All for nothing

The less you care about anything and everything, the less you try to figure out the point of being, the less you think about the outcome and consequence of your actions and the more you be present in the moment, you’ll start to enjoy being, you’ll be the one noticing how beautiful the road to your home is, how magnificent the night is and how happy you are because absurdity couldn’t let you down, you just accept it, own it and live with it.

Rebellion against nothingness, this old curse of gods, is a brave deed and deciding to enjoy your moments doing what you really love after understanding “it’s all for nothing” is even more courageous.

Stop worrying and overthinking, start living cause it’s all for nothing.

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Your A Girl?


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Imagine having to cancel your first date with Nick

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your sweet message in your request!) 

Imagine having to cancel your first date with Nick

“All right, I’m tried of this,” You announced, interrupting Sonny, walking forward and slamming your fists onto the table which made the suspect jumping backward as you continued to speak in a venomous tone, “Tell us what we want to hear or so God help me I’ll…”

“Okay okay,” Your once hostile and aggressive suspect gave in, in an almost terrified squeak, “I’ll tell what you anything you want to know,”

“Good,” You grinned, taking a seat beside Sonny at the table while giving him a wink.

Your suspect fully confessed after that and you and your partner Sonny swiftly took it before leaving the interrogation room to officially close your case. All in good time as well ad both your shifts were about to end.

“You know you scare me a little when you pull that little move,” Sonny confessed, holding the interrogation room door open for you as you both headed back to your desks.

“Do I?” You smirked.

“It’s not even the way you act it’s just how quick they crumble whenever you do it,” He elaborated with a dramatic shudder.

“Well, it only works on a certain type of suspect,” You admitted.

“How can you tell?” He inquired.

“I can’t reveal all of my secrets now can I?” You played off, jokingly.

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Ok I gotta take a minute cause hot damn y'all: For those saying “The b in lgbt stands for babadook” I get the joke but for the others can y'all chill tf out with the “This is bi erasure” it really isn’t, it’s a joke. People are saying it because the babadook starts with a b, people don’t mean it in an offensive term what so ever. This is pride month, every sexuality and everyone in this community will be loved no matter what and I know damn well bisexuals will not be left out. So get your panties out of your ass and take a joke for once and let’s just accept the fact The Babadook is now a gay icon for this pride.

So umm, did we all watch the same video or was that another “The Voice’s Juliet Simms”?? 😂😂. Second, “porn star chick” is kind of disrespectful. She has a name. She clearly didn’t make the video for attention. It was literally just a recount of her experience like some people do after seeing things like that. It wasn’t like she went out of her way to say, “LOOK I SAW BARELY FAMOUS PEOPLE FIGHT ON A PLANE!” it was more of, “So this shit happened on my flight and what the absolute fuck!” Porn stars have fans and people that care about their lives too so why wouldn’t she make that video?

A/N: I can’t believe Juliet said she wouldn’t have been able to do that to Andy because he’s “six foot plus”. Actually, i can believe it. Women are just as capable of abuse as men. Maybe she can’t physically abuse him if it was physical alone but people who are mentally abused are also physically abused because they already have the worst mentality about themselves and will just let themselves accept the physical abuse. So, yes, Juliet is very capable of physically and mentally abusing Andy. Which is pretty much what happened on that flight. And Mary Carey (I think was the porn star’s name) has no reason to make a video like this for fame. She’s not trying to reach the BVB audience since she is a porn star and most BVB fans are under 18. She has her own adult fans and lives her own adult life. She didn’t have to make the video but she thought she’d tell her friends and fans about an experience she saw. If you saw a fight at school, you’d tell people about it right? Same thing. Juliet is just trying to diffuse the situation and get away with what she did.


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I am the anon that asked about heart/memories, and thanks for the explanation! Do you think that 4x17 fits this pattern as well?

Ooh yes good point! Well done nonny!

Yeah, totally. 12x11 and 4x17 are amazing insights into Dean (and Sam, but both of these focus on Dean, which actually kind of annoys me, because I really want to get to know Sam better, I’m a massive Dean girl but I do think a part of this is because we actually don’t know Sam that well at all, but thats for another post).

I mean we know 4x17 isn’t really… real, it’s Zachariah’s version of events but it seems that the whole point of it was to take Sam and Dean and alter their memories, not their heart, so yeah I do think it fits, absolutely.  

