*In this post the word SEX will be replaced by “RAMEN” (for the lolz)

Ok, So no one have been talking about this. Even if whoever I asked said he shared the same reaction as me. JIMIN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST YALL. Almost half (8/19) of it is just about ramen, like all kinds of ramen. Does it mean that he “JOAH? JOAH!” ramen that much? But there is more than just ramen. Let’s look at it together: 


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  • Eels - I need some sleep: “I need some sleep .. I’m in too deep, and the wheels keep spinning ‘round. Everyone says I’m getting’ down too low. Everyone says you just gotta let it go”.      
  • Justin Bieber - Mark My Words: “Oh I don’t wanna live a lie”
  • Frank Ocean - Lost:  “ Lost, lost in the heat of it all”
  • Ty Dolla $ign - Never Be The Same:  “ Now I done seen a lot of things. Know the trouble the money and fame brings. This time I swear it’s different. I’m in the right place. I know I’m in the right place” 


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  • Kehlani - You Should Be Here: “Don’t know where you went but you’re lost now“  (2015- I am sure he knew Kehlani only this year)
  • Miguel - face the sun: “No matter where I go I belong with you … you’re the only one” (2015. This one mmm)
  • gnash - i hate u, i love u: “If I were you I would never let me go” I second that. (2016)
  • Chris Brown - So Cold: “Damn, I want my baby back. It’s so cold without her . Cold without her . She’s gone”. (2009-My ghost senses tell me this one was adressed to his first love maybe)

BEING SO IN LOVE: (This one SCREAMS Jikook to me)

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By @mimibtsghost ^^

I Hate You, I Love You | Montgomery Dela Cruz x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: It’s the first time I’ve ever written and posted an imagine for someone else other than Zach! But this was requested so, I hope you guys like this too. Warning: things kinda escalate quickly lol. Enjoy!

Request: Uhhhh maybe a Monty x reader love hate fanfic?


Taking AP Chemistry was both the best and the worst. I do enjoy it, but it really is too much work sometimes, just like now. We were told to make a research paper and I thought that I could use my free period to get started, so I went directly to the library.

I picked up a few Chemistry books and made my way to the large table at the back of the library, away from all the students. I liked my alone time. As I turned page after page, a tall figure pulled the empty chair in front of me and rested his backpack on top of the table. I looked up from my paper and see Monty, who had his face buried in his folded arms, while his head rested on his backpack. He was sleeping.

“Hey. Wake up.” I whisper at him and he doesn’t move.

“Wake up, we’re not allowed to sleep here!” I whisper once again and he still doesn’t budge.

“This is a no-sleeping area! I’m going to get in trouble because of you!” I whisper-yell at him and kick his shin and he jumps up with an irritated look on his face as he furrowed his eyebrows at me.

“Mind your own business will you?!” He snarls at me and I huff in annoyance.

“If you want to sleep, then sleep somewhere else. Don’t do it here, I don’t want to get in trouble when you get caught.” I reply.

“Why do you think I chose to sleep here? The librarian can’t see. Dumb dumb.” He says and I was caught speechless by his remark. A little hurt, if I were to be honest.

I shut my mouth and let out one last sigh to express my shock and disgust at his behavior. I just can’t wrap my head around him. One minute he’s as sweet as candy, and the next minute he’s just plain mean and arrogant. It has always been like this with Monty. He’s like Marmite, you either love him, or you hate him and I don’t exactly know where I stand just yet.

I continue writing my Chemistry paper, and once and a while I’d find myself stopping to take a look at the guy sleeping in front of me. He looked so vulnerable like that; his ears turning red, probably from the heat in the library. It was a hot day, and the air conditioning in the library wasn’t on full blast. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead, his nose twitching from time to time, probably because of a dream. His pink, plump lips were slightly apart as warm breath escaped his lips.

The sound of the bell awakened both him and I as we jump back into reality. He got up, swung his backpack on his right shoulder and proceeded to walk out of the library on his own. He didn’t even have the decency to wait for me as I placed my notebooks inside my bag. I shook my head and continued to walk out of the library.


The next day

Monty, Justin and I were on our way out of our Peer Communications class to meet our friends in the cafeteria for lunch when I had a sudden craving.

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I saw this pic and the first thing that came to my mind was “DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK THIS???!!” i mean WTF. I thought that most of the people would understand the show and would understand what its a mental illness and why Hannah kill herself cause THE SHOW EXPLAIN IT VERY CLEAR but i was wrong. I want to take time and answer to this cause people really need to stop.

To get to the point you first need to know that depression is not just being sad, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and if you have it you really need to get help cause you can’t get through it alone. One thing you also need to learn is what  PTSD is. “ Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Most people who experience such events recover from them, but people with PTSD continue to be severely depressed and anxious for months or even years following the event ” remember this two cause i’ll be mention them later.

1-)Hannah didn’t kill herself to prove a point, she did it DUE TO THE BULLYING AND ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER.

 2-)do you think that a girl who was bullied everyday is gonna “stand up for herself”?                                                                                                       When a lot of people start telling you things everyday and start making rumours, you even start to believe them and that thing is lowering your confidence more and more and low confidence + depression is the worst combination ever. Do you really think that a girl could stop the rumours by just “standing  for herself? If Hannah had tried to stop them im pretty sure that wouldn’t have been enough cause PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE RUMOURS AND THEY LOVE SHARING THEM AND TALKING EVEN IF THEYRE NOT REAL AND EVEN IF THE VICTIM SAYS THAT IT AREN’T REAL  THEY WOULD KEEP GOING. Im sure that we all know that standing for yourself isn’t going to do anything. (what really can do is looking for help)

3-) This one was the one that made me write this post “she had a princess complex and she killed herself when she found out life isn’t like that” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Here’s the thing Hannah didn’t have a “princess complex” i think Hannah, well actually we’re (almost all of the people get) excited about moving to another school, so excited to start all over again, and then suddenly this pic goes all over the school and the rumours start. People aren’t supossed to go through bullying, you’re basically telling me that rape is okay and everybody is supossed to be raped cause life is like that?        ACTUALLY, LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT.  NO ONE IS SUPOSSED TO BE RAPED  AND TRY TO LIVE WITH THAT. SO IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY SAYING “WHEN SHE FOUND OUT LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT”

4-) No one cared about her, because they were all too busy bullying her, slut-shaming her and a lot of things. Why would she care about them if they didn’t give a fuck about her??  (im talking about the ones who hurt her not her parents and Clay) Also she didn’t care about her parents or the others one she loved cause remember she was suffering DEPRESSION  aka she was suffering a MENTAL ILLNESS (read the beginning if you forgot what does that mean) and when you have that you don’t care about anything, you don’t think clearly, you just want to stop everything. (quote from her)

 5-) Yes she put Clay through hell, we can’t deny that but we can agree Clay needed to listen the tapes, he was dying to know what happen to her and if he haven’t listened to them, there wasn’t going to be any justice for Hannah. She blame herself for telling him to go away and for letting him go. ACTUALLY she said it very clear that it wasn’t him it was her and all the things that had happened to her.

6-) Justin could have done something and Hannah too, Hannah and Justin were hearing all and I belive they felt like Bryce was raping them and not Jessica in that moment. But lets remember she was inside the room. (I bet that if she would have gone out of the wardrobe Bryce wasn’t going to let her go that easy) Justin was outside the room. He could have perfectly look for help and I think it’s very clear that he could have done something because Jessica doesn’t want to see him ever again. But let’s forget about that cause the 2 of them could have help Jessica. The reason in that tape wasn’t Justin, it was the guilty feeling she felt for not have done something.

7-) SHE WASN’T SELFISH. SHE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She was raped and she tried to look for help but she didn’t find it. If you put yourself in her place for a second maybe you could understand. She didn’t thought about consequences cause she wasn’t in her mind, do you think that a person who thinks normally and doesn’t have any mental illness would kill himself? No.

Thanks god that series like this exist. To make people aware of what it is like to have a mental illness, and you don’t know what is going in someonelse life and what they’re going through. Also for people like you they made “13 reasons why: Beyond the reasons” its on netflix, you should watch it.

Hannah wasn’t a drama queen.

Don’t make yourself into a reason why.

Reunited again-m

Y/N sees Justin at the wedding but will she be able to keep her hands off him? mature, enjoy :)

“Y/N, you were the most beautiful women i’ve ever laid my eyes on and i promise to always remind you every time we spend together. You are my light, soul and forever my baby. I love you Y/N.”

The AWWS echoing the room in return, the audience totally smitten by Brad’s loving speech.

“Y/N, do you take this man to be your husband here’s standing before you, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Your eyes have a hard time focusing on Brad’s face, splitting a glance at Justin, who was standing behind brad. Justin’s honey orbs were focused on you, his hand clutched together in front of him, his posture straight, not a slight feeling of being uncomfortable.

“Yes, i do.” your voice not quivering, which surprised you.

You straighten yourself as you prepare to have a super amazing night, planning on you to dance heaps with your girlfriends. Brad was drinking alot more than expected as he and the others were chugging down the vodka shots like water. You spot Justin sitting around the counter, sipping his drink slowly. You were actually surprised Justin would turn up at your wedding. Brad begged Justin to be one of his best mates as he knew you and Justin had been ‘bestfriends’ for 3 years. You and justin were best friends, best friends with benefits, best friends who couldn’t keep each other’s hands off. After getting into a serious relationship with Brad, you had to cut all sexual ties with Justin. But this didn’t help as Justin and Brad were step brothers, their parents recently got married, which meant whenever Brad was around, Justin was somewhere nearby. You had known Justin first, ever since you were 18, the years eventually went by, work was a handful and Justin was always there to lend a hand, if you knew what i meant. The relationship went up until you were 21, you realised your feelings had risen, you were scared but didn’t admit it. You and Justin fought many times while together but also had so many memories that you couldn’t forget. Brad was serious about getting together, he was mature as he was 5 years older than you and Justin. You couldn’t help but fall for Brad’s charm, despite this, you still hadn’t had a day where you didn’t think about Justin.

You send your thoughts aside as your strut up to him nervously, your hands becoming clammy.


Justin shifts his attention to the similar voice that he knew all too well. 

“Would you like a drink to celebrate your special day?” 

His voice laced with venom. You slightly ignore it. 

“I’m glad you came today,” you began to say.

“WHY did you invite me Y/N? I clearly told you to leave me out!” 

Justin harshly shouts at you, his voice loud and clearly angry but his face expressionless, to hide out what was really happening between you and Justin. 

You side glance around you, quickly averting your eyes to Brad, he seemed to not be noticed. 

“Justin, this hasn’t been easy for me either!” you seethe back.

“Oh really?” he scoffs, not believing you. 

“Yes! i’ve missed you too ok?” You whisper out, looking away from Justin’s stare. 

Justin swings his body to face the front, twisting in his chair, his face not longer facing you. You were slightly getting agitated at his immature actions. You drag him harshly by his forearm and drag him in the elevator.  


You forcefully drag him into the spare room upstairs. You mentally thank Brad for renting out the whole building. You slam the door close behind you, before you stare solely into Justin’s eyes, your eyes focusing hungrily at his presence.

You emotionally clash your lips into his, your mouths moving hungrily together, teeth clashing together. You pull away and gasp desperately for air as if you’ve held your breath underwater for an hour. You quickly pull at his blue tuxedo and clumsily pull at his tie, wanting to get the damn thing off.

