Louis Tomlinson heads to studio as he becomes last member of 1D to go solo
LOUIS TOMLINSON is the fifth member of ONE DIRECTION to go solo. I can reveal the megastar boyband’s most prolific songwriter has been in the studio working on his own material. The news will delig…

LOUIS TOMLINSON is the fifth member of ONE DIRECTION to go solo.

I can reveal the megastar boyband’s most prolific songwriter has been in the studio working on his own material.

The news will delight 1D fans as it means all past and present members of the band — Louis, HARRY STYLES, LIAM PAYNE, NIALL HORAN and quitter ZAYN MALIK — will now have solo careers. Bosses at SIMON COWELL’s record label Syco are very impressed with what he has been working on and are keen for a release.

New dad Louis, who runs his own record label within Syco, is the only member of the band who has stayed loyal to his X Factor mentor.

Last night our source revealed: “Louis is a brilliant songwriter and had not initially planned his own solo career.

“But he’s been back in the studio and has been working on some really amazing music.

“He’s played some to the powers that be at Syco, who are really excited.

“They think he could be a real success as a solo artist, given his proven ability to write hit records and massive fanbase as part of 1D.”

Louis certainly has plenty to write about.

The Doncaster lad has had the most interesting life out of all of 1D since I revealed the band were going on an extended break.

He became the first 1Dad in January with son Freddie Reign but dumped baby mama Briana Jungwirth and started dating US actress DANIELLE CAMPBELL. He also relocated to LA and divided his time between supporting Briana during the pregnancy and visiting his new girlfriend in Chicago.

Louis missed out on the chance to join the judging panel on this year’s X Factor to focus on being a first-time dad and developing his label.

In April the budding businessman added a new teen girl band to his roster, which also includes 2014 X Factor finalist JACK WALTON.

The same month he made his debut as a judge alongside Simon on America’s Got Talent, earning rave reviews.
It won’t be long until he is back to being the talent himself.

How they’re getting on all by themselves…


Went straight from 1D to Hollywood debut Dunkirk and also signed £60 million record deal.

Working with BRUNO MARS and super-producer MAX MARTIN.


Won remaining lads’ race for first solo single with This Town.

Quit Syco for Capitol Records. Is only band member to stay with 1D’s Modest Management.


Shocked Simon Cowell by leaving Sony for Universal.

Is expected to be most experimental ex-1Der – has already teased rap and R&B songs online.


Left 1D in March last year so already way ahead in solo stakes.

Signed with RCA and debut single and album both hit No1 in UK and US.

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newtina thoughts #3

for full otp feels, watch this first

  • these aren’t thoughts as much as look how married and domestic they already seem
  • and imagine married!newtina in future movies
  • and imagine newt shouting tina’s name when he thinks she’s been hurt or something
  • imagine tina shouting NEWT’S
  • like i legit cannot process the fact that they’ll be in love one day and smile at each other and find excuses to touch each other and
  • growing…old…together….
  • it hurts so good already how can this get better
  • even though i know it’ll get 1000000x better
  • haha the part where he catches her…and struggles to hold on…and he’s looking at her like he’s really seeing her for the first time…haha….i’m ok…
  • literally every scene they’re in together it looks like (1) tina is telling him off for doing a dumb (like destroy half of new york with his beasts) (2) they’re a team silently supporting each other (3) they’re a team ACTIVELY HAVING EACH OTHER’S BACKS (4) they’re in soft shy beginner’s love
  • and it’s beautiful
  • i keep thinking, you know, how tina must find newt so unbelievably, fascinatingly beautiful in the way he is and the way he does
  • but then i remember, wow, newt finds her absolutely wondrous and magical
  • and then i’m lost because i can’t tell who’s more devoted to the other and I know I don’t want to know, i just want to watch it happen and i want to continue unpacking it FOREVER
    • literally when i watched the movie the first thing i texted my friend  was like IMAGINE BEING MARRIED TO SOMEONE WHO LOOKS AT YOU WITH SUCH WONDER
Help My Courier Celebrate?

Hey, y’all!  With this being the holiday season, I thought to do something fun around here that I hope can get some folks participating.

My Fallout New Vegas Courier, Travis Blackfox, has NO clue what the hell this holiday season is all about.  I thought to have some fun and help get him and ALL his friends (regardless if we’re mutuals or not) in the holiday spirit.  He’s all about fun and thinks Ugly Sweaters is a riot.

SO how about this….let’s see your OC, be it a courier, sole, wanderer, or whatever, in their Ugly Sweater best!!!  It doesn’t matter how good your drawing skills are, just have some fun!  Please join Travis’ party won’t you?  I have nothing to offer but laughs and kudos for all that participate :D  Even if you can’t draw your character, I’m sure you can at least draw a sweater with the theme.  Give it a try and have some fun!

@zoey-and-dakota @cacomagen @fishplague @antioxident @papidanse @andoy-thedeathclawborn @caladran @madddraws @kingsofleon2112 @thebanquosghost @tigerbun   And if there’s anyone I missed tagging, don’t take it personal and just join in!  Open to everyone :D :D :D   Just tag Travis I guess….mention Fallout Ugly Sweaters?  Dunno how that works, but yes!

Day 2 of

The Days of TAU Christmas

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This day on Ao3

Toby was thirteen years old now.

Or, they thought he was. He had never really gotten the chance to remember his own birthday, so while he had an official date, that being the date Alcor picked him off the streets, they could not be sure how close it was to the real one. They had also just kind of assumed he was eight years old when he was… adopted, because that seemed most likely, all things considered. In fact, he might very well not be thirteen yet.

Regardless of that, officially, he was thirteen, and for the first time in his life, he had an allowance.

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Hello, friends! I just want to take a moment to say thank you so very much for letting me expand my world with Amon - you have all been so very supportive and I can’t thank you enough. Here is a mock website of Amon’s company UNITYLABS! it’s nothing too fancy, but I hope you guys can have a peek & maybe it will give you some inspiration to find your character in his labs! thoughts and feedback would be amazing?

im like rly bitter as a person, but internally, and usually for ok reasons, kinda
some of yall on this site rly … need to get some air, need to take a walk, need to stop ruining other peoples’ innocuous and harmless stuff for no reason

soo, in case you’re wondering since when I got a personal blog, since today actually!! I made it because I felt a bit bad for posting so much Captain America and Seb Stan and Stucky on this blog the past months, even though I always wanted it to stay a Haikyuu only blog OTL sorry

I’m probably gonna post lots of Marvel related stuff there, also personal stuff and cat pictures and memes and idk. everything that is not Haikyuu I guess? so yeah, feel free to follow!! c: (though I can’t follow you back since it’s only a side blog, but if you post Haikyuu and lots of Marvel stuff, please tell me so I can follow you back with my main acc ♥ (which is this one))