i’m very angry that mon-*l was right today. not just because i wanted Alex and Kara to have their father back but because I really don’t like Mon-El and hate that he received the credit for it. it also upsets me that he can continue to cause Kara pain, anguish, and anger and then she keeps giving him more chances. in the first half she says “i’m not baseball” in response to Mon being all “ya that’s 2 strikes against me” and then she took command and i was like “yes kara!” but then she let him come crawling back. and while he was right, i hate that he was because selfishly that was a good way to get rid of mon el thing. but i guess the only thing that’s good about it is apparently jeremiah has some tea to spill about mon el.

Ok I can’t stop screaming about episode 10 of Yuri on Ice, but there’s one thing that I especially love about the party thing that I haven’t seen anyone talk about?? 

So many people at that party have pictures and video of Yuuri Katsuki making a fool of himself while blackout drunk. 

Apparently NOBODY posted those on social media. There’s no way Yuuri could’ve missed them if they had. Everyone, even the social media queens/kings, took a look at those and said “WOW, poor Yuuri would be beyond embarrassed if anyone saw these, let’s just keep’em quiet” 

and to me it really says a lot about the characters. These are all (mostly) people who love social media to bits and know those things would go viral, but they keep those pictures off the web because they know it’s so out of character for the shy little Japanese skater who just suffered a massive crushing defeat. 

Yuuri has so much support and care he doesn’t even know about.


Sherlock says, ‘Five minutes.  It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us’.  And then, ‘well, not on my watch’.  Now, he means that while he’s in in charge of the situation (to whatever limited extent) he’s not going to let either Mycroft or John die, of course.  This has already been said by both the Holmes Brothers in TST.  

But, the play on the word, ‘watch’, really struck me and reminded me of Anderson’s version of the fall.  At the end of his story, Derren Brown comes and hypnotises John, setting his watch back what looks like five minutes (we cut away near the four minute mark but the hand is still moving).  

I thought these two things might be connected or that there might be a reference to TEH and to Anderson’s story.  Or a reference to Derren Brown, even.

‘Five minutes: not on my watch’, is what John might say if he knew that Derren Brown hypnotised him; if Anderson’s story were true.

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Do we have a fossil history of chickens?

The best part about chickens is that WE DON’T NEED ONE!

Let me introduce you to the red junglefowl.

“OH, YOU’RE A FUNNY ONE,” you might say. “PLEASE. THOSE ARE JUST THE BORING, REGULAR KIND OF CHICKENS, YOU JOKESTER” And you’d be so wrong! But also right, I guess? Anyway.

Modern chickens - subspecies Gallus gallus domesticus to the red’s Gallus gallus - are known to have been domesticated from the red junglefowl ~3000BP (before present), but the actual start of it probably began earlier (and possibly involved some hybridization shenanigans with the grey junglefowl - scandalous). The red junglefowl’s range is in Southeast Asia, and based off of DNA sequencing of fossil chicken bones from a multitude of human settlements around the world, there were likely several Asian domestication centers that slowly brought chickens around the world.

To go a bit further back, though, junglefowl are in the family Phasianidae (which I think is Latin for “good for shooting at I guess” - aka pheasants, partridges, peafowl, etc), a clade whose earliest fossil traces (Palaeortyx sp.date from the Late Oligocene (~25MYA). The first fossil attributed to the Galliformes - “wildfowl” - order (Austinornis lentus) was from the Late Cretaceous(~70MYA). And, of course, the earliest birds evolved ~150MYA ago in the Late Jurassic.

I could keep going on this wondrous journey through time, but easiest is to leave it at everything else, as they say, is 4.1 billion years of very complicated history.


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I’m 30, so I’m a bit of an old fart as far as tumblr is concerned. I don’t have my own tumblr- I stick to browsing a few favorites, and I admit I gravitate towards the trans inclusive side of wlw tumblr. This blog seemed like a good a place as any to tell my story. :)

I came out as a trans woman when I was 18, although it took me a while to accept the word “lesbian”. I knew that if I had just accepted the way I was born, I could live a relatively complication free life as a cis straight male. However, it wasn’t me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t force myself to be anything else.

Once I came out, things got bad. Getting a girlfriend was the least of my concerns given everything else going on - too many things to list. Let’s just say my family was not accepting (to say the absolute least!) and I faced plenty of trauma the years after I came out.