“Here let me do it,” Justin places his hands gently on yours, you instantly slap them away. 

You were a panting mess, you were out of control, your mind wasn’t functioning at all. Justin’s tie was only slightly out of place, you had no idea how to undo a tie. You were too impatient to even care. 

Justin carries you by gripping your back thighs and places you gently flat on the bed, your black heels falling off in the process. 

“Just get in me. i miss you too much,” you say, not caring about anything but the pleasure Justin could give you.

You hadn’t even seen justin in months, despite having sex together. You grip justin’s legs together with your legs wrapping around them, trapping him. Justin stood at the end of the bed, watching your shaky movements. 

You begin to hungrily undo his belt and also had a hard time doing it, your hands were unsteady and almost trembling. Justin hands replaces yours and you sigh out and let him unbuckle it. He easily unbuckles it, yanking his boxers and dress pants down his knees in one go. Your eyes stare hungrily at his growing shaft. You bite your bottom lip as you see the sight not being able to resist but to reach out and grab him. Justin groans lowly at your hands being in contact with his sensitive member. 

“B-aby another time,” Justin declines, remembering Brad was downstairs, along with your whole family.

You nod as you realise you had a time limit. You lie flat, your hair falling effortlessly around your face. You raise your hips up and roll up your black dress at your hips, exposing your lace panties. You see justin eyeing your every move with hungry eyes. 

“What are you waiting for?” you raise your eyebrows at him.

Justin pushes you further up the bed, letting you sit your upper body against the bed frame before he crawls onto the bed. You stare down at him, curious to what he was doing. 

“I’ve missed you so much but i mostly miss how sweet you fucking taste.” 

Justin rips your flimsy fabric off, letting them fall on the spreadsheet, before gripping your thighs with his large hands and pulling your lower body up towards his hungry mouth. You squeak out as you feel your posture being ruined. 

Justin suddenly fully sucks on your clit, making you gasp out. You grasp onto his light locks, ruining his perfect styled hair. 

“Fuck, i miss this so much,” he mumbles lowly, the vibrations go start to your clit.

You continue to moan and pant as Justin continues to eat you up. You whine out as you feel your clit being sucked and abused at an intense pace, your orgasm approaching as you feel your lower stomach tighten. Justin starts rubbing with his thumb, the feeling in your lower stomach, so intense, you were gonna explode any second now. You flutter your eyes open to see justin staring back at you with a smirk plastered across his face. 

“Cumming already babygirl?” 

His lips were covered in your arousal, his chin dripping and the sides of his lips. You moan at the sight, reminding you of all the times he did this. You felt weak, you hips lifting off the bed as he started to rub the daylight out of you. You lay there, breathing heavily, weak from your amazing orgasm. 

Justin suddenly pushes your whole body, forcing you lie fully flat on the bed. He hovers over you and plunges his shaft into your core. You fell the whole of his rock hard shaft rubbing against your walls, making you moan out at the feeling. 


Justin curses as he slides into you, your walls closing around his member, the pleasure taking over his entire body making him fall into a hole and hitting his insides with a trembling shake. 

“this fucking pussy, always so tight for me.” 

You clench at his dirty words. Justin groans in response. The sweat starts to rise up your bodies as he begins to pace himself into you at a steady but slow pace, making sure he could feel all of you. 

“faster,” you pant out.

“You like it rough aye baby girl? i almost forgot how much you could take.” 

With that, Justin speeds up his pace, until he is leaving in and out of your in an inhuman pace. Justin groans out in pleasure as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent of perfume.  His supports himself with his elbows as he continues to grind into your core. 

“I’ve never stopped loving you. I fucking love you Y/N. I know you love me too.” 

He latches his teeth into your neck sucking harshly which makes you moan out in pleasure and pain. 

“I do love you. i’ve always have,” You pant out, the truth spilling from your lips. 

“Fuck. i’m there already. see what you do to me Y/N.” 

Justin pants continuously into your neck. You feel your own orgasm approaching as well. You reach down between the moving bodies and harshly rub against your bundle of nerves. Justin sees this action. With one elbow supporting himself, he reaches down to help you out. He rubs harsher, quicker, his two finger so fast that it makes you whine out, the sensitively from before making it more intense. 

“I almost forgot how much you love my fingers.” 

You feel your orgasm taking you by surprise, you shut your eyes as the pleasure washes over you. The feeling so intense, you weren’t able to let out a single noise as your lips are formed into a ‘o’. 

The clenching and rubbing, along with your shaking and pants, justin lets his load into you, unable to hold off any longer. He falls flat against your body, huffing and breathing heavily as he lays there for a moment. 

Your eyes are open wide as your realise what you had just done. You lay there, shook at ever as you felt the tears of shame and anger cover your sight. You were madly in love with Justin. You realise that now, you had always known but you were finally able to admit it. You gently wrap your arms around his neck, not wanting to let him go.

Requested imagine •13 Justin

Can you do an imagine with Justin Foley as a protective boyfriend?

As you walked down the halls in school you could feel eyes on you, you didn’t bother glancing to see who, it didn’t matter because it happened everyday and you were tired of it. You sighed as you put your books away “hey y/n!” You heard your boyfriend Justin say as he hugged you from behind “hi” you replied finishing what you were doing and he let go “what’s wrong baby?” He asked and you shook your head “nothing, im tired I just wanna leave” you say resting your head in his shoulder “you’re such a bad liar, tell me what’s bothering you” he whispered wrapping an arm around you, you roll your eyes and stand up “people keep looking at me, ogling me when I walk by, like no one cares that I’m taken they just think they can stare at me” you whined feeling like a baby and justin looked pissed “what do you mean looking at you!?” He nearly shouted “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it” you mumble and he lets go of you.

Justin walked out into the middle of the corridor “LISTEN UP EVERYONE, THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS MINE! IF ANY OF YOU LOOK AT HER ONCE MORE YOU’LL HAVE ME TO ANSWER TO!” Justin shouted angrily looking around and everyone cowered away looking at their phones or whispering to their friends, all you could do was giggle “thank you Justin” you said and he hugged you “anything to protect my girl” he finished.

I’m sorry this is so bad, I’m literally falling asleep trying to write all of these, if you don’t like it I can rewrite it when I have more time!

Very Much (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2309

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy, I think that’s about it

Summary: Y/N and Ben worked on Pitch Perfect together, and consequently fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, neither of them knew, and all it takes is Will Connolly and some slight jealousy to unearth those feelings.

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A/N: Here it is for the anons who requested this plot!

Hey Y/N!“ Ben shouted, waving at me aggressively. I chuckled and waved back, watching the smile on his face widen.

"Hey Ben! What’s up?” I called back, walking over towards him. Ben took out his phone and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Just… look at this.” Ben said, passing me his phone. I rolled my eyes and looked down at the screen, gasping when I saw what he pulled up.

“You’re kidding.” I muttered and Ben shook his head, pointing at the screen.

“They released it this morning. Naturally, I bought it first thing.” Ben said and I laughed in disbelief.

“Dude. We have to listen to this. This is the Book of Mormon cast recording.” I said and Ben nodded eagerly, taking his phone back.

“Maybe we can get Skylar as well. He’ll probably be into this.” Ben said, shoving his phone back in his pocket.

“The man was literally in the OBC of Spring Awakening. He’ll be into this.” I said and Ben chuckled, nodding aggressively.

“Then let’s go get our boy.” Ben said, throwing an arm around my shoulders. I felt my cheeks heat up at the contact, but I smiled to myself.

I shook my head slightly, trying to shake away the memory. I still had a
slight crush on Ben, and sometimes I would just randomly think about him.

I rolled my eyes, pressing play on my music. I chuckled slightly as the opening notes to I Love Play Rehearsal flooded my headphones.

It was strange hearing my own voice on a recording, but I kept the song on as I walked into the building where the read through was happening.

My agent had sent me a call telling me that there was this new Pasek and Paul project that was doing a reading, and they specifically requested me.

“Hello hello!” I called, noticing a few familiar faces turn my way as I entered.

“It’s Y/N!” Justin said, getting up and pulling me into a hug. I chuckled and hugged him back, taking my headphones out.

“Hey Justin. How are you?” I said once he’d let go of me. Justin smiled and gestured for me to sit down.

“I’m good, I’m good. I’m glad you could make it.” Justin said as I sat down and I smiled widely at him.

“So am I. I’ll have to be back in Jersey for tonight’s show though.” I said and Justin chuckled, leaning back in his chair.

“How is it working with Iconis?” Justin asked and I went to respond, but I heard another voice. An all too familiar voice.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” I stood up and saw Ben Platt standing there, a shocked look on his face.

He was definitely taller than the last time I’d seen him, and he’d gotten a haircut as well.

“I, um, hi.” I stammered, feeling my cheeks heat up. Ben chuckled and stretched out his arms, pulling me into a tight hug.

“It’s been so long! How are you? I heard that you’re in a show over in Jersey now.” Ben said after he broke the hug.

“I’m doing pretty well, and I am in a show in Jersey. I’m playing Christine Canigula in Be More Chill. It’s actually really fun.” I said and Ben smiled widely, running a hand through his hair.

“That’s awesome. I was actually in the Book of Mormon recently. And by recently I mean my last performance was last night.” Ben said and I gasped, my jaw dropping low.

“Oh my god! That’s incredible! I remember the day the cast recording came out. We were working on a Pitch Perfect.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened, a smile crossing his face.

“That’s right! We totally freaked out.” Ben said, a nostalgic look crossing his face.

“Looks like you two finally got reintroduced.” Justin said and we both turned around to face him.

“I guess.” Ben muttered, scratching the back of his neck. Justin rolled his eyes before passing the both of us a script.

“Here you go. This is what we’ve got so far. Have a quick flick through.” Justin said, before walking off to go talk to a tall guy with long hair who’d just walked in.

I chuckled when I saw the character list, noticing that the name Zoe Murphy had been highlighted, and Y/N!! was written next to it.

“Looks like I’m Zoe.” I said to Ben pointing to my script. Ben glanced over and chuckled, before showing me his script. The same thing had been done, except it was to the name Evan Hansen.

Soon the entire prospective cast had arrived, and we read through the script together. It flowed surprisingly well for something that wasn’t complete yet, and I found myself in love with it.

This reading was followed up with a few more, and before we knew it we were doing our first previews in DC.

“Yo Y/L/N!” Will said, waltzing into the shared dressing room with a smirk on his face.

“Hey Will. What’s up?” I said, putting my phone away. Will shrugged his shoulders, and I gave him a weird look.

“Nothing much. Quick question. There’s a tall guy out the front who claims he knows you. Something about New Jersey.” Will said and I gasped, standing up.

“Oh my god. That’s Will Connolly. We worked together on Be More Chill. Let him in!” I said, excitedly clapping my hands.

Will chuckled, shaking his head at my enthusiasm. “I’m clearly the superior Will, but whatever.” He muttered, walking out of the dressing room.

I made my way out and saw the familiar frame of one of my closest friends, who I unfortunately hadn’t seen in a couple of months.

“Will!” I shouted, and Will’s head whipped around, a smile crossing his face. He rushed over to me and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me off the ground slightly.

“What’re you doing in DC?” I asked, looking him up and down, my eyes wide with shock.

“I heard that you were in a new show here, and I happened to be visiting mom when I found out. Congrats, by the way.” Will said, kissing the top of my head.

