Alternative Title: Muggles, Moogles, and Kupos.

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Welcome back to ‘Max Plays’, a gaming segment where I play through a story-focused video game and examine the way that it builds a narrative. This time around I am playing through a big one! None other than Square’s finest: Final Fantasy IX. In this game we take the role of a ragtag party of characters, and partake in a story that at first appears to be about war between two great nations— but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Prepare for what the creator of Final Fantasy calls his ‘favorite’ game in the series!

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Totes forgot to post this here. My bad.

Anyway, part 53! Phuzface from hereissomething joins me again! We start off with Shinji, and continue on with more Shinji. So much Shinji.


Yay Seduce Me! We finally start playing and it’s pretty fun so far :D even though all the characters are giant nerd babies.

Check out the game here: http://seraphimentertainment.tumblr.com/tagged/SeduceMeOtome


In today’s episode of our gone home let’s play, Mom gets twitterpated over Rick the Ranger and then shit kinda hits the fan with Samantha and I get fairly sad.

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Markiplier on Ear Biscuits!

Our special guest on Ear Biscuits this week is Markiplier!

Gamer, vlogger, and creator of one of the fastest growing YouTube channels, Markiplier, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss the art of creating viral “Let’s Play” videos- walking the line between performance and reality, his emotional final moments with his father, and the extreme impact caused by his decision to share so much of his personal life with his fans.

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  • The RAYGE
  • Ray Narvaez Jr.
  • Let's Play Rainbow Six Vegas Parts 2 & 3

People always say that Angry Ray is the Best Ray.

{Multiple Audio Clips of Angry Ray have been taken from the latest two Rainbow Six Let’s plays}