Now, I’m married to another lovely trans woman. We had been friends since before she came out, and we’re raising two lovely kids together (a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl). She had said kids with her ex wife who tragically died in a car accident about a month after the birth of her daughter (which I did my best to help her through). Before this, I had babysat the kids so they already like me.

If I had stayed a straight guy, sure, I would have had more societal advantages, but I’d be miserable denying who I am. Life isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. :)

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//Neon and Luca for the ship baby thing? ;w;

super cute super flight.

she’s super bubbly and just wants to play and fly around 24/7. very proud of her wings.

// luca’s natural hair color isnt green so i didnt include it anywhere  ; q; 


“I just wanted to say: good luck to you in the future, and everything that you do. We wanted to say: thank you for being the most wonderful companion, for giving us the gift of your talent, your time, your friendship, and for being Clara, and more important than anything else, for being Jenna. Thank you.” – Peter Capaldi, during his last panel with Jenna Coleman at the Doctor Who Festival in London (November 15, 2015)

What’s heartfelt is not just the speeches, hugs, and kisses. It’s the fact that Peter took her hand and then didn’t want to let go even while sitting back down. Like the Doctor not wanting to let go of Clara, there is symbolism in there. ♥ GIFs by me from the video, Peter Capaldi says Goodbye to Jenna Coleman.

Do you want the short or the long version?” she sighed, defeated. Whatever the answer, it was going to be painful.
“Short, for now.”
“I loved him. I loved him, and I think he even loved me back for a little while, even though it never really felt like it. I can’t say, because I was busy trying not to let the love I had for him tear me apart. It felt like he was undressing my soul, ripping up my skin just to crawl under it and watch my heart scream with every beat it took. I hated it, but it was nice to not be alone inside myself anymore.” She looks up at him, the better one (hopefully), the one who might find a different way to love her, and she’s losing him, right this second, she knows it, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t finish the story the one time she’s found enough breath to tell it.
“I wrote about him. That’s why I say these things, because words can make even the most horrific things marvellous. I know he doesn’t deserve it, but this is the only way I can remember it without reliving him.”
“What did you write?” His voice is hoarse, and she has a feeling he’s only asking because she’s stopped talking.
“Ballads. Sonnets. Fairytales. I found every euphemism and every metaphor and every allusion I could to dress my heartbreak up pretty, wear it like I was born for it and show it off without exposing anything.
But no matter what I said, or wrote, or cried to the heavens, the bottom line is I loved him when I shouldn’t have, and when he finally pitied me enough to leave me, I let his memory ruin me.
—  How do you like me now


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lololol my reason is pretty lame but here we go At the time when I was scrolling through google play, I was obsessed with samurai and historical fiction. And by obsessed, I mean I was fUCKING OBSESSED. Anyway, I saw the app and :OOOOOO. It took me a while, because it is an otome game and I was not all that interested, but i eventually downloaded it. Let’s just say… as my first otome game I was ruined. The stories were good, the art was gorgeous, and the characters were simply lovable and fantastic except for the damn magistrate. And for that second question… I was throwing money left and right just for those goddamn pearls from the time period of September to November. Regrets were made ;u;


… um… *hides before screaming out on the cliffs* DATE MASAMUNEEEEEEEE *runs back* sorry I got carried away on the wings of love but damn son… he is just perfect. The character development was good, I absolutely love his personality. He has his flaws and trust issues but his relationships with Kojuro, Shigezane, and even Kojirou is adorable. His words and those letters, his behaviour really struck a hit on me. I wasn’t really interested in him at first but after reading those first few event stories, I simply, gradually, fell. I couldn’t wait to read his main story but I gotta do my routes in order so he has to wait until it’s his turn as 6th ;-; btw… DID I MENTION HIS EYES BECAUSE I GOT A THING FOR HETEROCHROMIA >///u///<


I still play the game itself because I gOTTA PLAY ALL THE ROUTES BOI. IT IS MY MISSION MY LIFE GOAL. And I am kinda active now?? Since exams are over and the workload decreased. I don’t really contribute much in the fandom to begin with other than trolling with the lords but it seems like the lords are busy with their lives too


Well… mind you I only play SLBP so my view of the fandom as a whole is not that wide. But I simply love the people here. I made a ton of friends here and got exposed with a lot of things, good and bad. I love the interactions and conversations I have here, the role-playing and the trolling.


