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Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

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.:The Two Geezers:.

what newsies taught me

you are strong. don’t let someone push you down.

you are smart. seriously, your brain is so original and creative.

you are good. good does not mean nice. nice is boring. you have good coursing through every inch of your being.

you can. if you want it to happen, make it happen.

you leave a mark. even the smallest people have the longest shadow.

you are loved. no one is alone, i promise.

you should fight. fight for what’s right, fight for others, fight for yourself.

you are so important. literally everyone has such an important role. if we removed you, the whole world would fall apart.

you have a family. someone is willing to fight for you.

you are front page news. treat yourself as such.

we say how much we love this show but i don’t think we understand. this is a show telling us to fight for what we believe in. we crack jokes, we tell stories, but most of all we hear those words echo in our ears when we see injustice.

fight. because we all have something worth fighting for.

A little reminder

Can we be honest about PMS for a second?

It’s brutal. Maybe it’s just me. It turns me into something resembling Satan himself and I absolutely hate it. All of my emotions are running around in my head like little chickens with their heads cut off while I’m a weeping mess.

If you’re anything like me, let me remind you of a few things tonight.

  • You are not your emotions
  • Those emotions do not equal truth
  • It’s perfectly fine to cry. Even over stupid things. Even over nothing at all. It’s perfectly alright. 
  • You are not ugly
  • You are not crazy
  • This is not a forever feeling
  • If the same jeans you wore yesterday aren’t nearly as comfortable today, you go ahead and put some stretchy pants on girl. 
  • Give yourself heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of grace

Y’all, it’s tough. I’m reminding myself of these tonight as I cry over ice cream cake that wasn’t the flavor I wanted. I’m giving myself grace and you already know I’ve got those stretchy pants on. We’ll make it, girls. 

Dialogue Prompts

1) “Can’t you see it?” 

2) “Do you ever feel like you’re sinking into a pit of butterfly feelings?” “It’s called falling in love you idiot.” 

3) “It’s 3:00am, why are you calling me?” “Turn on the news. They know.” 

4) “I love you.” “That’s the fourth time you’ve said it today, why do you keep saying it?” “Because it’s nice. It’s freeing to have someone you’re able to say “I love you” to. Not everyone has that.” 

5) “I lied.” “About what?” “Pretty much everything.” 

6) “Trying to reason with you is like swallowing sand.” 

7) “How could you let this happen to them? You promised!” 

8) “I know I said this was forever but-” “That’s all I need to hear. Get out.” 

9) “Careful, it could blow up at any moment.” 

10) “I can’t see anything.” “Have you tried opening your eyes?” 

11) “I um, I need to tell you something.” “What? Is something wrong?” “No, I just um, I love you.” 

12) “This isn’t a safe place.” “Nowhere is safe.” 

13) “Stop calling me cute.” “Stop doing cute things.” 

14) “Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like all the butterflies in your stomach are slowly dying.” 

15) Did you see the letter?” “I never opened it.” “Four years and curiosity never got the best of you? Wow. Well, do you still have it?” “Yes.” “Go get it. Read it, please.” 

16) “I like the rain.” 

17) “You remember that painting? The one of the bouquet?” “Yes.” “Well I might’ve accidentally stolen it.” “How do you accidentally steal something?” 

18) “What’s this?” “The answer to everything.” “Well that’s a tad dramatic.” 

19) “This coffee is more bitter than I am.”  


That guy, I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding the frying pan. But I can’t move. He shoots you, and then he turns and looks straight at me. He’s gonna kill me. I can’t make it stop. It’s never gonna stop. 

No Matter Where You Are - Part 1

Summary: You have spent years with Sam and Dean. Recently, Sam has ended the trials and you are ready to go out on a hunt when Cas needs help with the angels.This whole series is based of my new obsession with this SONG

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, Cas

Pairings: Dean X Reader (Eventually)

Word Count: 3200

Warnings:  Language, angst

A/N: I turned out two fics in two days, Whaaat? Thank you guys so much for reading. I’m really excited for this series…All the angst.

This takes place between where Sam gets rid of Gadreel and Dean has the MoC.

Tags are at the bottom. If you would like to be put on my Forever Fic Tag List, please let me know!

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Reader’s POV:

“Ahhh!” You squeal as a hand grabs you from out of the shadows, barely able to process it half asleep, glass of water you had just trudged to the kitchen for falling from your hand. Lashing out, you go to punch but are deflected, met with hysterical laughter as your heart pounds in your chest, “Goddammit Dean!”

“You should have seen your face.” His laugh booms off the stone walls, tears coming from the corners of his eyes, not even trying to compose himself.

