty to say the least. 
  • That whole sector of purebloods were all about creating an army of these pseudo-royal children to use their power to create and enforce legislation that discriminated against muggleborns 
  • So her worry didnt fall with James, he was stubborn and self-assured (traits he definitely didnt get from her nope no sir) and instead of wavering in his beliefs he would fight for them 
  • Quiet literally as she found out a few weeks into term as she got a letter from Minerva telling her that James had gotten into three different fights already with Slytherins 
  • What she was worried about was this boy. He had not only been sorted into Gryffindor, but had become fast friends with James. 
  • If any of her experience with working in the political sector of muggleborn rights had taught her anything, that boy was in for a lot 
  • Her suspicion was confirmed a week into their summer break when an all black silk owl elegantly dropped a letter next to James as he was eating (devouring, really) his breakfast. 
  • After scanning the letter quickly, James asked if Sirius could spend the rest of summer with them. 
  • It was more of James telling than asking, but Fleamont and Euphemia had no qualms either way. 
  • A few minutes later their fireplace lit up as a young boy in perfectly polished robes with a tear-splattered face entered the foyer. 
  • The moment he stepped into their house, Fleamont and Euphemia looked at each other knowing that their family of three just expanded to a family of four 
  • Sirius for the first month was very, almost eerily, courteous. He never spoke unless spoken to, and it was only when she stood outside doors listening into James and Sirius’ antics did she get the full story 
  • Walburga wanted Sirius as far away from Regulus as she could, since he was going into his first year she didn’t want his ‘poison’ to seep into Regulus. 
  • They did need a rightful heir after all, and a muggle-lover just wouldn’t do
  • However, he slowly let his guard down and let his true colors shine 
  • Which Euphemia often cursed herself for later for wanting because Jesus if this boy wasn’t a fucking handful. 
  • I mean, she was the mother of James Potter after all so she was used to a certain level of mischief 
  • But whatever James was, Sirius doubled it and those bloody boys together my GOD
  • A few of the incidents included, but were not limited to:
  • Sirius trying to transfigure James into a lion (at James request) but only managed to get the fur and paw aspect right. 
  • James betting Sirius that he couldn’t eat an entire jar of whatever the fuck was in the back of Fleamont’s potion’s study. 
  • So many broken bones she lost count. Thank god for her background in healing and Fleamont’s ability to make Skele-Gro at a whims notice 
  • Or, her personal favorite, when both boys tried to apparate to London despite them being only twelve bloody years old, and ended up exactly half an inch inch away from where they were and their arms fused together. 
  • St. Mungos was the most traveled destination that year, thats for sure. 
  • However, the worst of it came in early August when James came rushing down the stairs at six in the morning in hysterics 
  • ‘Sirius is gone, I checked the guest room this morning so we could sneak out the brooms and go fl–’ he stopped himself before he finished. ‘I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find him, Mum.’ 
  • James was a lot of things; reckless, hard headed, exceptionally brilliant and daft at the same time, but overwrought was never an adjective she’d ever had to use for him before until now 
  • She did her best to calm him and sent an owl to the apothecary she knew Fleamont would be at today along with one to the Wizengamot to let them know she wouldn’t be in today 
  • Despite James elaborate and extensive begging, she demanded him to stay home with their house elf Dizzy while she searched 
  • It wasn’t until she was out of James eyesight did she let the panic seep in
  • She immediately thought of Grimmauld Place of course, and perhaps Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley.
  • But instead she found herself at this deserted beach town up North where it looked as if no one had actually stepped foot onto the property in years 
  • No one, except the Blacks that is. The only time Sirius would bring up his family was when he talked about this exact spot, which meant maybe once or twice over the entirety of the summer 
  • And sure enough, she found his small curled up body by the water. His fingers grazing the waves as they crashed against his ankles 
  • When she announced herself he nearly jumped out of his skin and every bit of his body language screamed ‘run’ 
  • She calmly approached him and waited what seemed like hours before he spoke 
  • ‘I was hoping to see them’. 
  • She wanted to tell him a lot of things in that moment. How he deserved better than them, how happy she was to have him in their home, how it was only going to get harder but that their doors were always open for him 
  • ‘I know’
  • They went home after a few more minutes, but before they entered they entered the foyer she turned to him and said:
  • ‘You’re grounded until the end of Summer, by the way.’ 