I… just want to see the samurai, alive and well with their ladies ;-;/


I am a piece of garbage unloved by the wor-*shot* jk lol. If you want some trolling done, come to me. My askbox is ready :3c *pat pat sheets*


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I think that, despite what Barry believes (that Iris is the death Savitar predicted) and tells Joe in the last episode, they are actually creating the future Savitar's from without even realizing it, and when they save Iris, that is the future he's actually from... and so Barry and his friends are bringing Savitar's prediction (betrayal, death & fate worse than death) on themselves by attempting to change the future. What do you think?

It took me a while to get what you meant here. 

Basically you think that if they save Iris, they somehow create Savitar in the process (because Savitar is from the future?). They also fulfill that betrayal, ‘fall’ (not death, inherently), and ‘fate worse than death’ by trying to save her?

But hmm, wouldn’t that mean that if they let Iris die (obviously a bad choice, I’m just saying), then Savitar would never be created? In the style of Eddie and Eobard, erasing Savitar from the timeline?

If that is the case, it’s a neat theory, but I’m not sure to what extent I agree. I’m also not sure to what extent I disagree though. 

We have such limited information about Savitar right now, as to who he is, how he was created, etc. Anything is possible. I mean, at first, Jay implied that Savitar comes around to challenge speedsters.

That this is just a ‘thing’ he does, with a clear process.

And that he hails more from that past than the future?

But that’s contradicted by things Julian says when he ‘becomes’ Savitar. 

This line is particularly interesting. Did he mean “I am the future, Flash” (i.e., “I am the future”) or did he mean that he’s literally a Flash from the future, or a Flash of the future? I think both interpretations are super fascinating. In the former, I think he’s placing himself as this inevitable eventually, but if he already knows the future, is it because he’s from there, or because he’s sort of omnipresent in time? That would actually fit with what Jay was saying – Savitar could be both from the past and from the future, in the case.

But also note that if he is from the past originally, he’s in the state he’s in now because of Barry, no matter what.

Which is… something. Because from the limited stuff I’ve learned about him, I guess that Savitar is more a villain for Wally than for Barry in the comics? Which makes me think that ultimately, if team Flash are the ones to accidentally ‘create’ Savitar, then it’s Wally who is going to ultimately defeat him or stop this from happening.

And hmm. It’s worth nothing that this is all quite personal to Savitar. Not just things with Barry but with the whole team. He knows them all– their names and aspirations, as if he’s known them individually somehow.

I’ve also read a theory that Savitar is actually a distorted version of Barry who got stuck in the speedforce, but I’m not sure how that would work either. I think the idea is that Savitar was somehow created through Flashpoint, because he didn’t show up and start causing problems until after that, right? That some version of Barry got trapped in the speedforce due to Flashpoint and the changes our Barry made, and he became… this. And he ran across worlds and through time, but ultimately came back to the ‘now’ for revenge.

But… eh, I find that tough. It would make sense, but it doesn’t fit with this idea that Savitar is wronged by Barry in the future, something that’s still yet to come.

Which also lends credence to your notion that their attempts to stop Savitar will create him. Because of course, there is this…

Which reminds me so much of Eobard that I’ve wondered if Savitar is an Eobard who ran for so many eons from The Black Flash that he became the ‘God of Motion’ (as Jay puts it) and stop existing outside of the speedforce at all. Barry did sort of trap Eobard outside of time once Eddie had died, and after messing around with Flashpoint as he did. But I doubt that’s correct either, because Eobard’s currently the villain on Legends anyway, and because this is something Barry has yet to do to whoever/whatever Savitar is, and he’s already screwed Eobard over so… seems unlikely.

But in the end… I don’t know. Self-fulfilling prophecy with respect to creating Savitar? Maybe. Savitar as a distorted Barry caught in the speedforce for eternity? Possibly. Savitar as Eobard on steroids? Who knows. We really need more information, I think.

I will make one final note though… In the New 52 comics, Barry’s powers give off sort of… speedforce dimensional tears (like breaches, but not quite the same). And people and things keep disappearing into the speedforce until he fixes it. One guy gets stuck there for decades (Roscoe, actually, who becomes ‘Turbine’). 

So it might be something along those lines. Someone who gets trapped in the speedforce and is still stuck there, only able to interact with this world through an Avatar holding the philosopher’s stone (for whatever reason) and is therefore the true/original/past/present/future speedster in the sense of being literally still in the speedforce. Just food for thought.

Times Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Revived Our Faith In Love


Every time they used the red carpet as nothing more than soft padding for a makeout session. 