You smack his shoulder, annoyed by the eldest Winchester’s shenanigans, “What the hell did you do that for?”

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Dark Amber Eyes (Jordan Fisher x Reader)

Word Count: 4705 (FUCK YEAH) Request/Summary: This one wasn’t requested, I just got the idea and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Tis College AU. Warnings: Cussing should be it. (:

A/N-  A special thanks to @hamilton-noodles for proofreading, remember I owe ya one. 

Okay, I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted any writing but hopefully this will bring me back into the swing of things. Also Jordan in glasses. You know it’s my weakness. I had to. Enjoy (:

Tagging- @lionhearte-d


Like most nights, tonight, sleep was… elusive. You let a short sigh slip from your lips before reaching over and turning on the lamp, shoving your glasses onto your face. You sighed again and slid out of bed, the cuffs of your over-sized pajama pants dragging on the carpet behind you as you shuffled to the door. With a sniffle, you grabbed your favorite mug from the cupboard and wandered out the door.

You turned on the faucet and tucked your mug under the flow until it was sufficiently filled. After sauntering over to the microwave, you reached for the handle, but your hand bumped into another. “Oh.” You spoke quietly, looking up at the young man next to you. This was a community kitchen for your floor but it wasn’t often you found someone here at three AM. He smiled politely, “You can- I’m not-” You told each other simultaneously before you both fell into nervous laughter. Your laughter soon turned into a fit of coughs. “Are you okay?” He asked, bumping the frame of his glasses to push them back up his nose. “Yeah-” You coughed again, “I’m just a little-” Cough. “Sick.” Cough. “I was going to make some tea.” You glanced down at the mug in your hands. “Hot cocoa.” He replied, gesturing to his own mug. You nodded as a few moments of awkward stillness passed by, the endless thrumming emanating from the lights above you becoming increasingly more annoying.

“Do you wanna…” You nodded toward the microwave. “Oh.” He nodded. “Sure, thanks.” He pulled open the microwave door and set his mug inside, setting the timer for two minutes. The microwave hummed next to you, the only thing keeping you from another bout of awkward silence.You met eyes through both your sets of glasses and let them stay there for a few moments before the microwave’s beeps snapped you both out or your unheeded staring contest. A tiny smile pulled at his lips as he opened the door to the microwave and took out the now heated milk that was inside. You placed your own mug in his mug’s former place as he set his on the counter, pulling out a small white packet from the pocket of his sweater. You watched while he tore off the top and poured the chocolate powder into his cup, taking a spoon to stir it in. The scent of the warm chocolate drink wafted to your nose and after you’d sneezed, you could smell it. He snickered lightly before lifting the mug and bringing it to his lips. “What?” You asked, your brow furrowing with confusion. “What what?” He responded curiously, raising his eyebrows. “You laughed.” You pointed out. “Why did you laugh?” He shrugged, “Nothing.” You narrowed your eyes at him, scanning his face. As if weakened by your gaze, he finally spoke up, “It’s just… your sneeze is cute.” He shrugged again. You sniffled as the microwave beeped and you pulled out the water, dropping the tea bag into it. “Thanks?” You mumbled questioningly. “Well goodnight.” He smiled. “Good… night….” You answered hesitantly.


“You sick again?” He asked as you entered the room with a cough. You nodded sullenly. “It’s only been a week since the last one.” He chuckled. “I know.” You moaned, getting to the microwave and pulling open the door. “So what’s your excuse stranger?” You sniffled. “What d’you mean?” He asked as he finished stirring his hot chocolate. “I mean,” You started, letting your eyes drift over his face. “It’s three in the morning, and I’ve now seen you here twice at around this time.” You explained. He sighed, taking a sip of the cocoa that was wrapped in his hands. He had nice hands, the way his fingers curled around the mug and laced together, the way he held said mug close to his chest, as though it was somehow passing on it’s heat to reach his heart. As if his heart needed more warmth.

“I guess,” You let your eyes snap back up to his face as he began speaking. “I just can’t sleep often. The hot chocolate reminds me of home.” He answered, a minuscule smile brushing his features as he stared sentimentally into the cup. You suppressed a fit of laughter, which soon turned into another slew of coughs. He frowned at you before speaking up, “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing.” You giggled. He raised his eyebrow, “It’s just really cute of you is all.” You caved. He rolled his eyes but you could see the amusement sneaking onto his features, whether he wanted you to see it or not. The microwave beeped and you pulled out the water, dropping the teabag in and beginning to walk away with it. “Goodnight!” The stranger called from behind you. You looked over your shoulder at him with a smile. And the world seemed to freeze for a moment, he was breathtaking. Draped in gray sweatpants and an over-sized cardigan, standing behind you with a mug of hot chocolate nestled in his grip, glasses slipping slowly down his nose. There was something about him that made your breath catch. Something that almost made it worth it to be sick that day. Something that just begged you to ask for a name, a number, anything. “Goodnight.” You almost whispered.