“Thanks beanpole. It’s so good to see you!” I exclaimed, hugging him once more. Will chuckled and hugged back, squeezing my torso.

Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat and I turned around to see Ben standing there in full costume.

“Y/N. Who, uh, who’s this?” Ben asked, gesturing to Will. I snaked an arm around Will’s waist and smiled up at him, missing the disgusted look that crossed Ben’s face.

“This is my wonderful crane of a friend Will Connolly. He was in Be More Chill with me. He played Jeremy.” I said, squeezing Will’s waist.

“Oh, ok. Awesome.” Ben muttered, and I frowned slightly, wondering why his mood had shifted all of a sudden.

He walked away and I watched him with a curious look on my face. “That was weird. He’s never like this normally.” I said to Will reassuringly, retracting my arm from around his waist.

“It’s all good Y/N. I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll be at the show tonight. And I’ll be letting all the other guys from BMC know about this. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell us.” Will said, shaking his head slightly.

“I’m sorry! I just got so caught up with everything, especially when I was doing BMC at night and working on this during the day.” I said and Will chuckled, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

“Hey, it’s all good. I’m gonna head off now, but I’ll see you tonight. I bet you’ll be amazing.” Will said and I felt my cheeks heat up a little.

“It’s all the rehearsals. You know how much I love rehearsal.” I said and Will snorted, a grin stretching across his face.

“God, I missed you. See ya Y/N!” Will said, waving at me as he walked away. I let out a sigh, but a cough from someone made me jump out of my skin.

“Jesus Christ, Roland!” I shouted, glaring at him as he smirked at me.

“Was he your boyfriend?” Will asked, gesturing towards Will’s fading figure with his head. My cheeks flushed pink, and Will’s smirk grew in size.

“He’s not my boyfriend. I mean, sure, we played boyfriend and girlfriend, but we’re not actually dating.” I stammered, waving my hands about.

“That’s good.” Will muttered and I looked at him quizzically, my eyebrows furrowed.

“If you kiss me right now, I will rip your balls off.” I said and Will snorted, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Easy Y/L/N. It’s not me who that’s good for.” Will said, leaning against the wall. I frowned in confusion, not entirely sure what he meant.

“Is it Mike? Because that’s kinda weird. He’s like my brother.” I said and Will sighed, placing his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s Ben! That boy has had a thing for you since god knows when and… I was not supposed to tell you that.” Will said, noticing the shocked expression on my face.

“Now I know why he was acting so weird before.” I muttered, running a hand through my hair. Will nodded, taking his hands off my shoulders.

“I’ll be back. I’m gonna go find Ben.” I said and Will smiled, saluting me as I walked away.

I jogged towards the one place I know Ben goes when he needs to think, or cool off. The fire escape.

“Ben!” I shouted, noticing his hunched figure sitting there. He turned around to face me, a sour look on his face.

“Y/N. What are you doing here?” Ben said, his voice harsher than usual. I winced at the change in sound and sat down next to him, looking out at DC.

“You looked a bit off, and I know that this is where you go if you’re not feeling so flash.” I said, resting my head on my hands.

Ben chuckled darkly and stood up, brushing off his pants. “Well, you were right that I’m not feeling great, but I’d rather be alone right now.” Ben said and I inhaled sharply.

“Ben… I’m worried about you. You’re my closest friend.” I said, reaching out to put an arm on Ben’s shoulder, but he wrenched away.

“Closest friend. That’s all I’ll ever be.” Ben muttered, his eyes boring holes into the ground. I winced at my choice of words and took in a deep breath.

“Do you remember the first time we met? We were on set for Pitch Perfect and you tripped over when you went to introduce yourself to me?” I said suddenly, and Ben looked up at me curiously.

“Yeah, I do.” He muttered, wringing his hands slightly. I let out a sigh, my hands trembling at my sides.

“That was the day I fell in love with you.” I whispered, and Ben’s head snapped up, his eyes wide.

“You, I, uh, what?” He stuttered, clearly unable to form coherent sentences. I nodded, my cheeks going bright red.

“I’ve been in love with you for at least 3 years, but I could never tell you. Will, Roland that is, came up to me and told me that you felt the same, and I decided that I finally had to man up.” I said, tears welling in my eyes.

Ben chuckled softly, and he stepped closer to me, taking one of my hands in his.

“Of course you make a reference to the Book of Mormon when you’re telling me you love me.” Ben said, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it softly.

My breath hitched in my throat, and I gave him a sheepish smile. “I’m a nerd. What more can I say?” I said, watching Ben intently as he dropped my hand.
“Would now be a good time to say that I’m also in love with you?” Ben said, his breath hitting my face as he spoke.

I nodded meekly, looking up at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. Ben shot me a half smile, his eyes sparkling.

He leaned forward and our lips connected, butterflies forming in my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair, and Ben let out a gasp.

I moved my hands down to cup his cheeks, his skin hot against my fingers. Ben’s hands sat on my waist, and it felt a little weird because he had his cast on.

I pulled away and leaned my forehead against his, noticing that there were a few freckles dusted across his cheeks.

“To think this all happened because you were jealous of my ex co-star.” I muttered and Ben’s cheeks went a flaming red colour.

“I, uh, I wasn’t jealous.” Ben squeaked, his fingers drumming slightly on my back.

“Yeah, yeah. Of course you weren’t.” I said, pecking his lips briefly. He kissed back eagerly, and pouted when I pulled away.

“We should probably head back inside. They’re gonna want us for hair and makeup and stuff.” Ben said and I nodded, taking my forehead off his.

I took ahold of one of his hands, enjoying the warmth that flooded through me when I did.

We walked through the corridors of the theatre and suddenly heard clapping. We whirled around and saw a very smug looking Will Roland, a wide smirk on his face.

“Congratulations you two.” Will said, clapping Ben on the back before walking off to his dressing room. My cheeks went pink and Ben squeezed my hand reassuringly.

“I love you.” I murmured, pressing a kiss to Ben’s burning cheek. He smiled bashfully at me, his eyes shining bright.

“I love you too. I love you very, very much.”

Justlex With Abused!Justin and Protective!Alex

Request: protevtive!Alex and abused!justin


A/N: Sorry for the wait on this, but I hope you enjoy :)


Warnings: Mentions of abuse, Sadness and Anger.


Justlex With Abused!Justin and Protective!Alex…

  • Okay so Justin had had his fair share of stepfathers. None of them official of course, but that never stopped them from thinking that they had the right to control him

  • Justin couldn’t remember a single time in his life where he had felt content at home. Even when the boyfriends were gone his mum was heartbroken
  • He was the typical jock in school, walked around like a God and acted like it too

  • But all he really wanted was to be loved
  • That one night when he stayed with Alex Standall, he’d finally tipped over the edge and couldn’t help but cry. The way Alex wrapped him in his arms and rubbed his back to calm him down so effortlessly had drawn him in

  • They became super close again, and every day at the end of school when they said goodbye his heart raced with the hope Alex would just invite him over to stay again, but Alex never seemed to get how much Justin wanted that
  • Things got particularly bad at home again when Seth realised Justin had been sneaking in and out

  • So bloodied and bruised he made his way to the only person he wanted to see
  • Alex was concerned when he first opened that door, then he was furious

  • He paced around the kitchen while Justin tried to eat and have some water, trying not to say anything that was violent and going to upset Justin further
  • Alex had figured out where the bruises had come from by now, and he wasn’t letting Justin go back ever again

  • It was late, when they first locked themselves away in Alex’s room that Justin blurted out how much he wanted a hug
  • Alex totally hadn’t expected it, but he came to assume it was a rarity for Justin, and it made his heart ache. He rushed across the room and just held the boy

  • He swore he would never let anyone touch Justin like that ever again. He saw through the perfect jock in his arms, and he wasn’t going to let him get away with faking okay
  • He hugged him often after that. He got used to those sad eyes Justin would give him when he wanted affection. He knew Justin wouldn’t ever ask for it again, that was the way he’d grown up

  • Alex also barely let Justin out of his sight. To everyone at school they’d just grown back into the friends they once were. Alex didn’t make a deal of babying Justin in public, he just let the boy keep his jock image, it made him happy after all
  • When people at school would whisper about Justin, good or bad, Alex was there to glare at them

  • That time they ran into Seth and his Mum on the streets, you can bet Alex pulled Justin behind him without a second thought, even though both of them knew he couldn’t hold a fight against someone like Seth
  • Justin practically moved in with Alex, his family seeming to get the hint that it’s what Justin needed. It seemed that the longer Justin stayed the more blankets seemed to find their way onto his makeshift bed on the floor, and Alex swore Justin almost burst out crying when he first realised some of them were brand new, purchased especially for him

  • When Justin got nightmares Alex let him climb into his bed like a little kid. Sometimes they’d just lay there on their own halves, and sometimes Justin would tuck in super close until Alex got the hint that he was supposed to hold him
  • Alex complimented the brunette all the time when they were home. On his appearance, school work, the things he did well and even the things he didn’t do well. Justin smiled like a child every time, and it seriously broke Alex’s heart that Justin had never been praised for how amazing he was

  • Whenever Justin got injured during basketball, whether it was serious or just the usual accidental elbow to the ribs he’d always be sure to patch him up once they got home. He and Justin became exceptionally close. So comfortable and intimate with each other, happy to share their personal space
  • They’d give each other so many soft touches- gentle tickles, and massages and they’d even share clothes if they were just hanging around the house. It made their friends suspicious when they could smell the other on them, but everyone just brushed it off as them living together. Justin came to like smelling Alex on him, it was calming to always have the presence of someone who took care of you hanging over you

  • Alex never stopped asking Justin if he was okay or if he needed anything. Once they were close enough Justin very rarely slept on the floor, though his bed of blankets didn’t move- it became their study area. Justin soaked up all the affection he got from Alex, finally feeling loved, even if he was scared that was too stronger feeling
  • Alex was there for him when he was physically hurt, when he was mentally hurting, when everything in him just ached. Justin was so thankful to whoever had written it to be his fate to meet Alex. He loved the moments they shared together and the lack of awkwardness between them. Alex was just happy that he never had to see Justin bloodied and bruised on his doorstep ever again, and he too loved the times that they spent together

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Truth or Dare

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Imagine about im at a party and Justin is my ex. And we play truth or dare. I get dared to make out with him for a minute and then have to sit on his lap throughout the rest of the game. Throughout the game, he flirts with me alot. And at the end, we end up together? Thank u💘❣️💚

Warnings: nothing that’ll hurt you


Tonight I was heading out to one of my friend’s house for this huge bash she was throwing. She was known for throwing these parties every summer before school starts. She’s been doing this for as long as I could remember. I had no reason to dress all cute because I had nobody to really impress. Apparently, Justin, my dreaded ex, was supposed to be there so, I thought that I should dress cute to show him what he was missing.

I heard the car horn honk outside which meant my ride was here. I checked myself once more quickly walking out my house.

“You look nice. Who you lookin’ cute for?” {Y/F/N} smirked at me. She waited for me to put my seatbelt on before driving off to our destination. 

We arrived in about fifteen minutes which was a new record for {Y/F/N}. She always drove like a damn snail with her new car. I hopped out the car first and I was greeted by some old friends. We walked inside together and we immediately split up. Some went straight to the bar, some went to their significant others. All I had was {Y/F/N} so, I decided to stick with her during the duration of the party, as awkward as it was. 

