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Bokuto, 5

5. Guilty pleasures + Koutarou Bokuto

Bokuto is the biggest Shakira fan, though he will never let anyone know about it.

Whenever he is bored and home alone, he blasts Shakira at the loudest volume and dances around only in his underwear.

His favorite song is ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, and Akaashi might or might not have already caught Bokuto swinging his hips to it.

Send me a character + a number and I’ll write some headcanons!

REQUEST 84 ~ Somebody else

A/N: 1975 are so incredibly good. Thank you anon, i have been wanting to write a song fic with one of their songs.

Dan’s Pov:

‘So i heard you found, somebody else.’

The rumours that she was with someone else made my heart ache. Surely this wasn’t real. The fact that i threw our relationship away was hard enough to think about, let alone that fact that another man would be able to receive and give the love with her.

‘And at first, i thought, it was a lie.’

I found out through twitter when i saw people tweeting me about it. My common sense told me to ignore it, it wouldn’t be true, it was just people trying to get me to feel upset and then get a response from me. I wasn’t going to feed into it. However that all disappeared when a photo was posted of the pair stood together, his arm holding her waist, hers wrapped around his neck. 

‘I took all my things that made a sound, the rest i could do with out.’

I went to her apartment to get the last of my things. As i approached the door i could hear giggling coming from the other side, I sighed and tried to hold back my tears. I knocked on her door, It opened revealing her standing grinning back at her new boyfriend as he held her from behind. Her smiled dropped instantly once she saw it was me. “Oh, um, hi Dan.” She nervously spoke. Just the fact she was nervous around me made want to cry. “Um, yeah, i was just wondering if i could get the last of my stuff?” She nodded and let me in. I walked swiftly to her room, memories flooding my brain as i walked. All the times i would bring her home after dates, when she got so drunk on them that she would just start to fumble about and try to get on my back for a piggy back ride. 

I entered the room, nothing much had really changed, just the pictures around her room that used to be of me and her but are now her and him. I only things that i really wanted to get back were my c.d’s i had left here accidentally that i don’t even think she knew i had. I left the shirt that i had worn the first time i stayed the night here with her, the same one that she had slept in. I still wanted her to have it, maybe she might see it and dump him for me.

‘I don’t want your body, but i need to think about you with somebody else.’

It had been about a month since i broke up with her. It was getting a lot easier to get past it, i was no longer wanting her back, i just couldn’t stop thinking about someone else having her. It was definitely my jealously that was setting in, The problem was that everywhere i looked was them, my twitter was full of people talking about them. My tumblr was even worse with it. It was as if it was haunting me and the only way to combat it was to think about it.

‘Our love has gone cold, you’ve intertwined your soul soul with somebody else.’

One night of seeing her face constantly i began to drink. I wanted to drown my thoughts about her in alcohol. One drink lead to two and then three and so on until i was so drunk that realistic thoughts and ideas were long gone. I pulled out my phone, my vision blurring my screen as i went to my phone book. I hadn’t deleted her number because i couldn’t bring myself to. I put my phone to my ear, hiccuping in the process. 


“y/n, baby, i love youuu.” I slurred into the phone as i gripped the bottle of beer in my hand.

“Dan, is that you?” He voice made me smile in my drunken state.

“Oh yeah baby, and i needed to tell you i love you.”

There was silence and she sighed.

“Dan, you are drunk and you most likely won’t remember this. But Dan, i don’t love you anymore. I’m sorry.” She hung up leaving me sat still holding the phone to my ear. 

I may have been drunk out my skull but i won’t ever be able to forget that. 

you ask me about my day and you actually want to know the answer. you want to know the songs i love and you listen to them too. you let me be quiet. you let me say the thousand words in my mind. you tell me it’s okay to be sad. and when the sad is overflowing out of me you catch it. and we laugh at the same things, and we cry for the same reasons. best of all is you tell me you love me and there’s no strings attached. and you see the bad and you still say i’m lovely. you pick me up and it’s the best hugs i’ve ever gotten. and home is wherever i’m with you. and the sunsets are ours. you tell me “i love you” and i was so drunk but i remember how that felt. you don’t want anything from me when you say it. and i don’t have to ask you if you do. and you mean it and i mean it. i love you. i just wish we’d gotten the timing right. my heart breaks knowing i could’ve been happy, we could’ve been happy. so close. almost. we are parallel lines. nearly, almost. almost will have to be enough.