You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us. Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me. ‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need. I’m so in love…” You stopped dead in your tracks as the voice finally carried to your ears. You hesitantly stepped closer to the door the singing came from, pressing your ear to the wood. “You look so beautiful in this light, your silhouette over me. The way it brings out the blue in your eyes is the Tenerife Sea. And all of the voices surrounding us here, they just fade out when you take a breath…” You carefully pushed on the door, slipping through the small opening you’d created for yourself. The stranger stood there singing as the microwave whirred behind him, undoubtedly heating up some milk to make hot chocolate. You decided that if you were going to interrupt at any time, now was that time.

“Have you ever considered singing as a career?” You asked. “Shit!” He cursed, jumping at your sudden presence. You giggled and joined him next to the microwave. “Seriously though, you’re really good. Have you thought about it?” You continued as he pulled his cup out of the microwave. “I mean I guess.” He shrugged. “I don’t want to end up putting everything I have into something to find out that I can’t live off of it or anything.” He went on, meeting your eyes.  “Kid- hold on, I need a name.” You prompted. “Jordan.” He answered. “Jordan. Even if you don’t end up getting anything out of it, if you love it, it’s so worth trying.” You placed your mug inside the microwave and set the timer. “If you don’t even try, someday, you’ll be sitting in an office, humming Tenerife Sea until your coworkers get annoyed enough to yell at you. And you’ll sit there, and you’ll wonder, what would’ve happened if I’d done what Tea Girl said? Do you want that life for yourself, of do you want to follow your passion?” You finished, making sure you had his eye contact as you finished the final line of your lecture. Those deep brown eyes that seemed to hold thousands of unsung melodies, millions of silent lyrics. You were already drowning in those dark amber eyes.

“Wow.” Jordan interrupted your thoughts. “Inspiring.” You narrowed your eyes at him. “Don’t be sarcastic with me.”

“I’m not.” He shrugged. You pulled your water out of the microwave and dropped the tea bag in. “So yeah. If you love it, go for it.” You punched his arm lightly and began walking off. “Hey wait!” He stopped you. “Yes?” You turned to face him again. “I never got your name.”



“Are you sick again?” Jordan asked, raising his eyebrows as you shuffled into the kitchen. “No.” You sighed. “To be honest, I kind of just wanted to see you again.”

“Oh.” He smiled. He stepped forward and let has arms fall around you, pulling your body close to his chest. “Gah! What are you doing?”

“I’m a hugger. It’s my nature. You can’t stop me.” He told you. You let yourself melt into his embrace, staying there in his arms just for a few seconds. The silence dragged on between you. But this time it didn’t feel awkward, this time it felt… comfortable.


“Y/N?” Jordan’s increasingly familiar voice pulled you out of your sleep as he carefully shook your shoulder. “I gotta study.” You muttered, lifting your head from  the textbook that sat on the table in front of you. “Why are you studying here?” He asked, rubbing your back, his palm created a small circle of comfort just between your shoulder blades. “I wanted to see you.” You answered, too tired to place any type of filter on your words. “C’mon. You gotta go to sleep.” He ordered, tugging on the sleeve of your sweater. “I did.” You stated childishly. “No in your bed.” He chuckled, tugging again. “No.” You shook your head. “I have to finish.” You pressed. “You have to sleep.” You stayed put, burying your nose in your textbook again. “Look, I’m sure you’ll ace this test, but only if you sleep” He persisted. “You’re one to talk about sleep.” You grumbled. “What do you mean?” He asked, sounding mildly offended. “Jordan, I consistently find you here at three AM.” You told him, your voice still slightly sluggish from sleep.”Only on Wednesdays.” He shrugged. “You only come here to make hot cocoa on Wednesdays?” You raised your eyebrows as he succeeded in bringing you to your feet. “Well I used to go just, whenever,” He closed your textbook and fixed his glasses by budging the frame lightly with the side of his hand. “But then I started making sure I came on Wednesdays since four or five weeks ago.”


“Because that’s when you come.” You smiled, “C’mon. You have to go to bed.” He spoke before you could respond. He tucked the textbook under his arm and dragged you out of the kitchen. “Ugh. I just realized. My roommate’s boyfriend is over.” You remembered. “Save me from this hellish existence.”

