19 - Kai Parker

[Hey! I wrote to you a few days back and I don’t know if you received it or not… So I’m gonna say this again… I love whatever you write and like you I’m also a huge fan of Chris wood.. So I wanted to request something based on the song ‘don’t let me down’ by chain smokers ft. Daya. I dunno if you have heard the song but its lovely. I have no idea about the content but something angst then fluffy and intimate. Thank you… 😀]


“Kai answer my calls.” I beg, running my hand through my hair. “I need you, I need you.” I pause and take a deep breath. “I need you right now.”

Crashing, I hit a wall sliding down it with my phone in my hands. “Kai, please call me back. This is important. Don’t let me down.”

I rest my head on the wall, slightly turning it to the side. My tears roll down my cheeks.

“Kai, Kai wait a second.” I say, stopping him before he takes off my shirt.

He sighs, looking at me with his gorgeous eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

I bite my lip, embarrassed. “I’m worried alright.” He grins and I roll my eyes. “Kai, this is my first time.”

“Y/N.” He plants a soft kiss on my forehead. “It’s going to be amazing. Don’t you trust me?”

“I do, Kai.” I say, taking a deep breath. “Sorry, I’m just nervous.”

“Y/N. This is will be perfect.” Kai says in a truthful tone. His hand holds mine and our fingers intertwine. “I love you.”

I smile. “I love you too.”

I shut my eyes at memory of that night, it was a month ago. A month ago since I slept with Kai.

“Kai.” I whisper, even though he’s not around.

My hand slides off my lap, falling on the floor. I watch as the positive pregnancy test scatters across the carpet.

I need a miracle.


“Y/N. Are you ok?” Elena, my older sister, asks.

I zap from my thoughts, nodding as I move my phone away. I’ve been calling and texting Kai all day, he hasn’t answered.

I feel like I’m losing my mind now. He promised me he wouldn’t let me down. I need him on by my side, but now there’s nobody there.

“You seem a little depressed, what’s the matter?” She asks, joining me on my bed.

I force a smile, shaking my head. “Nothing, I’m just really tired.”

“Are you sure?” Elena asks, staring at my expression.

I nod, throwing my hair up in a ponytail. “I’m fine.”

“Ok, well you’ve been in your room for the last few days. Why not join me, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy tonight we’re celebrating the fact Caroline and Stefan are back to normal.”

I nod. “Ok, I’ll be there soon.” I say. “I just need to quickly get ready.”

“Alright.” She smiles, standing up and leaving my room.

I let out a deep breath, going into the bathroom and change into a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain white tee. I notice my bump peek through a little and I don’t know whether to smile or cry.

Running my hands through my hair, I sigh to myself as I get my things and rush out to catch up with everyone else.


“What do you think, Y/N?” Caroline asks me, I hum looking up.

“Sorry, what?” I ask, confused. She sighs, holding up two dresses.

“Which dress should I wear tonight?” Caroline is holding a short pearl white ruffled dress whereas the other is a light blue sequinned dress.

“Why are you wearing a dress tonight?” I wonder, raising a brow.

She sighs. “Because Stefan has finally gotten the guts to ask me out and I have no idea what to wear.”

“Oh.” I reply, laughing a little. Caroline rolls her eyes but grins just as the door opens.

We both see Elena there with Bonnie. “Which one?” She asks the two of them.

“The white one.” Bonnie says.

“The blue one.” Elena says, they all turn to me.

“Y/N, you decided. Which one?” Caroline says, raising her eyebrows.

I hum. “I think the blue one, since it matches your pale skin.”

She gasps but we all laugh. “I’m going to blank that insult as I’m far too busy right now.”

“When is Stefan coming over?” Elena asks, sitting down next to me on her bed.

Despite being younger than Elena, I’m still really good friends with Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan, Damon and Matt. I also talk to Liv and Tyler, but I wouldn’t class us as friends.

“In two hours, but I still need to shower, do my hair, makeup and I need to repaint my nails.” Caroline explains, setting the blue dress on her bed and the white one back into her wardrobe.

“Where is he taking you?” I ask, wishing Kai would take me out on a date. However, he hasn’t even been answering my calls or texts.

“I’m not sure, but I bet it’s somewhere nice.” Caroline smiles, I smile back looking down at my phone.

My eyebrows raise up when I see a new message, it’s from Kai.

Meet me in ten minutes, you know where xx

I smile, standing up. “Where are you going? Y/N, I need help.” Caroline says.

“I….” I pause to think of a lie. “I’m going to…get tampons.” I blurt out. “My period is coming up and I’m running out of tampons.”

“I thought you had some.” Elena says, raising her eyebrows.

I nod. “I only have pads.” I lie, shrugging. “I need to go but don’t Caroline you’ll be fine and leave your hair down.”

“Ok, bye.” She waves along with everyone else. I smile, waving and leave.


“Kai.” I call, looking but he’s not around. I bring my eyebrows together with confusion, he told me he’d be here.

I step around, mine and Kai’s secret place is the graveyard. It’s not exactly the most romantic place in the world but it holds a lot of memories.

“Kai.” I call again, growing worried that I’ve been tricked. I bite my lip, careful of what I’m stepping on. I use my phone to see clearly, since it’s getting darker.

