Hey, remember when I said I would do a critical let’s play of Dark Souls in which I took a look at the game’s relationship with Joseph Campbell? It’s happening! Here’s the first episode.

I’m rather pleased with it! Don’t be afraid. Watch the video.

Hey kids, wanna play a game? Follow this link and share your craziest theories on why you think cats can spend hours just facing a wall where nothing’s happening. The best answer will be turned into a comic on www.catsass.me!

On fait un jeu ? Cliquez sur ce lien et partagez avec moi vos théories les plus folles pour expliquer pourquoi ces foutus chats peuvent passer des heures à fixer un mur blanc où il ne se passe rien. La meilleure réponse sera adaptée en BD sur www.catsass.me !


Pirate101 | Let’s Play | Episode 5

> This episode we get seriously gypped by Captain Avery, patronized by Dockmaster Dan, and nochill burned by a blind old cat anthro guy. But s'all good, because we meet our witchdoctor trainer, Madame Vadima and she’s pretty cool.
Shrek makes a small cameo. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*gets killed by a zombie 30 seconds later and loses everything*

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 156 - Shopping List X Part 2