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wanna fuck? (THIS SHOULD BE GREAT for shits and giggles lets use my FNAF 2 mike XD)


“After all the times we’ve screwed, now you ask? Hell yes.” Vincent chirped standing up and grinning at the other.

((Totes magotes XD let’s get this party started!!! WHOO WHOO!!!))

100+ appreciation post!

You guys, what the hell! More than a hunderd followers, this is absolutely crazy. Are you sure you’re following the right person? -shifty eyes-
I owe you all big time! But right here, I wanted to mention a few special someone’s, so here goes:

Latest followers: castiel-theangel-of-thursday, bluedreamswhitepearls, @dieifxihaveto. Let’s get this party started :) Thank you for the follow!

Number 100: darksoulsempire: Tommy’s big brother and Opie’s best friend. Thank you so much! I’ll get to Christian too, mark my words lol.

Bran’s babies: theseansmithroleplay, choco-la-ti-da - He loves Sean and Chance, thanks so much for loving him back.

Jared’s babies: fanofredandblack, raetalon - The cute and the wild, Jared has a soft spot for the both of them. Thank you!

Tommy’s baby: peppersaltandburn - He likes her, he just doesn’t know it yet. Thank you!

Opie’s babies: until-ash-kingdom, delusioncl, oldladyisms, oldladyenough - You all were so great in accepting my Ope into the SOA fandom and are now even embracing Tommy. Thank you so much!

goodboybadreputation: Forget you? Never! Your posts got me into roleplaying again. Thank you for sparking my interest, for making me want to rp Opie Winston and for encouraging me to make Tommy. Big brother hug from both Ope and Tommy, thank you bro!

To everyone who interacted or is interacting with my muses: thank you very very much!

To those lurking in the background: Don’t think I can’t see you -squints-. Yeah, you! Come on over, I don’t bite… hard :D. 

I’m sorry for the whole rant on your dashes, but I just wanted to say… thankyouthankyouthankyou!


Right now all I want is Taylor Caniff and pizza.
[closed - witch au] double double toil and trouble

Byakuren sat down on the couch and tapped her foot impatiently. She did not enjoy having days off–in fact, her secretary had actually forbid her to come to work, an action that upset her deeply. However, she couldn’t argue, so instead she was staring at a book she had already read, incredibly bored.

“…If this is what a day off is, I never want to have one again.”