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as i’m sure the fandom is aware, this year marks the 10th anniversary of mass effect. november 16th, to be precise, just 9 days after n7 day. and given all that’s happened to the franchise and bioware this year, i think we should take those 9 days and make it the best anniversary ever.

share why you love it! show us what it means to you! tell us your favourite moments! express how it changed you! explain what made you pick it up and not put it down!

give it all the love you can!!

let’s show bioware, and in extension, ea, that we still love it, that we want more, that we don’t want it to die.


When Cameron Boyce gets older he should portray lightskin Micheal Jackson

When Cameron Boyce gets older he should portray lightskin Micheal Jackson

When Cameron Boyce gets older he should portray lightskin Micheal Jackson

MJ clearly stated he does not want a white man to play him. When Cameron Boyce gets older, he could do it correctly. I’m sick and tired of seeing an amazing idol being portrayed horribly. Cameron can sing, dance, act, loves mj, and is BLACK. Let’s make this happen.


Petition for Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland to do this in one of their upcoming marvel movies

It’s a good thing that the victim is about to be proofed only saying lies about Dongho’s sexual assault. 

But think about what it has done to nuest.

Imagine them feeling attacked knowing the news, imagine their mental break down worry about their future again, imagine they had a fight between to find a way out, imagine Jonghyun stressed out for Dongho, imagine Minhyun knowing it in wannaone’s dorm and immediately called the other members. Imagine the heart break. 

This is not funny. They made it this far through pain and obstacles, they dont need rumor to break them down again. They’ve worked hard. 

Please believe in nuest. And help them get what they deserve.

Because in the end, they who did right is always winning.