While Kelly Osbourne’s comments were offensive and showed a certain amount of internalized racism let’s not pretend that part of the rhetoric she was spouting trying to sound progressive has been pushed by tons of latinx politicians. Isn’t almost all of the immigration rhetoric in the US centered around what hard workers latinxs are and how they will work their life away trying to provide for their families? Don’t base your entire argument of how we’re here to work and then get upset when white people can only think of us as work mules. The immigration conversation should have always been about human rights and about having the US take responsibility for causing the instability that causes immigration in the first place but even latinxs have made it about hey look what good workers we are! Let us stay and work for you!

Also like don’t throw domestic workers under the bus. There’s no shame in cleaning toilets. All of us do it all the time for free. My grandmother cleaned toilets to support my dad, and my dad cleaned toilets to support me.

I’m not saying don’t call her out but recognize the way we frame our immigration rhetoric is part of the problem.

She’d been a Princess all her life, now she was just seeing what it would look like to be a Queen.

Queen of the Dark Forest.

Part 8 of Strange Hearts & Wild Things, “Raiment” by suzie-guru.

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  • MASON H:Anyone up for a beach trip? It's a few hours on the train buuuuut I'm not above alcoholic bribes ~

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The classroom was a rush of students trying to find their assigned seats before the bell. Valeria, who had made sure to get to each of her classes earlier than most of her peers, walked to the front and cleared her throat. “As you might know, I, Valeria Soto, have decided to run for STUGO president. I am looking for reliable people to help manage my social media and merch during this campaign. If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to talk to me. You will get benefits.” She smiled, making eye contact with everyone before heading back to her assigned desk. 

Adrenaline. It had began coursing through his veins, a dizzying effect when coupled with both his anxiety and the pent-up frustration which was begging to be released. The same frustration he’d been desperately attempting to hold down as he finally separated himself from the group of campers whom had been taunting him for the past twenty minutes. Just like back home at school. Toni hated this, this feeling of powerlessness against his own emotions and actions; the knowledge that this always happened while he was in a blacked out state. ‘Just calm down..’ The brunet dug his nails into the palms of his hands, attempting to focus on anything apart from the taunting he could still hear in the distance. 

That was. until a familiar figure came into view at the worst time possible.

“J-jo.. Stay away from me.” He spat out through clenched teeth, gaze flickering upwards briefly before returning to the ground.

“The hate towards Carol is completely unjustified, immature & toxic. And let’s not pretend it’s all coming from Beth Greene fans, who are brats. I love Beth & I love Carol. Carol is not stealing the show from anyone, that is such a joke. She even only appeared in 6 episodes of season 4. Just because Carol finally gets the spotlight of an earned development FIVE seasons into a show doesn’t mean she’s stealing the show, it’s called GOOD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. So take your shipping wars out of it.”

“Don’t be so conceited. No one seems interested in the fact that we’re dancing.” – Xellos, from my fan-fanfic off of PsychoSongstress’ story - “Fugitive”. I think I’m going to just call this picture – “The Dance”. I really enjoyed writing this scene of my OTP, and even though I enjoyed drawing it, we’re just going to pretend that I DIDN’T have a screaming toddler hanging off my shoulder when I made this quick sketch. And I DIDN’T give up after only 20 minutes because I couldn’t handle all the tedious details at that moment. And that I DIDN’T completely change the infamous “blue dress” because lace is my new enemy. Suits are a pain, hands are frustrating… oh yeah, and one last thing, lol… Let’s also pretend that Filia didn’t decide on comfortable shoes because no one would notice, she went with heels because otherwise I’d have to explain why I screwed up this picture with them being the same height, LOL. Let’s just enjoy the fact that I actually posted this instead of hiding it forever because I hate how amateur I am being out of the drawing scene for so long. Doubt it will ever be finished, but at least it’s kind of like what I visualized in my head. I will forever ship these two, and their dangerous, dysfunctional and powerful chemistry.

My fic is called “Another Love Story” because I had no idea what to call it and fanfiction.net was so demanding. My first posted story in 12 years of having an account there.

this is a glee post

as you may or may not have gathered, i recently sat down w/ my sis and watched [sigh, gasp, moan] glee. from start to finish, which meant watching the back half of season four, which i did not remember at all, and seasons 5 & 6, which i had never seen

i kind of live-tweeted this process, but now that it’s been a little while since i actively walked through hellfire, i wanted to come here and make a post about the things i didn’t mention on twitter or that were too wordy to get to over there.

so let’s all pretend it’s 2011 that we all still REALLY REALLY care about glee and dive right in

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Let’s just for five seconds say Larry is Bullshit ,Lets all just pretend that Larries made Harry and Louis go get matching tattoos , write a bunch of song lyrics about one another, Look at each other like the world moved only for them etc etc …. Even if we’re all the deluded crazies everyone seems to think we are ,best case scenario this baby was an unplanned drunken night in LA with some random girl in a club. No one is excited to randomly knock someone up. There is no scenario in which anyone would be happy about this baby.