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“You guys having fun?”

The thousands of cheers from around the sold out stadium echoes through the cool night, every single one directed towards Justin. It’s kind of crazy to think about it - that people literally spend hundreds of dollars just to see him from what probably is a shitty seat at the back of an arena, but at the same time its flattering, and by now I bet his rather used to it.

“I don’t know if you guys heard me, Are you guys having fun tonight?!” He repeats into the mic, fiddling with the gold chain bracelet around his hand.

Once again the stadium filled with screams and cheers from the beliebers, this time twice as loud. I watch as Justin let his eyes drift over to the side of the arena, and decides to yell “Top row, you guys having up there?!” And they continue to cheer.

Then the other side, “What about this side, you guys having fun up there?!”

A small smile fell onto his face as he leans back and removes the gum from his mouth muttering, “Alright, as long as were having fun. Just livin’ the moment.”

Then continues to move forward and lightly strum the first notes to Cold Water. A second later his hand moves back to his mouth, placing the gum he removed earlier back inside. I can’t help but roll my eyes at my boyfriends indecisiveness. Once more he continues to strum the guitar before for the third time, removing his hand and looking down onto the chain.

“This damn bracelet is annoying.”

Suddenly moving his wrist towards the guitar and using his bracelet to tap the strings while saying, “You see all this noise, I don’t like that noise. It sounds wrong. I’m not diggin’ it.”

I can’t help but smile. Its so cute when he just speaks his mind, and I can tell the crowd feels the same since I do notice a few people chuckling up the front.

Turning towards the wings of the stage, where Scooter, I and the backstage crew are all standing, he jokingly adds, “See Y/N this is your fault - Giving me this bracelet.”

After fumbling around with it for a while trying to remove it, he grumbles “Stupid bitch.” Under his breath, causing not only me but the crowd to laugh. “One second guys.” He announces.

While still attempting to take off the bracelet I bought him for our 3 year anniversary, he decides to make a witty joke, beginning it with, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

The crowd actually responded with a whole lot of “Why’s?” And justin immediately respondes with “He wanted to get to the other side.”

A small smile cracks his lips as the crowd chuckles at his terrible joke and even chose to acknowledge how dumb it was by adding, “That was stupid.” then adds “but it was funny.”

Finally giving up, his head shoots up to look around the crowd asking “Does someone wanna come help me get this off my wrist?”

Girls from the crowd shoot up and cheer immediately with there hands in the air. As for Justin who is still sitting and waiting for someone come to his rescue. Scooter waists no time in suddenly beginning to push on my back, motioning me forward.


“Go help him.” He demands with a smirk.

“What?!” My eyes trail down my body, instinctively cringing at my purpose sweatpants and staff hoodie I chose to wear. I looked terrible. “Nah-ah. No way.”

“Who cares about what your wearing, go help him!” He chuckles.

“I care! Plus I don’t wanna just walk out on stage! That’s scary.” I pout but scooter shows no remorse.

“Just go!” He puts his arms on my shoulders and pushes me out onto the stage. This time, I can’t turn back because by the way every one in the crowd has heightened there screams, they’ve definitely seen me.

I sigh and mentally note ‘there no turning back now’ before jogging forward over to the seat Justin was seated on by the edge. Justin’s eyes trail around the stage, looking for the reason the screams in the crowd have increased, and once seeing me making my way over, smiles and extends a hand for me to grab.

I don’t hesitate to reach for his gesture and quickly dash over to remove this bracelet as fast as I can so I can get off the stage as soon as possible. At first, Justin is no help at all. Instead, he begins rubbing my arm and trying to get me to sit and stay next to him. “Justin, stop fidgeting.” I laugh.

Justin shrugs his shoulders as if not having any idea what I was talking about before settling and begins cooperating with the process. This bracelet is so damn stubborn! But after some pull and tug, Justin says, “Pull it from this side.”

“Yeah, and you unclip it from over there.”

The crowd aw’s in affection at our teamwork.

As we work together and finally get the bracelet removed, I jump up in achievement and grab a hold of the bracelet myself. As I’m about to make my way back off stage, Justin grabs my arm and pulls me back pouting. “Stay.”

I chuckle nervously and take a glance at the screaming crowd in anticipation, finally turning back to Justin to shake my head.

“Oh c'mon!” He encourages, grabbing my hip and pulling me towards him. I fall onto the seat beside him, my back pressed against his side while his arm rest around my waist. “Have a little fun. I’ll sing you a nice sooong.” He coo’s as if I was a child. “give you a little kiiiss. We can cuddllle.”

“Shut up.” I chuckle to which Justin smiles.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Meanwhile, the crowd has hit the fan, their cheers going wild in a frenzy of excitement. Justin places his arm around my shoulders while using his hand to hold the right notes on the guitar neck. His other hand strumming lightly at the body.

After commenting about how terribly the guitar is tuned, he finally begins singing Cold water in a soft, melodic tone.

“Everybody gets high sometimes you know…What else can we do when were feelin’ low? - C'mon sing it with me baby!”

I chuckle at his enthusiasm and decide to not ruin the song and just keep my mouth shut, but frozen with a smile.

“So I wanna lay with you told I’m old!” He sang, causing my to furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Baby you sang it wrong.” I whispered into his side.

Still strumming the guitar, he looks over at me “Really? I did? Well then how does it go?”

“It goes, ’What else can we do when were feelin’ low? So take a deep breath and let it go -…” I quickly sing as Justin smirks.

I hadn’t realised that justin had actually moved the mic towards me, causing my voice to echo throughout the entire arena, the crowd cheering like crazy in the background while Justin smirked menacingly.

“Hey!” I pouted. “You stuffed the lyrics on purpose!”

“How’d you know?” He chuckled sarcastically. “Well, since you started it you gotta finish. C'mon baby lets go!”


*In this post the word SEX will be replaced by “RAMEN” (for the lolz)

Ok, So no one have been talking about this. Even if whoever I asked said he shared the same reaction as me. JIMIN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST YALL. Almost half (8/19) of it is just about ramen, like all kinds of ramen. Does it mean that he “JOAH? JOAH!” ramen that much? But there is more than just ramen. Let’s look at it together: 


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  • Eels - I need some sleep: “I need some sleep .. I’m in too deep, and the wheels keep spinning ‘round. Everyone says I’m getting’ down too low. Everyone says you just gotta let it go”.      
  • Justin Bieber - Mark My Words: “Oh I don’t wanna live a lie”
  • Frank Ocean - Lost:  “ Lost, lost in the heat of it all”
  • Ty Dolla $ign - Never Be The Same:  “ Now I done seen a lot of things. Know the trouble the money and fame brings. This time I swear it’s different. I’m in the right place. I know I’m in the right place” 


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  • Kehlani - You Should Be Here: “Don’t know where you went but you’re lost now“  (2015- I am sure he knew Kehlani only this year)
  • Miguel - face the sun: “No matter where I go I belong with you … you’re the only one” (2015. This one mmm)
  • gnash - i hate u, i love u: “If I were you I would never let me go” I second that. (2016)
  • Chris Brown - So Cold: “Damn, I want my baby back. It’s so cold without her . Cold without her . She’s gone”. (2009-My ghost senses tell me this one was adressed to his first love maybe)

BEING SO IN LOVE: (This one SCREAMS Jikook to me)

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By @mimibtsghost ^^

good things about episode 64:

- magnus learning woodcarving because you do it with weapons
- Professor Kristoff: “attack the wood”
- the first thing magnus carves is a DUCK
- merle learning interpretive jazz dancing
- him subsequently getting so good at it that he gets to be a professor
- just merle’s whole stepchart description
- “PAN- DEMONIUM” CLINT!!!! that’s such an amazing name for it!!!!
- taako “stealing” quotes and reattributing them to himself as his contribution to the “light of creation”
- taako about after every quote: “that used to be [insert fantasy celebrity], but now it’s taako”
- “taako time: a book of inspirational aphorisms for the independent soul”
- awwww poor magnus… being embarrassed of his duck:((( 
- “it’s not perfect, but it’s the best i can do” MAGNUUUUUUS:(
- PROFESSOR merle putting everything into his performance and making everyone horny
- the audience applauding hornily
davenport singing an 18 minute song
- lucretia submitting a painting of their original home (/the IPRE headquarters)
- taako’s presentation: dropping it off and just saying “you’re welcome” 
- lup and barry
- L U P  A N D  B A R R Y
- them playing a duet together and being in love and being super cute
- griffin’s description of  love and lup and barry’s love and his whole “speech” is just really beautiful
- “lup grew furiously in arcane power” YEEES THAT’S MY GIRL!!!!
- “they take each others hand high in the air […]
and barry and lup laugh and they don’t let each others hands go
and then they stop laughing and they don’t let each others hands go
and they keep not letting go “ AWWWW  
- yes justin, you’re right, we’re all very sorry that we didn’t get to hear griffin’s romance scene with himself that would’ve been so hilarious omg
- clint losing his shit because of “that’d be the audio equivalent of wrapping your arms around yourself to make it look like you’re making out with someone” 
- lup: “ can i blow up the mountain? i mean YEAH” 
- magnus meeting the voidfish for the first time 
- MAGNUS RUSHES IN(to the cave)
- the baby voidfish being all cute and wanting more ducks from magnus
- “hi i’m taako from tv-”  (hasn’t been on tv yet)  “- and you’re wanged. you’re all pretty much in a bad way pretty badly. and there’s good news and bad news: the bad news i’ve covered pretty exhaustively with the fuckedness that you are. the good news is that you have a shot, […] and normally we don’t enlist people but here’s something i know about you all: you currently have the most inspirational shit mankind, and by mankind i mean me, has ever written in your heads held simultaneously. you motherfuckers believe in yourselves probably more than any group that’s ever been assembled in all of human history. correct? “
(i had to include this whole thing bc if this is not the most inspirational shit idk what is) 
- the baby voidfish getting lucretia “too close to the edge in seaworld-” wet
- lucretia illustrates and tries to understand the voidfish while magnus is playing ducks with the baby
- magnus visiting it and bringing it new carvings even after it’s put in a tank in lucretia’s room

A Real Villain

Request: Could you write a one-shot where Peter finds out your boyfriend is abusive but can’t say anything because he found out while Spider-Man?

A/N: So I haven’t been in an abusive relationship before so I hope I wrote this somewhat accurately? #I also never proofread so hit me up if you find any mistakes or anything.

Warnings: Abusive Relationship

Word Count: 1854

Part 2  //  Part 3  //  Part 4 


Once upon a time, you had a happy relationship with your boyfriend. He would kindly ask you on dates, bring you flowers when he knocked on your door, and kiss you goodnight when he dropped you off at home.

You loved him, you really did. You knew your friends didn’t like him, but he tried his best to be friendly around them. Eventually he just stopped hanging around you when you were with your friends.

Your boyfriend, Justin (Idk this name just popped into my head), would sometimes overreact to things. He didn’t really like it when he knew you had been with your friends and were late to meet him for a date. He also didn’t really like it when you spent time alone with Peter. He didn’t really let you. You didn’t like the idea of not spending time with Peter alone, but you were still able to see him in class and at lunch.  

Justin would sometimes hit you if he was really upset. He once found out you were alone with Peter in your bedroom, and he had hit you the next time you were alone. He apologized afterwards. Justin told you that he had overreacted and promised he would never do it again.

That’s what he always said though. You truly loved him, so you always forgave him. You believed he truly loved you, so you truly believed him when he said he would never hurt you again.

Sometimes, Peter would still show up at your house late at night. You would always spend the first few minutes trying to get him to leaving, knowing Justin would be displeased with Peter’s presence in your bedroom late at night, but Peter would refuse to leave, telling you he missed his best friend and that you should break up with Justin.

You would always tell Peter that you loved Justin and that you weren’t going to break up with him. Eventually, Peter would drop the topic, knowing it would just make you angry.

The only other times you really saw Peter was at lunch. He sat across from you and Michelle. Lunch was your favourite time of day. It was really the only time you got to see all your friends.

One day, you had a late night movie date planned with Justin, Peter had come over after school to help you finish your lab report, but after the two of you had finished your work Peter ended up sticking around.

You and Peter were goofing around in your bedroom when suddenly your mom shouted up to you “Justin’s here!”

You froze.

“Peter you have to leave. Now,” you ordered.


“Peter. Leave. Now,”

There was a knock at your bedroom door.

“Y/N?” Justin said from the other side of the door.

“Can I come in?” Justin asked.