“Why?” He asked, walking down the hall with you. “They’re loud.” You answered. “Oh. You can crash at my place?” He offered. You turned to him with raised eyebrows, “Really?”

“Yeah, it’s just down the hall.” He shrugged. “My roommate’s at his girlfriend’s place, so it’d just be us.”

“For all I know, you could be a serial killer.” You narrowed your eyes. Letting him begin to lead you down the opposite direction of the hall. “I’m not.” He shrugged again. “How convincing.” You drawled sarcastically. He chuckled- god, how adorable was that low little laugh? “Wouldn’t I have already killed you?” He reasoned. “Maybe you’re waiting. And for all you know, I could be a serial killer.”

“You’re too cute for that.” He shook his head. “Maybe it’s just a facade.” You pressed, glad you were behind him so he couldn’t catch your tinged cheeks. “How about we just both agree not to kill each other?” He proposed. “So if I don’t kill you, you won’t kill me?” You clarified. “Exactly.” He confirmed, unlocking the door to his dorm and pushing it open. “Sounds like a good plan.” You lifted your shoulders, following him in.


“How’d you do on your test?” Jordan asked as soon as you walked in. “Actually did pretty good.” You told him. “Thanks again for letting me crash.”

“Anytime.” He smiled another silence sat in the room, giving you a chance to look at the singer again. Your gaze fell on his eyes once more. Those eyes that you couldn’t seem to stop staring into. Those eyes that that seemed to strike a kind of heat into your heart, that just begged you to be closer. 


You strolled into the kitchen, an over-sized batman shirt donning your torso with tight shorts almost hidden beneath.

“Hi.” Jordan spoke quietly, still waiting for his hot chocolate to finish it’s run in the microwave. “Hello.” You responded, your voice’s volume matching his. You two both waited in silence.

Jordan couldn’t quit staring. No matter how hard he tried to stare at the wall in front of him, his eyes kept drifting over to you, his gaze would continue to find it’s was back to you. The way you set your hands on the counter, your fingers drumming quietly- gorgeous. The way you let your own stare wander throughout the room- breathtaking. The way you’d sniffle lightly and fix your glasses- adorable. The way you’d brush your hair behind your ear every time a strand fell in front of your face- beautiful. The microwave’s sharp beep caused Jordan’s breath to catch. Tearing his gaze away from you, he pulled the mug out of the microwave, setting it carefully on the counter. God. You were stunning.


“Sora!” Jordan’s voice filled your ears before you could even make it to the kitchen. Much to your surprise, a small pug came barreling between your feet, nearly knocking you to the ground. Jordan turned the corner in front of you, likely chasing after the dog. “Hi.” He panted, jogging past you. “Do you need any help?” You called after him. “I’m fine.” He responded. “Okay.” You giggled. You shook your head and stepped into the kitchen. After getting water, you set your mug inside the microwave and turned it on.

Just as you were putting the tea bag in the water, Jordan joined you in the kitchen, the pug you’d seen earlier nestled in his arms. “This is my dog.” Jordan stated. “He slipped out when I was leaving to get my hot chocolate.” He explained. “His name’s Sora.” He told you, staring lovingly at the dog. “He’s cute.” You commented, stepping forward and petting the pug.  “How come I didn’t see him when I slept at your place?” You wondered. “He was staying at my mom’s at that point.” He expounded. You gave him a half smile, moving your eyes from Sora to Jordan. He smiled back and you stood there together for a few seconds. Those fucking eyes. “You’re pretty cool Y/N.” He said quietly. You beamed at him, “You’re pretty cool too Jordan.”


You dropped the tea bag into the hot water, watching as the red color created clouds inside the mug. “How was your day?” Jordan’s voice interrupted your blank stare into the mug and you turned to face him. “It was okay. How was yours?” You answered. “That’s not an acceptable answer.” He protested. “How come?” You asked, furrowing your brow. “You have to tell me about your day. ‘Okay’ isn’t enough.” He explained. “Okay fine. I woke up, I went to classes, I did homework, I took a nap, and now we’re here.” You told him. He thought for a second before shaking his head. “I need more detail.” He told you. “Well you’re not getting it.” You said defiantly. “How was your day.” You demanded more than asked, picking up your tea from the counter. “It was okay.” He imitated as you leaned against the counter, sipping your tea. You rolled your eyes as he reached over and hugged you from the side, his arm curling around your waist. You stiffened slightly before letting yourself dissolve into his side.