“{Y/N}, {Y/F/N}, come play a game of truth or dare with us!” someone yelled over at us. We shrugged our shoulders, doing as told. There was no harm in playing, right?

Wrong! As soon as I sat down the last guy I wanted to see sat directly across from me.

“Well, this just got a whole lot more interesting,” One of Justin’s friends said. I rolled my eyes, sighing deeply. Why does God hate me so much? I came here for a good time and I wasn’t going to let Justin ruin it for me.

The first dare of the night was for {Y/F/N} to go streaking from the beginning of the street to the end, and then back to the house. She got up from her seat, stripping from the clothes she was in. She walked away from where we were and a large amount of the people surrounding us, got up and left to watch her. Unfortunately, Justin didn’t do the same, although I really wish he did. I glanced over at him to see what he was doing, which was nothing. He and I made eye contact and I broke it faster than him and I broke up. 

Within five minutes, {Y/F/N} was back from the shenanigans she did in the neighborhood. 

“Okay ladies and gentlemen, it’s {Y/N}’s turn. Truth or dare, girly?”

“Dare I guess.” I responded. I figured that if I said truth, people would milk the hell out of the break up. 

“I dare you to make out with-,” the girl paused momentarily, looking around at the group of people before picking someone. “-Justin and you have to sit in his lap for the rest of the night.” 

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I looked around at everyone, wondering why she couldn’t pick anyone else besides Justin. There were loads of other guys here, so, what is she doing? “Are you serious? Do I really have to? What if he has an STD?”

The group snickered at my remark and Justin sent me the dirtiest look possible. 

“{Y/N}, it’s just a dare. You can drink to forget it even happened if it’ll help you sleep at night.” Justin suggested. I scoffed, rolling my eyes. Pulling a Justin wasn’t going to solve my problems. 

“Let’s just get this over with,” I groaned getting up from the couch. I shooed one of Justin’s friends away and sat next to him. I think I might be sick. Just do it already, {Y/N}! The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be.

I took a deep breath before doing the unthinkable. This was definitely a new low for me. I wouldn’t say it was a peck but, more like an actual make out session. Could I possibly be starting to catch feelings for Justin again? I pushed him away from me before it could get anymore heated.

“That was like something out of a porno.” {Y/F/N} joked. I shook my head at her idiocy and did the next part of my dare, which was sitting on Justin’s lap. As much as I hated admitting this but, I missed these times with Justin. I guess that kiss made me realize things. The game continued, the truths or dares, getting more and more extra than the last.

Since the attention was off of us for the moment, Justin took this as the time to work his “charm” on me.

“You look nice {Y/N}. Bet you were expecting to see me and that’s why you dressed like this.” He said.

He was right but, I wasn’t going to confirm his suspicions. “You wish hot shot. I only dressed nice for myself. I didn’t even want to do this.”

“But you did it, didn’t you?” I couldn’t see his face but, I knew that he was smirking, I just felt. What a cocky guy.

The party ended a little bit after 1 in the morning. Most of the people were gone by now, but some still lingered behind. And by lingering, I meant, they were either to drunk to drive or getting their last could of drinks into the system. I didn’t have a single think to drink tonight, besides some water or juice. When you’re drunk you do some questionable things. 

Justin was still here and I knew the kid was drunk. he could hold his liquor but, boy, does he drink! I sat outside on the sidewalk, enjoying the crisp summer air. I felt a presence behind me but, I didn’t bother turning around to see who it was since I already knew who it was. “What do you want Justin?”

He stumbled over next to me, sitting almost on top of me. “Can you take me home, pleeeease?” He dragged out, laughing at the end of his sentence. The alcohol on his breath was enough to make me sick. I moved a little before pushing myself up from concrete. I put my hand out for Justin to take so he could help himself up. I threw his arm over my shoulder, bearing some of his weight. 

{Y/F/N} came out from inside the house and saw the two of us. “Going home together. Nice.” She nodded her head in approval.

“What? No! It’s not like that at all!” I stammered, defending myself. 

“Sure. Just be safe {Y/N},” she patted me on the shoulder before walking to her car, leaving. I walked with Justin to his car and took his keys out from his pocket, so I could open the doors and rest him in the passenger seat. He was getting too heavy for me to carry.

He slumped down in his seat, struggling to get his seatbelt on. I pushed his hands away, doing it myself.

“Thanks mom,” he slurred, giggling at his own nonsense. I closed the car door and walked over to the driver’s seat so we could get out of here.

I could already tell this was going to be one hell of a night.

My Poor Boy // request

Request: “Can you write a Justin imagine where he wakes up not feeling good and is throwing up and has a bad headache and he’s super cuddly nd clingy?”

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you


Justin’s POV:

I went bed 9pm and woke up three hours later and felt weird feeling in my stomach before I had to run in the bathroom. I knealed in front of the toilet seat just before puke flew out of my mouth.

When I started think about how disgusting this was it made me puke even more. Shit, I mumbled and took a few breaths before I heard a tender voice behind my back.

“Are you okay, Justin?” my girlfriend, Y/N asked worried. No I wasn’t, I thought but I still nodded her back. “Yeah, just a little nausea. Maybe there was something in that food which I ate earlier with Khalil” I mumbled and walked back to bed with her.

“Just wake me up if you need something” she mumbled and kissed my cheek before she pulled her blanket over herself. “Okay, baby” I nodded and went under covers too. I needed some sleep.

Four hours later I woke up again. My head hurt like a hell and it felt like a whole world would have been spinning around in front of my eyes when I opened them. “Y/N” I mumbled quietly and touched her shoulder. “Y/N, could you go get me a pill?” I continued and noticed her turning her head over me.

“Of course” she mumbled amd stood up the bed sleepy. She walked in tve bathroom when our medicine cabinet was and came back one minute later with a little pill and a class of water.

She touched my forehead. “You might have a fever, Justin” she mumbled and caresed my messy hair. I just nodded and put the glass on my nightstand. “Fuck this shit” I cursed under my breath and felt how my stomach started make those weird flips again.

I ran to bathroom and puked, a lot. I didn’t know how was it even possible puke that much but seemly it was. Y/N followed me there and looked me with pity. “Oh, my poor baby” she whispered and touched my back.

“This isn’t a good time to get sick at all. My tour is starting in four days” I mumbled and cleaned my mouth before Y/N helped me to bed. “Your fans will understand” she said and put a blanket over me. “But I’m sure that you’ll get better sooner than you even notice. I’ll do my everything for you” she said and wrabbed her arms around me.

“I’ll be your nurse that time. I’ll treat and medicate so you will get better again” Somehow her words made my mind full of inappropriate thoughts even I tried push them away. She giggled and probably sensed it.

“Not that kind of nurse, pervent” she said and let go off me. “And when I already started think that you could give me a head” I chuckled. She just rolled her eyes but laughed then. “In your dreams. Try sleep now, it’s my first tip to you get better”

And I did as she told.

A smell of coffee filled my nose and I opened my eyes. Y/N was sitting edge of my bed a coffee cup on her hands and smiled for me. “Good morning, sleepyhead” she greeted and put her coffee cup on the table.

“Are you hungry? I made you a sweet potato soup. My mom supposed to do that always when I was sick” she told and nodded me to open my mouth when she pushed a spoon full of soup in my mouth.

I felt like a child on that point but I didn’t care. I liked this, maybe a bit too much. Almost wished that life would be always like this, a beautiful woman would be feeding me around the clock whenever I needed it.

I let her fed me and when the plate was empty she cleaned my mouth. “Good boy” she smiled and pat my head. It made us both laugh. When she was about to leave I just wrabbwd my arms around her waist and pulled her back.

“Don’t leave” I mumbled and hugged her behind. “I’ll just bring these dishes in the kitchen. I’ll be right back” she said but I didn’t let her go. “Justin” she sighed and looked me. “Just ten seconds” she said and I let go.

“Okay, I’ll count and if you’re not back on that time, I’ll make you pay later about it” I smirked proudly amd made her chuckle. “Your time starts now.. one..”

She ran downstairs like a rocket. “Two.. three.. ” I counted and heard how she washed the dishes. “Hurry up, baby. Four.. five… ” She put the plates and mugs in the cabinet and started run back upstairs. “Six… seven.. eight.. ” I said louder and a smirk spread on my lips. She couldn’t make it, I though but then I saw her appear on the door.

“A second earlier than I promised” she  said breathless and sat next to me. “Do you feel any better?” she asked when I let my head fell over her shoulder. “Yeah, a bit. Especially when you’re here with me” I said and I knew that she smiled even I didn’t look over her.

“Would you like to watch some movie or something?” she asked quietly while her hand caresed my back. “Yeah, The Notebook would be nice” I said and made her giggle. “It’s third time on this week when you ask for it”  However this time she accepted my wish and went search the dvd from our film box.

“Found it” she mumbled herself and went put the disk inside. “I hope that you’re happy now” she said sarcastic. “Yeah, I’m happy now” I mumbled and opened my arms so she could lay her head on my chest.

“Tell me then if you feel bad so I have a time to move away and let you go to bathroom. I don’t want any puke over me” she commented minutes later the movie had started. “Don’t worry, I would ever do thing like that to you, baby” I whispered. “I feel actually a lot of better already. You totally know how to make me feel good”

Dirty Imagine #6 - HOTEL ENCOUNTER - Part ONE (For Luisa

Justin’s show last night was awesome. In fact, it was the best night of my entire life, and I was already having concert withdrawals – I wanted to relive the experience again and again. It was the morning after the concert now though, but as I woke up I smiled realising that I had the day off work. I had booked in for a day off so I didn’t have to get up early the morning after the concert, I figured I would have no voice anyway. What was I going to do with the day? Just as that thought popped into my head, my phone vibrated, a text message from an old friend of mine.

It read “Hey Luisa, I know we don’t talk that much anymore but I thought you’d want to hear about this. I know you’re a huge Justin Bieber fan and guess what! He’s staying at the hotel I work in. The managers didn’t tell us because they didn’t want us to spread it, but I was working last night when he came in after his show. He’s still here today but he’s gone out for awhile. There are no girls here because the media said he was staying at The Hilton Hotel in the city, but I guess it was a bluff. Anyway, don’t tell anyone I told you”. 

Wow. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. I had already contemplated going to The Hilton in the city today to try and catch a glimpse, but it was an hour and a half train ride, I had no idea if he would even still be here, and I didn’t even know if the media were right about where he was staying.

My mind was made up now though, I had to go to the one my friend worked at. Especially if nobody else knew he was there, I might actually catch a glimpse of him! I wasted no time. I had a shower then got dressed. I picked something a bit raunchy. Even though I knew it wouldn’t matter, I still wanted to look sexy for Justin. He turned me on so much. I chose a red g-string/thong and a slim black dress that stuck to my curves. I had been blessed with decent sized boobs, a thin waist, but most of all a big ass, so I always got extra looks when I wore something that stuck to my curves – not to be cocky. I boarded the train and arrived at the station at 10:30. This hotel was a 10-minute walk, so it wasn’t long until I was there. It was a very nice hotel. My friend said Justin was still out, so I waited outside at the entrance to the garage. Justin left in a van, so he would have to return to the hotel via this garage entrance.

I stood there in the hot sun – it was the hottest day all summer. I could have waited in the air con in reception, but I didn’t want to miss him arriving. I had been standing out there for 30 minutes and was beginning to lose hope. Maybe he had gone out for the whole day sightseeing, and he wouldn’t be home ‘till night. As I started contemplating leaving, a black Mercedes van rolled up on the street and indicted to turn left into the driveway.