“Just a minute! I’m getting changed. I’ll be right out,”

“Please Peter, just climb out my window or hide in my closet. Justin can’t see you here,” you whispered

Peter stared at you for a second “Does he hurt you, Y/N?”

You froze.

“Y/N, does he hurt you?” Peter repeated.

“Please, please just leave,” you begged.

Peter looked at the fear in your eyes and eventually nodded. He grabbed his backpack and headed towards your fire escape.

You watched Peter climb down the fire escape, as soon as he was far enough down, you turned towards your mirror. You smoothed down your hair and clothes, and reapplied your lipstick.

After you made Peter leave, he was skeptical as to whether you were really okay. He knew something was going on with Justin. Peter decided he would put on his suit and kindly follow you on your date. He just wanted to make sure you were safe.

You opened your bedroom door and walked out into the living room where Justin was sitting and talking to your mother.

“Oh, Y/N did Peter still here? I didn’t see him leave,” your mother said.

You didn’t dare look at Justin.

“He left hours ago. He just helped me finish my chemistry lab report and went home,” you lied.

You turned to look at Justin, you could see he was fuming on the inside.

You smiled at him, “Ready to go, babe?”

He gave your mom a small smile and then got up and placed a forceful hand on the small of your back and led your outside.

When you got outside you decided to finally speak after a completely silent walk out of the building.

“Where are you taking me tonight?” You asked

Justin was silent for a moment. You looked up at him and say his clenched jaw, and clenched fists.

“I can’t believe you had Peter over. Alone n your room of all places,”

“He was just helping me with homework, Justin. Nothing happened. Nothing ever happens,”

Justin reached down and grabbed your wrist. He tightened his grip on you and started walking faster.

“Justin, slow down, your hurting me,” you said.

Justin stopped In his tracks and dragged your around in front of him.

“Really, Y/N? This hurts?” Justin said, tightening his grip on your wrist.

“It hurts me when you see Peter behind my back. This is how I feel when you see him, knowing how much I hate it when you do,” he said, emphasizing his grip on you.

You could feel the tears welling in your eyes, and a lump forming in your throat.

“Please,” you begged.

Little did you know that Peter was indeed following you. He was sitting on the roof of your building, listening to what has happening. He knew he had to swoop in and stop Justin from hurting you.

Justin was still tightly gripping your wrist, explaining how much you had hurt him when suddenly there was a web across his mouth and Spiderman landed on the sidewalk a few meters away from you.

“You know, you really shouldn’t hit your girlfriend,”

Justin let go of your wrist and tried to pry the web off his mouth.

You backed up so your back was up against the wall of your apartment building.

“Are you alright, miss?” Spiderman asked you.

You nodded, holding your wrist in your hand.

“Listen dude, you really should leave her alone. You have no right to touch her,” Spiderman said to Justin.

Justin used all his might to pull of the web.

“She’s my girlfriend. I have every right,”

“Oh see, that’s where your wrong. Haven’t you ever heard of consent? Or, I don’t know, treating a girl right?”

“Oh fuck off, Spiderman. You don’t know anything about our relationship. You have no right to butt in like this,”

“Again with being wrong. If you plan on hurting this girl, or any girl, i’m going to intervene. Never lay your hands on her again,”

Spiderman webbed Justin’s hands together, and then webbed over his mouth again.

“You should go home, miss. I’ll take care of him,” Spiderman told you.

You nodded, and headed towards the entrance to your apartment buildings, not daring looking back.

After you left, Peter knew he couldn’t exactly take Justin to the police, knowing that he wouldn’t be arrested without a report from Y/N. So he decided to teach Justin a lesson.

He went home that night, not regretting hurting Justin. Well, he didn’t hurt him too much, but enough so Justin knew he meant business. He couldn’t sleep knowing that you were in love with that absolute ass. He knew he had to talk to you about it, but he also knew you wouldn’t open up to Peter.  

Luckily, the next day you didn’t have school and you wouldn’t have to face Justin.

You had planned on staying in bed all day. It was already the afternoon when you heard a knock at your window. You quickly turned over in bed and you were face to face with Spiderman.

You jumped out of bed and walked over to open your window.

“Can I come in?” Spiderman asked.

You nodded, moving aside to allow Spiderman to enter your bedroom.

“Did you break up with him?” He asked.


“Why not?”

“I love him,” you said.

Spiderman took his face in his hands, and ran his hands over his head.

“Really? Y/N, he beats you. How much can you really love that?”

“How do you know my name?” You asked.

“Is that really the most important thing? Your boyfriend beats you and you stay with him. How can you love that, Y/N? How can you love someone who gets off on hurting you?”

You sat down on your bed with tears welling in your eyes.

“Get out,” you said.

“What?” Spiderman said.

“Get out!” You ordered.

Spiderman looked at you for a second, before obeying your request, and climbing into your fire escape and swinging away.

You sat on your bed crying, for what seemed like forever when you eventually picked up you phone and called Peter.

You knew you shouldn’t be seeing Peter, but he was the only one besides Spiderman who ‘knew’ about Justin hurting you.

Peter came over almost immediately when you had called.

He opened your bedroom door and saw you lying in bed crying.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I’m so stupid” you muttered, starting to cry harder.

Peter came and sat on the edge of your bed. You reached over and grabbed his hand.

“Come lay with me,”

You moved over, allowing room for Peter to slip into your bed with you.

You brought yourself closer to Peter and lied your head on his chest. Peter wrapped an arm around you and wiped away a tear.

“I can’t believe I’m so stupid,”

“You’re not stupid, Y/N,”

“Yes I am Peter! He hits me! I have bruises! If Spiderman hadn’t’ve saved me last night I’d honestly probably be dead on the road right now,” you cried.

“Please break up with him. You deserve so much more than him. You deserve someone who will love you unconditionally and who will always be there for you. Someone who will let you have friends and not hurt you when you spend time with someone other than them,”

“I don’t know how to break up with him. What if he tries to hurt me again?”

“I’ll be there for you Y/N. I’ll come with you. I’ll be right by your side the entire time,”

“Can we just lay here for a while?”

“Of course,” Peter placed a light kiss on your forehead.

You knew you would have to break up wit Justin eventually, and you knew that Peter would be there for your no matter what. You just knew you didn’t deserve Peter.

I Hate You, I Love You | Montgomery Dela Cruz x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: It’s the first time I’ve ever written and posted an imagine for someone else other than Zach! But this was requested so, I hope you guys like this too. Warning: things kinda escalate quickly lol. Enjoy!

Request: Uhhhh maybe a Monty x reader love hate fanfic?


Taking AP Chemistry was both the best and the worst. I do enjoy it, but it really is too much work sometimes, just like now. We were told to make a research paper and I thought that I could use my free period to get started, so I went directly to the library.

I picked up a few Chemistry books and made my way to the large table at the back of the library, away from all the students. I liked my alone time. As I turned page after page, a tall figure pulled the empty chair in front of me and rested his backpack on top of the table. I looked up from my paper and see Monty, who had his face buried in his folded arms, while his head rested on his backpack. He was sleeping.

“Hey. Wake up.” I whisper at him and he doesn’t move.

“Wake up, we’re not allowed to sleep here!” I whisper once again and he still doesn’t budge.

“This is a no-sleeping area! I’m going to get in trouble because of you!” I whisper-yell at him and kick his shin and he jumps up with an irritated look on his face as he furrowed his eyebrows at me.

“Mind your own business will you?!” He snarls at me and I huff in annoyance.

“If you want to sleep, then sleep somewhere else. Don’t do it here, I don’t want to get in trouble when you get caught.” I reply.

“Why do you think I chose to sleep here? The librarian can’t see. Dumb dumb.” He says and I was caught speechless by his remark. A little hurt, if I were to be honest.

I shut my mouth and let out one last sigh to express my shock and disgust at his behavior. I just can’t wrap my head around him. One minute he’s as sweet as candy, and the next minute he’s just plain mean and arrogant. It has always been like this with Monty. He’s like Marmite, you either love him, or you hate him and I don’t exactly know where I stand just yet.

I continue writing my Chemistry paper, and once and a while I’d find myself stopping to take a look at the guy sleeping in front of me. He looked so vulnerable like that; his ears turning red, probably from the heat in the library. It was a hot day, and the air conditioning in the library wasn’t on full blast. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead, his nose twitching from time to time, probably because of a dream. His pink, plump lips were slightly apart as warm breath escaped his lips.

The sound of the bell awakened both him and I as we jump back into reality. He got up, swung his backpack on his right shoulder and proceeded to walk out of the library on his own. He didn’t even have the decency to wait for me as I placed my notebooks inside my bag. I shook my head and continued to walk out of the library.


The next day

Monty, Justin and I were on our way out of our Peer Communications class to meet our friends in the cafeteria for lunch when I had a sudden craving.

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wet dream-mature justin bieber imagine

a lot of smut, kind of sub;jb [mature justin x reader]

“Here,” you pat repeatedly on your lap “lay your head here.”

Justin thinks about your request for a long second. I mean you were best friends for nearly 5 years, since you started high school together. Justin and you had been this close before, hell, you guys had held hands, played as a fake couple once even just to piss off this guy who wouldn’t stop asking you out. What was the big deal?

Justin narrows his eyes at your nearly bare legs. He coughs awkwardly.

You roll your eyes at him. “Fine,” you say as you grab a your jacket which was slung around the arm rest on placed it over your legs. “Is that better little boy?”

Justin doesn’t say a word. He sighs as he places his head on your lap, feeling his head fall into a comfortable state. “I’m so tired,” he yawns out.

After beauty and the beast finished you yawn out yourself, feeling a your head spin a bit. You were tired as well. You wanted to hit the sacks already.

You hear a stir below. You see justin’s lips pouted as he began to shuffle his head around a bit. You suddenly hear a faint whimper come from the boy below you.

You stiffen at the erotic sound. You feel a tingle between your legs. Why was he making you feel this way? You had thought Justin was attractive, you always have, but you never imagined justin would turn you on in any shape or form.

You watch as he begins to move around. You see his eyebrows creasing, his teeth taking his pink pouty lips.

You feel heat start to rise in your lower stomach. You wanted to know what he was dreaming about, what his sexual fantasies were, you wanted to know what turns him on or in this case, what was turning him on.

You hear his breathing increase into small pants. You watch with wide eyes as he reaches a large hand and slowly brushes across his manhood. You squeeze your thighs together, beginning to feel your core drip at the sight.

You see his bulge growing, a strong sight of his member pushing roughly around his basketball shorts, making the bulge obvious as ever. “y-y/n,” he pants out, almost in the breathlessly whiney voice, which travels straight to your dripping core.

You suddenly begin to feel the tightening feeling in your lower stomach bubble up into a stronger, more intense feeling that now, needed to be taken care of. You wished you could slip a finger between your legs, past your flimsy shorts and straight into your awaiting heat to help ease the aching between your legs.

Justin suddenly stirs in his sleep, waking up from his wet dream, eyes blown wide to reality and to what was happening right now. He took a while to figure out what was happening. He could make out what happening when he could feel the restriction feeling on his lower part of his body and the soft heavy breathing coming from you.

“I-” justin’s pupils are wide in shock as he glances to you, “I’m sorry-i didnt know-sorry if i made you uncomfortable,-”

You do nothing but hurrying slip a finger up your shorts, flinging your jacket, which was covering your legs and used as a support pillow for justin’s nap, on the ground.

Justin doesn’t move. He simply stays quiet, almost surprised that you were turned on from his actions and not creeped out or anything. “You’re so w-wet, jesus Y/N,” justin breathes out in astonishment, eyes eagerly watching at how easily you could slip a finger in your heat.

You began to pump your finger in a faster pace, wanting to quickly relieve the stress justin had made you have just from watching his rub himself. You really needed this you thought to yourself. You couldn’t remember when the last time you had orgasmed or had any sexual relief. You, at this point, didn’t care whether Justin was going to look, help you out or if he was turned off by your desperate and sloppy actions, you just wanted to get rid of the bubbling feeling in your stomach.

To your surprise, you feel you hand being harshly yanked away from your shorts, feeling your core empty and loss. “Justin” you whine out, “ what are you doing-I was so close- oh my.” Justin suddenly replaces your fingers with his ones. You could definitely feel the large and structured fingers stretch your walls much better.

You could feel Justin’s paced thrusting of his two fingers hit your soft spot which made you wail out in pleasure. You never knew simply just fingers could make you feel such intense pleasure.

“B-baby,” you pant, feeling out of breath “faster. I’m nearly there-”

Justin latches a harsh and sloppy kiss to your neck, sucking the flesh, feeling the pain turn into screams.

