The Fairest Possible Review I can Give the Fox Rocky Horror Remake

So I’m gonna start by saying I don’t resent Fox’s Rocky Horror for existing, as a lot of people criticizing it seem to. I didn’t go in expecting something that would stand toe-to-toe with the original, because I don’t think that’s possible in a modern context. I went in thinking of it like a tribute more than an attempt to capture that lightning in a bottle again.

Anyway this whole thing ended up being forever long, so it’s gonna live under a cut.

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Adam Lambert was seriously the best part of the Rocky Horror remake for one reason:

He was offered the lead role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and turned it down because the character is gender queer and he felt it was wrong for him, a cis man, to accept the role when there are fantastic gender queer actors out there who could and would represent this character better.

So, yeah, Adam Lambert, you won the Rocky Horror remake and I have insane amounts of respect for you.