Think about this…

Once we hear TS6… we can’t UN-hear it.

There will be a time we will hear the first sounds.

We won’t recognize a single word, beat, or guitar strum..

And from the moment those sounds begin flow into our ears, we can’t go back to the wonder that haunts us at this very moment.

It’s bittersweet, to be honest. We’ve spent so much time anticipating this album, and here we are. On the forefront of a New Era.

There’s no turning back now.

Let’s get this fucking party started


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #15 - isadora smackle & maya hart 

ever since i’ve known you, you’ve never stopped trying to put yourself back together. // you’re the hottest little gopher-chipmunk in the whole forest. 

Tom- You all need to shut up.

Matt- Okay! I’m ready now!

Tom- Oh really? That didn’t take too long. You look good,

Matt- Well thank you Tom~! I did try! Glad you appreciate the effort I put into my looks!

Tom- We’re leaving Edd.

Matt- Bye Edd! We’ll be back in a couple hours!

Tom- By the time we get there it should be night time, so the sun wont be a problem.

Matt- Thank you for taking the time to plan that out!

Miner's Day || MacAvoy, Wooler, et All

It’s the early morning sunlight that first awakes Brie, pushing at her eyelids and dragging her from the depths of dreamland. She groans, rolling to her right side, pulling the comforter over her face, hoping to find herself back in dreamland. Her dreams have been interesting of late, featuring a mysterious but playful reptilian man who looks an awful lot like Joseph in the structure of basic features but is amorous in his attention. Very amorous to the point she has found herself waking flush and wanting.

Not that she’ll ever admit that to another living soul.

What she will admit to herself though is that the dreams and answering that wanting by her own hands in the hazy layers of sleep will hopefully keep her from making an ass of herself with her new friend. She’s more grounded, more focused, and less likely to jump him when they’re around each other – or so she hopes. Today will be the day she finds out if her theory has merit in truth as they’ll be spending the day together; or at least part of it; with the Miner’s Day Festival. She’s just on the verge of falling back to sleep when her alarm goes off, pulling her fully from the dregs of sleep.

Flopping onto her back, she stares at the ceiling for long minutes, watching the shadows dance and play with each other. She should be getting ready, it’s going to be a long day with the Festival, but she hates mornings and the thought of having to pull herself free of her nest fills her with disappointment. There’s a new book she’s received that she wants to read and with her bed so warm and comfortable and her body so relaxed, it’s like a recipe for the perfect lazy morning. Except she’s wrangled Jefferson Buchanan into helping her move stuff to the table she’d reserved in the market and she’s made plans to setup next to Joseph.

That has her pulling herself from bed and stumbling into the shower. She leaves the water cool hoping that the cold will jostle her awake enough to groom herself and as she scrubs with the special eucalypts mint shampoo and shower gel she has, it does. By the time she’s dried off and tamed her hair into a sleek, high ponytail, she feels more human. It takes her no time to pull on the white knit stockings she had set out the night before as well as the navy sundress with white flowers on it. For comfort, she slips on a pair of navy flats, knowing her feet will kill her if she wears the matching heels, and completes the ensemble with a navy cardigan.

She manages to get the boxes into the little wagon she has, tossing in some bottles of water and the cooler filled with chicken salad sandwiches, pickles, and some chips she’d made the night before for a lunch she hopes to share with Joseph. Picking up the camp chairs she found in a back storage closet, she tosses them on top, checks that she has her latest craft project, and heads out. There are a number of people out and she greets all of them with a hello and a smile. She may not know all their names, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be polite.

Reaching the town square where the festival market will be, she finds it full of vendors and groups setting up. Weaving her way through the crowds, she finds two tables towards the back, claiming one for herself and one for Joseph and the church. While she’ll wait for Jefferson to arrive to help with the heavy boxes, she quickly and efficiently assembles the chairs; one for her and one for Joseph; before pulling the topmost box free. Inside are a number of afghans; ranging in size from baby to adult; as well as prayer shawls she had made at some point and stuffed away. They’ll make the perfect addition to the large bag of items she had given Joseph the day before and she’s pleased that she found them. Hopefully he’ll like them too.

She sets that box on his table before turning back to hers. As she waits for one of the men, she sets about arranging yarn, needles and hooks, as well as the various other needlecraft items she had lying around in storage on one side. She’s not really planning on selling much but it never hurts to try. The yarn she piles in weaved baskets, sorting them by weights for people to look through as well as all the other items. There’s not a ton of space and she wants to maximize what she has.

With that finished, she sits and waits, wondering who will be the first to arrive.

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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ honorable mentions 

#16 - 23 (aka episodes that received double digits in number of votes)