Arms wrap around me and I scream, but a hand muffles it. “Y/N, calm down its me.”

My fear vanishes in a second and I turn around to Kai, throwing my arms around his neck. “Oh my god, Kai where have you been?” I ask, close to tears with joy.

He grins, as we go to our spot under a willow tree. I sit beside him, smiling that he is actually here.

Kai sighs. “Bonnie.”

I bring my eyebrows together. “What about Bonnie?”

“She left me in a prison world.”

“She wouldn’t do that.” I say, feeling betrayed even though no one knows about Kai and I.

Kai nods. “She did and Damon and Elena both knew but left with me.”

“I’m sorry, Kai.” I say, hugging him tightly. He hugs me back, kissing my forehead. “I should’ve done something.”

“There’s was nothing you could have done, Y/N. You were at school.”

“I know, but-”

Kai cuts me off with a kiss, I kiss him back my arms around his neck. He lifts me, wrapping my legs around his waist not once stopping the kiss.

“I missed you so much, baby girl.” He tells me, between kisses on my neck.

“I missed you too, Kai.” I say, bringing his lips back to mine.

He leans me down on the grass, his hands going to my shirt. I stop the kiss and move his hands. “What’s wrong?” Kai asks, puzzled.

“I need to tell you something.”

He rolls his eyes. “Can’t it wait?” He asks, kissing my neck. I bite my lip.

“No.” I say, Kai sighs and looks at me. “Kai remember when we…you know.”

He smirks. “Yes, how could forget. That was a great night.”

I smile. “Well….” I pause. “I…umm….I found out that…”

“Baby girl, you’re not making any sense. What happened?”

“I’m pregnant.” I blurt out, biting my lip. I look at his expression seeing no emotion there. “Kai, say something please.”

“I don’t know what to say.” He replies, connecting his eyes with mine. “We’re having a baby.”

I nod. “Yes, are you mad?”

“I don’t know.” He says, kissing my forehead. “But I know I love you.”

“I love you too.” I reply, kissing him again. He kisses me back as I grip his shirt, bringing him closer.

“Wait…” Kai pulls back. “Is this even safe?”

“I’m only a few weeks along, so I suppose.” I grin, he smirks and leans down to kiss me again.


“So, our baby is in there?” Kai asks, tracing his finger across my stomach. I nod, smiling and he plants a kiss on it.

“When did you come back?”

“I came back a few hours ago, you’re lucky I love you because I was tempted to kill Bonnie.” He answers, running his hands along my stomach.

“Don’t kill Bonnie.” I say, Kai looks at me. “She’s my friend, even though I’m mad at her, Elena and Damon.”

“Does anyone even know about us?” Kai asks, raising his eyebrows. I shake my head and he smiles, kissing me softly. “Good.”

“Why?” I ask, he smirks. “What are you planning, Kai?”

“Nothing, baby girl.” Kai kisses my forehead and I smile, pushing it aside. Kai keeps drawing patterns on my stomach and I smile, kissing his cheek.

“How has no one heard the heartbeat yet?” Kai wonders, looking at me.

“I got Luke to perform a cloaking spell on it.” I say, shrugging. “He was drunk so he has probably forgotten why I asked.”

“Ok.” He replies, his thumb running along my stomach. He’s laying on his side, just in his boxers. I’m wearing my undergarment, laying close beside him on my back.

He suddenly laughs and I stare with confusion. “What’s so funny?”

“We’ve been together for months now, nearly a year and no one knows about it.” Kai says, I smile. “It’s funny, because Elena is convinced that you hate me.”

“If I hated you, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be pregnant with your baby.” I tell him, he grins and leans down to kiss me again.

“I love you, Y/F/N.”

“And I love you, Kai Parker.”


“Are you alright, Y/N? I hear you throwing up.” Elena asks me. I nod, icing some more cupcakes.

Tonight is a little party for everyone and Elena, Caroline and I are baking some cakes. “Yeah, must have been something I ate.”

“Y/N.” I hum, looking at Elena. “Why did you come in so late last night?”

“I was out.”

“You came back at four and you didn’t even buy tampons.”

“Elena, I’m seventeen only a year younger than you. I can go out when I want.” I say, rolling my eyes as I moving onto another cupcake.

“I’m just looking out for you, Y/N. You’ve been acting strange lately.” She tells me, I sigh.

“I’m fine.” I say, picking up a cupcake and taking a bite of it. I’m starving, which I guess is nothing new.

Elena nods, walking over to Caroline and helps her. I shake my head, sighing to myself.

“Yum cupcakes.” I fight my smile at Kai’s voice, looking over to him. Elena and Caroline seem shocked as Damon, Stefan and Bonnie arrives in after him.

“How is this possible?” Elena asks Kai.

He shrugs, taking a cupcake. “Isn’t it obvious. I’m a genius.”

I roll my eyes at his comment and Kai smirks, taking bite of the cupcake. He nods. “These are good, who made them?”

“Me.” I say. Kai nods, his eyes roaming me with a smirk as I’m wearing the summer dress he bought me.

“Y/N, they are good and you are looking beautiful as usual.” Kai comments, with a wink. I can’t help but blush.

“Kai, leave my sister alone. She wants nothing to do with you.” Elena says, sounding annoyed.

