ok so i hit 2k a lil while ago (ok so maybe it was a long time ago since im at like 2.3k now but lets pretend) and wanted to shout from the rooftops about how much i love all of my followers especially my wonderful mutuals who give me life everyday tbh

this may be a hell site but ive found friendships here that make me feel like a better person and i love all of you so much

these people make my dash a better place so deffs recommend all of these people A+++++

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anonymous asked:

How about when the crew's s/o just out right files of somewhere else (lets pretend they have their own ship aight not a lion just a smol ship ) to cool off and calm down after a big argument, and it ends up taking them some time to come back, how would they react to finding out they left, and when they come back

- he feels so fucking guilty once he finds out you got up and left!! it’s dangerous to go out alone…lord knows how he’d react if you got hurt
- when you come back he immediately has an apology prepared, maybe even a letter! he just wants you to be safe

- he might just fucking go after you if someone else doesn’t stop him. like…he knows you’re upset but in his opinion thats a stupid fckin decision to go out alone
- he might scold you a little when you get back tbh. like what would of happened if the galra caught you? he’s sorry for the argument but its hard for him to apologize

- are you trying to give the man a heart attack……he’s going to be grumpy af until you get back. he also feels guilty but mostly grumpy bc he’s not allowed to follow you
- he’s gonna apologize after everyone is sure you have no injuries!! healing comes first

- fuck the rules they are following you even if you specifically say not to. i hope you have a good relationship w/ the green lion bc shes comin after your ass
- probably going to apologize once she finds you. one, for arguing, two, for following you even though you asked her not to jfc

- PANICS……he, out of everyone, knows how dangerous it is to leave alone. he knows you can defend yourself but no one alone can handle a whole fleet of galra or a galra monster if you managed to run into one
- when you come back, he scolds you hard, but the lecture doesn’t end until he’s able to soften up a bit and apologize formally. he feels guilty for fighting, lets not forget

One Punch Man Characters as  Kpop Idols. (Part one)


“And I had become strong, I had lost all my hair” 


“I too, would do anything for Saitama-Sensei..” 


“You bunch with your little game of ‘Let’s pretend to fight for justice’ can’t win against a truly strong opponent nor can you protect anything.”


“Know your place, B-Class!”


“I won’t hand over the position I worked so hard for!”

Mumen Rider: 

“I’m Mumen Rider, A hero, just like you.”


this weekends motto: im too lazy to straighten my hair so lets pretend these looks were planned,

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I fucked up so bad.png iwaoi AU

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fourteen year old youtube user, hemmo1996, performing his first acoustic cover of “please don’t go” by mike posner in sydney, australia.

twenty year old musician, luke hemmings, performing his first sold out show at the madison square garden in new york city (with three of his best friends).