What are we really celebrating here? Someone with a fairly clean image — I mean what dirt do we have on Swift really? She has break-ups and then she writes about those break-ups, like every singer-songwriter that has ever written a song in the history of the world — might have been exposed as being aware that Kanye West intended to release a song that directly references her. If we accept that it is possible she knew about the second line — which we don’t have confirmation for — and chose to deny that, her image is now a little smudged. So what? And then? Why do we want her to fail? Really, let’s talk about this. Why? How is it in anybody’s interest for one of the best pop singer-songwriters in the world, someone who young women across the world adore and seek to become like, because she is successful and privileges her friendships with other women and she sings about her feelings, to be brought down? Like what does that actually achieve?

And maybe can we reserve our ire for something like worth raging against? Like maybe we could dismantle the structures that mean that successful men are considered worth emulating but successful women need to be brought down a peg (by a man, mind you)? Like maybe we need to just stop for one second and like think about the thing that’s making us clap our hands in glee. And whether or not painting a picture of someone on a wall to joyously celebrate their ‘death’ is very funny.

I’m not sure it is.

—  ‘the music’ questioning why people are celebrating the recent taylor swift drama

Actually let’s do a scenario right now because you guys don’t understand why I am not here for this hypocritical ass shit.

Just imagine if Calvin Harris broke up with Taylor, then was seen with another girl all over town. Had his fans bully Taylor in her comments, then after all that come out and say that he actually wrote one of her songs that they both was gonna keep a secret about him writing.

Then Taylor takes to twitter to set the record straight.(just like Calvin did).

Y'all would drag Calvin into the oblivion and would call Taylor swift your feminist queen because she stay so strong throughout this break up. You would call Calvin disgusting for dating another girl right after they broke up. You would praise Taylor for setting the record straight about the song. Then Taylor would proceed to writing another song about that situation and you would call that your feminist anthem.

So please spare me the bullshit of all of you guys trying to make Calvin look like a bad person, because if the roles were reversed it would be the exact opposite. So y'all can hop out my inbox now.

Request: Little Things

Request: Could you do one where it’s Sam and the reader dating and idk maybe she’s feeling down about herself or something but base it off the song “Little Things” by One Direction? That would be awesome P.S. I LOVE your blog :)

Word Count: 839

So… this went a little bit differently. I’ve never done something like this before. Let me know what you think, because I quite enjoyed writing it! Thank you so much, and have a fantastic day<3

Dear Y/N,

I’m not so good with words. I know I’m not as emotionally constipated as my brother, but it doesn’t make big, impassioned speeches any easier. I guess it’s just not my thing. But maybe this is better, because this way, you get to have a copy of these words to read whenever you need to; a reminder that these things are true, even when you can’t believe them for yourself.

The first time I caught you staring in the mirror, tears rolling down your cheeks, I was… surprised. Confused. I didn’t understand (and still don’t) how you could look at your body and see anything but pure, unadulterated perfection. I know I’m biased, but you should be, too.

Y/N, you’re so much more than the lines on your skin or the little bit of pudge on your belly. In fact, I happen to think that it’s the most beautiful thing in the world – because you know what I see when I look at you? I see strength. I see grace. I see a fighter who has sacrificed everything again and again and bears the marks to prove it – and that alone is enough to outweigh any photoshopped, airbrushed stick figure you see on a glossy magazine cover specifically engineered to make women like you feel bad about yourself.

Actually, that’s wrong. There are no women like you. I know for a fact that there’s no woman dumb enough to risk calling herself mine in a room full of demons. I say dumb, I mean brave, if perhaps a little reckless.