Remember when Anna revealed she knew the two were meant to be when she realized they both have dead bug collections? 

“When Chris and I first started dating, he invited me over and he had, also, a dead bug collection…I started to cry.”

And openly swooned over her husband on Twitter? 

Remember when Chris used his SNL opening monologue to serenade Anna?

And looked at her with PURE LOVE as the credits rolled?

Seriously, a comedic duo who are also hopelessly in love with each other? OK. 

And just look at how they keep each other grounded.

Nothing says “true love” like fried bread, and fried bread they have.

Let’s not forget that time Chris was like, “It took a while for me to admit it, because it would be crazy to be like, ‘I want to marry you’ the first day I met [Anna]. But I could have!”

AND he wore a wedding band before they even got married. Yes, Chris Pratt rocked a mangagement ring.

AND THEN THERE WAS THAT ONE TIME CHRIS SAID, “Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny.” COME ON.

Look at their tiny, perfect pirate child.

Love is real, guys. Love is real.

*Request: Imagine you are dating Happy & you get jealous easily and happy always has to reassure that he loves you.”

“Are you getting ready baby?” Happy asked you on the phone. He was already at the SAMCRO party and you had just got off work so you were trying to get ready then go see your old man. “Yes, I just got out the shower and I’m doing my hair and make up now, but do you know what would help this process go faster?” You asked him while flat ironing your hair. “Let me guess, me off the phone?” He said smiling.”Yes baby!” You said laughing. “Alright I’ll see you in the next hour. Bye.” He said hanging up before you had anytime to yell at him for saying an hour because he knew you took a long time to get ready. You really disliked going to these parties because you were very conservative and the girls at the parties were far from that. They were all sluts and Happy and the rest of the club already had sex with them so that bothered you because if you weren’t there a female would always be pushing up on Happy and that made your blood boil.

“Where are you?” Happy texted your phone as you were about to walk out the door. You replied, “Almost there.” Considering the fact that your house was only 15 minutes away from the club house. He knew damn well that you would take long so he shouldn’t have gotten his panties in a twist. As you pulled into the club house parking lot you could already smell the women, alcohol, and cigarettes from your car. You started walking to the door and once you walked in you were trying to find Happy. “Looking for your old man baby doll?” Gemma asked you. You didn’t notice her but you two weren’t the best of friends, matter of fact you disliked the sight of her but you just kept a smiling face because at the end of the day she was family to your man so you dealt with it. “Yes, you seen em?” You asked with a straight face. “Yeah, some little tart had his attention by the pool table a few minutes ago. She had a nice little ass.” She said smiling. You immediately made your way to where he was.


You couldn’t find Happy any where in the room, you tried to play if off by just standing at the bar and looking around the room but you couldn’t hide your anger anymore. “Hey sis.” Tig said. Out of everyone he was probably the only person besides Happy that you talked to or could even stand since he was very funny and dint stop bothering me until i smiled. “Hey Tiggy, have you seen Hap?” You asked with hopeful eyes. “Uh, yeah.” He said looking around the club house. “He was outside with a few guys.” He said and before he could finish the sentence you were up off the bar stool and made your way to the door. You yelled, “Thanks.” before walking off. once you got outside you saw Happy with a croweater and she was all on him in his face and he had a nice grip on her ass. You were pissed. The woman was laughing and all up in Happy’s face and it soon came to a stop once he noticed you looking at him. He soon had a serious face and made his way towards you. “I’m leaving.” you said walking to your car. “Y\N. We were just talking.” He said grabbing me. “Oh and her ass in your hands was you just talking too?” You said and he didn’t say anything back. “Yeah I didn’t think so.”

You walked to your car and he followed you. “Babe, you’re overreacting.” He said with a smirk on his face. You could tell he was a little bit tipsy, because he was happy before he got drunk because once he was drunk he was mad. “Overreacting? I don’t even like coming to these parties but I come for you and that’s what you do? I’m going home since I make a big deal out of everything. You don’t have to come home, stay here with your sluts and beer.” You said closing your door. Instead of going home you drive to Mayan territory and visited your cousin who was your only family member you talked to. “Lily! Open the door.” You screamed from the front of her house. Her boyfriend Bird opened the door and said, “She’s sleeping Y\N.” The front of the house smelled like weed and beer. “Move Bird.” You pushed him out the way and walked to the master bedroom, passing up Bird’s friends. “Wake up Lily.” You said to her. “Ugh, Y\N? What happened?” She said wiping her eyes. “I think I should leave Happy, he has too many women around him at those parties and I don’t even like going but I go for him and tonight I went and some tramp was all up in his face and her ass was in his hands LIly!” You said hoping to get dramatic feedback. “You woke me up to tell me that your man went to a party and women were around him. When me and you go out guys grab our asses and try to push up on us all the time.” You felt stupid and just laid there.


