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I actually thought about this a while ago, since I posted that one drawing of these two www and I had been restraining myself from getting too much into this… but reading @pocket-luv101​‘s post about World End slipping in the Sham vs Tsuyuki fight got me all pumped up about this teeny tiny possibility…

TANAKA-SENSEI PLS ((( ≧ʃƪ≦ )))

It’s a good thing that the victim is about to be proofed only saying lies about Dongho’s sexual assault. 

But think about what it has done to nuest.

Imagine them feeling attacked knowing the news, imagine their mental break down worry about their future again, imagine they had a fight between to find a way out, imagine Jonghyun stressed out for Dongho, imagine Minhyun knowing it in wannaone’s dorm and immediately called the other members. Imagine the heart break. 

This is not funny. They made it this far through pain and obstacles, they dont need rumor to break them down again. They’ve worked hard. 

Please believe in nuest. And help them get what they deserve.

Because in the end, they who did right is always winning.


ok but imagine all ur favorite movies with nothing but women. fight club? all girl secret fighting circle. shrek? two tough ogre chicks in love. brokeback mountain? two friendly cowgirls herd sheep together in love. grease? two girls from rival gangs meet at the beach and sing songs together. mission impossible? ive never seen it but nothing is impossible for girls.

BTS reaction to them falling for another member’s little sibling

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Jin would get too cocky too fast, but would ultimately fall on his face.

“Of course Hobi will let me date them, I’m his Hyung after all! He knows I’m hard working, resourceful and that I have many qualities that a good husband needs to have. Plus, who could say no to this face??”

“Yeeeeeeeah, nope. Not going to happen. Nope, no, nein, 아니오, 
いいえ, neveeeeeeeer! You stay away from them, or I’m going to tell the managers what you did last Christmas.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

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Yoongi would try to be sly and low key earn some points with Namjoon, so he won’t immediately kill him when he asks if it’s ok to date his little sibling. But everyone would immediately start to freak out when Yoongi suddenly starts using honorifics while talking to Namjoon.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned… Might as well do it fast and painless.

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Namjoon would panic a lot once he realized how he feels about Taehyung’s sibling. He would try and give himself a pep talk, but he would only be able to relax once the three of them have talked about this.

“Oh god, this is awful… Taehyung will never accept this. But he always says I’m a good leader, so maybe he won’t be as mad. BUT I BROKE HIS FAVORITE FIGURINE LAST WEEK, NOW HE WILL NEVER FORGIVE ME. HOLY RYAN, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.”

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Hoseok would try to keep his feelings for Jimin’s sibling a secret for as long as possible, because he isn’t sure how Jimin will react and he doesn’t want the group to suffer. But he would be really obvious to the others. Once he gathers the courage to talk to Jimin it would be easier than he thought.

Why hello there Jimin! Fancy meeting you here!

“Listen Hobi, I know that you like them. You never could hide a secret, Hyung. But it’s ok. I thought about this a lot but I will not object. Just care for them, that’s all I’m asking.”

“Thanks Jimin…Wah! I’m so relieved!”

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Jimin would try and use his natural charm and charisma to get Yoongi to warm up before he asks him for permission to date his little sibling… sadly things don’t go as planned.

“Hey Hyung! Look, I made you breakfast! Would you like some juice? I thought maybe we could go see a movie later?”



“Jimin, this is so sudden. I don’t think I can accept this!”


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Tae would try everything to persuade Kookie into letting him date his little sibling. No bargain would be too much for him.

“I will buy you as many lamb skewers as you can eat!”

“Nah, Tae. Get a little more creative.”

“I will buy you Gucci sweaters for your birthday and write you letters, just like I did for Jimin!”

“I mean that’s cool, but we’re talking about my family here.”

OK, FINE. I will let you win at overwatch!”

“I’m intrigued…keep talking…”

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All the times Kookie was a little shit to Jin would flash before his eyes. Jin would be greatly amused by the fact that he wants to date his younger sibling and use it to get him to behave in front of his Hyungs.

“Do you need something else Jin?”

“What was that?”

“Jin Hyung. I’m sorry, Hyung.”

“Much better.”

“Sooooooo…. will you accept me now?”

“Hm, suddenly I don’t know… My throat is so dry. Be a good dongsaeng and bring me some water.”

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Guys, don’t worry.  Yuzu’s got a long history of redeeming himself in the free skate- he’s been competing for a long time, and his mental state only gets stronger and more mature with experience and time.  