“I’m sure, she loves me.” He replies, looking at me. I stare away, trying to not blush anymore.

“I think Y/N has more pride.” Damon says, and the other agree.

“I’m standing right here.” I say, raising my eyebrows.

Kai chuckles and walks over to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind. “Kai, get off her.” Bonnie says and everyone seems very mad.

“Y/N, you have icing on your cheek.” Kai tells me. Before I can get a tissue, he licks it off making them all, especially Elena, angrier.

“Kai, get off her!” She yells.

“Elena, calm down.” Kai says. “Have you heard her complain?” He grins when no one answers. “Since everyone is here, I have a little announcement.”

“What?” Stefan asks.

“My girlfriend is pregnant.” Kai says.

“I feel bad for her.” Bonnie says. I roll my eyes. “And if your girlfriend shouldn’t you not be doing that with Y/N?”

“But my girlfriend is here.” Kai kisses my cheek. “Aren’t you, Y/N?”

“Yes.” I say and everyone looks speechless.

“What?” Elena questions. “Y/N, him. You’re with him and he got you pregnant, you’re only seventeen.”

“I don’t care, Elena.” I state, smiling. “Kai’s my boyfriend and the father of my baby and I love him.”

“Love you too, baby girl.” He kisses me until someone clears their throat.

“How long has this been going on?” Damon asks.

“Months, nearly a year.” I say, moving from Kai’s grasp. “I’m going to go my room, I need to do my homework.”

“I’ll join you.” Kai says, holding my hand. “I’m great at biology.” I laugh and we leave before Elena rips his head off.


[End of imagine, hope you enjoyed it and it was a little longer than usual. Requests are open so don’t hesitate to ask for an imagine.]

Should I? - Jung Wheein

Inspired in Don’t Wanna Fall by The Narratives, for song anonstar. Thanks for letting me write with songs you like dear, and don’t worry about a thing. I like this kind of request since I can express what the song made me feel.

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Four years since you broke up and she was still flawless. After all that time and study in another city, that afternoon at you hometown you couldn’t think that you would find your ex buying waffles. High school days, young but in love the same. You remembered well that time.

As you remembered that the waffle places was your couple place, and she remembered that after all that time.

It was like the typical encounter, nothing weird just the fact that you met after all that time. But you end up in the park with a bag full of freshly baked waffles, talking about your life since the last time you saw each other.

Her dimple was in the same spot, making her look as cute as you remembered. It was pretty late by the time you realise how long you were talking, so you decide to walk her home.

It wasn’t necessary to look at the streets where you two shared your love once. You knew every single shop and every single brick, you two giggled when you saw the building where you two shared kisses under the rain. People around you didn’t know why you weren’t holding the hand of the beautiful lady by your side. Why, even with your arms almost touching, you couldn’t take her hand.

Words wasn’t enough to describe how afraid you were to fall in love again with her. Even when you just met, you felt how her laugh anchored in your soul like a melody; how her voice soothed the sore asleep pain that you two made to each other back in your relationship days.

So when she was finally in the other side of the fence, you couldn’t help to watch her walk towards the door. Your heart pounded hard when she turned around to smile at you, that sweet dimple smile you loved and drove you crazy when you were just a teenager.

You know Y/N, you were the love of my life.

You laughed, feeling the sorrow crawling up your back. But you shouldn’t fall in love again with her and her sweet dimple smile.

As you were mine, Wheein, as you were mine.

And you walked away from her, smiling because the past was called past for a reason.

Girlfriend! Jennie Kim

(gender neutral)

  • she’s always taking you around the city on dates and showing you new places 
  • very sensitive and gets worried if you joke about breaking up with her
  • goes from stage jennie to aegyo master jennie in 0.6 seconds 
  • and you can bet aegyo master jennie makes a ton of appearances, your wallet (and sanity) is crying 
  • buying you giant stuffed animals that are bigger than she is 
  • handwritten love letters that are very sentimental and emotional
  • small but fierce 
  • pushing each other on the swingset at the playground at 1am 
  • writes cheesy songs about you but won’t show you them unless she’s absolutely 100% no doubt sure that they’re perfect 
  • steals all your clothes and pretends like they’re hers when you notice 
  • never takes off her couple ring 
  • late nights chilling in the car listening to music 
  • never lets you pay for anything
  • has five million emojis next to your name on her contact list 
  • doesn’t even have your name saved it’s some cringeworthy nickname 
  • gets very embarrassed about pda and acting romantic in front of friends, but will do it if it makes you happy 
  • panics whenever she sees you crying 
  • forces you to watch anime with her and cries for three days straight when the main character unlocks their true destiny 
  • gentlewoman; holds the door for you, gets out of the car and opens your car door for you, always lets you go first, and pours your drinks
  • looks up how to be romantic online
  • will not, i repeat, will not let you get out of bed in the mornings
  • memorized the way you take your tea/coffee and makes it exactly right without asking everyday 
  • overall just a bundle of fluff and sweetness wrapped up in a small package

lisa | rose | kim jisoo

Honey Bee

This is my submission for the Louden Swain SPN Writing Challenge! @mysupernaturalfics gave me the great idea for Dad!Cas, but I forgot that I don’t have kids, and know nothing about when kids learn how to do stuff. Enter Google. If I got it all wrong, please tell me. 