Suddenly my heart skipped a bit and I felt my legs turn to jelly. That had to be him. All the windows were completely blacked out. I didn’t want to annoy him or be rude by standing on the driveway blocking the van, so I brought a small poster I made simply reading “I love you Justin”. I stood to the side and held the poster up as the van went by, beginning its decent to the garage. I tried looking in as it passed me but I couldn’t see in. The van stopped suddenly and the sliding door was pulled open.

There he was. He hopped out by himself, wearing shorts and a singlet. I froze. I was so overcome by emotion and I felt tears roll down my cheek. I don’t even know why I was crying; I was just so overcome.

“Hey how you doing?” he said, as he approached me smiling.

I couldn’t say anything, instead I just ran towards him and hugged him. The first thing I noticed was that he was so hot up close. His biceps were big, and smelled really nice and he hugged me so tight, I felt so safe.

“Looks like you’re the only one who figured out I was here” he said smiling.

“I hope you’re not busy I just, I.. I –“

“No no no, not at all!” he interrupted.

“What’s your name?”

“Luisa” I replied.

“Very nice to meet you Luisa” he said, smiling.

It was a different smile though. It wasn’t just a ‘happy’ smile, it was like… a cheeky smile. And as he said it I saw his eyes travel up and down my body. I was always very good at picking up when boys were checking me out, and he definitely was. I was beginning to relax, but this made me nervous again. Not just nervous… Excited, happy, turned on. Everything.

We chatted for a bit about the show last night and I took a photo with him. The next words out of his mouth were: 

“It’s so hot today, do you want to come upstairs for a drink of water or something?” 

I think I almost fainted. WHAT had he just said to me? I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my god, are you serious? Really? I mean, YES! Of course, but wow! I can’t believe this” I said, still in shock.

He laughed. “Jump in”.

The next thing I knew I was in an elevator with Justin and his security guard. We arrived at the top floor – the penthouse, and went to enter his room. His security guard followed, as I guess would be the protocol anytime he has a guest over, but Justin stopped him.

“All good man, I’m fine” he said. 

The security guard nodded, and walked down the hall way. Justin explained to me that his security, plus Scooter, and other assistants had their own room, so Justin could have alone time.

“Its just me and you Luisa” Justin said with a wink.

Just when I thought my heart rate couldn’t get any faster, then he goes and says that and winks at me!

We stood at the bar, made from marble and chatted some more as Justin poured me a drink. It became clear to me that Justin was still checking me out and hitting on me. His voice was so seductive when he did it, and just the look he gave me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting wet. I decided I wasn’t going to let Justin do it all though, so I returned serve.

“I saw you checking me out downstairs by the way” I said with a wink. 

Justin smirked. “Sorry, you’ve just got really great boobs. And that ass? Oh my god!” he said, slapping my ass hard as he said the last word.

I jumped, not expecting it. It was actually quite a hard slap, but I was so turned on by it.

“Oh my fucking god” I said. 

Justin looked at me, almost scared, not knowing whether I was happy or angry, not knowing whether he had crossed a line. 

“Slap my fucking ass again!” I said, as his worried look turned to lust. Something changed in his eyes, and suddenly he looked dark, and hungry for more. Just that look made me wetter, as he complied with my request and slapped my ass again, even harder, making it jiggle.

I let out a soft moan. 

“I’m going to take a shower” Justin said.

“Want to join me Luisa”.

I barely had a chance to nod before Justin picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He was so strong. He fireman carried me all the way to the bathroom, which was the most luxurious bathroom I had seen in my life. He put me down in the bathroom as he ran the shower. He turned to me and pulled my slim black dress down, so it was at my ankles. I stepped out of it, now wearing only the red thong and a bra. He removed the bra to reveal my young, perky B cup breasts. He kissed my mouth in what can only be described as the best and most passionate kiss of my life. Our tongues tangling, tasting Justin Bieber’s own saliva. He moved away from my mouth and moved down my neck. He sucked on several different spots of my neck, as I let out a moan. He continued down to my breasts, cupping one before licking the nipple. He licked at it around in circles, while looking up at me, making eye contact with those hungry eyes.

“I’m so fucking wet Justin”.

He paused for a moment. “I thought you were an innocent young woman, but you aren’t are you? You’re a dirty dirty girl Luisa”.

“That’s right” I said, now beginning to enjoy taking control. “Ever since I’ve been a fan of you I’ve wanted to fuck you. I finger myself at night just thinking what it would be like for Justin Bieber to fuck me”.

I could tell by his face he was now getting very horny. But if I couldn’t tell by his face I could tell by his pants. Jerry was beginning to push against his pants, screaming to be let free. He saw me looking.

“You want Jerry huh? Get on your knees Luisa” he said.

I complied, now too horny to muck around any longer, I just wanted to feel jerry. He now had full control over me. I was on my knees on the bath rug in front of the shower, looking up at Justin with puppy dog eyes. He removed his pants and shirt so it was just his white Calvin’s, with his hard dick line now clearly visible and looking for a way out. He walked up against me, so his dick was just an inch from my face. I went to pull his Calvin’s down with my left hand before he slapped it away.

“Did I say you could see Jerry?” he said angrily.

“No Justin” I replied.

“No I didn’t. Bad girl, you need a smack. Stand up and bend over”. I stood up and complied with his request, leaning over the sink with my ass in the air. WHACK. He smacked my ass again, leaving a red handprint.

“Back on your knees”.

He began rubbing his dick through his undies right in front of my face, teasing me. Eventually it must have got too much for him too, because he pulled his Calvin’s down making rock hard Jerry spring up, hitting me in the face.

“Now come in the shower, and suck Jerry”.

I complied. Justin stood under the water and I got on my knees under the water, looking up as the water rolled off his abs. He was so hot.

“Open your mouth Luisa” he ordered. 

I opened wide and Justin pushed his dick down my throat, making me gag almost immediately. I began sucking. Slowly at first, licking the tip, and then licking his balls. I returnedto his shaft and fit as much I could in my mouth and began sucking faster. I was still struggling with his size, but I loved fitting as much in as I could and looking up at Justin, watching the water pour off him. 

“Fuckk yeah Luisa. Suck my dick. You like having your idol stuffing his dick inside you? Huh?”

I nodded my head as I kept sucking, now picking the pace up even more. 

I could tell Justin was getting close to cumming, as he started thrusting his hips towards me, burying his dick in my mouth deeper than before. 

“Uhhh fuck! Luisa, You’re going to make me cum!” He moaned, hot water still pouring down both of us. “I want you to swallow every drop of my cum Luisa, you dirty girl!” I again nodded, as I couldn’t say anything with a mouth full of Justin’s cock.

Justin kept thrusting, moaning loud, before holding his thrust against my face, as deep as possible. He let out a huge moan as I felt his first wave of cum shoot against the back of my throat. He shot more and mores spurts of his warm cum in my mouth, and it tasted so good. I swirled the thick liquid in my mouth for a bit, taking in the fact that I had a mouth full of Justin Bieber’s cum, before swallowing every last drop. He ordered me to stick my tongue out as he held jerry above it and squeezed out the last few drops. I swallowed them down too.

“My turn to make you cum” he said. 

This is the end of part ONE. There will be another part within 24 hours, leading directly on from this, so stay tuned.

Roommates pt4

A long chapter. Mature. Enjoy :)

“Sleep ok?” 

You glance at Justin as he scrolls into the room. He wore sweatpants and a large hoodie. 


You eye him suspiciously as he was being a bit quieter than normal. 

“Justin,” you began to say carefully with caution, “yesterday, it cannot happen again okay?” 

“yeah. i know.” 

Justin knew this, he just hoped you wouldn’t bring it up again. 

“Are you sure you’re ok? you seem a bit-.” 

“I’m fine.” 

You ignore him, maybe he was just having those days. You leave your bowl in the sink before driving off to work, you were already late as it was. 

Justin huffs out as you leave the door. Yesterday’s event was still replayed on his mind vividly. The feeling caught with it didn’t leave his mind either. He bangs a fist against the counter out in anger.

“How was class today?” you ask as justin comes through the door. 

You were busy watching a movie with a blanket covering your body, it was now a little past 7pm. Justin came home a bit later than usual. 


You turn your head towards Justin, eyeing him as he stumbles his way to his room, maybe he just had a bad day at school.

The week continued like this. From monday to friday, both Justin and Y/N were busy, only briefly seeing each other as they were both busy with school, work, friends or gym. Justin hated how he couldn’t tell Y/N the way he was feeling. After the one time they had sex, Justin was hoping Y/N would at least feel somewhat attraction towards him but no Y/N left straight after having sex, obviously indicating it was only a one night stand, obviously indicating she didn’t feel the same. Justin held this in, he held his feelings in.

“Fuck-” Justin chokes out as the busty blonde girl which is friends with Za, sucks him off. 

Justin slung his head back against the couch. Justin grabs her hair and forcefully pushes her head down his shaft. He rolls his eyes back, feeling the vibrations of her choking. Justin, while receiving a head, could only think about Y/N’s mouth, how her mouth would feel around him. He visions your lips, sucking the tip, all while looking up at him with your seductive eyes. He starts to breathe unsteady, his chest beating heavily. He didn’t even realise how heavy he was choking the poor girl. He opens his eyes to find her choking on dear life. 

“Oh shit- so-” He quickly lets go of her hair. 

The problem down south still standing tall. He tries to stuff it back in. 

“I think you should go.” Justin huffs out.


You see justin with his hand over his crotch, a strange with blown out hair, makeup stained faced and obviously topless. 

“Oh..” you quickly smile at the blonde girl before quickly walking away to take shower.

“Please?” You whine on the phone. 

“Go with someone else.” 

“No one wants to go with me,” you laugh out loud at your honest statement, you weren’t exactly popular. 


It was a friday night, so close to the weekends. The fact that the weekends were right around the corner made you happy already. After work, glancing at the time, only 2 hours left, you and justin were going to see the movie everyone had been talking about. Apparently it was ‘romantic, sad and moving.’ 

“Finally!” you see justin walking like a grandpa as he stuffs his hand into his pockets. 

He wore his hoodie, sweatshorts and a pair of white slip on vans. This kid was handsome. You snap out and quickly drag justin along with you, not wanting to be late.

“Did you see the way the guy kissed her? Too much tongue.” 

You make your way to couch. You instantly stop, remembering Justin had a little too much action near this couch. 

“Do I need to chuck this out?” you joke as you remember what happened the other day. 

You turn your body to no longer find justin there. 


“I’m gonna go out and get a couple drinks.” 

Justin appears from his room, tugging on bomber jacket as well. You glance at the clock, 11:43pm. 

“At this time?” 


Justin doesn’t even glance back or ask if you wanted to come along. He slams the door behind him, leaving you starstrucked. Why was he acting this way?

You wake up, groggy and not happy at all. You check the time, 5:10am. You suddenly hear a loud vomiting noise. Justin you thought. You hear another one. You fish yourself out of bed. You spot him, kneeled down, hair flopped to the side. He gets up, with his arms holding the bathroom wall to steady himself. You see his face. His eyes are bloodshot red, veins undeniably red. Not only that but you could tell he had been crying. He sniffs loudly. 