Even if he doesn’t get gold, he is still very likely to make it onto the podium.  If you take a look at his past competitions, you’ll see a trend.  At Skate Canada International 2016, he was 4th after the short yet still managed to win silver overall; at SCI 2015, he was 6th after the short and silver overall.  At Worlds 2012, he placed 7th in the short program, then went on to earn the bronze medal (with one of his most amazing, memorable performances to date, IMO).  Just recently at 4CC 2017, he placed third in the short and then got a season’s best, breaking the 200 point barrier, to earn the silver. 

The point is, we should all have faith in him.  One less-than-ideal skate with a few mistakes doesn’t dictate the success of someone’s season or their career.  Don’t forget, this is the Yuzuru Hanyu who won the Olympics and the World Championships at age 19, was the first man to break the 100, 200, and 300 point barriers, and has won 4 consecutive GPFs- and that’s only naming a few of his illustrious achievements.  We, his fans, of all people, know better than anyone what a trooper and a fighter he is, and how he thrives under pressure.  And above all, even if the judges decide to give him less-than-satisfactory points, that’s not what truly matters.  As Yuzu himself has said, a score is just a score, whereas a performance is a performance, and something completely different altogether.  Who else gets the crowds fired up like he does?  Who else can skate with such finesse, passion, and prowess?  He’s a brilliant performer, through and through, and that’s something that can’t be defined by any number of medals or awards.

So come on, fellow fans!  Don’t let the doubts and worries get you down!  The free skate is yet to come, and with it, another precious chance to see our genius at work!  Let’s direct our most positive energies to him, spread plenty words of encouragement, and have faith in the man who has proven, time and time again, that he is worthy of being a champion!

with the thing of this zimbio poll i really hope supercorp wins over clexa

don’t get me wrong, i love clexa but we have to accept that it won’t make a difference but if supercorp wins there’s a minimum chance that supergirl writers will listen to the people


@star-masque  HO~ you are the new artist for me, i will reblog the art i never saw~let more people know~

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@randomblog609   Win = Water for Grillby

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@thedestroyer99 You will know at THE NEXT SERIES about Gaster story…and where are Sans and Pap come from, and more detail in the war.

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Request: Anonymous said: hmu with a boyfriend jaemin -vi

A/N: @jaeminnana hi vivi i hope u enjoy <3 also @sm bring jaemin back will u

  • na jaemin
  • pls his smile is worth more than all of the gold on this earth ahpzih
  • idek how much gold is worth but
  • listen he’d honestly be such a good bf like ik i say this about everyone in nct but ajekhgjhg
  • tbh he’d make u watch horror w him 
  • nana would use it as an excuse to be able to hold u closer aljrjgh
  • like ur both sitting on the sofa and he made u sit between his legs so he could hug u from behind and he’d cover ur eyes when rlly scary parts came on
  • would also pat ur head and tell u to not be scared
  • if ur not scared of horror tho
  • lbr he’d still scream for the fun like even if he isn’t scared he’d still jump ok and he’d still scream and like u just hav to liv w it it’s jaemin what do u expect pls 
  • ok but like
  • jaemin wants a dog
  • ajhjgh he’d see a dog on the street and he’d be like “i want”
  • pls get this poor boi a dog
  • omg he’d rlly want to go to the dog café for ur date
  • jaemin’s gonna be hugging every dog he sees aeghjehgjhe
  • he’d hold ur hand tho the whole time while u two r there
  • if ur scared of dogs he’s gonna hold ur hand the whole time and be like “its ok they wont hurt u!!!” and he’d hold ur hand while ur slowly petting the dogs
  • the type of bf to always buy u food???
  • like srsly he’d get u from class and he’d have a plastic bag w him again and ur like “??nana??”
  • and he’s like “,,it’s food”
  • would constantly feed u and be like “oooo my cute baby :”)))”
  • and ur like -_-
  • he always pinches ur cheeks whenever u pout or act mad at him 
  • which sometimes makes u a bit more mad but then u see his smile and ur like !!heart attack!!
  • shit man he’d always take ur phone when u go to the toilet and take a lot of selfies 
  • 1032482092048 selfies tbh
  • ur lockscreen and homescreen is never the same agjrhgj it changes like every 3 days
  • jaemin would make u play badminton w him
  • “y/n pls i promise i’ll let u win”
  • ok listen if u rlly can’t play badminton he’d sometimes let u win but most of the time he’d just easily win and be like “UR BF IS GR8 AMIRITE”
  • if ur good at badminton tho he’s gonna be so competitive ajeghjhgjeh
  • when u win, he’d attack u kisses all over ur face and he’d hug u too
  • while he’s sweaty y i k e s
  • jaemin is a dancer
  • hell ye he’s gonna show off those moves to u and he’d probs wink at u when u cheer for him
  • bye he’d turn into a shy bby tho when u start complimenting him and he’s like “stoooop ur too much”
  • but he’ll just end up hugging u and be like “did u kno ily”
  • nana would play piano for u sometimes
  • but like rlly rlly sometimes
  • and when he plays piano for u ur like “oh wow ive been blessed”
  • srsly u got a rlly talented bf rite there
  • dude im writing this and im getting like so emo i miss him sm wtf
  • afhrhgrhr im looking up some facts of jaemin
  • and it says that his fave midnight snack is chicken
  • bye can u imagine tho
  • he’s probably text u at like midnight and be like “hey bb”
  • and ur like “jaemin it’s midnight tf”
  • “wanna get some chicken an ramyun w me”-jaemin
  • and ofc u just say yes bc most of the time he’s pretty busy so now that u have the time to go out w him ofc u go out
  • ajgegjhejgh he’d be wearing his huge ass jacket and his mask 
  • would be holding onto u and probably whine about the weather
  • but he’d end up getting ice cream too tho and ur like “ok then sweetie”
  • aekjhfjeh jaemin is a weird bf
  • but he’s cute so
  • love nana
#108 [Tama Tonga]