“That’s it baby girl-” he says as he continues to suck and abuse your neck.

You could feel your walls tighten around his two fingers, squeezing your heat around his digits.

Justin feels this action and bites down with his teeth, muffling his groan of pleasure. “You’re driving me crazy baby, I want to feel you around my cock so badly-”

Justin nearly chokes on any remaining breath as he feels your fingers grab him softly, loving the pressure of your hand around his pulsing shaft.

“You,” he says as he harshly twists his fingers in your core, “ are a fucking tease.”

You look at him with innocent eyes, “me?” You breath out, “ how am I a tease? Tell me Justin.. how am I a tease?” You say seductively as you begin to rub up and down on his covered manhood.

Justin could feel how slow your hand was moving. He grunts out as he feels your fingers, delicate as ever slip in his shorts with ease. He feels your cold hands against his warm and sensitive skin.

You smile as you feel no barrier of boxers or underwear. You could feel how hard and ready he was for you. Was this all for you?

“So..” you say as you continue to tease his member, not speeding up at all, “what was your little dream about?”

You watch as Justin began to violently bite his lower lip, seeing it almost turn white. You see how much he was struggling to keep steady as his hand was now removed from your shorts and desperate as ever, clung onto the couch, gripping the armrest.

“Tell me” you say again, urging him to spill the truth, even though you had already heard him pant you name before, you just wanted to see him suffer a bit. “Tell me and I might just let you cum.”

“I-” he says through irregular pants, “I imagined you, you, your mouth was around me”

“Was I now?” You say as you rub your thumb over his slippery slit.

“Jesus-” he croaks out, “quit teasing, I feel like I’m going to fucking die.”

He buckles his hips at your hand, desperately wanting more friction. He was squirming under your touch.. this was somehow turning you on even more.

“Please” he begs as he continues to thrust against your slow snail pace hand.

“fuck this.” He spits out as he quickly tugs his tshirt over his head, letting his upper and tattooed body come in your view.

Faster than ever, you hadn’t even blinked yet and justin had your back against the couch. “you.” He says accusingly “are the biggest tease I’ve met.”

He yanks your shorts and panties off in one go, tugging them down your legs and chucking them on the ground with force. You bite your lip as you thought about what could happen now.

“first these shorts, now the fucking slow ass rubbing?!” He grunts as he sees your glistening heat, bare and open to his lustful eyes.

He couldn’t help but run a finger across your heat. You coat his single middle finger in your arousal, causing him to smirk. “Baby girl, who made you this wet?”

He brings the finger to his eyes and grunts at the string of juices dragging along from his finger, “you smell like heaven babe.”

You watch with wide eyes as he slips his finger in mouth, slowly and keeping his finger there for a long moment before letting go with a pop sound.

“So sweet” he compliments as he quickly attaches your his lips with yours.

You could taste the saltiness as he slips his tongue in your mouth. “Justin” you say as you pull away from the passionate kiss, “I really need you.”

You eye your attention to your body’s lower half, hoping that he’ll get the memo.

“Right.” He nods  “I-I just got a little carried away-sorry.”

You smile at his nervousness but hoping to help him out a little, you yanks his basketball shorts down, just enough to reveal his member, “are you sure you want to do this?” he questions once he realises this was actually going to happen.

“Yes” you say without hesitation.

Justin watches your movements, he watches as you bring your fingers around his pulsing and rock hard shaft, aligning it to your core.

Justin and you both moan out as you rub his tip at your dripping entrance. You feel how large he was, you could see how large he was compared to the size of your awaiting heat.

Maybe Justin could sense your hesitation or maybe he was scared about this too, hurting you that was. “are you wet enough?-I don’t want this to feel bad for you. I could eat you out to help you get wetter or i-”

You push yourself around his cock. You gasp at how full he was, how amazingly he stretched you out.

“Justin” you breath out, “can you move a bit?”

“Jesus, you’re so tight, I don’t think I will last any longer” he says as he buries his head in your shoulder, bringing his lips to your neck as he blows his warm breath of pleasure on your skin.

“Just move- it’ll feel good for me. Please-I’m so close,” you encourage Justin to move even a tad, you could feel yourself letting go any moment. You were so close too.

Justin pulls out as slowly as possible, he slowly pushes back in. You feel how full he felt and how his fullness would rub against your walls, you could feel his tip touch your g spot.

You push your hips desperately to feel him touch the spot that made your head spin a hundred miles per second.

“Babe-stop. Im gonna cum if you move anymore.” He warns as he bites his teeth into your shoulder.

You wail out as you feel Justin’s shaft twitch inside of you. Justin wasn’t lying when he said he was close to spilling. This boy was seriously going to let go. “Justin” you call, “touch me” you speak as you reach above your head, tugging on his arm to help rub your clit. You loved it your clit being rubbed, you knew this would help.

“You- like your clit being touched?” Justin says as he looks down at the erotic sight of your bodies moving, how his shaft was entering your body or how your clit was so swollen and wet with your juices. He wanted nothing but to suck and tug at your bud.

“Fuck- you are making me crazy.- are you close?” He groans out. “I’m there-fu-”

You feel the warm seed of his arousal spill inside you. Justin closes his eyes shut as he rides out his orgasm. You watch as Justin doesn’t pull out, instead he starts to move his half limp shaft in your entrance. “Cmon baby, I’ve got you, I won’t leave you hanging.”

Justin feels his body go into overdrive as he forces his shaft to get hard and erect. Justin just wanted to see you let go, he wanted to make you cum.

“It’s ok.- just pull out, I can finish myself off” you speak seriously as you see the verge of tears appearing in his light glossy eyes. You did want to get off, but seeing Justin like this was kind of painfu.. You hold his lower stomach, feeling how his stomach was clenching every now and then, you couldn’t imagine how difficult it would feel.

“Fuck-” he says as he feels his shaft twitch at the oversensitive pressure. Justin continues to plunge himself in your heat. You feel him growing as he paces himself, not slowing down. Justin suddenly grips the back of thighs, forcing your legs to bend, making your knees hit the bed. Justin allows himself to push deeper, hitting the angles in a whole different level.

“you like it rough? Fuck-so hot” he grunts out as he slams into your heat, hitting the deepest spot which made you see black and white.

“Im there-”

Justin pushes into your entrance, gripping and using your legs as leverage to go deeper than ever.

You feel yourself let go, your orgasm washing over your sweaty body. Justin drills one last time before pulling out, still hard and and the tip swollen and red as ever.

Justin yanks his cock, moving his hand skillfully at a speedy pace. You wondered how often he would jack off, or maybe what he would think about when he did. The dirty thoughts made your stomach tingle with excitement.

He thrusts into his hand, hips moving at a pace that made you question if he was moving this fast while he was fucking you. You could barely tell if he was moving his hand or hips, he was so concentrated.

“Cmon baby boy, let go for me.” You say as you watch him with close eyes, not wanting to miss out on the sight.

“Fuck y/n. You- are -not -helping- me- Jesus”

You watch his thighs shake as his hand slows down and his other grips desperately onto the back of the couch.

Justin spills his load all over his hand. Justin’s breathing slowly becomes normal again. Justin opens his eyes, his eyes still with evident tears because of the overwhelming orgasms.

“I’m sorry” he says as he embarrassingly tugs his shorts over his now limp manhood.

“Let’s go on date.” You say as you lean forward to peck his flushed face, taking him by surprise.

Justin simply smiles at you.

What The People want

Its been so long…(long long long) That I haven’t seeeeen your face!

No seriously its been forever. I’ve been kind of out of the writing mood and I cant promise very regular updates but ill try to get one up every now and again. And…I’m a senior now….Yay!! Obv sarcasm. 

If you’ve ever heard a person say that you get a lot of work in year 11 and 12, don’t listen to them cause they’re lying. You don’t get a lot of work….You get a fucking MOUNTAIN of work. But anyways, here’s a cute/fluffy imagine….

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The pots and pans clanked together as the now soaking but squeaky clean dish was placed on the rack with the rest of the freshly washed dishes. Y/N heaved a relieved sigh and twisted the knob off, stepping back to dry her hands after a near hour at the sink.

Don’t get the woman wrong, she absolutely loved it when her own aswell as Justin’s family and friends were invited over for a nice barbecue, but the cleaning was just a massive hassle.

And thanks to Y/N’s stubborn persona, she just wouldn’t allow Justin to hire a maid, nor a housekeeper. Even if it was quite appropriate in this massive house Justin had put his heart and soul into in order to earn for his beautiful family.

Pattie leaned back from the fridge, dusting off her hands joyfully. “There you go honey, that’s the last of the left overs all gladwrapped and packed into the fridge. Is there anything you need?”

With a grateful smile and a shake of her head, Y/N replied. “No thanks Pat. I just finished up.”

“Alright love. Thankyou for inviting me.”

“Be quiet Pattie, you’re invited whenever you like. This is your sons house after all.” Y/N chuckled, moving to place the tea towel back over the oven handle.

Pattie laughed. “Well thankyou. But I’m not going to be walking in whenever I like anytime soon. Justin’s busy with his music and you’ve got your hands full with Jacinta. But I’ll swing by every Tuesday’s as usual.”

“All good Pattie.” Y/N smiled.

As the two made there way into the living room, a sudden group of a few mescievous giggles were slowly heard becoming louder as Pattie and Y/N placed themselves on the expensive prestige couch.

Followed with the sounds were 4 cheeky little kids, skipping and laughing one after the other. They approached the two adults finally sitting on the sofas with a happy aura, all yelling at the two.

Jazmyn and Allie were the first to call out. “Pattie! Y/N!!!” They yelled out.

Jaxon was next, skipping up with a smile. “Aunty Y/N! Pattie!”

And lastly was little Jacinta, no older then three years old, still struggling just slightly to balance on her own two feet, her hand held tight between her cousin, Jaxons. “Mommy! Grandma!!”

Pattie smiled at all the joyful kids, holding out her arms for Jacinta to jump into.

“What is it darlings.” Pattie smiled. Jazmyn came and sat next to Y/N, snuggling up close to her aunt.

“Mommy.” Jacinta began. “I want a brother or sister.”

Y/Ns eyes nearly popped out of her head at the request. Her face snapping towards Pattie, trying to hold back are rather shocked laugh.

“What?” Was all she managed to say.

Jazmyn was next to speak, clenching onto her beloved Aunties hand with an excited but pleading tone. “We want another cousin!”

This time, Y/N really did let out a laugh. “And why all so sudden?”

“I don’t know.” The girl shrugged. “But Babies are fun! And I only have one cousin, all my friends have like….a lot.” She smiled.

“Yeah!” Jacinta piped up. “And daddy has so many brothers and sisters. I want to have even more!!”

Pattie, who was sat aside, clearly amused by the whole situation, finally decided to interfere in the rather entertaining conversation. “You kids do know that baby’s don’t just fall from the sky right? It might take a while for the baby to come.”

Allie nodded. “Yeah. But we can wait!”

Y/N shook her head with laughter, sighing a loud laugh. “Your gonna need to speak to daddy about this.” She informed her 3 year old who then jumped up out of her grandmothers arms with a newly burning flame in her eyes.

“Okay!” She smiled, pulling along her cousins (who were techniqually her aunts and uncles)

“Let’s go talk to daddy!” She exclaimed, the other three following along with joy.

“Yeah, lets go talk to Justin!” Jax agreed.

And soon they had ran off, out of sight towards the backyard where Justin, his father and his fathers girlfriend were chatting.

No less then a second later Pattie was quick to respond towards the whole conversation, amusement clear in her sweet voice. “That was probably the most interesting conversation I’ve had with the kids so far. And I’ve had Jazmyn ask me what the ‘Vick’s’ we’re doing in a box in the bathroom.”

“Really? Cause I think my conversation with jaxon about where babies come from may have just beat it.” Y/N responded.

Pattie heft a whole hearted laugh. “Kids. You never know what they’re gonna pull next. But I mean….the kids are partly right.”

“What do you mean?” The woman responded.

“I mean, jacinta is 3 now and Justin and yourself have always wanted more then just one child…maybe you should, you know, start considering another. Plus I would love another grand baby.”

Y/N considered patties suggestion, taking a second to think for herself. “I don’t mind having another child. I’m ready whenever Justin’s ready. But since jacinta was born we’ve just had our hands so full, we haven’t really spoken about more children yet.”

“Well,” Pattie smiled. “You’re not getting any younger.”

Suddenly, a loud, blunt laugh, easily pointed towards Justin’s father - Jeremy - was heard.

