let's vote for her

hey for real tho if ur senator(s) voted for devos call them right now and tell them that since they don’t care about the education of their constituents you won’t be supporting their re-election in 2018. let them know they fucked up and that you noticed they fucked up and that you won’t let them fuck up like that again.

a list of how senators voted: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/02/07/us/politics/betsy-devos-confirmation-vote.html

We have the eyes and ears of the Hulu people!

We need to keep their attention which means tweeting, emailing, and SENDING PHYSICAL LETTERS AND/OR BASEBALL CARDS.We have to show them that we are serious about this.

We want to play for their team.

This is our tryout!

Let’s go!!!

Create a trial account if you have to so that you can cast your vote. Let’s use this time that Dan is out of the country to make our case.

Lastly, watch Pitch on Hulu so that when they collect data the proof will be there. We got this Pitches.

If you’re in the UK and registered to do so, PLEASE go out and VOTE. The odds are stacked against Labour, but every vote COUNTS. Another five years of Tory rule does not bear thinking about.

Leo, to Annabeth: Who made you boss of the group?

Frank: You did. You said Annabeth should be the boss.

Piper: And then you said “Let’s vote” and it was unanimous.

Hazel: And then you made her a little plaque that says “Boss of Us” and covered it in sparkles.

Leo: *hiding plaque behind his back* That doesn’t sound like me

ey, it’s baby izumi and olivier, cheers

the signs as things i heard at school today
  • aries: (you look like an elf on the shelf) you look like a bitch that's about to be dead
  • taurus: i'm gonna be late to class, please make sure no one jumps out the window. (what if i jump out the window?) fine, you can, but make sure no one else does.
  • gemini: he's probably going to become homeless from buying too many video games. and she's gonna die alone with her crystals
  • libra: let's vote her most likely to be a furry on broadway
  • scorpio: she only looks at sonic and my little pony porn on tumblr and i'm so tired of walking in on her scrolling through it
  • sagittarius: look i only smashed this raw egg against the desk to see if it was hard-boiled
  • capricorn: (completely out of the blue) i miss smoking
  • aquarius: *throwing lifesavers across the room* give me the fucking pizza
  • pisces: (how's ninth grade going?) well, i love my teachers and— (no, the NINTH GRADE PAGE FOR THE YEARBOOK) oh i forgot we're in yearbook right now
PSA - Pirate Lavellan AU Needs Your Input!!

So, thanks to @dirthamensbird​ and @savvylittleminx​, I’m gonna work on a short little Lavellan pirate AU story. This should be interesting. Solas will be the LI. I’ll think of the story details, but I want to try something new! I want your help to create Lavellan!

I am creating a survey, trying to keep it…not too long, but long enough to have good details. I think I have about everything hashed out, but I would also love name suggestions for two things - Lavellan herself and her ship!

So far, our Lavellan name suggestions are: Emma, Charlotte, Rayvan, Angelique, Simone, Isabella, Rebecca, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Elisa, Adhlea, Athera, Davhalla, Kenna, Alexandra/Alexandria, Luceia, Juno, Genevieve, Lena, Miranda, Mariah, Astrid, Siobhan, Eirdhava, Iselan, and Enasalasa.

I did not realize we had that many already. Thank you, everyone who suggested some!!

The only ship name I have is: Aravel! It’s fitting, eh?

Anyways, I am here to ask you to suggest Lavellan names and ship names! Also, to see if there’s even any interest in participating and creating an awesome group Lavellan! From hair style to hair color, eye color, scars, skin tone, body type, class, and so forth! Let me know what you think! If you like or reblog this, I’ll consider it as you being interested. I’d appreciate it!!

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



  • Dinah: Excuse me? Who made you the boss of the group?
  • Ally: You did.
  • Lauren: You said Ally should be boss.
  • Camila: And then you said "let's vote," and it was unanimous.
  • Normani: And then you made her this little plaque, that said "Boss of Us", you put little sparkles on it.
  • Dinah: Valid points, all.

Rick, to Maggie: Who made you boss of the group?

Michonne: You did. You said Maggie should be the boss.

Jesus: And then you said “let’s vote,” and it was unanimous.

Tara: And then you made her a little plaque that said “Boss of Us” and covered it in sparkles.

  • Evie: Excuse me? Who made Mal the boss of the group?
  • Carlos: You did.
  • Jay: You said Mal should be boss.
  • Carlos: And then you said "let's vote," and it was unanimous.
  • Jay: And then you made her this little plaque, that said "Boss of Us", you put little sparkles on it.
  • Evie: Valid points, all.
Camp Mockingjay - Ch 7

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We asked, you voted… And you decided that Katniss can’t just let her best friend run off, potentially destroying their long friendship! But what’s going to happen to patient (and wet!) Peeta now? Let’s find out, shall we? Here it is, the next installment of our story, brought to you by @appleblossomgirl0305! You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Wednesday, August 2nd). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be!

I know I need to go after Gale, to set things right between us before they get  impossibly awkward. But as I look back over at Peeta, running a hand through his wet curls and watching me from the corner of his eye while he cheers up a disappointed camper, my heart clenches almost painfully and I realize what I want.

Taking the few steps to Peeta, I say quietly, “I gotta go. I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yeah, definitely,” he responds with a tight smile. I nod, turning to go after Gale, when I hear Peeta call in a stronger voice, “Can I come by and walk you to the party?”

I nod, then turn before the giddy excitement I feel erupts on my face. 

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