You stayed the night at Lily’s house and you woke up to 21 missed calls from Happy and text messages starting off good saying, “Babe.” “Where are you?” “I’m sorry.” then they drifted to more angry messages like, “Where the fuck are you?” “What the fuck” “Get your ass home!” You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. Lily was cooking breakfast and she already ha food waiting for you. “You know I would appreciate if you let your man know where you were at.” You looked at her confused. “Him blowing up your phone and even calling my phone took me by surprise. He is planning something for you tonight so he told me to keep you here, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” “Please, the last time Happy planned something special for me included going to Gemma’s house with the rest of the club. Happy only cares about that damn club.” You said to Lily. “Well Y\N, let’s go to the mall and do some retail therapy.” Lily said. “That sounds like a bet.” You said to her.

After a day of shopping you dreaded going back to the house, knowing that you had to see Happy and confront all of the problems from the night before. As you pulled up to the house you grabbed your stuff and made you way to the door and once you got to the door you noticed a note tapped to the door saying “I’m sorry.” You smirked but then came back to reality once you smelled smoke coming from inside your house. “You dropped all your bags, opened the door, and then ran into the kitchen where you found Happy using a fire extinguisher and cursing. Once he got the fire out of control you said, “Happy, what the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to burn the house down? You don’t cook!” “I know, I’m sorry I was trying to make a dinner for you but I let the damn thing on high and walked away and came back to a fire. I was trying to do something special for you. I got this fancy ass wine and made you a bath with those balls that you like that make bubbles. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.” He said cleaning up the mess. “You did all that for me?” You said with a smile. “Yeah, I thought you’d be mad I caused a fire. I’m sorry.” “Happy, I love you but let me do the cooking please.” You said laughing because he had looked a complete mess but he tried and that made you very happy. “I’m sorry about the other night, I was just being stupid. It’ll never happen again” He said. “I love you. Now lets take a bath.” 

More Like Her

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Theme Song: Perfect by Selena Gomez

Word Count: 586

Warnings: Angst, Cheating, Insecurity

Summary: Reader finds out Sam cheated on her but Sam isn’t aware that she caught him. What happens when he finally confesses?

A/N: This was just an idea that popped into my head while I was listening to Perfect, and I really wanted to write it. Let me know what you think and if you want me to write a Part 2.

Just getting back from the hunt that took a couple of weeks, you walk back in the bunker like it was just a regular hunt, heading to the bathroom to take a shower. Cleaning yourself up, you keep yourself together just for a little while longer. As you get out of the shower you find Sam leaning against the sink with a towel in his hand.

“Here, I brought you this, I didn’t know if you had one or not.” Sam says quietly, he slowly leans down to give you a kiss, and not wanting to seem like something’s wrong, you kiss him back. The awkward tension in the air is palpable.

Following you back to your shared room, you grab your clothes out of your bag, to get ready for the day.

”Y/N, I have to tell you something.“ Sam says, leaning against the door of your room in the bunker, shuffling his feet and sticking his hands in his pockets nervously.

”What did you do?” you say jokingly

Sam’s face pales as soon as the words left your mouth. He’s silent for a few minutes and your nerves start to take over

”Sam what is it? You’re scaring me.” You ask worriedly.

“I- I slept with someone else.” Sam stutters slowly.

And with a simple sentence your whole world comes crashing down around you.

There it was, you remember the image of her laying across Sam’s chest, and since then you slowly felt the distance begin.


Pulling up to the bunker to find baby gone, assuming everyone knows that your coming home tomorrow, they’re probably out hunting or at the bar.

Walking into the bunker finally home, and finally off that horrible plane ride.

But only to find something you thought you would have never seen.

Walking down to yours and your boyfriends shared room, you hear murmuring, through the metal in the door. You look through the little metal window and find Sam and Amelia laying in bed with only a sheet covering them, clothes scattered along the floor, as you continue to watch you hear Sam say, "I love you Amelia,” and that’s where you break.

