Alternative Title: This is literally an Anime episode.

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Welcome back to ‘Max Plays’, a gaming segment where I play through a story-focused video game and examine the way that it builds a narrative. This time around I am playing through a big one! None other than Square’s finest: Final Fantasy IX. In this game we take the role of a ragtag party of characters, and partake in a story that at first appears to be about war between two great nations— but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Prepare for what the creator of Final Fantasy calls his ‘favorite’ game in the series!

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so i guess im gonna see about lets playing Fallout 3! this is a completely blind run, as i know literally NOTHING about the Fallout series except that there’s something called a Pip-Boy that goes on your wrist, bottlecaps appear to be money, and everything is Nuclear Apocalypse Hell! for the love of god dont spoil me i hate being spoiled and i love going into games blind

right now I am still in Megaton and am slowly talking to most of the people/accumulating quests! I think so far I’ve talked to everyone in colin’s bar, Doc Church, and Manya. Once the sun comes up I’ll probably see about starting a quest.

these will be tagged with #got caps? and you can block that if you hate fallout or something!


Oh look! We started ANOTHER series! It’s because we love you guys so much! (And because we have a self-imposed deadline to meet.) Castle Crashers, feat. Hayden Dirr as The Green One!

“I’ve got a sword!”

“Yeah, that doesn’t help.”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 129 - Zombie Doctor Part 2