BTS deciding their new album concept

Bang-PD : alright so ur comeback is soon anyone has any ideas for ur new concept

Rapmon : dark lord

Bang-PD : namjoon friendly reminder u guys are a boy group not powerful antagonists with evil henchmen trying to conquer the world drinking peoples blood

Bang-PD : anyone else

Jimin : i think-

Bang-PD : actually jimin keep ur opinion to urself slide it into ur rectum and never let it out u sent in a memorandum last friday requesting bangtans comeback to be jungkook themed

Jimin : but jungkook is precious??

J-Hope : i have a question what do u mean by making our concept “jungkook themed”

Jimin : we can all wear jungkook masks, dress like jungkook, dance like jungkook, sing like ju-

Bang-PD : thats enough at this point im sure taehyung has better opinions and a more useful brain than u do

V : its been like that all along bang pd

Bang-PD : so taehyung any ideas

V : personally i think we can make a ballad album like u know that english band def leppard from the 80s

Suga : but we’re a hiphop group taehyung-

V : yoongi if u have nothing nice to say i suggest u think before u open that stupid mouth of urs

Bang-PD : shut up both of u jin i hope u have nice ideas

Jin : pink cherry blossoms

Bang-PD : so ure saying is u want to be a pink cherry blossom for ur comeback

Jin : yes

Bang-PD : …seokjin im being nice to u since ure the most normal one here im pretty sure the netizens wont want to see 7 boys dressing up as cherry blossoms but heres a deal ill promise you cherry blossoms in ur music video

Jungkook : we need some super hella amazingly horrendously badass concept diss tracks and more diss tracks

Bang-PD : u guys have already been badass since the beginning jungkook

Rapmon : pd im p sure hes asking if he could have a tattoo

Bang-PD : for the last time jungkook

Bang-PD : no

Bang-PD : alright hoseok how about u if its about purple sequins and ducks i dont wanna hear it


Suga : i have an idea

Everyone : what

Suga : kuroko no basuke and soft raps gradually converting into angry raps anime comeback trailer and cherry blossoms like seokjin asked for trust me pd the fangirls will love this

  • It’s a cold and rainy April evening outside, a few degrees above freezing, and my mood reflects it.
  • The only way I’ve ever gotten over someone is to start resenting them for not wanting to be part of my life anymore. It’s totally unfair, but unless I feel wronged I’ll spend years carrying a torch for them. It doesn’t matter how I get to the point where I can start to move on. Just that I do.
  • 99% of the women I meet turn out to be much younger than I hoped they would be and too young for me to even think of getting to know them better without being a creep. None of them are single or interested in me that way anyway so I let my crush run its course and pretend not to care. No wonder it feels like life happens to other people. Those demographics make me wonder if dating is over for me now.
  • The last few times I attended meetups for people in their forties everyone looked and acted decades older than me. It wasn’t as much fun to hang around people who reminded me of my parents (irony!) so I made a mental note to check back in a few years. What a strange middle ground I inhabit these days, too old for one part of the population and too young for the other.
  • The neighbor with a smoker’s cough who sits on his front porch and hacks up a lung every night and morning is serenading me again now. I can hear him through this apartment’s poorly insulated walls as if he was sitting in another room. I don’t think he even missed a day during the coldest stretches of winter. That will be a fun way to remember the time I spent living here.

I love Wolf so much that my mother calls me Wolf. I love Wolf so much that when I listen to it I want to cry because it’s so beautiful.