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Dean is very comfortable with himself, pretty metrosexual, likes so many things he never would admit to as ‘our’ Dean with his shitty memories that have created this facade, so for me absolutely it fits into this theme.

So who is Dean at heart?

- still, always, a BAMF hunter

- likes order and cleanliness, still cares about the world, being a hunter v prius, ok its a random one but I like it ;)

- cares about himself enough, has enough self respect and doesn’t think he is going to die young so shouldn’t give a shit anyway, to look after his body, his health… this is heartbreaking but a totally blatant supporting part of canon that Dean’s love of booze and unhealthy foods is associated with his lack of self worth and thinking he is bound to die young… 

- has friends, is kind, open, complementing and friendly with people, is LIKED

- probably queer, isn’t into office romances but ahem, is open to M/M/F…

- loves Dory and fanboys over Angels *insert Cas = fish meta here* and how Cas is conspicuously absent from both these episodes cos dude, he’d be all over him, no-one can convince me otherwise. likes music other than classic rock!

- is extremely clever and innately ingenious


So… in season 13? 

Now that he is so much over holding his facade up, now that he literally blew the walls down, I hope to see him evolve into himself, bit by bit with little gestures that all add up, taking him towards endgame, rather than a sudden switch, because this is all still Dean and the facade is also still Dean, because he put it there purposefully, but we need to see more blatantly that this facade is now coming down.

Dean should be…. not always ordering a burger, give him… not a salad necessarily but a slightly healthier alternative, show him caring a little about himself and his body... let him make a remark that shows he is thinking about old age  and not throwing himself under the metaphorical bus at every turn anymore (this is what the confessional scene was about, 2 years ago!).

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Let him be kind and friendly with someone new or develop a friendship with someone who he wouldn’t have been comfortable doing so with before (MAX?!), let him openly listen to music that isn’t classic rock, I don’t care what, just anything!


A ‘Passengers’ Rant

Would you like a completely accurate summation of the movie Passengers in one image? Here you go.

What the ever-loving fuck did I just witness? I mean, I’ve seen some offensive or problematic movies before, but Passengers is genuinely baffling me because of the artistic choices that were made. First off, I want you to understand above all that the problem is not the actors’ fault. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence actually do have chemistry and it should have clicked and fit well. Hell, the reason I was gonna give this movie a try on my own before the epic backlash hit was because those are two actors that I love who are charismatic and likable and I’d have certainly enjoyed a film with them exclusively together.

However, this is going go down in history as one of the most offensive bait-and-switch situations between a misleading trailer and the actual product. Now, I can give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe after the finished product was done and the initial reactions from the test audience came back, the movie studio panicked and decided to market it in a way to hide the utterly disgusting choice that Jim makes that actually creates the conflict in the film. Well, too bad, so sad. You let this psychopath write this script and make this movie with this horrifying theme and if you thought it wouldn’t do well, then you should have pulled the plug. I don’t know what kind of problems they might have had during production, but this is unacceptable.

Let me paint you the picture of what you would have had to endure, should you have seen this film.

There’s a ship flying to a new planet. The trip takes 120 years, so everyone is in hyper-sleep. About thirty years into the trip, a huge asteroid hits the ship and causes small malfunctions, one of which is a single pod opening. The passenger, Jim, races around trying to find a way to either fix it or go back to sleep, but he can’t. He spends a year or so alone and hits a low point before stumbling across the pod of Aurora (*cue massive fucking cliché eye-roll*). He looks up her info and finds her interesting and does that gross thing in movies where he falls in love with the sleeping woman and suddenly his needs mean more than hers, so he decides to wake her up. He omits the part where he woke her up so that she can die with him and courts her, but eventually she finds out and is of course furious. Meanwhile, the ship’s larger functions start failing one by one and one of the crew members accidentally wakes up as well. The crew member tells them which systems to try and fix before he dies and they fix the ship. They also figure out that there is a medical pod that can basically induce a type of hyper-sleep for one of them, but in the end they both choose to live the rest of their lives out on the ship together.

If you’re feeling vomit climb up the back of your throat, that’s great. That means you still have a conscience and a soul. Hold onto that, please.

Is that not the most disgusting fucking thing that’s ever been positively portrayed in a film since the faux-relationship between Leto!Joker and Robbie!Harley in Suicide Squad? It’s fucking heinous. It’s inexcusable. It’s completely not okay, and yet the movie seems to think that it’s romantic and they were overcoming the odds to be in “love” with each other by the end of the movie.