Summary: Cas wakes up from a nightmare to soothe his child after a nightmare.

Song: Honey Bee from their album Sky Alive

Pairing: None. 

Warnings: None, really.

Word count: 1669

A/N: Un-beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. If you find any, let me know so I can fix them for the final project!

Cas tries to catch his breath, even though his grace means he doesn’t need to breathe. At the edge of his consciousness, he feels the approaching Leviathan gaining ground while he plans his next flight. Dean is in the direction he’s begun to call “North,” though Purgatory has no such distinctions, and he sometimes suspects that even his angelic sense of direction is no longer true. No matter if he calls it north, south, purple, or nine, that is the direction where Dean is, and therefore the one direction he needs to avoid.

The Leviathan appears in his peripheral vision, and he takes flight. He just needs to keep flying, and keep resting just long enough to attract the monsters away from his friend. In this endless twilight, that is the only thing that matters. Loneliness doesn’t matter. Exhaustion doesn’t matter. Longings for the Heaven he used to love, for the rare times on Earth when he was relaxed with his friends, or for the smile that his love seemed to save just for him, they don’t matter here. Everything is running; keep the monsters from Dean.

He lands in a clearing in the midst of a pack of werewolves. Before he can fly away again, one grabs hold of his arm. Striking out, he tries to shake the wolf off of him, but the animal is strong. A hand to his forehead, and the monster falls, eyes burned out. Two more attack from behind, and he fights to free himself.

“Daddy!” The child’s cry pierces through the wilderness of Purgatory and Cas’s heart races at the sound.


“Daddy, Daddy!!” Panicked cries mobilize Cas, and he uses every ounce of his angelic strength to throw off the wolves, but for every wolf he defeats, two more take its place. His daughter’s cries get louder and more insistent, and he fights to free himself and find her, in spite of the ocean of monsters that hold him down.

Cas wakes with a start, his heart racing, a cold sweat covering his skin, the sound of his daughter’s cries echoing through the bunker’s hallways. The feeling of monsters holding him down slowly passes as he takes in his surroundings. Not Purgatory. Not an angel, anymore. The bunker is safe, and his love is stirring on the other side of the bed.

“Daddy!!” Another heart-rending wail flies down the hallway, and her eyes open to look at him.

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farlanchurch-isthemumfriend  asked:

I know you didn't write acwnr, but it never says how Farlan actually convinced Levi to let him join him, after Levi had said no to joining Farlan's gang. So, how would you imagine Farlan convinced Levi to allow him to join him?

He sang a long song about friendship and strength and cleaning

Boyfriend Series - SEVENTEEN: Woozi

- Imagine Woozi trying to be all manly with his cute self

- But don’t doubt that he won’t kill whoever hurts you

- Loves you and gets red whenever he shows it despite being really affectionate towards you

- Writes songs for you

- And about you, let’s be honest here

- Smiles a lot whenever he thinks of, hears about, or is around you

- Loves hearing your laugh above everything else

- Always afraid that he’s going to lose you

- Shares his ideas with you all the time

- Checks up on you because he worries a lot

- Is always talking about you to the other members

- Always makes sure that you know he loves you even if he doesn’t say it much

- Shy kisses because he would turn really red but he’ll love kissing you

- Super caring and adorable towards you

- Shows you the songs he’s working on first

- Asks for your input/feedback since you are a Carat

- Does silly things to get you to smile

- Holds you close to him at night so he knows you’re still there

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I hope you liked it - Admin Sunshine

combeferre things
  • bouncing on his heels and eyes lighting up when people let him talk about his interests (moths)
  • going to push up his glasses even when he’s not wearing them
  • unironically correcting people when they’re joking
  • complimenting people without looking up from his work
  • humming any song that is stuck in his head until you hate him
  • clearing his throat at the worst times
  • having an infinite amount of ties
  • rocking on his feet when he’s nervous
  • waltzing to classical music alone in his room
  • having a pair of “formal glasses” (no one can tell the difference between his regular ones)
  • despite the stereotype, he has amazing penmanship
  • sitting under a tree and reading in the park
  • accidentally staying there all day and not realizing until it’s so dark he has trouble seeing his book
  • picks lint off of everyone else’s clothes
  • very poor typist
  • constantly being asked if he’s eaten because he always forgets
  • going to the playground with Courfeyrac
  • spinning the merry-go-round for the kids
  • he knows everyone that works at the nearby museum
  • helping Jehan with their garden on the roof of their apartment building
  • his laugh is either a giggle or he’s snorting and wheezing, there is no in between
  • loves holding hands with Courfeyrac on roller coasters
  • once said “lit” out loud and will never live it down
  • fixing his hair in windows
  • gesturing with his hands when talking
  • biting his tongue when trying to remember things
  • can basically fall asleep anywhere
  • because he doesn’t sleep at home
  • feeding the stray cats in his neighborhood
  • he is banned from chairs with wheels because he will roll all over the room with them and eventually fall
  • tapping Enjolras on the arm or hand when he’s getting too overheated
  • angry crying
  • carrying hair ties for Enj when he inevitably breaks his
  • hitting his head on literally everything
  • picnics in the park with a full tea set
  • occasionally rides the subway just to watch people
  • always the banker in board games
  • sending existential questions to their group chat at 3am and Grantaire is the only one awake to answer
  • horribly misinterprets his friends’ styles
  • sucks at coming up with gifts for people that aren’t books
  • waking up and going for runs as the sun rises (if he ever sleeps before then)
  • whining when people tell him to stop working or studying to rest and eat
  • playing any piano he sees
  • being the asl translator for Joly when Bossuet isn’t around
  • getting unintentionally loud when he talks about his interests
  • his friends exchanging knowing looks when he starts to ramble
  • group hugs
  • constantly dirty glasses
  • refusing to let anyone clean them
  • endless library fines
  • very easily startled
  • being ridiculously clumsy
  • spends half his life lying on the floor
  • is willing to come up with an argument for anything
  • calling people out for offensive jokes
  • fixing crooked paintings


