tanavazq13: So…my last performance with my On Your Feet familia will be August 25th 2016 a day that I know I will NEVER FORGET. I will be joining the cast of Hamilton on Broadway as an ensemble member😳and first performance hopefully will be at the end of August or beginning of September 😳shocked, excited,nervous, thankful, sad, anxious, present and so fulfilled and full of LOVE AND PASSION for what I do and all the opportunities that have been presented to me in my career…..I am speechless and sooooooo beyond thankful. If you strongly believe and don’t give up on what you REALLY WANT IN life you can make it happen. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. Looking forward to this new beginning in SO many ways…. To my On Your Feet familia…I will never share such a bound and joy on a Broadway stage as I have with you all and off the stage. I will miss each and everyone one of you, you have no idea. Familia para siempre❤️ Thank you God and the Universe 🙏🏽 and for those who have supported me thru my career my friends and family esp my mom dad and big bro who never doubted me. Speaking to my grandmother on the phone from Puerto Rico the day I found out made me so emotional and that’s when it hit me hard cause even though I don’t see her much she has always been so positive and rooting for me and praying for my health and accomplishments in my career from miles and miles away. My cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas over there have always supported my dreams and aspirations and Ive felt their support as well since the day I wanted to pursue dance and performing. This is for you guys cause all I want to do is make you all proud of me and represent where I come from👊🏽🇵🇷 ✊🏽 I can’t believe I will be part of this amazing cast and creative team and to be on stage with each one of you brilliant performers is an honor. I’m so nervous but so pumped and ready for the challenge😤😬 And I have the privilege to rehearse with the Chicago company who are killing it!!!Newbeginnings#RiseUp#Hamilton#gratefulbeyondwords#workwork

In all my six years on tumblr I’ve never received so many headcanons in my inbox in such a short time, it’s both extremely fun and worrisome because some of them give me sketching ideas, so I head onto photoshop to whip something up and by the time I come back I have like 10+ waiting for me and I just hope no one feels like i’m ignoring them because trust me, I am not

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Hey my dude! So, I'm real nervous, because I might have to get heart surgery soon. Could you possibly do headcanons on what the paladins would do if their s/o was really nervous about something like that? Thanks, love!

yes absolutely!! i hope everything goes well for you!!

- he tries to stay cheerful for you, supporting you until the surgery date comes
- when you’re finally put under, everything he’s been hiding (the worry and fear) comes up. its not a pretty sight, but the crew helps him through it
- he’s there for you when you wake back up, holding your hand. he’s probably going to crack a cheesy joke like “i wouldn’t let some nasty doctor break your heart, you know?” but for real he looks like he’s going to cry

- he’s aggressively supportive. he doesn’t even let you bring up what will happen if you don’t make it out bc its not gonna happen fam not on his watch
- when you finally go under, he ends up isolating himself while he waits. if anyone tries to approach him, he gets snappy. its one of the ways he keeps his worry from blowing up into everyone’s faces
- when you come out of surgery, he pretends that he wasn’t worried at all. him? anxious??? never.

- REPEATEDLY SLAMMING THAT MF PANIC BUTTON, BRO!! (he’s supportive but he doesn’t hide how worried he is for you. he couldn’t hide it if he tried)
- when you go down under, he patiently but anxiously waits for you in the hospital guest room. unlike the other paladins, he didn’t bottle up his emotions, so he’s mostly ok
- he’s so fckin relieved when you come out of surgery. he hangs out with you in your hospital room until visiting hours end

- they know it’s unlikely you’ll die during surgery, but they’re worried anyway. they probably do a lot of research on your condition
- like keith, they get snappy and grumpy when you go under. she tries to keep herself busy why she waits for you to come out, but in the end, she just ends up brain-fried
- they’re probably like, dead asleep when you wake up bc they’ve been stressing out too much, but they’re also holding your hand. shhh don’t wake them

- ALSO SLAMMING THAT MF PANIC BUTTON but gently. more gentle than hunk is. he’s not panicking hard enough that he can’t support you through this but he’s worried. 
- he’s with you when they put you under, and when you’re finally asleep, he silently waits for you in the waiting room. he can’t focus on anything else why he waits, so he just kind of sits in silence until the doctor calls him back in
- when you wake up, you can see the tension leave his face. he’s not allowed to kiss u but……fuck the rules? he leaves a lil peck on ur cheek anyway. fuck the rules. 

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Do u think that klance will ever become canon for the show? Because even thought I disagree strongly, many people believe in not having any homosexual relationships in "kid" shows :(

A question to make me think!! Let’s see, I personally hope it will happen.