A feminine “oh my god!” yelled, Chelsea’s laughter shortly afterwards, followed by the children’s reckless footsteps once again growing louder.

Entering the room once again was Justin’s siblings, step sibling, and daughter who had confusingly run up to her mother.

“So, what did daddy say?” Y/N asked her daughter.

Jazmyn was first to speak, wearing the same confused look as the rest of the children.

“He didn’t say yes or no. All he did was laugh and to tell us to tell you to meet him upstairs.”

“Aunty?” Jaxon spoke with innocence. “Why are you meeting Justin upstairs?”

“Are we getting a cousin or not?” Allie added.

Y/N smile sprung up, as well as the colour in her cheeks. “Um… yes. I guess you’se are.”

Now all the children’s faces had lit up with joy. “Yay!” Jazmyn exclaimed. “Are you going to call the baby place upstairs? And order a baby?”

“Uh, sure jazzy.” Y/N laughed.

“Well hurry up Aunty! Go upstairs!!”

As Y/N shuffled to get off the couch, justin had entered the room, his eyes lustful and dark, his complexion looking so perfect, in fact, his whole being looking so amazingly attractive.

Nothing was said as he approached his wife, a smirk set tight onto his face. Without a second thought, he had swiped the beautiful woman off the couch and began to make his way upstairs.

Nothing but cheers of excitement from the children and whistles of knowledge coming from the adults.

As the two approached their room and the noise died down, Justin leaned in and pressed a kiss against his wife’s lips, slowly approaching her neck with each peck.

“Alright baby.” He muttered. “Time to give the people want they want.

“Yeah.” Y/N spoke breathlessly. “What the people want.”

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Very Much (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2309

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy, I think that’s about it

Summary: Y/N and Ben worked on Pitch Perfect together, and consequently fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, neither of them knew, and all it takes is Will Connolly and some slight jealousy to unearth those feelings.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: Here it is for the anons who requested this plot!

Hey Y/N!“ Ben shouted, waving at me aggressively. I chuckled and waved back, watching the smile on his face widen.

"Hey Ben! What’s up?” I called back, walking over towards him. Ben took out his phone and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Just… look at this.” Ben said, passing me his phone. I rolled my eyes and looked down at the screen, gasping when I saw what he pulled up.

“You’re kidding.” I muttered and Ben shook his head, pointing at the screen.

“They released it this morning. Naturally, I bought it first thing.” Ben said and I laughed in disbelief.

“Dude. We have to listen to this. This is the Book of Mormon cast recording.” I said and Ben nodded eagerly, taking his phone back.

“Maybe we can get Skylar as well. He’ll probably be into this.” Ben said, shoving his phone back in his pocket.

“The man was literally in the OBC of Spring Awakening. He’ll be into this.” I said and Ben chuckled, nodding aggressively.

“Then let’s go get our boy.” Ben said, throwing an arm around my shoulders. I felt my cheeks heat up at the contact, but I smiled to myself.

I shook my head slightly, trying to shake away the memory. I still had a
slight crush on Ben, and sometimes I would just randomly think about him.

I rolled my eyes, pressing play on my music. I chuckled slightly as the opening notes to I Love Play Rehearsal flooded my headphones.

It was strange hearing my own voice on a recording, but I kept the song on as I walked into the building where the read through was happening.

My agent had sent me a call telling me that there was this new Pasek and Paul project that was doing a reading, and they specifically requested me.

“Hello hello!” I called, noticing a few familiar faces turn my way as I entered.

“It’s Y/N!” Justin said, getting up and pulling me into a hug. I chuckled and hugged him back, taking my headphones out.

“Hey Justin. How are you?” I said once he’d let go of me. Justin smiled and gestured for me to sit down.

“I’m good, I’m good. I’m glad you could make it.” Justin said as I sat down and I smiled widely at him.

“So am I. I’ll have to be back in Jersey for tonight’s show though.” I said and Justin chuckled, leaning back in his chair.

“How is it working with Iconis?” Justin asked and I went to respond, but I heard another voice. An all too familiar voice.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” I stood up and saw Ben Platt standing there, a shocked look on his face.

He was definitely taller than the last time I’d seen him, and he’d gotten a haircut as well.

“I, um, hi.” I stammered, feeling my cheeks heat up. Ben chuckled and stretched out his arms, pulling me into a tight hug.

“It’s been so long! How are you? I heard that you’re in a show over in Jersey now.” Ben said after he broke the hug.

“I’m doing pretty well, and I am in a show in Jersey. I’m playing Christine Canigula in Be More Chill. It’s actually really fun.” I said and Ben smiled widely, running a hand through his hair.

“That’s awesome. I was actually in the Book of Mormon recently. And by recently I mean my last performance was last night.” Ben said and I gasped, my jaw dropping low.

“Oh my god! That’s incredible! I remember the day the cast recording came out. We were working on a Pitch Perfect.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened, a smile crossing his face.

“That’s right! We totally freaked out.” Ben said, a nostalgic look crossing his face.

“Looks like you two finally got reintroduced.” Justin said and we both turned around to face him.

“I guess.” Ben muttered, scratching the back of his neck. Justin rolled his eyes before passing the both of us a script.

“Here you go. This is what we’ve got so far. Have a quick flick through.” Justin said, before walking off to go talk to a tall guy with long hair who’d just walked in.

I chuckled when I saw the character list, noticing that the name Zoe Murphy had been highlighted, and Y/N!! was written next to it.

“Looks like I’m Zoe.” I said to Ben pointing to my script. Ben glanced over and chuckled, before showing me his script. The same thing had been done, except it was to the name Evan Hansen.

Soon the entire prospective cast had arrived, and we read through the script together. It flowed surprisingly well for something that wasn’t complete yet, and I found myself in love with it.

This reading was followed up with a few more, and before we knew it we were doing our first previews in DC.

“Yo Y/L/N!” Will said, waltzing into the shared dressing room with a smirk on his face.

“Hey Will. What’s up?” I said, putting my phone away. Will shrugged his shoulders, and I gave him a weird look.

“Nothing much. Quick question. There’s a tall guy out the front who claims he knows you. Something about New Jersey.” Will said and I gasped, standing up.

“Oh my god. That’s Will Connolly. We worked together on Be More Chill. Let him in!” I said, excitedly clapping my hands.

Will chuckled, shaking his head at my enthusiasm. “I’m clearly the superior Will, but whatever.” He muttered, walking out of the dressing room.

I made my way out and saw the familiar frame of one of my closest friends, who I unfortunately hadn’t seen in a couple of months.

“Will!” I shouted, and Will’s head whipped around, a smile crossing his face. He rushed over to me and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me off the ground slightly.

“What’re you doing in DC?” I asked, looking him up and down, my eyes wide with shock.

“I heard that you were in a new show here, and I happened to be visiting mom when I found out. Congrats, by the way.” Will said, kissing the top of my head.

“Thanks beanpole. It’s so good to see you!” I exclaimed, hugging him once more. Will chuckled and hugged back, squeezing my torso.

Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat and I turned around to see Ben standing there in full costume.

“Y/N. Who, uh, who’s this?” Ben asked, gesturing to Will. I snaked an arm around Will’s waist and smiled up at him, missing the disgusted look that crossed Ben’s face.

“This is my wonderful crane of a friend Will Connolly. He was in Be More Chill with me. He played Jeremy.” I said, squeezing Will’s waist.

“Oh, ok. Awesome.” Ben muttered, and I frowned slightly, wondering why his mood had shifted all of a sudden.

He walked away and I watched him with a curious look on my face. “That was weird. He’s never like this normally.” I said to Will reassuringly, retracting my arm from around his waist.

“It’s all good Y/N. I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll be at the show tonight. And I’ll be letting all the other guys from BMC know about this. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell us.” Will said, shaking his head slightly.

“I’m sorry! I just got so caught up with everything, especially when I was doing BMC at night and working on this during the day.” I said and Will chuckled, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

“Hey, it’s all good. I’m gonna head off now, but I’ll see you tonight. I bet you’ll be amazing.” Will said and I felt my cheeks heat up a little.

“It’s all the rehearsals. You know how much I love rehearsal.” I said and Will snorted, a grin stretching across his face.

“God, I missed you. See ya Y/N!” Will said, waving at me as he walked away. I let out a sigh, but a cough from someone made me jump out of my skin.

“Jesus Christ, Roland!” I shouted, glaring at him as he smirked at me.

“Was he your boyfriend?” Will asked, gesturing towards Will’s fading figure with his head. My cheeks flushed pink, and Will’s smirk grew in size.

“He’s not my boyfriend. I mean, sure, we played boyfriend and girlfriend, but we’re not actually dating.” I stammered, waving my hands about.

“That’s good.” Will muttered and I looked at him quizzically, my eyebrows furrowed.

“If you kiss me right now, I will rip your balls off.” I said and Will snorted, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Easy Y/L/N. It’s not me who that’s good for.” Will said, leaning against the wall. I frowned in confusion, not entirely sure what he meant.

“Is it Mike? Because that’s kinda weird. He’s like my brother.” I said and Will sighed, placing his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s Ben! That boy has had a thing for you since god knows when and… I was not supposed to tell you that.” Will said, noticing the shocked expression on my face.

“Now I know why he was acting so weird before.” I muttered, running a hand through my hair. Will nodded, taking his hands off my shoulders.

“I’ll be back. I’m gonna go find Ben.” I said and Will smiled, saluting me as I walked away.

I jogged towards the one place I know Ben goes when he needs to think, or cool off. The fire escape.

“Ben!” I shouted, noticing his hunched figure sitting there. He turned around to face me, a sour look on his face.

“Y/N. What are you doing here?” Ben said, his voice harsher than usual. I winced at the change in sound and sat down next to him, looking out at DC.

“You looked a bit off, and I know that this is where you go if you’re not feeling so flash.” I said, resting my head on my hands.

Ben chuckled darkly and stood up, brushing off his pants. “Well, you were right that I’m not feeling great, but I’d rather be alone right now.” Ben said and I inhaled sharply.

“Ben… I’m worried about you. You’re my closest friend.” I said, reaching out to put an arm on Ben’s shoulder, but he wrenched away.

“Closest friend. That’s all I’ll ever be.” Ben muttered, his eyes boring holes into the ground. I winced at my choice of words and took in a deep breath.

“Do you remember the first time we met? We were on set for Pitch Perfect and you tripped over when you went to introduce yourself to me?” I said suddenly, and Ben looked up at me curiously.

“Yeah, I do.” He muttered, wringing his hands slightly. I let out a sigh, my hands trembling at my sides.

“That was the day I fell in love with you.” I whispered, and Ben’s head snapped up, his eyes wide.

“You, I, uh, what?” He stuttered, clearly unable to form coherent sentences. I nodded, my cheeks going bright red.

“I’ve been in love with you for at least 3 years, but I could never tell you. Will, Roland that is, came up to me and told me that you felt the same, and I decided that I finally had to man up.” I said, tears welling in my eyes.

Ben chuckled softly, and he stepped closer to me, taking one of my hands in his.

“Of course you make a reference to the Book of Mormon when you’re telling me you love me.” Ben said, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it softly.

My breath hitched in my throat, and I gave him a sheepish smile. “I’m a nerd. What more can I say?” I said, watching Ben intently as he dropped my hand.
“Would now be a good time to say that I’m also in love with you?” Ben said, his breath hitting my face as he spoke.

I nodded meekly, looking up at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. Ben shot me a half smile, his eyes sparkling.

He leaned forward and our lips connected, butterflies forming in my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair, and Ben let out a gasp.

I moved my hands down to cup his cheeks, his skin hot against my fingers. Ben’s hands sat on my waist, and it felt a little weird because he had his cast on.

I pulled away and leaned my forehead against his, noticing that there were a few freckles dusted across his cheeks.

“To think this all happened because you were jealous of my ex co-star.” I muttered and Ben’s cheeks went a flaming red colour.

“I, uh, I wasn’t jealous.” Ben squeaked, his fingers drumming slightly on my back.

“Yeah, yeah. Of course you weren’t.” I said, pecking his lips briefly. He kissed back eagerly, and pouted when I pulled away.

“We should probably head back inside. They’re gonna want us for hair and makeup and stuff.” Ben said and I nodded, taking my forehead off his.

I took ahold of one of his hands, enjoying the warmth that flooded through me when I did.

We walked through the corridors of the theatre and suddenly heard clapping. We whirled around and saw a very smug looking Will Roland, a wide smirk on his face.