“I’m sick again.” You groaned. Jordan didn’t skip a beat to wrap his arms around you and pull you close to him. You would’ve been completely happy staying there in his arms for a while. Just the two of you in the room, complete silence besides the mechanical hum of the lights above you. Bliss. But alas, there was a small issue of being ‘contagious’. “No, you’ll get yourself sick.” You protested, pushing on his chest gently. “I won’t. You need healing.” He replied, pulling you back into his arms. You allowed yourself to relax in his arms. “And your hug is going to heal me?” You retorted sarcastically. “It always works.” He responded nestling his nose in your hair and breathing in the scent of your shampoo.


“You got me sick.”

“It’s your own fault.”


“How goes it?” Jordan asked just as the door opened, before you could even walk in. You sniffled and made a beeline for him. You collapsed into his chest, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso. “I’m sorry.” You whispered, choking back your tears. “Don’t be.” He responded. You felt his familiar embrace fall around you. “Bad day?” He whispered, his low voice comforting you like honey tea to a sore throat. “Yeah.” You answered quietly. “What happened?” He asked you, beginning to sway slightly as he stroked your hair absently. “I-” You dropped of early, shaking your head as the tears finally came. “Here.” He gently pushed you out of his arms, taking his mug from the counter and handing it to you. “Sit down.” He spoke under his breath, pulling out a chair for you. You did as you were told, plopping down in the chair and running a hand through your hair. He took the chair next to yours, turning it to face yours. You took a sip of the cocoa he’d made, its heat relaxing you.

“I’ve been studying to become a journalist.” You started. “A journalist?” He asked, “A journalist.” You nodded. “I… I was an intern- I’ve been working for this my whole life.” You shook your head. “I was an intern and I thought I was doing good. I thought I was in a really great rhythm.” More tears spilled out, he reached over and took your hand his. His skin was smooth against yours, warm and reassuring. “But my boss. He just sat me down and told me I wasn’t good enough.” You met eyes with Jordan, his concerned stare was replaced with a new, disbelieving expression. “I mean, those weren’t his exact words but it’s the gist of what he told me. And, I know it shouldn’t mean anything to me, I know… or, I thought I was a good writer.” You downed another taste of cocoa. “I just- I’ve wasted away so many years of my life on this and maybe I’m really not good enough? What am I going to do? What about all the time I threw away on it?”

“Don’t listen to him. If you aren’t good enough, get better. He has no right to trick you into thinking you’ve done something good and then tell you it wasn’t good enough. And don’t let him tear apart your career. If you’ve been working toward it your whole life, then you’re probably pretty damn good at it. If you love it, then you should keep at it. If you don’t keep going, someday, you’ll be sitting in an office, scribbling down notes helter-skelter. And you’ll sit there, and you’ll wonder, what would’ve happened if I’d done what Hot Cocoa Boy said? Do you want to let this guy ruin you, or do you want to follow your passion?” He spoke in this voice. You didn’t know how to describe it. It was stern, but it was comforting. It was like a storm of warm raindrops that you’d want to spend the entire day dancing in. You thought for a moment before nodding in agreement. He was right. “Thanks.” You breathed. “I needed that.”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “Whenever you need it, I’m here, ‘kay?”

“Ditto brotha’.” You giggled in response. He stared at that smile and how your eyes crinkled, that adorable way you’d lean forward just a little bit when you laughed. And how easily that smile spread to his own face. “Hey Y/N?” He asked, the words tumbled out of his mouth, almost without his consent. He didn’t even know what he’d wanted to say. “Yes?” You prompted. Was it to tell you how beautiful he thought you were? “Nothing.” He murmured.


“Jordan always wins.” He pouted, furrowing his brow and crossing his arms across his chest childishly. You broke out laughing, “Well this time you lost.”

“But I always win!” He complained, his jaw dropping. “This time I won.” You shrugged. “Alright.” He sighed. “I guess I’ll just have to get you next time.” Before you knew it he was out of his chair and had his arms wrapped around you, dragging you up from the chair and lifting you onto his shoulder. “J!” You squealed. “What’re you doing?”

“We’re getting another game.” He laughed. “The one you brought was obviously meddled with in your favor. I win games, that’s what I do.” He began walking down the hall to his dorm, you still laying limp over his shoulder. “You just can’t take a loss.” You voiced. “I don’t have losses to take.”


“Best kids movie ever. Go.” You challenged, drinking your tea slowly. “Hmm…” Jordan hummed, bringing his own mug to his lips. “I have to say… Emperor’s New Groove.” He answered decisively. “Oh my god I love that one!” You said excitedly. “We should watch it together sometime.” He smiled. “Now.” You nodded. “Now?” He raised his eyebrows. “Now. We’ll use my parent’s Netflix account and we’ll annoy the shit out of my bitch roommate. What d’ya say Fisher?”