However, I know what you mean :/ honestly, they might not have it happen and I don’t care if anyone says “oh but the writers of Korrasami etc etc.” because I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that only one writer(?) is working on this and not the whole team that made it happen? I can’t remember but I know I read that somewhere,,

I also read someone’s theory (I guess we could call it this?) about something similar to this question and it said something similar to this: Voltron is a reboot of the original 1984 show so there could be some older people watching this and even though people born later (like 2000+) are more accepting of homosexuality, not many older people do.

I’m basing everything I said on someone else words and I can’t remember who it was (I think it was @/klanced but I’m not 100% sure?) conclusion: I want it to happen with my soul and life but I’m very skeptical.

Funny, every time a Discourser makes a broad and harsh accusation towards The Ace Community and I say “hmm, odd, I’ve never seen that happening, but if you have receipts can you please let me know bc I don’t want people saying those things in my community?” it’s like… silence lol
Like they either just ignore it entirely or they say something like “it’s everywhere????? anyway cishets are cishets sweaty :) aces are homophobic :)) all aces should choke :))) I mean cishet aces :)))) I love my LGBT ace siblings :)))))”
Could it be…….. Possibly……….. Maybe………….. The reason there’s never any receipts is because next to all of those accusations are hearsay? Hm? maaaaaaaybe

Planning a big meet up for NYC SBs

Hey guys,
So as you know I barley have any sugar friends, I have one but we have different styles and attitudes about it completely. I have been wanting to plan something where all the NYC area SBs get together for a while now. A lot of you have expressed interest too so let’s make it happen :)

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I am open to suggestions but I was thinking we could rent a nice hotel room or two, maybe a suite to get ready depending on how many are interested. We can get one for a few hours off of one of those day rate websites we know all too well and it won’t be too expensive. Especially if we all split it.

That would be the only expense we would have to share. We will find guys or cover ourselves to pay for food, drink, club fees whatever.

Any girl who does not want to rent the room to pregame and get ready with the group can meet us when we all go out.

I really want to do this but I have to know y'all are real before going in on a hotel room with everyone.

Send screenshots of your seeking arrangement profile with the public pics, and bio included. You can keep out your username if you like.

Now since you can have a fake account obviously, there is one last step:
-On a piece of paper write your SA username, the name you would like to go by and SBNYCLU
-Crumble the paper into a ball and uncrumble it.
-Take a picture of you holding the sign. No need to show eyes, but please show from lips down. Wear something form fitting. Not revealing leggings and a tshirt are fine.
-Take one more picture of you with the sign and holding something transparent. Something glass like a jar, or a plastic water bottle.

Standard Reddit verification procedures, so it should work for us. Either send me the pictures directly or send me a link to the imgur album.

I’m an SB but I’m sure some would be skeptical of this post as you don’t know that. I would if I read it. All this screening Is to ensure all of our safety. I’m sure none of us want a creep pretending to be an SB on tumblr showing up.

However, I think if we go about it the right way we can all link up and have a fun night out and get to know each other. We can vote on hotel options and where we will go out. I don’t have any sugar friends and I’ve been wanting to plan something like this for a while now. Just really getting to know my peers in the SW community, hopefully find some down girls, possible partners in crime. Even friends who can shop at the same stores as you and have similar interests. I understand why my regular friends don’t want to go to Saks with me lol. Anyway, I’ll wrap it up

We can of course freestyle but I’m excited to hear about everyone’s experience and approach. A lot of you have expressed interest in this so let’s make it happen :)

Any questions pm me

Hope we can make this work 💗😎💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

You—” Emilio stopped, and took a deep breath. He was staring at Sin incredulously, although irritation was starting to make its way into his expression. “You and Boyd are both some fucking retards. I seriously can’t stand either one of you idiots. It’s always the self-sacrificing bullshit and never a plan that fucking is sensible. Jesus Christ, I hate all of you people.” “If you hate me, then why are you so riled up?” Sin asked flatly. “Just shut your fucking mouth, and let me think for a minute.” Emilio combed his hands through his hair and rocked back on the balls of his feet. They stared at each other silently until he began to pace the room. “Aiight first of all, ain’t no one going on some suicide run. I’ll make her lock your punk ass up on the Fourth before I let that happen. I can make it happen so don’t test me, kid.
—  Fade (ICoS), Santino Hassell & Ais

gon and killua are lucky nobunaga defended them kinda from feitan and the coin toss went in their favor, like feitan even said “do you know the chain user?” like how…….. did he guess right…. around it. i mean i didnt watch the episode i was only watching clips but. amazing

also chrollo just let them go w/o anything happening like not even making paku read them… u could say its because PLOT but still interesting (idr actually maybe they already left…)

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16, 21, 45, 56, 75, 93 :)


16. Are you happy?

No. But I’ve made my peace with it. I instead have moments of happiness that I can relive when things aren’t so great. 

