Check out the demo for Dreamsbell’s game Jack the Reaper! http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=17480.0


From the creator of the Home From Work games and Continuous comes another great horror game!

Yogscast themed tag meme!

Reblog this, answer the questions, add a question of your own (if you want) and tag 3-5 people to answer them! You don’t have to answer every question if you don’t want, just pick the ones you want to do. :)

  1. Who is your favourite member of the Yogscast?
  2. Who is your favourite Yogscast Minecraft character?
  3. And your favourite non-Yogs character (e.g. a minor character, a named mob, a character from a plot or adventure map…)?
  4. How long have you been watching the Yogscast for?
  5. How were you first introduced to them?
  6. What games did you start playing because of them?
  7. Scariest game they’ve ever played, in your opinion?
  8. The ‘worst’ game they’ve ever played (either that you didn’t like, or was just a poorly-made (but probably hilarious) game)?
  9. What’s your current favourite series?
  10. Which members are you subscribed to?
  11. Best duo/team?
  12. Do you watch any other youtubers apart from the Yogscast?
  13. What do you look for most in a Yogscast series: plot, progress, or humour? (Pick one only!)
  14. If you could spend a day with the Yogscast, what would you do? (Either physically at Yogtowers, or playing games with them.)
  15. Do you have a favourite video of all time? If not, pick a recent one you particularly enjoyed.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4!


I’m Tim Allen the Road Hog.


Mortal Kombat X - Liu Kang


Posters of Achievement Hunter: July 20-July 26 (Fibbage, VS 125, Aqua Joust, Rage Quit, Towerfall Ascension, Minecraft 165, One Hand, Rocket League, Hasta la Vista) [42 Total]

Posters of AH: Let’s Play - Fibbage XL Part 2 http://imgur.com/a/tghKQ
Posters of AH: VS 125 / TTDI GTA V - Aqua Joust http://imgur.com/a/iVjoH
Posters of AH: Rage Quit - No Time to Explain http://imgur.com/a/yS0Rl
Posters of AH: Let’s Play - Towerfall Ascension - Part 4 http://imgur.com/a/u24zs
Posters of AH: Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 165 http://imgur.com/a/czolA
Posters of AH: Things to do in GTA V - One Hand http://imgur.com/a/bAkgY
Posters of AH: Let’s Play - Rocket League http://imgur.com/a/BFvfh
Posters of AH: Let’s Play - GTA V - Hasta La Vista http://imgur.com/a/d5HFY

Follow me (Achievement Hunter Posters) for daily updates on my poster progress. Please reblog if you like the stuff. Probably took me over 10 hours to make all these.