“Let’s do it.” He grinned.


“You were a gymnast?!” You asked in disbelief. “I was.” Jordan laughed. “A gymnast?” You asked again, he nodded. “No way.” You shook your head. “Yes way.” He nodded again. “I can’t believe it. Jordan Fisher. The gymnast.” You imagined. “Since I was two.”

“Wow.” You breathed. “But enough about me. What about you? What don’t I know?”

“You know everything.” You shrugged. “I have no secrets.”

“C’mon there’s gotta be something you haven’t told me. Tattoos?”




“How about any scars?”

“Oh! I have one on my left knee from when I was little and became both Jack and Jill. I fell down a hill.” You finally answered. “Well there’s something.” He smiled. “There’s something.” You mirrored, rolling your eyes affectionately.


“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Jordan begged, still trying to get you to go to a party with him and his friends. “I don’t do… people.” You crinkled your nose, though I wouldn’t mind doing you. you added internally. “And we never see each other outside of three AM on Wednesday mornings. It would just be weird.”

“You’ve known me for,” He paused, stopping to count for a few seconds. “Sixteen weeks now. It wouldn’t be completely insane to come meet some of my other friends.” You looked at him warily.

“Fine.” You sighed.


“Okay. I’ll admit. It was mildly entertaining.” You confessed, walking into the kitchen with him. After partying with him and his friends, you hadn’t returned to your dorm room until three AM, which was your usual time to meet Jordan anyway. “Ha! I’ve broken you.” He teased. “Oh hush, I said mildly.” He held up his hands in surrender, “Alright. But your saying you’ll go next time?”

“I’ll go next time.” You nodded, taking his hand to pull his arm around your shoulders and leaning into him.


“Oh my god, your fucking dog snores so much.” You groaned, pulling the pillow up around your ears. “It’s never bothered me before.” Jordan responded. You rolled over in your place on his couch. “He’s louder than my roommate.”

“Then sleep in your own place!”

“Her boyfriend’s louder than Sora.” You answered. Jordan groaned at your antics as you giggled. “Go to sleep.” He laughed.


“You’ve never watched Friends?” Jordan asked in disbelief. “Not one episode.” You shrugged. “Not even one episode? What was your life?” He continued over dramatically. “I don’t know.” You shrugged. “We have to watch it now!” He concluded urgently. “I have a test tomorrow.” You laughed.

Oh fuck. That laugh. He couldn’t get over your smile. He couldn’t get over your laugh. Every time you laughed it felt like he was floating. The force of your smile was like basking in the sun. He had to tell you. He had to tell you how beautiful you were. He had to tell you about how often you consumed his thoughts, how often he’d zoned out in class since he’d met you, your eyes, your smile, your heart. He had to tell you.

“I…” He started. But how. It wasn’t so easy when he was standing there right in front of you, watching you sip your tea. It wasn’t so easy when he could so clearly imagine you rejecting him. It wasn’t so easy when he could create such a detailed picture in his mind, he’d finish his sentence and you’d smile understandingly. You always understood, he loved that about you. Then you’d tell him you didn’t feel the same. The next Wednesday he’d show up in this very kitchen and he’d wait for you, but you would never show up. He couldn’t bear the thought of ruining what he had with you for that stupid flutter in his heart.

“Yes?” You pushed him to finish speaking. “I forgot what I was going to say.” He muttered, shaking his head and waving dismissively.


You shuffled into the kitchen only to find it completely empty. “Jordan?” You asked quietly, your voice echoing through the small room. “J?” You asked again. You let a short sigh slip from your lips and began making your tea. It felt eerily silent without him there and you were left to wonder where he was. Maybe he was finally getting some sleep.


Still… missing.


Not even hot chocolate residue on the counter.


Was he dead?


Maybe he just hated you.


“What the fuck?” You shouted. Jordan almost jumped out of his skin. “I looked everywhere for you! I thought you were dead! It’s been fucking weeks Jordan! Weeks! Where were you?” He opened his mouth to respond. “I went to your room too! I knocked and no one answered. You better have a damn good excuse.” You added before you he could speak. He stayed silent for a few seconds, making sure you were done talking.

“I was… scared.” He finally said. You raised your eyebrows. “I was terrified of- I didn’t know- I wanted to-” He struggled for words. “I wasn’t sure how you’d react and I didn’t know how to tell you, and I turned into a complete douchebag because of it.” He explained, his eyes drifting closed as if weighed down by his strife. “Yeah, you were an idiot.” You added, “I was.” He admitted. “The point is. Y/N, I like you. I really, really, really like you. I might even love you. I don’t know.  And I totally get it if you don’t feel the same, I just… I had to tell you and I’m sorry I avoided you because I was having an internal crisis.” You shut your eyes tightly, trying to process the information he’d just disclosed. “Like… like like?” You swallowed. “Yes.” He answered confidently.