You slowly back away from the door, you can’t help but let the tears fall freely. You slowly walk back to your room, focusing on nothing but your thoughts,  not even noticing dean sitting in the corner of the library, and following you down the corridor.

What did I do? Was it because of me? Did I push him away? Maybe she means more to him than me? He did forget about Dean for a year, while he was with Amelia. If he forgot about Dean she has to be important to him.

Dean sees you running away from yours and Sam’s room crying. You go to your old room and pack all your things up, as you leave your room, the way you found it when you first got here many months ago. You had all your belongings in your little arms, climbing up those stairs for the last time. You look over at what your life was like, and leave it all behind. You walk to your 1969 Chevy Camarro, as you pack the last 6 years away in the trunk of your car.

For the past month you had been living in a hotel room somewhere in Lawrence, finding easy cases here and there. You never thought things would end like that with Sam; you never though things would end at all.

When you have bad period pains

Requested by Anon


Sam is very attentive and you don’t need to tell him what is going on. He just knows. He also knows you need space so that is what he will give you. He will let you rest in bed in the room you both share for most of the day. Only popping in to bring you your favorite foods and snacks and make sure you got enough to drink. He won’t stay for long but he will always come through the door with a smile on his face and leave the same way.

A smile that will only widen when you finally have had enough of being alone and reached out to him. Sam instantly takes your hand and crawls in bed next to you. He lets you rest your head against his chest and hushes you when you try to apologize for your crappy mood.

“You don’t have to say anything Y/N… Just focus on feeling better and let me help you forget until then!”


It took Cas a while to catch on to why you were feeling weak and in pain a few days a month right up until Dean finally pulled him aside and explained things to him. (In a little too graphic manor if Cas’ face was any indication!!) Ever since Cas has been great.

He stays in your room with you and watches crappy shows on Netflix. He distract you from your pain by making you laugh at his interpretations of the shows and by having you explain deeply important matters as why orange correlates with black in a way that is new.

While you talk and watch the show his hand will rest on your belly sending warms waves through the skin and easing the pain. Cas might not be able to heal you from these kinds of pain but he certainly can make you feel better. When you try to thank him he just smiles.

“It is my job to make you feel better Y/N. From now and until forever!”    


You will always try to ignore your pains. You are a hunter and you can do the same as the boys but Dean will always notice when you start to cinch. He will walk up behind you and wrap his arms around you and whisper into your ear to follow him before he takes your hand and leads you back to his room. He will have you undressed and wrapped in one of his oversized t-shirts and on his bed with his arms around you within minutes.

He will hold you and rub your stomach as he start to distract you from your pain by telling you stories of his and Sam’s shenanigans and their prank wars. He will have you laughing and plotting with him what to do to Sam’s room next time he is out of the bunker. Before sleep starts to overtake you you will kiss his cheek and ask him why you got to be so lucky. Dean just stares at you with wonder in those big green loving eyes of his and says:

“I am the lucky one sweetheart. I got to spend the entire day in bed with you!” 


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Cheritz confirmed new content for mystic messenger. Sucks to be WRONG *mic drop*

*picks up mic* Oh you mean like the contest winners. The VAs had a contest that they would give you chocolate in the game, while saying the lines that the contest winners chose. I knew this already. Again It’s not another dlc. Just an extra. There is a difference between DLC and extra content. Did you expect me to be upset ? I’m not. If they are adding more content to a game that is doing well, by all means. It gives them more time to work on Lynn project . And it’s way better then the year they took off last time. If they are happy with the product, let them put more love into it. Story wise, the story is over. Everything extra, its more like… fillers. No plot. * softly puts the mic in stand* be nice to equipment.

How Misha Collins and Supernatural inspired my son to speak

My son Garratt is nine years old. He has Mosaic Down Syndrome and non verbal Autism. He has the cognitive level of a toddler and was rendered speechless at three and a half.

He loves to watch Supernatural with me. He knows how to use the remote control and will re watch episodes and scenes over and over again.

Two days ago, while Misha/Cas was on the screen, he let out this adorable little squeal, ran to the TV and kissed it. And then…as clear as day, said “Ass!”

Yes. Laugh if you must. And then realize the miracle…a child they told me would never speak again…that just took place. No, he wasn’t saying ass. He was saying Cas.

I cried.

This is a tremendous milestone for him. And it gives me hope. And gives hope to other parents like me that have been told that their child would never talk or never talk again. Who have been told things like “don’t expect much from him”. Do you know what that feels like? How crippling words like that are? I don’t expect you do.