“Congratulations you two.” Will said, clapping Ben on the back before walking off to his dressing room. My cheeks went pink and Ben squeezed my hand reassuringly.

“I love you.” I murmured, pressing a kiss to Ben’s burning cheek. He smiled bashfully at me, his eyes shining bright.

“I love you too. I love you very, very much.”

Insecure - Justin Foley

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a/n: I wrote this from a real personal perspective, don’t be too hard xxx

request: hey! can i get a justin foley imagine, where he gets very jealous and angry? But at end he is very cute and stuff? It would be amazing! Btw: i love your blog so much.:)

word count: 1029

“What the hell is your problem? So you’re just going to let me guess what’s up? We’re not in kindergarten anymore Justin!” You shouted at your boyfriend. He wasn’t talking to you for a week now and you were sick of it.

“You just can’t remember can you? Maybe don’t drink so much the next time” Justin shouted back. Now you had a first indication, it was something that happened at Bryce’s party but you still had no clue what was the reason for all this.

“For fuck sake Justin maybe if you talked to me I could explain, If there even is something I did wrong.” You said while pinching the bridge of your nose. As much as you loved him you were sick of him always getting so angry at you. He jumped faster to conclusions then you could blink with your eyes.

“So you want me to refresh your memories?” he asked on a very irritating tone.

“Well yes! Please Justin enrich me with all your knowledge.” You said while rolling your eyes. You knew you could be a sassy bitch but you just couldn’t help it.

“Saturday at the party, you were drunk right?”

“Come to the point Foley.”

“Well you were fucking dancing with Jeff Atkins.” Justin shouted at you, obviously his rage coming back.

“You can’t be serious? What’s the real reason?”

“The real reason? You should have seen yourself, you were dancing like you wanted him to take you home. It looked like you didn’t even knew me anymore.”

“I’m such a whore. I danced with my great FRIEND Jeff and oh shit last month I talked with Alex alone and I laughed with his joke, I must be pregnant with his child right now?? Please Justin get it together.” You say while picking up your stuff.

“Where are you going? We’re not done!” Justin shouts at you.

“Well maybe we are Justin. You don’t even trust me enough to dance with a friend, not even when you were absent. You saw all of it and if you didn’t let you anger take over maybe you had realize I did nothing wrong.” You say while walking out the door.

You didn’t want to lose him but you can’t isolate yourself from the world just so he felt secure. You already put extra effort so Justin wouldn’t get mad anymore but it still wasn’t enough. Why was he so insecure about you. Did he really think you didn’t love him enough? Did he think you would cheat? Just the thought of it broke your heart.

When you had to go to school the day after you looked like zombie. You barely slept and your eyes were red and puffy but skipping wasn’t an option since your parents were so strict. You looked like that the rest of the week. You still hadn’t heard from Justin or seen him so you were starting to understand your relationship was over. This time you wanted him to come back to you and apologize. Every time Justin became mad you were the one going back and apologizing but you were sick of it and for one time you hoped he did , but he didn’t. It was very clear his love for you wasn’t as strong as you hoped so you just had to accept it.

After last period you went straight home and up to your room. The idea of losing Justin forever was too much you just collapsed on your bed and started to cry. Suddenly you heard a knock on your door.

“Not in the mood mom, please leave me alone.” You ask politely while continue sobbing. Even tho you said no you still heard your door open up and a body come sit next to you.  Out of nowhere someone was caressing your hair. Your parents would never do that? You jumped up and in front of you you saw a very desperate Justin Foley looking at you with the same red and puffy eyes.

“I’m so sorry y/n. I miss you so much, I should have never got so mad.” Justin says on a timide tone.

“It’s not that easy Justin. I have the feeling you don’t trust me, that you think I would cheat on you.”

“No I don’t!”

“Then why do you get so angry every time?”

“I- I don’t know, I wish I could tell you but it’s just when I see you around other boys I get scared. I’m such a mess and you’re so smart. It’s just, you’re so great, you could get any guy you want but you’re stuck with me and it scares me that you maybe would just go away.” Justin stutters out while looking at the ground. It was the first time Justin let you see his vulnerable side and it made you love him even more. Him showing you this was him showing you he trusted you completely with everything he had, all his bad and his good.

“But I still chose you Justin. If I didn’t wanted you why would I choose you? You really don’t have to be so insecure about it.”

“I know..I’m sorry”



“Don’t ever do this to me again.”

“I promise.” He said while his face came back up facing you. His hands holding your face and his lips slowly touching yours. The kiss tasted salt through all the tears that left yours and his eyes. You never exchanged such a deeple loving kiss with him.

“I really really fucking love you y/n. I’m never letting you go again.” Justin says breaking his lips from yours but his forehead still touching yours. Justin joined you in your bed and laid behind you being the big spoon. His arms and legs were completely tangled with yours and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

I listened to Jolene but the Miley Cyrus version and I really cried again during writing. This is hitting my soft spots guys! Thanks for reading and of course let me know what you think! xxx

I saw this pic and the first thing that came to my mind was “DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK THIS???!!” i mean WTF. I thought that most of the people would understand the show and would understand what its a mental illness and why Hannah kill herself cause THE SHOW EXPLAIN IT VERY CLEAR but i was wrong. I want to take time and answer to this cause people really need to stop.

To get to the point you first need to know that depression is not just being sad, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and if you have it you really need to get help cause you can’t get through it alone. One thing you also need to learn is what  PTSD is. “ Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Most people who experience such events recover from them, but people with PTSD continue to be severely depressed and anxious for months or even years following the event ” remember this two cause i’ll be mention them later.

1-)Hannah didn’t kill herself to prove a point, she did it DUE TO THE BULLYING AND ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER.

 2-)do you think that a girl who was bullied everyday is gonna “stand up for herself”?                                                                                                       When a lot of people start telling you things everyday and start making rumours, you even start to believe them and that thing is lowering your confidence more and more and low confidence + depression is the worst combination ever. Do you really think that a girl could stop the rumours by just “standing  for herself? If Hannah had tried to stop them im pretty sure that wouldn’t have been enough cause PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE RUMOURS AND THEY LOVE SHARING THEM AND TALKING EVEN IF THEYRE NOT REAL AND EVEN IF THE VICTIM SAYS THAT IT AREN’T REAL  THEY WOULD KEEP GOING. Im sure that we all know that standing for yourself isn’t going to do anything. (what really can do is looking for help)

3-) This one was the one that made me write this post “she had a princess complex and she killed herself when she found out life isn’t like that” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Here’s the thing Hannah didn’t have a “princess complex” i think Hannah, well actually we’re (almost all of the people get) excited about moving to another school, so excited to start all over again, and then suddenly this pic goes all over the school and the rumours start. People aren’t supossed to go through bullying, you’re basically telling me that rape is okay and everybody is supossed to be raped cause life is like that?        ACTUALLY, LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT.  NO ONE IS SUPOSSED TO BE RAPED  AND TRY TO LIVE WITH THAT. SO IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY SAYING “WHEN SHE FOUND OUT LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT”

4-) No one cared about her, because they were all too busy bullying her, slut-shaming her and a lot of things. Why would she care about them if they didn’t give a fuck about her??  (im talking about the ones who hurt her not her parents and Clay) Also she didn’t care about her parents or the others one she loved cause remember she was suffering DEPRESSION  aka she was suffering a MENTAL ILLNESS (read the beginning if you forgot what does that mean) and when you have that you don’t care about anything, you don’t think clearly, you just want to stop everything. (quote from her)

 5-) Yes she put Clay through hell, we can’t deny that but we can agree Clay needed to listen the tapes, he was dying to know what happen to her and if he haven’t listened to them, there wasn’t going to be any justice for Hannah. She blame herself for telling him to go away and for letting him go. ACTUALLY she said it very clear that it wasn’t him it was her and all the things that had happened to her.

6-) Justin could have done something and Hannah too, Hannah and Justin were hearing all and I belive they felt like Bryce was raping them and not Jessica in that moment. But lets remember she was inside the room. (I bet that if she would have gone out of the wardrobe Bryce wasn’t going to let her go that easy) Justin was outside the room. He could have perfectly look for help and I think it’s very clear that he could have done something because Jessica doesn’t want to see him ever again. But let’s forget about that cause the 2 of them could have help Jessica. The reason in that tape wasn’t Justin, it was the guilty feeling she felt for not have done something.

7-) SHE WASN’T SELFISH. SHE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She was raped and she tried to look for help but she didn’t find it. If you put yourself in her place for a second maybe you could understand. She didn’t thought about consequences cause she wasn’t in her mind, do you think that a person who thinks normally and doesn’t have any mental illness would kill himself? No.

Thanks god that series like this exist. To make people aware of what it is like to have a mental illness, and you don’t know what is going in someonelse life and what they’re going through. Also for people like you they made “13 reasons why: Beyond the reasons” its on netflix, you should watch it.

Hannah wasn’t a drama queen.

Don’t make yourself into a reason why.

Scotch (Justin Foley x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, swearing, making-out, Bryce being kinda a dick, and my English still sucks. 
Word count: 2500.

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A/N: Here’s my third imagine, woo! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I’m gonna start working on a Jeff one and another Monty one; so let me know if you want me to post it! xx

You can also read my first Monty imagine here, and my Zach imagine here

Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the kind of person to host parties very often, but when she did – they were legendary.  Her parents were both businesspeople and were rarely home, which allowed her to do whatever she pleased whenever she wanted to. That’s why her boyfriend, Justin, practically lived with her by now – considering his situation at home. Most of the time the couple would spend time alone at Y/N’s place, invite friends over and sometimes, like today, organize parties.

The party was in full swing, sweaty bodies grinding against one another on the makeshift dancefloor in the living room, teenagers getting drunk in the voluminous kitchen the Y/L/N family owned, couples getting at it in the various guest rooms upstairs.

Y/N, however, was standing in the corner of her living room, a simple bottle of coke in her hand as she kept an eye on everyone from afar. Y/N never got drunk at her own parties – her parents would never forgive her if something valuable went missing, or was broken. She knew her friends wouldn’t cause her trouble, but she wasn’t so sure about the other fifty or so guests.

Her lips curved into a smile as she caught sight of her boyfriend who was making his way over to her, a half empty bottle of beer in his hand and a smirk plastered to his gorgeous face. Biting down on his lower lip, Justin slid his free arm around her waist once he reached her, bringing her to his side and placing a sweet kiss to her temple.

“Hi there, beautiful.” He purred in her ear, giving it a small bite as his grip on her tightened. Y/N giggled, pushing him away playfully. She could smell the alcohol on his breath but she didn’t mind. It was a party after all, and she was probably the only sober person there – as crazy as it sounds.

Justin swiftly drank the rest of his beer before putting the empty green bottle on a table nearby, his now free hand travelling up to cup Y/N’s cheek. His thumb softly grazed her cheekbone as his blue orbs stared into her E/C ones. He pressed his soft lips to hers in a loving kiss, which she reciprocated – her arms moving around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair.

Justin groaned, pressing his body to hers as his hands moved to rest on her hips, squeezing gently. He started nibbling on her lower lip, his leg making its way between her parted ones and his hands now running up and down her body. Y/N tugged at the little hairs at the base of his neck as the kiss turned rougher, making him groan loudly which in turn caused her to smile into the kiss. Justin was always very needy, but when drunk he needed even more attention than usual. Y/N didn’t mind though; she actually loved it. The couple seemed to have forgotten about the dozens of sweaty teenagers surrounding them until a loud crash interrupted their make-out session.

Y/N broke the kiss, leaving her boyfriend flustered and confused for a few seconds. Panic filled her eyes as she searched for the origin of the sound, soon spotting a couple of people picking up pieces of broken glass. The girl sighed in relief as she noticed that it was just a glass, nothing valuable.

“I have to go clean this up, go find the boys.” She gave him an apologetic smile and his hand a gentle squeeze as he nodded, pulling her into him to kiss her once more before letting her go.

Defeated, Justin made his way back to the kitchen – where he knew his friends would be. And that’s exactly where he found them. Zach, Montgomery and Marcus were chatting with a few girls, trying and miserably failing to impress them; while Bryce was going through the kitchen’s cupboards, a permanent frown visible on his face.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked, his voice filled with annoyance, making Bryce stop and turn around quickly, the frown replaced by a smirk.

“Looking for more booze.” The older boy explained calmly, as if rummaging through his friend’s girlfriend kitchen was an acceptable thing to do. He closed a cupboard and opened another one, groaning as he found nothing interesting inside.