“I’m mad at you right now. But I really… I really like you too. “ His eyes snapped open, meeting yours in an instant. “What?” He croaked stupidly. “I hate you but I really like you, you idiot.” You restated. You massaged your temples for a few seconds before opening your mouth again, “Can I kiss you?” He blurted before you could say anything. “Later. I’m mad at you now.” You stated. You began to walk away but quickly turned back around, pressing your lips roughly to his. Before he could even react, you had pulled away. “Okay, now I’m storming off.” And you did.

How Kakashi discusses Hinata's wedding
  • Kakashi: Sigh... I'm trying to get everyone to attend your wedding but even as Hokage it's difficult.
  • Hinata: I see but I believe things will turn out okay.
  • Kakashi: It's strange that I'm the more nervous one when it's your Wedding, don't you feel nervous?
  • Hinata: Well...I am nervous. But Naruto-kun confidently said he'll be with me forever. He's not letting his doubts get to him and as his wife, I must be strong and have confidence to stand by his side.
  • Kakashi: I see, glad Naruto has someone like you.

So @nekophy visited my stream today and let me draw this for them :’D I hope you like how it turned out! Goth and Palette were so much fun to draw! You’re a sweetheart and so are they and I hope you know just how much sunshine you bring to people with your art and your blog :) So thank you! :D <3

(ps sorry I posted this as a text post and not picture post the first time! I’m a dumb haha)

Goth belongs to Nekophy!

Palette belongs to @angexci!

For the Restless Heart

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31v8.

I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live. Psalm 116v1-2.

My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73v26.

And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness ” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. 2 Corinthians 12v9.

Don’t be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4v6.

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil. Hebrews 6v19. 

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8v28

Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble by the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1v3-4.

He’s in the midst of your circumstance, He’s holding your hand, He’s holding your heart.

-31women (Gabi)

Cass and ballet

Actually really proud how this turned out, it awhile. Let me know what you all think.

Tagging: @batlog

- She has an extra room in the manor that she has turned into a dance room.

- Often music can be heard coming from there when she is practicing.

- If she is in a bad mood, she goes to dance. If she is in a really happy mood she will dance.

- Her mood just changes the way she dances. Like expressing her emotions through dance. The family quickly can tell how she is by what music is play and how she is dancing.

- The Nutcracker music score forever being played around Christmas time.

- Everyone loves to watch her. She is super graceful and people can get lost just watching her.

- She can dance in basically anything. Loves her ballet shoes, but often has to get new ones from wearing them out.

- Bruce takes her to the Gotham Ballet a lot. It’s their favorite activity to do together.

- Okay but let’s talk about ballet. It is basically a story through movement no words. This is perfect for Cass since most of her life was based off movement and she couldn’t talk.

- Like she understands the stories perfectly. The emotions and feelings that the dancers are trying to portray come across clearly. She feels like she is there with them as the story plays out.

- No written story or song could come across as powerful as a ballet does for Cass.

- The golden rule when she is watching a ballet is no talking. Anyone who takes her knows this rule. She will later explain any part they might have understood.

- Her music often has different scores from past ballet. Like expect the Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty to appear if you put her music on shuffle.


Get in line at supermarket. Completely inebriated man in front of me jumps back startled when he sees me behind him, turns to the cashier and screams: “OH MY GOD IT’S SANTA FROM THE MOVIE!”, then turns and tries to give me a hug.
Me: “Whoa whoa… whoa… whoa… let’s all remember the first rule of Santa, no one crushes Santa’s milk and cookies or it’s coal forever!”
Man (starting to cry holds out a can of Budweiser): “Santa will you buy my beer for me?”
Me: “You know, I’m sorry but we’re on the wagon since I caught the elves making gin in the bathtub again last week.”

Craigslist Date

Author; springrain21

Pairing; Yoonmin

Ad. Tags; Highschool Drop out Jimin; Producer Min Yoongi;Yoongi and Jimin Fuck With His family; Smut; Fluff;

Word Count; 48,845

Summary; Min Yoongi’s family are judgmental and unsupportive of his lifestyle and his mother won’t stop nagging him about how he’s still single. When he finds Park Jimin on Craigslist offering to pose as someone’s fake date to mess with their family, Yoongi can’t help himself. What starts as a prank on Yoongi’s family turns into something more when the two of them quickly develop feelings for each other. Will Yoongi, who doesn’t know how to handle feelings, let his chance at love slip away, or will he go after the silver-haired boy and hold onto him forever?Inspired by that tumblr post about the guy on Craigslist who you can hire to be your date for Thanksgiving to screw with your family because that post makes me cry laughing every time I see it.

