Yeah, I’m Time Warp-ing by myself in my living room.  Don’t even care.

(This also reminds me of when Korb and I were discussing that awful Three Musketeers remake and I was like, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if Christoph just played all of Tim Curry’s roles!? … WAIT.  MAYBE NOT.  OR MAYBE, I CAN’T DECIDE.”)


I collected more Gifs, so I had variety now. A little.

The first gif in your folder represents who you are:

The ninth is how you feel today:

The seventh is your taste in music:

The fourth is your relationship with your friends:

The seventeenth describes your love life:

The third is something about you not many people know:

The fifteenth is how you act when you’re alone:

The twentieth is how today will go for you:

The eleventh is how your life will be:

The thirteenth is how people see you:


The second is how you act around the person you’re attracted to:

((PFFT, that’s about right too xD))

The tenth is how your gender sees you:

The sixteenth is how the opposite gender sees you:

The nineteenth is you at your happiest:

Sounds about right, all of it.

Okay, how is it the ninth? Of May? In 2013? Already??

I did not authorize this time warp.

I mean, I don’t even have the excuse of being buried in school work any more to explain where time is going/how things are so busy. But somehow the Glee finale is tonight, and at some point today I will wake up and start vortexing about that, because holy shit there was a point at which I didn’t even want a S4 and now it is over and and it is my favorite and where is all the time going?

Also, Klaine. 


I love this <3