“It’s all on the table, man.” Justin said, gesturing to the multiple bottles of alcohol standing on the table while giving his friend a stern look, not even trying to hide how irritated he was by his behaviour.

“Come on, brother. That’s shit, not booze.” Bryce scoffed, his eyes scanning the almost empty bottles. “Y/N must have something better hidden somewhere.” He continued, closing the last cupboard before joining the younger boy at the table. He nudged his friend gently with his elbow, a knowing look on his face. He was fully aware that Y/N’s father had a fine collection of liquor somewhere in the house, he just didn’t know where.  Justin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He had promised Y/N that he wouldn’t let anyone near her father’s liquor cabinet, especially not Bryce.

“Come on, just one bottle and just for us.” Bryce pleaded, determined to make Justin cave in.

“I don’t know, man… Y/N would kill me.” The blue-eyed boy said, looking back at his others friends to make sure that they weren’t listening. To his relief, they were too engulfed in their conversations with the girls to pay attention to what was happening right next to them.

“She won’t even notice.” Bryce reassured, his arm hanging lazily on Justin’s shoulders. A wide smile appeared on his face as his eyes met his friend’s – he knew he had convinced him.  

“Fuck, alright. But just one bottle.” The smile on the baseball player’s face widened, if it was even possible. He nodded, his hand resting on his friend’s back, pushing him gently towards the kitchen’s door.

Walking into the living room, Justin let out a long shaky breath as his girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. Guilt was eating at him from inside but he couldn’t find it in himself to say no to his best friend. But Bryce’s confident demeanour and the bold look he had in his eyes kind of reassured him. After all, Y/N will never find out and neither will her father, right? He owned way too many bottles to notice that one of them disappeared.  

The brown-haired boy led his older friend up the stairs, and into Mr.Y/L/N’s office. The average-sized room was dimly lit – the only source of light coming from the window that overlooked the garden, which was illuminated by small colourful paper lanterns. Justin glanced once more into the corridor to make sure that nobody has followed them before quietly closing the door behind them.

Bryce’s eyes immediately scanned the room in search of alcohol and soon enough, they landed on an old wooden cabinet standing in a corner. A wicked smile decorated his face as he quickly moved towards it, frantically trying to open it – to no avail. He groaned loudly as he pulled on the handle once more, but it didn’t budge. Frustrated, he went for a kick but Justin’s enraged voice held him back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He whispered-shouted, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched tightly.

“Trying to open that god damned thing!” Bryce chuckled looking back at his frantic friend standing near the door, clearly less stressed by the situation than Justin was.

“Just let me fucking do it.” The younger boy sighed, his face softening as he approached him. His hand searched behind the liquor cabinet, where he knew the key was. Y/N had showed him weeks ago, when they decided to spend a nice evening together. She thought that a glass of wine would perfectly pair with the diner she had prepared. But she made it clear that it was an exception, as her father would surely notice if more than one bottle went missing.

Bryce’s eyes lit up as the cabinet’s doors opened, revealing dozens of bottles from gin to tequila, from whiskey to rum. A few bottles of vodka lingered in the back, but what tempted him the most was the expensive-looking bottle of scotch. He grabbed the dark bottle and another one before quickly moving away with one bottle in each hand.

“What the fuck, Bryce. We said one bottle.” Justin hissed, his hand reaching to take a bottle from his friend. But the older boy was quicker, opening both bottles and taking a big sip from one of them. He chuckled at Justin’s petrified expression.

“Chill, dude. It’s just scotch and vodka. None will notice.” He said calmly, bringing the bottle of scotch to his lips once again and offering the vodka to his friend. Sighing, the boy accepted the beverage. The alcohol burned his throat as he swallowed big gulps, but it just felt so right.

“Let’s get out of here.” Justin said after a few seconds, afraid of getting caught in Mr.Y/L/N’s office. He locked the cabinet quickly, putting the key back in its place before leaving the room, Bryce hot on his heels.

The boys sat at the top of the stairs, deciding that it would be safer up there than downstairs, where Y/N could catch them. Sip after sip, Justin’s head felt lighter and lighter. He couldn’t even tell what the conversation he was having with Bryce was about. His head was spinning from the alcohol and his stomach was hurting from laughing. Everything the older boy said or did seemed to be the funniest thing on earth to an intoxicated Justin.

Suddenly, Bryce’s eyes widened but he quickly tried to cover it with a smirk – which once again caused Justin to burst in laughs. A loud gasp could be heard, his head shooting to where it came from. And there, at the bottom of the staircase, stood Y/N. She was fuming – her eyes wide with anger, her lips pursed in a tight line, her fists clenched. She was looking up at the boys, her breaths short and rapid as she walked up the stairs.

“Are you fucking serious?” She snapped, snatching the bottle of vodka from her boyfriend’s hand forcefully and examining it. She quickly recognized the bottle as one of her father’s.

“Hi babe!” Justin slurred, his eyes twinkling with joy as he watched his girlfriend lovingly.

“Don’t ‘hi, babe’ me, Jus!” She yelled, taking the other bottle from her boyfriend’s best friend. “Do you idiots even realise what you did?” She groaned, gaining the attention of a few guests – including some of her friends.

“Come on Pau, chill. It’s just two bottles of booze.” Bryce laughed it off, earning a glare from the girl, to what he raised his hands in surrender, shaking his head a little.

“Just two bottles of booze.” Y/N scoffed, her hands falling to her sides in defeat. “These bottles are worth six hundred dollars each, you morons.” She said, her voice low and threatening. The words that left Y/N’s mouth made Justin sober up instantly. His eyes doubled in size and his mouth fell open. He could see the disappointment and the hurt in her E/C eyes, and it broke his heart.

“Y/N, fuck, I’m so-” He started, but she interrupted him with a wave of her hand. She looked around, noticing a circle forming around them. All eyes were on them, and she hated it.

“Get out.” She mumbled, her head hanging low, hair falling into her eyes. She could heard them all chat around, whispering things she couldn’t even make out but knew were about them. “Get out!” She repeated, this time louder to make sure that everybody heard her. “All of you, out. Now.” She gestured to the front door.

She was enraged and disappointed. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend did the one thing she had begged him not to. But she was also afraid – afraid of how her father would react. Her father was a big fan and connoisseur of scotch, so she was more than certain that he would notice that one of his bottles is gone.

The house emptied itself slowly, her friends kicking drunk and moody teenagers out as she stood on the stairs immobile, her boyfriend right next to her. Her eyes were focused on a wall as she patiently waited for everyone to leave.

“What the fuck, Jus?” Y/N faced him once the front door was shut and they were the only ones left in the house. Justin’s gaze avoided hers, falling to the floor in shame. “I asked you not to go in there, especially with Bryce!” She continued, making vivid movements with her hands to express how annoyed she was. “You know how much my father loves his little liquor cabinet! For fuck’s sake, Justin. What were you thinking?” Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” The boy whispered as Y/N sat on a step, brushing away the few stray tears that had now escaped. “I wasn’t thinking, I just… Bryce wanted more booze, and…” He trailed off, realising that he had no idea how to justify what he did. He sat on the step next to her, leaving a good amount of space between them as he didn’t know if she wanted him close, or gone.

Justin played with his fingers while waiting for Y/N to do something, to say something. He knew he fucked up, and he hated himself for it. He regretted letting Bryce into the office, he regretted opening the liquor cabinet to him. But he couldn’t do anything to change what has been done.

After a few minutes of sitting in complete silence, Y/N moved closer to her boyfriend, taking him by surprise. Justin tensed as she rested her head on his shoulder, making her giggle softly. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he tentatively brought an arm around her shoulders, expecting her to shrug it off, but she didn’t. Instead, she snuggled closer to him, wrapping her arms around his stomach.

“You’re an idiot.” She mumbled into his neck, earning a chuckle from the boy.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He whispered back, nuzzling his nose into her soft hair and taking in her scent. He smiled, leaving a tender kiss at the top of her head. Y/N sighed, pulling away from him and looking into his eyes.

“You’re lucky that I love you.” Justin smiled slightly at her words, his arm bringing her closer to him.

“I am.” He breathed, his nose bumping into hers as he leaned in. “I love you too.”

“And you’re gonna have to make it up to me.” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at him, causing his smile to widen. The boy laughed, his hand cupping her cheek once more that night before crashing his lips into hers.

“I will.” He promised, pulling away from the kiss to take a breath before diving back in.

Well, that was embarrassingly cringy. The end was, once again, terrible. I’m gonna hide somewhere now, byeee.

“Now you’re getting married to a man that is not me...”

  "I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD ACTUALLY DO THAT TO ME" I screamed at Justin. I was heartbroken, why on earth would Justin think it was okay to cheat on me? I was completely and utterly shattered.

“Baby, I don’t know what got over me, you know I love you,” Justin said, he tried to grab my hand, but I quickly removed it from his grasp and stared deeply into his eyes.

“Don’t you dare touch me! You lost that right when you touched another woman” I told him, then I turned around and started to make my way up the very familiar stairs in the house that I had grown used to being and living in, but not anymore..

As the tears continued to stream down my cheeks, I started to pack all of my stuff. I didn’t want to stay here anymore, I wanted to get away and never come back, I especially wanted to get away from Justin.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Justin asked me as he made it upstairs. I stopped packing and glared at him.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I harshly asked him. Justin gulped and looked at the ground.

“Can’t we please talk about? I never meant for it to happen, it just did” Justin pleaded. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“Fine, you wanna talk about? Then let’s talk” I told him. I went over to the small dresser we had in our bedroom. I grabbed the picture of us that was placed there for both of us to be reminded of our love.

“Let’s talk about how you decided to ruin the best 2 years of my life,” I told him, then I threw the picture onto the ground. Glass flew everywhere, but I didn’t even flinch. I had never done anything like it, but it felt so good to do.

“Or even better, let’s talk about the sex,” I told him as I glared at him even more. “Was she good?” I asked him. I placed my hand on my hip and waited for him to answer him, but the answer never came. I sarcastically chuckled and rolled my eyes, then I continued to pack, and this time Justin let me pack without interrupting me, which I was very grateful for.  

“I’ll get someone else to come pick up the rest of my things,” I told Justin, then I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs. Justin was quick to follow me, and before I could open the front door, he had grabbed my hand and had pulled me close to him.

“Justin, please let go of me,” I told him as I looked him into his eyes. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, which made Justin let go almost immediately.

“I love you” he whispered to me, I just shook my head and sniffled.

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t have cheated,” I told him, then I opened the front door and slowly I started making my way outside in the cold weather.

“I do love you! I now I’ve lost you because of a stupid and drunken mistake” he yelled behind me. I avoided answering, instead, I got into my car and drove off as fast as possible.

I didn’t know where to go, my parents live several states away, and I really didn’t feel like driving for so long, and Y/B/F/N was out of town. In the end, I decided to drive out of town and stay at the first hotel I found.  

The hotel wasn’t particularly good, but there were a bed and a bathroom, and that was all I needed for now.

I sat down on the bed and looked through my phone. Justin had called me a whole lot of times, and of course also left some texts, but otherwise there wasn’t anything else, so I decided to just shut it off. I laid down on the bed and sighed loudly, this had got to be the worst day of my life!

3 years later my heart was finally whole again, and that was all thanks to Adrian, my boyfriend, well my soon to be husband, we were getting married today, and I couldn’t be happier. As for Justin, I actually haven’t really been talking to him these past few years. He seems to have moved on, and so have I, so he actually did me a favor, because if it wasn’t for him, then maybe I wouldn’t have met Adrian, and that would have been a shame.  I looked out the window in the room I was getting ready in. Paparazzi were trying to take pictures of me, of course, they knew I would be getting married, I was - after all - Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. I had seen interviews with Justin, where he had been asked how he felt about me getting married, and his answer had always been: “If she’s happy, then I’m happy”, and then he would change the subject. I sighed to myself, then I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had asked people to leave the room so that I could have some time alone, they all understood and had quickly left the room.

I gently patted my dress to make sure it sat perfectly on my body. 

I smiled happily to myself, then I turned around and grabbed my glass of champagne. I quickly drowned it, then I placed the glass on the table. I went out of the room and immediately I was greeted by all my bridesmaids and my dad.

“Y/N, you look absolutely gorgeous!” Anna, my maid of honor, told me. I smiled at her, then I went over to dad and interlocked our arms.

“Here you go,” someone told me as she handed me a very beautiful bouquet. I thanked her, then I looked down at the bouquet and smiled widely. Adrian sure did have great taste in flowers! I gently brought the bouquet up to my nose and smelled the flowers. The overly sweet smell of roses caught my nose, and immediately I was in heaven! I closed my eyes and immediately thought back to Adrian and I’s first date. He had come to pick me up, and he had brought a bouquet of red roses, my favorites. Adrian and I had met online, and we had instantly clicked.  

