let's vote for her

hey for real tho if ur senator(s) voted for devos call them right now and tell them that since they don’t care about the education of their constituents you won’t be supporting their re-election in 2018. let them know they fucked up and that you noticed they fucked up and that you won’t let them fuck up like that again.

a list of how senators voted: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/02/07/us/politics/betsy-devos-confirmation-vote.html

I. Am. With. Her. VOTE!!! Lets make history! 🚀🔥🤗🍉😜🙋🏻‍♂️🐶❤️️😝🍔🇺🇸🚨🍾🍹🍩🌮

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Bellamy: Excuse me? Who made you the boss of the group?

Clarke: You did.

Octavia: You said “Clarke should be boss”.

Raven: And then you said “let’s vote,” and it was unanimous.

Octavia And then you made her a little plaque, that said “Boss of Us”, you put little sparkles on it.

Bellamy: Valid points, all.

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I want Blarfkes to enjoy this extra season they have. I want them to hold onto that hope that one day their ship will be canon. Will kiss. Will say ILY. Be endgame. And I want that day to come when they get fuck all in the end. (I really need to channel that resentment into something.)

hahaha, oh Anon, while that moment comes let’s put that resentment into VOTING FOR MY SOULMATES!!!!

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Eli Bradley: Excuse me? Who made Kate boss of this group?
Cassie Lang: You did.
Billy Kaplan: You said Kate should be boss of us.
Tommy Shepherd: Then you said, “let’s vote” and it was unanimous. 
Teddy Altman: And then you made her this little plaque that says ‘Boss Of Us.’ 
Cassie Lang: You put little sparkles on it and-
Eli Bradley: Valid points, all.

George W. Bush's petty revenge on a junior high student.

It was the spring of 2001. A dozen or so bright-eyed junior high students eagerly listened as our social studies teacher gave us an important assignment: each of us had to write a letter to a government official on a subject of our choice. Some students wrote to Representative Lois Capps. Others wrote to Senator Barbara Boxer. I decided to write to the big man himself: President George W. Bush.

This was pre-9/11; Bush was just beginning his first term. I wrote him a letter with my ideas on how to improve the public school system. I was courteous and respectful throughout the letter; this was the president I was writing to, after all!
Another student also wrote to Bush. She (her parents) supported Al Gore, and she made sure that Bush knew it. She started her letter by letting him know that her family did not vote for him, nor do they support him. The rest of the letter was filled with similar statements, along with HER OWN PLANS to fix the public school system.

A month passed. Thank-you letters from senators and representatives trickled in to the junior high. Then, a plain white envelope from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue arrived for the girl that wrote President Bush. With a smug look on her face, she opened up a thank-you letter from the president that started with:

Dear student, thank you for writing.

Also enclosed was a wallet-sized picture of the president.
My letter from the White House came the same day. Instead of a plain envelope, I received a large manila envelope. Enclosed was a letter that started with:

Dear Friend, thank you for writing.

Included was an enormous, 8" x 11" portrait of the president.

This was too much for the girl to handle. It was bad enough for her to receive a smaller portrait than I did, but the fact that Bush addressed me as a friend and her as a mere student made her absolutely furious. I haven’t kept in touch with her since then, but I doubt she ever voted Republican since that incident.

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the curse of abi: a thrilling saga

vytas: nobody likes abi she’s an easy target

shirin: abi im sorry i left you alone please help me

peih gee: abi is such a bitch i hate her let’s vote her out please

jeff: abi i miss you we need to work together

woo: im sorry i wrote your name down twice i feel like we have a bond now

stephen: vote joe out tonight okay?

joe: abi is the most threatening person here she’ll coast to the end vote her out

Lexa only displays Slytherin traits because that’s what she’s been taught she needs to be (by that dickhead Titus) and every time she displays her Puff Titus or somebody else tries to squash it. Clarke affirms Lexa’s Puff.

And here are some Hufflepuff traits for you:

  • Dedication - she’s utterly devoted to her duty to her people and then to clarke
  • Hard Work - she works too hard to get all these idiots to stop killing each other, girl needs a nap
  • Fair play - finn, raven, gustus, she always tries to be fair and just
  • Patience - has patience of a saint to deal with the idiots like Titus, and enough patience to deal with Clarke “No Chill” Griffin which is a miracle
  • Kindness - Compassion is one of her pillars, her treatment of the Nightbloods
  • Tolerance - Costia’s head was delivered to her bed and she let ice nation into her coalition, she understands the ambassadors voting against her, she tolerates the sky fuck nuggets
  • Unafraid of Toil - built a coalition out of chaos
  • Loyalty - loyal to her people, loyal to those she loves
  • Those patient Hufflepuffs are true - Lexa has a massive inner conflict over what she’s been taught is necessary to be a good commander and what she intuitively feels is the right way to lead
  • Rather impartial - head over heart, she can set her feelings aside and make fair and objectie judgments, calling clarke out on her hypocrisy
  • Modest - she’s worried about making sure her people will be taken care of after she’s gone, but not worried her legacy will live on or that she’ll be remembered as great
  • Inclusive - willing to accept all clans as her people, willing to accept skyrats as her people
  • Selfless - she’s dying and she’s thinking of clarke’s safety
  • Protector - first instinct is to protect clarke, her people, aden, the ducklings, she wants everyone to feel safe and warm and comfortable
  • Hufflepuff element is Earth 
  • Mascot is a badger - might as well be a raccoon
We’ll never accomplish what we need to do for our children if we burden them with a debt they didn’t create.

Hillary Clinton

fucking THANK you