“Are you okay Justin? I’ll get you some water ok?” 

He suddenly pulls at his hair, almost violently, you didn’t really want him to pull hair gorgeous locks out. 

“Stop fucking caring!” He starts to yell, sounding like a child having a huge tantrum,“You drive me crazy Y/N.” 

He stomps past you, not even bothering to take a shower or brush his teeth. Now you really think he was a child. You didn’t know what was really on his mind. You thought he was just having a bad day or maybe the alcohol got to him. He walks to his bed, chucking off his hoodie and t-shirt on the floor. You roll your eyes at his mess. You walk over to pick it up for him. 

A strange smell, something very evident was wrong, it smelt like weed. You take a closer sniff at his clothes. The normal smell of Justin, which was musky and a smelt of warm roses was there but was strange was the huge smell of weed. You turn body back immediately. You chuck the clothes at him. 

“what the fuck.” Justin screeches at your actions, annoyed that you would disturb him, all he was playing on his damn phone. 

“did you go out to smoke weed?!” 

“Yeah. so.” 


Your questions were irritating him more and more. 

“Why the fuck do you care. Just leave me alone.” 

“Why have you been acting this way. Is it school? friends? you don’t even talk to me anymore!” you yell out in desperation. 

You wanted to know he was acting so cold and dull these days. you missed his old self, you missed him. He doesn’t reply, he simply ignores you. You huff out. why was he being so difficult?

The morning of the weekend approaches you. you weren’t feeling the spirit but decide you really needed to make an effort, not only for Justin but for yourself. You step to take a morning shower, hoping it’ll lift up your spirits. 

Last night still was haunting your mind, that was so not like justin. you two had little arguments here and there but you always apologise after that, or he would joke and bug you until you finally forgive him. You remember the incident, you had to admit you were being a bit pushy but hey, he was smoking drugs and that was not ok! You step out of the shower. You quickly blow dry your hair, put on a fresh makeup look and pick out a cute outfit. A simple long sleeve and skinny jeans, simple yet cute. You pace into Justin’s room. 

“Take a shower. We’re going out.” You hear him groan out loud in reply, “I’ll give you 10 minutes!”

You smile when you here foot steps on the ground. 

“Good. Lets go!” 

Justin wore a baggy basketball singlet, baggy shorts and grandpa slippers. 

“Whats on your feet.” 

“They’re nike. don’t judge idiot.” 

You roll your eyes at his fashion sense, he did look nice though but still you weren’t a fan. You were driving today. Justin slumps back in the passenger seat, being awfully quiet. After a while on the highway he finally speaks up. 

“Where are we going?”


“Order whatever ok? my treat.” 

You smile at him. Justin doesn’t question or argue. He orders waffles. He wasn’t really hungry anyways but he didn’t want to leave you hanging. He pokes his food, looking really expressionless. you see this. you see how he’d been acting, not only today but the whole week, the topic comes up again. 

“You seem different these days…” You softly say as you stuff this really piece of syrup with pancakes in your mouth, it was awfully sweet though. 

“just a bad day” Justin tries to break off the topic once again. 

“You can tell me if something is going on. I’ll understand. go ahead, tell me.” 

Justin seems fed up, he doesn’t want to keep in anymore but doesn’t exactly ask the question he’s been longing to ask you.

“Can we fuck again?” 

You choke on your food, “Pardon?” 

“Can we have sex again?” 

Justin does flatter or look away, he continues to poke his food and awaits for his answer. 

“I mean yeah-no- wait why are you suddenly asking?” 

“I have my needs.” 

You laugh at his bold statement. Justin doesn’t seem to laugh or soften. He places his fork down, stratching his fore arm. You eye his every move. You reach up and touch his hand softly. 

“if it’s the sex you want, just ask. sometimes i’m always needy too.” you wink at him and lightly laugh. 

Justin didn’t want sex, he wanted you. 

“Yeah” he pretends to laugh along with you. 

“oh, thats why i caught you getting a head the other day,” you point out, trying to add the pieces together. 

I mean if Justin wanted sex, he could’ve asked. Justin doesn’t reply, he stuffs his face forcefully with his waffles. He rememebers that failed blowjob again, him choking the blonde, him mistakening her for Y/N. Justin sighs at how diffcult this was.

“Seriously Y/N.” Justin groans out.

“What? i love the beach!” 

“It’s fucking windy.” 

Justin points out the chilly weather. It was currently 3 in the afternoon, “get out! get some sun.” 

“What sun?” He replies flatly.

Justin was getting cold already and he wasn’t even outside yet. 

“Fine, be like that. I’m going to enjoy the beautiful weather, BY MYSELF.” 

Justin rolls his eyes at your comment. Go ahead he mutters. He’d rather sleep, eat or do nothing for that matter. He sits there, stubborn, not moving, hoping you’ll change your mind and get back into the car. Justin sees you stomping away, actually heading to the beach. Justin didn’t have a choice anymore and simply gets out and follows you.

Justin runs down to the shore, the sand making it quite difficult for him to speed up. He quickly tries to find you, he notices the beach being empty, “Y/N!” 

He spots you running out behind a large rock. He also spots that you were only in your undergarments. He laughs out at you, “What the fuck..” 

He could not believe his eyes, were you really that stupid? someone could easily see, plus skinny dipping in this fucking weather was not ok, you could easily catch a cold. Justin finally pushes the doubts out of his mind as he sees you having fun, he quickly removes his clothing and runs in his boxers to join you.

“Told you this was fun.” you say as you lifelessly float on the water. 

“Lets get going now.” 

“five more minutes.” 

“Its getting dark, Y/N.” 

You stay thinking about your life and how odd it was. You were 23 years old, single with a low paying job, no parents, no current friends, now no boyfriend, wow you a wreck you thought to yourself. You suddenly moved here, away from your hometown and friends after your parents died. You missed them so much, even though it had been 5 years now. You were 18 when they had died, you had to figure out you’re own life as an adult. 

You find yourself being squashed by another human being as you gurgle up a lot of water, struggling to get up due to Justin’s strong strength. After what felt like ages, Justin lets your back up. You choke and begin to spit out water violently. 

“What the hell, were you trying to kill me?!” 

“Are you dead?” 

“Catch me, if you can then!” Justin begins to swim, he swims fast, faster than you and starts to run, holding his manhood as he ran. You burst out in laughter at him. 

He spin around, “white is see through.” 

That doesn’t make you stop laughing as you seem running awkwardly, with his soaked white boxers and both hands in that position, that was an image you won’t forget. 

You run back to your hiding spot and change back into your clothes. You groan as you see the fact you had to wear skinny jeans and the fact they were damp. This was not good, why did you go skinny dipping before not thinking twice about the consequences?! 

That was sure the only thing you were good at. You clip off your soaked bra, and slip over your long sleeve top. Well luckily you had on piece on right? you keep your black panties on, silently thanking god it was black. You pick up your shoes and run to find Justin.

“I’m hungry.” Justin pouts out. 

“Didn’t we just eat?” 

“I didn’t finish my meal.” 

“Not my problem.” 

“Lets go to this nice as buffet.” 

“No, i have no pants on.” 

“ugh! just because you don’t have pants, we can’t go!” 

“well, its not my fault my jeans are wet.” 

“Open the door, idiot. I’m fucking dying here.” 

You scrabble in your jeans to find where you put your keys. 

“Please don’t tell me you dropped them at the beach.” 

“I think i did!” You fake it, “Oh my god!” 

“I’ll go get them.” Justin begins to run. 

“Found them.” You hold them, waving them in the air. 

Justin spins his body around, narrowing his eyes out you and snatches them from you. 

“I’m driving. Lets go get pizza then.” 

You don’t seem to mind as you plops yourself in the passenger seat, throwing your jeans and shoes in the back seat. Justin briefly glances at you and notices how tight and see through your shirt was, he could see right through it. Justin starts to shuffle awkwardly at the sight. 

You notice, “what?” 

He slips off his basket ball tee off and chucks it to you. 

“Put it on.” 

“No. Why. I don’t need it.” 

“Yes you do.” 

“I do not fucking needing a shirt, I need pants.”  

You reach for his pants, playfully tugging at them before you notice a obvious dent. You laugh out loud, not believing he was hard. He notices that you notice and covers himself instantly. 

“want me to help?” You sing playfully at him, battering you eyelashes up at him. 

He eyes you out harshly not wanting to you to make it any worse. you reach out and touch his lower abs, snaking your way down. You could hear his breath shaking at this point. How was it possible for justin to shaky at the slightest touches. You didn’t know, not even justin knew. 

You slip your hand into his short only to find him not wearing anything underneath. You gasp out as you feel his bare shaft. He closes his eyes at the soft touch of your hands. 

“Touch me more.” 

You look up only to see justin closing his eyes, slumped back. You obey him as you yank his member out. Justin was hard already, even though you hadn’t done anything yet. You slide a your thumb along his slit, he chokes on a moan. You take in Justin’s posture, his shakiness, his beauty overall. 

You bite your lip as you realise the situation you were in and how risky it was to get caught. But now there was no going back and despite that you kind of loved the feeling, the feeling of being a rebel. 

You eye back to justin and realised you had stopped for a moment. Justin reaches out to your body and grabs you by the waist. He places you on his lap. The space wasn’t much but you two wanted each other here and there, well justin desperately wanted it. 

You giggle at his desperate actions and simply try to help him out as you reach under the seat and pull lever which made the seat go a bit further back. Justin mentally thanks you for this as he holds you up by your ass and begins to grind you against his rigid shaft. 

You were getting wetter as the grinding continued. you support yourself by holding onto Justin’s shoulder. You grind yourself against his rock hard shaft. You glance down to see your bodies moving perfectly, loving the fact your bodies responded perfectly in sync. You could see justin’s member twitching, precum leaking excessively, the image so erotic. You throw your head back, feeling your lower stomach tighten. 

The fast grinding, the friction of his shaft rubbing your clit so perfectly, the low throaty groans from justin all making your orgasm approaching. You gasp out as you feel justin sudden suck at your left nipple. You whine out, holding his head there by his light locks, pushing your chest out for him. 

“These fucking babies, got me crazy.” he says as he bites down on your nipple.

 He continues to suck, leaving a hand from your ass to grab on your breast. He gropes them as he sucks. He pulls away looking at the work he’s done. He created a large wet patch around the grey fabric, exposing your nipple complety. You glance down at them and moan at the sight. 

“suck please.” you push your chest wanting his mouth to return. 

He begins to tease, grinning to see you beg for him, “i didnt hear you Y/N.” 

You were about to go crazy if he didn’t do anything at this point. You were so close to exploding, you were on edge and he stops?! you wanted to kill him. He awaits patiently. 

“Justin, f-uck. I need your mouth. please.” 

Your voice was broken and unstable, you were desperate for your high. You tug harshly on his roots, groaning in discomfort. Justin sees your expression and couldn’t help but mutter a ‘fuck.’ you were truley turning him on to the point where he wanted to jump of the bridge. Justin’s member twitches as it continues to stand tall. 

Justin lets go of his grip on your breast and lets it go. He teasingly rubs against your aching nipple. The sensitively and pleasure makes you moan out. He continues to move his thumb over it, watching your expression carefully. 

You moan out his name, ‘Rub faster.” 

Justin does as he’s told and rubs a tad faster. 