My son spoke because of his love for a television show. And because of his love for a certain character.

If someone…anyone…is reading this that can possibly get my son’s story and remarkable achievement to those tied to Supernatural or to Misha himself, I would be eternally grateful.

Love’s to Blame - Peter Parker x Reader

Love’s to Blame - For King and Country (Requested by a lovely anon [most of you are lovely actually]) 

For now, I’m keeping the Peter Parker request Gifs quite general but after Civil War I’ll probably use Tom Holland unless you specify otherwise. If you’d like a specific Peter Parker please just ask.

This one is Andrew Garfield because it’s easier to find his Gifs.

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“Peter.” You laughed, reaching for your pen that he held just out of your arm’s reach.

“Just let me write one thing.” He begged, smiling at you innocently.

You eventually gave in and your friend gently took your hand in his, telling you to look away while he wrote something on your hand.

When you felt the pressure gone from your hand you opened your eyes, seeing Peter biting his lip. Glancing down at your hand you saw a small little heart beside the words “I really, really like you. Just saying.”

You flushed red, glancing up at Peter with his goofy smile. 

“I really, really, like you too.” You whispered.

He smiled, pressing his lips gently to yours before pulling away and whispering “Really?”

Kisses in the rain, in the hallways between class, fleeting kisses, slow kisses, passionate kisses.


But then there were the fights. The little arguments, the times when you could barely talk to each other. 

You telling him to keep himself safe, to not be so reckless, to stop getting involved in everything.

Him telling you to stop mothering him. You were his girlfriend, not his manager. He was trying to keep you and everyone else safe.

But then he realised he was putting you in danger.

And it became too much for both of you.

And you decided to stop being together.

The tears in her eyes, telling him to stay if he loved her like he said. Asking him “How can this be love if you’re leaving me?”

But he knew if he stayed he’d lose you. You’d be snatched away from him like a leaf in a sudden wind. 

And although you, his best friend and the one he loved so much were gone in one way, at least you were alive. Although it made him sad that you’d never share a name and never be one, he’d always remember the years you spent in love. You both would.

You’d still think of each other, hoping they were safe. You’d check the news for any sign of Spiderman, he’d keep track of you.

But all the time Peter hoped that you’d understand that he said goodbye because he loves you. 

Loves to blame.

Headcanon #1

(Season 3, after Within the woods)

When Leo woke up from (let’s call it) coma, he kept having nightmare every night. Nighmares about Shredder ending his life, but not before killing his entire family before his eyes. He would wake up screaming but went quiet as fast as he could to not let his brothers know something was wrong. One night, after another nightmare, Leo was lying in bed, just staring at the ceeling, afraid to fall asleep again. He heard the door to his room slowly open. It took him a while to realize it was Mikey in the dark, and he was holding his teddy bear wrapped in duct tape. He slowly approached Leo’s bed and put the teddy bear on the night stand. “Here” Mikey said “it keeps the nightmares away from me, maybe it will help you”. Mikey smiled at Leo and left the room without saying another word. Leo looked at the damaged teddy bear and smiled. He slept peacefully the rest of that night.   

Not Like The Movies

Pairing: Michael x Y/N

Word Count: 2,241

Requested: kaitcord22

Based On: Not Like The Movies by Katy Perry // Listen Here

A/N: This was my very first preference, and I hope you guys like it. I feel like I got a bit carried away, but it was a lot of fun to write!

He put it on me, I put it on, like there was nothing wrong. It didn’t fit, it wasn’t right. Wasn’t just the size

“Babe? Why aren’t you wearing your ring?” Your fiancé, Jake, asks while holding your hand and playing with your fingers.

“I-uh, I took it off while making dinner.” You give him a small smile.

“Here, let me do it for you, love.” He takes your hand and gently slides your gorgeous new ring on. “It’s a little tight, but I can get it sized for you, love.” He says, and then kisses your cheek.

You looked at the ring on your finger, and couldn’t get past the knot in your stomach. You loved Jake, but you just didn’t feel like this was what everyone raved about. You two had been together for three years, and he finally proposed. You should be ecstatic, but instead you’re second guessing everything about your relationship. You never considered yourself a hopeless romantic in any way, but he just never gave you the feelings everyone raved about when they fell in love. His touch didn’t send electricity all throughout your body. His kisses didn’t erupt your stomach with thousands of butterflies. You were comfortable with him, and that was all there was to it.

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