It’s a good thing that the victim is about to be proofed only saying lies about Dongho’s sexual assault. 

But think about what it has done to nuest.

Imagine them feeling attacked knowing the news, imagine their mental break down worry about their future again, imagine they had a fight between to find a way out, imagine Jonghyun stressed out for Dongho, imagine Minhyun knowing it in wannaone’s dorm and immediately called the other members. Imagine the heart break. 

This is not funny. They made it this far through pain and obstacles, they dont need rumor to break them down again. They’ve worked hard. 

Please believe in nuest. And help them get what they deserve.

Because in the end, they who did right is always winning.

Congratulations, NCT 127! #NCT1271stWin

You have always been 1st place in my heart. ;;
I cannot fathom how sweet a victory this win was for you. I know this was your hardest comeback, where you had little to no sleep at all and you were most pressured to succeed and do well. When you finally got that trophy, I couldn’t be more proud of you but also of us, the fans, because finally you got what you deserved after much patience. This day will forever be remembered. 

NCTZens, let this win be the first of many more!!! It’d be a shame if we stop after one trophy! We can still give NCT 127 a second win if we work hard for Show Champion!!! Please download the app and vote 3x a day (check twitter @voteforNCT on instructions) and STREAM their MVs and song on Melon, and other music sites!

Let’s make it happen!


Petition for Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland to do this in one of their upcoming marvel movies


When Cameron Boyce gets older he should portray lightskin Micheal Jackson

When Cameron Boyce gets older he should portray lightskin Micheal Jackson

When Cameron Boyce gets older he should portray lightskin Micheal Jackson

MJ clearly stated he does not want a white man to play him. When Cameron Boyce gets older, he could do it correctly. I’m sick a tired of seeing an amazing idol being portrayed horribly. Cameron can sing, dance, act, loves mj, and is BLACK. Let’s make this happen.

we need a magnus mini series. 5 episode minimum. here’s why its a great idea

  • harry shum jr is more than capable of carrying the lead of a show. even if it weren’t just 5-10 episodes. he’s been in a lot of different things, as different types of characters. it would be amazing to see 
  • magnus has 400+ years of shit we could go through. we could see him find his way through some of histories greatest events? how great would that be?
  • we could learn so much about him, still give him screen time, but also use some of it to learn more about other charactrs (like maia, luke, raph, dot etc)
  • we could see him interact with young!maryse and see him make a snide comment about he couldn’t care less about shadowhunters and never will (more dramatic irony we all love) we could see him with young clary too. we could also see him first hear about valentine, and what he became.
  • did i mention he has a whole past we won’t get to see much of? like i understand timing etc but yeah.
  • we could even see him actually meet camilie, ragnor, raph, etc. we could see why he fell in love with camilie. sure she’s beautiful but she’s kinda always been a bitch, and saving his life once wouldn’t do it. we could see maybe she was kind and sweet to magnus at first. we could see her be his rock, like he said she was to simon. we could also see ragnor and magnus. how did they meet? how many times did ragnor have to comfort magnus bc of camilie? what about imasu? i would like to see him, and see his relationship with magnus. sure magnus was closed off because he’d been hurt so many times, but still, it would be interesting.  what about jem? or catrina? or literally anyone magnus has known before the start of 1x01?
  • boy name drops ALL THE TIME. did he actual know michelangelo? or is he just dropping names?(since magnus kinda lies about how old he is haha) what about the fact he and camilie crashed queen victoria’s coronation, how great would that be to see?
  • we could magnus outside of malec completely. they have done a decent job showing him with other people, and not just talking about alec, but not enough.

i’m sure there’s other but frankly i can’t think of any right now. feel free to add your own reasons

Okay but seriously why hasn’t b99 made rosa explicitly bi yet???? She’s literally the perfect candidate like not only is Stephanie Beatriz bisexual anyway but also her character is perfect for it like none of the squad would question it if she came in one day with a girlfriend!!!they don’t even know where she lives nevermind her sexuality!!!!! Let her be bi!!!! Make it happen!!!

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me the just friends episode thing? Who was supposed to kiss? I'm sorry I'm so lost 😢

“Just Friends” was the first episode in cartoon history to feature mouth to mouth kisses between gay and lesbian couples.

there are at least 5 presented within the audience for the show.

And despite this lasting literally 15 seconds and not being very noticeable unless you were paying close attention…..people (As in, homophobic parents ) got angry about it.

It’s literally the most on the nose any disney cartoon has been with LGBT content and was immensely praised as it made cartoon history and put Disney on the map for possible future LGBT content within their shows.

However, as of recently, this episode has vanished off two of the most promenant sources of Disney in which to find them: Their TV Channel, and Their Official Site.