Anyhow, that’s off-track. I wanted to use this letter (on questionable motel stationery, sorry about that) to give you a list of things I love, so maybe when you’re making your own list of things you don’t like, you can have this to tip the scale. And if it isn’t enough, come and find me, because I’ll easily give you a thousand more.

I love your hands. They’re smaller and softer and more delicate, and I don’t know how you keep them so beautifully soft when all you seem to do it hold guns and knives and dig graves. The best part? They slip into my own so perfectly, like jigsaw pieces meant to fit together.

I love your eyes, and the skin that wrinkles by the sides of them when you smile. I know what you’re thinking – you’re not getting old. Those lines show that you’ve felt so much joy in your heart and soul that it’s begun to show through on your skin. Is that not pretty incredible?

Your freckles are cute, too. Like an entire galaxy; a universe on your face. And when you spend a bit of time outside, more bloom, like flowers in a meadow. I love mentally joining them up, finding new constellations every time I have the privilege of looking at your face.

I know you’ve had your problems with your image and figure in the past but like I said before, I don’t know why. You’re a woman, Y/N, you have soft curves and gentle slopes; you’re realistic and beautiful. I can carve out a hill over your hip and a valley over your waist, a map of a world I wouldn’t ever want to leave.

But it isn’t just your body that I’m so in love with. Your mind is incredible: you’re easily one of, if not the most intelligent people I know. And I know you think that you’re a little bit weird, but those quirks, it’s what makes you, you. The cup of tea before you go to bed, no matter what time of night we get home. And our little conversations in the night that you’re still asleep for, but I still remember your valiant battles with a squirrel army. And I know you hate the sound of your own voice but I think it’s the sweetest sound in the whole world. And when you’re putting on skinny jeans, that little jump-wiggle thing you do? The single most adorable thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I think what I’m trying to say here is that I love you. I love you and your heart and your soul and your body and everything in between and beyond. And I might not say it enough, but I know for sure that I feel it. And so should you.

But, after all, you wouldn’t be my Y/N if you weren’t a stubborn thing. I’m entirely sure that you’ll disregard this as the ramblings of an obsessed, devoted boyfriend. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. I know you’ll never love yourself like I love you; you’ll never treat yourself right, but I don’t care. I love you enough for the both of us. And I’ll be damned if I ever do anything but treat you like the goddess you are.

Yours forever,


PS. I’m leaving a chocolate bar with this. Eat it.

PPS. Really.

PPPS. Eat the damn chocolate, Y/N. Then come here and kiss me.

‘Riverdale’ season 1 spoilers from SDCC 2016
  • Midge will appear in Ep2 
  • She will be dating Moose but he has a thing with Kevin
  • Sabrina is a cult escapee that’ll appear in the season finale
  • There will be Halloween episodes in the vein of Afterlife with Archie (probably not this season since the show only premieres next year)
  • Archie will choose between Betty/Veronica by the season finale
  • Jason’s murder is solved by the season finale
  • Most of the cast of Riverdale will be involved with each other at some point
  • There’s a slumber party in Ep7 where lots of kisses happen
  • There’s an incest relationship between the Blossom twins that the season will explore
  • Josie is a very driven and stern character and we’ll find out why she’s like that and why she doesn’t let men specifically get in her way  
  • Archie writes a song about his romance with Ms. Grundy in the pilot

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Can you tell us everything you now about the reunion between Crush and Zion T on SMTM5? So happy!

This reunion caught me so off guard ^^; I’m still in shock tbh, but I’ll be glad to share what I know.