“Mhmmm,” You sigh out. 

the sigh was so erotic, Justin doesn’t even care about the grinding anymore. Justin’s shaft spasms as he hears Y/N voice and pleasure. He now wanted Y/N pleasure to come first. 

“C’mon Y/N. Are you there?” Justin calls out. 

Justin tries to steady his voice even though all he wanted to let out was a fucking growl to express how he was feeling. 

“What do you need baby?” He asks, wanting to help you out.

“Finger me.” 

Justin happily sets your damp panties to the side. He notices how wet you were, your juices completely leaking down your thighs and onto his sweatshorts. 

“Fucking hell,” He slips a single digit in. 

You moan in appreciation. You go crazy at the feeling. You pull a hand away from his shoulder and yank up your shirt, exposing your bare breasts to the cool air. You gasp at the cool breeze hitting them. They harden instantly. 

“Suck them please.” You beg breathlessly, panting like you’ve run a marathon. 

Justin doesn’t argue as he plucks out his wet tongue and licks the right abandoned nipple. 

“Oh god justin.” 

He grins at your reaction, even at the tiny touch, you went crazy. He attaches his pink plump lips to your harden nipple. You grind your chest at his face, not really caring at his point. Your orgasm was nearly taking place. You start to greedily grind you soaking core harshly against his still aching shaft. Due to all the moaning and action play, justin found himself close to letting go as well. The sudden return of your warmth causes justin to pull away from sucking. He pants heavily. He pants heavily against your nipple, the new sensation so pleasing, sending it straight to your lower stomach.

 “Ah-fuck-fuck-f,” Justin suddenly twitches and spazzes. 

He lets his load onto your bare stomach. You feel the warm liquid all over skin. Before you whine out in disgust, the friction of your clit being rubbed and the hot breath of justin’s mouth against your nipple makes you let go. No words come out as you pant repeatedly. You wait a while to catch your breath again. Justin hugs you tightly, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“That was amazing.” 

“yeah,” you breathe out, still not fully recovered. 

As justin was about to lift you up and place you onto your seat he notices the cum all over your stomach. Justin’s cheeks heats up at the sight. 

“s-sorry I-“ 

“Its fine.” 

You lean down to kiss him and him being stupidly adorable. Justin reaches into a draw and grabs a lot of tissues and begins to wipe off his load. As he cleans you up, you stare at him and smile. This kid was so caring, nice and just gave me one of the best orgasms you’ve had. 


“Mhm yeah,” He doesnt stop cleaning. 

“Thank you.”


“I don’t know,” you say honestly “everything?” 

“Well, in that case, no problem.”

feelinglikealazyegg  asked:

Zach/Justin, think about it ;)

I can just imagine Justin yelling at Zach for whatever reason, and Zach just lets him go until Justin finally shuts up, and then he just pounces forward and kisses Justin. The smaller boy is confused, but he finds himself actually kissing back, and they have the most heated make-out session for ages, and then they never talk about it again until Zach starts flirting with him at school and gets Justin to agree to a date

Reunited again pt2-m

oml i just deleted the first half of the writing but can’t seem to get it back. it was a summary of how brad went and left you alone and you felt the need to pleasure yourself with a vibrator. i hope it makes sense!

“Y/N. Let’s go out for a movie. I really-” 

As fast as a bullet you swing both of your hands behind you back. You stare back with wide eyes, looking like a child caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. 

“J-justin. Hi.” 

Justin looks back at you, already knowing something wasn’t right. 

“What’s behind your back?” 

“Nothing!” you say a bit too quickly. 

“Ok. if you say so.” 

You suddenly gasp out the large amount of breath you’ve been holding in. Justin then quickly runs towards you, yanking your arms to see what was behind your back. 

“JUSTIN! STOPP!,” you screech, attempting to swing your body to get him away from getting the vibrator in your hands. 

Justin tugs your arm so hard that the item falls and lands on the ground. You gasp out. You really wish you could die in a hole right now, just to avoid what was going to happen after. 


That was all he could say as he holds your vibrator is his fingers. He hold it out in the air, examining the sex toy. 

“Where you gonna.. You know.. Before i came in?” 

Justin sounded a little awkward about the situation as well. 

“Yeah..” you blush furiously. 

Before he could tease or make this any more awkward you quickly tell him to get out. Justin stands there, wondering if he should just leave. He suddenly starts walking towards the bed, settling the toy on your bedside table. 

“Here Y/N. I’ll help you out with your..” he directs downwards, “problem.” 

He kneels on the ground right in front of your legs. You sit there, looking down at him with worried eyes. 

“I- you don’t have too.” 

“Its fine. Just open your legs for me.” 

Justin gently tugs your legs apart by gripping your bare knees. 

“C’com babygirl. Why are you scared? It’s just me.” Justin says in a soothing tone, hoping you’ll listen. 

You slowly spread your legs apart and Justin grins as you do so. He sneaks his arms under the back of your thighs, harshly tugging them up so he could reach your heat a bit better. The harsh and forceful action makes you fall back onto the bed. You feel the air hit your now bare lower body as the large single tshirt rests on your bare stomach. Justin begins rubbing teasingly in your inner thighs, dangerously close to your heat. Justin knew all the things to get you wet. 

“I’ve missed this,” Justin teases, “don’t you princess?” 

Justin stops the rubbing and pulls of your panties as slow as a snail. You could feel yourself biting down so hard on your bottom lip, you were sure you could taste blood. You watch him as you support your upper body with your elbows. After slinging off the flimsy fabric, you could feel his hungry eyes on your exposed core. Justin brings his thumb and rubs at your clit. You twist your toes at the amazing pleasure you were experiencing right now. 

“So sensitive.. Hadn’t my needy baby had any attention today?”

You groan out at his teasing as he begins to rub a bit faster. You didn’t know how much you’ve needed this until you could feel your stomach already tightening with just a few minutes of Justin rubbing your sensitive bud. 

“Justin,” you breathe out, “more.” 

You sling your legs round his neck, hoping he’ll get the message and eat you out already. You missed the feeling of his pink muscle sucking and licking you up. Justin enjoys watching you fall apart but he wanted more, he wanted to see you beg. You could feel the anger rising up at the slow snail pace rubbing. 

“Ughhh, fuck. Justin. Please i need you!” 

You whine out at the discomforting feeling of being restricted to orgasm. 

Justin could help but groan under his breath at the sight. Justin’s hardening member rises up a bit more at the state you were in right now. He couldn’t help but want to give up the teasing and give you a good fuck that you and him both needed. Justin could see just how much you needed him by the amount of arousal you were creating around his thumb, coating it fully as your juices were leaking and spreading around your inner thighs. Justin bores his eyes at the erotic sight in front of him. Justin twitches in his pants, he didn’t realise how much he needed you either. Justin sees you thrusting up your needy hips at his fingers. Justin gets up to his feet and quickly begins unbuckling his belt. He was going to go crazy if he wasted a single minute more. 

“F-fuck this. I fucking need you around my cock right now.” he stutters out in a shaky tone. 

You could see how trembling his fingers were as they clumsily worked against his belt. You see him now struggling to unbuckle his belt which was holding his ripped jeans, covering his aching member. Justin finally manages and quickly yanks them down, along with his boxers. He rest them down, just enough to free his rock hard shaft. 

“F-fcuk,” he deeply stutters out, “see what you do to me.” 

He grips his member is his hand. He doesn’t waste anytime as he starts to pump himself in front of you. 

You could see how the precum leaking from the swollen tip getting wiped and spreaded as he works with his hand, growling at the much needed pleasure. You clench as you watch him pleasure himself. You couldn’t help but bite down on your lip as he continues to squeeze and pump his shaft with a single hand. He closes his eyes, feeling like bliss as he quickly moves his hand around his member, the friction and pace so fast, making him roll his eyes to the back of his head. You didn’t know how much you loved seeing Justin get himself off, but you definitely didn’t expect this to turn you on this much. Justin was a sight to see. He hard his pants slung slow, his veiny hand moving desperately around his member, his hips thrusting and shaking. 

You travel your eyes up to his facials. Justin had his eyes closed, eyebrows slanted, brown hair slightly flopping down his sweaty forehead, ruined from being perfectly gelled up. You couldn’t help but moan, a little too loud but before you could stop yourself. Justin hears you loud and clearly as it bought him back to reality. He flutters his brown eyes at you. He smirks to find you staring at him with shaky eyes. 

“You’re liking this too much. Are you enjoying this or…” 

He asks as he removes his shirt, his structed tattooed torso coming into your view, “ i’m so close to finishing Y/N.” 

You didn’t know how to respond and you couldn’t even form words at the situation. You quickly reach out and touch his heated shaft. You just couldn’t control the torture anymore. 

“I’ve missed you so much,” you say honestly in a soft voice, “let me show you.” 

Justin smirks down at you, loving how much you were paying attention to him. Justin wanted nothing but to shove himself and help you out as that was the promise he made at the beginning but with your glossy eyes and delicate hands touching his sensitive shaft he couldn’t find the words to decline. Justin watches as your wrap your fingers around his large rock hard shaft. You gently run a finger along a prominent vein. He twitches. 

“Baby,” he calls above you, “suck me off.” 

Justin seemed a bit to confident in his words. You look up to find him staring back with alert eyes, wondering what you were going to do next. You run a single swipe with your tongue. 

“Let me feel your mouth babygirl- i’m gonna die if you don’t-” 

You feel superior with Justin whining out for you. You loved it when he begged. You sink down on him, taking him whole, feeling the wholeness of his rigid shaft around your mouth, stretching to adjust your mouth. 

Justin watches with caution, eyes having a hard time to say open at the feeling. You could feel him twitching in your mouth. You could see his lower abs clenching in, indicating he was gonna let go soon. He harshly yanks your hair, forcing your mouth against his member as he lets go, spilling inside your mouth. 

You could do anything but to let him as he grips your head in place. After a moment, Justin gently lets you off his manhood, letting a string of liquid string along from your lips. Justin could feel himself hardening again, just at the sight of your fucked faze. Justin yanks you to clash your lips in a clumsy frenzy kiss. Justin enjoys kissing your soft lips as he continues to hungrily forcing your mouth with his. You were getting lost at how quickly he was moving his mouth, unable to catch up to his pace. He finally pulls away. 

“This,” he indicates his head between you two, “is so fucking good. I don’t think i’ll be able to let you go.” 

Justin harshly yanks against your hair, forcing you to look up at him. He gazes down at the beautiful woman sitting down below him. He flicks his sight to your ruined messy makeup. He then stares at your worn out lips. He grins as he leans down to capture another kiss.

Justin Bieber: Surprise!

Words Count: 2605

Warning: none only a bit long 

Summery: you’re dating Justin and decided to surprise him just for you and him to get a surprise in return.

You’re dating Justin Bieber. You’re the first one he dated for a long time right after Selena. You’ve been dating for a year and a few months now. You met his parents and siblings, and his friends. As he met yours as well. You met him through a mutual friend and you hit it off straight away. You were hesitant at first, because of what you heard in the media about him, but you soon realized that it’s all lies. And slowly you became closer and he asked you out. The media found out about the two of you right away. Something that you hopped doesn’t happen, but when you’re dating Justin Bieber it’s bound to happen.

Just was on his Purpose Tour for a few months now, you would go from time to time to see him on tour, but you know his family didn’t visit him yet. So one day while you were meeting up with Jeremy for lunch at his house with Jaxon and Jazmyn.