And the fandom believes this might be due to Disney finally cracking under pressure, and withdrawing this episode due to angry parents complaining about the kiss scene.

These episodes take months to make, Disney let this happen a long time ago, they knew controversy would happen, and suddenly months after it premiered and spread like wild-fire that disney made history, they seem like they might be either withdrawing this episode entirely…or pulling it out to censor it cause ppl are dicks.

URGENT: #KeepHerInTheGame Home Stretch Plans

Pitches, Our #KeepHerInTheGame Campaign is down to its final days! We are excited about the work that we have all done so far, but we have a bit more to do. We know you may be feeling slightly down from recent news but hey, we are still in this! The game has not been called. So we need to make the most of these last few days. After some reevaluation, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. We need a BIG LAST PUSH and we can’t do it without you all. All Pitches on deck. Pretty please (yeah, we’re not too proud to beg), we have ONE WEEK TO EXECUTE THIS… 

 The Plan: 

Fox went through a big shake up this week with the ousting of a prominent network figure. Without mentioning any names - let’s use that to our advantage. Right now more than ever Fox needs to show female viewers that they matter. Pitch is all about female empowerment and advancement. There is no better way to prove that by keeping Pitch. 

Dana Walden is one of two executives who will make the final decision whether Pitch gets another swing or not. Before she is an executive, she is first and foremost a woman, a mother, a wife, and a sister. Let’s appeal to those sides of her. Undoubtedly, as mother (possibly of a daughter) she too must love the message of empowerment and courage Ginny Baker sends not just to girls, but everyone. As a high powered FEMALE executive at a major television network, some of her struggles may have been similar to Ginny Baker’s. She must have been there to fight for S1, & we trust that she believes in S2 as well.

That’s why we are asking that you guys 1. call the main Fox number (310) 369-1000 and ask to be connected to Dana Walden’s office. Obviously we’re not going to get to speak directly with her, but we’ll be connected to her office and leave a message for her with someone (probably an assistant) asking Dana to renew Pitch and briefly tell her what the show means to you. 

Example: This is ___________, I’m from ____________, and I would like to ask Mrs. Walden to renew Pitch because of the positive message that it sends to women. I would also, like to thank her for taking a chance on it last season. Thank you for your time. (Have a nice day!)

Remember to be brief!!! These are business people so they’ll be quite busy, and hopefully they will get LOTS of calls, so let’s not take up too much of their time. 

Also please remember to be POLITE and RESPECTFUL. Ranting, rambling, and rudeness gets us nowhere. Please keep those things in mind. Again, we emphasize being brief. The call should be no longer than 30-45 seconds. We’d love to keep the calls coming until at least May 1st. We know we have asked a lot of you all, and you have met us in the middle every single time. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. 

2. Snail mail is tangible and it goes so far with our message. Please, please consider sending Dana a short note by mail starting today 4/21/17 all the way until 5/1/17 emphasizing why it would be a good move for Fox to keep Pitch on the air. Remind them that they already have a gem in Pitch and it would be foolish of them to let it go. They got it right with this one, they just need to nurture it. Again PLEASE SEND A SNAIL MAIL NOTE. These notes could really make the difference. 

3. Finally our last twitter push will be on Wednesday, April 26th at 7PM. We will be trending #ThankYouInAdvanceDana. Let’s thank our lady executive ahead of the big decision for keeping Pitch on!! Let’s show her that we trust her and we know that both her and Gary will do the right thing by keeping Pitch on the air for another season! Remember: we don’t want to be lowkey passive aggressive, we want to be genuine. How will you feel when you get the news? Translate that feeling into a genuine thank you tweet to Dana for all she’s done for Pitch and will do in the future! Please come and join us for this one! You guys really showed up for #WhoseLineDriveIsItAnyway and we’d love to have that kind of response for this one as well! Invite your friends and make it a party!!

Let’s show Fox just how awesome and grateful our PitchFam is!

Examples: #ThankYouInAdvanceDana for putting women first at Fox by showing your support with Pitch S2!

 #ThankYouInAdvanceDana for getting it right with Keeping Her In The Game for another inning. 

We gave you a few options, that way everyone can join in, in a way that makes you comfortable! We really ask that you do the phone calls and notes especially though. Those are going to be directly reaching her and will definitely get noticed. Tweet us when you do and we’ll RT your hard work!

If you’re still reading, we love you, you’re the best most dedicated fans who deserve the world!!!

If you haven’t participated in any campaign activities thus far, NOW! IS! THE! TIME!  ALL PITCHES ON DECK in the final stretch. 

Every MLB team has its closer who comes out in those final innings to secure the game. Starting today #WeAreAllClosers. So get out on that mound and throw some balls folks. 

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