As you may know Crush featured on Cjamm’s song “Let It Be (재방송)”  for the SMTM5 finale. But wait! There’s more! From what I’ve gathered, the CrushT reunion happened way before we saw anything on SMTM5. If I can draw your attention to Exhibit A:

“Why does that matter?“, one might ask. I’ll tell you why it matters, my dear… Since they both took part in producing the song (Kush, too… I didn’t forget about you, boo.), that means Zion.T & Crush have been the studio… together… for countless hours… creating music… TOGETHER~~. That means they were mixing beats & vibing w/ each other… they might’ve even had a few lunch/dinner dates. Who knows? But enough of that… Let’s get back to what happened on SMTM…

During Cjamm’s performance, none other than Crush comes out and begins slaying the audience with his amazing vocals.That in itself was enough to confirm that CrushT was still alive and well, but the SMTM show producers thought we need more. So during the performance, the camera panned over to Zion.T and we were blessed with this beautiful moment:

But wait! ThERE’S MORE! May I present the pièce de résistance:

Zion.T later posted this backstage pic and thanked Crush ;-; This glorious, much anticipated moment restored our faith in love, friendship & rainbow-colored unicorns ^o^

Taylor, we stand for you forever!

I listened to Taylor Swift’s music since my high school. English is not my first language and I even didn’t know exactly what are the songs talked about, let alone did I know the songs are talking about her exs. So obviously that she MAKE HERSELF FAMOUS with her beautiful songs written by herself, she doesn’t need to write her exs to be famous. I will like her even if I don’t understand English, she’s one important reason that I started to learn English harder! It’s about her hard work, not her exs to make herself famous!!! @taylorswift

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You are absolutely entitled to your opinion of me, no matter what it is. But know that I don't make a penny off that song and never will. My share of the funds go entirely to the Somos Orlando initiative. You're a good writer. Please keep writing. Thanks for reading.

Thank you for letting me know that. I previously was not informed of the fact the money from the song was going to a good cause. I’m happy it is.

I understand you’re trying to be a good ally, but there are many problems with the way you’re going about it.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask why you said the n word in the recording of the Hamilton audiobook when it was censored in the text and you’re not black? As a nonblack person it isn’t my place to speak over people about this but I do believe it was extremely inappropriate.

[on when she started writing songs] I was writing about love and sad songs and heartbreak. My parents would listen at the bottom of the stairs and be like ‘What is she going through? Like something awful has happened. Don’t let anybody hear them, they’re going to think something awful has happened.


A/N: The rumor floating around about Tim possibly dying helped with writing this. This is a particularly painful AU.
Song Rec: Love Songs Drug Songs by X Ambassadors and Things We Lost In The Fire by Bastille
Tagging: @babybirds (requester), @stephaniebrowm, @arthurscurrys, @spidymans, @redhoed, and @tchillax. This is everyone I can think of that I follow and ships this. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1,302

“Hood, I swear to God, if you keep singing Gasolina, you’re sleeping on the couch.” Tim’s voice was perfectly clear over the comms. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the team, so was Jason’s non-stop singing. It still eluded everyone how he was able to sing the most rapid parts. Tim spun the metal bo staff in his hands, deflecting bullets from thugs. They ricocheted everywhere until each man shooting was down.

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So i just saw a post saying that taylor shouldn’t complain about Kayne because she has written about her exes in songs before. ???????????? 

On what planet does writing about your exes as the subjects of your songs, compare to writing you made that bitch famous or you should have sex with them????????

With the exception of “Dear John” Taylor has rarely named a guy negatively in a song. She’s always said that she doesn’t talk about who the songs are about and let’s the listener assume who the song is about. That is the one thing she holds close to her chest and the one card she has, as she explains in an Ellen interview. If you want to assume a song is about Harry Styles, go ahead! But she has never confirmed nor denied it. Therefore has never shamed anyone directly. 

Whether you like Taylor Swift or not, whether you like Kayne’s music or not. Whether you think it’s for PR or not. I think the majority of us can accept that the song and the video is pretty shitty. Putting Chris Brown and Rihanna next to eachother naked??? Are you kidding me??? 

Oh and yes, I believe innocent was written about Kayne West. However the song is not written to “Play the victim” it actually says nothing bad about Kayne. It paints him as someone who has made mistakes in life and is working them out, something the singer/songwriter/narrative is forgiving him for. Saying she understands “life is a tough crowd” and “every one of us has messed up too.”