You were sitting on the dining table with Jeremy, Jaxon and Jazmyn. When Jazmyn suddenly asked.

“Dad, is Justin going to be here for my birthday?” and you remembered that her birthday was in two weeks, and you know Justin didn’t have any planes of taking a break from his tour.

“I don’t know Jazy.” Jeremy said after his eyes met yours for a few seconds and you shrugged.

“I have an idea.” You told the young girl, she looked at you sadly. “Why don’t we surprise him on tour the?”

“Really!” She asked happily.

“Yes, but you have to ask your father first.”

“Dad can we please go see Justin? please.” Jaz asked Jeremy who made a thinking face, you and Jax laughed, as Jazmyn pouted.

“Okay fine.” Jeremy said and kissed Jazmyn’s cheek. She cheered happily. Jeremy sent you a grateful look and you just shrugged.

It took you a few days to arrange everything, next week you all will be flying to Paris where Justin will be preforming. It was also the week of Jazmyn’s birthday. You called Scooter and told him and he promised not to tell Justin.

You were hoping that no one will see you at the airport with the Biebers and post it on line for Justin to see.

“Come on guy’s time to board the plane.” Jeremy told you all as you were sitting with Jaxon playing on your phone. Jazmyn was by Jeremy’s side holding his hand. You and Jaxon both got your carry-on bags and boarded the plane. You sat on the aisle seat with Jaxon on your left, taking the window seat. Jazmyn sat behind Jaxon and Jeremy behind you.

Jaxon played for a bit before falling asleep and soon did as well. You woke up after a few hours, when it was time for lading. Jaxon and Jazmyn were very excited, they wouldn’t stand still.

“There’s a car waiting for us.” You told Jeremy as you all got your bags. “It’ll take us to the hotel we’ll drop our luggage change if we want and then to the arena, I got a text from Scooter saying that the concert will start in an hour.”

“Okay that sounds great.” Jeremy said and you soon found a man holding a paper with your name on it.

“Bonjour, Je m'appelle (y/n).” You told the man. Thankfully you know French.(I don’t know French so I’m using google translate so those who know French bear with me). ‘Hello, my name is (y/n)

“Ah Bonjour, suivez-moi s'il vous plait.” The man said and you nodded. ‘Ah hello, follow me please.’

“Come on guys let’s go.” You all followed the man to the SUV that was waiting for you. The car drive to the hotel wasn’t long. It took about 20 minutes to get there. You walked in got your room keys and went to your rooms. In 30 minutes you’ve freshen up and changed so did the Biebers. The car was waiting outside when you all left the hotel.

“Are you guys excited?” You asked Jaxon and Jazmyn.

“YES!” They said in one breath. You laughed, you loved those two as if they were you’re siblings.

“Look there’s the arena we’re almost there.” You said and pointed to the arena. Five minutes later you managed to go to the back of the building, where a staff member was waiting for you.

“Hey Alex.” You greeted the familiar man. He was one of Justin crew, you saw him a few times when you visited Justin before.

“Hey (y/n), you’re all just on time.” Alex said and he led you guys inside. “Justin just went on stage.”

“Ok, did Scooter tell you what the plan was?” Jeremy asked Alex as he held Jazmyn’s hands and you held Jaxon’s. The reason you always were with Jaxon and Jazmyn with Jeremy, is because Jaxon is older and you could keep him in check more than Jazmyn.

“Yes, Jazmyn and Jaxon will join him on stage when he’s singing Let me love you.” Alex said and you nodded. “That’s the song right before the break.”

“Okay cool.” Jeremy said and you were led backstage to watch the show. Justin sang a few songs and you were dancing and laughing with Jaxon and Jazmyn, unknown to you three Jeremy was filming you.

“It’s time.” Alex said as you heard the first notes of Let me love you being played. Jaxon and Jazmyn both walked on stage and you bite you lips as Justin hadn’t noticed them yet. The fans how ever did and they shouted and screamed. Justin turned and saw his siblings walking up to him, a smile boke on his face and he kept singing, as they hugged each other. The DJ played the song so when Justin stopped singing it played. After a few seconds of hugging Justin let go and he started singing again as Jaxon and Jazmyn danced with the dancers on stage. Just danced with them. He even twirled Jazy.

“They look so cute.” You told Jeremy who was smiling at his children.

“Yes, thank you for doing this.” Jeremy said and you just gave him a smile.

“It wasn’t a problem at all.” You told him turned back to the stage where the song was ending. The fans screamed. As Justin carried Jazmyn and held Jaxon’s hand. They walked off stage and Jaxon led Justin to you and his dad. He greeted your dad first, before turning to you. He sat Jazmyn down and walked up to you. Justin gave you a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you for bringing them.” Justin told you and kissed your neck softly.

“It’s okay, Jaz wanted to see you for her birthday.” You told him and hugged him back just as tight. Your bodies were pressed tightly together and you didn’t mind him being sweaty at all. Justin let go of you and picked your lips. He knew that some fans could see a little bit of you, so he decided not kiss you like he would’ve wanted.

“Come on guys let’s go.” Justin turned to his family, and held your hand in his. You all went to his dressing room. Justin quickly changed to his next outfit, and walked back to you all. You were sitting on a sofa. Justin held Jaz, and Jaxon sat on Justin’s left and you on his right. His dad sat in front of you all, Scooter soon joined you all.

“Hey everyone.” Scooter said and sat next to Jeremy.

“Hey.” Was heard around the room.

“Nice to see you all here.” Scooter said and smiled at us. You all talked for a few minutes, Scooter and Jeremy started talking quietly with each other but you paid them not attention.

“Okay guys I’m taking a picture, so crush Justin.” You told Jaxon and Jazmyn. They laughed and jumped on to Justin crushing him. Justin let out an aw, and then started tickling them. You took a picture of them sitting ‘crushing’ Justin and then turned it into a video. Jax and Jaz were laughing so much.

“She told us to do it Justin.” Jax said and pointed to you. You let out a scream, you dropped your phone just as Justin started to tickle you. Jax took your phone and started filming you two.

“JUSTIN! S-STOP HAHAH PLEASEEEE, S-STOP.” You’re very ticklish and Justin knew that.

“Say that you’re sorry.” Justin said he was smiling.

“Okay, o-okay s-sorry.” Justin stopped and hugged you. “Oh god, I’m never visiting you on tour again. Ever.”

“We both know that’s not true.” Justin said and kissed your cheek.

“Justin time to go.” The tour manger came in and said. “Also there’s a slight change in the song order.”

“Okay.” Just said and let go of me. I gave Justin a quick kiss and he left to the stage. I turned to Jax. “Where’s my phone?”

“I gave it to dad.” Jax said and shrugged, I turned to find Jeremy nowhere to be found. You sighed and turned to the remaining Biebers in the room. “Do you want to watch the rest of the show?”

“Yes!” Jazy said and jumped of the sofa. You all left the room and went to the spot you were standing on in the beginning. Justin was singing one less long girl. You smiled as a fan was brought out, and Justin sang to her gave her a red roses, and a kiss on the cheek. The girl was crying very hard. You smiled at how happy Justin was making her. You weren’t jealous at all, you knew it meant nothing and that was it.

A few songs went by and you and the kids danced around and jumped and sang with them. Honestly you were having lots of fun. It was just before the last song that Jeremy found you.

“Sorry, Jax gave me your phone and then I left without realizing it was with me.” Jeremy said and gave you your phone.

“It’s okay.”

“Her (y/n) can you come with me for a minute?” Scooter asked he was with the Tour manger. You nodded and followed them. You were next to a door that led you somewhere.

“What’s up?” You asked them confused. Justin was in the second half of boyfriend my now.

“We’re so sorry.” The manager said and you were beyond confused.

“About what?”

“Well look we know that you love Justin and that he loves you, you both have a good relationship, the best he had in a very, very long time.” Scooter said and you were confused and scared. “So we all and by all I mean your family Justin’s and everyone that knows the two of you, we started doing things behind your back and tonight is the night you see what we came up with.”

“What?” You frowned you were confused and worried. Before Scooter could answer the door opened and a few of Justin’s dancers came in, you were suddenly pulled on stage. Justin looked confused. He finished Boyfriend but still didn’t start in the last song. The fans screamed so loud.

“What’s going on?” Justin asked, the mic still on, making everyone hear what he was saying. You just shrug.

“I have no idea.” You turned to look at Scooter.

“Just sing purpose and you’ll understand everything.” Scooter shouted for Justin.

“Ookay.” Justin was just as confused as you were. Justin turned to you. The stage was cleared of everyone. There was a stool brought out for you but you didn’t move towards it.

Feeling like I’m breathing my last breath
Feeling like I’m walking my last steps
Look at all of these tears I’ve wept
Look at all the promises that I’ve kept’

Justin sang to you he led you to the stool, you sat down and the fans screamed louder and pointed to the screens behind you. You and Justin turned and saw it was a clip playing of you and him, they were really small clips, some even from your snapchat.

‘I put my heart into your hands
Here’s my soul to keep
I let you in with all that I can
You’re not hard to reach’

There was the videos of today there was even pictures thrown in. You were smiling like crazy, Justin was still singing and the fans were all silent as there was an audio with them, it was just loud fro everyone to hear, but not louder than Justin’s voice.

‘And you’ve blessed me with the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose
Yeah, you’ve given me purpose,

There was some when you were at your parents’ house, private parties and you had no idea you were filmed. You knew they were taken by family and close friends. For some reason you were getting emotional. Tears gathered in your eyes.

‘Thinking my journey’s come to an end, oh
Sending out a farewell to my friends
Forever peace
Ask you to forgive me for my sins
Oh would you please?
I’m more than grateful for the time we spent
My spirit’s at ease’

You laughed at the silly videos that you made, that they took from your and Justin’s phone. It was as if it was a timeline of your relationship.

‘I put my heart into your hands
Learn the lessons you teach
No matter when, wherever I am
You’re not hard to reach
And you’ve given me the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose everyday
You give me purpose in every way’

Justin was hugging you from behind as you sat on the stool, he had his head on your knee. His voice got softer as he sang, it was like he forgot about the fans and he was singing to you.

‘Oh, you are my everything
Oh, you are my everything’

Justin kissed your cheer, it came to the part that Justin usually talks in in the song. But then the volume of the videos is turned up, and you saw a video, it was in Christmas, you were at Justin’s house with family. You were leaning into Justin as you laid on the sofa. (Italic means in the video.)

“I can’t believe you’re my girlfriend.” Justin said and you turned to look at him.

“What are you talking about? I can’t believe I’m so lucky.” You told him and smiled at him.

“Seriously, I actually never thought that you’ll go out with me, I mean I really was f@cked up before, and I just got myself together before I met you.” Justin said and you smiled sadly at him.

“Justin, I want you to know that you mean so much to me, I don’t care about the past. We’re here now.” You told him. “And that all that matters. So please just forget about what happened and what you’ve done, you’re making up for it now.” Justin kissed your lips softly and you smiled in the kiss your eyes closed. You pulled back and looked at him.

“I love you.” Justin said softly you wondered how that could be heard in the video.

“I love you too.” You said right away not even thinking about it.

You had tears running down your face when the video ended. Justin turned you around and hugged your properly, Justin kissed your cheek and then you turned your face, so your lips met. The fans went crazy. It was a passionate kiss, you pull back before anything else happens. “I love you.” You told Justin and hugged him once again.

“I love you too.”