Car ride.

hiiiiii can you write something about also being a singer and you’re on carpool karaoke with James and Harry?

Heyyy thank you so much for the request! It was quite hard to write this one actually… I’m sorry if it sucks. I used one of Taylor Swifts song. Let’s just ignore the fact that Taylor and H were dating.

Harry opened the black car door for her and Y/N sat down on the passenger seat.
“Hi James.” Y/N said and put her seat belt on.
Harry got into the back before also greeting James and fastening his seat belt.
“Thank you guys so much for helping me get to work. The traffic is horrible lately.” James said.
“Oh no problem. Haven’t got anything planned anyway. So let’s start the journey, yeah?” Y/N asked and made herself comfortable in her seat.
“Yeah, I guess.”
James started the engine and began to drive the three of them through the busy streets of Los Angeles.
“So you guys are dating for a while now, right?” James asked them.
“Almost a year, isn’t it?” Harry said.
“Wow, that’s incredible. And you’re still good, yeah? Nothing bad going to happen?“
“No, no. Absolutely not. We’re all good.” Y/N said and looked out of the window.
“We really are. S'great that we don’t have a lot to do right now. Finally have some time for each other.” Harry said and put one hand on Y/Ns shoulder.
“You’re both on a little break, right? I mean that’s great but like… I kinda miss you guys.” James said and pretended to look at them sadly.
“We try to be on a break, at least. Isn’t that easy when people call you and persuade you to help them get to work.” Y/N said and giggled at James offended ‘Shut up!’
“So like I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the company or I’m bored of you two but could we maybe listen to some music?” Y/N asked then and turned to look at James.
“Of course.” James said and turned on the music player.

Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you’ve done Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood, hey!
Y/N and James were full on singing along to Y/Ns world hit while Harry was just occasionally singing a few lines and bopping his head. After the song ended James shut off the music player again,
“So something that I always asked myself since you guys are together is if you write songs about each other. I mean for example ‘Bad blood’ could have happened after a fight, right?”
They both hesitated a bit before Harry decided to speak up,
“I mean it’s obvious that we write from personal experience but not every song is always about what people think it’s about. We did write songs about each other but I hope that ‘Bad blood’ isn’t about me. Wouldn’t be that nice, babe.”
Y/N laughed and turned around to squeeze Harrys knee,
“Don’t worry. I only wrote ‘I knew you were trouble’ about you.”
James laughed at that and shook his head incredibly,
“So it’s really true. But I mean that’s a break up song… How…? Why…?”
“That song happened at the very beginning when we met. He was a bit of an arse back then.“Y/N laughed again.
“Oi!” Harry exclaimed and looked at her with a frown.
“Alright… I really don’t want Y/N to leave this car and write another break up song so…”
James turned the music back on and this time ‘Perfect’ started to play.

And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out
And if you’re looking for someone to write your break up songs about
Baby, I’m perfect
Baby, we’re perfect
James turned the music off again and because he was standing at a red light he turned to the both of them and leaned on the console in the middle,
“This song is so about Y/N, right?”
Y/N began to blush and Harry mumbled a “I mean…”
James closed his eyes briefly before slamming his fist down on the console,
“This song is about Y/N, am I right?” He asked louder this time.
The traffic light had already turned green again and the cars behind them started to honk but James didn’t start to drive.
“James? The light turned green.” Y/N said after a few seconds and tried to supress a giggle at James outburst.
He only shook his head at the two of them and started the engine again.
“All I ever wanted was the truth.” James said with playful hurt lacing his voice.
When he turned the music on this time ‘Infinity’ started to play and all of them sang along loudly.
“I feel like you should do a duet together. Or we could be a band.” James said excitingly after the song was finished.
“Let’s do that.” Y/N said and Harry mumbled a ‘yes’ in agreement.
“My grandad always wanted to join 1D so let’s let him join our band.” Harry said and James cooed at that.
“That would be so cool. I love your grandad.” Y/N said and nodded in agreement.
“And we’ll call it “James Corden and the Lates” . That’s great. ‘Cause you know your grandpa is ‘the Late’.“
“And Y/N and me?” Harry asked and chucked.
“You two are the ’s’ from Lates.”
“Fair enough.” Y/n laughed.

