Let me set the record straight for anyone who is still ignorant:
Selena is famous because of HER OWN hard work.
And to anyone that says “Selena is famous because she dated so and so”, You should know that she’s been working since she was 7, she was in a multiple movies by the time she was the age of 13 such as “Spy Kids”, she guest starred in Disney shows, and then by the time she was 15 she landed her own show, which was Wizards, and the show had an audience of 6 million viewers, making Selena Gomez a popular celebrity at a young age. And she also starred in ‘Another Cinderella Story’ which earned her a Young Artist Award in 2009. She was signed to her first record label by the time she was 16 because of HER OWN talent. Her first album 'Kiss & Tell’ which came out in 2009 is her best selling album, as it has a total sale count of 1.3 million. “Wizards of Waverly Place” also won an Emmy in 2009. And these are only a few of Selena’s many achievments. So before you open your ignorant mouth, you should know that Selena was very famous and successful way long before she publicly announced any relationship. She became open with a relationship in 2011, but she accomplished a lot way before that. She’s successful because of her own hard work and independence. Haters can talk all they want, but Selena earned her success on her own.

let the record show that notes are still not present on this post even though there are notes on almost every other post now


Marry Me

–St. Vincent


Bread Plays: Dead Rising 2 OTR (Episode 2)

Siobhan and Martin continue their attempt to find fabulous in game outfits.

wow, fuck this. they are singing fireproof. im done. our concert literally got nothing basically both shows. no fan meetings at the tmh show or this show. no interactions just auto piloted air kisses, water bottles and towels. the only thing we got was a diss to our football team because harry is still salty and then a “lets try and break the record” and you know what? i have the right to be annoyed. i spent $350+ on tickets and other crap and got an auto pilot show because of this fucking babygate nonsense.


I’m 23 and mornings are not as easy as they used to be
or as casually hung-over
and I still haven’t figured out how to make smoking look cool
(maybe it’s time I stopped trying
but at this point it’d feel too much like quitting)

I think I’m afraid to have a car that works the way it’s supposed to
probably because my head still hasn’t managed that
and my dog loves me but won’t listen to me
and my girlfriend loves me but sometimes doesn’t love my dog, I think
I can’t even blame her, she can be a terror
(the dog, not my girlfriend, let that record stand)

I’m 23 but I still feel like I’m 15
hiding in the basement of my parent’s house waiting for the yelling
upstairs to stop, because it makes it so hard to focus
on the things that are important
(even if I’m losing track of what’s so important anymore)

 I spent the winter and spring on a farm up north
in a county where restaurant menus were sometimes in English and French
(when there were restaurants at all)
And I worked in a kitchen but mostly I
re-learned how to be larger and louder than I felt
how to swear like I meant it and not like a force of habit 
how to make friends in a place where everyone had all the friends they could need already

Now I’m back in my hometown and it feels smaller than it ever has
(or maybe that’s just me)

80s in 2015

Created a shared playlist in iTunes Music of 80s artists’ new 21st Century tracks. If anyone knows of bands or singers not included who quality for adding, let me know. The criteria: big in the 80s, still recording (such as Madonna and PSB) or recording again after a break (like Tears For Fears and OMD). Thank you. If you have iTunes Music, enjoy the playlist.

New Music: YG – ‘Twist My Fingaz’

Bompton is back. After being shot multiple times, YG picks up the mic and returns with “Twist My Fingaz,” the first single off his upcoming sophomore album Still Krazy. On the Terrace Martin-produced banger, which samples George Clinton’s “One Nation Under a Groove,” the Compton rapper reps his West Coast roots and does his dance.

“I really got something to say, I’m the only one that made it out the West without Dre,” he declares. “I’m the only one that’s ’bout what he say, the only one that got hit and was walking the same day.”

“‘Twist My Fingaz’ is a statement record, letting everybody know I’m back and still krazy!” YG told The FADER.

He is working with DJ Mustard on the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut My Krazy Life, which is due later this year.

Get your C-walk on to his G-Funk groove.

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