Absolutely not.

This is not okay.

First of all, the reasoning is not strong enough for Jim’s horrifically selfish decision. Yeah, being alone for 90 years on a ship with only a robot for a friend would be a hell no one should endure, but guess what? There is no reason for you to drag someone down with you. I’m not saying that this kind of ethical dilemma hasn’t been done before, but I have never seen a movie that puffs out its chest and acts like the ends justify the means. In the movie Interstellar (spoiler alert) Matt Damon’s character couldn’t stand dying alone on a barren world and so he called the other astronauts down to save him, but the movie makes it 100% clear that he was WRONG and he paid for that selfish act with his life. Hell, that was one of the most satisfying uses of the F-word in a PG-13 film that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (“You fucking coward.”) Furthermore, even Matt Damon’s character admits he was a coward. Owen apologizes, but it never hits home because there is no sorry. There is no apology for literally murdering Aurora for his own selfish reasons. She is rightfully furious when she finds out, but the fucking movie actually has her forgive him and choose to spend her life at his side as his wife.

Fuck. You. Sideways.

How dare you take her choice away. How dare you try to redeem this character. It doesn’t matter. The second Jim makes that choice, the audience mentally checks out because there is no redemption at that point. No one cares that he ends up saving the ship. It would have been better for them all to die on that ship together than for him to choose one person to die against their will because there was no way to put them back in the pods. It’s not possible to redeem that character.

And the baffling part is that this didn’t have to happen. The premise is actually fine the way it was presented in the trailer. If it had just been two random people waking up and having to accept their own deaths, but then they come together to fix the ship and save 5,000 people, then it would have been a fantastic movie. It could have been a deep character study and a subversion of the “fated to be together” trope. Imagine it. Imagine a sci-fi movie where two people are isolated together, and they start to like each other, but then encounter the natural conflict of a relationship. Imagine that they break up, but they’re all each other has. Imagine that they break up for simple reasons that people do. That could have been extremely interesting, to see the relationship start from scratch and then develop over time, fall apart, but then when the ship is in danger, they forgive each other and start anew. That could have been a fantastic movie.

Alternatively, if you’re a cynical person, then I have an acceptable way to keep the premise the way they wrote it without that foul ending. So Jim does wake up Aurora and she finds out the truth, and then the whole rest of the movie is her trying to murder him out of revenge. How fucking great would that have been? It would have given her agency, it would have given her excellent characterization as she unwound with rage and revenge, and it could give her the chance to redeem herself as she chose whether or not to kill him or let him live and just accept her fate without becoming the piece of slime that he was for waking her up.

What a fucking waste. That’s what Passengers is. A waste of time, talent, and an utterly reprehensible message that it’s okay to doom someone else for your own selfish reasons, and that you will in fact be rewarded for such actions.

I’ve tried to theorize if this movie would be less of an eye-sore if the genders had been flipped, but no, it’s just insulting either way. Granted, it might have been slightly more interesting if it had been Aurora who woke up Jim because it seems like the film leans on the “men are lonely and horny” trope pretty hard and I wonder if she would have held out longer with the decision to wake him up, but the fact remains the same. This is a blight on cinema. You cannot make a movie like this where a despicable act is portrayed as something positive. That is not love. There was no consent. There was no choice. And it’s worse because it involves two actors that I adore and I want to see them in projects that are worthy of their time. This movie is unworthy of anyone’s time or interest. It’s frankly one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in years and while I am sad that Pratt and Lawrence will have a box office flop, I am glad this movie is in the shitter because that’s what it is. A foul-smelling turd that should be quickly and quietly flushed down the toilet.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Magical Negro trope they played completely straight with Laurence Fishburne.

Avoid this movie at all cost, chilluns. Don’t look back. You deserve better.

Kyo out.

  • me: let's all just accept the fact that skam is coming to an end, positive thoughts everyone
  • also me: they probably filmed the last episode today which i am actually not okay with like excuse you i can't deal with these emotions rn so brb while i go dig my grave bc life just isn't worth living anymore do ya feel me on this one:)))

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But if Isak knows, Even knows and he's gonna tell her something about Yousef. Let's just accept the fact that their love story is gonna be a tale of both of them talking about the other with other people. I'm too tiredto be mad about it. Bring it on.

YEEEEES i feel a sana + even talk coming AND IM SO EXCITED