Steve Rogers and the Time He Watched Harry Potter For The First Time

Steve Rogers and the Time He Watched Harry Potter For The First Time
Steve Rogers x Reader
Warning: None

A/N: HEY GUYS ITS BEEN A WHILE HUH? I’m soooo sooo sorry!!! I’ve gotten a bad case of writers block and this is the only “good” one I had in forever. I hope you like it even though it’s not that good. I’ve gotten obsessed with Harry Potter so I decided to write this. As always, let me know if you like it !! Please give me your feed back on what you think and I will do my best on writing again! :) <3

“You have to watch this,"you said, flopping down next to Steve on your bed.

"What are we watching tonight Sweetheart?”

“THE GREATEST SERIES IN THE WORLD,"you screamed turning to your boyfriend and waving your arms around.

"And that is?"he says, quite amused at how you’re acting.

You leaned in and whispered in his ear,"the boy who liiiiiiiveeeed.”

“That’s the name of the movie?”

“OH MY GOSH STEVE YOU OLD MAN,” you screamed, falling back wards, opposite of him.

Steve chuckled,“ I’m sorry, what’s the name of the movie?”

He says this while he grabs your hands and pull you up.

As you sit up and you face him, you open your eyes.

“Harry. Potter.”

“Oh that guy,” he says, pointing to a poster you have on your wall.

“YES,” you scream, smiling big, happy that he finally caught up.

Steve laughed, he pulled you to where he was at and you sat in between his legs as he wraps his arms around your waist.

“You’re gonna love it,” you said.

“We’ll see,"he says, giving you a sweet little kiss on the cheek.

"We’ll start on the first movie, it’s called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

“Mmmkay,"he says, hugging you tighter and snuggling his head on your neck.

"STEVE!"you yell,"pay attentioooooon”

“It hasn’t even started yet!”

You cross your arms over your chest and pout.

“Alright, fine,"he says.

As you two continue to watch the movie, you were in that part where the trio, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, were on the chess pieces.

You were now cuddled into Steve’s side, you look up to him and you see his eyes fixed to the screen with his mouth half open.

"So are you liking it s—”


He pressed his finger to your lips and shushed you again.

“Okay okay.”

When the movie finished you sat up and asked him,“ so did ya like it!?”

“Let’s watch the second one,” he says grabbing the remote.

“Stevie, it’s 12:54am, we have to get some sleep.”

You try to grab the remote but he puts it out of your reach.

“STEVE!"you yell, reaching for the remote,"GIVE. ME. THE. RE. MOTE.”

“NO,"he yells back, clicking play.

"Fine,"you said, not wanting to deal with this when you’re very very tired,” good night then.“

You hugged his torso and buried your head into his chest.

When you woke up it was about 12pm, you haven’t woke up this late in forever, but it’s your day off so it’s okay, and Steve was still up watching.

"You’re not done yet?”

“Shhhhhhhhhhh,"he says.

His eyes were red and shiny.

"Babe, you need to sleep,"you said, punching him in the arm. Which was a terrible idea.

"I’m almost done, give me an hour or two , I’ll be done.”

“Fine but you didn’t give me my good morning kiss,” you said closing your eyes and puckering up.

“Mm,"Steve said, not even looking at you.

You narrow your eyes at him and your jaw dropped. You cross your arms and say,” SPOILER ALERT, HARRY POTTER IS A HORCR—"

Before you can even finish your sentence, Steve’s lips were stuck to yours.

I think this is the first time he’d closed his eyes in HOURS.

When he pulls away, his eyes rolls back and he falls backwards.
Knocked out.

You shake your head and sighed.
“Oh Steve.
I told you you’ll love it.”

You cover him with a blanket and kisses his forehead.

“Sleep tight my love.”


imagine taking care of sick!hyungwon. “i told you to let your body rest during promotions” you scolded. you lifted the blankets to cover his chest, “if you stop scolding, maybe ill get better faster,” he sassed back. as you were about to take his pillow to adjust, he quickly grabbed your wrists, “rest with me,” he whined. “ill get sick then, hyungwon,” you simply replied. “i dont care, i want you,” you saw his lips turn into a pout.”gosh, fine,” you lifted up the blanket and laid next to him, “we’ll just stay here forever,” he whispered as he pulled you closer to his chest.