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Teen Wolf Fandom:

Hey fandom - we know you’re busy losing your minds (lolololol) over our new promos, but take a break for a minute so we can ask for your help. We’re in the process of developing ideas for our online after shows, and we’re trying to theme each one differently. They can be anything you want - we’ll be talking with cast and crew about whatever topics you’d like to see them discuss, and it can be anything and everything (from “Latin American Werewolf Mythology” to “bacon”). So think about it and tell us - what are some themes you’d like to see?


“I am a romantic. I’ve had great nights before where just some wonderfully romantic night happens spontaneously, unpredictably. And the next day you try to tell your friends and it just doesn’t cut it. I hope everyone has those experiences where — whether it’s a date that lasted all night or a date that lasted 5 seconds at a train station — moments that were so personal and so special, it was hard to explain to somebody else.”

“Hey everyone! Some of you have probably heard of PACT but for those who haven’t you should check it out. "PACT is an organization dedicated to improving the working standards for illustrators” and right now they’re trying to raise funds to create a website as a hub for artists to interact, rate clients, get higher wages, etc. Unfortunately their indiegogo campaign is doing badly and is only a fraction of what they need. The post below is quoted from one of the head organizers of PACT and the stern tone of what he’s written is completely understandable. If you can’t donate please at least share this message to spread it around. Thanks.“ -Jason Piperberg

By Jim Pavelec:
I think I need to make something clear. If we do not get funded, there will be no PACT. We will not try again at a lower donation goal. We will not go around to conventions trying to build up support one person at a time. This is it. All or nothing. If we don’t make it everything gets shut down. That means no website, no lawyers, not even this fb page anymore. 
You have high and low expectations when you start one of these things. So far, the amount of support on the Indiegogo has completely blown my lowest expectations out of the water. 
This project is not something that I desperately need to do, it’s something that you all desperately need done for you. I know that probably sounds arrogant and pompous, but it’s true. 
Please think long and hard about the ramifications of this project not being a success. If you think things are bad now, what’s going to happen when the bean counters and powers-that-be see that we couldn’t even band together on something like this.


here’s the link to their indiegogo    (the image above is taken from the same site and belongs to them) 

“The video for that song was one of the lamest ever made. It really sucked.” - Kim Thayil

“Making this video was fun because we were in a steel foundry. And there was like a black cancer dust all over everything. We’re all gonna get cancer from it and die. So I hope you enjoy it. This will be the video that killed Soundgarden.” - Chris Cornell