Killer7 Supplement 05 - The Comic: Issue 1


I’m back with some Wizard101 content

Hey guys! Just to let you know, starting this Wednesday 31st at 8pm Eastern time; me, @theartofwarlord, @roslyntitanflame, and @wizzymenuchat will be doing a complete runthrough of wizard101 from beginning to what is currently the end. I’ll be streaming it over at https://www.twitch.tv/alemancy, but if you can’t make it to all the streams we do have no fear! I’ll also be recording them and then uploading them as parts on to my youtube channel Alemancy. I’d appreciate it if you guys could reblog this and spread the word! 

The streams will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all at 8pm eastern so long as nothing comes up (for instance, today, Monday 29th, one of us couldn’t make it). So make sure to follow my twitch channel and subscribe to my youtube channel so you always know when that good ole Wizzy content is going up! Thank you so much <3


Let’s Play Killer7 p.5 - A Gambler’s Paradise

The most illegal of gambling lies within.

good achievement hunter things

-lindsay being included in more videos
-when one person starts singing quietly and they get to the chorus and EVERYONE joins in
-gavin and michael calling each other “boi”
-when ryan says “you” and everyone else, in perfect unison, yells “YOOOOU!”
-when jack keeps repeating the punchline to a joke really quietly
-lil j’s website puns
-the team names
-when michael dies in gta and makes really dramatic death sounds
-the little noises gavin makes when he sees something cute
-geoff’s laugh
-ryan talking about his family

feel free to add more!!


Pregnant Lindsay: Evolution - Part 2 of 2

Congratulations to the whole Jones crew and their loved ones during this special time. Special shout out to @lindsayjones for being a badass build-a-baby machine for the past 35 weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pregnancy with all of us; we know that you’ll be the best kind of mom. 


let’s play commenters

Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut
Achievement Hunter
Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut

Ryan kicking Jeremy in Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 259 - Dark Monopoly Finale, extended audio + select gifs

Let’s Play - Minecraft: Confessions

Gavin: Jeremy, do you wanna have your mind blown?
Jeremy: Uh, sure, what’s up?
Gavin: You used to be a fan, right?
Jeremy: Yes.
Gavin: Little quiz, who won Wool?
Jeremy: Who won Wool? Geoff did, and all you needed was ink.
Gavin: You wanna know the truth?
Jeremy: What’s the truth there Gav?
Gavin: I won Wool.
Jeremy: Uh oh. What’s the story there?
Gavin: Well, back in the day, I used to help Geoff build a lot, right? Had a little advantage sometimes, ‘cause I built it, and I actually won Wool after like 25 minutes, and it was too short. So I just hung out, with my squid ink, I think I hid it in the chest. And then Geoff was like, “Oh, I’ll tell you when it’s long enough to win.” And then Geoff won.
Gavin: So if you ever wondered why I was just absurdly angry at the end of that video even though I lost fairly, that was why. Did you know that Jeremy?
Jeremy: I did not. Blew my mind.
Geoff: It’s entirely possible that that’s accurate.
Gavin: And it’s entirely possible that that’s not the only time.