Requested, 108.“ Have you lost your damn mind?!” (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is for all intents and purposes a sequel to the #269 Tama Prompt here.

Basically, a little drama. A little fluff.

SUPER SHOUT OUT to @chasingeverybreakingwave for the proofread and @running-ropes for the support.

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Tokyo was crowded, you knew that from the numerous times you’d visited before. But it never felt overwhelming like it did right now. Before you’d always been with Tama, and he was able to easily navigate all the hustle and bustle. You’d always felt safe and calm because he’d been confident in his direction and actions.

But standing here, on your own, watching everyone moving around, determined to get to their destinations….

This was the first moment since you’d left Florida all those hours ago that you were regretting your plan.

Sweeping your eyes around, you attempted to recall anything from the other times you’d visited. Landmarks. Direction. Words. Anything.

You felt accomplished that you’d managed to get from the airport on one of the trains to what you knew was around the area where the apartment was.

But now you felt like you didn’t know your left from your right, and were just standing on a sidewalk, looking dumbfounded, everyone going passed you.

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  • Zwei: Give me the chicken! Come on best owner in the world! Can't you hear me whine? I'm standing on my paws for you! YES! Ruby gave me chicken.
  • Zwei: Oooooh being brushed feels good! Pamper me more Weiss! Yes, I'm a good doggy! I'm a very good dog! Yes I want a treat!
  • Zwei: CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! Awww Blake ran away from me. Maybe if I roll around on her bed, she'll love me back? Yes! Perfect!
  • Zwei: Yang, grrrrr, let go of the rope! Gimmie! It's my toy! Great, now I'm dangling in the air but I'm still not letting this toy go! Yay! You let go! I win! Wait, do you want it back? Ok, lets go again! I love play time!
  • Zwei: Jaune's shoes are the best chew toys! Oh, I think he's looking for them again. Time to pretend I found his shoes. He always pets me for it!
  • Zwei: Nora! Nora! Nora! If I keep staring at you I know you'll give me bits of food from your plate. Mmmm beef! Let me lick your fingers! Do you have anymore? I'll stare at you again until you give me more. Please?
  • Zwei: Throw the stick! YES! I'm running after it! Are you watching, Pyrrah? I got it! It's heavy but I'm bringing back your big stick. Throw the giant Frisbee you have next!
  • Zwei: Naps are always best with Ren, it's always so quiet and he scratches me behind my ears while he reads. He doesn't even mind that I drool on his fancy clothes!
  • Zwei: I love all my owners!

Study Session W Nolan Holloway HC

This lowkey sucked I’m sorry Yikes its 11:00 and I’m exhausted for some odd reason

•You always go to him first when you don’t understand something about biology and need help
•Which is pretty often
•He’s like your personal tutor
•Having little study sessions almost every week
• Never getting any actual studying done
• Him getting frustrated because YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION
• You think it’s cute when he gets frustrated because his cheeks get super red and light up like Tinkerbell
• “Y/nnn, come on focus on this”
• “But your neighbors dogs are so cute!”
• Him quizzing you with flashcards
•“Define Gymnosperm”


•Him groaning of frustration
• He throws the flash cards at you and falls back on the bed
•He always lets you win
•"Ok! Ok! I give up my queen I’m so sorry.”, •“You better be! Now you define Gymnosperm you peasant.”
• Cuddling at the end as in reward
•Even though you both got nothing done