“Are you ready?” dad asked me. I nodded, then we went over to the door. The music started playing, and slowly my bridesmaids and Adrian’s best men started walking in. When they finally stood by the aisle, dad and I started walking. I was smiling widely as I looked at the crowd, and my smile grew wider as I made eye contact with Adrian.

* Justin’s POV *

“Dude, did you realize Y/N is getting married today?” Ryan asked me as he sat down beside him. I sighed and nodded my head, today had to be the worst day of my life.

“Do you still love her?” he asked me. Without even thinking I nodded my head, I did still love her! These last 3 years had been hell for me, I ruined the best thing in my life, and now the love of my life was getting married to someone that wasn’t me.

“I really screwed up 3 years ago,” I told Ryan and I sank further down into the couch. Ryan sighed and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“Whoa, look at her!” Ryan then said, he handed me his phone, where a picture of Y/N was showed. I gulped and studied the picture closely. She looked absolutely gorgeous! She was the definition of perfection!

I immediately stood up from the couch and handed Ryan his phone back.

“I need to get her back!” I told him, then I left the room.

“Justin, you can’t just get her back! She’s getting married!” Ryan yelled.

“I don’t care! I know she’s not marrying the love of her life because that’s me!” I told him, then I opened the front door and got into my car. Ryan was quick to get also, and before he could even put on his seatbelt, I had sped off towards the church Y/N was getting married at.

* Y/N’s POV *  

“Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today on this beautiful day to witness the union of Y/N and Adrian in holy matrimony. This is a day of great celebration and reverence, on which we come together before God to recognize and commemorate the sacred love and dedication shared between these two people. It is wonderful to have family and friends here to join us today. The bride and groom would like to thank their guests for being here and would like you to know that each of you were invited here on this day because you have played an integral part in their intertwining lives.” the minister said. Adrian and I were standing across from each other with our hands intertwined, both with a smile on our faces.  

“In the time that Y/N and Adrian have spent together, they’ve built the sturdy foundation for a lifelong relationship. After a great deal of thoughtful consideration, they have decided to bind themselves to one another for the rest of their lives.

May you all remember and cherish this sacred ceremony, for on this day, with love, we will forever bind Y/N and Adrian together.” the minister continued. I honestly just wanted to get this over with! I was so nervous about my vows!

“If there is anyone in attendance who has cause to believe that this couple should not be joined in marriage, you may speak now or forever hold your peace.” he continued. No one said anything which made me sigh, but unfortunately, the door into the church opened and Justin walked in.

“I do!” he yelled. “Y/N you can’t marry this guy! You know you don’t love him” Justin said.

“Justin, please don’t to this” I begged. Justin just shook his head and ran up to me.

“Y/N, I know I made a mistake 3 years ago, but I still do love you! I love you so much, and it kills me to see you with this guy! I know you, and I can see that you don’t love him, you just want happiness, and yeah I couldn’t give you that, but I’m a changed man! I know I can make you happy, because being without you has been hell for me!” Justin told me.

“Do you expect me to just drop everything just because you realized you can’t live without me? I waited so long for you to come to me because you finally realized that you loved me, but guess what, you never did!” I told him, tears were now streaming down my cheeks. Adrian tried to place his hand on my back for comfort, but I just couldn’t take it.

“I’m so sorry Adrian, but I can’t do this! I thought I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t! Justin’s right, I don’t love you, I was just in love with the fact of someone caring for me and wanting the best for me” I told Adrian, then I ran down the aisle. I quickly left the church and got into the first car I could see, unfortunately, it was Ryan that was sat behind the steering wheel.

“Can you please drive?” I asked him as he kept looking at me weirdly. He quickly nodded his head and drove off. I looked out of the window to see both Justin and Adrian standing there with hurt expressions while everyone was standing behind them with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

Ryan used to be my best friend when Justin and I were dating, but when we broke up I lost contact with him. Before I even knew it we were at our usual spot. I immediately started crying even harder. Ryan got out of the car and went to my side, he then opened the door and lifted me up. He sat down on one of the rocks and placed me on top of himself.

“Care to tell me what happened?” he lowly asked me. I sniffled and placed my head on his chest.

“I’m so confused!” I told him as I sobbed loudly. “I really thought I loved Adrian, but when Justin showed up and confessed everything to me, I just lost it all,” I told him. Ryan understood that I didn’t want to talk about it. Ryan gently started rocking me back and forth, but we were soon interrupted by someone clearing their throat. I looked behind Ryan to see Justin standing there. He had tears running down his cheeks, but a small smile was still plastered on his lips.

“How did you know I was here?” I asked him. Justin chuckled lowly and smiled.

“I know you like the back of my hand,” he told me. I sniffled, then I got off Ryan’s lap and went to engulf Justin in a big hug.

“I missed you so much,” I told him. Justin squeezed me tight and breathed loudly.

“I missed you, too, so, so much!” he mumbled.

“I’ll let you two have some time alone,” Ryan said, then he stood up and started walking away.

“Wait!” I told him, Ryan turned around and looked at me weirdly.

“Thank you,” I told him with a smile. Ryan just smiled and turned around leaving me alone with Justin.

“Am I allowed to kiss you?” he mumbled as he grabbed my face. I slowly nodded my head, and immediately Justin’s lips were on mine.

“Just because we kiss doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you yet,” I told Justin, Justin nodded and smiled.

“I wanna take things slow, I wanna make sure we know each other to perfection,” I told him.

“That sounds perfect, but honestly I can’t wait to see you in one of these dresses again, when we’re finally gonna marry each other” Justin told me, then he picked me up and twirled me around.  

✼ ✼ ✼

I hope you liked this imagine? Please tell me if you did ❤︎ 

Reunited again-m

Y/N sees Justin at the wedding but will she be able to keep her hands off him? mature, enjoy :)

“Y/N, you were the most beautiful women i’ve ever laid my eyes on and i promise to always remind you every time we spend together. You are my light, soul and forever my baby. I love you Y/N.”

The AWWS echoing the room in return, the audience totally smitten by Brad’s loving speech.

“Y/N, do you take this man to be your husband here’s standing before you, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Your eyes have a hard time focusing on Brad’s face, splitting a glance at Justin, who was standing behind brad. Justin’s honey orbs were focused on you, his hand clutched together in front of him, his posture straight, not a slight feeling of being uncomfortable.

“Yes, i do.” your voice not quivering, which surprised you.

You straighten yourself as you prepare to have a super amazing night, planning on you to dance heaps with your girlfriends. Brad was drinking alot more than expected as he and the others were chugging down the vodka shots like water. You spot Justin sitting around the counter, sipping his drink slowly. You were actually surprised Justin would turn up at your wedding. Brad begged Justin to be one of his best mates as he knew you and Justin had been ‘bestfriends’ for 3 years. You and justin were best friends, best friends with benefits, best friends who couldn’t keep each other’s hands off. After getting into a serious relationship with Brad, you had to cut all sexual ties with Justin. But this didn’t help as Justin and Brad were step brothers, their parents recently got married, which meant whenever Brad was around, Justin was somewhere nearby. You had known Justin first, ever since you were 18, the years eventually went by, work was a handful and Justin was always there to lend a hand, if you knew what i meant. The relationship went up until you were 21, you realised your feelings had risen, you were scared but didn’t admit it. You and Justin fought many times while together but also had so many memories that you couldn’t forget. Brad was serious about getting together, he was mature as he was 5 years older than you and Justin. You couldn’t help but fall for Brad’s charm, despite this, you still hadn’t had a day where you didn’t think about Justin.

You send your thoughts aside as your strut up to him nervously, your hands becoming clammy.


Justin shifts his attention to the similar voice that he knew all too well. 

“Would you like a drink to celebrate your special day?” 

His voice laced with venom. You slightly ignore it. 

“I’m glad you came today,” you began to say.

“WHY did you invite me Y/N? I clearly told you to leave me out!” 

Justin harshly shouts at you, his voice loud and clearly angry but his face expressionless, to hide out what was really happening between you and Justin. 

You side glance around you, quickly averting your eyes to Brad, he seemed to not be noticed. 

“Justin, this hasn’t been easy for me either!” you seethe back.

“Oh really?” he scoffs, not believing you. 

“Yes! i’ve missed you too ok?” You whisper out, looking away from Justin’s stare. 

Justin swings his body to face the front, twisting in his chair, his face not longer facing you. You were slightly getting agitated at his immature actions. You drag him harshly by his forearm and drag him in the elevator.  


You forcefully drag him into the spare room upstairs. You mentally thank Brad for renting out the whole building. You slam the door close behind you, before you stare solely into Justin’s eyes, your eyes focusing hungrily at his presence.

You emotionally clash your lips into his, your mouths moving hungrily together, teeth clashing together. You pull away and gasp desperately for air as if you’ve held your breath underwater for an hour. You quickly pull at his blue tuxedo and clumsily pull at his tie, wanting to get the damn thing off.

“Here let me do it,” Justin places his hands gently on yours, you instantly slap them away. 

You were a panting mess, you were out of control, your mind wasn’t functioning at all. Justin’s tie was only slightly out of place, you had no idea how to undo a tie. You were too impatient to even care. 

Justin carries you by gripping your back thighs and places you gently flat on the bed, your black heels falling off in the process. 

“Just get in me. i miss you too much,” you say, not caring about anything but the pleasure Justin could give you.

You hadn’t even seen justin in months, despite having sex together. You grip justin’s legs together with your legs wrapping around them, trapping him. Justin stood at the end of the bed, watching your shaky movements. 

You begin to hungrily undo his belt and also had a hard time doing it, your hands were unsteady and almost trembling. Justin hands replaces yours and you sigh out and let him unbuckle it. He easily unbuckles it, yanking his boxers and dress pants down his knees in one go. Your eyes stare hungrily at his growing shaft. You bite your bottom lip as you see the sight not being able to resist but to reach out and grab him. Justin groans lowly at your hands being in contact with his sensitive member. 

“B-aby another time,” Justin declines, remembering Brad was downstairs, along with your whole family.

You nod as you realise you had a time limit. You lie flat, your hair falling effortlessly around your face. You raise your hips up and roll up your black dress at your hips, exposing your lace panties. You see justin eyeing your every move with hungry eyes. 

“What are you waiting for?” you raise your eyebrows at him.

Justin pushes you further up the bed, letting you sit your upper body against the bed frame before he crawls onto the bed. You stare down at him, curious to what he was doing. 

“I’ve missed you so much but i mostly miss how sweet you fucking taste.” 

Justin rips your flimsy fabric off, letting them fall on the spreadsheet, before gripping your thighs with his large hands and pulling your lower body up towards his hungry mouth. You squeak out as you feel your posture being ruined. 

Justin suddenly fully sucks on your clit, making you gasp out. You grasp onto his light locks, ruining his perfect styled hair. 

“Fuck, i miss this so much,” he mumbles lowly, the vibrations go start to your clit.

You continue to moan and pant as Justin continues to eat you up. You whine out as you feel your clit being sucked and abused at an intense pace, your orgasm approaching as you feel your lower stomach tighten. Justin starts rubbing with his thumb, the feeling in your lower stomach, so intense, you were gonna explode any second now. You flutter your eyes open to see justin staring back at you with a smirk plastered across his face. 

“Cumming already babygirl?” 

His lips were covered in your arousal, his chin dripping and the sides of his lips. You moan at the sight, reminding you of all the times he did this. You felt weak, you hips lifting off the bed as he started to rub the daylight out of you. You lay there, breathing heavily, weak from your amazing orgasm. 

Justin suddenly pushes your whole body, forcing you lie fully flat on the bed. He hovers over you and plunges his shaft into your core. You fell the whole of his rock hard shaft rubbing against your walls, making you moan out at the feeling. 


Justin curses as he slides into you, your walls closing around his member, the pleasure taking over his entire body making him fall into a hole and hitting his insides with a trembling shake. 

“this fucking pussy, always so tight for me.” 

You clench at his dirty words. Justin groans in response. The sweat starts to rise up your bodies as he begins to pace himself into you at a steady but slow pace, making sure he could feel all of you. 

“faster,” you pant out.

“You like it rough aye baby girl? i almost forgot how much you could take.” 

With that, Justin speeds up his pace, until he is leaving in and out of your in an inhuman pace. Justin groans out in pleasure as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent of perfume.  His supports himself with his elbows as he continues to grind into your core. 