They were driving a while more, singing along to a few more of their hits until they came to a stop in front of the building were they originally took off earlier.
“Thank you guys so much for helping me get to work. I really appreciate it.”
“No problem. You can call us anytime you need us to.” Y/N said and leaned over to hug him briefly.
“Thanks for having us, James.” Harry said and patted James shoulder.
“Bye. I’ll see you soon.” James said and Harry and Y/N both left the car.
Before Harry could shut his door though James spoke up again,
“Huh?” Harry asked and poked his head into the car again.
“Don’t mess it up with Y/N.”
“I won’t.” And with that he shut the door.

Let Me Love You

🎶Go through the darkest of days, heavens a heartbreak away. Never let you go, never let me down. Don’t you give up now now now, I won’t give up now now now. Let Me Love You, Let Me Love You.🎶

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Playlist For Writing and More

This is for the anon that asked, and if you guys wanna know more let me know:)

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NORMAL WRITING [Love confession, date night etc]

All About That Bass By Meghan Trainor

Worth It By Fifth Harmony

This Is What You Came For By Calvin Harris Ft Rihanna

Outside By Calvin Harris Ft Ellie Goulding

I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris Ft Ellie Goulding

Special By Six60

Write On Me By Fifth Harmony

I Know What You Did Last Summer By Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

Treat You Better By Shawn Mendes

ANGST [Heartbreak, Cheating, Etc]

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Secret Love Song By Little Mix

Like I’m Gonna Lose It By Meghan Trainor Ft John Legend

Locked Away by R.City Ft Adam Levine

Faded By Alan Walker

It Is What It Is By Lifehouse [Best For Writing Leaving Scenes]

Give Me Love By Ed Sheeran

Love Me Or Leave Me By Little Mix

Impossible By Shontelle 

Wherever You Will Go By The Calling

Halo By Beyonce

When I Was Your Man By Bruno Mars

Let Her Go By Passenger [My Personal Favorite] 

We Don’t Talk Anymore By Charlie Puth Ft Selena Gomez

SMUT [For Making Love Etc]

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Closer By The Chainsmokers Ft Halsey

Stay With Me By Sam Smith

All Of Me By John Legend

Thinking Out Loud By Ed Sheeran

Love Me Like You Do By Ellie Goulding

On My Mind By Ellie Goulding

Never Let Me Go By Florence And The Machine

ROUGH SMUT [You Know;)]

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Into You By Ariana Grande

Dangerous Woman By Ariana Grande

Fire Breather by Laurel 

Hypnotic By Zella Day

Sail By Awolnation 

Talking Body By Tove Lo

Kiss Me Ed Sheeran

*All these songs are my opinions and if you do think there are other songs do let me know :)

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captainoflifeandlemons  asked:

Is putting "All Along the Watchtower" on Hera's spotify playlist a nod to Battlestar Galactica? Or is that song just very popular in space-traveling artificial intelligence circles? (also I don't believe I've sent in any asks before so let me just say that I absolutely love this podcast; the writing/worldbuilding/character development/etc. is all spectacular)

Hah! Yes and no, in a way. 

I love All Along the Watchtower. I adore adore adore adore this song. I love the lyrics, its flow, its builds and its crashes. I love its bizarre disruptive chronology. I love how mythical, how disorienting, and how haunting it is. There really is something about it that feels larger than life and talismanic, which is why it’s always made perfect sense to me that it would keep popping up in works of Science Fiction. 

Is it there as a specific shout out to the Ron Moore iteration of Battlestar Galactica? Not exactly, but I think it’s there for the same reason that it feels right for it to pop up at the end of “Crossroads.” At the end of the universe, when the boundaries between the human and the alien start to get really blurred, what the hell else would be playing in the background? 

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… with all of that said… It would be remiss of me not to say that as far as I’m concerned, Bear McCreary’s arrangement of All Along the Watchtower is the THE definitive take on the song in my book. And if the Bear McCreary soundtrack for BSG was on Spotify, that would absolutely be the take that would be on Hera’s playlist. In fact, Hera’s playlist would be massively different if that score was on the table, as a lot of the music that I use to get into Hera’s headspace is from there. 

In fact, I’ve often said that Florence + The Machine is the vocal artist that most helps with Hera, but for THE ultimate Hera track, the one that most immediately transports me into the character, look no further than Bear McCreary’s Passacaglia. It sorta breaks my heart to not be able to put it on the playlist proper - consider it a mandatory bonus track.

after starting a conversation with sur @transandrew i present neil+nicky and kpop

•this boy doesn’t know jack shit about music •let’s be honest his mom never gave him the chance to really explore and enjoy music
•nicky knows this….nicky wants neil to appreciate the good music
•now that riko is gone and everything is as good as it can get for the foxes…he can take action
•so he’s like… “hey neil i have a good song that you will LOVE”
        - “what song??”
        - “just listen, neil, and ENJOY”

