Here’s the mail, it never fails! It makes me want to wag my tail! When it comes i wanna wail, MAIL!

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Let’s Play SIREN p.22 - So Many Strangers

Rifle Grandpa is tired of all these outsiders in his yard.

My new bearded dragon, Nickel, watched Markiplier vids w me for at least 20 min, sitting just like this. I change it to @therealjacksepticeye and she starts freaking out, running around and climbing on the speakers, keyboard, and monitor. Not sure what to think of this? (FYI she has green scales w red accents, and I find that hilarious given the situation)


Holy Miltank, Pokemon Crystal’s back!

People probably mentioned these, but I thought I’d just do this.

Gamemaker weapons/Pods Parallels (particularly between CF and MJ)

1. Mutts: THG: The wolf/dog muttations, CF: the monkeys, MJ: the lizard mutts

2. CF: Wave, MJ: Black Tar Wave

3. Rain (fell so hard they could barely see through it), Fog (can’t see through it, nerve toxin), Highjacking (mind fog)

4. THG: Blow up Career supplies, CF: Blow out arena, MJ: Blow up Nut

5. CF: blood rain, MJ: so. many. deaths.


You can’t escape from Undyne!

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