“I’ve never stopped loving you. I fucking love you Y/N. I know you love me too.” 

He latches his teeth into your neck sucking harshly which makes you moan out in pleasure and pain. 

“I do love you. i’ve always have,” You pant out, the truth spilling from your lips. 

“Fuck. i’m there already. see what you do to me Y/N.” 

Justin pants continuously into your neck. You feel your own orgasm approaching as well. You reach down between the moving bodies and harshly rub against your bundle of nerves. Justin sees this action. With one elbow supporting himself, he reaches down to help you out. He rubs harsher, quicker, his two finger so fast that it makes you whine out, the sensitively from before making it more intense. 

“I almost forgot how much you love my fingers.” 

You feel your orgasm taking you by surprise, you shut your eyes as the pleasure washes over you. The feeling so intense, you weren’t able to let out a single noise as your lips are formed into a ‘o’. 

The clenching and rubbing, along with your shaking and pants, justin lets his load into you, unable to hold off any longer. He falls flat against your body, huffing and breathing heavily as he lays there for a moment. 

Your eyes are open wide as your realise what you had just done. You lay there, shook at ever as you felt the tears of shame and anger cover your sight. You were madly in love with Justin. You realise that now, you had always known but you were finally able to admit it. You gently wrap your arms around his neck, not wanting to let him go.

Requested imagine •13 Justin

Can you do an imagine with Justin Foley as a protective boyfriend?

As you walked down the halls in school you could feel eyes on you, you didn’t bother glancing to see who, it didn’t matter because it happened everyday and you were tired of it. You sighed as you put your books away “hey y/n!” You heard your boyfriend Justin say as he hugged you from behind “hi” you replied finishing what you were doing and he let go “what’s wrong baby?” He asked and you shook your head “nothing, im tired I just wanna leave” you say resting your head in his shoulder “you’re such a bad liar, tell me what’s bothering you” he whispered wrapping an arm around you, you roll your eyes and stand up “people keep looking at me, ogling me when I walk by, like no one cares that I’m taken they just think they can stare at me” you whined feeling like a baby and justin looked pissed “what do you mean looking at you!?” He nearly shouted “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it” you mumble and he lets go of you.

Justin walked out into the middle of the corridor “LISTEN UP EVERYONE, THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS MINE! IF ANY OF YOU LOOK AT HER ONCE MORE YOU’LL HAVE ME TO ANSWER TO!” Justin shouted angrily looking around and everyone cowered away looking at their phones or whispering to their friends, all you could do was giggle “thank you Justin” you said and he hugged you “anything to protect my girl” he finished.

I’m sorry this is so bad, I’m literally falling asleep trying to write all of these, if you don’t like it I can rewrite it when I have more time!

Truth or Dare

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Imagine about im at a party and Justin is my ex. And we play truth or dare. I get dared to make out with him for a minute and then have to sit on his lap throughout the rest of the game. Throughout the game, he flirts with me alot. And at the end, we end up together? Thank u💘❣️💚

Warnings: nothing that’ll hurt you


Tonight I was heading out to one of my friend’s house for this huge bash she was throwing. She was known for throwing these parties every summer before school starts. She’s been doing this for as long as I could remember. I had no reason to dress all cute because I had nobody to really impress. Apparently, Justin, my dreaded ex, was supposed to be there so, I thought that I should dress cute to show him what he was missing.

I heard the car horn honk outside which meant my ride was here. I checked myself once more quickly walking out my house.

“You look nice. Who you lookin’ cute for?” {Y/F/N} smirked at me. She waited for me to put my seatbelt on before driving off to our destination. 

We arrived in about fifteen minutes which was a new record for {Y/F/N}. She always drove like a damn snail with her new car. I hopped out the car first and I was greeted by some old friends. We walked inside together and we immediately split up. Some went straight to the bar, some went to their significant others. All I had was {Y/F/N} so, I decided to stick with her during the duration of the party, as awkward as it was. 

“{Y/N}, {Y/F/N}, come play a game of truth or dare with us!” someone yelled over at us. We shrugged our shoulders, doing as told. There was no harm in playing, right?

Wrong! As soon as I sat down the last guy I wanted to see sat directly across from me.

“Well, this just got a whole lot more interesting,” One of Justin’s friends said. I rolled my eyes, sighing deeply. Why does God hate me so much? I came here for a good time and I wasn’t going to let Justin ruin it for me.

The first dare of the night was for {Y/F/N} to go streaking from the beginning of the street to the end, and then back to the house. She got up from her seat, stripping from the clothes she was in. She walked away from where we were and a large amount of the people surrounding us, got up and left to watch her. Unfortunately, Justin didn’t do the same, although I really wish he did. I glanced over at him to see what he was doing, which was nothing. He and I made eye contact and I broke it faster than him and I broke up. 

Within five minutes, {Y/F/N} was back from the shenanigans she did in the neighborhood. 

“Okay ladies and gentlemen, it’s {Y/N}’s turn. Truth or dare, girly?”

“Dare I guess.” I responded. I figured that if I said truth, people would milk the hell out of the break up. 

“I dare you to make out with-,” the girl paused momentarily, looking around at the group of people before picking someone. “-Justin and you have to sit in his lap for the rest of the night.” 

Originally posted by yungdunc09


I looked around at everyone, wondering why she couldn’t pick anyone else besides Justin. There were loads of other guys here, so, what is she doing? “Are you serious? Do I really have to? What if he has an STD?”

The group snickered at my remark and Justin sent me the dirtiest look possible. 

“{Y/N}, it’s just a dare. You can drink to forget it even happened if it’ll help you sleep at night.” Justin suggested. I scoffed, rolling my eyes. Pulling a Justin wasn’t going to solve my problems. 

“Let’s just get this over with,” I groaned getting up from the couch. I shooed one of Justin’s friends away and sat next to him. I think I might be sick. Just do it already, {Y/N}! The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be.

I took a deep breath before doing the unthinkable. This was definitely a new low for me. I wouldn’t say it was a peck but, more like an actual make out session. Could I possibly be starting to catch feelings for Justin again? I pushed him away from me before it could get anymore heated.

“That was like something out of a porno.” {Y/F/N} joked. I shook my head at her idiocy and did the next part of my dare, which was sitting on Justin’s lap. As much as I hated admitting this but, I missed these times with Justin. I guess that kiss made me realize things. The game continued, the truths or dares, getting more and more extra than the last.

Since the attention was off of us for the moment, Justin took this as the time to work his “charm” on me.

“You look nice {Y/N}. Bet you were expecting to see me and that’s why you dressed like this.” He said.

He was right but, I wasn’t going to confirm his suspicions. “You wish hot shot. I only dressed nice for myself. I didn’t even want to do this.”

“But you did it, didn’t you?” I couldn’t see his face but, I knew that he was smirking, I just felt. What a cocky guy.

The party ended a little bit after 1 in the morning. Most of the people were gone by now, but some still lingered behind. And by lingering, I meant, they were either to drunk to drive or getting their last could of drinks into the system. I didn’t have a single think to drink tonight, besides some water or juice. When you’re drunk you do some questionable things. 

Justin was still here and I knew the kid was drunk. he could hold his liquor but, boy, does he drink! I sat outside on the sidewalk, enjoying the crisp summer air. I felt a presence behind me but, I didn’t bother turning around to see who it was since I already knew who it was. “What do you want Justin?”

He stumbled over next to me, sitting almost on top of me. “Can you take me home, pleeeease?” He dragged out, laughing at the end of his sentence. The alcohol on his breath was enough to make me sick. I moved a little before pushing myself up from concrete. I put my hand out for Justin to take so he could help himself up. I threw his arm over my shoulder, bearing some of his weight. 

{Y/F/N} came out from inside the house and saw the two of us. “Going home together. Nice.” She nodded her head in approval.

“What? No! It’s not like that at all!” I stammered, defending myself. 

“Sure. Just be safe {Y/N},” she patted me on the shoulder before walking to her car, leaving. I walked with Justin to his car and took his keys out from his pocket, so I could open the doors and rest him in the passenger seat. He was getting too heavy for me to carry.

He slumped down in his seat, struggling to get his seatbelt on. I pushed his hands away, doing it myself.

“Thanks mom,” he slurred, giggling at his own nonsense. I closed the car door and walked over to the driver’s seat so we could get out of here.

I could already tell this was going to be one hell of a night.

Justlex With Abused!Justin and Protective!Alex

Request: protevtive!Alex and abused!justin


A/N: Sorry for the wait on this, but I hope you enjoy :)


Warnings: Mentions of abuse, Sadness and Anger.


Justlex With Abused!Justin and Protective!Alex…

  • Okay so Justin had had his fair share of stepfathers. None of them official of course, but that never stopped them from thinking that they had the right to control him

  • Justin couldn’t remember a single time in his life where he had felt content at home. Even when the boyfriends were gone his mum was heartbroken
  • He was the typical jock in school, walked around like a God and acted like it too

  • But all he really wanted was to be loved
  • That one night when he stayed with Alex Standall, he’d finally tipped over the edge and couldn’t help but cry. The way Alex wrapped him in his arms and rubbed his back to calm him down so effortlessly had drawn him in

  • They became super close again, and every day at the end of school when they said goodbye his heart raced with the hope Alex would just invite him over to stay again, but Alex never seemed to get how much Justin wanted that
  • Things got particularly bad at home again when Seth realised Justin had been sneaking in and out

  • So bloodied and bruised he made his way to the only person he wanted to see
  • Alex was concerned when he first opened that door, then he was furious

  • He paced around the kitchen while Justin tried to eat and have some water, trying not to say anything that was violent and going to upset Justin further
  • Alex had figured out where the bruises had come from by now, and he wasn’t letting Justin go back ever again

  • It was late, when they first locked themselves away in Alex’s room that Justin blurted out how much he wanted a hug
  • Alex totally hadn’t expected it, but he came to assume it was a rarity for Justin, and it made his heart ache. He rushed across the room and just held the boy

  • He swore he would never let anyone touch Justin like that ever again. He saw through the perfect jock in his arms, and he wasn’t going to let him get away with faking okay
  • He hugged him often after that. He got used to those sad eyes Justin would give him when he wanted affection. He knew Justin wouldn’t ever ask for it again, that was the way he’d grown up

  • Alex also barely let Justin out of his sight. To everyone at school they’d just grown back into the friends they once were. Alex didn’t make a deal of babying Justin in public, he just let the boy keep his jock image, it made him happy after all
  • When people at school would whisper about Justin, good or bad, Alex was there to glare at them

  • That time they ran into Seth and his Mum on the streets, you can bet Alex pulled Justin behind him without a second thought, even though both of them knew he couldn’t hold a fight against someone like Seth
  • Justin practically moved in with Alex, his family seeming to get the hint that it’s what Justin needed. It seemed that the longer Justin stayed the more blankets seemed to find their way onto his makeshift bed on the floor, and Alex swore Justin almost burst out crying when he first realised some of them were brand new, purchased especially for him

  • When Justin got nightmares Alex let him climb into his bed like a little kid. Sometimes they’d just lay there on their own halves, and sometimes Justin would tuck in super close until Alex got the hint that he was supposed to hold him
  • Alex complimented the brunette all the time when they were home. On his appearance, school work, the things he did well and even the things he didn’t do well. Justin smiled like a child every time, and it seriously broke Alex’s heart that Justin had never been praised for how amazing he was

  • Whenever Justin got injured during basketball, whether it was serious or just the usual accidental elbow to the ribs he’d always be sure to patch him up once they got home. He and Justin became exceptionally close. So comfortable and intimate with each other, happy to share their personal space
  • They’d give each other so many soft touches- gentle tickles, and massages and they’d even share clothes if they were just hanging around the house. It made their friends suspicious when they could smell the other on them, but everyone just brushed it off as them living together. Justin came to like smelling Alex on him, it was calming to always have the presence of someone who took care of you hanging over you

  • Alex never stopped asking Justin if he was okay or if he needed anything. Once they were close enough Justin very rarely slept on the floor, though his bed of blankets didn’t move- it became their study area. Justin soaked up all the affection he got from Alex, finally feeling loved, even if he was scared that was too stronger feeling
  • Alex was there for him when he was physically hurt, when he was mentally hurting, when everything in him just ached. Justin was so thankful to whoever had written it to be his fate to meet Alex. He loved the moments they shared together and the lack of awkwardness between them. Alex was just happy that he never had to see Justin bloodied and bruised on his doorstep ever again, and he too loved the times that they spent together

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