21. What is your favourite dish? 

I assume you mean food and not crockery…probably French Onion Soup. 

45. Describe your dream date? 

I like to be prepared for whatever’s happening in advance, so dinner. Fancy restaurant where we can have wine and talk properly. Then, a walk together around the block, maybe catch a late night movie (the guy wouldn’t moan when I analysed everything because it’s my worst quality oh god), then back to someone’s place. 

Also in my dream, my date is Sebastian. So…let’s make that happen. 

56. Did you fall for someone you shouldn’t? 

Oh god yes. 

75. Have you ever ridden a boat? 

I have!

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93. Do you believe in destiny? 

In a half assed, ‘maybe it’s real if it proves itself to me’ kind of way, yes. 


the calendar // panic! at the disco


my favorite things meme: [6/?] favorite female characters  rose tyler

“It was a better life. And I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things, that don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.

KD Top 5: Five Moments where SM could make it happen but they didn't

Well, I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I’m here anyway, even tho I should be sleeping. Be careful because I’ll probably try to be funny and fail and the same with sarcasm.

What motivated me to do this post tho, wasn’t to talk about other ship than Kaisoo. I just wanted to, I don’t know, show that in those years that EXO is an active group, SM had plenty of opportuinites to make the couple do fanservice but… They didn’t. If they’re so fanserviced like people like to say and since they’re so popular, why SM tried to invest in other otps with Jongin and Kyungsoo instead? Isn’t kind of contradictory?Also, the gifs and pictures used don’t belong to me.

1. Playboy choreography

Well, I think that everybody here knows how… Intriguing this choreography is. It’s formation is/was also interesting. A great moment to make fangirls crazy right and even put some intersting otps to spice up things a bit, since a part of it was made in pairs. But for some reason, this wasn’t priorized. Kyungsoo was paired up with Baekhyun (and in other opportunity with Xiumin) and Jongin danced with Sehun. Probably, the idea was to choose the members who matched the best, but you never know…

2. 2015 End of Year Shows

That was really interesting, actually, product of a very fanserviced moment: Jongin touching Kyungsoo’s waist like it was no tomorrow, while a lot of media outlets took pictures of it. In that specific day, EXO’s formation was like this:

But during KBS Gayo Daechukje, three days later, their formation was like this:

Seven errors game, let’s go.

3. 2013 EXO Promotions

I can just point out all their promotions in that period of time. Basically. that was the time they became super popular and the members split up into the schedules. They used to do a lot of different appearances in radio shows and on TV too. A lot of other otps appeared in pairs or in groups of three, but Kaisoo never was a part of those groups together. Lay and Kai appeared in Hello Counselor and Kyungsoo with Suho in a radio show, for example, but they never did it together, even to promote a simple thing. Even recently, in 2015, Kyungsoo and Chen were DJs in a radio show and Chen, Jongin and PCY were to another radio show, but where’s Jongin and Kyungsoo, with a third member or by themselves? Questions, questions…

4. Jongin in “Oh My Baby”

Honestly, that was what motivated me to do this post. It’s just interesting how Jongin went to “Oh My Baby” alone to meet Taeoh, meanwhile other EXO members go there in pairs (coincidentially or not, according to their specific and most popular otps). I heard that people requested Kyungsoo to go with him because, you know, Kaisoo is a popular ship and they would like to see how would they handle the task together. But it didn’t happen. Probably someone will say that Kyungsoo was busy and yeah, he lives busy with his own schedule. But, based in a famous sentence over here, “when someone want something, they find a way, when they don’t, they find an excuse”. It’s obvious it would be a great opportunity to show Kaisoo as a show off otp. But why wasn’t it supported by their company? Probably because they like them as the “bts couple” that doesn’t even have bts moments anymore? Funny.

 5. Sehun/Chanyeol Peter Pan Time

That’s a classic. How many times I heard Kaisoo shippers hoping that, this time, Sehun or PCY would put them together in a kiss or a hug? Each concert was an antecipation for it to happen and, well, with EXO in so many concerts, this would happen some time, right? 


We had the most different otps happening in front of our eyes. Even Kyungsoo and Chen almost kissed and Jongin was forced to hug Baekhyun. Fans even screamed at them to make Kaisoo happen, but it never happened. Why? Why if this couple is so fanserviced and fake as all the others? It’s something to think about, I guess. 

BONUS: Two times that they were promoted together 

1. Nature Republic Flagship Store Opening

The summary:

2. EXO Second Box

The only thing I have to say about this one is that, rumor has it that Korean Kaisoo shippers complained a lot on SNS when they knew that SM was making this DVD. They got so annoyed by the possibilty that Kaisoo wouldn’t be paired up once again, that they ended doing it. And that’s the result :)