anonymous asked:

Black Paladin!Lance has a better shot at being a thing than BP!Keith. Why? Throughout the series, how often did Keith show true leadership qualities compared to Lance? Yeah, season 2 was "Keith's Season", but how often did he step up to lead if it wasn't for the benefit of himself and/or Shiro? Lance even showed off better leadership skills in a season where he was broken down to basic comic relief! I'm not hating on Keith (bless his soul), but he just doesn't seem like the right person to lead.


listen, i think it would be better for Keith’s character development if he learns to become a supportive person of his teammates instead of himself rather than sharpening his leadership skills, it would be so much more interesting for him, and it would be so good for Lance to be the leader. it would give him a chance to let his true colors shine!!!! let him be the black paladin!!!!! 

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I’m so proud of him. Not only did he not mention her, but she was there and we know that he did that on purpose. I’m so happy that this is one interview she’s not in. Cause JK is a big deal. And what a good interview it was. Loved to hear him talk about his mom and his heritage. I’m glad that he was professional and also showed his team what an actual D interview looks like.

Anon, seriously I think that was a slap in the face to her when he told the Let it Go Story. They forced her upon him and his reaction was awesome. He retaliated in a classy and smart way. Why I love him.

What a fantastic interview. D let his true colors shine all the way through. The topics were interesting. he showed how proud he is to be Filipino and how much he loves his mom.  And he was adorable talking about his co-stars and how he made sure to hang out with them. 

The D we saw last night. That is the DC that sells to a larger and greater audience.  That D makes you want to check out ACS.  

Please let that D come out to shine for the remainder of the promo.  Awesome interview.

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What were your thoughts on the dinner with Rory, Jess, and Logan?

In 6x08? I mean, I think any way you spin it, Logan was clearly being a jerk. Now why he was being a jerk is a bit more fuzzy…I think anti-Logan people often use it as proof of what they always felt they knew - that he is just a plain ol’ jerk and finally let his true colors shine. However when I watched the episode recently that’s not really what I picked up from it. 

When Logan wants to get under someone’s skin he’s suave and passive aggressive. He doesn’t yell at complete strangers in a bar. I also don’t actually think Logan’s the type to get jealous of Rory’s high school boyfriend, it just doesn’t seem consistent with his character. This could be due to the thing the show tends to do where there can only be one “good” guy in any given episode, and since that was meant to be Jess, the writers were making Logan look worse by comparison. 

While I think that may be part of it, I also think a significant portion of it is him just projecting his bad mood about everything happening with his dad outwards on whoever happens to be there. That doesn’t make it acceptable behavior, but at least it humanizes Logan a bit in a scene where he otherwise just seems like a giant doucheface.

Not that he isn’t anyway - Logan thinking he can take out his anger on a complete stranger and never feel bad about doing so or feel the need to apologize bugs me endlessly. I do love his and Rory’s argument after she comes back inside - both of them make really good (albeit loud) points to each other. Having Logan’s life would suck. Having that kind of pressure and expectation put on you without choice would be awful. But I think Rory ultimately hit the nail on the head when she said “how hard are you fighting it?”

In terms of Jess’ wake-up call to Rory, I do understand when people say that anyone could’ve knocked sense into her - that she was on the verge of breaking away from her grandparents anyway and that Jess didn’t actually have some special power to get through to her. All that may be true. 

But you know why it was Jess? Because he was the only one actually willing to straight up say something like that to her. Everyone else tiptoed around her and said “tough love” or “give her space” or got mad at her for making this choice. Jess was the only one willing to look her in the eye without anger or any hidden motives, and ask her why she was doing something that so clearly wasn’t making her happy.