That isn’t playing the victim… that’s saying look you did this shitty thing to me (which he did) but i forgive you for it and you’ll get over it and it’s cool. Don’t worry about it. 

I am here for the Taylor Swift is over party.

Too many people let her get away with stuff under the guies of “Feminisim”. Her fucking squad is like the rich skinny girls that torment eveyone in high school and I doubt she is intersectional in her feminisim. Yeah she writes hella catch songs, but that cant make up for personality. Her moving on so fast makes me mad becasue I feel like it shows that she does not care about other people and how they feel. (She is not the only one at fault…Like really Tom? what if the positions were reversed?). 2 weeks is a little eyebrow rasing, but in the relationship department, You do you and lets all just give no fucks about peoples feelings!! who cares right?! People dont matter! 

Girl Im over it.  I dont even give a shit. I dont like her and I dont like her little horde of fan girls react. I am out of the Tom fandom and will be bumping Kanye for the rest of the day, bye.

Guys, Kim and Kanye were upset (and rightfully so) that after Kanye released his song, Taylor freaked out and said she was angry and claimed to have never heard the song, and let people assume that that meant had NO idea he was writing the song at all. If I had made the effort to call Taylor and run some lyrics by her and notify her what the song was about, I would be shocked and upset with her reaction as well. YES, Kanye may not have told her every lyric, so it’s understandable that she’s upset with being called “that bitch”, but when the song came out, she simply said she “had never heard it” and, even if she didn’t mean to, implied that she had no idea the song even existed. That is what everyone assumed after her publicity team released statements saying that Kim and Kanye need to “just leave her alone” and Taylor never corrected anyone. But NOW when Kim reveals that Taylor DID know about the song, Taylor backtracks and says she is upset with and hurt by two words that no, Kanye probably didn’t run by her (at least not in the video). I don’t think it’s right or fair that for a month, Taylor can let people believe she never knew the song existed and defend her and speak badly about Kanye, and once that is proved to be a lie, change her story to perpetuate her role as a victim and Kanye’s as a villain.

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zacks tweet wasn't revealing the truth I'm a ryden fan but in a tyv concert ry and jon revealed that their lyrics for Cape Town are almost word for word what happened with a girl named Cindy

It’s a cover up!
Let me explain
Cape Town is about leaving Brendon in Cape Town when they officially were done and broken up after. Ryan Ross is a clever man and is a story teller so Ryan wouldn’t write word from word about what actually happened plus if you go back to Fever he said something like he always add a twist to the songs he writes that it’s about him but adding things to make it not just about him and make it into a story that’s not directly about him. Zack said “almost literally” ALMOST! He did leave Brendon in Cape Town because they stopped talking after.
“Woke me in the morning ask me if I meant it, I didn’t” Ryan probably fucked up and said something that messed it up. “When I was in Asia I forgot how to call you” now the wonderful song bittersweet written by Brendon Urie helped me out here “I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa” now through out the song you get that vibe of I’m being bitter Brendon and I can’t believe Ryan Ross left me. Jon told that story because why would they say the real story behind it. They can’t just reveal that Ryan and Brendon dated. Plus I find the story dumb and I know Jon is lying because he knows the truth I mean he wrote sun and moon! Anyways went off topic so when we say what happened in Cape Town we mean why did the band split? What could of happened between these guys that made them have this final show and was it something between Ryan and Brendon? Not did Ryan meet a girl and fall “in love” in Cape Town. You know what I mean?


I’m doing a thing and I really need your help ‘cause your part will be the most important thing.

Unfortunetely it’s only for those who have attended any of the 'Surrender tour ’ concerts. (winter or summer festivals)

What I want you to do is to write MAX 3 sentences about the concert(s) that you’ve attended.
It can be about your favourite moments, songs, the atmosphere or about the concert in general. Whatever you want.

You can send it to me by a message along with your name (or nickname if you want to) and the name of the city where the concert took place.

It’s not a lot to do so I hope that you (yes, you!) will participate :)

(and please reblog to let other people know about this, thanks! ❤)