•it’s totally call me baby by EXO
•we’re assuming this is 2016!tfc alright
•so nicky has totally shoved his laptop at neil so he can really appreciate the whole experience that comes with kpop
       -“nicky this is actually really good show me more”
•so he DOES…and nicky knows no bounds so hes showing neil 4minutes, BTS, GOT7, BIGBANG, f(x), SHINee, OH MY GIRL, iKON, EXID, girls generation, the whole lot
•and let me tell u neil loves BTS the most i stand by that forever
•neil is taken by the dance from dope
       - “nicky i want to learn that dance….i really want to learn that dance”
       - “seriously? okay, we’ll learn the dance maybe then the vixens will love us”
so they spend days learning this dance
       - other dances he def learns are fire and call me baby and hate and ring ding dong and rum pum pum pum
•so anyway
•at some point nicky would put one of the songs on when they’re at the court and they think they’re alone
•like they totally go to the court early to ‘warm up’ (read: practice dances)
•they wouldn’t notice right away that one of the other Foxes (probably a freshman) has shown up early too
•so this freshman Fox would totally video nicky and neil dancing to fucking kpop because this is neil, vice-captain, super scarred up freaky deaky dude
•of course this freshman is gonna video him
so of course this freshman sends the video to the other Foxes to enjoy
•matt is sitting on his bunk crying because it’s neil having fun he’s so proud of his friend
•allison and renee get fucking rich
       - allison heard nicky talking to neil about kpop so she got the best cash out of the bet pot
       - renee hears everything andrew during their sparring sessions and he was complaining about how that <i>fucking junkie is being buddies with nicky what the fuck?</i>
•kevin is just annoyed that it’s happening on his court but he’s glad that nicky is finally on the court early instead of late
•so here’s these two exy players, dancing like kpop idols, and the freshman wanna Fuck Shit Up
•so u bet ur ass that jack probably put it on youtube for everyone to see
•the fans have a field day because neil and nicky? in t-shirts and sweats? <i>dancing</i>? and everyone can see their muscles shifting under their shirts? a sight to behold
•they probably have to address the whole situation at some point because the press would be like….what was that about??
•anyway so nicky would probably get roland to sort out a Dance Night™ without neil knowing
and he would say to neil while they’re on the way to eden’s that there might be a dance thing going on. andrew would probably just look at nicky for a moment before continuing to drive, kevin would groan because he just wants some alcohol, aaron would be entirely disinterested, and neil would be dreading the thing but he would also be excited
•he just loves kpop and the dances…not as much as exy, not by far, but he still loves it
so nicky requests a song and they fucking smash it….they win the first round
•and they continue to win the battles with their Mad Kpop Skills™ until they are crowned champions
•kevin is just crying into his vodka he doesn’t want to be associated with these people at all
aaron is still entirely disinterested
•andrew is watching neil like a hawk because a lot of people were eying him and no one eyes what’s his
•all in all it’s wild and fun and neil has something else to have fun with. 

A few days ago Ronan had decided to come back and try and make things normal between the two again, after that show Rogue had gone to the club with him, and she had spent all of her time with him, writing songs and making love, how could she not? This guy had been the one she had loved since she was seventeen, that was until he had heard about Trevor and Rogue’s friendship. That was when things started going to shit again, but at least he didn’t know she actually slept with Trevor all the time, except now that he was back. Rogue had walked out of her dressing room where Ronan still slept hungover, to go and get the sound check done, she was smoking a cigarette behind the stage when she spotted Trevor. ‘’Hey stranger.’’ It felt like she hadn’t talked to him in forever even though it had been only a few days. @differentskiesrp


‘’Can you pleeeaaase write a smut with Ashton?’’ - an-alley-walker

‘’do one with ashton inspired in the song drive(halsey)?’’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Ashton Irwin + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 1k+
Requested: Yes, combining them.
Warning(s): Smut, swearing.
Note: First Ashton imagine! And it has been a while since I’ve been writing, so let’s see how this shit unwraps. :)

+     +     +     +     +     +

It has been the longest weekend of your life. The moment had finally arrived; you were about to meet Ashton his family. It took him a good two months before he was finally able to make up an appointment between the busy schedule he had with the band and everything. And right now, you two were standing in front of his own home in Australia.

‘Ready babe?’ he asked you, making you nod as he squeezed your hand before ringing the bell.

To give the evening a short summary, Ashton his mum was probably the nicest woman you’ve ever met and you wanted to talk with her the whole evening if you could. But then you started to gibber stuff and said stuff which made everyone laugh at the dining table but Ashton. He gave you short glances from time to time, warning you as you told his family how he was like when he was with you and Lauren, his younger sister, started to tease him with it right away.

‘Oops, sorry,’ you said multiple times when something slipped from your mouth again as you giggled along with the siblings. Ashton stood up and brushed off his pants, before looking at his mother with a smile as he said: ‘It’s time to go. I have a recording session next morning and I need the rest.’ It came out really sheepishly and unconvincing to you, but his mother went along with it and she let you two out.

‘Thank you for the lovely evening, Y/N, it was wonderful to meet you,’ she said with this amazingly, warm smile.

‘It was my pleasure,’ you responded, shaking her hand for the last time as Ashton already started to walk down the path and you followed him, hearing the front door closing behind you. Just as you two were walking down the street, it started to rain, raindrops pouring from the sky. Just as you started to rub your bare arms, Ashton had laid his jacket around your shoulders and grabbed you by the waist, giving you a romantic kiss in the rain.

But as fast as his lips touched your lips, he pulled away and he led you to his car, opening your door like a gentleman as you took a seat in the passengers stool.

Even though Ashton hadn’t speak since you two left the door, you knew his body language told you certain things. Like how irritated he got at the dinner, and all the random gestures like the kisses and his jacket.

You were going to be punished, that’s for sure, and he probably didn’t care at all if it was in the car or in your apartment.

Then Ashton took his place behind the wheel and he just started to drive without saying a word. He didn’t even bother to turn on the radio, just the sound of the rain ticking on the windows could be heard.

Just as you dozed off a bit with Ashton his jacket firmly around your body, you felt the car moving slower and Ashton parked at an almost empty parking lot in front of some mall.

‘Ashton?’ you said, your heart racing as multiple thoughts filled your head, ‘what are you doing?’

Ashton clenched his jaw and he let out a heavy breath, before looking at me.

‘Fucking punishing you, babygirl,’ he growled, launching forward and kissing you hard on the lips, making out with you instantly as your hands went through his curly hair, a bit wet from the rain but it felt really nice and soft.

With some struggle, groans and a lot of dragging, Ashton and you ended up on the backseat of the car, slowly undressing each other until you were left in your lace panties and Ashton in only his black boxers, a bulge clearly visible, even in this light.

‘Well,’ you awkwardly said, ‘that’s something that should be taken care of.’

‘And you’re going to help me with that,’ he groaned, a slight grin on his face as he grinned on you, slow and teasing as you hid your face in his neck and let out a muffled moan. Stars already started to glow behind your closed eyelids as your head began to spin, simply by Ashton his magical touch, hands roaming over your body, exploring every inch of your skin.

And suddenly your panties went off, the clip of your bra losing it as you showed your naked glory in the light of the moon, which was slightly shining down on the car and its windows.

‘You are very beautiful, baby,’ he whispered, playing with your hair and pecking your lips teasingly.

You just smiled, enjoying every little touch as Ashton somehow retrieved a condom and ripped it open with his teeth, looking sexy as hell as the burning down your stomach went worse.

‘Ashton please,’ you pleaded him as you pulled down his boxers, revealing his hard member, it already leaking some pre-cum.

Ashton kicked his boxers away, as his fingers played with your inner thighs, sometimes feeling your wetness as he chuckled in a dark way as you shuddered under him.

Then he put on the condom around his hard on and he just waited for the right timing, like he always did. And he strangely enough always succeeded and finding that right timing. Just building up things as he continued to play and tease with you.

‘I’m going to make you feel like you’re in heaven, like you’re on cloud nine and you’re never going to escape from it,’ he seductively growled as he snapped his fingers, making the radio start as one of his playlists started.

‘I’ll…,’ you moaned, ‘I’ll never get used to how smooth you are with things and, oh! Ash,’ you groaned again as he slipped into you, slowly as he could, making sure you felt everything filling you up.

‘No darling what’s my name?’ he huskily asked, not moving until you probably answered as he stretched out your walls.

‘Daddy,’ you moaned as you gasped for air.

‘That’s right babygirl, daddy it is.’


I’m sobbing.

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Welcome to The Cheesy Songs Decades Challenge!

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1. Send me an ask with the decade you want, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s or 00′s. I can pick for you if you prefer. Each decade has 15 songs I’ve picked, so also pick a number between 1-15 to go with your decade. Let me know who you’re writing about as well.

2. These songs are cheesy and crazy, so understand that the point of this challenge is to get creative and have fun! Anything goes! Drabble, Angst, Fluff, Wincest, Destiel, Reader inserts, literally EVERYTHING is welcome. Only rule is that it has to be Supernatural related.

(Edit. It doesn’t have to just be stories. If you want to create a gif or artwork, anything goes!)

3. Tag me @cici0507 and use the tag #cheesy songs decades challenge. If I don’t like it, I haven’t seen it.

4. Entries are due by October 8th, deadline can be extended if needed.

5. There will be a winner from each decade and 4 runner ups from each decade. Other than shout-outs from me, I don’t have much to give, but hey, that’s something, right?

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i could Literally talk forever abt how important ring of keys is to me, a lesbian, esp listening to it for the first time Just as i was coming to terms with the fact that i like girls and people taking that and???? a) removing it from the lgbt community (i.e. using “ring of keys moment” as a blanket term for Realizing Something) and b) sexualizing it is so!!!! damaging!!!!!!!!!!!! let wlw have this One Song this One Thing that isn’t sexualized and is universal to basically all of our experiences jfc just let us have this!!!!!!!

Apparently I can’t go a full day without feeling ashamed for this fandom.
Yesterday I decided not to flare up and address the topic of fans going way over the line with Ladies’ Code fans even though, honestly, how can you call yourself a decent human being when you’re mocking SOMEONE’S DEATH?
Today, I find out people making fun of how ‘Agust D’ is spelled in Yoongi’s song, actually mocking std people. Like, what kind of person are you?! Diseases and death are not topics you should be joke about let alone make fun of people that are currently fighting their way through this. What the hell is wrong with you people? Just shut the fuck up already.
Seriously learn some respect and use your brain before writing something so hurtful and tactless.
I don’t care how old you are, this is not due to age, this is due to sheer stupidity. I’m sorry, but being 12 something doesn’t allow you to step on everything and everyone. Being young is not an excuse to go on and say dumb things where anyone can read them and get hurt by it.
As today I’m really deeply ashamed to call myself an ARMY and I know this is just a minority but I’m tired to be associated with those kinds of people that have respect for absolutely nothing.